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Theme 25. Locality of spirit beings


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^ B.D. NR. 0926

Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings. Enlightenment through high-ranking beings.

In visible earth nearness are those spirit beings active whose assignment it is to give knowledge to men about the continues remodelling of all that what enlivens the surface of the earth. This assignment is only possible in the form of thought-transference, and so their work will mostly extent to make the different products of creation quite vividly clear to men so that they start to become reflective through these and ask questions, whose answering is exactly the activity of those spirit beings and is therefore imparted to men by the spirit beings in form of thoughts.



^ B.D. NR. 2165

Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth.

Because as soon as a loving thought touches such lonely souls, they pay attention and turn to the starting place of that thought; they come near the person who thought of them mercifully, and observe him and his nature, his acting and his train of thought.


^ B.D. NR. 2401

Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.

Earth is surrounded by countless beings which so to speak still live on Earth, but unrecognized by men, who declare that for not being, what they cannot see and take hold of, and who therefore also do not want to believe that the souls of the deceased surround those men who were left behind.


^ B.D. NR. 3316

Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom.

3. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3316.

Directly after the death of the body the soul leaves the body and disappears into the spiritual kingdom, which according to the state of maturity can be close or far off from earth. That is certainly not to be understood spatially but the distance results from the difference of spheres, which certainly all belong to the spiritual kingdom because they are far away and outside of the earthly-material world and the soul, which is still immature, has to go a very long way time wise before it reaches the spheres of light. A mature soul on the other hand is moved like lightning after its death of the body into those spheres because it neither needs time nor space to overcome the distance from earth into the spheres of light. Alone that power is enough for it, which its state of maturity of the soul has earned it. The imperfect souls on the other hand are not able to separate from earth so quickly because for once they are powerless to swing themselves up, and then are also still tied up with their senses to earthly things. They do not want from earth and therefore remain for a long time near earth, mostly in the surroundings, which they called their own at lifetime. Hence they also do not immediately feel the change out of the earthly to the spiritual kingdom. Because their place of stay still seems earthly to them and the souls are also often not aware that they no longer have a bodily life. But that does not appear strange to them that they no longer can establish the connection with people on earth, that they cannot obtain a hearing and are left unnoticed by men. This circumstance causes the slow recognition of their situation, to recognize that they no longer stay on earth but beyond it in the spiritual kingdom. As long as the soul is still earthly minded it however is not able to remove itself from this surrounding; it is still earthbound, and this is an agonizing state for it because everything is unattainable what it desires or believes to possess. And it is now supposed to slowly overcome the desire for earthly goods; only after it has succeeded in this it removes itself more and more from earth; the spheres take upon themselves different shapes; the eye does not see earthly but only spiritual creations according to the state of maturity, i.e., the spiritual eye of the soul is able to see spiritual things, which the incomplete being is not able to see although they exist. If however a more mature soul departs from earth then it is immediately able to differentiate its surroundings in the spiritual kingdom because the spiritual eye has this ability as the result of its soul maturity. Such a soul will also recognize those souls, which it meets in the hereafter, while the other way round the immature souls cannot do this, i.e., they only recognize the souls of those also walking in darkness, which therefore are in the same imperfect state. Beings full of light however are invisible to them, and even when they approach them with their light being covered they do not recognize them. Only in a certain state of maturity the spiritual eye makes itself accessible, but then light is also around the soul, while spiritual darkness is around the souls, which are able to see nothing, because the spiritual sight is still locked for them. Earthly things on the other hand stand visibly before the eyes in accordance with their desire; but these are just figments of the imagination, which do not really exist, but appear through the desire of soul to it, to disappear however like a shadowy figure as soon as the soul wants to seize and use it, because the soul is to recognize by its transitoriness that it is to strive for something higher than earthly-passing goods. As long as therefore the soul still desires such, also no light beings will approach it, because material-minded souls do not listen to the words of the light beings when these come in the cover and want to bring them the Gospel. Only through the prayer of a man can help be brought to them in this situation, only then they turn away from matter, and then they seek a substitute in the spiritual kingdom. Beings willing to help come to meet them, which instruct them and show them the way up. And the more willingly they accept the instructions of the light beings the sooner the spiritual eye is opened to them, and they have now been raptured from darkness – they have entered spheres where they are allowed to receive and hand over light. They have covered the way, which can last a short but also a very long time, according to the stubbornness, with which the soul strives for material goods, which tie it to earth until they are overcome, and can now be introduced into pure truth by the light beings, to now be able to work in the hereafter for the kingdom of God, by the soul now handing out that knowledge to needy souls, which still walk in darkness of the spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 3316.



^ B.D. NR. 4863

Training of teachers directly or through light beings.

The lower spirits have their kingdom for themselves, and they are bound to it, i.e., they cannot move freely into areas, where the light is, and take part in transmissions of spiritual knowledge to men. For light beings recognize every spirit, and they know about everyone’s maturity and ability. They also take care of men on earth and their state of the soul, and in their love they also grant the man protection against all pestering through dark powers, as soon as the thinking and striving is turned to the kingdom of light and he detests evil. Not the smallest thing escapes the notice of the light beings, what could endanger earth men, and therefore they form a wall around him, who has professed me through his way of life and is now to be introduced by me to a higher knowledge. And no low power is permitted to intervene, to impart error or distract man from pure truth. For the kingdom of light is mine, as I also rule over the kingdom of darkness.



^ B.D. NR. 4865

Contact with the spiritual world extraordinary privilege.

Only the ignorant man makes use of material helps for this, which because of that also produce certain successes, because the beings of the spiritual kingdom use every opportunity to get into contact with men to inform them that they are near the man and want to have contact with them.



^ B.D. NR. 6453

Different course of development of the fallen.

And nevertheless there is a difference between the beings of those worlds in the universe and men on this earth - a difference, which only then becomes comprehensible, when the former defection of the originally created spirits from God is seen as "gone on in infinite periods" - what therefore means a Fall of man of such different kind and depth, that also the kind of clearing away, of repatriation and condition for it need completely different worlds and creations and also the beings enlivening these creations are quiet different in their powers of comprehension and therefore all must cover different ways of development, to reach God again.




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