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Theme 45. Trinity



0662 0930 2056 4484 5389  5395 7001 7117


^ B.D. NR. 0662 The eternal trinity.

So receive today an announcement, which is to make the eternal trinity briefly comprehensible to you. This is a problem, which you men busy yourselves with, and still so extreme easily understandable, for only the divinity is everything in one person.


^ B.D. NR. 0930 Mystery of Trinity. God-father. God son.

Man is not able to grasp the one thing that divinity is able to hold itself in all fullness in an entity, but that pure spirit is inseparable and the most unworthy being is most closely connected with it, so that also under eternal divinity only this inseparable spirit is meant and everything coming out of it is spirit out of God – only the sense of belonging to this is no longer properly recognized and therefore separates or removes itself, yet nevertheless is always only divine product, therefore is always and eternally spiritual as original substance out of God.

For his spirit was just one with God and therefore also had to be in all wisdom and be able to use all divine power – God’s wisdom had to express itself through the mouth of man, and therefore all work of Jesus on earth was the work of God through the son of man, but not that a second entity expressed itself through it. And the term God the father – God the son is not to be explained differently than that the father spirit from eternity revealed itself through the mouth of man, that therefore God the son is the same as God the father, only having become understandable to man through Jesus Christ, who had overcome the separation from the father spirit exactly though the recognition of the common bond with eternal love.


^ B.D. NR. 2056 Trinity.

The teaching of the three-personal God is unacceptable for every thinking man.

The idea of a three-personal divinity is misleading, although the addition is used .... "they are one".


^ B.D. NR. 4484 The teaching of the trinity of God.

Such a form was the man Jesus, who was chosen by God to be bearer of the whole fullness of love, wisdom and power, to serve men as conceivable divinity, so that they can believe in a being, which, standing in highest perfection, still stands in connection with imperfect men, his creatures. But this form was only earthly; as it were it was only at the disposal to those seeing with bodily eyes, because the spirit needs no form to still be able to be seen – the idea: father, son and holy spirit as three separate beings – even so under the addition: they are one – is misleading, because then men are in danger to make a separation, by them calling every person individually and in this way strengthening the awareness of three persons, therefore lose the right, truthful feeling for one God, to whom alone they are to turn in every earthly and spiritual trouble.


^ B.D. NR. 5389 Wrong doctrine about trinity.

The wrong doctrine of the trinity of God has contribute much that men became unbelieving, because such a representation had to instinctively cause rejection and as a result the favour of prayer was not used, which could have brought enlightenment to the seriously desiring man, for the aim of the call was questionable to them; it was a strange idea for men, having to call for three persons, who were to be believable as one God for them.


^ B.D. NR. 5395 Separation between God and the creatures impossible.

There is no separation between you and me and no matter how long you keep away from me and increase the cleft between you and me more and more – you cannot separate yourselves from me, for what has emerged from me remains inevitably my share until all eternity.

Only by yourselves you must come to me. That is my condition, from which I do not depart; you have gone away from me by yourselves; your will was directed against me and must now find again back to me.


^ B.D. NR. 7001 Christ problem. Trinity.

But you are not allowed to imagine two beings in "God" and "Jesus Christ;" you are not allowed to speak of "father" and "son" in connexion with the "holy spirit" in that sense, as you up to now imagined the "trinity of God." God and Jesus Christ is one, and the power of the spirit radiates out from this unity, because it again belongs inseparably to its nature, because God is love, wisdom and power - something spiritual, which no-one is able to see. But in the man Jesus the eternal divinity manifests itself and became a visible God for the beings created by him.


^ B.D. NR. 7117 Problem of trinity.

But this problem will become easy understandable and explainable to every man, who grasps "God becoming man" in Jesus, who does not seek to personify the entity of God - who recognizes the spirit filling everything as "God" and to whom it is understandable that the not imaginable divinity manifests itself in Jesus, to be able to be a "visible" God for the beings created by it. They therefore will also now let the ideas: father - son - and spirit no longer think wrong, because for them there is only one being, which unites in it love, wisdom and power.



See Concordance - Part 1: Trinity




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