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Theme 62. Prehistoric times



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^ B.D. NR. 0876

Duties were assigned to the soul in an indescribable long prehistoric time, which demanded complete achievement, and so the course of the upward development was covered.

So, as the soul had to shape itself first, to now enliven the human body as its present composition is completely different from the stages before where the course through the countless single beings brought about the unification in inconceivable long time to now embody itself in man likewise the soul must now try to reach the state in earth existence that it can leave the dark stay in matter and rise to light regions to be able to bear exactly that fullness of light which is the epitome of happiness.



^ B.D. NR. 2513

Men of prehistory. Responsibility.



^ B.D. NR. 2514

The more now the soul longs for to receive information from the spirit in it, the more is now also sent to it. And for that reason mankind could truly stand on a high spiritual level, when it would use everything, what is at its disposal in earth life. But so men are content with it, to fulfil their earthly life, but they do not remember their spiritual state. And consequently they approach again in their most inner nature the state of the prehistoric times, that they do not pay attention to their soul, but just lead an animal life, in which every upward development was impossible. They no longer live their earth life consciously; they are as it were driven, and indeed by spiritual powers, which want to stop the upward development of the spiritual. And therefore they approach again the state of the prehistoric times, but are now fully responsible for that, what they do, because free will and the intellect have been given to them by God, which they are to use to their upward development.



^ B.D. NR. 2515

The earth was the stay for him, and he was allowed to embody himself as highly developed being; he was already in a state of maturity, where could call many abilities his own, but he did not live his life more conscious than men of the prehistoric times; he used the intellect and the free will not differently than only for an activity on earth, which had no lasting value, and for that he used the power from God - he only used it for earthly purposes, for increasing the feeling of wellbeing, and indeed in a way, which only contributed to it, to also awaken in fellowmen the desire, to only be active earthly.



^ B.D. NR. 4074

Mature men, also due to a mission, can have visions, which reach far back into the past and are still given an account of close to life without ever having had a connection with prehistoric times.



^ B.D. NR. 4097

The words of Moses are not given superficially, and they can therefore also not be understood according to their wording, but God himself spoke to Moses, and that is for the whole mankind of one whole redemption period, which covers an endless long space of time. (5.8.1947) And his speech was so made that it could be applied to present, past and future. It enlightened both the time from the beginning until the end of a redemption period as well as the prehistory and the time epoch still to come, which was clearly and surely foreseen by a man like Moses who sees spiritually, even so man as such does not know about future things.



^ B.D. NR. 5198

Order is now getting established, when the individual particularly emerging qualities, which mark an embodiment of prehistory, are changed to the opposite, since everything spiritual standing at the beginning of development is imperfect and the becoming perfect is purpose and aim of embodiment.



^ B.D. NR. 6295

And endless long time was therefore necessary, in which this development has taken place up to man, because everything could only develop up in a legal order - because not any development phases could be passed over, but those development phases went off according to my eternal plan of salvation and this ascent development also needed the corresponding creations - which has become an idea for you as "prehistoric times". The human urge to research indeed tries to put up numberlike calculations about the duration of those prehistoric times, but it only succeeds quite limitedly, for they are eternities, in which the slow ascent development of the spiritual - as well as therefore also the coming into being of creation - took place, which you as man can now see; they were endless long periods of time, for which the word "eternities" is the right description.

The creation of the first man was the beginning of a redemption period, where free will is the decisive factor, not my will as in those prehistoric times, where everything takes place in the mandatory law and must irrevocably result in an ascent development. And now the question moves you, how long "man" already inhabits earth - whereby you always only mean the man talented with reason, freely deciding about himself, as whose descendants you see yourselves.

Those humanlike beings were therefore certainly bodily already strong related to that form, which I had ready for the man Adam, when the time had come for the fallen original spirits, where free will was given back to them, to now being able to finally redeem themselves out of form. Prehistoric creation again and again gave spiritual free, and the development of that progressed further and further, that had demanded as it were the whole coming into being of earth in the bound state - and also the time came for this spiritual, where it was to freely decide. And this was the beginning of the redemption epochs, which have significance for you men, because now free will and the intellect could be used and therefore the being leads a conscious life. The beginning of this epoch also lies already endlessly far back, so that you men can do no calculation about it any more - but through my will the most important epochs with their happenings have remained known to you, which you indeed distribute into for you clear periods of time - but this is completely irrelevant to your own development. But the endless number of fallen spirits makes an endless long time of ascent development necessary - why you are no longer able to estimate the prehistoric time - but why also the embodiment as man must take place into so countless extent, that eternities are necessary for it. And it will not be possible for you men, to fathom the beginning of this epoch research wise, but you will always form ideas, because this lies in the nature of men, as long as he is still imperfect, that he limits everything in his imagination, what is behind - but never wants to acknowledge a limitation of the time, which lies ahead of him - why he therefore does not reject a beginning - but an end seems impossible for him. But former is unimportant, latter, however, so extremely important, that man should direct his complete attention to that, what lies ahead of him - that a redemption epoch finds its end, as immemorial many already before - but that my plan of salvation from eternity remains - that there is never an end according to the work of redemption - that an endless number of fallen spirits also need an endless long time for the return and that I again and again give these spirits the possibility, to climb up from the deepest depth to the light - to me, from whom they once took their start.



^ B.D. NR. 6707

You therefore do not know about your prehistoric times, but can just believe it - and your faith in it will only very weak, therefore a compulsory will does not exist for your transformation on earth.



^ B.D. NR. 6788

But only fear would drive you of the repetition of this long course of development, but not love. And for that reason the remembering back is taken from you, for that reason you live in complete ignorance about your prehistoric times, the knowledge about is just sent to you, but you are not forced to believe it. For I do not want your fear or submissiveness, but I want your love.



^ B.D. NR. 6861

You err, when you believe, as man having to go over this earth against your will, for as far as I am concerned no being is forced, as soon as it has reached a certain degree of maturity, that it is no longer subordinated to the mandatory law. And you all, you who stay on earth, had that degree of maturity, which only allows the embodiment on earth. But the remembering back to the agonizing prehistoric times had to be taken from you, because otherwise you would never ever be able to reach the aim on earth, which is set for you.



^ B.D. NR. 8394

All your soul substances must spiritualize themselves; nothing is to stick to your soul, what still belongs to earth, to which also the urges and passion of the prehistoric times belong, which you have brought along into the existence on earth as man. And often you must fight very long, until you have overcome these. And all bodily suffering contributes to it. Your soul crystallizes and dissolves all slag, which prevent a penetration of my ray of love or decrease its power.



^ B.D. NR. 9016

But so much is certain that already many earth periods are lying behind you, but that man has always remained the same work of creation, which he is still today that he also could make use of his intellect from the beginning and that always the same problems moved him, which also still worry men today, as far as they concerned the cause of existence and its purpose. Because this gift, to think about it, I had given men from the beginning. Already at that time men discovered traces of prehistoric creatures, which they certainly did not want to acknowledge as people like them, as they differed considerably from their own kind and because first men knew that before them no men like them existed, because they recognized themselves as a new creation; they themselves knew it that with their existence an act of creation started, which had not yet been there before.





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