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Theme 12. Practising the presence of God


Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "Practising the presence of God":



B.D. NR. 4738

Again and again try imagining my presence.


B.D. NR. 4745

But the danger is very great, to forget me because of the world.

If you now get into trouble, spiritually or earthly, then you turn in thoughts to me, and you now draw me to you; you desire my presence, and you also feel it, so you turn to me in intimate prayer and entrust your trouble to me.


B.D. NR. 5510

I am always there, where I am thought about in love, where I am recognized and acknowledged as God and father form eternity. There I dwell constantly, and men will also be aware of my presence, for they will live in peace and in faith. But I am also there, where I am not yet recognized, but where the heart is able to love and willing to love only man is then still unaware of my presence.


B.D. NR. 5616

And you will do no wrong request, for so you call me, I hear you and give you, what you request my presence, which always means help for you. Every fear and worry is truly unnecessary, as long as you are allowed to approach me in thoughts or through love work. I am not far from you, and if I would, so is your call for my nearness truly the best means, to secure my presence for you, for I comply with every desire of the heart, because only a believing heart calls me and I will never disappoint it.


B.D. NR. 6458

Always let God be present to you.

23. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6458.

Bring all your requests to me, and full of trust you can expect my help. In times of earthly trouble, you are to remember these words, so that they do not press you down and make you unable to comply with all demands, which life confronts you with, as to also cope with the spiritual work. As soon as you have handed over everything to me trusting in my help, I also take over your worries, and I will truly not let you ask in vain. As soon as you have once reached this strength of faith to present every trouble and worry to me and now let me care for you, nothing will anymore frighten you, whatever might come over men, for your confidence in my help also lets nothing seem so difficult for you, that you are afraid. And such a faith will be necessary in the coming time. Although I will always protect mine, not everything can go past them, without touching them, but everything can be lessened by them themselves or completely overcome, when they immediately think of me and entrust their troubles and thoughts to me myself. And I would like to bring all of you to that end, to always feel me near you, because then all trouble is removed from you. I am with you, always when you turn your thoughts to me. And for that reason no happening on earth is to influence you so, that you eliminate me from your thoughts. That it is, what you must practise, what you are never allowed to forget, that you yourselves secure my presence for you through your constant connection with me. And when I am present to you, then nothing can anymore happen to you, then nothing can any longer burden you, for I myself carry your burden, because you hand it over to me. The coming time will make great demands on you, both spiritually as well as earthly, for every earthly burden can only be overcome by spiritual means, when you men do not want to hand yourselves over to him, who certainly wants to give you the power earthly, however then demands your soul for it. And the temptation is great, when you are and remain not aware of it, that you then enjoy only still a short time of a life rich in pleasure and then lose everything. Only the clear cognition, that all you men stand shortly before the end, can still rescue you, by you not succumbing to those temptations, but intimately join me and ask me for help - and although I do not give you that, what my opponent offers you, so your earth life will nevertheless be bearable for you, and your power will increase, and of bright spirit you will recognize everything just as harbingers of the end, and you will hold out in faith in me and my coming, when the time is fulfilled.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6458.



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