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Theme 16. Past, present and future


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Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Past, present and future":



B.D. NR. 200

(Continuation to No. 198 and 199) Fight of light with darkness.

In small intervals of time and space uncountable light beings move, which in embodied state undergo their time of development in animal and plant life, and again and again they also there strive unconsciously towards the light.


B.D. NR. 1008


There exists no connection from earth to any world body, and eternities can pass, such a connection will also not be created, however spiritually again there are no boundaries, which separate one world body from the other. Wide space between two world bodies is no obstacle that spiritual beings can communicate with each other and give one another information about the world they inhabit and its composition.


B.D. NR. 1846

Eternity idea. State of light. Unredeemed state.

The eternity idea is incomprehensible to man as long as he still dwells on earth; but with the moment of death his soul is free, and he now grasps the incomprehensible. There is no space and time law; there is no bodily restriction; everything is like an endless ocean, which encompasses past, present and future; the spirit is rid of all fetters and also lord over time and space. Where it wants to stay, there it can be; what it imagines, that is present.


B.D. NR. 1921

Thought. Parallel.

But the spiritual kingdom has no space and time restrictions - it is always and everywhere - because in it is God, and God is always and everywhere.


B.D. NR. 2440

Idea for time and space as free or unfree being.

So only the imperfect being will always have the awareness of time, on earth as well as in the hereafter, while the perfect being is neither under time nor space law.

Everything is at all times present to it; so the perfect spiritual does not know past, present and future, but all this is just an idea.

The being can experience everything at the same time, what is incomprehensible to all men on earth.


B.D. NR. 2575

Time and space law in eternity.

The soul only has the idea of time in the stage of imperfection. In the state of perfection it is outside of time and space. The idea of time is therefore the yardstick of the maturity of the soul; as long as it still has the feeling to be dependent on time and space it still has not reached its goal; it has not yet entered the spheres of light in which every idea of time and space dwindles.


B.D. NR. 2754

Remodelling of Earth. New Earth. Time law.

But the renewed binding into form needs no span of time because it does not happen before the eyes of men, who certainly will experience the destruction of the old Earth, but not the remodelling of it.


B.D. NR. 4074

Past present future.

Time and space is something disassociated and therefore not to be separated from the state of imperfection.


B.D. NR. 4086

Complete Dissolving and Reshaping of Earth.

But the duration of the emergence of these creations is not measurable by men on the new earth because during the time of their stay after the rapture all sense of time was taken away from men and in the same way the concept of time will initially be absent on the new earth as men already have a high degree of maturity and the result of this is that past, present and future is just one idea for them until men again become more material and through this again are subject to the laws of time and space.


B.D. NR. 4701

Explanation of the stigma.

But the spiritual world stands all the time under the impression of the redemption through Jesus Christ. The spiritual full of light experiences everything in the present; it knows no time concept; past, present and future are one for the light beings, and so they experience the crucifixion of Christ at any time and praise and glorify him, who has opened heaven for them through his death on the cross, who helped them to the view of God, who wiped out the great sin, which separated my creatures from me throughout eternities.


B.D. NR. 7474

Time and Space Concept.

Then everything is the same for you - past, present and future - and you experience everything where and when you want it, as present, a state, which you likewise are not able to imagine.


B.D. NR. 7924

Time and space concept.

The time concept is only for the imperfect spiritual which still lives in the limitation of thinking and which is therefore also bound to time and space while the perfect spiritual knows no limitation, and past, present and future is the same idea because the being which is perfect can see and experience at the same time past, present and future events, and that is why it will be happy forever because nothing is there any longer which could ever burden the being.


B.D. NR. 8440

Creation of New Earth in a Moment.

For I have put in you the same ability - albeit in minimum degree - that also you can create and form and also need a certain period of time for it because in the state of imperfection, in which you men still are on earth, also the time and space law exists for you, which is only left out for perfect beings, because then there are no longer limitations, both time wise as well as also spatially.


B.D. NR. 9017

With all intimacy pursue the redemption thought of Jesus.

Then you will also be able to follow the process of creation because then no space and time law does exist for you anymore, you will be able to follow up everything whatever has taken place for the sake of the return of my creatures but then you will also know about the purpose of all my creations, and nothing will be hidden anymore for you.



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