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Theme 58. Way out



New on 21. Feb. 2021     6201 6233
New on 02. Jul. 2021     6444

3344 3660 3731 3936 4135  4319 4392 4493 4639 5126
5153 5318 5360 5449 5485  5497 5534 5560 5581 5639
5728 5744 5845 5855 5954  6037 6111 6137 6164 6201
6233 6444 6838 7297 7403  7476 7549 7954 8066 9028



^ B.D. NR. 3344

Their requests will not go unheard. Help will become theirs in every trouble, in all life situations and at the right time. And this is favour that God obviously helps those who are his, that he strengthens and comforts them, that he always lets them find an escape in earthly needs, that he looks after their bodily and mental needs and that he sends his word.



^ B.D. NR. 3660

But I now send for the sake of your fellowmen and also of yourselves for the test of faith again and again earthly troubles over you, so that you are to prove yourselves, so that fellowmen find to me and through you are to find the proof of the power of faith, so that they also learn to believe and their spiritual misery is reduced as a result. And even though everything unwinds according to my plan from eternity, the believing man still needs to fear nothing because my guidance is wonderful, my might exceedingly great, and my love always finds a way out of every trouble for mine. What is therefore absolutely necessary for entire mankind, what is considered by it as trouble and misery, can completely unimpressively pass by him who fully trusts me; he does not need to be touched by it, although he stands in the middle of the events, which are recognized as disastrous by entire mankind, because he goes by my hand, and it leads him secure and undamaged through. With a firm faith you are able to banish everything, and neither men nor spiritual powers can harm you when you flee to me in strong faith, entrust yourselves to me and unconditionally abandon yourselves to me and my favour.



^ B.D. NR. 3731

Mine know about the purpose of the trouble and are to impart this knowledge to fellowmen, and that is why I also allow the trouble for mine to give them the possibility to have an effect on fellowmen through the power of their faith, which lets everything being borne and overcome easier. I stand by mine when they call me, and that is why their trouble will also always be bearable because again and again there will be a way out where humanly no help seems possible.



^ B.D. NR. 3936

Because no trouble is greater than the power and love of him, who sends them. He always knows an escape, even if the trouble seems earthly unconquerable.



^ B.D. NR. 4135

And that is why I also let you come into needs, out of which only my help can rescue you, where there is no other escape than that I take care of you and make the hearts receptive for all gifts of favour, whereto also the expression of my will belongs, which I have charged you with to observe for the sake of yourselves.

But all this must precede; otherwise too little attention is paid to my intervention, because I appear when the peak is reached, when there is no longer an escape than limitless destruction.



^ B.D. NR. 4319

And I come certainly – I do not leave mine in trouble; I will come when no escape is earthly any longer apparent; I will appear very suddenly, visible only to mine, and call all to me who are loyal to me.



^ B.D. NR. 4392

A man therefore must show fellowmen, which life task is set for them and how they can comply with this task – a man must use the will in the right direction and receive the power for it out of love. It is a simple solution, and it is also comprehensible that the products of my love moved me to pity, as creator and father from eternity, that they, certainly out of own will, no longer became free from their tormentor, who abused his power, which he received from me, to shameful work. It must also be comprehensible that I sought a way out for the unfortunate creatures, that a work of mercy met with my approval, which wanted to accomplish love for the unfortunate.



^ B.D. NR. 4493

When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end. Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, unrestrained the hate will rage, and mankind will be seized by dread because it sees no way out of the danger that is inevitable.



^ B.D. NR. 4639

And as far as I am concerned also these willing to help will be helped; help will come where no escape will be found any longer, as visible sign of a higher power, which turns towards men in love to make itself recognizable to them. Because earthly help often appears impossible, but what is not possible for men, I can still always carry out, and therefore the greatest trouble is not hopeless, because nothing is impossible to me. And so love, which is done to the neighbour, will bear good fruit; it will effect my love, and this means help and favour and unusual power supply, why mine do not need to despair, because they will not feel the trouble so severely, because they are full of power and always have me at their side as their helper, I who obviously work for the sake of their faith, to still win the few before the end, who are weak in faith but still of good will. These will experience strengthening and overcome the time of trouble, without their soul getting harmed. But those who are mine stand under my protection and can look forward to this time without worry, because it does not last long.



^ B.D. NR. 5126

But I point out to you this time of trouble and when it comes you are to remember this announcement and draw strength and courage from it because at the same time I also promise you secure protection and rescue, you who want to belong to me. Men can only kill your body but they are unable to get at your soul and when I also promise you the protection of your bodily life, when I assure you of my help in every trouble, then you can expect without worry what is coming, you can let all events come up to you and look confidently ahead. I will always find a way out even if earthly there seems to be no help possible. Because I am the Lord who has power over life and death, I am the Lord over creation and of the kingdom of light and also of darkness. Nothing can happen without my will and my permission; but what happens is just for your and your fellow human beings salvation. It is still quiet and you men do not believe that you face great events; you men do not want to believe it that completely different living conditions will arise and that you have to summon up much strength and confidence to deal with all demands that you are up against on the part of the power that is hostile to me. But it comes true as it is written. The great tribulation will go over the earth and you will recognize that you live in the end of times where you have to prove yourself. But you will always find one who is prepared to help you. And when you believe in this one and out of a childlike heart ask him you will emerge out of every danger unharmed because I will come when the trouble is greatest and save you.



^ B.D. NR. 5153

The cross of Christ is the sign of hope for all fallen, who feel unhappy in their situation, may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom. The cross of Christ shows them that there still is a rescue, a way out, which just has to be walked along to come out of the deep, out of the kingdom of darkness into the light morning.



^ B.D. NR. 5318

The trouble of the poor souls in the hereafter is extremely great, for their state is often unbearable, because dense darkness surrounds them and they find no way out. The more a soul suffers, but the sooner is the possibility that it takes stock of itself, thinks about its debt and looks around for help, why it then follows every smallest ray of light, of which it hopes rescue.



^ B.D. NR. 5360

A reunion in the hereafter prematurely would insofar have a compulsorily effect on the beings as they now would have to believe in an after-life of the soul, while they themselves very often still have no knowledge of their own death, just believe to have been transferred to another area and therefore often rise up against their own fate. But through own thought they must come so far that they turn to Jesus Christ calling for help. And faith in him they must win themselves, when the knowledge about it is made accessible to them by beings willing to help. They must recognize their trouble, their powerlessness and also the way out – Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. Only then so much light can be supplied to them that they themselves become seeing; but without this faith they are of dark spirit, and they recognize nothing than only an extreme hopeless deserted area, which they constantly walk through, in trouble and agony, for they live in want and suffer terribly, and they find no way out, until they take themselves to task and seek to change or also still sink deeper through defiant rising up against it and completely harden in their feelings.



^ B.D. NR. 5449

In my father’s house are many dwellings. No being is homeless; eternal home receives all souls, but this home is fashioned varied – it can show the most marvellous flower gardens and most beautiful palaces; but it can also contain endless wide desolate areas, which walking through also require endless times – but always also ways branch off in these desolate areas, which lead to a land full of flowers, and it only depends on, whether the walkers pay attention to these ways; whether they attentively are on the look out for a way out from the desert and also enter this way out.



^ B.D. NR. 5485

My love for you is limitless, and still you often believe having reason to doubt this. You often feel forsaken by me; earthly trouble approaches you overpoweringly, and you know no escape for you. But then I only seemingly have stepped back from you to be sought by you, because I always want to reveal my love all over again to you, by me helping you. For the trouble is never so great that I would not be able to remove it.



^ B.D. NR. 5497

But the love of God followed the lost. The love of God devised a way out for the enslaved spiritual.



^ B.D. NR. 5534

But without faith in him the soul finds no way out; it finds no rescuer, who brings liberation to it.



^ B.D. NR. 5560

But if the freedom of will is abused, a turning away from God is carried out anew or the resistance kept up; then there is for this being only one way out – to again walk through creation in the mandatory state, so that the resistance may finally be broken.



^ B.D. NR. 5581

For unbelief and earthly terrors will always appear together, because Satan rules, where faith is no longer, but deep faith always means a way out from every trouble. For that reason earthly trouble does not need to be assessed so highly, for deep faith in me can and will remove it.



^ B.D. NR. 5639

They themselves will get into the greatest trouble, through God's intervention, see no way out and for that reason are reminded of a power above them, upon which they can now call in the greatest trouble.



^ B.D. NR. 5728

And where the way is dark, there also the turn-offs are not seen, which lead up into light heights. Only whom the darkness presses, he seeks for a way out, and he will also find it, because small little lights will again and again flash, which radiate from the final destination into the darkness, to entice the wanderers to strive for the light.



^ B.D. NR. 5744

Already by virtue of your intellect you can therefore acknowledge a highest being, which you must address as creator from eternity. It truly does not bring about honour to you, if you want to deny this being, if you want to explain its work, which becomes visible to you in its creation, just as effect of an ungainly power, if you want to use something having an unconscious, blind effect as a basis of creation. Such an explanation is truly no proof of a right used intellect; it is rather a defiant way out, which you seek, you who do not want to acknowledge a God – for where just a little will exists for it, both possibilities are considered first, and then man already decides more likely on the acceptance than on the rejection of an entity like power, which reveals itself in creation.



^ B.D. NR. 5845

That there is again and again a way out, that again and again a time of trouble and suffering is replaced by a bearable time, that is no coincidence, no matter of course. It is my intervention, my leading, it is my rule and work, which is clearly recognizable in the fate of a man.



^ B.D. NR. 5855

They believe just having been moved locally and also do not think about, how such could have happened. And for that reason they find themselves in great trouble of the soul and know no way out from it. Men, to whom no loving thoughts follow into that kingdom, can often remain endless long in this situation, and these souls are extremely unfortunate, and still they are only to be helped through intercession, that they get power imparted, to direct their will right. But if helpful thoughts follow a soul, then it also feels these beneficently and constantly stays near those, from whom the power current starts. Then the soul also finds easier a way out from its situation; it does not sink into an apathetic state, but it easily lets itself be directed by helpful guides.



^ B.D. NR. 5954

There is a way out for all troubles, and nothing is unconquerable with my help. Therefore, earthly worries and troubles are to never let you despair, for you can banish them through strong faith, and you are to seek to win it.



^ B.D. NR. 6037

I myself will come, when the ones who are mine no longer know a way out, when my opponent will openly take action against them for the sake of their belief. These will be in great difficulty till the very end and only their strong faith keeps them upright and resistant, because they await my coming and I do not disappoint their faith.



^ B.D. NR. 6111

There is nothing, that he could not banish - there is nothing, what would be impossible for him. And therefore, there is always a solution, even so you yourselves see none for you. He certainly finds the means of redemption; he finds a way out from all trouble. Move these words deep in your heart, until all your doubts have disappeared, until you fearlessly entrust yourselves to him and patiently wait. For his love is meant for you, for his children, and this love never stops.



^ B.D. NR. 6137

And you will then also understand, why I let you so often get into trouble and distress, where always only one way out exists, that you call upon me for help, so you do not completely surrender to him, who pulls you down - who also helps you then, but in an obviously way harmful for you, for he demands your soul for it.



^ B.D. NR. 6164

Again and again they will find a way out, again and again possess the power to master everything.



^ B.D. NR. 6201

No way out will remain for you; you will have to decide for me or against me.



^ B.D. NR. 6233

Because I knew about this terrible lot, because I could let both the happiness of the kingdom of light as also the sufferings and agonies of the kingdom of darkness go past my eyes and because my love was meant for you as my fallen brothers, for that reason I sought for a way out, which could turn away your terrible lot. I myself took all sin guilt upon myself and with it walked the way to the cross.



^ B.D. NR. 6444

Full of faith entrust yourselves to the father, and you will not be disappointed, for he always knows a way out, and no matter how confused it seems. For truly everything is possible for me.



^ B.D. NR. 6838

A walk through expanses completely bar of objects can bring the souls to self-contemplation and let them recognize the worthlessness of earthly material goods, and then they can also become conscious of their dead state, and as soon as that is just achieved, that the souls start to think about their hopeless situation, also the time has come where these souls will be helped by them suddenly meeting beings and they now seek a way out together.



^ B.D. NR. 7297

When you can follow the work of my adversary quite obviously, when you will be exposed to the evil action of his vassals yourselves, when the misery is increasing and no way out of it seems any more possible for you, then also that end is near, then through my power I will destroy all arch-evil and rescue the ones who are mine from the sure downfall.



^ B.D. NR. 7403

It will be an end with horror for all who do not believe. Because they experience something which they have not thought to be possible because it is something completely extralegal - a process which they cannot even follow until the end but will be victims themselves because they lose their life in the process; they will be devoured by the earth, and for no-one there is a way out - unless he still calls out of the heart for me in the last hour that I might help him.



^ B.D. NR. 7476

To have a living faith is already bliss on earth because man needs no longer to fear anything because he believes or knows that there is always a way out for him, because for him there is also nothing insurmountable because he is constantly connected with me.



^ B.D. NR. 7549

Because everything comes true implicitly, what I let announce to you men through seers and prophets, and you will soon experience the truth of my word, and blessed, who accepted my word and then finds the way to me, because in great trouble he will always find a way out; he will visibly experience my help, which I have promised all of you, who call for me.



^ B.D. NR. 7954

But do not forget that I am Lord over life and death, over heaven and earth - and that I certainly have means and ways to lead mine out of earthly trouble, even if there seems to be no way out. And whatever is denied you earthly - I will feed and water you in a wonderful way, because also that lies in my power, I who after all has created heaven and earth, who has given all laws after my will. And so I also can repeal laws and feed you supernaturally.



^ B.D. NR. 8066

Again and again I point this out to you, but as you men are unbelieving, as you do not take my words seriously, you will be surprised, because whether also my adversary in the last times rules on earth, whether he brings men completely under his power, that all belief in them gets lost and only true devils will exist in the end, which oppress the ones who are mine and put into highest misery, so they will still be seized by the same horror, when in front of their eyes the ones who are mine will be raptured and they will recognize, that there is no longer any rescue for them, that they themselves fall victim to a work of destruction; that there is no way of escape and that the earth devours them.



^ B.D. NR. 9028

So accept everything as it comes, and do not think that the father might have left you, because I know for everything an escape, and I am truly prepared to let you find this escape, even so you feel temporary hindered in your work. Because I know to tie all threads; I know those who are mine and will gather them together and assign their work to them. But always believe in that I have my pleasure in your activity, which I will also pay in days to come – either in paradise of the new earth or also in the opposite kingdom.



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