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Maps 8 - Legnica




On this road map one finds Legnica (Liegnitz) so about in the middle, and to the right Wroclaw (Breslau).

It is a German map and gives the names in Poland in Polish.

Right at the left something of Germany is seen: The cities of Frankfurt (o.) and Cottbus and Görlitz, for example.

The area is also not far from Berlin; three roads are given at the top left as leading to Berlin and a third one to Dresden.

Also the word DEUTSCHLAND, on the border, vertically written, indicates that the area is German. The course of the border is also depicted. The Oder Neisse Line is the border. In the upper part the Oder River and beneath the Neisse River form the border. Legnica is located between the Neisse River in the west and the Oder River in the east. Breslau lies on the Oder River (Odra).

Legnica is on the road from Cottbus to Wroclaw (Breslau) and then further to Katowice (Kattowitz) and Krakow (Krakau).

The map is from the year 1998/1999.

Legnica lies at latitude 51o 13' north and at longitude 16o 10' east.

Near Görlitz three countries meet: Germany and Poland (Polska) and the Czech Republic (Ceska Republika).


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