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Theme 29. Earth rotation - interior of the earth - earth tremor


0495 4355 4998


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^ B.D. NR. 0495

Sun worlds. Mountain spewing fire. Eruptions.

5. July 1938. B.D. NR. 0495.

Every sun body is in infinite extension an equal work of creation as earth. For only few it is comprehensible that one can compare the sun with a mountain spewing fire. This comparison will, however, only then be understandable, when one considers that the creator has also fashioned the interior of the earth of such a mountain deliberately so, that beings without number have it as residence - and that the activity of these beings exists in that respect, to bring about unlimited eruptions, through which again all the properties of the mountain are exposed to constant changes that again a part of the beings can give up its cover and the way becomes free for it in other regions on and above earth. As a result of this the creator also allows such eruptions with full will, and who loses the earthly life through such processes, his activity on earth was limited and is heading for another development possibility. In exactly the same way also the sun worlds are creations, which the Lord has put into space for the purpose of always new world bodies coming into being. Each one sun is in perpetual activity. Unsuspected powers rage in its interior, which again and again hurl parts out of the interior into space by virtue of its elementary power, which are there again seized by spirit beings and fashioned by them to completely free world bodies active for themselves and provided with everything by creative spirit beings, what is again required for creatures intended to exist on them.



^ B.D. NR. 4355

Supplementation and Explanation to No. 4348.

26. and 27. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4355.

Spiritually advanced scientists can easily explain themselves this process because they do not anymore view an extralegal activity of natural forces in such an unbelieving manner because for them the sphere outside of earth is a field that cannot be determined with earthly intellectual thinking because other laws of nature than the ones being valid on earth are governing this. Each star is a world on its own and in each star the love will of God has expressed itself differently because countless thoughts of him are realized through his might and power, and every single thought of him is witness of deepest wisdom. According to human judgement such a manifold diversity of God's creations cannot exist as the power of imagination is limited, but with God there is no limit to his thinking and no inhibition of his creative power. It is now entirely impossible that man, the inhabitant of one of God's innumerable creations, could completely fathom his rule and work in a rational way because he immediately rejects what seems to be impossible but to God it is always possible. So also the earth in its movements, in its motion, its constitution, can be calculated and researched time wise but always only insofar as the natural laws governing the earth that are known to man are taken as a basis. Beyond it his knowledge and intellect fails. But there is something beyond it, otherwise earthly science could exactly determine when and in which form, out of which cause the final destruction of earth will happen.



^ B.D. NR. 4998

Powers in the interior of the earth. Eruption. Explanation.

11. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4998.

The earth rotations are therefore driven out from the inside, but regulated through counter powers, until excessive influence from the inside results in earth tremors and eruptions, so that the laws of nature remain so long irrefutable, until I myself dissolve them through my will, when the end of the earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4998.




Home > Miscellaneous > Themes > Theme 29. Earth rotation - interior of the earth - earth tremor

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