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Theme 11. The servants of Satan


Links to messages from Bertha Dudde follow to the subject "The servants of Satan":



B.D. NR. 2050

Customs and rites introduced by men, which are to counterfeit true worship of God and still prevent men to intimately and sincerely connect with him.


B.D. NR. 2271

And when he talks about God then this is just a phrase which he uses without recognizing God.


B.D. NR. 2396

Achieving earthly advantages. They will have no offices or aspire to such. And who therefore is taught by God, his knowledge will agree and will contain no deviation from each other. But these people will be found mostly outside of those who take up the right for themselves to teach. They will not belong to those who believe having acquired knowledge through study; they will be found in the ranks of those who walk their Earth way unnoticed; they will have no offices or aspire to such; they will not desire the world and its goods, but acquire the greatest favour for themselves through voluntary renunciation to be allowed to receive the word of God and to be taught by God himself.

See Achieving earthly advantages


B.D. NR. 2742

Religious organizations. Worldly-churchy organizations are just the work of man. The inner core can far more likely come to maturity without the shell, which is already just the work of men and does not favour spiritual ascent development very much. The many organizations have not shown great spiritual successes because mankind became more and more de-spiritualized, despite these human institutions.


B.D. NR. 3729

The will of men under the cover of Christian faith. But where worldly organizations lay claim to be the church of Christ on earth, which was mentioned by Jesus Christ, they only represent the outer form in most cases, but not the heart.


B.D. NR. 3940

Modern prosperity teaching is dangerous.


B.D. NR. 3984

Error must be fought and pure truth offered instead.


B.D. NR. 3994

You pay more attention to ceremonies and humanly enacted commands than my word.


B.D. NR. 4012

The true followers of His church. The living Christian faith does not consist of a belonging to a Christian church, but in the right following of Christ.


B.D. NR. 4037

Spreading error under the cloak of piety.


B.D. NR. 4061

My church is no worldly organization.


B.D. NR. 4138

They are in a servitude, which is wanted by Satan and tolerated by men without resistance.


B.D. NR. 4158

In addition they must be completely independent of religious organisations.


B.D. NR. 4164

How often however do I miss the obeying of my love command with those, who strictly hold on to external appearances. Do you believe that I can get pleasure from external appearances, which are rather a danger, because deep inner stirrings die down in man in this way, but the external appearances distract and finally only alone are still observed.


B.D. NR. 4165

Error is sowing of Satan.


B.D. NR. 4167

Then many things that people deem to be important will cease and they will have to give it away und make do with a quiet inner reflection without outer action, without splendour and pomp and without teaching personnel that were not enlightened by me and were therefore unsuitable for the office of minister.


B.D. NR. 4312

Every ceremony, every external appearance will fall away. Then it will be shown who belongs to this church, who possesses the strength of faith that he does not defect when hell will charge against everything spiritual.


B.D. NR. 4322

It is demonic deception.


B.D. NR. 4385

But if you set humanly enacted commands over my commands of love, you do not reach the destination.


B.D. NR. 4411

But those who are still blinded by the world shine, who still desire earthly goods and offices, are not my right disciples, and they will not particularly enjoy pure truth; they far more like to remain in erroneous opinions and teachings, which their world mind likes, and leave pure truth unnoticed, why they will also not feel the blissful relief of the light and every extraordinary reference to me remains without impression.


B.D. NR. 4413

You hide behind walls, which are to describe my kingdom; but you do not seek me behind them, because you know that I am outside.


B.D. NR. 4427

But you are not to lend your ear to those, who certainly also preach my word, but have received it deformed and pass it on deformed. Because if they would be my right representatives, they would work together with you, my servants; they would receive directly out of my hand through you the right knowledge and also recognize it as such. If they however oppose you, they cannot be my right representatives and if they fight you, they are the servants of Satan, who uses every mask to drive out truth.


B.D. NR. 4431

That clarification is valid, which are the marks of the church, which I have founded on earth myself; that examination of earthly teachings is valid, which for that reason are to be mentioned as erroneous, because they make the belonging to my church dependent on the belonging to a particular denomination, which is never according to my will.


B.D. NR. 4520

Because these are the children of my opponent, who reject my word and consequently me myself, although they call themselves my servants, because the servants chosen by me recognize me and my word and are therefore closely connected to me, while the others go away from me more and more, if they do not accept what I send to them as special gift of favour.


B.D. NR. 4605

Men are blind in spirit and want to guide other blind, and if a light shines for them, then they extinguish it, so that their dark doing does not become obvious.


B.D. NR. 4686

And for that reason pay attention that you do not let yourselves be wrongly led; demand information from your leaders, and if they cannot give you such, so do not choose them as leaders, but seek, until you have found the right leader; and truly I say to you, who seeks, he will also find, because to the willing I myself come to meet him and reveal my identity to him.


B.D. NR. 4760

The mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented. We will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. It will surprise us and then we are to pay attention only to what we will hear because it will inform us about much. Splendour and pomp will vanish.


B.D. NR. 5004

The end of a great city. The announcement of the end of a great city. It is an earth-shattering event. Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave. A structure that was founded on God's word will be shaken.


B.D. NR. 5571a

I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry, because the idol is paid tribute to which still animates all matter.


B.D. NR. 5987

But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan.


B.D. NR. 6391

Every material connection with spiritual knowledge has a detrimental effect because something coming from above does not tolerate material striving because this dis-spirits the former.


B.D. NR. 6587

The false prophets are not unselfish, and by that they are recognized, and for their services they get paid, and they talk out of their intellect.


B.D. NR. 7714

The envoys of Satan. And where your speeches come across resistance there you also clearly recognize the work of my adversary, and from those you are to separate and not to preach together with them, because they are not my representatives but envoys of Satan, who is very especially there at work where the light of truth gains acceptance.


B.D. NR. 8391

A web of lies of greatest extent. A work of men, which is made out to be God's work, but which can never be God's will and God's work.


B.D. NR. 8456

The web of lies. Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself? When I walked on earth to bring light to men, I foresaw which web of lies was erected on the part of those who called themselves my successors.


B.D. NR. 8796

When you think to honour me through formal acts, you carry out a kind of idolatry.




Tell my servants and slaves: My offices are no exchange banks and no money boutiques! Because who serves because of money, he does not serve me out of love; but who does not serve me out of love, his services is foreign to me, as I must be completely foreign to him; because he does not serve me out of love, I have already concluded the reckoning with him. But how is he a loyal slave who sells the treasures of the Lord without authority like a thief for the most disgraceful price?! Iscariot sold me still at least for thirty pieces of silver without him knowing beforehand what will happen to me; because he was blinded and got lost. But now I, as tortured, killed and again risen, can already be had for the most disgraceful ridiculous low price at every minute. O you disgraceful thieves, you murderers, with what shall I compare you? You children of the dragon, you generation of vipers, you serpents! So you serve me, so must I find you?! Through my beloved Paul I have told you, that (1 Corinthians 9:13) he who serves at the altar shall also live from the altar, but only out of the works of love, - that is why you are robbers and thieves and treacherous assassins of the Gospel and of all truth. You know: As the work, so the pay! One cannot have love for money, but only again for love. I am love myself and can continuously be had for no price than only again for love. I purchased you all though love; that is why I demand from all of you again love. Who wants to serve me, he is to serve me in love, in which I died for him on the cross; and who wants to come to me he is to come in love to me, which bled for him on the cross.



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