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Theme 40. Arrogance


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Arrogance":



^ B.D. NR. 4321

But to now reach this unification, knowledge must first be imparted to man about his distance from me through the former arrogance in free will.



^ B.D. NR. 4421

The spiritual arrogance lets men not accept truth, which is offered to them through you from me. They certainly feel the divine in it, but take offence at the bearer and do not want to subordinate themselves to him. Consequently pure truth is also without impression on men, who should recognize it on the strength of their ability to judge, but in the heart they cannot reject truth, because they sense its effect as increased knowledge and understanding of that what was previously incomprehensible to them. They therefore take possession of truth, which they utilize, however do not recognize it as such with fellowmen – they are untrue against themselves. This is a gross sin, because they reject the most valuable against better knowledge, what can be offered to them.

But so one who knows the way gives them hints, because he sees that the chosen way leads away from the destination, the leaders are not to go past solemnly and look down on those they advise; they are to recognize the help from above and accept it gratefully.



^ B.D. NR. 4520

They want to guide my flock and do not know themselves the right way; they want to teach and are themselves ignorant and with it of arrogant spirit, that they do not let themselves be taught, even so if I myself face them in the word.



^ B.D. NR. 4854

But they remain in self-created limits of their knowledge; they seal themselves off from every ray of light, which would like to penetrate over the boundaries; they also refuse the bearers of light the entrance and are therefore ignorant out of their own fault and still full of arrogance to those, who stand in knowledge and in truth.



^ B.D. NR. 4912

But my opponent can also disguise himself and let man think that he receives words from me but only then when he himself is arrogant; because as soon as he is deeply humble, he recognizes his mistakes himself and tries to remedy them. So spiritual arrogance is a fundamental evil to which that man will inevitably fall a victim. The spiritual arrogant is not able to distinguish between my working and the working of my opponent because he himself has already become a slave to the opponent, who now blinds him in every way. Spiritual arrogance irrevocably separates man from me, because he who is spiritually arrogant establishes an odd relationship to me, that of a superior being, that loses every respect towards the creator and is also without love towards him. And this relationship has an effect in a challenging way of speaking, in arrogant speeches, in accusations full of hatred and apparent noble-mindedness, in a lifestyle that is not according to my will, and in continued tyranny towards his fellow human beings, whom he wants to control, where free will alone is to decide.

Those men are ambassadors from hell that appear just as my messengers of light in a negative sense to tempt men. They are considered at first to be acting in good faith, but do not do so, because the devil of arrogance is predominant in them and they want to recognize nobody above themselves, which proves the origin from below as surest sign.

Spiritual arrogance is always a danger, surely then man loses his confident feeling for truth and error, because he then lacks my favour that is only part of the humble. You are not allowed to become arrogant when you do not want to fall.


^ B.D. NR. 4919

The humble I give my favour, from the arrogant I take it away, because arrogance suffocates love while humility awakens love.

When man feels love for his fellow human being in his heart then he cannot be arrogant towards him but he considers him as his brother and he serves him out of love which is why also the humble will do works of neighbourly love for which I bless and reward him again with my love and favour. He who is arrogant his heart is hard and insensitive, he does not serve but wants to rule and I therefore do not look at him because this feeling, the desire to rule, was the reason of the former falling away from me that can only be atoned for through deep humility towards me, thus humility also means the return to me. The spiritual was sunk deeply through arrogance but in the state of man it has already again reached a certain level but there is now the greatest danger to again take to arrogance, to become haughty, what is expressed in unkindness towards the fellow human being. That man also robs himself through arrogance of all means to go up, that he falls out of my favour because of it, is the greatest danger, which I always point out to you, so that you do not again fall into the deep through your own fault. Everything that is arrogant still belongs to my opponent who remains in greatest resistance towards me and thinks he can overthrow me. He became my opponent as former highest light bearer because he elevated himself above me - he thought he could place himself above me and fell into the deepest abyss. Arrogance is the first step to the bottomless fall - in comparison humility is the ladder upwards, the most secure bridge to me.

But woe to you when you never realize the distance to me, when you think to be too grand to pray to me in deepest humility. Then no favour can reach you, then you are still controlled by him who caused you to fall, then you can never become free from the sin of the former arrogance because without my favour you cannot in a lifetime be blessed.


^ B.D. NR. 5021

But you men are to never be overbearing to fellowmen.

Therefore these gifts are not allowed to let you become arrogant, but just grateful to him, who has equipped you so abundantly. But you are nevertheless to remain aware of it that your soul is still imperfect and that it is it alone, which survives the body – that therefore all earthly gifts pass, as you yourselves pass in future and except your soul nothing is left, that gives you the right to be arrogant.

But he is put above men as earthly ruler through my will. But also his arrogance is no virtue, but a weakness and a fault before my eyes.

I could have ruled like a king and take up all honour for me; but I did not see that what is high, but only saw what is miserable, weak and bend myself down to it; I knew no arrogance and sought no honour and fame from men.


^ B.D. NR. 5111

But love towards the father excludes all arrogance; the child approaches the father in humility and through it achieves unspeakably much with him.


^ B.D. NR. 5148

I also was such a created being, a child of God, to whom all magnificence of his love was open, but which also had confessed him in free will, when the army of originally created spirits rebelled against him in the awareness of the fullness of power, which made it arrogant and brought about its downfall.


^ B.D. NR. 5214

Spiritual arrogance. Greatest danger.

8. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5214.

Spiritual arrogance will still bring about the downfall of many men, for it prevents them from recognizing truth, and as a result they will also never be able to possess truth, since it never forces itself on men, but must be accepted by them willingly. Man, who is of arrogant spirit, accepts no instructions, and if it came from heaven to him. For as long as he is of arrogant spirit, he is still in the power of Satan, who has fallen out of arrogance against me and who pulls everything down too, what remains like him in arrogance. All those are possessed by spiritual arrogance, who take a negative view of my word from above, for they do not think it necessary to check, otherwise they would have to recognize it as my word, because it is recognizable to everyone as such, who is of good will. I give to men no gift, which is an indigestible food for them, which their heart and the intellect could not accept, because it is incomprehensible. What I supply to man from above is a true bread of heaven, therefore the best food for an earth child, which is to reach its destination in earth life. And since I recognize this food for my creatures as good and salutary, it will also have no different effect, where the same will for understanding exists. But who does not want to understand, he is of arrogant spirit. He puts knowledge of man higher; he therefore estimates the intellect higher than the spirit, which expresses itself in man, where this right is granted to him. He does not believe in the work of the spirit in man, because he then would have to acknowledge something divine, but his nature is still filled of Satanic meaning, because he thinks himself too superior and only humility allows a work of the spirit in man. He is blind, as long as he is spiritually overbearing, because he has an obvious sign of his belonging to Satan, who is fallen out of arrogance. Spiritual arrogance is the greatest evil, for it allows no supply of favours to become possible, because the will to accept favour is also the cognition of a weakness and a need for help, but which arrogance never lets arise. But no man can climb up without favour, consequently the spiritual arrogant remains in the deep, for Satan has captured him and holds on to him in his spell. And he will also always fight against truth, for he stands in the service of the dark power and is a willing worker for the prince of the lie. The spiritual arrogant man receives his knowledge only from the outside; he just overloads his intellect, but the heart knows nothing of that and therefore can also not judge. And the more his intellect absorbs, the more arrogant is his nature, and the rich knowledge, which he receives from the outside, is his ruin. Extreme intellectual knowledge is still worse than earthly wealth, for it can be taken from him; but the knowledge he does not give up, and only through extraordinary bodily suffering he can be put right, so his soul is not completely hardened and also does not become soft and humble through suffering. Then Satan has him completely in his power, and it will last endless times, before he releases him, before the spiritual voluntarily returns to me and humbly submits to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5214.


^ B.D. NR. 5634

But man is, as long as he lives on earth, also exposed to the counter powers, i.e., also these seek to exert their influence, and where they just see a little success and also, where they recognize an obvious connection with me, they do not let up, to have so an effect on man that he is to get lost. Again and again they lay snares for him, into which he is to entangle himself, and now and then they also succeed, and indeed then, when the favours received from me let a man become arrogant. Then they seek to still stir this arrogance in every way, so that the man’s thinking is then directed towards things or privileges, which my opponent buoys up to him, which he now believes being able to achieve. As soon as a man becomes of arrogant spirit, there is great danger, for arrogance is always a target of my opponent, who particularly seemingly seeks to drive the spiritual striving ones, whom he believes to lose, to me, but at the same time wants to increase the need for recognition in them, which then is to bring about their downfall. Now and then he also succeeds in this, and then his joy is great. For that reason deepest humility and quiet love for me is the surest protection from him; then he finds no target, and then this soul is lost for him irretrievably, and I have won it for ever.




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