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Theme 17. Before embodiment


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B.D. NR. 0606

Function of unbound entities. Life awakening activity.

And innumerable such soul substances unite themselves again to greater living beings, and the atmosphere is always filled with such souls looking forward to embodiment - and therefore also the atmosphere surrounding you men will be in full life, because the life giving power is always in everything, what surrounds you - in the air, in the water, in the rain, in the wind; with every breath you receive this power in you and become bodily fresh and strengthened through it, because it supplies you with those substances, which you need for life.


B.D. NR. 4702

Turning the will to God passing of the earth life test.

At the beginning of the embodiment as man the soul declares itself prepared, to take earth life upon itself for the purpose of last maturation, therefore the will in it becomes active for the first time to belong to God and to do that in earth life, what earns it the joining together with him.


B.D. NR. 5498

Carrying the load of the cross in submission.

Therefore also the cross will never be heavier for you, than you are able to carry; it is well measured for your power, but the last reconciliation for your guilt, for the sake of which you walk on earth and which you are to have paid if possible, before you depart from earth. Illness and suffering is the atonement performance of the soul, which it itself has taken upon it, which it was prepared to bear, as the earth course was presented to it before the embodiment. It has agreed to it consciously, although it lacks all remembering back on earth because of the freedom of will. But it was prepared to take the cross upon it to atone, what stands in its powers. For that reason do not grumble and complain, so your cross presses you, but call me for help, and you will no longer feel its load so burdensome; you will joyfully again get to your feet, so the cross appeared to press you to the ground.


B.D. NR. 5897

Earth life is the way, but not the aim.

The world has been given to you for the testing of your will, i.e., you had to be placed into a field of action, which was to stimulate you men, to use the will according to one direction. This world cannot get avoided, but it must be overcome by that man, who wants to reach the aim. The last embodiment of the soul, of the spiritual in you, as man on this earth, is absolutely necessary, because an opportunity had to be created for you, to use your free will, which before was bound through your former defection from me. A soul, which would like to evade this last embodiment, can also not reach the possession of free will, for its still too great resistance against me would not allow this. Only when it is ready, to go on earth the way of serving love, the favour of embodiment is granted to it, for this willingness testifies to the degree of maturity, which is needed for the last test of will. And every soul is also prepared before its engendering, to go this last course, because it can bring in for it the complete becoming free out of form and it also has the will, to become free. But it looses every remembering back; it enters this earth completely without cognition and now goes through a slow development - it learns to use its will; it gets educated and instructed so long, until its will itself starts to begin to determine, and then every help is offered to it by me, to come to the cognition of the right and good and to now also do in free will the right and good.


B.D. NR. 6290

Strokes of fate. Remedy.

You also do not know, what you have voluntarily offered to take upon yourselves before your embodiment as man. But I know about everything, and I truly do not impose on you a greater burden, than you can bear. Moreover I myself offer myself as cross bearer, when the cross presses you too heavily. But unfortunately you do not enlist my help often, and for that reason you complain about the burden and grumble often, that it is too heavy for you - love persuaded you to offer yourselves to the bearing of the burden of a cross. But in earth life you do not know, why you must suffer, you who believe, to belong to me through your will. But I want, that you also go your way quietly and uncomplainingly without the knowledge about the cause, that you take the cross upon yourselves devotedly; I want, that you always bow under my will, in the cognition, that he, to whom you subordinate yourselves, is a God of love and that everything, what comes from him, will bring about blessings for you.



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