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Theme 49. Idolatry



3191 4563 5571a 5588 5671  6070 8298



^ B.D. NR. 3191

They worship an idol, whose power truly just exists to weaken the human will, but which is powerless, so this will turns to God. And thereby you recognize this idol, that it does nothing, to strengthen faith in you in a loving, wise and omnipotent God; that it indeed has the name of God in the mouth, but does not let him become important in the conscious call; that it disregards love and for that reason is far away from God, eternal love, and that it does not acknowledge Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, and for that reason is an obvious opponent of him, who banishes those men anew, for who redemption is necessary, so they follow him and put themselves under his flag.



^ B.D. NR. 4563

And you will recognize how great the misery is; how few men listen to you; how many reject what I would like to let them have in love; you will experience that the father is not listened to by his children, that they do not hear or laugh at all good admonitions and warnings; you can observe much false play; everywhere you will come across untruthfulness; the lie and error will eagerly be represented by men; they will pay tribute to idols and not recognize the true God.



^ B.D. NR. 5571a

I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry, because the idol is paid tribute to which still animates all matter.



^ B.D. NR. 5588

Only for the sake of human order I have placed authority above you that you are well to obey, but that you are not to elevate to gods because they will then only be idols to you that are and remain dead and cannot give life to you.



^ B.D. NR. 5671

And he will always apply such means, which appear good and pious, because he deceives men for the time being, so that they are not to recognize his doings. Particularly those men, who he fears to lose, are exposed to his deceptive intentions, and he has then no difficulty with them, when they are certainly outwardly, but not deep inwardly connected with me, when they therefore have a tendency to formalities, which are often companions of religious work, of a so-called worship, but which is more idolatry, because dead matter finds too much attention and because the shell touches men more than the core.



^ B.D. NR. 6070

To whom you give away your love that is your god. And now examine yourselves seriously, what your heart desires, and so your mind is directed earthly, then mammon is your god, then you serve an idol; then you have come into the power of him, who is lord of darkness. But the God of love you do not know, as long as you serve an idol.

So states my command, which you men have completely deleted from your memory, for you all have foreign gods next to me; you all set your heart on earthly goods; you all pursue idolatry, as long as you cannot break away from the world for my sake; as long as the longing for me does not fill your whole heart.



^ B.D. NR. 8298

For that reason seriously examine yourselves, whether you are still filled with desire for things, which mean more for you than I myself, may it be material things or also men, and seek to dethrone these, so that the first place remains for me - seek to suffocate all earthly desires in you, and make yourselves free from all idolatry, under which all love for the world is to be understood, for you then really serve my opponent only, the prince of darkness, to which this world belongs, and he therefore is your god, for whom all sacrifices are meant, which you bring.




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