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Theme 51. Lucifer



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^ B.D. NR. 5694

Entity of God. Power.

7. and 10. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5694.

To address a power as entity is incomprehensible for you men, because you, as entity yourselves, believe being able to put all power under your will, as soon as your yourselves are producer of that power. And in exactly the same way you see the fundamental powers in nature, so you are believing, as standing under the will of God, who directs the power according to his will. And therefore a divine entity is probable for you, or also – God, so you believe in him, is conceivable for you as a being. He is for you more likely conceivable than just as power; but of a being you make yourselves a form for you according to your ideas, which becomes like you own form. And this idea is erroneous, because something perfect is never to be thought in a limitation. Everything, what is conceivable for you, has not yet reached the degree of perfection, otherwise it goes beyond your powers of imagination. You must recognize yourselves as still imperfect beings yourselves, for whom it is still impossible, to grasp the perfect; you must know that a limitation is only meant for the still imperfect, while the perfect is unlimited – and you will then also understand that it is for you completely impossible being able to imagine the most perfect, most unsurpassable being, to whom you impossibly can give a form, which is according to your limited intellectual capacity. For you men have still no standard for the unlimited, perfect, indeed even the beings of light do not completely grasp the nature of God, because his perfection is for no being within reach, because only in the merging with him can their own nature be completely made divine, nevertheless God still stands infinitely far above the individual being – because these individual beings can indeed completely be radiated through by his original substance, by love power, but he himself always is and remains the love power source, who diffuses himself into infinity. He himself is love – power and light. And love, power and light need no form, to be able to be effective, because this form could again only be infinity, which is filled by him, i.e. by love power and light. But as an endless great fire can spray itself into endless small sparks and still the spark in itself remains fire, so were the love sparks flowing out of him still the same as he himself in miniature – they were entities, which were an image of him himself; which were, in their original substance the same as their creator from eternity, but which could only see themselves and their equal, but were never able, to see the infinite entity of God, which certainly knew about him and recognized him as God and creator. And a being, completely radiated through by his love power, was in a certain degree of maturity so merged with him that it (10.6.1953) was also able to unlimited creation and work that it could accomplish the same as God, since the divine creation power is love and a being filled with love can therefore also create and fashion according to its will, but which is now also God’s will. The first created being, Lucifer, was so completely radiated through by the love power of God that it now itself was active as light and power bearer and created beings in great number, which all emerged in highest perfection, because God’s will and God’s love were also the will and the love of Lucifer and therefore only the perfect could be the result of this love will. But this had been created perfect, what means so much, as that the free will of it was not yet tested, whether it wanted to remain perfect or would climb down from the degree of perfection, when also opportunity would be offered for it. This test of will had to be made also by the first created being, by Lucifer, because the passing of this test only meant the highest degree of perfection, because only then a becoming divine of the being took place, which God set as aim for all creation. Lucifer failed in this test of will and with him a great following. But countless beings passed them and remained with God, whom they recognized and loved above all measure, although also they were not able to see him. But these entities still stood isolated, therefore outside of God, who certainly radiated it through with his love power, but for the complete merger with him imposed a condition, not easily to be fulfilled: Voluntary descending to the depth and from it paving the way up, which could be walked on by all fallen beings – a renouncing of the divine qualities, giving up of light and power, the signs of divinity, to now establish, out of the depth, in free will, the connection with God, which must be established, to again reach him. A being of light had to pave the way for the fallen, but the being had to itself renounce the light, to stand on the same level as the fallen, and then to strive up. Therefore such a light being engendered itself in the man Jesus, for the light being was filled by love for God and for the fallen, but as it also was radiated through by the love of God; therefore love engendered itself in the man Jesus, to redeem the fallen.

No matter how this process is explained to you men, you will never be able to really grasp it, because the idea "love" is still not comprehensible to you, because you cannot understand that love itself is some entity; that one always speaks of God himself, so the word "love" falls. That God himself descended to earth, when love took pity on the fallen – that only eternal love expressed itself through a being having emerged out of his love; that God himself in the light being moved into the body of the man Jesus as soul, that he descended from above to earth, to now go before the way as man, on which all beings of the depth could follow him, to again attain to light and to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5694.



^ B.D. NR. 6245

Redemption of Lucifer. Resistance to the test of will.

24. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6245.

The world with all its creations holds spiritual in it standing in different degrees of development, which now also determines the properties of the different creations. Mature spiritual, which stands in the light, no longer needs material creations, while the immature spiritual needs material creations as its stay to mature in it. And so one can certainly speak of, that the visible creations are the kingdom of my opponent, because they hold exactly this spiritual in it, which still belongs to him will-wise. Nevertheless he cannot determine it, to work according to his will, because the power over that spiritual, which is bound in the creations, is withdrawn from him. And for that reason it is also possible, that an ascent development of the spiritual takes place in the works of creation, without being able to be prevented by my opponent, and that once the moment comes for the spiritual, where it, again in the possession of free will, can decide, to whom it wants to belong - to me or to my opponent, but what would never be possible, when he would have unlimited influence before on the spiritual in the state of the bound will. And so it follows from this that the power of my opponent is already broken and only applies to man - therefore actually only man is the possession of the opponent, when he does not let himself be helped by me. The creation was only the result of the attitude of the first created being; it was the result of the abuse of its will. For I looked after all creatures tempted by him and paved a way, which led out of the depth back upwards. I withdrew them from his power and bound them into the creations - but the influence on man I must leave to him, because it is about a free decision for me or my opponent and because to him belongs, what remains with him in free will. Moreover the first being had come out of my love; as a free being I have put it out as my image, and I will never dispute this being his right. But I will also never refuse the same right to the entity having emerged from me in the same perfection, to freely decide. And for that reason I must withdraw it from its influence so long, until it itself is able to the free decision of the will. And for that reason I let creation arise. I reshaped as it were the fallen spiritual - since it did not fulfil its initial purpose, I let the power flowed towards it once for the creation of the beings become effective in another way - into seemingly dead and in creations testifying to life, which now had to fulfil their purpose according to my will - the will of my opponent was therefore now completely eliminated, until the power gathered again and gradually became again the being having once emerged from me. But this being must now again have the full freedom of decision and for that reason also be exposed to influence of my opponent exactly as to mine and head for its aim in free will. Now therefore my opponent rules again in his world - for the being still belongs to him so long, until it voluntarily turns away from him and strives towards me.

The opposition between me and the first created being exists since its defection from me and will remain so long, as it still has its following, which once gave rise in him to the lust for power. This following must first be redeemed, before also my opponent returns to me, therefore he no longer opposes me as enemy. For if my opponent would decide to return to me, so also the return of all the spiritual would be guaranteed, because it would then in the stage of free will no longer be exposed to the influence of my opponent and the degree of maturity reached in the mandatory state would also guarantee a further striving towards me. But only an act of free will can bring about a becoming divine of the beings - the becoming divine presupposes a resistance, which is overcome in free will. And my opponent offers this resistance in strongest measure, and he will still offer it to me endless times. And so long there will also be earthly creations; so long one redemption period will replace the other, for his fall into the depth was so endless, that he needs eternal times to reach up together with his following. But the work of creation was an act of favour and mercy at the fallen spiritual - to which also the first fallen spirit could have submitted itself, when it would have given up its will and also let itself be drawn upwards by me. But I did not bind his will, for he was free and had been put out of me as my image, and l left this freedom to him - while the entities having emerged from his will and my power needed my help, because my opponent had already put the will turned away from me into these entities, which for that reason had to be tied up so long, until the being stood again in a degree of maturity, that it could decide completely free. For there was a difference between the first created being and those, which both our love-will let come into being. For that reason the act of return to me is also different, and on the part of my opponent the return will only take place, when he, completely robbed of his power and might, will lie on the ground helplessly and weak and he then gives up all resistance against me in the desire for my love, which he once rejected, but which will again flow towards him in the same measure, so he surrenders voluntarily to me. The act of redemption of the once fallen takes place in endless long time according to the law of eternal order; with certainty it will once have been finished, for the becoming divine of the created beings is and remains my aim, which I pursue and also certainly achieve. But eternities will still pass, until the lost son returns home into his father house; eternities the fight between light and darkness will still rage, but the light will overcome darkness and once radiate in fullest power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6245.



^ B.D. NR. 6276

Redemption of Lucifer. Homecoming of the prodigal son.

5. June 1955. B.D. NR 6276.

Worlds will still arise and again disappear; again and again my will as creator will become active; I will always create new forms, which are to hold the spiritual, which strives up to me - and again and again I will dissolve them to redeem the spiritual in it. Through eternities growth and disappearance will still be until I can consider my work as being accomplished, until all spiritual has returned to me and I also have won my opponent for me, when he, devoid of all strength, voluntarily turns to me, who is his God and father. And he will ask me for love and receive an overabundance of it. But until this happens eternities will still pass, because as long as still unredeemed spiritual exists, there will also be creations - and so as long as there are creations, the redemption of the fallen is not yet accomplished. And so long also he remains my opponent and enemy, who himself has fallen and is responsible for the fall of innumerable beings - whose love towards me faded, when he became conscious of the excess of strength which flowed through him, and when he was to acknowledge me as its source and resisted it. And that is why he first has to lose the feeling of his strength before he, as a being which weakened himself, again surrenders to me and will then also again love me as in the beginning. He cannot first change his feelings towards me, he cannot first give up his resistance, because he still imagines to possess power as long as unredeemed spiritual still exist, which belongs to him. For this awareness of power was the cause of his fall into the depth. You men do not know what he was to me and what he still is to me. You do not know that he unintentionally contributes to making the beings created by me to become gods, but in his blindness and in his hate against me he does not realize that I also have made him a tool of my plan, but which does not lie in his will - but that I only could do that, because I knew about his all-consuming hate - but would have never used him for my purposes, when there would have been the slightest chance of a premature return, of a change of his will and his feeling against me. Only his free will I made subservient to myself - but about which I know about since eternity. I indeed would have very much supported the possibility of a change of will - exactly because he was the first created being, who had all my love and which I certainly also would have wanted to rescue out of the depth. But his resistance is unbroken and will remain so for eternities. And on this to me well known resistance I built up my plan to make gods out of what was created and could do this because I saw that a change of his will is completely impossible. But that still my undivided love was also meant for this first created being - now my opponent - results from the fact that I respect his will, that I leave him fully free in his work against me as long as this happens in the granted extent. But when he oversteps the limits of his authority, then I bind him, what will always happen at the end of a redemption period, that I put him in fetters anew so that the one which voluntarily heads for me is not endangered - but to always again set him free from this, when he is again to serve me, even if unconsciously, that the spiritual reaches the last maturity. Because truly I say to you: heaven and earth serve me in my plan from eternity, and so that my opponent did not keep the predominance, which he at first had over the flock of fallen spirits, I sent my son to earth - who now won in a just fight against my opponent - who broke the power of him, so that now the will of the being could oppose the will of him on the utilization of the favour of the work of redemption. Through Jesus' death on the cross the power of the opponent decreased tremendously; he was defeated - but he now rebelled all the more vehemently because the light of knowledge had left him, because the fall into the depth also meant darkness of his spirit and that is why he always just rages blindly, driven by hate - without recognizing where his hate leads to - that again and again the spiritual which still belongs to him is wrested from him and banished in the creations and through it he all the time loses more of his strength, because the fallen alone is his stock of power - and the redemption of the fallen means constant decrease of his power. And that this redemption is possible, for this I myself died on the cross - my love made this redemption possible, and my love does not rest any earlier until all that fell away from me is again in my possession - until it voluntarily has found its way back to me and now also my opponent, robbed of his power, will surrender to me - until also he asks for redemption, which my endless love does not refuse him - until the prodigal son has come back to his father's house, to me, from whom he once started.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6276.



^ B.D. NR. 6459

Intercession for Lucifer.

24. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6459.

I withdraw my love from no being, and no matter how deep it is sunk, no matter how far away it is from me. For it has once gone out from my love and will remain in my love for ever. And this is also valid for the first created being, which sinfulness removed it infinitely far from me - which arrogance resulted in the fall into the deepest depth and which needs eternal times, until it has found back to me again - until it will again return into its father house and be again received as my son by me - until also its love belongs to me completely. This being was from eternity destined to highest happiness, and for that reason it had been created as my image, which could have light and power at its disposal unlimitedly and for that reason also its happiness was limitless. That this being is fallen, made it sinful in a measure, for which you men lack every imagination, for it stood in the highest cognition; it consciously sinned against its creator and father, whom it also recognized as its start, however did not want to acknowledge. This was its sin, because through the revocation of me myself it rejected my love and so therefore established the out and out distance from me. It consciously set itself up as my opponent, as my enemy, and fought against me from then on. A return of this being needs eternities, because it must go back the same way, to reach me, and because also the act of turning away has required eternities, because also the ascent with it must be covered stage by stage and cannot arbitrarily be skipped. A sudden change of will of this being is for that reason not possible, because it did not let itself be captured as all other fallen beings, for I left him - as my first created light bearer - the freedom, when he refused, to go the same way through creation. But this refusal became a service for me as well as for the entities fallen because of him. He now served me as opposite pole in the decision of the will of those fallen. Also to him every possibility for the return into the father house is made accessible, because my never ending love is also meant for him. But I force the will of no being to be submissive to me. This is the difference, that I bind nobody through my power, whereas he keeps his beings tied up. When I bind the entity in the works of creation, and take the free will from it, then this is a work of my love for the unhappy, which I just snatch from his power, to make it capable, being able to once decide freely. But he himself is in no power; he is free, and everything, what he does, is his most inner desire, and it is truly bad. And he will never give up his resistance against me, so long he is strong, only when he lies on the ground with weakness, he will call for me. But differently stand things with those beings, which he has thrown into the depth, which forfeited my love power through the distance, although I myself did not withdraw my love from them, and which through his power would be detained in the depth for ever, when I would not help the complete powerless and take it away from his influence so long, until it possesses again so much power, to be able to freely decide in the choice of its lord. But then though my opponent demands his right, which I do not refuse him, because the beings once voluntarily followed him. Then therefore - in the stage as man – the spiritual fight takes place, the influencing of the free will of man through good or bad powers. And love decides this fight. Love will and must always gain the victory. And you will now understand it, that and why loving intercession is of greatest success for this struggling spiritual. You will understand it, that my power is not allowed to intervene, because I force no being - that my opponent can always only be opposed with love and that that is the only weapon, to which he succumbs, which weakens him, so that he releases that belonging to him. Jesus Christ brought the greatest work of love for the redemption of the unfree and by this means extricated from the opponent all those souls, which fled under his cross. But to take the way to the cross, to that end many souls also still need help, which can therefore be done for them through loving intercession on the part of already free men. Intercession in love is a great factor with the redemption of the souls being in the power of my opponent - who is the only being in the whole infinity, who wants to rule and exerts force on the spiritual created in fullest freedom in the original beginning, but who does not stand under my power insofar, as that I determine him to his thinking, wanting and acting. As far as I am concerned also this being is completely free. To whom do you now want to intercede for this being? And what do you perhaps want to achieve through your prayer? That I change his will? That I satisfy his hate? That I move him to conversion, which he must begin voluntarily? All ways stand open for him; I do not prevent him, but I exert no force at all on him, even no love force, because his fall was and is something else, than the fall of those beings, which he called into life with my power - and because he is their enemy and acts as enemy on them, because he prevents it, that these beings reach again fortune and happiness as once. He faces me as opponent, and he loads sin upon sin onto his head, so long he abuses his power and so besieges the entities in the stage of free will, that the return to me is exactly only possible for him through the help of Jesus Christ. Only love redeems from his power - and if you want to redeem him, then you must love him, and that means, to connect yourselves with him. Your help, which you can do, exist in that respect, to redeem his following, so that he may get weakened, for he will never change, so long spiritual still belongs to him; only when he stands alone, when everything what was once overthrown by him, has again reached the height, he will give up his hate, his arrogance and his will opposed to me, and then my love can seize him, and I can again be a loving father for him. For then he again desires my love, as it was in the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6459.




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