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Theme 61. Manlike beings



2513 6295 8770 9015 9016 9022



^ B.D. NR. 2513

In this time of development the spiritual has passed the test; slowly it could develop into a living being. The living conditions were considerably more severe, but it asserted itself and slowly developed to a kind of man, but which was quite different to the man of the time now. It still was a judged being, i.e., it acted according to its instinct; it was, so to speak, still guided, without free will and intellect being typical of it. It was a being, which was certainly similar to man according to the outer form, but otherwise was on the level of the animal world, which moved in accordance of the divine laws of nature and therefore did everything instinctively, without being conscious of its acting. This being still did not need to take responsibility; it still lived its life according to the mandatory law, driven by the intelligences controlling it, which again express themselves in those beings in accordance with divine will. These living beings were now still in accordance with the primitive formation of the surface of the Earth, but contributed, so to speak, to the further development of the Earth, by increasing and accelerating the reshaping of the Earth’s surface through their unconscious activity, so that it became more and more suitable to also hold progressively developed living beings, until then the first men, equipped with free will and intelligence, got allocated to this Earth as stay, they could make use of everything on Earth and, instructed by God himself, led a conscious life or should lead, what was actually the point of their embodiment.



^ B.D. NR. 6295

But the idea of time only started, when the creature "man" was called by me into existence, for before the living beings were not gifted with reason in that measure, that they could independently think and conclude, that they therefore lived consciously and the ideas "past - present and future" became graspable for them. Only that being, that was equipped with intellect and free will, can be called "man", which was able to think in a measure, to now be able to acquire a certain cognition and to now live according to this cognition. And from this time on one can therefore speak of the conscious development up, where the possibility was given to the once fallen, to finally return to me.

The creation of the first man was the beginning of a redemption period, where free will is the decisive factor, not my will as in those prehistoric times, where everything takes place in the mandatory law and must irrevocably result in an ascent development. And now the question moves you, how long "man" already inhabits earth - whereby you always only mean the man talented with reason, freely deciding about himself, as whose descendants you see yourselves. The first man, who could take full responsibility for his acting and thinking, was Adam - although manlike beings were represented already before Adam in all parts of the earth, which carried out already much instinctively, whereto human thinking is suspected, but which were still driven through spiritual intelligences, which therefore also served the spiritual striving upwards as cover and now carried out in the mandatory state, what was necessary for the development of the creation earth - as stay for future man. They were kinds of men, whose instincts and impulsiveness broke through extremely strongly and which still could not be held responsible for it, because also they contributed to it, that spiritual again and again became free and could embody itself new - because everything just served to that end, to prepare for men an area, which was suitable for passing of the last test of will. Those humanlike beings were therefore certainly bodily already strong related to that form, which I had ready for the man Adam, when the time had come for the fallen original spirits, where free will was given back to them, to now being able to finally redeem themselves out of form. Prehistoric creation again and again gave spiritual free, and the development of that progressed further and further, that had demanded as it were the whole coming into being of earth in the bound state - and also the time came for this spiritual, where it was to freely decide. And this was the beginning of the redemption epochs, which have significance for you men, because now free will and the intellect could be used and therefore the being leads a conscious life.



^ B.D. NR. 8770

And so therefore the different creations came into being as a period. The plant world had only then become necessary, when the world of rocks released spiritual, which now needed a new form in lighter cover. And in exactly the same way the small and smallest living beings came into being following the creation of the plant world. And I alone knew, when one was necessary for the other, and I also knew, how long the larger living beings, the animals up to the pre-Adamites, needed time for the maturing of the soul substances, which were embodied in them. And so I also knew, when the time had come, that the spirit being had gathered itself in its individual little particles, to be able to embody itself as "soul" in the last form. And therefore I then put out again a work of creation - man, who is constituted so elaborately, that a maturing up to the last perfection is possible in this outer form. And also this creation of man is endless times ago, which you men are not able to establish, for your idea of time is still limited, but my work of repatriation has already been going for eternities, and although before man eternal times have past, before the earth was so far with all its works of creation, that man could now take possession of it for the purpose of his last maturing, as also this point of time still goes back already long, because again and again as a period great upheavals and changes take place on earth, which make a calculation of the duration of the existence of earth and that of man impossible.



^ B.D. NR. 9015


14. and 15. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9015.

Long before first men dwelled on earth, which were equipped by God with free will and intellect, man-like beings existed already, whose assignment it was to make earth suitable for following mankind. They carried out works instinctively, i.e. driven by nature’s law, – by them being active to preserve themselves, they picked fruit, harvested products of the land, and built up homes for themselves – they did everything what instinctively served their advantage. But they could not be called to account for everything they did because inside of them a being had not yet been embodied, which held all particles of a fallen original spirit in itself. These beings were already very similar to men; bodily they were of the same shape, but they were neither I-conscious nor could they communicate between each other, only the desire was strong in them to preserve themselves, and they often reached a high age; they as it were served creation by contributing to the reshaping of the surface of the earth, which was always more prepared to offer men a stay which corresponded to their needs. But no assignments had yet been given to those beings; they merely served the not yet matured original spirits as last maturation possibility, which they were then to continue as man with free will and intellect. So these pre-men – the Pre-Adamites – could therefore not be considered as proper men, because their nature, their appearance and everything they do corresponded more to an animal, which is still far behind in its development, only the form was like that of a man, and so it happened that later these creatures were called pre-men, but which could not stand a comparison with man, who was in possession of free will and understanding, which he was now to also use properly intellectually. One can also not say that man has developed out of these Pre-Adamites, because he was a new creation, which God only then put out, when many of the first original spirits awaited their embodiment. Pre-man was one of the many creations, which all had to fulfil their purpose, to prepare a home for later following man, which guaranteed a carefree earth life for him. (15.7.1965) The Pre-Adamites were those human-like beings, which could not be called to account because they led an animal life, where all instincts revealed themselves – who lived long before man on earth – who had no I-consciousness and could only live in groups – who were therefore only there found where later men were once to stay, for whom they prepared the actual area through a regular activity. They were innate to those beings and expressed themselves in the cultivating of wide stretches of fields, in methodical spreading of essential substances and the harvesting again of such stretches of land. All this they did unconsciously, out of a natural drive to preserve themselves. They fought each other, and the stronger won. And so they also contributed that again and again new spirit beings incarnated, when also only for shorter times, where they proved their strength, where more or less strong drives came into play, which became weaker and weaker the longer they lived, and then also slowly reached maturity to now be able to enter the last embodiment as man. Therefore human-like beings existed already long before first men, which however cannot be linked to proper men. They were certainly comparable with them in their outer form; but they dwelled like animals – both in their drives as well as in their way of reproduction, which developed according to the substance of their souls, and also belonged to the many works of creation, which again disappeared, when they had fulfilled their earth assignment, therefore the beings no longer needed such creations, and which now completely died out like so many creations, which earth held for a time to then make again space for new creations. But it cannot be said man in his present form has developed out of these pre-human creations, but he was and is a new creation, endowed with free will and intellect, which now had to prove itself, therefore also received back the I-consciousness. To what degree those Pre-Adamites could also have a certain intellect at their disposal depended merely on the degree of maturity of the soul particles held in them, but which were not able to think and that intellect was expressed in the creating activity only, therefore was achieved unconsciously. But this activity has also created the greatest miracle works, as these can often be seen in nature, that ways were formed where these beings could get to one another, that they created gorges and underground passages and so therefore have first created the prerequisites for men, that these then could lead the proper life when the time had come where the first original spirits could embody themselves as men. The more men now spread, (original spirits now waited to get embodied), the more also pre-men retreated, which certainly always only happened step by step until then the human race inhabited earth and for these the time of probation started, where now every once fallen original spirit was to stand the test, but that is why man also has to be equipped with I-consciousness, intellect and free will to now to go the way over this earth, which again returns him to the father from whom he once went out. Amen. B.D. NR. 9015.



^ B.D. NR. 9016

But so much is certain that already many earth periods are lying behind you, but that man has always remained the same work of creation, which he is still today – that he also could make use of his intellect from the beginning and that always the same problems moved him, which also still worry men today, as far as they concerned the cause of existence and its purpose. Because this gift, to think about it, I had given men from the beginning. Already at that time men discovered traces of prehistoric creatures, which they certainly did not want to acknowledge as people like them, as they differed considerably from their own kind and because first men knew that before them no men like them existed, because they recognized themselves as a new creation; they themselves knew it that with their existence an act of creation started, which had not yet been there before. They knew it that they could exchange ideas and that it was possible for every created man to exchange ideas with fellow men. Moreover such pre-beings were unknown to them, as they also did not know all pre-creations, which they themselves had to pass through, until they were allowed to embody themselves as man. But never have those Pre-Adamites lived with men on earth at the same time, because those had died out when men arrived on earth. Therefore a living together could never have taken place because such did not fulfil my plan from eternity, which would not have let any faultiness develop at a time where perfect man was to prove himself as the crown of creation. Because this man was not aware of all pre-creations; he did not know his long walk through the works of creation of this earth, and therefore he had to be a perfect new creation, which could receive a soul because a completely new walk on earth started for man with the aim of the final union with me. That man did not reach this last union out of his own failure has however nothing to do with the walk through the pre-stages because every soul, which is once allowed to embody itself as man, has also reached the degree of maturity, which allows such an embodiment. But it is impossible for man to establish an exact time for his stay on earth, and he will also receive no enlightenment about this because it is irrelevant, how long he already inhabits earth, and therefore also the times cannot be determined where those pre-men have lived, but that is certain, that they preceded men, that they stayed everywhere before primeval times as likewise a creation, which served the maturation of endless many soul particles, and they also contributed to the upward development of these particles, which were then allowed to again embody themselves in man. You men can no longer ascertain this time wise, and this will also not be possible for you, you can only assume an estimated time, but will never know whether this is correct because the life of every single man is limited. But my creation already exists eternities, which will also remain eternities for you, until you once reach light. Then you will also know that the idea of eternity is for me fleeting moment.



^ B.D. NR. 9022

Early men?

22. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9022.

You just need to turn to me with the request to give you information, and I will not hesitate to give it to you. You do not know it that the act of creation had required endless times, because you measure with your present ideas of time, while the act of creation required eternities, which you cannot imagine intellectually. And that is why you are also not informed right, when you assume the life of the Pre-Adamites as long before man – who was acknowledged as right man through I–consciousness, the intellect and free will. But that does not exclude that these men did (not) know about early men, that they therefore knew about their existence, just described it as long preceding. But that was only after the Fall of Man, when I sent light beings from above among men, which enlightened them also about the course before through all creations. But before all knowledge about it was foreign to them, and therefore they also had no pre-knowledge of those human-like beings, since – wherever men have been created – also these beings have become extinct. But as the population with men only took place slowly – according to the matured original spirits - the process of creation carried on for endless times, and so earth was also not populated with men everywhere at the same time, on the other hand Pre-Adamites only then became extinct when the creation-work "man" appeared. Early men therefore have not lived at the same time with men together, but man was created only at different times, because earth was also formed completely differently and also needed this diversity, because the original spirits also had developed themselves differently, what is not quite comprehensible to you men. It is not so that men were created quite suddenly on earth, but everything happened in a way that one can speak of periodical creation, and each period had produced such beings, before then as last work of creation man stepped into life with I-consciousness, intellect and free will. When I now use the expression: at the same time, then I want to say with that, at the same creation period, but which is so long, that it cannot be proven with numbers – but that those early men preceded actual man, because there is no idea of time with me and before me thousand years are like one day. And the entire act of creation has required such long time that men can raise no time determination anymore, that only the one thing cannot be denied that everything has developed beginning with matter, through the stone and plant world – through the animal kingdom to man, but that I again and again have also created a new outer form for the further developed little soul particles. But that again and again the expression "they have developed to the next being" only concerns the development of the soul, but every outer form was a new creation and always then passes when it has completely fulfilled its purpose, (The expression "they have developed to the next being" concerns therefore only the development of the soul, but every outer form was a new creation, which always then passed when it had completely fulfilled its purpose), why therefore also many beings again passed when then men stepped into life, which could themselves create and form according to their will. Therefore men did not live at the same time with early men together, but what does not exclude that they populated the earth at the same time, just locally they were so far apart that they knew nothing of them, because the time had not come there that man found the right living conditions, which he needed. Only one thing must be clarified, that earth was not populated at the same time with fully responsible men, but these only came long time afterwards, while early men still existed there, where the development of the earth had not progressed so far. It is difficult to develop a picture for you men how the entire process of creation has taken place, because on the one hand you can neither imagine the period in which this work happened, and on the other hand not the enormous space, which had to be populated with the little soul particles of the fallen original spirits. And for this such a diversity was necessary, which only alone my thinking achieved that I saw everything as smallest work of creation in front of me and it also emerged at the same time as complete work – that the creations always adopted greater forms, in which the little soul particles were to mature, and it was teeming with creations of most different kind - and that I moved every work of creation there, where maturation possibilities were offered to it. And so early man was a creation, which I always used there, where the coming family of man was to be expected, which was to once take possession of the earth, to end their process of maturation. But that now earth could time wise show everywhere the same conditions was switched off by my varied will to shape, and there are also today still wide areas, where no man can exist, because living conditions are lacking for him, for which I also have my reason. But one thing is certain, that the outer form of man has been a work of my love, that I created man in my image, and that he also, according to his soul, is to again become my image, but what was not been the case with those early men, they therefore could also not develop to man, which he now is, no matter whether he reaches the maturity of the soul or not. Amen. B.D. NR. 9022.





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