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Maps 1 - Liegnitz




This map shows once the location of the city of Liegnitz, the home town of Bertha Dudde, in the situation of before 1945, but also the situation of the time of the re-united Germany is shown. Breslau, about 60 km east of Liegnitz, is also given as place of residence of Bertha Dudde in the notes of hers. Breslau is on the Oder.

Germany is the green area. The yellow areas and the purple area are now parts of Poland and the red-brown area belongs to Russia; it is an enclave of Russia, Königsberg.

The border between Germany and Poland is, at the time of the drawing up of the map, the Oder Neisse Line.

Liegnitz lies between the Oder River in the east and the Neisse River in the west.

The yellow areas and the purple and the red-brown area were parts of Germany, the land Prussia. Also the green areas belonged to Prussia, except Saxony and a part of Mecklenburg.

Now follows a map, which shows Liegnitz in its direct surroundings:




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