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Theme 55. God cuts off



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^ B.D. NR. 4672

But as soon as you can put me before the world, as soon as you succeed to always put me in front, then the world will also no longer burden you; it will not worry you; it will be overcome by you easily, and you will be master over everything what approaches you from the side of the world.



^ B.D. NR. 4698

Again and again I draw your attention to this time, but in the hustle and bustle of the world it appears impossible for you that such a time still lies ahead of you. But how do you then want to survive, so you do not already prepare yourselves for it, so no help can be brought to you on the part of the world, because I myself stop it? How do you then want to expect help, so you do not believe in me and resort to me?

But right faith wants to be won, and a right faith I only call a living faith, the firm inner conviction of that, in what you pretend to believe. But you will fail, so this difficult faith test is set to you. Only then you will recognize how much more you have to occupy yourselves with the thought of me, of your creator and father from eternity, who is in himself love, wisdom and omnipotence, therefore wants and can help you and will also do it, so you muster exactly this firm faith in me. It is that faith, which I want to form to a living one through my word, which I again and again supply to you, and through the trouble and faith tests, to which I already now subjugate you, so that you mature and become strong in faith, before the great trouble starts. Consider every day still as a gift and use it; let your thoughts roam up, i.e., occupy yourselves often in thoughts with the purpose and aim of your existence, with life in eternity and with me, me who is the director and shaper of all that, what is and in whom to believe will be easy for you, when you just seriously want to and occupy yourselves mentally with him.



^ B.D. NR. 5369

Then he can truly be certain that I take over every care for his bodily well-being, because I want that my earth children are not kept back from spiritual striving through care of any kind. And whether it also may seem as if my love has stepped back, whether it also may seem, as if I do not think of you wait patiently, until I obviously make my identity known to you. I often want that you become aware of the help from above, what can only happen then, when you apparently hopelessly face a trouble. There is no trouble, which is so great that I could not banish it, and there is no love, which is so deep than my one, which is always prepared to help, only often waits for the moment through judgement full of wisdom, where it expresses itself to be able to reveal myself to you in my love and power. But do not let yourselves be put off by it that I keep myself hidden now and then. I know exactly, what you need, as I also know, how I can help you that it is a right help for you.



^ B.D. NR. 5377

You are subject to perpetual faith trials, but only, so that your faith is toughened, for it is still weak like that of a child, having regard to the demands, which are still made on you in the coming time. Again and again you will therefore get into trouble, which you are to prove yourselves insofar, as that you are to turn to him, who alone can banish your trouble. Like an object of clouds the trouble will vanish, so you hand yourselves trustingly over to the heavenly father and recommend yourselves to him and his favour. You have such a certain means to get every trouble under control, you just need to present your trouble to him and ask him intimately for help and you are going to get help. But you must let this firm faith mature before that He can help and will help you. Such a faith banishes every trouble. But for it you must be aware of his presence; you must stand in such intimate relationship with him that you never have the feeling to be alone, but feel him, your father from eternity, always beside you and then also be completely convinced that He helps you.



^ B.D. NR. 5472

I always want to instruct my children right and inform them, and my will is that they also instruct who are ignorant: It means a great danger for men, when they do not turn to me myself in cases of earthly trouble, but want to become master of their trouble with own power and dogged defiance and then also manage it. But then it was not their own power, but their convictions, the unconscious inner rejection of me myself, allowed the powers of darkness to supply to them power from below and consequently also to seize the soul of man to now always win more and more influence.



^ B.D. NR. 5480

Call upon me, so that you consciously go under my protection, and remain also always aware of my presence, and you will master all earthly and spiritual serious difficulties, for you then do it with me, and I want to accompany you wherever you go; you are never alone provided that you do not want to be alone, and it is completely left to you, whom you want to join, me or my opponent. He will always be with you; he will besiege you or entice you to him. But I am always prepared to offer you protection against him, when you yourselves want it. But since your will is decisive, I do not intervene visibly, so he besieges you, but I wait for your call, which must be send up to me in spirit and I truth, to also always be heard.



^ B.D. NR. 5485

Earthly trouble often revelation of love of God.

13. September 1952. B.D. NR. 5485.

My love for you is limitless, and still you often believe having reason to doubt this. You often feel forsaken by me; earthly trouble approaches you overpoweringly, and you know no escape for you. But then I only seemingly have stepped back from you to be sought by you, because I always want to reveal my love all over again to you, by me helping you. For the trouble is never so great that I would not be able to remove it. I want to reveal my love to you because I want to win your counter love; your faith in me and in my power, your respect for me and your obedience are nothing without your love, for it alone lets me find my children. And where love is, is also faith and respect and obedience, but love is the most powerful, because it alone makes happy. What do I not do all to win your love. But so I prepare for you the most beautiful earth life, so I would give you everything, what makes you happy on earth, so this would just increase your love for the world, but not for me, whom you do not see, because your eyes are directed towards the world. For that reason I often must withdraw from you, even so just apparently; I must let you get into worldly abandonment, into a state of trouble and of suffering; you must recognize your own powerlessness and also the lack of love of your fellowmen to then seek me, to call for me and to then also recognize my great love for you, so I have liberated you from your trouble. Then also love awakens in you, and it always gets stronger, because in me you recognize your most loyal friend and brother, the helper from all trouble, the father, who intimately loves his children.

You will not be able to resist my love for ever, but I cannot force your counter love; for that reason I coo for it with all patience, without ever letting up in my love, which has created you after all. And every loving thought of you increases my love, because it is a sure sign for it that I soon have won you for ever. For that reason know that you are never forsaken, when you are earthly in trouble; know that I immediately go to you, to you who call for me; know that I then just want to arouse your love; that I long for your call, for your love, like a father, who wants to embrace his child in the arms to be able to make it happy with his love. But love does not want to be one-sided; only counter love makes happy, and I want to receive it from you. I always long for you, but you must now and again get into distress, for you stand in the midst of the world, and your desire is still very divided; it often depends on earthly things and then I now and then use means, which are to turn you again to me, to then again emerge with my love, to again prove my love to you that also you arouse in love for me, that you become and remain mine for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5485.



^ B.D. NR. 5491

So also every earthly trouble is to be regarded as favour, because it can lead up, when it is regarded as such, when the trouble lets man become aware that he is to turn his look upwards to ask help from him, who always wants and can help.



^ B.D. NR. 5501

Everything is then possible for a man; he can work over human power; he can direct everything right, what is wrong he can heal the sick, work miracles, speak in wisdom; he can see into the kingdom of the spirits, connect himself with them in the most natural way; he can at any time transfer himself there, where he wants; he can see through men; past, presence and future are visible to him he can do everything, what is only possible for a god, for he is my child; he is a divine creature, which holds all abilities in it.



^ B.D. NR. 5511

If you now recognize me in my perfection, which means love, wisdom, power, mercy, patience, justice in highest measure, so also in you love for me will flare up, for as yourselves once divine beings all these qualities are in you, even so still un-dissolved, since you push them back in free will through your former Fall of man.



^ B.D. NR. 5514

Call to God for power. Power from below.

23. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5514.

And you will again and again experience it that you are able to do nothing without me, unless you call him, who is my opponent and your enemy, but who gives you power to ruin you. With my help you will be able to overcome everything, but you are not allowed to rely on your own power, for then you are already in the net of Satan, who lets the feeling of your own strength come up in you, to push you away from me. In earthly troubles you often have to rely on you alone; no help comes from the side of fellowmen, and you yourselves feel too weak. Then you are to call upon me, and you can firmly rely on it that you are again led out of the trouble, so you believe in my love and my power. But it is utterly wrong, instead of this call, to spur on your powers to the utmost, in the belief to then being able to manage it, to be able to then become master of the earthly trouble. Also your own power you have from me; and it can certainly do much after an intimate call for help. For I mostly help in a natural way that it does not have an effect like a miracle, and nevertheless it is my help which is sent to you. But if the call to me has gone first, then everything is certainly also good, what you yourselves now undertake, for I steer your thoughts, so as it is beneficial for you. Many men certainly do extraordinary things, without having asked me for blessings and help. Their attitude can still be good, and according to this attitude my power is now active or refuses to give itself. But man can have entered the relationship with me unconsciously through his love will then I will also support him in earthly trouble, but always only in a way that also he will learn to recognize me, so he thinks about the obvious help. But who is already my opponent through his attitude, who rejects me consciously or unconsciously, who does not believe to need me, so his own power is not enough, he is given power, which comes from below. And he will be recognizable in the utilization of that, what he has acquired earthly. No serving neighbourly love will speak from his thinking and acting, from all his works. His earthly successes will always become larger and larger, for my opponent provides him with power in the extreme, to completely win him for himself, by chaining him firmly to matter, by him suffocating every good stirring in him in the desire for earthy goods, for wealth, honour and fame. But no blessing will rest on his work; he will also not be able to become master of his fate, which is imposed upon him by me. For again and again I try in this way to direct his thoughts to him, who alone is powerful in heaven and on earth; again and again I show him his own weakness, so that he leans against me and requests power and strength from me, as indeed also my opponent will constantly besiege him. Without me you are able to do nothing; but with me and my power everything. But do not let yourselves be deceived by the counter power, which certainly amply supplies you with the earthly, but wants to take from you the life of the soul; who wants to make you completely powerless for eternity. For he does nothing for free; he harms you, where he just can, and every supply of power from below you must pay, for he does not want your happiness, but your ruin. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5514.



^ B.D. NR. 5672

For that reason all my care will be, to turn your will to me; I will always direct you so or destine your fate so that you are pushed to take refuge with me - but always under the respect of your free will.



^ B.D. NR. 5720

Through your trouble you are to become aware that you yourselves are able to do nothing out of your own power and that in your helplessness you should and can go to him, who is powerful, who is the father of you all, who can and also wants to help you, because he loves you. In this awareness you will yourselves feel as his children and now humbly and intimately requesting present your trouble to him, and he will help you in accordance with his promise: Ask, and it shall be given you - knock, and it shall be opened unto you



^ B.D. NR. 5795

But how do you explain to yourselves the innumerable small and smallest living beings, which in the truest meaning of the word represent a plague for men? And which are also my work after all? - Also these living beings attend to a task: To absorb spiritual substances in them, which are still unwilling to serve - which certainly have already covered an infinite long course of development, timewise therefore have reached the stage, where they should busy themselves, which still produce resistance, which they now express so to speak in a negative work, by them occupying themselves in a destructive way - by them accelerating the passing of works of creation - and indirectly now still again contribute to the dissolving of form. But to men these destructions, caused through so-called pests, appear to be against the law, and for that reason they take action against these - what also again lies in my will, because they just aim to achieve an improvement with it, because they want to protect themselves and their fellowmen against unfavourable effects and at the same time they now again dissolve the formation of these substances.



^ B.D. NR. 5840

Religious warfare. Fighters of God.

30. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5840.

I have trained an army of fighters for myself, who courageously take up the fight against the enemy of the souls and against all, who besiege you in their unbelief and are therefore against me. All these belong to the camp of my opponent. But my fighters have me as commander-in-chief, and I will truly lead them out as victors in the last fight on this earth. For it is certain for you - the fight about faith, which is in store for my little crowd, in which it is to prove itself and from which I myself will rescue it, as I have promised it. Mine still have this time of trial before them and must therefore unusually get strengthened, so that they stand firm, because my opponent will take action against them in a violent and most brutal way, to make them totter in their faith. But the connection with me wins all of them unusual power. And for that reason I again and again admonish you: hold firmly on to me; do not break away from me, but always join me firmer; establish the intimate connection with me, so that you can send your thoughts at any time to me, so just the smallest resistance arises for you, which is always the work of my opponent. You can achieve everything, accomplish everything and overcome everything, when you just allow my presence in you, what already the serious will, to be and remain mine, guarantees. The intimate thoughts, a prayer in the spirit and in the truth and constant work in love, also secures for you my constant preparedness to help, my love power and my favour. And therefore you are always equipped and equal to every attack on the part of my opponent, for then you do not fight alone against him, but you have me at the side, and before my ray of light he flees very certainly. And you will always be able to triumph over him, as long as you keep to me, as long as the shield of faith and of love covers you. But when your looks wander sideways, when they are turned towards the world and you let the shield, which protects you, sink - when you leave me out for just a short time and therefore let the world step between me and you - then you are in serious danger, and I want to warn you of it, like a loving father warns his children, that they are not to go own ways, but always stay with their father, so that he can protect them, when danger threatens. They are just love calls, which I send to you again and again, because I care for your salvation and because I want to spare you every unnecessary fight, for I know the most inner mind and striving of your heart and also do not let you get lost. But you can make your ways much more difficult for you, when you do not pay attention to my words. You are to be and remain my fighters and are to prepare yourselves for this last fight on earth. And to this belongs, that you no longer break the connection with me, that you go no way any more without me, that you are so devoted to me, that you long for my presence, no matter when and where it may be. A great supply of power you must store up for you, which will then never ever decrease, when you start for the last fight. I will truly lead you to victory, as I have promised it to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5840.



^ B.D. NR. 5850

In heaven and on earth my will alone is decisive, and everything approaches mankind so, as it is according to my love and wisdom. No-one, neither men on earth nor the happy and unhappy beings in the spiritual kingdom can oppose my will, as long as I apply it. And I let it become active so long, as it serves my creatures best. And as long also all entities must adapt themselves to my will. But I also know, when it is helpful for the entity, to move, to act or to refrain from, according to free will and judgement. Then my will steps back, to give to the being the possibility of a free decision. On earth now the free will of man is to decide, and for that reason you men on earth will rarely be able to expect or pay attention to an intervention on my part conspicuously determining the will, for this would neither be according to my love nor my wisdom - otherwise it would certainly look differently regarding the degree of maturity of men - but a becoming perfect be called into question.



^ B.D. NR. 5999

I constantly want to be your companion, and for that reason your ways become impassable or dangerous, when you walk them alone and I want it, that you call for me, for the leader, who always escorts you safely over across all rocks of your way.



^ B.D. NR. 6001

But so you stumble or turn away from me, and may it also just be for a short time, then he seeks to slip in, and he succeeds to confuse you, he succeeds to saw disagreement and quarrel, impatience and love lessness, where my presence prevents such.



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