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Maps 9 - Leverkusen




This map shows the location of Leverkusen. Leverkusen is to the north east of Cologne (Köln). Köln is on the left side of the Rhine River and Leverkusen on the other side, therefore right Rhenish, basically opposite, just something downstream.

Bertha Dudde has lived in Leverkusen. Before she lived a short time in Köln-Rodenkirchen. Rodenkirchen is shown on this map south east of Köln.




This and the next section of the street map of Leverkusen shows the Manforter Straße in Leverkusen. The Manforter Straße is in search field F68 and F69.

Bertha Dudde lived in 26 Manforter Straße.

On the upper section of the street map the Rhine River is shown.

The street map is from the year 2001.




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