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Theme 46. Satan



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^ B.D. NR. 5438

Power of Satan. Deepest darkness. Eternal light.

14. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5438.

The bondage of Satan extends over the whole earth, and for that reason darkness is spread over the whole earth, for he is the prince of darkness, and his uninterrupted activity is directed at the extinguishing of the light, which here and there flashes and threatens to chase darkness away. Light is his greatest enemy, for only there, where darkness is, he can last; there he can work and develop all his power and cunning. His kingdom is this earth; his kingdom is the world, which holds the immature spiritual, which is to get free from his bondage. In this kingdom he has unlimited power so long, as access is refused to light, for without light the spiritual does not find the way, which leads out of bondage. For that reason he will seek to hinder the spreading of light, what is to be understood so: He undermines truth, wherever he can, for truth is light, which has taken its start from God. He therefore stands as prince of darkness in the fight against God, who is eternal light. Where light can once shine, his rule has come to an end, and for that reason light must persistently be carried into darkness; truth must be brought to the beings, which live in error, in complete ignorance and for that reason also have to suffer under the power of Satan so long, as they are in darkness. Truth can certainly assert itself, but always only then, when men voluntarily profess their faith in God, in eternal light, and for that reason become themselves bearers of light from God. Then Satan has lost all power. But he does not so easily give up his position of power, and he will fight against the light until the end. He will take action everywhere against truth and also find great support on the part of those men, who themselves are still of a dark spirit and are willing, to be let by him. And since these men are the majority, it is not easy to take action against error and the lie. Darkness is too deep and light still too weak to completely chase away darkness on earth. Those men are the majority, who are his followers. Consider this, you men, that he still has power on the whole earth, because men themselves do not strive for light, but feel well in darkness, then you will also understand that he well uses his position; that he lets the cover become thicker and thicker, because men themselves support him, because they themselves resist the light radiation, that it is therefore his effort to oppose truth with the thickest lie and error, so that God cannot be recognized and he loses his followers. It will remain a fight between light and darkness; little the number of those will always be, who demand light and therefore also receive light, while the masses prefer darkness and untruthfulness can however much be offered so blatantly to them, without that they fight against it. For Satan has the masses behind him, while it is only a small crowd, which strives towards the light and whose aim is God himself, eternal light. But once the light will break through with winning power. Then the deepest darkness cannot withstand; then eternal light itself will appear with so radiating power that everything passes, what resists it. Then untruthfulness will be get uncovered, and everything, what does not strive for eternal truth, will be abandoned to destruction, but Satan will lose his power; he will be chained, so that he cannot poison the pure atmosphere, which has now been produced through the will of God so that he cannot reduce the illuminating power of the light, which now radiates for mankind on the new earth, which will feel happy in the light of truth and does no longer need to fear darkness for a long time. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5438.



^ B.D. NR. 5535

Work of Satan.

16. November 1952. B.D. NR 5535.

The demon from the underworld tries to gain access everywhere to sow hate and instigate confusion and he uses every opportunity that presents itself to him. He stirs men up against each other, he sows the seeds of discord and disunity, he proceeds with lies and so robs men of the peace that they need to find to God. For he wants to prevent that, he who is the opponent of God. And his influence can be strong when men are not on their guard and immediately turn to God when they realize that he is on the advance. A thought up only is already enough to resist him because his power is then broken where the power of God is called upon. He loathes the peace of a soul and he seeks to disturb this because then all other attacks are easier and successful for him. You men do not know how hostile he is towards you, how he hates everything that aims at God and how he never tires of causing you to fall. He can achieve nothing as long as you move in love; that is why he seeks to first suppress love in you, he seeks to irritate you inwardly and to scatter poison, to stir up in you base thoughts against your fellow human beings and rekindles where his thought has caught on in you. He is dangerous in his unkindness, his hate instigates greatest harm and you always have to be careful and nip in the bud the first unkind emotion by you sending a call to Jesus Christ that he redeems you from his power. He is afraid of this call and therefore seeks to confuse every clear thought in you - everything that makes you restless and nervous in the world is an effect from his side to confuse your thoughts because he then finds a good ground for his evil sowing. You men always bear in mind that the struggle between light and darkness is lasting permanently and that it is yourself about whom the battle rages. When you now consciously place yourself on the side of God then the opponent loses - but your power alone fails because then he is stronger than you when you do not call on the power of God through a call for help. Do not let yourself be put into a state of restlessness through fellow human beings, through events, through thoughts or experiences. Confront every anxious thought with a call for help up and peace will again return in you by you then being able to resist any temptation because the peace in God is a weapon with which you can oust him. Flee to him who is stronger than all tempters together. Do not give the opponent of God cause for being able to triumph over you - but always think of the fact that you alone are too weak to offer resistance, but are able to do everything with God who lets remain no call for help unheard. Amen. B.D. NR. 5535.



^ B.D. NR. 5572

He knows that he no longer has much time.

9. January 1953. B.D. NR 5572.

The present time is very much under the influence of my opponent even though this is not to mean that I hold back with my might, with my love and favour. But men themselves grant him more rights through their will, their way of thinking, their acting and speaking. They therefore go away from me and can no longer feel my radiation of love which effects could liberate them from the influence of the opponent. It is the end-times; the time as it is written: He knows that he no longer has much time. And that is why he rages especially conspicuously and still will not be recognized by men. And my opponent fights there particularly fierce where the thriving towards me is visible. That will always be the explanation for you when spiritually striving men come into conflict with themselves or with their surroundings. Spiritual striving, i.e. the turning of looks towards me, loathes my opponent, it fills him with hate and vandalism, it gives him the most shameful ideas, and the effects are clearly felt among my children, among those who want to serve me loyally, among those who are to receive and carry out light into the world. Because he interferes with his will-o'-the-wisp, the light from above is in his way and he wants it to go out. He fights for every soul that he is threatened to lose and as the majority of men follows him voluntarily he gets angry about every soul that recognizes him and breaks away from him. It is an emanation of the times that is understandable to that man who knows about the cause and purpose of the ending of this period of the earth, who knows about the struggle between light and darkness and about the nearby end. And the more this is approaching the more vehemently he will rage and cause confusion among the ones who are mine because every cunning, every lie is all right with him, he unscrupulously makes use of all weapons, also when it means death for the soul for which he fights. He will appear under a mask and will often be difficult to be recognized; he will also turn up among the ones who are mine and deceive all that will let themselves be deceived from his mask. And I do not resist him because until the end of this world he has might and power and can put them to the test, but to the same extent I am also ready with my gifts of favour that, if they are used, will bring in victory over him in the day of judgement. It has to come true what has been announced to you men previously for a long time. And to this also belongs the raging of Satan in the last times before the end. But for all of you a way always remains that leads out of the chaos, a refuge remains for you towards which you can rush in every danger. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Carry your suffering, your anxious questions, your fears and worries, your doubts to me. I am always ready for you, I will help you and give you strength when you are weak, I will lead you out of the trouble of your souls. Because he who seriously seeks me has no need to fear to fall into the hands of my opponent as I am already with him who longs for me. A small interval still and the flame will blaze up that my opponent ignites to hide himself in this blaze of light; his time is not yet complete, therefore he works to a greatest extent and makes good use of the time. But it will come to an end when this is my will. Because I indeed rule over heaven and earth, over the good and the bad spirit world and nothing can happen without my will or my permission. And it is my will that he will be bound for thousand years - that for a time the might and power over the human race will be taken from him; it is my will that peace once comes over men, that they, who have proved to be mine, will be redeemed from his power; it is my will that the ones who are mine carry off the victory over him, therefore I also will not leave them in times of hardest struggle, I will always be present and will not allow that you will be harried above your strength. And I only want to be allowed to be always present, i.e., you are despite of all challenges from his side to remain in love because then I myself can be with you and he then has to step aside from you whom he now has finally lost to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5572.



^ B.D. NR. 5598

"I am from eternity." Lucifer's creation.

10. February 1953. B.D. NR 5598.

I am from eternity and I will be until all eternity. I am the highest and most perfect being, and innumerable beings emerged from me, likewise in perfection, because I could create nothing else than perfectness. And so also this entity created by me was full of might and power, it was not limited in its work; it so could create and form like me because it used my power which it received from me without restriction. The radiating of power into my creatures was a process that made me unspeakably happy and stimulated my will to love always anew to provide my creatures with my power. But I constantly did this via my first created being to make it happy in the same measure and to stimulate it to creative activity. But my radiation of love found no resonance there any more - the first created being did not acknowledge me as source of the power, but thought itself as the producer of this power, because it could create in free will and consequently also wanted to acknowledge nobody above itself. And that was its ruin, for it broke away from me by its own will and consequently also from love, although it remained strong and powerful, because I did not withdraw my power from a being, which my love had created. It therefore certainly kept its power, but which was now no longer a power of love, which had a building up effect, but had a destructive, disintegrating effect, because it lacked love. Yet still this being remained my creature, because my love cannot turn away from the products of my love. But this being had a beginning, a commencement, whereas I am from eternity. Aready that alone should have given this first created being the proof that it was not the highest, the first being, for it knew about its beginning. And this knowledge had to let excessively arouse its love towards me, the being that let it arise, for it was blissfully happy in its state that was created by me perfectly, and it could constantly increase its happiness through creating beings alike to it. And also this ability to create had to remind it of him, who had also given life to it. The knowledge was in it, in the first created spirit; it was for that reason the light bearer, which could impart all its knowledge to those beings that emerged from its will, but which all had my power as original substance, which all were born out of love, which flooded through the first created spirit all the time and took its beginning from me. And in spite of this knowledge, in spite of the brightest light that shone through it, the being fell. It turned away from me, it pushed back eternal love, it no longer used its power in my will, but against me. But it could not leave me. It also could no longer cease to exist - even though it once took its beginning, because it was power from me that eternally could never cease to exist. It only could have a negative effect, up to a certain point, to change to a positive power, when this point is overstepped. But I never cease to exist and what once went out from me, also returns to me without fail. But then it has undergone a change, that it recognizes itself as light spark, that it heads for the eternal light, that it finds happiness with me and in me, that I now shine through it with my love power until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5598.



^ B.D. NR. 5610

Essence of Satan. Fall and redemption.

24. and 26. February 1953. B.D. NR 5610.

The enormous distance of him who once rose up against me has also enormously decreased the effect of the power from me as the power which livens up everything and so the spiritual that once was full of life and power has robbed itself of power and has formed itself to hardest matter in the end, because also spiritual substance hardens, when it is no longer touched by my power of love in this endless far distance from me. The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter, which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect entity. This entity was constantly radiated through with my power of love in its perfection and that way capable like me of unlimited works and activities. I am the primeval source of all power and all that exists is dependent on this power source. Nothing exists apart from me, what has independently power at its disposal, and a detachment from me and my power therefore also means a complete ceasing to exist, because from no other side would a power supply be possible. But a detachment from me is also not possible, because my power cannot cease to exist eternally and is also not divisible eternally; but what emerged from my power can go away from me endlessly far and distance means that the power loses its effect, so that what goes away remains motionless as it were, and solidifies to a firm substance, to matter, that is therefore hardened spiritual substance, that lacks the ability to be active, because it stepped out of the range of my love power radiation.

So this is therefore the fate of the spiritual that fell away from me, that stands in furthest distance from me and still is eternally immortal. But all this is basically some entity that once was capable of thinking to the highest degree, stood in knowledge and had free will and still lost all these divine evidences through its fall. Through my will these spiritual entities dissolved into innumerable little particles to slowly reappear again through a process of healing, recognized as successful by me, when a certain degree of maturity or purification has been reached. So I bound the entity that once was created free, through the will of my first created being, by use of my power.

But what became of this first created being? Since its fall this being wanders around as a spark of power and seeks to light up with the remaining power all that my will has wrested from it - but not to liven it up, but to increase its power, so that it excels me myself, i.e. my power. What was bound through my will does not react to this lighting up, exactly because it does give no life to it. But as soon as it again has become that being, after an endless long course through creation, when all the individual small particles have turned up again, and now as a whole embodies itself in human form and through this regains its consciousness of the self, it also again reacts to the efforts of that first created being, my counter spirit. It lets itself be blinded by the spark, because this spark does not give light, but it is just a spark of delusion that blinds the eye to completely darken it - as also its power became ineffective through the falling away, through the endless far distance from me. But its entity remained, it has not lost its self-consciousness and it can therefore still have an effect on what is likewise self-conscious, so can completely fill a man with his entity, without however being tied to only one man because of that. He can therefore exert his influence everywhere, where men are, who willingly turn to him through their mentality and therefore increase his power through union with him. He only still uses his remaining power for activities against me; he constantly seeks to increase it with the help of those men, who surrender to him. Therefore this counter spirit works completely obviously; he also can completely obviously dominate a man totally, but only as long as this one is to take the test of will on earth. Has he now reached his aim that he has won men for himself, then he only has however promoted the hardening of spiritual substance and has divested himself of his power, so that he himself is as it were completely lifeless the moment he can no longer cling to men who give away their power of life to him. And this is then the case, when a period of redemption ends, when he has drawn the greatest part of men to the abyss and the others are fully devoted to me. Then he himself is robbed of his power; then also he is in a bound state; he lies in chains - as long as he can again make the same attempts on men, until men themselves are again in a state that they increase his power, until they themselves as it were lose his chains for him through their wrong will, which again is meant for matter, which is submissive to the will of my opponent and so therefore again lifts his position of power, what becomes more and more obvious in every redemption period the more it draws to a close.

That is why every redemption period will start with peaceful harmony, with a true paradise on earth, and end with satanic activity, as long as also the last entity is wrested from my opponent, until he himself is so powerless that he asks for power from me - until he himself will return to me into his father's house - that he once left of his own free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5610.



^ B.D. NR. 5612

First created being. Light bearer. Defection from God.

28. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5612.

Your intellect only grasps as man the deeper truth to a certain degree, for the pure spiritual can only be explained spiritually; this explanation is received by the spirit in you and certainly also supplied trough the soul to the intellect, but it is still burdened earthly too much, and it consequently is not able to penetrate into spiritual knowledge so deeply that everything is clear to it. But my spirit announces itself nevertheless through the spirit spark in you, and who has love, he also grasps the meaning of that, what I announce to him:

My will to fashion was extremely great; my power inexhaustible, and I found my happiness in the realization of my thoughts and plans. And this happiness wanted to communicate; my love wanted to give itself away; I wanted that apart from me one more being was to enjoy that, what made me unspeakably happy. I felt my loneliness as a shortcoming, which I could remove at any time, as soon as I wanted it. And I wanted to find me again in a being, which was to be connected to me most closely, which I wanted to fashion as mirror of me myself, as my image, to be able to prepare for it unlimited happiness and so also increase again my happiness. I wanted to create such a being, and this will was enough, for my will was power and always worked in love and wisdom.

The being put out of me was now certainly my image, but it could not see me, because so it could have seen me, would have passed for happiness, because no being could bear my sight, for every being, also the most perfect image of me myself, is always only a product of my love power, while I am love power myself and over-radiate everything in incomparable strength, but for that reason was not visible to the being put out from me. But I had created in this being a vessel for me, into which my love power could persistently flow in; a being, which therefore also received my will to fashion, my power, my wisdom and my love in excess from me through the constant influx of power out of me. It could therefore now feel the same happiness; it could part with its power according to its will; it could be active creating, for its own happiness, and therefore constantly increase my happiness, because my power enabled this being to it, and I enjoyed its happiness.

And now innumerable equal beings emerged out of that being. They were all children of my love, in radiating light, in highest perfection, for always only something highly perfect could emerge from the image of me myself created by me and my infinite love, because the will of both of us was the same, the love of both of us found itself again in the created beings, because there was nothing imperfect, as long as my will and my love worked through that first created being. It was a spirit world full of light; originally created spirits were in great number - the power out of me unlimitedly flowed towards that being, which I had chosen for me as bearer of light and of power.

And the being itself was extremely happy. But I also still wanted to increase this happiness; I wanted that it was not bound to my will, but was to busy itself out of its own will, which when the being was and remained perfect was my will. For the being was, as created by me, able to no other will. But I wanted that it could manage things as it pleases because only this was the mark of a divine being that love is so powerful in it that it is determining for a will, which is of the same direction as mine. I wanted to receive this love from my being first created by me, but which simultaneously was to earn the being also the highest perfection, so that it no longer worked as created being according to my will, but was to enjoy unlimited happiness as having entered into my will out of love. But to be able to pass this test of will and love, it had to move in complete freedom of will. It did not see me, but it recognized me, for it stood in the light. But it saw the innumerable beings, which its will had let come into being, and it itself felt as their producer, although it knew about it that it had received the power from me. And the being envied me the power. As itself visible to the beings created by it, it was still aware of the start out of me, but it laid for itself claim to the right to rule over these beings, by it representing itself as source of power, as only power being able to create. As it were it terminated love for me to be able to rule. This process is incomprehensible for you men that a being recognizing itself could get lost in completely wrong thinking, but free will explains such, which, to be able to get into action, also had to be able to choose negatively, but did not have to choose.

On the one side the light and power bearer saw the proofs of the power supplied through him, but the source of power he did not see. Therefore he elevated himself to the ruler over his created spirits and also sought to make out me myself as non-existing to them. He now sought to transfer his will now turned away from me to them. And now came the moment of decision, the proving of their perfection, also for these beings created by the light bearer under use of my power. My power was in all these beings; they were full of light and glowed in love for me, whom they indeed did not see, but still recognized. But they were also turned in love towards their producer, because the power, which created them, was love, which had flowed through the first created being and enabled it to create. Now this love had to decide, and it split.

A terrible confusion occurred under the spiritual, which felt pushed to the decision. But it was also understandable since my love power worked as light that the urge to the original source of power was stronger with many beings; that love decreased for him, who separated from me, and with increased violence pushed towards me. For the light in them was the cognition that I was love from eternity. Every being indeed had the cognition, but also free will, which was not bound through cognition, otherwise it would have been unfree. And the spiritual world split. The being outside of me had its following as also I myself, although I was not visible. But the power out of me worked so strong that many beings turned away from him, who wanted to oppose me. Their will remained directed right; while the light bearer with his following directed the will wrong; they therefore separated from me will wise and this meant the fall into the depth.

Therefore light bearer, the being, filled with light most, which was put out of me, became my opponent, while that, what had emerged out of him, which both of our love will created, turned partly to me, partly to him, according to the glow of love, of which it was filled. For with the moment of separation of the light bearer from me also a certain desire arose in the beings for a consolidated pole. Free will started to develop neither were they forcible influenced by me nor by my opponent, but just irradiated by both of our power, which wanted to win every being for itself. My power current was only love and touched the beings so powerfully that they recognized me, without seeing me, but could also recognize the change of will of my first created being. But since they could see this being, many followed it, i.e., they subordinated themselves to his will and therefore strove away
B.D. NR. 5612
from me. But in exactly the same way original created beings felt as my children and remained loyal to me out of free will, only the number of those was far less. These were the first created beings, which most happy will to fashion of my light bearer and immeasurable love power flowing to him let arise. And this love power also belonged to these beings and persistently pushed them to me, for they recognized the will of their producer as wrong by this time and therefore turned away from him. Also to the other beings this recognizing would have been possible, but they blindly followed him, whom they could see, and their will was respected and in no way was it influenced by me, because this decision of the will had to be, to fashion that what was created to independent perfection. That being, which left me, pulled a great following with it down to the depth, for to go away from me means to strive towards the depth, heading for a completely conflicting state, which therefore means darkness and powerlessness, lack of cognition and of power. Whereas my children remained in most radiating light and immeasurable power, in happiness.

After this fall of Lucifer, the light bearer, his power was broken. He no longer could busy himself creatively and fashioning, although I did not withdraw the power from him, because he was my creature. His might and power was his following, over which he now ruled as prince of darkness. But they are also the products of my love, which I do not leave to my opponent for ever. As long as these beings still carry his will in them, they belong to him; but as soon as I have succeeded to turn their will to me, he has lost them, and his power decreases therefore in the same measure, as I redeem that, what is enslaved to him, out of his power, what however always has the free will of the being as precondition. And my plan of salvation from eternity aims to achieve this, which is supported by all inhabitants of the kingdom of light, by my angels and archangels, in the most eager and loving way, for they all are my co-workers, who make an effort, to give back to the fallen brothers that happiness, which they once forfeited voluntarily. And this work of liberation will succeed; even so it requires eternal times, until the last once fallen returns to me, until also my first being, which emerged out of my love, again approaches me in the desire for my love until also it returns remorsefully into the father house, which it has once voluntarily left.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5612.



^ B.D. NR. 6334

Work of Satan I.

16. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6334.

You all are besieged by the powers of darkness - for where darkness is, there they have already their sphere of power and do not give it up, and where light is, there they seek to extinguish it and to extend their kingdom - where light is, they apply all their powers and art of deception, and they themselves also feign light, to lure men to them and to turn away from the light from the heavens. Satan has great power in this time of the end. And for that reason also the confusion is extremely great, which takes place among men; they are getting torn to and fro by doubts and wrong teachings, and only, who seriously strives for truth, who seriously is concerned with it, to stand in truth, he will also get it, because I myself am close to him and do not let him fall to error. Out from above I let my light radiate to earth, and in this gleam of light innumerable souls fetch that power, which they lack. These are mainly souls of the opposite kingdom, which are attracted by that gleam of light and always receive power, which they use again for redeeming activity in the spiritual kingdom. And so every ray of light from above means help for the redemption of the spiritual still staying partly in darkness - and therefore also breaking away of it from my opponent. He therefore constantly loses following by this means, that my love light can radiate down to earth, that it is there accepted by earth children devoted to me. Understandably this is now the plan and the endeavour of my opponent, to extinguish this light - those men on earth, who receive it, to either prevent them from it, therefore to influence them so, that they turn away from me and again to the world, or - so he does not succeed with it - to let a second light flare up, at which the gently light from above loses illuminating power, because the blinding light flashes dazzling and weakens the eyes - so that they co not recognize the start of the light. But the danger exists, that men strive towards the blinding light quicker and overlook the gently light from above. And that my opponent aims to achieve, for he hates me, and he does not want to lose his following to me. An unusual fight rages in this time of the end everywhere there, where a spring has opened, from which the water of life flows - where the souls find recovery, where the way to me is clearly visible. There the dark powers are quite particularly active on behalf of my opponent, and they will always try, to feign the same, what I let happen to the salvation of mankind. My work for the salvation of mankind will always find imitation, which is staged by the opposite side to irritate men, to cause confusion, but are to be recognized by those, who are pure and honourable and only strive for truth. Whatever happens on the part of my opponent he will not succeed to bring my light to be extinguished, for the world full of light protects all, to whom my light from above flows, because increased work on my part is urgently necessary in the time of the end. But men themselves must want it, that I protect them, because by this means they make it impossible for my opponent, to find entrance with them. Men themselves must only desire pure truth, and never ever the light will be able to be extinguished, which shines for them from above. For its shine will illuminate their hearts, so that they clearly recognize, what truth and what lie is.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6334.



^ B.D. NR. 6335

Work of Satan II.

18. August 1955 B.D. NR. 6335.

Whatever causes you damage to your soul, that I keep far from you, so your will is good and turned towards me. When a father knows his child in danger, then he will help it, that it gets out of the way of this danger, or carefully accompanies it through it. For the father loves his child. And when a danger for the soul threatens you men, then your father in heaven is certainly the first, who protects you, because it lies in his power and because he loves you. And so you can be unconcerned, so long you feel as my children, so long you see in me your father. But your soul suffers damage, when it is touched by my opponent, for his grip is hard and ruthless, and he breaks, what falls into his hands. I pass a devastating sentence upon him, but only to warn you, because otherwise you dare to go near him too carelessly and then you can hardly rise, when you do not call me for help. You are to be watchful, for Satan walketh about as a "roaring lion" seeking to devour you. Make no friendly picture of him, for then your caution gets smaller, and then everything is possible - also, that he takes possession of you. Angels, however, stand around you prepared for your protection, when your whole will is meant for me, when love for me fills your whole heart - and they will erect a barrier, which my opponent cannot climb over, for it consists of light beings, which through their light alone already push away the opponent, who flees the light. For these are my children, who like you were once exposed to his influence and know his work and who help you, that you find to the father, which can therefore also protect you, because they know about his cunning and put themselves between you and him. Only one thing you must do yourselves: detest him, because he is just hate and sin. On his part he has completely broken away from the spiritual relationship with me - therefore he must have become my opposite pole, for he has turned everything in him, what has emerged out of me in light and power; he is so out and out away from me, that he himself has fashioned himself to a wrong being, that is full of defiance and capable of evil thoughts, to do everything to you, what prevents you, that you are happy. For he wants your ruin; he not only wants to possess, but destroy you, for he is very evil since his defection from me. He is my opposite pole and for that reason can have nothing good at him, otherwise I would have in the same measure bad things at me. But so as I am the most perfect being, he is imperfection himself, and that also means, that he will think and act bad, so long he still works and can work, so long he still possesses a following. Exactly because he still thinks being powerful through his following, for that reason he does not change his thinking and his will. And I know the danger, in which you are, when you just allow him the smallest approach to you as a result, that you show him pity. He does not reciprocate this pity with love; he also feels no pity with your soul, which he wants to ruin. You do not know his hate and his malice, you who are yourselves full of love. But I know about the danger and protect you, for my love is meant for you, whom he has dragged with down into the depth. My love is also meant for him, when he will have found back and surrendered. But until then he is my opponent, of which I warn you, for his will is bad, and he is only out for your destruction. For that reason do not let yourselves be captivated; be watchful, so that you also recognize him under the camouflage.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6335.



^ B.D. NR. 6337

Work of Satan III.

20. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6337.

I want to live in you and constantly confer upon you my protection and my help, for you need it, so long you still stay on earth in a sphere of darkness, in the kingdom of my opponent. Even so your striving towards me is serious, you are still not invulnerable to the attacks of the enemy, when I do not help you. Only my nearness pushes him away or refuses him the access to you, for my nearness also means light, and the prince of darkness flees the light. But he does not leave you off, so long you still stay on earth, for also he fights about your souls just like me. For that reason let me always be with you, and then you no longer need to fear him. A heart, in which I myself have taken residence, is lost for him, it belongs to me, and I no longer release it. And for that reason you must always make an effort, to secure my presence for you. You must seriously want being connected to me; you must purify your heart of all desires and vices; you must embellish it with works of love; you must long for me with the love of your heart, and you will draw me myself to you, because I cannot resist love. And you will be happy in the awareness of my presence and feel free and carefree, because you are now in the protection of him, who is Lord over heaven and earth, over light and darkness and therefore also over him, who is his and your enemy. But so long desires of any kind are still in you, you must be on your guard, that he cannot slip in with you to create disorder, which eliminates my stay in your hearts. I entrust you men so urgently with that, because my opponent will exactly there work particularly, where he believes to lose a soul - that exactly those men are exposed to his besieging, who seek to come close to me, that he always besieges these, to slip in in an hour of weakness, to urge them, to follow their desires and seek fulfilment. He will not be able to stay long in such a heart, which will is meant for me, but it will have to seriously wrestle, until it has accomplished the work of a complete purification. But the enemy can also cause great damage, by him utilizing the moment of weakness and of the desire to sin in that way, that he confuses the thinking of him - that he darkens the light, which shines in him, that he puts a false light next to it, which is not recognized as blinding light. For that is the striving of my opponent, to so darken my light, that he himself no longer gets into its shine, when he seeks entrance into an area, which was already closed to him. And the man must now first take out of him this blinding light - what the serious will to truth and the call to me about it can already accomplish. Be watchful at any time, that unclean desires do not put you in danger, and always let me be the guard of your heart. Let my light shine in you; let yourselves be given, but do not desire, to know, what does not benefit you - so that he does not give you, what I deny you, because I recognize it, what is of blessing for you and what harms you. Then it is impossible for him, that he also puts a light into you. But your wish opens the door for him. Be watchful and devoted to me alone. And I will truly protect you from him, who just wants to ruin you and for that reason must be considered as enemy, so long you stay on earth, because he does not want you to find the entrance to my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6337.




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