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Theme 8. The illuminating power of the sun


Messages from Bertha Dudde are here listed, which deal with the subject The illuminating power of the sun:


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^ B.D. NR. 0205 Firmament.

When now the Lord houses beings in great numbers on each of these stars then you will get an idea of the infinity of the universe - of the countless spiritual beings subordinate to his will - and of his permanent rule and work about all the beings, which are all a part of the eternal light.


^ B.D. NR. 0254 Celestial bodies. Laws of nature. Research in vain.

No single star can exist without the illuminating power of the sun because each celestial body has its purpose that again innumerable living things have it as place of residence and still the composition of each is of a different nature. Would you like to fathom this you would have to reckon with laws which are until now completely unknown to you. The earth is a star, which is completely isolated from the other world bodies or the other celestial bodies, with laws of nature especially determined for earth, and so you can explain yourselves the celestial bodies, which you see in the firmament, according to these laws of nature but with this you do not come close to truth for all inhabitants of earth the laws of earth are valid which however deviate from the laws of the other celestial bodies therefore it will never be possible for you to put forward teachings and rules for these because you do not master the laws of the universe.

- so also every celestial body is totally different from each other, despite all of them moving in the same universe and under one will. Consequently the last answers remain untapped for you men; therefore it is completely futile to make scientific researches about areas and questions, which man can never solve, because even if you have found an answer who will prove that the answer is correct? You will always only reckon and pass your judgement according to the laws which are in force for earth but the universe holds such great secrets, and in existence on earth you will waste your time researching them.

As world-far one celestial body is apart from the other, as different is also the purpose of each celestial body for the beings allocated to it, and the laws, to which these celestial bodies are subject, have been given by the creator of the universe according to his wise judgement, but completely incomprehensible to the inhabitants of earth and not to be grasped by human intellect.


^ B.D. NR. 0258 Stars. Place of residence of souls. Sun light.

Through millennia it is the creator's will, to offer completely free beings a possibility on these celestial bodies for further development - and to so prepare them slowly for the state in eternity where a fullness of light is to illuminate them, which by far exceeds all the light on the celestial bodies in the universe. But also the fullness of light on each of these stars is of different strength - the sons, which emit their light and warmth to these celestial bodies, are again of such different extent, that no man on earth could have an idea about this, because these are areas, which are inaccessible to human research and would just produce wrong conclusions.


^ B.D. NR. 1008 Saturn.

There exists no connection from earth to any world body, and eternities can pass, such a connection will also not be created, however spiritually again there are no boundaries, which separate one world body from the other. Wide space between two world bodies is no obstacle that spiritual beings can communicate with each other and give one another information about the world they inhabit and its composition. To give a clear picture about the planet most kindred to earth, Saturn, is the task of a higher spiritual being inhabiting it, and a description is offered to you men on earth which indisputably gives information to him who desires information.

The task of these beings is likewise to look after earthly spiritual.

However the beings have to also fulfil an activity, and this is in accord with its respective embodiment because also these beings are in different outer form on the surface of the world body, only that they have an adaptability which by far surpasses that on earth, by them not enlivening any outer forms as imperfect spiritual beings, but can change as it were their cover at any time to be able to execute a task given to them in a different cover easier and better. Consequently Saturn holds living beings, however standing in a certain degree of maturity, otherwise the stay on this world body would not appeal to them because the fullness of light presupposes a certain light receptivity.

And this activity again is in a certain connection just as necessary for men on earth because the permanent enlivening of the entire flora is the task given to these beings, however in a connection which is not yet really understandable to you.


^ B.D. NR. 1013 Sun.

On the other hand the union of unexplored powers produces certain frictions because every power wants to express itself and drive out the other. Where now such frictions develop the body standing in the centre has to catch fire whether it is of a hard kind or not, i.e. rebel against the power pressing it. So therefore every light appearance is an opposing of one power towards the second power wanting to express itself. And in the same way it is with every spiritual power current.


^ B.D. NR. 1015 Sun.

Not seldom do assumptions lead to false conclusions, and also science has erred incredibly when it assumes that there are any glowing masses in the central point of the sun.

The radiant effect of the sun is to be attributed to completely different laws.

The power of God himself shines without any effect from outside. The power of God is light in itself; this power passes daily and hourly into space without interruption, taken in through countless spirit bearers and passing on again through any being, visible and invisible. And that is why you receive in these rays of the Sun directly the power of life out of God - that is why the Sun has to distribute this power for the thriving of every living being, and this happens in a way, which is completely foreign and incomprehensible to human ideas, as long as men set too little value on the spiritual, because the radiant effect of the sun is a pure spiritual event, which however at the same time is also outwardly visible to men. While all other spiritual is hidden to them, earthly covered, an activity of the mature spiritual world is visibly expressed towards men, but not recognized as such.


^ B.D. NR. 1609 Research with and without Gods help. Truth.

The only possibility of a complete enlightenment the intellectual researcher rejects with the explanation that for solutions achieved by such ways no guarantee for truth could be offered to him. And still there is no other way to come closer to pure truth than through spiritual research.


^ B.D. NR. 1821 Illuminating power of the sun.

The body of the sun holds living beings on its surface area like any other heavenly body, is therefore inhabited. Consequently this body cannot be a burning mass which constantly sends its shine to earth. This thought is almost to be called nave because a solid body which is constantly burning loses its solidity, and it consequently would also lose form. Likewise it has to be considered that every burning of a mass requires combustible basic raw material so that there must be some matter which is seized by the fire and consumed accordingly. Everything what the Sun holds would therefore have to be earthly matter, so a raw material which would be destructible through fire, through an element which is likewise dependent on earth. But as now both the matter as well as the element is omitted, no explanation exists for a luminous heavenly body.

An earthly-worldly opinion is submitted to men; an assertion is made about a process which would be a very defective explanation for the coming into being of light of the rays of sunshine. And men now live in this wrong opinion and are content with such explanation. They gain a wrong picture by it because the final aim of the human soul is completely unknown to them.


^ B.D. NR. 1822 Process of light radiation.

The process of light radiation is to be compared to a continual love work. This is insofar quite understandable as light rays are visible, therefore cannot be denied as existing, although it is no work of creation needing space but that love work is an act which as a product would have to result in a new form. But light is to be seen as more than a process, than a form, because it is not seizable, yet perceivable. Man would also not be able to build a form out of it, and this is again proof that light is a power out of the supernatural kingdom because everything what is earthly can be shaped to form, if human will is seriously active. But to shape light rays somehow, a certain state of maturity of spirit beings is required whose duty it is. These beings must be completely independent of earth and its laws; they must have decided on an activity which requires deep love; they must be prepared to permanent giving, and that wanting to give from a power which likewise flows towards them. This power starts from God; as a result it is spiritual substance which is luminous in itself because everything which is from God has an unimaginable illuminating power. Because God himself is light.


^ B.D. NR. 1823 Eruptions. Difference of celestial bodies.

In the vicinity of a sun always such heavenly bodies will exist where identical building up material and identical laws of nature are visible as their affiliation to exactly this sun. Earthly seen the sun can now be nothing but an infinitely enlarged product of identical nature as the surrounding planets because these are works of creation coming from it. Consequently also all these heavenly bodies would have to be populated by the same beings.


^ B.D. NR. 1824 Unknown forces of nature origin of light.

That the light is produced through frictions is a law of nature which stretches over all creations. Compared to it the sun is the mother heavenly body; it is that work of creation which has the task of being heat and light giver for all those heavenly bodies which originally belonged to the sun. The sun is, seen with earthly eyes, a body of fire, i.e., men conclude from the light and heat power of the rays of sunshine that these necessitate an initial place which is fire in itself. This opinion is insofar erroneous as no precondition for such a source of the fire is given whatever. The atmosphere which surrounds the sun is completely divergent from that of earth, and by it powers of nature are again triggered for which man has no understanding because he does not know their existence. These powers of nature are therefore so to speak the originators of the light radiation when one wants to explain the illuminating process earthly.


^ B.D. NR. 1825 State of compulsion. Light - influence on unredeemed.

The light of the spirit penetrates into every matter, i.e., the spiritual held in matter is permanently influenced by the spiritual outside matter to do that what has to lead to redemption. Therefore it is the spiritual outside of matter which is dominated by the will of God or, rather said, which subordinates itself under the divine will.


^ B.D. NR. 1826 Spiritual explanation of eruptions. Serving in light.

However every radiation of light is the result of a serving activity, therefore serving in any form precedes, before a regular radiation of light can happen.


^ B.D. NR. 3495 Spiritual and material creations.

Spiritual worlds radiate light themselves because their inhabitants are receivers of light in different degrees of maturity. And that is why spiritual worlds are connected to material worlds; they share their light with the places of darkness according to the willingness of the inhabitants to receive, which can see the spiritual worlds as shining celestial bodies, which circle round the lightless star in certain orbits. But the radiation of light only happens spiritually and is therefore only felt by the inhabitants of the material world, which bear desire for light and form themselves as receiving containers through their walk of life. Only in the spiritual kingdom the light radiation is visible to the being, which is able to see spiritually through its soul maturity.


^ B.D. NR. 6620 Sunlight. (Rotation increased).

The sun again takes its brightness out of the universe; it is fed with light and power from myself or also from all light receiving beings, to whom all visible and spiritual worlds have been handed over. The ceaseless exchange of light and power between me and all my creations is necessary to also sustain the endless many creations. So you know that also the light of the sun is nothing than constantly overflowing light out of me into the perfect beings, and through these all creations are fed with light and power. So you can explain the light of the sun as a spiritual radiation from myself. But then also one thing has to be clear to you: that this radiation from myself penetrates everything. That it therefore is well capable to also shine through the whole earth; that there is no body for it, which would be capable to stop the brightness.


^ B.D. NR. 8648 Answer to question about reincarnation..

When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the later: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces.


^ B.D. NR. 8987 Difference of heavenly bodies.

You will also know about the difference of the heavenly bodies, which are so many-sided because they all also hold differently matured souls and as I had innumerable ideas and could execute them I therefore also formed every celestial body according to other thoughts (laws), but which all are to serve the return of the once fallen (spiritual).



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