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Theme 44. The subconscious forms the physical body


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^ B.D. NR. 0254

. . . so like everyone’s spirit forms its life . . .



^ B.D. NR. 5681

. . . their life is just a phantom of their senses, which stops to exist with the moment of death.



^ Seth (1)

When the physical origin of your universe is finally discovered, your scientist will be no better off than they are now. They will immediately be up against the problem that above all others they have avoided for so long, that of the origin behind the origin. The simple fact needs restating. The physical universe, and everything in it, is the result of consciousness. It did not evolve consciousness. To the contrary, consciousness not only created the physical universe, but continues to do so.

This constant creation of the physical universe is carried on by each individual in it, on a subconscious level.



^ Seth (2)

Now the inner ego is another term for what we call inner self. As the outer ego manipulates within the environment and physical reality, so the inner ego or self organizes and manipulates within an inner reality. The inner ego creates that physical reality with which the outer ego then deals.

It is the inner self, out of the massive knowledge and unlimited scope of its consciousness, that forms the physical world, that provides stimuli to keep the ego constantly at the job of awareness. It is the inner self, termed here the inner ego, that organizes, initiates, projects, controls the EE units of which we have been speaking lately, transforming energy into objects, into matter.

The inner ego however is always aware of both aspects of its reality. In the deepest sense, this inner self is organized about its primary aspect, which is creativity. It constantly translates the components of its gestalt into reality, either physical reality through the EE units I have mentioned, or into other realities equally as valid.

The EE units are the forms basic experience takes when directed by this inner self.

These then form physical objects, physical matter. Matter is the shape that basic experience takes when it intrudes into three dimensional systems. Matter is the shape of your dreams. Your dreams, emotions, feelings, thoughts, are underlined transformed into physical matter purposefully by this inner self.

An individual inner self, then, through constant massive effort of great creative intensity, cooperates with all other inner selves to form and maintain the physical reality that you know, so that physical reality is an offshoot or by-product of, the highly conscious creative inner self.

Buildings appear to be made of rock or wood or steel. They appear fairly permanent to the physical senses. They are actually oscillating, ever-moving, highly charged gestalts of EE units, organized and maintained by collective effort on the part of inner selves. They are solidified emotions, solidified subjective states, given physical materialization.

The powers of consciousness are clearly not understood then, nor its multidimensional aspects. As I have told you, the self is literally unlimited. Each individual has his part to play in projecting these EE units into physical actuality. Therefore physical matter can be legitimately described as an extension of the self, as much as the physical body is a projection of the inner self.




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