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Theme 34. Let by the spirit


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Let by the spirit":



^ B.D. NR. 5052

Explanation of the development of the spirit. Hearing of the inner word.

29. January 1951. B.D. NR. 5052.

Awaken the spirit spark in you to life, and you will no longer doubt that I as father speak to you as my children, because the spirit in you connects itself with the father spirit from eternity; it receives my word and passes it on to the soul, which therefore now hears my word, so as it comes from me. The soul therefore always hears my love radiation, which expresses itself in form of my word; but man as such is not always able to understand the language of the spirit, and for that reason the soul must mentally pass on to man the word imparted to it; it must adapt itself to his ability to receive spiritual gifts mentally. The soul can therefore want that the spirit announces itself to it, then it receives without limitation; but man does not need to know about it, although he fashions the outer cover of the soul, because it would often be incomprehensible to him, what makes the soul extraordinarily happy. But the soul has then, however, already experienced an unusual strengthening, and it now seeks on its part to have an effect on the outer man that he now willingly complies with the desire of the soul. Then the intellect of man therefore steps back, and he starts to listen into himself; he tries to understand the voice of the soul, and then he becomes aware of that, what the soul has received from the spiritual kingdom. Then spirit, soul and body are in accord, and then man can receive unsuspected wisdom, because the spirit in him no longer rests, so it once has been awakened to life. The body then cannot remain insensitive to the divine word in the long run; it is touched by the ray of my love, and its power starts to have an effect, so that the spirit becomes more and more alive and also the soul, which likewise increases in light and power, because every radiation on my part means light and imparts power out of me to man. Then the soul also succeeds to make itself comprehensible to man, to determine him, to pay attention to all impressions in the heart, and so therefore man now listens to the inside, he can quite clearly hear my word in himself and no also send it to the intellect. Then heart and intellect are therefore active; then the spirit spark having become awakened to life has accomplished a tremendous change of will; it has formed soul and body according to its will, which is therefore my will, to the receiving vessel of the power out of me; it has determined the soul – the thinking, feeling and wanting of man – to subordinate itself to me, and also the body then follows my will, and so man becomes consciously the receiver of my word, of my love radiation, which so to speak is the life elixir for the soul, through which eternal life is secured for it. Such a spiritual awakening can be carried out systematically, when the thoughts of man turn to me in free will and he asks me for power and favour, for my spirit. Then my power flows, because man himself wants it, obviously on into him, and then the soul as well as man’s heart is able, to understand my word at the moment, because the power of the spirit has an incomprehensible effect that it can change a man in a moment to the receiving vessel of my spirit, as soon as he just has the firm will, to serve me through this ability, therefore to be active redeeming at fellowmen. This will is cause to a gift of favour of most comprehensive kind. It allows no limitations, because my spirit is unlimited and its work exactly only the will of man himself determines. And so also the will of man is determining, of what kind the work of the spirit is and in what way the utilization of the gift of favour is to take place, and according to this will every man gets awarded the gifts of the spirit to now be to fellowmen a living testimony of the success of the right relationship to me, his creator and father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5052.



^ B.D. NR. 5089

Calling on God secures divine revelations. Light messengers - Truth.

20. March 1951. B.D. NR. 5089.

Whether now I myself or my light messengers approach him, is all the same, because the light messengers are my servants, through which I impart to men on earth, what is helpful for them.

I approach every caller for me, and he can hear my voice, when he listens into his heart and pays attention to what this heart reports to him. He certainly does not become aware of me with bodily organs; his soul must pay attention to its feelings, and so man listens deeply believing, his soul will be able to impart the feelings to him, because then the body is likewise turned to me willing wise, and then I can also bestow on him the ability to understand, what the soul reports to him in spiritual language. To hear my voice is a simple process for that man, who is deep intimately connected with me, but difficult to understand for a world man, why only few men will find faith, who pretend to receive announcements from the spiritual kingdom.



^ B.D. NR. 5469

Everyone can hear God’s address. In the form of thoughts.

23. Augsut 1952. B.D. NR. 5469.

I impart to you words of love, of comfort and of encouragement, and I give you all the time enlightenment, where you lack knowledge; you just must establish the connection with me yourselves, otherwise I cannot speak to you. But my address will not always sound audibly to you, but your thoughts will noticeably form themselves so, as I want to speak to you, when you just pay attention to it and wait so long, until therefore my communications have reached you. For one thing I want to say to you: As soon as you just think of me, speak with me in prayer or call on me for help, my love is already with you. You do not speak into emptiness, but I hear all your thoughts and also answer you. But few men wait for this my answer; few men are so deeply believing that they are convinced of my counter expression, and for that reason I can only rarely express myself to man that he recognizes in his feelings and thoughts my clear answer. Not one single word gets lost, which you call to me in deep devotion, and not one single word I leave unanswered. But your soul very often lets pass that, what would make it profoundly happy. You still have not trained the spiritual ear and therefore do not hear the counter expression of my love. All of you, you who connect yourselves with me in intimate prayer, you can feel addressed by me – but if you also want to understand my address, for which all of you long, then you must train your spiritual ear, and that is a task, which all of you are to set yourselves, because it would make your earthly life quite easier, for it is truly blessed being able to hear my address, which is meant for all of you without exception, you who hold intimate dialogue with me. All of you would draw much power and comfort from this my address, which is always only heard by you as feelings and thoughts, which could give you inner peace and the feeling of security; you would therefore be truly comforted and strengthened by my father love, which continually is meant for all his children. For that reason, when you pray to me in spirit and in truth, remain after that in thinking turned to me, and you will feel my presence, and your soul will receive, what my father love has intended for it. For I lean towards all, who call on me, who hold intimate dialogue with me, and want to give to them whatever makes them happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5469.



^ B.D. NR. 5777

Divine guidance.

27. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5777.

Trust the guidance from above; it will be right all the time, as soon as you want to be directed by him, who is the father of you all. The devotion to him, the voluntary subjugating of your will under his, secures you this right guidance - your thoughts will be according to his divine will, and your speaking and acting will also find his agreement, because those powers direct you, who create and work with him in the same will and into whose keeping you are given. Your will to him, your God and father from eternity, determines all your ways, your thinking and acting. For that reason you do not need to think, what you should do - just hand yourselves over to him before in thoughts, in quiet prayer or mental devotion to him and his will, then you are relieved of every responsibility, for then you are directed by his spirit, and you will always do, what is right before God. Only the own will can act against it, i.e., so you forget the father in heaven, so you believe, having to and being able to order everything yourselves, so you do not request his help - therefore go your ways alone - then you can certainly branch off onto a wrong way, when you are without guide, and then you must be on your guard. For you have seemingly success - a success, which is however just a failure, because it just contributes a blessing to the body, but not the soul. But the right way, which God leads you, can now and then seem to be troublesome for the body, but make the soul extremely happy, which can more and more break away and feels freed, because the body takes a load from it, which it had to bear; determination wise the body is to help the soul - and that often means own infirmities. If the body shakes these off and if it wants to go through life unburdened, then the soul must carry on bearing its load and cannot rise into spiritual heights. But the divine guidance will always also consider the condition of the body, for the love of God looks then after that man, who trustingly devotes himself to him and requests his help. And every walk will then be blessed; every way will lead to the right aim, because he goes ahead, who is your father and protector and to whom you can entrust yourselves in all troubles of the body and the soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5777.



^ B.D. NR. 5834

Divine guidance.

23. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5834.

I want to lead you; I want to go ahead of you, and you are to follow me, so that you also reach your destination. And you then let yourselves be led by me, when you subordinate yourselves to me will wise, therefore strive to fulfil my will. Who occupies himself in his thoughts with me, who acknowledges me consciously or unconsciously, that he thinks being depending on a power, which has created him, who now subjects himself to this power, he accepts my guidance, and he is truly on the right way, even so he does not see his companion. I am with him after all, and he now goes no step unauthorized, but I direct him, as it is helpful for the salvation for his soul. And he can entrust himself carefree to my guidance; he will recognize it in future as god and successful, when he has ended the earth way and has arrived at the gate of the hereafter. You men are never without guidance, but powers also offer themselves, who do not know about the right way themselves, who are blind themselves and for that reason cannot guide you. Because of that you are not to abandon yourselves without hesitation to every guidance, but always call me myself and want, that you are led right. For that is decisive, whether you are led by me, whether you are led into the way of those, who are seeing and can make a good leader for you. For these are my servants, who are active on earth on my behalf and therefore also only hold their office in my will, to whom I have shown the way, which they are to lead you. You will never need to miss my carful guidance, so you just request it. I will always be to be called, so you lose your way from the right way and want to return, for your call always reaches my ear, as soon as you want to follow me. And I do not want, that you go wrong, for that reason I offer me as leader to you; I do not want, that you walk in vain, so you have gone on a way, which does not lead to the destination. But your will must also be prepared, to accept my guidance, because only then you react to the slightest control - because only then you can get directed right, when you are without resistance - when you follow me out of free will. But you will never regret that, for the aim, towards which I lead you, you would never reach alone, but it is my kingdom with all its splendour, which I promise those, who walk in my will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5834.



^ B.D. NR. 5862

Divine guiding.

25. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5862.

I lead you all at my hand, so you do not resist me and let yourselves be led. Who therefore wants, that I am his companion, who does not resist my will, he can also be assured, that he is led right by me, that he goes no wrong way and that he also reaches his aim. I demand nothing else from you, than that you surrender to me, that you want to be mine, that you acknowledge me as your God and father and are therefore willing, to do, what is right before my eyes. This will alone is enough for me, that I now lead you by the hand, until you have reached the end of you earth life, until you enter the spiritual kingdom, to now live in eternity. I want to give you eternal life. And you can only live, when you are flowed through by my love power. My love power seizes everything, what is without resistance. And so you will also understand, why I demand your devotion to me, because then my love power can flow into you and awakens you to life. You can then no longer be dead in the spirit, when my love power flows through you. And you cannot be without my love power, when you devote yourselves to me, therefore join me will wise. The will, to join me, is guarantee for it, that I take possession of you and no longer leave you. For this will once turned away from me and was cause for your fall into the depth, for the loss of light and power. If you now again give away your will to me, so that secures also again light and power for yourselves. And everyone who wants to me, reaches his aim, no matter on which way it may be. I assess your will and will then also walk next to you in perpetual care, that you enter life in eternity. But who turns his will to me, he also feels his own insufficiency, which lets him become humble. He feels his distance from me, which he would like to overcome - he makes an effort to do my will; he seeks to form himself according to my will, because he recognizes it, that his inadequacy is an obstacle, to reach me, to connect with me for ever. And because he feels himself too weak, he asks me for power. And I give, because my love always wants to give itself away and because such a will of my earth child makes me extremely happy, for it means final return to me. As soon as the thought in man has awakened of his own inadequacy, I also help him, to transform himself, and as soon as he now will wise joins me, hands himself over to me, my love power also becomes effective in him and leads to success. And for that reason, everyone will reach his aim, who strives for me; everyone, who lets himself be led by me without resistance, he goes the right way, and he never ever needs to fear to go wrong, for who entrust himself to me, he has built on firm ground.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5862.



^ B.D. NR. 6217

Leading by the spirit. Vineyard work.

22. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6217.

The spirit in you constantly drives you to the work for me and my kingdom; it constantly drives you, to establish the connection with me, and so you listen to it, you can nothing else, than walk right and be active for me as loyal servant. And I will truly give you the opportunity for it, for where just one man is willing, to do blessed work for the erroneous souls of fellowmen, there I also lead such souls to, which need help in spiritual trouble. And opportunity will always be for you, to speak for me and my name - because I myself create this opportunity for you, because I myself allocate that work to you, which you are to do - and because the spiritual trouble of men is immeasurably great. If you could do a look from above onto earth covered in darkness, which is only broken through very rarely by light sparks, you would get a fright over the darkness and willingly seek to bring light to it – you would then understand my constant stimulation for it - you would seek to illuminate the dark night out of your own drive, because you know the horrors of darkness and would like to lead your fellowmen to the light. For who stands himself in the light, he knows what such darkness means, and he also knows, that men need help, because they do not find their way out by themselves.

And an impenetrable darkness lies over the whole earth, for men do not remember me, except for few exceptions. They indeed have a god – but their god is mammon, therefore he, who is lord over darkness. They persistently only strive for his kingdom, earthly matter, which is mortal, but that, what is immortal, they do not remember. They keep their eyes closed for the light, which could also radiate for them, or they are in so dark surroundings, that no light can shine for them. And nevertheless also my love wants to give them light, and who now offers himself as light bearer, to go into the darkness, to chase it away, he truly finds my approval and always support for his project. I direct his steps right; I lead him through the spirit; I put the right words into the mouth. I myself fill him with light and power, so that he is also able, to go into the darkness as light bearer, and that he may succeed, to chase darkness away. He himself will radiate light and attract men, who long for light. They will feel well near him, because they feel the favour of the light. But they will always only be few, who accept your light. But for these few the morning dawns; they flee from the night, and they are rescued from spiritual death. And for that reason your work is so extremely important; for that reason I need you urgently, because you as men have more likely access to your fellowmen than I myself, because my light radiation is too strong for them and they would have to pass. But you muffle the light; you can let your light shine in that degree, as it is bearable for your fellowmen, and I can then strengthen it according to their will to stand in the light. Let yourselves be carried along by my spirit, for it allocates the work to you, which you are able to do. And I myself am with you with my blessing and my love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6217.



^ B.D. NR. 6261

Divine guidance through the spirit.

18. and 20. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6261.

When you fulfil all conditions, which allow the work of my spirit in you, then the constant guidance through my spirit is also secure for you, and then you no longer need to fear walking wrong ways. Then everything will come so over you, as my father spirit from eternity recognizes it as beneficial for the maturity of your soul. But to fulfil these conditions presuppose the serious will, you moving in divine order, i.e., you must want to do the right thing. Then you will devote yourselves to a love life by yourselves; you will believe in an extreme perfect being, which has created you, and you will long for getting into contact with this being. You will pray to it. And you therefore establish contact with me, which is first of all necessary, that I can now also express myself through the spirit. Without the fulfilment of this condition it is impossible that my spirit works in you, because this would result in an enforced upwards development. But once the contact with me is established, that I can now have an effect on you through my spirit, then you can also be convinced of it, that now your whole earth life stands under this influence, that everything now takes place so and everything approaches you so, that you go upwards. For I myself never ever lead you to the depth, but inevitably draw you upwards. You must indeed strive persistently, you are not allowed to become lukewarm yourselves or abandon yourselves indifferently to all powers, which seek to influence you, but your will must continually be and remain turned towards me; I must always remain your aim, then you will also reach your aim, me myself - to whom you belong from the very beginning. My spirit works in every man, who just adjusts himself positively to me - who therefore acknowledges me and wishes to be seized by me. You men must seriously ask yourselves, how you behave towards me - whether you reject me, whether you do not believe in the existence of a creator standing in connection with you and you therefore live your life completely separated from him. Whether you acknowledge me as existing and fear me and my power and (20.5.1955) for that reason just feel an uneasiness, when you sin against my commands - or whether you love me and for that reason try to live according to my will. You must be seriously aware about it, that my spirit work in you can always only then take place in you, when you connect yourselves with me in love. And for that reason you cannot expect being enlightened or guided by my spirit, when you yourselves still place yourselves will wise away from me, although you believe that I am - only your will, being closely connected to me, results in the work of my spirit in you, and then your earth walk is no longer without governing, then everything approaches you so, as my love recognizes it as good for you and your perfection. Then you listen to the voice of the spirit in you, i.e., you follow the inner urge, and as it were you then always only do that, what my spirit tells you to do.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6261.



^ B.D. NR. 6262

Voice of consciousness. Feeling. Right way.

20. and 21. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6262.

That way is again and again shown to you, which you are to go on earth, even so you receive no direct instructions from me, for I also speak in a way to you, which you call "feeling", so that your intellect can become active, because you get into situations, which do not let you unimpressed, may it be in painful or joyful kind. Through your feeling you can recognize, what is desirable for a man, what brings him suffering and what has a damaging effect for his body - and you can now be influenced will wise, to keep away from fellowman that, what hurts him, or to give him that, what makes him happy. Feeling and intellect alone can show you the right way, when you lack truthful instructions or church instructions do not appeal to you, because their origin seems doubtful to you. The own experience can determine man to his wanting, thinking and acting, and every man also knows it, what is just, because every one exercises the right for himself to be happy, and because every man can "feel" bodily sufferings and sufferings of the soul. Love for himself will always cause him, to put himself in the possession of that, what makes him free and glad - and a just thinking will also award fellowmen the same - therefore the knowledge about the right way is put into every man; but how he uses this knowledge won through own feeling and intellectual work, depends on his will, which is free and will remain free, because of the own perfection. And for that reason also good and evil will always be able to be kept apart, exactly by the effect of it at man himself. And for that reason one can speak of the voice of conscience, (21.5.1955) which will always express itself in the "feeling", but which can also be suffocated in man, when selflove is so strongly developed, that man takes up everything beautiful for himself and does everything bad to fellowman. Then the feeling ability becomes weaker and weaker, and then men often put up the claim, not every man may know, what may be good or bad. And again one can only answer to that: He does not want to know it. For so long he knows, what is desirable or unwanted for himself, he also knows to distinguish good and evil - also without all instruction from outside, but which would always give him the confirmation, that the inner feeling agrees with my teaching, through which I show men the right way, which they are to go on earth - with my love teaching, which always just demands, to practise love. But where the animal desires from the pre-development time are existing in man extremely strong, there only the feeling of strength towards the weak is valid - for in such a man the powers of darkness collect and drive him to act in their will. But such a "possessed" man cannot be quoted as proof, that without instructions on my part the way to me could not be found and gone. For my love looks after all my creatures, but leaves free will to them.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6262.



^ B.D. NR. 6297

Divine guidance.

28. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6297.

You are brought together according to my will - as it is successful for your spiritual activity and always so, that you can serve me to the best of your ability, that you can supply my word everywhere, which I let you have from above - that you can announce the Gospel, where it is just willingly listened to. Nothing happens arbitrarily, and nothing approaches you by chance. Everything is laid down in my plan from eternity, can just be utilized differently - what always remains left to your free will. For that reason you can consider everything as my guidance, what happens in your spiritual activity; you can see all men as brought to you by me, with whom you can speak in spiritual conversations about my "word". You can consider every change of your own situation as promoting for you vineyard work, and every day is so organized by me, that you can ascend, so you have the serious will to it. And that you are to particularly hold before you in the coming time, that I direct your fate, that everything always comes so, as it must come, so that you can be active in the redeeming meaning - for often you will not understand it, that I lead you ways, which hardly want to seem passable for you. But the aim is marvellous, which is only reachable through such ways. And as soon as you just believe, that I myself always walk next to you, as soon as you just begin and end every day with me, blessing lies on everything, what you undertake, even so earthly no advantage grows for you out of it. Then you must always know that I ordain everything so, as it comes, and that it has its wise reason, for I see clearly the effect, and everything approaches you according to it. The number of those, who are seriously willing to serve me, and want to help me in the last time before the end, to erect my kingdom among mankind, is truly very little; but who has this will, him I seize with my whole love, and his earth life is now completely regulated according to my will. Man himself would often act differently out of his will, when he would not have already subordinated his will to me before, so that I can now direct him, that he makes a fit worker for me in my vineyard. But I need his complete devotion to me for it. But then he can be full of trust, that I also include his earthly troubles and worries into my plan, that I will solve everything at the right time, what worries him as inextricable tangle. For when he wants to serve me, then I also serve him, and that both spiritually as well as earthly. But my love and wisdom often have other ways than it seems good to man. But I never want his disaster, and I never leave him in times of earthly trouble. I regulate everything, but according to my discretion, so that at the end of the day it may serve the spiritual development of man himself and many fellowmen, who are entrusted to him, whom he can help and who I therefore lead to him. Leave everything full of faith to me, that I order it for you, and you truly do the rightest thing, for who could perhaps care for you more lovingly than I, in whose service you have entered voluntarily. - My aim is always only the happiness of my creatures. What can be done for it, that I truly do, and so you want to help me with it, so it will certainly not harm you. But you must always know, that everything is ordained by me and always serves you best, that all life situations, good as bad, serve you yourselves for maturing, but also always again and again open doors for you, where new work waits for you, because your actual task exists in that respect, to do eager work in my vineyard, for my kingdom remains existing for ever, but the earthly kingdom passes, as soon as the time is fulfilled.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6297.



^ B.D. NR. 6437

Trust in divine guidance.

28. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6437.

I guide you all, you who want to serve me, and you will never go your ways alone, but at my hand, because you have grasped it voluntarily, because you chose me as your leader out of your own drive. And my leadership will always be so, that it serves you yourselves to reach soul maturity, but also the vineyard work, which you are to do, for I know it, where and how you can make use of your power appropriately, because I also know about your will, to be loyal servants for me. And believe it me, you will always know it yourselves, what you are to do, because I address all of you myself through the heart. Just trust me fully believing, that I will give you the right instructions, when it is the time, but do not jump ahead. For I bring everything so to you, that you take hold in all naturalness, that you then also have the sure feeling, to act right, for that is my voice in you. Consider after all: You want to serve me. Is it then not also natural, that your house father also gives you the right instructions for your service? I will never leave the power of a servant, who offers himself for service, lie fallow, because I need all of you and allocate that work to everyone, which he can carry out best. So long you ask and are unsure, the assignment has not yet gone out from me to you, for you will clearly and without doubt feel it in your heart and also fulfil without thinking twice. Let me care for you; let me think for you, and always just take me by the hand, which guides you, so that you safely direct your steps there, where I want to place you. And when I have intended an unusual task for you, also then everything will approach you so, that nothing unusual is to be recognized. For I do not want to determine your will, but so you subordinate it under mine, then you always want the same as I, and your thinking and acting will therefore also be right. But so long you still doubt and ask, it is not my voice, which gives you inwardly the task. Then connect yourselves most intimately with me and wait, until complete clarity is in you, which I also surly give you, when you are just ready to serve. And you will be amazed, how everything takes care of itself and how sure you are now able to judge. The trouble of the time requires your complete commitment, and I call upon you, my servants on earth, to industrious vineyard work, but I also allocate to everyone the field of activity, which he is able to cultivate. I am the head of the household, and my will is to be valid for my servants - because you men yourselves cannot assess it, where and how your power can be utilized best. And for that reason you are to always subordinate yourselves to me and my instructions. But then you never need to fear, to do a wrong work. Open your heart and ear yourselves to me through your will. And I will speak to you so, that you understand me, even so you do not hear my word audibly. You will feel it, what I want from you, and therefore you just need to pay attention to your feeling, to the inner voice, which pushes you or keeps you back. For as soon as you ask me intimately for information, I will truly answer you, and you will feel it, what you have to do and to refrain from. Therefore you can at any time leave yourselves carefree to the leadership of your father in heaven. He knows your ways, which you are to go to the salvation of your soul and that of fellowmen.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6437.




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