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Theme 33. Book of the fathers


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Book of the fathers":



^ B.D. NR. 0185

Let God rule anew, and accept what he sends to you in clear words, which will be taken to heart by you and which will more penetrate into you than the book of the fathers.

The words of God should me missing in no house, but even so the old book no longer gives you what can be of comfort to you, then still do not reject it time went by about it and with it also the way men speak.

The love of the divine father will again and again find ways that his teachings find entrance into the hearts of mankind and to keep you from error he will steer your thoughts, if you just want to understand right and want to receive from the book of books only divine truths and not humanly fathom the weaknesses and mistakes of mankind.



^ B.D. NR. 0653

Burry yourselves in the book of the fathers, and read in all wisdom after intimate prayer for understanding and you will attend and recognize that only always that happens, what the Lord has already announced, when he walked on earth.



^ B.D. NR. 0905

The trouble of the souls is indescribable, and for that reason I give my word anew, and this to those, who unscrupulously were at the mercy of those, who withheld from men the book of the fathers.

General knowledge will indeed reject that knowledge, which the wisdom of the fathers exceeds, but I impose no limits and give so, as the spiritual state of maturity of men requires it.



^ B.D. NR. 1467

And it will be shown that all these announcements penetrate into the human heart tremendously easier, than the book of the fathers, which certainly holds much wisdom, however needs a strongest cleansing, and therefore its power easily gets lost, what is to be recognized from the infinite many additions, which are merely the work of men.



^ B.D. NR. 4449

But if you do not believe my word from above and still think yourselves to be devout, than compare the written word from the book of the fathers and you will find there nothing else, than what I tell you from above.



^ B.D. NR. 4514

For that reason also the written word, the book of the fathers, can only be understood, when my spirit blows through if it is read or listened to in the state of connection of the spirit spark in man with the father spirit from eternity.

A man without love picks up the book of the fathers rarely or not at all, because it says nothing to him, because he finds no understanding for the written word, although it has taken its start from me.



^ B.D. NR. 4778

But this knowledge cannot be taken from the book of the fathers, but this is no reason to rejected it, because there is still much that is not recorded in this book that I keep from those that do not bring their spirit to an awakening in them and on the other hand give it to those who own the key to wisdom that have formed themselves to love.



^ B.D. NR. 4944

For these the divine word is therefore no source of power, because they only hear it according to the letter, and it has no spiritual meaning for them. These are those, who also doubt the book of the fathers, even so they openly profess it.



^ B.D. NR. 4999

You are not yet really aware of your office, when you believe being able to receive the word only out of the book of the fathers you cannot do this, so you would not let me myself have an effect in you, otherwise it remains an empty word, which does not have a power awakening and power giving effect.



^ B.D. NR. 5040

But so I am also present to those, who, in the desire to hear me, read the book of the fathers, which is and will remain likewise a revelation on my part, as long as earth exists. Who therefore reads it with love to me in the heart, he will hear me speak myself, because to him the letters will become alive; they will tell him, what I myself would like to tell him.

A follower of the world, however, does not long for me, since the world appears more desirable to him. To these the hearing of the inner word is both incomprehensible and implausible, as also my word in the book of the fathers will remain to them unattractive and meaningless as long as they are still followers of the world.



^ B.D. NR. 5150

That I by no means want to run down that, what is holy to you from time immemorial, the book of the fathers, which will never and not at all lose value for those men, who seek to draw knowledge out of it in the good belief in me and love towards me. Because deep knowledge is hidden in it, however, recognizable only to him, whose spirit has become effective.

I do not want to be existing as God in your intellect only; I want to live in your heart; I want, that you believe in me alive, and I want to instruct you, how you can win this alive faith not through much knowledge, which you acquire intellectual wise, even so you have taken it from the book of the fathers but only through a love life in fullest unselfishness.



^ B.D. NR. 5163

The spiritual meaning can be explained to you men only by me myself, and indeed again only through the spirit. The same also applies to the knowledge, which you men draw from the book of the fathers. Also this my spirit must first have explained to you, before you can penetrate into the right meaning of the words.

This word can always be taken as guiding principle also by those, who intellectual wise seek to penetrate into the book of the fathers and are still unclear about the meaning of my words. And where the results deviate in the general sense from my imparted word from above, there you may by all means reject, what is not according to the latter. I however do not reject the book of the father because of that, which holds my word in it, however veils the meaning of the letter out of wise discretion to so first cause men to awaken the spirit spark in them, which will then instruct them securely and truthfully and easy to understand.



^ B.D. NR. 5164

For spiritual food is only that, which strengthens the soul for ascent; spiritual food is that knowledge, which lets love for me and for the neighbour revive, and for it takes truly little, but the right knowledge. But so you now believe having to explore the book of the fathers most thoroughly, you let more your intellect become active than the heart, and then, what you achieve of success, will serve less the soul than more worldly knowledge, although it is of spiritual origin. For you rather seek to explain and to also give time wise worldly events, than to penetrate into my plan of salvation from eternity, which, however, only aims at your spiritual recovery. What you draw of knowledge out of the book of the fathers is little suitable for this recovery, because only love is always the sole means of recovery, and it can also be practise without such a knowledge, and it must also be practised before, before man can speak of right knowledge, of truthful spiritual thought material.



^ B.D. NR. 5372

Everyone will hear my word, because the activity of the intellect now directed by me right, is very well able to eliminate as error or lie, what does not come from me, on the other hand accepts happily, what has its start in me. Then that man is also taught by me, who takes note of my word through reading or hearing out of the book of the fathers, because my spirit instructs him, and my word penetrates him with its power and awakens him to life.



^ B.D. NR. 5710

The Scriptures, which bear witness of me, would fully be enough to announce my will to men; they would also lead them to the light, to cognition, when my will would be obeyed, and they would gain happiness. But this script, the book of the fathers, has lost its value for many men; it is for them no longer that book, which imparts my word to them, because their lack of faith also affects the origin of the script, because they cannot believe that my spirit was effective in my disciples and this spirit caused them to write down, what I myself have done and taught, when I walked on earth.



^ B.D. NR. 6224

You have to fulfil a mission, which is extremely significant, because it is essential to strengthen the still very weak faith of men; it is essential to lead them to faith through the presentation of my word, which is supplied to them directly from above through you. It is the last attempt, to inform men of their belonging to God of their task and of the work of my spirit, so that they now also recognize the credibility of that, what stands written in the book of the fathers that they do not doubt that, what they are to know to be happy.



^ B.D. NR. 7358

And for that reason the belief in the ascension of Jesus still remained preserved for a longer time; it was not so doubted as it is now the case, where love has cooled among men and faith can already be called totally dead. Moreover credible witnesses of that event are lacking and men must unconditionally think that to be true, what is known to them as tradition or from the book of the fathers.



^ B.D. NR. 7429

So therefore also every man, who, in the desire to hear me myself, reads the book of the fathers, the Scriptures, will be addresses by me directly, and the word will help him to the life of the soul, because he had the desire in him to come to life and not to remain in the state of death, which is his lot, when he remains completely turned away from me with his senses.



^ B.D. NR. 7537

In the time of the end faith has become so weak that also the book of the fathers is no longer particularly observed, that men no longer take my word from it, that they just still read it according to the letter, but do not assess it as my address. For that reason I must address them differently; I must again supply my word to men on earth through messengers, through my devoted servants.



^ B.D. NR. 7856

Do not believe every spirit, but examine seriously. Because also my counter spirit is at work, particularly in the time of the end, and he will cause more and more confusion, and he will also hide behind my word, behind the book of the fathers.



^ B.D. NR. 8054

Is the Bible completed.

3. December 1961. B.D. NR. 8054

What misconception you have: to assume that Scripture - the book of the fathers, my word - is finalized, that I myself have set a limit insofar as that I now have stopped to express myself - that I don't speak anymore to the people. Who gives you the right to such an assumption? Who will keep me from speaking again and again as a father to my children? Who gives you the right to make such an assertion that the Bible alone is sufficient, that you human beings do not need any additional word? You who reject every new revelation are in the deepest spiritual darkness. And in this darkness you will also not understand the Bible and therefore is this also for you still a closed book because you do not understand the spiritual meaning of the letters, otherwise you would also find in this book the references to my perpetual revelations and the working of my spirit would be understandable to you. But as long as you yourselves are of a spirit that is not revived you will not grasp the meaning of the word that I myself spoke to my disciples when I was walking on earth. How poor you human beings would be if you would have to be content yourselves with a book that you can't check anymore regarding its unchanged content, if the pure truth would not be made available to you again and again - the pure truth to which you can apply a standard and check if you yourselves are moving in it. You, who want to allow this book of the fathers only, have yourselves not comprehended the word, you have only read it with your mind, but you have not let the spirit in you speak to you, who teaches you and who reveals the spiritual meaning of the word. You cling to the letter and do not understand its meaning. And if I myself want to introduce you to the truth then you deny my activity and you suspect my servants to be associated with my opponent; you deny my will and my power to speak to those who are offering me their service with all their faith and who are therefore able to hear my voice in them. And you stubbornly stick to your opinion that my word is completed with Scripture, which you acknowledge as an exclusive book through which I have revealed myself. And that does you harm because you proof by your refusal of my word from above that you are just dead Christians because a Christianity that is alive is a work in love, and this would bring you illumination of the spirit, and understanding of my exceptional help in times of spiritual want as well. You also would then understand the words of the Bible, the promises which I myself gave you and which point out that I reveal myself to those who keep my commandments. How do you then want to interpret these my promises when you deny every new revelation? Do you want to call me a liar when I announced my comforter, which will introduce you to all truth? How do you understand these words which must be fulfilled because every promise I gave to mankind during the times of my walk on earth must be fulfilled. And why do you not want to believe? Because you are of an overbearing spirit, because you lack the inner aliveness, the awakening of the spirit, and you therefore believe that you can determine me and my work, that you can limit it as you like. But you are mistaken, even if you believe that you have obtained knowledge through studying which allows you to reject my words from above. You are of an arrogant spirit and cannot therefore receive yourselves a revelation from me, because I only give my grace to the humble and you lack this humility. And that is why you are still walking in darkness and you will not break through this because you avoid the light that could give you knowledge when you would desire to step into its light. The love for my creatures never comes to an end and I will therefore never miss to speak to you human beings wherever the requirements are met. And my word will always be heard by those who are of good will, to whom the father can speak as to his children and who believe him in an alive manner and I will proof myself to them and the ones that belong to me will recognize my voice because I can be present with them, I can reveal myself to them as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 8054."



^ B.D. NR. 8355

But look for a word from the Scriptures for me, which says that I will never again express myself to men, because I have allegedly renounced myself in this book of the fathers and therefore now remain silent to those, who desire to hear the voice of the father.



^ B.D. NR. 8371

You men rely on the book of books, and you believe that its content has been exposed to no forging whatever.

And you, you who receive my word, you will soon experience it that you are asked questions, which you cannot answer otherwise than with my explanation given to you from above, and then you will also be able to understand, why such knowledge was supplied to you from me, which apparently contradicts the book of the fathers and which is really pure truth. Because the origin of this book you can no longer follow regarding its credibility.



^ B.D. NR. 8642

And when you believe you have to take the books of books (fathers) as guiding principle, so I want to tell you that you misunderstand much, that your interpretation is not always according to truth, that you have made ideas your own, which completely deviate from truth.



^ B.D. NR. 8661

They certainly let their intellect become active and also want to penetrate into spiritual areas intellectually; they make use of the book of the fathers and also there approach the interpretation intellectual wise, but their spirit is still darkened so long, until they take the way directly to me, their God and creator from eternity, and ask for purest truth from me. Particularly at this request for the supply of pure truth my opponent will always seek to prevent them, by them believing, being able to find the purest truth only in this book of the fathers. But even if the wording would have remained unchanged, the knowledge about it is of no use, when the spirit does not guarantee the right interpretation to them. But also this content has not remained unchanged, because nothing preserves itself undistorted, what once took its start from me in all pureness.

Already the many dissensions of the churches prove this to you, because if all would have found the same interpretation for the words recorded in the book of the fathers, then no dissension would have arisen.



^ B.D. NR. 8724

The book of the fathers has lost for you in meaning, which certainly also holds truth, but wants to be read in an enlightened spirit to be recognized as truth.



^ B.D. NR. 8769

But then I will certainly intervene and send the right explanation to you, because there is nothing, over which you could not request clarity for you. Because I want it that you men move in truth, and I will therefore also supply a spiritual material without any gaps to those, who are to be active for me and to spread truth. The objection that the book of books does not contain this or the other, what I present to you, is only justified insofar, as that it also cannot contain everything, because it is accessible to every men, but not every man is receptive or open to deeper truths, because the way of life of the individual also determines the degree of understanding to the content of the holy script. And it will always be so that the willing, more mature man will also read out of the Scriptures, what the other does not see from it, because his spirit is not awakened. And because the book of the fathers is no longer for men that, what it is to be my word I let those listen to me, who allow my work in them, and I enlighten them therefore also about things, which are not written in that book, but which could also everyone hear, when he would completely enter into my will according to the Scriptures and lead a love life.



^ B.D. NR. 8770

The process of creation was no act of the moment, although I truly did not lack the power for this however, the purpose of creation would have been missed, because it should guarantee a slow development from the deep upwards and for that reason it carried on for endless times. And therefore it must also be comprehensible for you men that the portrayal in the Scriptures, in the book of the fathers, informs you about this act of creation illustratively, because men, who still lack deeper cognition, would not be able to understand the right process, and they are just to be instructed about that creation once emerged out of my hand; that it was and is the work of my will and my power. Who seeks to penetrate deeper, he will also gain deeper cognition.



^ B.D. NR. 8811

I want it that they know about their defection from me and the process of leading back; I want to supply the knowledge to them about their earth life purpose and their destination, which they are to strive for consciously, because as soon as a light is lightened to them about it, it can become light in them, and they will then consciously strive towards me as their former start. And because I speak to all men, making it always only depending on their will that they listen to me, you will however also take responsibility, and you can never say that I have not addressed you. Because you will always be able to also hear it, when you bury yourselves in the book of the fathers with the thought to hear my address.



^ B.D. NR. 9016

Endless long times have passed in which men already live on earth because the time estimate, which you take from the book of the fathers, has only insofar its legitimacy as that the prevailing spiritual state of those men is seen from it, but that the human race inhabits earth already over-long times that only always those events in their orientation were recorded, which were of importance for the development of men but that it is no longer possible to determine these times in their duration; you would never come to a proper result.




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