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Theme 47. Be lords of creation



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^ B.D. NR. 5500

I certainly rule everything, but because I also love everything, what has emerged out of me, also the freedom of will has been given to all created things, so that in the actual sense I wanted to create co-rulers, but who were not to rule over equal beings, but just maintain order in love, which I recognized as wise and good and had introduced for that reason. And this law of eternal order applied to all spiritual and earthly creations, because these could only then make happy, when the divine order remained maintained, which represents the love principle.

But the will remains bound only so long, until the being is again able to remain in divine order; then its will is tested and as it were the state is again established, where in free will it can subordinate itself to my will, where as it were I transfer the ruling control to him; therefore do not force it to remain in divine order; where I am also not obviously recognizable to him as ruler of heaven and earth, so that it can move in or outside of my order from eternity completely naturally, but this means its decision but the right decision can earn it the control of power over endless creations, but which it uses and practises in the love principle.



^ B.D. NR. 5501

Hidden powers rest in you, which you just need to bring to light to be able to create and work unusually. You are of divine origin, but you know nothing any longer about it; all your divine qualities you have given up, when you deserted me before in ages past. But you original nature is divine and just needs to emerge again, which alone is given in your power and in your will.

But they can also take a conspicuous uplift through connexion with the good spiritual world; powers can come to development, which far surpass human nature-like abilities. And nevertheless it is then that state, which would just be natural, because the original abilities assert themselves, which mark your most characteristic nature, the divine origin. Everything is then possible for a man; he can work over human power; he can direct everything right, what is wrong he can heal the sick, work miracles, speak in wisdom; he can see into the kingdom of the spirits, connect himself with them in the most natural way; he can at any time transfer himself there, where he wants; he can see through men; past, presence and future are visible to him he can do everything, what is only possible for a god, for he is my child; he is a divine creature, which holds all abilities in it. And all these divine qualities lie submerged in man.

The man Jesus has certainly shown mankind, what a man is able to do, who brings love in him to highest development. But how few take him as an example; how few only follow him how few therefore exceed the limits of the natural and can work supernaturally in highest happiness. In all of you these powers slumber and want to get awakened; you all can dig up treasures, which make you happy; you all can change the wretched state of you being man into an over happy one. For you all can work and create like gods, so you would just do one thing: to fashion your heart to love.



^ B.D. NR. 5533

What the man Jesus became, also you can become, when you would be filled with love in the same measure, which the man Jesus felt for me and his fellowmen. You men on earth however will not summon the will, which the man Jesus summoned and which again had its reasons in the extremely great love. And still, it would be possible, for also he was a man like you, and moreover he offers you his support, when you have the serious will, to reach the goal set for yourselves. But who puts it to the test and asks him for such a victory? You could be strong; the elements would have to obey you, and all powers of the heaven would be at your disposal, so you want to work the unusual for the salvation of your fellowmen; you truly could achieve miracles and be completely flowed through by divine power, when you would just fashion yourselves completely to love, which means so much that you would like to receive me myself through love in you, so that I could work in you with my power, which now completely fills you. You men go sorely bent, weak and frightened through earth life and could instead rule everything courageously and full of power and with a raised head, what is put underneath you creation wise. You could truly be lords of creation, and everything would have to obey you, so you would just have established in you the divine order, so you would again bring love to development, which was your nature in the very beginning.

You could receive my love currents in all fullness and then feel yourselves as children of the father, to whom all power is given in heaven and on earth. To no man this power is denied, but whether he gains it in earth life, is up to him. The man Jesus however has proven that love alone fashions man as receiving vessel of divine love power, which he let flow into him in all fullness, and for that reason I myself could work in him, so that nothing was impossible for him.




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