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Theme 5. Life power and spiritual power


On this webpage messages of Bertha Dudde are collected that deal with life power and spiritual power.


2144 2310 2756 3133 3370  3933 4314 4674 5269 5318
5406 5434 5613 5619 5679  5705 5707 6104


^ B.D. NR. 2144 Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death.

Man needs life power for carrying out every activity, therefore being active means also life. When this power is taken away from him then he is unable to transform himself or other things – he is lifeless. But the outer form still changes in itself, as soon as man has become lifeless. It dissolves, and this process lasts so long until every substance has again been taken up in a new outer form, i.e., when the spiritual has flown out of the form, then the remaining form will certainly be relieved of its former purpose, must however fulfil a new purpose – it must contribute to the increase of any new outer form. The substance dissolves to be associated with a new outer form. This process needs again longer time.


^ B.D. NR. 2310 Weakness of will – Shortcoming. Responsibility. Word.

The smallest resistance decreases the effect of the power radiation out of God, because the fullest will is necessary to be able to receive the gift of God, otherwise the supply of power would be given to the being against its will and would mean an ascent development under compulsion. Only the life-force which is necessary for the sustenance is given to every man also without his will, but for ascent development he can also leave this life-power unused, and he therefore has to first let his will become active for making use of this life-power brought to him.


^ B.D. NR. 2756 The spirit’s power.

But as long as you are only letting your intellect be active and do not take up the spirit’s power, you will hardly stand in truth because truth is and will remain my part, which can only be supplied to Earth through my spirit.


^ B.D. NR. 3133 Earthly or spiritual expression of power.

It is different with the execution of activities, which as such lie in the field of human ability and only require more or less bodily strength. These are carried out with the life power flowing towards man, which can also be increased through his willingness for those activities.



^ B.D. NR. 3370 Life power. Lack of strength. Power supply.

Life power ceases with the bodily death of man, but spiritual power remains the being’s own also in the spiritual kingdom when he has made it his own on earth. And that is why the being, which has neglected the latter on earth, relapses after its bodily death again into a state of lack of power, which is unspeakably agonizing for the being because it has known the state of power before. And nevertheless also in the spiritual kingdom it can still acquire the supply of power but then its will must strive for it – it must first submit to the divine law of love, otherwise the power cannot be imparted to it in the spiritual kingdom. But as long as it does not do this, it remains in lack of power; it is unable to activate its will; and mostly this will is also so weak that it remains completely apathetical in its powerless state in greatest agonies and unhappiness. But those beings, which stand in fullest power abundance, do not leave these beings in their misery because it pushes them to share their power with those who need such. But the power transmission can only take place when the beings fulfil the demand of God to decide to serve in love out of own impulse.


^ B.D. NR. 3933 Power influx. Receiving vessel. Opening of the heart.

My power radiation streams uninterruptedly into infinity, having an effect there, where a container is found for receiving, and every heart of man is particularly to be seen as receiving container, which is of a mind turned towards me. A thought towards me also automatically attracts my power, because I open my heart to every one of my creatures, which does not resist me.


^ B.D. NR. 4314 Body power (Life power) Increase through spiritual power.

A difference must be made between bodily and spiritual power. Former is the life power, which every man has at his disposal, even so differently, and which is a particular gift of favour in the last embodiment on earth. Man now pays attention to only the natural power and does not think about how he could increase it, but he comes to terms with it that it decreases or increases according to age or health. But at any time he can increase this life power through spiritual power, which is not supplied arbitrarily to man, but is received only after fulfilling certain preconditions. This spiritual power is at the disposal of man unmeasured, but must be requested, therefore asked. But this can only happen in faith that it is both possible as also secure through God’s love, and a prayer never gets through to him in vain. Only then man requests the spiritual power the right way, and he will be able to have it at his disposal unlimitedly.


^ B.D. NR. 4674 Love epitome of divinity. Wrong love.

Love, which turns towards earthly things, which is therefore still to be seen as matter, is not power giving, but power robbing, and as man has no supply of spiritual power, he uses the life power, to gain that, what his wrongly directed love desires. He therefore wins nothing, but loses, because that, what he gains for himself, is passing and he loses the immortal values, which he is to create with his life power.


^ B.D. NR. 5269 Life Power - Spirit Power.

But you then do not take possession of worldly goods but I then bless every worldly beginning that you undertake but I bless you spiritually as well, i.e. through close unity with me I can supply you with spiritual power that is far more valuable than your life power because to work with spiritual power will always be successful even when not always recognized by you.


^ B.D. NR. 5318 Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Intercession – Change of will.

The souls in the hereafter know that men on earth are still in the possession of life power, which they lack completely, and for that reason they surround these men to get power from them. They indeed do not know, in which form power is sent to them, but they ask men exactly for that, what they lack, what they do not have, but can perceive with men. Their great trouble drives them again and again to men on earth, although they often have just a weak remembrance of the knowledge, which they possessed on earth. For that reason the instruction of these beings is not easy, because their weak ability to think must be taking into account and according to their debt, their state of maturity they lack all cognition. Nevertheless they are hungry for enlightenment, and they are patient listeners, when explanations are given to them. There is a great trouble in the otherworldly kingdom, but which can be alleviated by you men, when you are prepared to help them, when you take pity on these souls and your will to help is stimulated. For loving thoughts from you they really feel as a noticeable supply of power, and they will for that reason also never leave a man, who helps them in that way, that he remembers them lovingly and asks for help with Jesus Christ for these poor souls.


^ B.D. NR. 5406 God’s unfathomable nature can only be grasped through love.

You still lack this creative love power. And nevertheless it is in you, i.e., you as my creatures are also beings of the same substance, but which still rests hidden in you, as long as a thick opposing cover hinders it, busying itself creatively. The power of love is in you, but does not appear outwardly, because you yourselves, i.e. your will must pave the way for it – because you are to use your life power to accomplish acts, which correspond with your actual nature – to perform works of love and to so therefore develop the power in you.


^ B.D. NR. 5434 Remain in love, then you remain in God.

As long as you live on earth you can yourselves increase the degree of love, for you do not lack life power, which you are to use for work in love.

Use it well, i.e., do only good, do not waste your life power for evil acts, or do not let it lie fallow through idleness, for in future you will bitterly regret it not having used it for right doing pleasing to God.


^ B.D. NR. 5613 Condition for the receiving of spiritual material.

The soul now suffers the greatest damage, which enters after its death the opposite kingdom completely without cognition, where everything is dark around it and it cannot find its way around. In earth life it certainly can acquire light, because it can use the life power for love work, but in the hereafter it no longer has power and therefore can also acquire nothing for itself. But in the hereafter only spiritual knowledge is valid as wealth, for all intellectual knowledge is share of earth and lost in the hereafter, because the soul goes across without cognition, therefore in spiritual darkness. For that reason man is to acquire spiritual knowledge on earth and win it therefore through love work, then it will become light in him; knowledge will make him happy on earth already and mean for him a treasure in the spiritual kingdom, of which use will make him extremely happy and it can never ever be taken from him.


^ B.D. NR. 5619 Power out of God.

The power out of God is granted to every man, who asks him for it. But in which way it expresses itself, God reserves for him himself. For that reason you will have never spoken a prayer in vain, although you are not given in that way, as you wish it. But you receive power irrevocably, for your soul receives it, when the body feels nothing of it. The work for God and his kingdom is assigned to every man so, as he is able to do it. As soon as just the good will is there, to be a good servant to the house father, he will also be put at the place, where he can deal with the work. The life power can certainly decrease, but the power of the spirit can have so much a stronger effect, and then mission work can always be done, because power out of God flows across directly through his servants upon all men, who want to let themselves be touched by his power current.


^ B.D. NR. 5679 Using life power for love. Love power.

You men are not aware of the power, which is in you, which would let you accomplish the incredible, so you would just like to bring it to development in you. You are weak and powerless creatures on earth, as long as you do not use this power. But you can only bring it to development through love, and you are for that reason weak and powerless, because love has cooled, because you are able of no stirring of the heart any more. But the more you use the life power, which each one man has at his disposal, as long as he lives on earth, but which he should use to exactly strengthen this inner love power. But instead he uses the life power only in earthly direction of destination to gain earthly goods, to create comforts for the body, to assert himself in earth life. But he does not think of that life comes to an end and that can already end the other day; that then all life power is taken from them, which he could use in most substantial way to create spiritual goods for himself. But that power, which you possess, can likewise be used for the removal of earthly trouble, but it is another proceeding; it is as it were a reshaping of the nature of man, who then excludes every earthly trouble. Man stands above all things burdening him on earth, because that power, which he has awakened in him, is of divine origin and he consequently has divine support, as soon as he makes use of this power. He must therefore use the power he is entitled to for the development of love power – he must perform works of love, which now more and more strengthens the love power glowing in him and now lets the man accomplish things, which lie far above the natural ability and are still natural. A man, who therefore connects himself so with God through love work that now love power flows towards him persistently, he will also master earthly life; he will banish all earthly trouble, for it is no longer necessary for him, since the reshaping of his nature has already taken place and he now feels divine power in him, which he now also uses in the will of God.

You all can utilize this power for yourselves; you all would no longer be touched by the severity of earth life, so you would just adopt the power from God, which flows towards you inexorably, so you work in love. No trouble would need to exist anymore on earth, for the life power was given to you for it that you use it for work in love. Love alone makes you free of all suffering; love alone makes you strong, for love is divine, and where God is, there is no trouble, no weakness and also no suffering.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5679.


^ B.D. NR. 5705 Serious admonition. Material attitude.

You just spend all your life power to strengthen the kingdom of the opponent of God, so you strive for the world and its goods. But you are to use the life power to gather for yourselves spiritual goods, to acquire treasures for eternity; you are to voluntarily separate yourselves from those goods, which are passing and are still taken from you once, which you cannot take across into eternity. You are to use your life power right and acquire for yourselves immortal goods, with which you can work in the spiritual kingdom, which mean a wealth for you, which will truly bless you.


^ B.D. NR. 5707 "Create and work." Endless long night.

Create and work, as long as it is still day, as long as you men have life power at your disposal, which you are to use well for works of active neighbourly love – then you can get hold of light, then you do not need to belong to those, who will sink into deepest night at the end, then you will find mercy with God, he will lead you to his community, to those, who will fight for him until the end.


^ B.D. NR. 6104 Utilizing of life power for the gaining of spiritual power.

Utilizing of life power for the gaining of spiritual power.

10. November 1954. B.D. NR. 6104.

So long as your soul still wears the earth garment, it has many possibilities to mature, for so long it is still in possession of life power, which it just needs to use the right way, to also reach a degree of maturity with certainty, which enables it to enter into the light kingdom after the death of its body. So long it walks on earth, this life power is at its disposal, but which ceases with the moment of death. But with the help of this life power it can acquire a rich measure of spiritual power, and to do it, it has been embodied as man on earth. But how rarely is this life power utilized right - mostly only for the good living of the body, but rarely to the salvation of the soul. And so the life power can also have remained completely unused for the soul, and its lot is then an extreme sad one, because it arrives without power and light in the opposite kingdom, and can do nothing any more by itself, to improve this miserable state. But the right use of the life power exists in that respect, to perform works of unselfish neighbourly love, whereby man acquires spiritual power. So long man lives on earth, he is able to do it - he just needs to want it himself; out of his own drive he must work in love, to then also be blessed amply with divine love power, which helps his soul to light and power. A man, who only remembers his body - who therefore lives in selflove, uses his life power wrongly – he does not remember the neighbour, who only cares for himself and his bodily needs; he wastes his life power; he does nothing, to acquire spiritual power for himself, until death surprises him and he now arrives in the hereafter completely without power - robbed of that life power and destitute of all spiritual power, and is now in an agonizing state, which the soul itself can no longer remove. For in consideration of the previous state of power on earth it feels its present powerlessness as torment - but which it itself could quite well avert, when it would have used earth life for work in love. If men would know about the enormous value of their earth life, they would know, which riches they could gather for themselves with the right use of their life power - if they would know, how bitterly they would in future regret it, when they failed on earth - they truly would change their lifestyle, they would remember their body less and the more their soul. But in free will, out of the own drive they must create and work on earth. Through the word of God, they are certainly referred to the results of a wrong way of life, but the effect cannot get presented to them so, that they must believe and then their thinking and acting takes place under compulsion. For that reason, the enormous favour of the earth walk is not utilized, for that reason innumerable souls arrive in the hereafter without power. But they can only always get admonished and warned - to now act in free will to the blessing or to ruin.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6104.


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