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Theme 41. The shaping of life fate


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "The shaping of life fate":



^ B.D. NR. 3813

That you are in trouble and distress of body and soul is not hidden to my knowledge, but as also the direction of your spirit, the will of your heart towards good or evil. And this determines the course of your life; it determines the events, which fatefully approach you; it also determines the effects of the acts fellowmen executed in evil will, as also my intervention according to my will.

But also these souls embodied in last men of this earth carry different will in them, partly turned towards me, partly away from me, and this difference of will also determines the different life fates and the effects of the acts, which the will bears.


^ B.D. NR. 3819

Fate. Submission to God’s will.

7. July 1946. B.D. NR. 3819.

What has been allotted to you according to divine will from eternity, that you must take upon you, and depending how you bear it, it will be a blessing for you. If you subject yourselves to the divine will, then you take upon yourselves your lot without grumbling and complaining, because then you also stand in faith in God’s love and omnipotence and expect his help without doubt. And then God will also help you. But if you inwardly rebel against God’s providence, if you complain unwillingly and seek to defend yourselves, then the burden will press you all the harder, or also, relief from below will come to you; he will help you, who wants to win you for him, to ruin you. Because with those, who still carry too much self-will in themselves and still do not acknowledge the will of God, he finds good ground for his influence; he gains a hearing, and he has won the soul. The fate of each man is according to his will; that is why also under the same fate the one suffers more than the other, because he lacks the submission to God’s will. To still rescue the soul rebellious to God, trouble must still approach it harder, until it recognizes that a higher will works and now unconditionally submits itself to it. And so you men also never need to believe that you can shape your earth fate easier for yourselves through this or that precaution. Through your own will you can of course change your course of life for yourselves, but never the difficulty of it, because all events approach you in that difficulty, as you need it for your soul, and your measure of suffering you have to take upon yourselves, no matter which way you turn – you do not escape your fate, because this is determined for eternity. Only through the submission of your will you make it bearable for yourselves, because then it has fulfilled its purpose, and you no longer need such painful means, but your life can be finished easier by you. Therefore do not rebel against the will of God; recognize in everything, what affects you, the will of God; do not complain and grumble, but quietly and devotedly bear what God sends to you, and he will again take it from you, as soon as you completely submit to his will. And firmly believe that he can and will help you any time, and the strength of faith will banish every disaster. God just wants to win you, but not lose to him, who is his opponent, who has completely turned his will away from him and also seeks to push his creatures away from him, by him seeking to prompt their will exactly likewise to resistance to God. And therefore do not fall victim to him, who wants to ruin you, but recognize in God your Lord and submit to him – and the hardest fates will be blessings for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3819.


^ B.D. NR. 3931

And you will be active workers in my vineyard and can be certain of every support on my part. You yourselves do not need at all worrying earthly about your life fate; as it is good for you, so I lead you and the assurance of my protection can truly be guarantee for a carefree existence, if you just stand in strong, unshakeable faith.


^ B.D. NR. 3938

Fate. Free will.

16. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3938.

Also in the state far from God the being does not remain abandoned to itself, only that it is not aware of a caring of God, because it does not desire it. Nevertheless, God’s great love and compassion does not drop the creature, but directs it so that it can reduce the distance any time. And in the stage as man this steering of God is indeed the fate, the course of life, which is rich of uncountable events, which offer man the opportunity to approach God. In the pre-stages God himself determines the lifespan as also the activity of the being, and the being itself can change nothing on it or resist the will of God. It finds itself in the state of bound will and must subordinate itself to the divine law of nature, but in this way also reducing the distance from God, until it has come closer to him so far, that it, in the state of free will as man, must now use it for the approach towards God. As man his will is therefore free, but his fate of life is prescribed to him from eternity, because God wants to offer him the greatest possibilities for reaching the destination, to the approach towards God. For his care about the fallen spiritual is a constant one and where the spiritual itself does not push itself towards God, he seeks to draw it into his love current circle, but always under respect for free will. And that is why the life fate of each individual is suitable to help him to the maturity of the soul, if he just utilizes all opportunities and does not resist the loving steering of God. For the own will can also resist insofar that it never adapts to the will of God, that he is never satisfied with its life fate and he rebels against the creator and keeper, that he grumbles and complains and therefore does not want to acknowledge God and he turns away from him, by him using his will to evil acting and thinking, to change the fate, which he does not like, in accordance with his wishes. Then the love and compassion of God has been active in vain; then man wrests himself from his guidance, and on his own authority he goes another way, which leads far away from the destination. But his will is free, and God never forces him. And he also has taken this unruly will into account and determined his earth course accordingly for eternity. But also then God still does not yet drop the being, only that he applies means, which sometimes appear to be loveless and cruel to men, who know nothing about his plan of salvation from eternity. But he seeks to guide back all spiritual, which goes away from him, and no matter whether it lasts eternities; one day it will reach its destination, because God leaves nothing to its fate, what went out from him and has gone away from him in free will – until it finds back to him in free will and can now meet its purpose from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3938.


^ B.D. NR. 4118

Influencing of light beings on destiny. Truth of divine word.

8. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4118.

All announcements have their origin in me, as soon as they are perceivable after intimate prayer as voice of the spirit. It would therefore be absurd to assume that I could ever contradict myself, and for that reason it is necessary to attach value to every announcement, and so also their meaning becomes more easily comprehensible. I provide spiritual attendants for you on earth, and I also give them the right to have an effect on your earth life insofar as that they guide you on your earthly ways, that they steer and direct your destiny according to my will. And so your earth life will always form itself so, as it is helpful for the maturation of your soul. One can certainly hardly speak of a complete fulfilment on earth, because then the maturation would be called into question. Rather continuous fights must take place through which man can mature, who is serious about his spiritual ascent. But as soon as it is striven for and the danger no longer exists that man again gets lost to the world, they also allow for earthly wishes, because this is my will; and also then a spiritual ascent development is guaranteed, although an earthly happiness is in agreement with a spiritual work. But then it is my will, which the spiritual attendants carry out, and then man can enjoy his happiness on earth with his mind at rest; it will earn him no spiritual disadvantage, if the prayer of man always is: Father, thy will be done. An extreme desire can certainly influence the spiritual work of man, by it being carried out less eagerly, but then the spiritual attendants are active accordingly, to apply limits to the desire, i.e., they form life fatefully and determine man to renunciation, however never by force, but only through mental influence, to make him give up extreme strong desire and to again heap my gift of favour on him, so he is devoted to my will. But a child striving towards me I like extremely and will be loyally protected by me until the end. And I also yield to every request of it; I see to all its wishes and on earth already I give it happiness and joy if it just longs for me and does not eliminate me from its desire, as it approaches me with love and presents every request to me trustingly. Because my love is always prepared to give and also creates for mine on earth a state of happiness and peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 4118.


^ B.D. NR. 4146

Fate. School. Tightened means.

17. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4146.

He who gave you life, also determines your fate, and under his will are both your earthly as well as your spiritual life, latter indeed insofar as depending on your will that you create your degree of your perfection yourselves, however your spiritual maturing promoting through perpetual spiritual impressions, which so to speak are caused through earthly impressions, why fate of every man is predetermined according to the will of man for perfection. And so on earth you must always go through the school, which your soul needs, because God has recognized it from eternity which course your spiritual development takes; he also knows about the degree of maturity, which the soul has reached at its demise; he knows about the life-span of the individual, and often he must apply tightened means before the death of the body to promote the soul in its development. Then life approaches man in all its hardship and forces him through it to free himself from all earthly desire, so that the soul desires nothing but God and so gives up its last earthly fetter, to enter the spiritual kingdom completely free and cleansed. At times a state of extreme need is necessary for a soul so that it entrusts itself completely to its creator and ruler and dissolves all ties with the world. But then it reaches a high degree of maturity, which earns it complete happiness and therefore plenty compensation in the spiritual kingdom. Thousand fold it receives spiritually again what earthly was taken away from it or denied. And man is to think about it that God does not let him suffer arbitrarily, but always only pursues one aim, to make him happy for ever. And if the school which he has to complete is not to remain without success, then often all strictness has to be applied, otherwise man could not educate himself spiritually in a short time, which still remains for him until the end according to the purpose from eternity. And since the end is not long in coming, misery now starts in a way, which often lets a God of love find lacking. And nevertheless the infinite love of God itself determines the way of education, which the soul must go, and that is why man is to always commend himself to the love of God, then his soul will draw its use from every experience; it will mature in a short time and enter the spiritual kingdom in a high degree of development, as soon as it leaves its body, its last cover, and after infinite long time of being bound can enjoy eternal freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4146.


^ B.D. NR. 4296

Fate. "Father, thy will be done."

11. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4296.

The course of life of the individual is preordained, and it must be covered without grumbling and complaining, if it is to have a favourable effect on the soul. But also a strong faith in God must exist, then every fate will be easily borne, because God alone forms it according to his will, God alone can change every life situation, he can change joy into grief and also suffering into joy, if he is asked in intimate prayer for it, and he will also do it, if man presents all needs to him in childlike trust and recommends himself to his favour. There is a long way to go out of the deep to the top, and this way cannot always be smooth, otherwise it does not lead upwards. Obstacles have to be taken; rises have to be climbed, because the destination is at the top, and every ascent is difficult, if a right leader does not grant support. And as long as you men have God himself as leader by the side, as long as you entrust yourselves to his leadership, you will not cover the way without success; he will lead you, and every obstacle you will be able to overcome with his help. The steeper the way is, the shorter it is and the higher you can get; but when you are at the top, you will look back and be grateful to your leader, who let you reach the destination, and all trouble will be over. The more difficult a life fate is, the higher the aims are set for you and the brighter the light will radiate, and all darkness of the deep is overcome. But God can also let you feel the deepest way up as smooth, if you devote yourself to him as his children, if you take on every sorrowful experience, if you always pray: "Father, thy will be done." Then he will not let you suffer; also in the greatest trouble he will give you tranquillity and peace; he himself will have an effect in you full of power, and you will feel nothing as being difficult, and still proceed to the top, because your will, your devotedness to his will makes you participating in his power, and with it you manage and cope with everything, then you will lifted over every obstacle; you will feel nothing as burden and always cover your course of life happily and cheerfully, until the loving father hand grasps you and fetches you into the father house, until you have reached the destination and enter into the eternal home, into the country of light, where there is no longer tribulation, no suffering and no trouble, but only eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4296.


^ B.D. NR. 4306

Intervention of light beings in fate.

19. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4306.

Everything is to be called divine providence, because each, also the smallest event is predetermined for eternity. That is the will of God that you mature on earth. And that is why everything is well wisely ordained that you again and again have opportunity to develop upwards. Your will is decisive also for the shaping of your earth life, because God foresaw for eternity this your will, and the course of the individual is prescribed accordingly. The inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom, who stand in the light, are spiritual co-workers of God, and they look after men according to their degree of maturity, and therefore they are the representatives of God, and serve as guardian spirits for individual man, as it is the will of God. They intervene in earthly life with their methods of education; they give and deny, as it is most helpful for the development of man. They therefore have authority from God to make men happy through gifts, but also to bring to maturity through denial. Although this also always happens according to God’s will, so however also freedom of their work is granted to them, as soon as man turns trustingly towards them with the request for help. They can grant this request as also refuse, and their great love towards men will also always decide right, since they are one with the divine will. Nevertheless the calling of the light beings is a secure aid, because the light beings are exceedingly tolerant in their love towards men; they rarely refuse a request of man, when obvious wrong is not aim of their asking. And God will give his consent, no matter how the light beings decide, because they always stand in the same will with God. But if the human soul is endangered, also the light beings are unyielding, and the danger for the soul must first be over, before they open themselves to the requests of men and intervene helpingly. But then the work of the light beings is obvious; then man will be able to start everything without obstacle; he needs to fear no failure, and earth life will be easy and bearable for him; because his guardian spirits grant him support and he can entrust himself in every way to them, but never eliminating God in this, but letting intimate dialogue with him precede every request towards the light beings so that the will of the latter will also always be God’s will and the help is always recognizable. Amen. B.D. NR. 4306.


^ B.D. NR. 4340

Become as little children. Any conceit must fall away from you; humbly like little children you must come to me, entrusting yourselves to me and let be led and taught by me; you must completely leave your upbringing to me, always only trusting my love and being certain that everything is right, what I let happen to you, because I as father well know what you need, to still reach the destination on earth. And if I let suffering and trouble come over you, so do not see it as a sign of anger, as a punishment, which is to hit you, because you are sinful. Believe in my love, which never ever wants to let you suffer, but for the sake of reaching of your maturity cannot spare you the suffering, because it is an effective means to let you flee like children into my arms and to establish the right relationship with me, which must be between us if you want to become happy. Therefore never rebel against your fate, otherwise you also rebel against me; be certain that I do not forget you, that I am always, also in greatest suffering, with you, that I lead you by the hand and pay attention to every request, every thought towards me, to help you, if you believe.


^ B.D. NR. 4345

My will will rule you, because you subordinate yours under me, and because of that you can confidently walk your way of life together, because I myself lead you and determine your fate, which you cannot change yourselves, but just contribute that it fulfils itself.


^ B.D. NR. 4365

Free will. Fate.

6. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4365.

Nothing in human life is without influence on eternity. Every act, every omission, every thought, every direction of will has an effect on the development of the soul, and consequently everything can be drawn into the area of the fateful what appears in human life. Man has free will, and the use of this will is determining for eternity. Every act or omission, every thought is first preceded by the will, and its decision is decisive for his course of life. Because although he also cannot direct every event earthly, since God has reserved it for himself to direct his course of life according to wise discretion, his will has still already been considered from eternity, and fate is based on it. The free will of man is doubted, because the carrying out is not always made possible for him, but it is the wanting, which cannot be restricted to man, even if the possibility of the carrying out is taken from him. The direction, which the will takes, determines the development of the soul, the failure of a taken plan does not abolish the will, and for the will man must answer some day, even so the carrying out of it has not taken place. The change of the will out of the wrong direction in the right one is the purpose of life and the assignment of life. And therefore also the smallest event of this change of will is beneficial and wanted or allowed by God, no matter whether it is the effect of a wrong or right used will. And so this must be comprehensible for you men that you must accept every stroke of fate as long predetermined and only helpful for your ascent development. You must now examine yourselves how far your will itself has favoured it and whether this will was right or wrong, how far it was in accordance with the divine will, and so you must reap the benefits for your soul out of the smallest experience, so that fate really has an educational effect for you and also, so it is difficult, is bringing in success for your opposite life. You are always in God’s hands, i.e., he makes your course of life his business, as he wants to draw you to himself after all and win you for ever. So you accept everything out of his hand, always being mindful that they are means of education, which a loving father applies to his children, you will always want, think, speak and act according to his will, and your earth life will not be lived uselessly, because then you subordinate your will to the will of God, and you then cannot help it than to use free will the right way – as your life task requires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4365.


^ B.D. NR. 4397

Fate according to will.

6. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4397.

He who gave you life, he also knows about your will, and he fashions your life according to this will. You therefore have to expect only the fate according to your will, which I recognized from eternity, what however does not exclude that you have to answer for this will, because it is free, and you are not forced to your thinking, wanting and acting. If you are therefore now willing to live to my pleasure, then your life will also give you abundant opportunity to carry out this will; in every life situation you will place me in front of all and always lift up the look to me. And since I know about this will for eternity, your fate is accordingly. My hand will again and again be held out to you, which you just need to seize; you will always feel me near you. The fate of life drives you towards me, and you drift out of free will; you do not resist; I am your aim, and this aim you will reach. But as I also know from eternity about your wrong will, I still do not make it unfree during your earth life. Also now you can make use of it for or against me; again and again fate brings you into situations where you can find me in free will, and compulsion takes place from no side. But that you turn away from me voluntarily and direct your eyes there where I am not, is no influencing by me, but inner inclination from you, for which you must answer. I therefore certainly have knowledge of the direction of your will, nevertheless give you ample opportunity in earth life, to change the will. And so you just make the least preparations and enter my will, I am prepared to help you and to strengthen your will. That I know about the wrong direction of your will, does not give you the right to the assumption, that you now must act according to the wrong will, but so as I have taken from you the reminiscence to the past stages, so I also let no influence be exerted upon you by me and by an effect opposite to my will of – your will is not allowed to be forced in any way, why you still have it easier to live according to my pleasure than your fellowmen. The circumstances, the life situations, will always drive you to right acting. If however your will is stronger, then you also take the responsibility for your acting and thinking; you can therefore never claim of having been forced through fate and my will, because I make it very particularly easy for you, but leave you full freedom. I know the direction of the will of every man and give my love and favour to all equally. But mine, who experience the end, must nevertheless enter my will out of own drive, although they seemingly have to show no resistances. To them the freedom of will is certainly also granted, but the temptations exceedingly strong, which they however withstand, because they strive towards me and have Jesus Christ as support and power contributor, who safely leads them to the destination. Every individual person can therefore reach his destination; whether he wants to reach it, is however up to him, but no-one can claim having to act so as he does it, because this is supposed to be fatefully caused. I loosen all my laws where I seek to win souls, and every soul can freely decide until the entrance into the spiritual kingdom without all compulsion of the will. But that I know about its decision has nothing to do with the free development of man. I certainly help him, but I do not determine him, but he himself determines his degree of maturity and his life in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4397.


^ B.D. NR. 4478

Fate. Maturation possibilities. Trials.

5. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4478.

Every thought of me, every call to me touches me, and I do not let it unnoticed. And so I have knowledge of the complete emotional life of man and know about his most inner stirrings and so also about how his will as such is. And if this will is accommodating towards me, then man finds in me the most loyal friend and most caring father, because I then know, that he wants to be counted to mine and receive him with joy. And then his fate is just a chain of maturation possibilities, because I just want to help him to eternal happiness and also make earth life bearable to him, what is only possible with my support. A man, who devotes himself to me, wins everything; but he who refuses to give himself to me, from him also that is still taken, what he had acquired up to now for himself, what was imparted to him through my favour and he let unnoticed. I stretch out my hands towards him who is wrestling, because he strive towards me; but who turns the back to me, him I let go there, where he is tempted, because my warnings die away unheard at his ears. And no-one who wants to come to me, needs to fear that he does not reach his aim. And I know about the will of the individual, and I guard his soul from defection from me. And that is why you can be without worry, when I give you the assurance that you reach the goal, because my love towards you, my creatures, is too great than that I could leave you to the opponent, if you long for me. And although you often must go through hard trials, the thought should always be comforting for you that the trials come from me and only for that reason that your soul matures in shorter time, because there is no longer much time until the end. Soon you have passed the earth life test and can enter into my kingdom as free, happy spirits - and you will reach the aim and unite with me, because I am present to you, as soon as you call me in prayer and desire to receive my word. I am with you and remain with you until the end; for that reason believe and love and hope, so that you enter my kingdom as my children, when you leave this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4478.


^ B.D. NR. 4511

Life fate according to the will of men.

14. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4511.

A measure of suffering and toil is allotted to you, which you must take upon you in earth life to mature your soul. This measure corresponds to the length of your duration of life, to the will and soul maturity of the individual man, why it appears different large to that man, who has not yet penetrated into the deeper knowledge about purpose and destination of earth life. It is no accident that the life of one is more difficult and more troublesome constituted, while the other much is spared, but God’s will has shaped the fate of the individual, as it is most profitable for his soul. But you men can contribute yourselves much to ease life for you, because God’s will to help is always prepared, if you call him and ask for his help. To some extent you therefore create the excess of suffering for yourselves, because the favour of prayer always belongs to you, which you just have to use to be exempt of also the greatest worry. Because prayer can have the same success for the development of the soul as a measure of suffering – man seeks God to whom he wants to connect – whereto suffering is a good means. Only the connection with God is to be established; man can choose the way to this, and therefore he can determine his fate and shape it for him bearably, if he remains in constant connection with God through prayer or through active neighbourly love, which results in the presence of God, therefore triggers a direct connection with him, because God himself is love and must therefore unite himself with man, who shapes himself to the same nature through love. If a man therefore believes having to suffer excessively, he must keep in mind that his nature is still in need of change, otherwise it could be radiated through by the nature of God, what excludes all suffering. He must suffer to flee to God, and through intimate prayer request his radiation, which is never denied to him and touches earth man the more effective and enlivening, the more he connects to God. The union with God eliminates all suffering; therefore striving towards it is just needed, to decrease the measure of suffering and toil and to still mature at the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4511.


^ B.D. NR. 4518

Bearing fate with submission.

19. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4518.

I have instructed my angels to intervene where human will fails. Because the time demands it that men themselves seek a way to flee from the threatening disaster. But I will help them, if the urgency is not recognized, and so accidentalness will appear, but which is just my providence; therefore influences the fate of the individual according to my will. Men do not know that they are in constant keeping of those beings, to which they are entrusted for care, which, standing in divine will, determine the life of the individual, which therefore intervene on my behalf in their life. But nevertheless I leave free will untouched, so that man is not forced, but is to decide freely or is to confess to the good. And he needs to do nothing further, than to accept his fate without resistance and not to murmur or to complain. Because I know what is useful for everyone and in which conditions the soul of man can mature, and allow for this. And so all events will interlock, and of itself a situation is created, which lies completely outside of every calculation. But then you are also to recognize my work and be grateful, that I so look after you and put light beings by your side, which care for you, because otherwise you would become unsuitable for spiritual work and cannot serve your fellowmen. But I have charged you with a mission and therefore also given you into the protection of my angels, who do everything for you, as long as you are active for me. My will alone decides, and truly so, as it is good for you. And so you are to drop all worry and go your course of life quietly and cheerfully, which will again and again bring sunshine and is also never too difficult to go for you, as long as you entrust yourselves to me, as long as you push towards me and are active for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4518.


^ B.D. NR. 4540

Fate. Purification possibilities.

14. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4540.

Do not rebel against fate, if you think it to be hard, otherwise you rebel against me. I know it that and how you suffer, but that also this suffering is necessary for your soul. And if you wish a better lot for yourselves in eternity, you must regard earth life as a short preparation time for the actual life in eternity, which is to get you ready for it. But you can only then be suitable for the spiritual kingdom, if your soul can bear my nearness. This state must therefore be reached on earth to be a candidate for the spiritual kingdom, and this requires a strict school, where the soul is exposed to possibilities of purifications, which should and also will earn it success, if it is willing. Therefore life must offer such purification possibilities, and these exist only in possibilities for serving in neighbourly love or in sufferings of most different kind. You men have now become very lukewarm in works of love and therefore need the second purification means – suffering in intensified form. I would never let men suffer, because my love towards my creatures is gigantic. But without suffering no man would mature, but be in greatest danger to completely break away from me and cling to matter. And this I want to prevent, and so I often apply means of force; I approach you through events full of grief to cause you to come to me, to unite with me and to receive directly from me the power to not succumb. I know about your development, about your will for eternity, and that is why also your fate is my work and imposed on you in wise foresight of its success possibility. And for this reason you are not to grumble and complain, but instead be mindful of that I have given you all, joy and suffering, and if suffering presses you excessively, remind yourselves of it, that your earth life is not long anymore, but that increased suffering secures you spiritual progress. Rejoice that you are allowed to suffer, because my love has given it to you, because I want to help you to become perfect to be united with you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4540.


^ B.D. NR. 4573

Fate. Purification possibilities.

14. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4540.

Do not rebel against fate, if you think it to be hard, otherwise you rebel against me. I know it that and how you suffer, but that also this suffering is necessary for your soul. And if you wish a better lot for yourselves in eternity, you must regard earth life as a short preparation time for the actual life in eternity, which is to get you ready for it. But you can only then be suitable for the spiritual kingdom, if your soul can bear my nearness. This state must therefore be reached on earth to be a candidate for the spiritual kingdom, and this requires a strict school, where the soul is exposed to possibilities of purifications, which should and also will earn it success, if it is willing. Therefore life must offer such purification possibilities, and these exist only in possibilities for serving in neighbourly love or in sufferings of most different kind. You men have now become very lukewarm in works of love and therefore need the second purification means – suffering in intensified form. I would never let men suffer, because my love towards my creatures is gigantic. But without suffering no man would mature, but be in greatest danger to completely break away from me and cling to matter. And this I want to prevent, and so I often apply means of force; I approach you through events full of grief to cause you to come to me, to unite with me and to receive directly from me the power to not succumb. I know about your development, about your will for eternity, and that is why also your fate is my work and imposed on you in wise foresight of its success possibility. And for this reason you are not to grumble and complain, but instead be mindful of that I have given you all, joy and suffering, and if suffering presses you excessively, remind yourselves of it, that your earth life is not long anymore, but that increased suffering secures you spiritual progress. Rejoice that you are allowed to suffer, because my love has given it to you, because I want to help you to become perfect to be united with you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4540.


^ B.D. NR. 4672

Maturing of the soul through suffering. God's care. World and God.

18. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4672.

What is to your spiritual advantage, is intended for your earth life for eternity, and for that reason you can consider as imposed on you by me everything, all experience, difficulty and gloom, joyous and elevating things, which just aims to achieve the maturation of your soul. And when you consider the course of your life from this point of view, nothing is to press, nothing to burden and nothing to frighten you – all is to your best. Every experience can help you to mature; you can benefit from it for your souls, when you always recognize me as him, who lets it happen to you, and remain connected to me, by you always directing the look up, to your father, who wants to shape you to his children on this earth. Fear and worry are invalid, when you present them to me, that I help you. You never stand alone, when you tolerate me next to you, i.e. not wanting to stand alone, but never eliminate me out of your life; when you completely leave your thinking, wanting and acting to me, that I do it for you; that I direct you and you now just carry out my will. How carefree and with a light heart can you men cover the earth way, when you would just like to always go with me. But the world often pushes itself separating between you and me; the world stands close before your eyes, while you neglect me, even so you want to belong to me. The world is still too important to you; you do not see its uselessness, because you still stand in the midst of the world. But as soon as you can put me before the world, as soon as you succeed to always put me in front, then the world will also no longer burden you; it will not worry you; it will be overcome by you easily, and you will be master over everything what approaches you from the side of the world. Make the attempt; let me care for you, and full of faith hand over yourselves to my protection and my care; fulfil your duty first to me, i.e., give full expression to my word; be eagerly active for me and my kingdom – by you also announcing my will to fellowmen, by you always pointing their actual purpose out to them and prompt them to work on their souls and send them what you receive from me – my word, which enlightens them, where they still walk in darkness. Also draw the attention of your fellowmen to the fact that I direct the fate of all men; that nothing comes over men without meaning and purpose; that only the spiritual ascent development is purpose of all happenings and that everything is bearable, when I am asked for help and am acknowledged as director and creator from eternity and am asked as father for my care. Warn them to forget me over the world, then the earth life way of every individual man will be easily passable, and his soul will benefit from every experience. Because I only aim at achieving of the maturation of the soul, when you have to go through suffering; but you yourselves can make it bearable for you, when you pay attention to my word and always let me go next to you. Because I am your father and always only want the best for my children. Amen. B.D. NR. 4672.


^ B.D. NR. 4698

But how do you then want to survive, so you do not already prepare yourselves for it, so no help can be brought to you on the part of the world, because I myself stop it?


^ B.D. NR. 4725

Earth fate. Devotion into God's will.

27. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4725.

What is determined for you, you must bear, because the earth fate forms itself according to your will and to the assignment of man, which, so it is particularly important, demands a higher degree of maturity, to be able to be carried out according to my will. Suffering and trouble purifies the soul; suffering and trouble leads it closer to me, and my presence is the more secure, the greater the trouble is. Because trouble is a sign of care about my children, who, to belong completely to me, must be trained; whose souls must therefore purify themselves, to be able to receive me, to be able to bear my presence. And so recognize in every trouble your father’s graciousness, because whom I love, I look after particularly. I indeed love all my creatures, but where I find counter love, I also want increase the love, which I give, but what also depends on a purified heart. But I also want to give you a proof of my love, so you need it to be strengthened in the trouble of the soul. I want you to let you have a look into your further life, and what you see in the dream, that accept as a bright sight, but do not forget your assignment, which is unspeakably important and is to always be placed in front. Know, that everything is truth, what my spirit announces to you, and that everything takes place as I have foretold you. Know, that you will experience it, and that then nothing earthly will any longer tie you up, but in closest affection you will then serve me in the serious striving for the same aim and in recognizing of truth. There is a love, which is stronger than death, and who carries this love in the heart, he also conquers death. Think of it, when you want to despair on account of my apparent hardness, which has a fate imposed on you, which you think being extremely heavy. I nevertheless remain attached to you in love, and I intervene, as soon as the time comes, so I need you for the common work for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4725.


^ B.D. NR. 4748

Astrology. Fate out of stars.

27. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4748.

Only that is to be seen as given by my spirit, what has the redemption of the spiritual as content, what therefore more or less informs in detail about my plan of salvation and consequently also testifies to me and my nature. Knowledge, which does not move in this framework, which therefore does not awaken in man neither faith in my love, wisdom and omnipotence, nor promotes the maturity of the soul of the individual, knowledge, which moreover stands in opposition to the teaching of Christ insofar as that it negates free will of man, therefore man would be completely will-lessly at the mercy of fate – knowledge, which further believes to be able to unveil to man the future covered by my wisdom, is no spirit work and therefore also not in my will, rather a means of my opponent, to push men away from true knowledge and to mislead their thinking. Never ever will men be able to fathom or calculate, how the fate of life of the individual fashions itself, but all such claims are wrong conclusions or conjectures, which certainly can be right by chance, but then never based on calculations or influence of certain celestial bodies, but the life fate is always in accordance with my plan from eternity, which is based on the free will of man. In the great space of creation endless many celestial bodies are certainly visible to men of this earth, but these celestial bodies do not exert an influence on men, (28.9.1949) what will also be understandable to everyone, when he considers that innumerable celestial bodies move in orbits allocated to them, that this conformity to laws is recognized by my wisdom as good and right for eternity, that all celestial bodies bear beings of life for the purpose of ascent development and that also their fate is determined, but this is never influenced by other celestial bodies. Only pure naturally can the earth inhabitants feel atmospheric currents, which appear through the nearness of certain celestial bodies, but which have no influence on the fate of the individual. The conformity to laws in the entire universe, the eternal order, which can be recognized in my creation, is certainly proof enough of a steering power. But in the same order also the development course of the beings is carried out, for the sake of which the entire creation has first come into being. That now these creations have a certain influence on the development of the spiritual beings, is correct, but only insofar as that they make a perpetual transformation possible for the latter and therefore a slow ascent up. But in the stage of free will the events approach man so, as I have recognized them, in my wisdom, as favourable for the being. That the entire earth life is carried out in a certain conformity to law, causes men to draw wrong conclusions – they have interpreted this conformity to law according to own thinking and now drawn conclusions, connecting them with the fate of man. But these researches are not at all in accordance with truth and are also not approved by me, because I will always accept the free will of man, although I have determined the life fate for eternity. Amen.B.D. NR. 4748.


^ B.D. NR. 4756

Predetermined earth course. Fate trick. God’s love.

8. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4756.

Every earthly worry is untenable, so you believe in me. As soon as you acknowledge a director of all earthly fates, you must be certain that this director knows all needs and that he has taken them into account, so as he determines the earth course of every man in his wisdom. Everything now, what comes over man, has its cause, it reasons and its purpose. The purpose is always the maturation of the soul, but which can also often occur without resistances. Resistances are all moments not appealing to man, which he shortly calls ticks of fate. So therefore also that must be borne by man, what is condemned by him intellectually, because he does not like it. But it is necessary for the ascent development of man, and it will again and again pass; it will so to speak sort itself out through my will, although man is in the main of the opinion, that he himself has contributed eliminating apparently unpleasant things. Everything unwinds according to my eternal decision, and so you now consider the one thing, that all events in your earth life are predetermined to the smallest detail, that for eternity also your earthly end is provided for, you must realize that you can change nothing of it and that for that reason also all worry is unnecessary, because still everything comes as it must come according to my will. And so you now believe in my will and wisdom, you must also know that everything is good for you, because as my creatures you also possess my love, and this love has therefore determined your course of life, to educate you to my right children. And so you just need to abandon yourselves to me; therefore consciously bear devotedly everything, what I send to you, then no worry will press you, because I take it from you, so you no longer need it, and because nothing lasts for ever, what approaches you, but is soon again removed. And if a suffering lasts longer, then it is necessary for your soul, and it would only harm you, so I would like to take off the suffering from you prematurely. Believe in me and trust in me, and so a worry presses you, so present it to me – my love can avert everything from you and will also do it, because a father always gives to child so, as it enjoys it. But then you must also really come like children to the father – you must believe in me and give your whole love to me. Then the aim on earth is reached, an you need neither worries nor suffering for the maturation of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 4756.


^ B.D. NR. 4839

Nevertheless there are people, who go past everything blindly, what surrounds them; who also pay no further attention to the miracles of creation and which give them no cause to think, who therefore do not want or cannot recognize the creator of all things. God reveals himself to them in a different way to help them to recognize him himself. He approaches them through life fate, which clearly lets them recognize the intervention of a higher power, but also only then, when man wants to recognize.


^ B.D. NR. 4879

Then you will lose no time any more; then you also know, which fate is appointed to men; and so that you do not belong to the unfortunate, who must fear the end, you will have to join me and turn the back on everything, what is share of the world.


^ B.D. NR. 5006

But because I love you and want to win you, I form your fate in such a way that you can reverse the separation from me by the right use of your will, that you strive for unity with me and so also again take on your original being, that you again are truly my children that have now of their own accord decided for me and reject my opponent.


^ B.D. NR. 5018

Fate according to will and resistance.

12. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5018.

Only that fate is imposed on you, which you need to the change of will, to the abandonment of resistance against me. How strong this resistance of your soul is, that I alone see, and according to it your earth life is fashioned. The relationship of man to me can be so diverse, what is not to be assessed by fellowman, because I also recognize the most secret thoughts and stirrings of a soul, and for that reason a man can be childlike on close terms with me, then he is so to speak led by my father hand, and truly past every abyss, and he securely comes to the destination. But others do not want to be led; they believe they can go alone and trust their own power. These I now and again let run aground, so that they call for a leader and I can then approach them. Again others reject my guidance and show me mistrust; they do not believe in me and go alone through life. And therefore they still resist me, and it is these, who I must touch hard and they are spared nothing in earth life, so that they change, before it is too late. I only seek to achieve the change of will, and an event can often achieve this change, which seems to you to be cruel and lacking love from me, as you still do not know that you have not just been created for this earth life, but the whole eternity still lies before you. And for the sake of this eternity I apply all means, according to the hardness of your resistance. But who devotes himself to me, he no longer needs extra ordinary means of bringing up, and to him I spread out my hands under the feet, and his earth way will be more easily passable, although also he still needs trials for the increase of his degree of maturity, which drive him to me, until also the last distance from me is overcome, until he can end his earth life in happy uniting with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5018.


^ B.D. NR. 5102

For I will of course, that I win you, but not that I lose you. Therefore you must also be convinced of it that I so fashion each man’s fate so that he can reach his destination, the spiritual perfection on this earth, when his will decides right. And so I also know, to which dangers he could succumb, and I avert such from him as much as possible, by which it is however not eliminated that he by virtue of his will can nevertheless succumb. But his life fate is always suitable to promote the highest possible perfection. Earth life is only a short phase, and even so it holds the most difficult fate in it, his sufferings do not make up for the happiness, which he can create for himself with right used will. Not one of my creatures I abandon arbitrarily to its fate; I look after each one always and constantly, because I want that the school of the spirit is successful.


^ B.D. NR. 5120

Spirtual mentor.

30. April 1951. B.D. NR. 5120.

Each one soul has its spiritual mentor, its guide, who wants to help it to eternal life. He seeks to influence the thoughts of man and to turn to the spiritual kingdom, but as he also fashions the life fate of him so that it can lead to great success, however under observance of free will. This mentor knows what is beneficial for the development of the soul and what could be of disadvantage for it, and for that reason he will always make an effort to always help the soul to progress, because he is connected to it in love and the leadership is given to him by God himself over that soul. Everything what serves it, he promotes; what could bring about harm to it, he seeks to prevent, but always in wise cognition and great love. As long as man now dwells on earth, the spiritual spheres are closed to him intellectually; even so the soul can bring itself to the spiritual kingdom, so it still does it unaware for the body and is also not able to repeat the impressions from those spheres to the intellectual man that he could get a picture, that is according to truth. The spiritual kingdom will also remain a secret to the bodily man until the body itself has spiritualized itself so far that the soul can impart the seen to it and it remains in its awareness. Then that degree of maturity has been reached, which makes a further life on earth unnecessary, which the spiritual guide would also like to reach, as long as the soul still dwells in the body. But as long as this degree of maturity is not yet reached, the mentor carefully protects the intellectual man to create for himself distorted images of the spiritual kingdom, which could just confuse, but not benefit him, because the intellect of man still has influence on the soul so long, as it has not already reached the degree of maturity, that it is able to see spiritually. It itself can certainly in the dream dwell in spheres, of which it fetches for itself much power and knowledge, but it will not take the memory of it over into the earthly life, as long as the body is not also spiritualized. The spiritual mentor as it were puts up a wall and hides behind the wall everything, what is still incomprehensible to the intellect of man; while the soul can cross the wall unhindered and is able to see into the spiritual kingdom. And this limit is carefully guarded from the spiritual side – hidden to the intellect of man remains, what is shown to the soul unveiled – as long until there is no longer a danger to the soul, to get into doubt, when the intellect seeks to shake it. A strong soul, which has become rich in knowledge, can now also convince the intellect and refute every objection right, but this maturity it must first have reached, then it can see without hesitation and consciously into the spiritual kingdom and also communicate with the intellect, which now also lets itself be instructed about that and opposes it with no faith doubts. Who seeks truth, he will also find it, but man is to always abandon himself to the spiritual guidance and not unauthorized seek to penetrate into a knowledge, which can only harm him, when he does not have the necessary degree of maturity to use the knowledge right. His spiritual guide knows about the state of the soul and seeks to increase it, as long as he is not resisted. Because he does not lack wisdom and love, and he gives to his students so, as it is a blessing to them. Amen. B.D. NR. 5120.


^ B.D. NR. 5137

And because of the spiritual development also the fates of men are so different, but what is never allowed to doubt the love of the father, because earth life is only short, measured at eternity, and an earth life no matter how difficult is always satisfied most generously in eternity, when it has enabled a maturing of man on earth. But latter is free will of man, not determined inevitably through fate.


^ B.D. NR. 5141

And no-one will be able to say that I have not approached him, because the life of all men has fate wise enough opportunities in which he can recognize a leading and determining power, which reveals itself to him.

The objection is therefore unjustified that man, as standing under unfavourable influence, could not act differently than bad and that this bad influence forces him fate wise to being bad. Fate always fashions itself so that the ascent development possibilities predominate, when the will is good. Man does not need to fail, when he does not want it himself. For one thing is always at his command, to ask for help from me, which is always granted to him. And every suffering, every stroke of fate is to encourage him to this request, then man is never in danger to sink, because I just wait for the turning of his thoughts to me, to be able to seize and to keep him, that he does not fall. The prayer to me is repulsion of him, who wants to harm him. The prayer to me is power giving and strengthens man in every temptation. Man stands between two powers, and for one of the two he must decide. Understandably both will have an effect on him and seek to win influence. For that reason I also allow the work of my opponent, but do not leave man to his power defencelessly, but I seek to bring him so far through trouble and other strokes of fate, that he calls for me, because only then I can intervene with my power and love, so his will has decided for me.


^ B.D. NR. 5159

You men are all stimulated to think, and the question is presented to you, to which fate you yourselves are heading.

Everything, what still concerns you of strokes of fate before the end, are means of favour, even so you do not want to accept them as such, but they can still bring you to your senses, how miserable you are in the case of a sudden recall from this world.




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