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Theme 30. Light beings embodied as man


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^ B.D. NR. 4685

Light beings embodied. Mission. Godís adoption.

9. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4685.

Consider that you are not of this earth, when I give you a mission, which aims at the redemption of mistaken souls. Consider that it is my will that everything returns to its start, that all my creatures must find to me, to become happy, and further consider that the will of the imperfect spiritual is so weakened that it itself would never turn to the way up, when it would not be helped with advice and action through light beings, which help them insofar as that they seek to determine their will to return up. And these beings full of light now work partly spiritually, partly earthly, i.e., for the purpose of the announcing of my will light beings are embodied in the flesh, to now fulfil their mission, my will, which is announced through my word, to impart to men and so to be therefore active for their redemption out of form.



^ B.D. NR. 4803

Embodiment of many souls in the time of the end.

24. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4803.

Also to the light beings the earthly world serves to their completion. Because it gives the most possibilities to the gaining of the adoption of God, which also a light being can only obtain through a life in the flesh on this earth. But the course on this earth as man does not then presuppose the ascent development in the mandatory state, but a light soul can engender itself directly into the flesh to now pass the free decision of the will, to which often hard test are imposed on it. Again and again light souls descend to earth, and quite particularly in the last time before the end many of such embodiments are allowed, because exactly this difficult earth life time guarantees highest degrees of maturity, but as also erring men need spiritual leaders, who only such light beings embodied as men can make. Such a light soul was also Jesus Christ, which took upon itself an extremely great and holy mission, which made the greatest demand on the will of a man. His soul was certainly perfect, when it stepped on to this earth, nevertheless this degree of light had no influence on the earth life of the man Jesus, otherwise his mission, the redemption of mankind, would have lost value.

When now, in the time of the end, an extraordinary numerous embodiment of light souls on earth takes place, so to all of these a mission is assigned, which requires love and strength of will. But to all of these souls the same is characteristic: to spread the divine word among men. Because through knowing souls the knowledge is made accessible to them on earth or brought to remembrance, and they are pressed to pass on this knowledge to fellowmen, who walk along in darkness of spirit. And therefore this is a characteristic of those, who are from above, that they eagerly take part in the spreading of the divine word, but please note Ė of that word, that started in the spiritual kingdom.

Embodied light souls find now alone in the spreading of this divine love teaching their earth happiness, and these are the right representatives of God on earth.



^ B.D. NR. 4899

Embodiment of light beings. Forerunner.

18. and 19. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4899.

Many light beings are at the moment embodied on earth because the great spiritual want requires extra ordinary help, which can only be done by beings of light. Such light beings are mostly spiritual leaders, i.e., they stand in close union with me through leading a life according to my will and can therefore accept my instructions directly and impart them to men. Such light beings are standing in a degree of maturity which makes a sinking into the deep impossible, which is why they also always go through earth life in greatest humility and selflessness and only seek to bring my kingdom to men, without them wanting to draw any other use than to serve me and to help men. That is why such a light being, sent by me to earth, can also embody itself several times when the spiritual low of men necessitates it. But these embodiments are then always complete services until the end because my will is predominant in these beings, because they have already voluntarily subordinated themselves to me and can also no longer lose this degree of maturity on earth. Low spirits will never have power over such being embodied as man, and it will never succumb to their bad influence. Therefore an already completed spirit can never fall on earth, i.e. not fulfil his mission.

Also the most completed spirits out of the heavens will temporarily embody themselves to achieve a spiritual ascent among men because without such help the latter are too weak to resist.



^ B.D. NR. 4970

Embodied light beings. Without remembering back. Forerunner.

20. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4970.

The spiritual state of men that already live in the last times requires a special help on the part of light beings that are active on my behalf, in the spiritual kingdom as well as on earth, where a large number of such is embodied as man to fulfil a redeeming mission.

That is why the world of light has to mediate; beings of light have to look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can let flow the radiation of my spirit and - when there is lack of that - the beings of light themselves descend to earth to be a connecting link as embodied man between men and the spiritual world - to be mediator between me and men. In the last times before the end, in which you men already live, a large number of light beings are embodied to help you who are blinded and ignorant; you who live wrong and therefore are in great trouble.

But the world where there is light holds inhabitants that look at the on-goings in the darkness of the earth full of horror and they want to rush to you to help to still save the ones that do not offer resistance and devote themselves to their guidance. They are nevertheless men, that so want to help you and teach you. That is why you do not recognize them as they also do not recognize themselves as beings from above, although as man they seriously strive upwards. They are man - like you and yet of a will that is turned to me, at which my opponent is no longer able to get, because they already have become mine before they came to earth for the sake of needy mankind. They are to bring you the light that they continually receive from me and that at the same time is power upwards. But they are also not aware that they came to earth of their own free will because their struggle upwards must be clearly visible to the fellow human beings to prompt these to do the same. A light being that would be recognizable as such cannot serve men as example because men flawed with all weaknesses and faults would then not feel able to ever reach this example.



^ B.D. NR. 5002

Light beings embodied as man. Disciples of the end.

19. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5002.

At the time of the end also light beings must descent to earth to help men, because the opposing side has an extremely strong effect on them and men are too weak to resist. These light beings embodied as man have a strong soul, which strive for me, although they as man have no consciousness back, from where they come. They will always strive up and never let lower powers influence them, nevertheless they as man on earth wage a war with those, but out of which they emerge as victors. A strong power of the soul in man often indicates a soul coming from above, but the soul does not become aware of this, otherwise its mission would lose importance, which must always be and remain a free decision of the will. It certainly can suspect it as result of increased knowledge, but it remains hidden to it for the sake of itself until the time of complete spiritualization, shortly before its decease, where it recognizes its origin in spiritual display and longs back there full of yearning, where it is again united with me in happiness. Such a light being embodied as man can cause great blessing on earth through its spiritual power and its love towards fellowmen, but as long as it lives on earth, it is only a man, who must cover a development course exactly as every other man to be able to develop spiritual powers, because he is to be an example to fellowmen, who can achieve the same as he, when they are willing for it. Man on earth can even summon the increased power of will of these light souls through use of favours of the work of redemption, why exactly this teaching is eagerly supported by those, who are to announce the Gospel.




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