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Theme 50. God



5623 5694 6094



^ B.D. NR. 5623

The un-researchable entity of God will remain a problem for you men, as long as you live on earth, and also in the spiritual kingdom you will not be able to solve this problem completely, because God’s nature is unfathomable. For every being is as individual being an idea, while one certainly cannot deny God the entity, but he includes everything and also fills every individual being, both in the state of perfection and also in the state of insufficiency, but where the being nevertheless exists, therefore is enlivened by the power of God, otherwise it would have to pass. To be able to imagine the entity of God would be so overwhelming for the being that it would no longer dare to call him and to long for the joining together with God. The being could not bear the infinite size of his nature; it would not enjoy its freedom, because it would be afraid of the infinity of his nature, which to love it would now feel too weak and for that reason would just pass in reverence. But God wants to be loved, and for that reason he hides in his whole fullness. What started from him, are sparks of his infinite love fire, and these sparks are something equally entity like as he himself and for that reason also able to love. And God desires their love, and because of that he faces them as equal being in Jesus Christ – to be loved by them with all intimacy, for which he longs.



^ B.D. NR. 5694

Entity of God. Power.

7. and 10. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5694.

To address a power as entity is incomprehensible for you men, because you, as entity yourselves, believe being able to put all power under your will, as soon as your yourselves are producer of that power. And in exactly the same way you see the fundamental powers in nature, so you are believing, as standing under the will of God, who directs the power according to his will. And therefore a divine entity is probable for you, or also – God, so you believe in him, is conceivable for you as a being. He is for you more likely conceivable than just as power; but of a being you make yourselves a form for you according to your ideas, which becomes like you own form. And this idea is erroneous, because something perfect is never to be thought in a limitation. Everything, what is conceivable for you, has not yet reached the degree of perfection, otherwise it goes beyond your powers of imagination. You must recognize yourselves as still imperfect beings yourselves, for whom it is still impossible, to grasp the perfect; you must know that a limitation is only meant for the still imperfect, while the perfect is unlimited – and you will then also understand that it is for you completely impossible being able to imagine the most perfect, most unsurpassable being, to whom you impossibly can give a form, which is according to your limited intellectual capacity. For you men have still no standard for the unlimited, perfect, indeed even the beings of light do not completely grasp the nature of God, because his perfection is for no being within reach, because only in the merging with him can their own nature be completely made divine, nevertheless God still stands infinitely far above the individual being – because these individual beings can indeed completely be radiated through by his original substance, by love power, but he himself always is and remains the love power source, who diffuses himself into infinity. He himself is love – power and light. And love, power and light need no form, to be able to be effective, because this form could again only be infinity, which is filled by him, i.e. by love power and light. But as an endless great fire can spray itself into endless small sparks and still the spark in itself remains fire, so were the love sparks flowing out of him still the same as he himself in miniature – they were entities, which were an image of him himself; which were, in their original substance the same as their creator from eternity, but which could only see themselves and their equal, but were never able, to see the infinite entity of God, which certainly knew about him and recognized him as God and creator. And a being, completely radiated through by his love power, was in a certain degree of maturity so merged with him that it (10.6.1953) was also able to unlimited creation and work that it could accomplish the same as God, since the divine creation power is love and a being filled with love can therefore also create and fashion according to its will, but which is now also God’s will. The first created being, Lucifer, was so completely radiated through by the love power of God that it now itself was active as light and power bearer and created beings in great number, which all emerged in highest perfection, because God’s will and God’s love were also the will and the love of Lucifer and therefore only the perfect could be the result of this love will. But this had been created perfect, what means so much, as that the free will of it was not yet tested, whether it wanted to remain perfect or would climb down from the degree of perfection, when also opportunity would be offered for it. This test of will had to be made also by the first created being, by Lucifer, because the passing of this test only meant the highest degree of perfection, because only then a becoming divine of the being took place, which God set as aim for all creation. Lucifer failed in this test of will and with him a great following. But countless beings passed them and remained with God, whom they recognized and loved above all measure, although also they were not able to see him. But these entities still stood isolated, therefore outside of God, who certainly radiated it through with his love power, but for the complete merger with him imposed a condition, not easily to be fulfilled: Voluntary descending to the depth and from it paving the way up, which could be walked on by all fallen beings – a renouncing of the divine qualities, giving up of light and power, the signs of divinity, to now establish, out of the depth, in free will, the connection with God, which must be established, to again reach him. A being of light had to pave the way for the fallen, but the being had to itself renounce the light, to stand on the same level as the fallen, and then to strive up. Therefore such a light being engendered itself in the man Jesus, for the light being was filled by love for God and for the fallen, but as it also was radiated through by the love of God; therefore love engendered itself in the man Jesus, to redeem the fallen.

No matter how this process is explained to you men, you will never be able to really grasp it, because the idea "love" is still not comprehensible to you, because you cannot understand that love itself is some entity; that one always speaks of God himself, so the word "love" falls. That God himself descended to earth, when love took pity on the fallen – that only eternal love expressed itself through a being having emerged out of his love; that God himself in the light being moved into the body of the man Jesus as soul, that he descended from above to earth, to now go before the way as man, on which all beings of the depth could follow him, to again attain to light and to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5694.



^ B.D. NR. 6094

Unfathomable entity of God.

31. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6094.

You will for ever not be able to fathom me. And nevertheless, you can join me most closely. Endless far I stand in my perfection above you, and I still bend down to the tiniest creature, to pull it up to me. You, you who are still imperfect, are only able to imagine the limited, but you lack all understanding for the unlimited. You cannot form an idea of the universe and still far less imagine, that I fill everything with my power, what exists in infinity - you cannot imagine that my nature is unlimited and for that reason can also never be thought as form - but that nevertheless every individual of you can connect himself with me, that he can talk with me and is heard by me. For I am everything - I am in everything and consequently again quite close to you, so that you can speak of my presence, when you yourselves desire to be close to me. For you cannot be, so you would not be flowed through by me myself, therefore your existence itself proves the entity, which called you into life. You are sparks of the infinite fire of my love - you are power stations, which are fed from the centre of power - you are radiations of me myself. You are the same in your original substance, which I am in full measure, why I will always and for ever be unreachable for you and nevertheless always and for ever connected to you. The idea "infinity" you do not grasp yet, as long as you in your imperfection are only able to grasp the limited. But you yourselves have drawn this border, when you once defected from me, because it is a sign of imperfection, that you are no longer able to grasp the unlimited. Nevertheless you are not separated from me, but - because my share from eternity - constantly flowed through with my power, without which you would stop to be. But you can again reach the state of perfection and then also recognize me as start - you can constantly strive towards me, always come closer to me. But the being will never reach me, only unite with me in immeasurable happiness - it will nevertheless in the feeling of an individual being never stop to strive towards me, I who stand immeasurable high above everything and move the perfect to always deeper love, in which fulfilment and granting eternal happiness exists. I will for ever be unreachable and again give my creatures for ever the most intimate father love; I will prepare eternal happiness to my children and also be recognized and loved as father by them. But my nature will remain unfathomable for everything having emerged out of my hand, although it has entered into most intimate connection with me. For my power and glory is unlimited, unlimited the light and the power - I am the source, from which all life flows out - I am the original centre, which is always and for ever unfathomable and still always and for ever will remain the aim of that, what took its start from it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6094.




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