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Theme 38. New Testament


0595 5307


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^ B.D. NR. 0595

In this consecreted hour the Lord speaks through his servant John with you and announces things to you, which are withdrawn from general knowledge and which are to contribute to having an informing effect. For there are determinded in heaven and on earth such who represent the office of mediator .... who receive from God and give .... and who again impart these gifts to men. Every tool on earth stands under divine protection, so that the words, given from above, are also received and passed on purely. What is spread on earth in this time as messages always remains an incomprehensibel blessing for men.

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^ B.D. NR. 5307

New Testament and appendix.

31. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5307

In the New Testament you read Godís word, which was announced through the man Jesus and which has also been preached after his death on the cross by his disciples. The sayings of Jesus as also of the first apostles have remained in existence fairly pure, although small deviations have crept in, but which do not change the pure teaching of Christ significantly. But also additions have been added, which do not come from the mouth of Jesus as also of the apostles, why in later times doubts have emerged about the genuineness of that, what the New Testament has as content. Also no exact proofs can be brought about the genuineness of the letters added to the Gospels, but analogously they agree with the divine word and are for that reason not to be rejected, as everything, what accords with the divine love teaching, which the man Jesus has preached on earth, is allowed to be seen and acknowledged as the word of God. But that does not mean that there is not any error in this appendix, for as long as the hands of men are active, which do not belong to a man of awakened spirit, also the opponent of God has the power to let these hands work for him, even so not in an obvious way. And it were the hands of men, which carried out both the putting together as also the translations; it were the hands of men, which did written and printing works, and even so the will may have been good, so the spirit of God was not always busy, which could eliminate and correct, what was wrong. But protectively it put itself before the divine word Ė to preserve it if possible unadulterated and where intents opposite to God did not exist, this word also remained pure in print and script. Also the before mentioned deviations could not change the pure meaning of the divine word; they could not lessen its value. But moreover it will always be possible for man of awakened spirit to recognize, what is divine and what has been added by the human side. And he will also ask about enlightenment and also receive it, for who seeks truth, he will find it; who desires it, to him it will be supplied. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5307.




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