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Theme 65. Breath



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^ B.D. NR. 0606

Function of unbound entities. Life awakening activity.

7. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0606.

Life in future will fashion itself so, that you will not lack the will to do, what are instructions of the highest. And so you will certainly completely let your will speak, however in full agreement with the will of God. Therefore no hesitation whatsoever will keep you back from your spiritual activity; also no doubts will worry you, but you will completely subordinate yourself to the will of God and so also find the necessary power for you to all actions. All work will then take place in the way, as it is in the mind of the heavenly father; for that reason just always keep in full trust to all words, which are sent to you, and remain fully assured, that the Lord directs you wisely and does not let you go wrong.

(Remark of the translator: all use of the word "you" in the previous text is in the singular, therefore refers to Bertha Dudde.)

But now begin:

Where in the atmosphere a constant life expresses itself, this life will be continually promoted through powers, which are placed under the will of God. These are mostly unformed i.e. unbound beings, to which the task falls, to work enlivening. The natural impulse, which the smallest creatures possess, is function of these unbound entities, and consequently also here a spiritual power becomes again evident, which is difficult to make comprehensible to you men. You just know so much, that all creatures carry out bustling activity which always remains the same, but all in different kind. You watch the bustle of the smallest living beings you must recognize a regularity in their activity allocated to them by the creator and nevertheless cannot explain to yourselves the direct cause for this activity. This is only then comprehensible, when you accept the explanation, that for the awakening of the smallest life spirits the direct influence of the God-spirit is condition - that everything, what lives in this world, is seized by the spirit of God - and the innumerable smallest entities must fulfil their task in the whole creation out of God. And each one of them complies eagerly with this task. The idea "life" always includes a further development - but never a remaining in the same. What lives, must continually change, both in its outer form as also in its spiritual nature. So also the smallest creature must go its development from the moment of the coming into being until the end of life. It goes the way of development stipulated to it, and when it has reached the highest degree in this embodiment, then life as such has ended, and another form waits for the spiritual, already more mature substance, to be again enlivened through it. And innumerable such soul substances unite themselves again to greater living beings, and the atmosphere is always filled with such souls looking forward to embodiment - and therefore also the atmosphere surrounding you men will be in full life, because the life giving power is always in everything, what surrounds you - in the air, in the water, in the rain, in the wind; with every breath you receive this power in you and become bodily fresh and strengthened through it, because it supplies you with those substances, which you need for life. All well-being, that you feel, so you abandon yourselves out of doors to the good effect of such influxes from the outside, is a proof for the life awakening activity of all those entities, which in the bound state drive innumerable living beings to their activity wanted by the creator - but exert unbound favourable influence on all great and small living beings, securing for them the supply of all essential elements, which they need for their existence. Not one such being is without activity; the omnipotence of God drives each one, to carry out the will of God, and it is the constant enlivening of all works of creation. The Lord, who gave life to every being, sees to it incessantly, that it also remains preserved, even so in always other form, and this uninterrupted activity is also at the same time a perpetual ascent - who really recognizes this, will then look at himself in the same mind, and his attention will be directed towards the miracle of life, which reveals itself in every individual. And he will sing honour and praise to his creator, whom he only now recognizes in all greatness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 0606.


^ B.D. NR. 1111

He is to receive it (the divine word) as gift of favour of greatest value; he is to express his thanks with every breath to him, who turns such favour to a man , and he is to receive it in greatest humility and most joyful devotion - this hour is to be for him the most delicious, what can be longed for on earth; it is to make him happy and let the heart beat higher, for God himself is close to the earth child after all and touches it with his breath.


^ B.D. NR. 3537

Who has recognized me, he sees me everywhere; he knows me everywhere being present, and he feels me because with every breath he receives that power from me which shows him my nearness.


^ B.D. NR. 5759

My ear listens to every sound, to every breath of my children, and I lean myself to them, still before they have spoken the word, because I love my children.


^ B.D. NR. 5830

And this one (Forerunner) is so closely devoted to me that only my name sounds from his mouth, that every breath only glorifies my name, that every pulse beat of his heart is meant for me whom he announces on earth with over eagerness and for whom he also lays down his life when his mission has ended.


^ B.D. NR. 6392

Such men just radiate much love, and every thought is turned towards me; with every breath their hearts love me, and they want to serve me at any time.


^ B.D. NR. 7864

But the man Jesus was full of love, and this love determined him to sacrifice himself in free will to the father as sin sacrifice, to him whom he loved with the complete heat of his soul. He therefore completely received me in his heart, for every thought, every breath, was meant for me, from whom he had gone out.





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