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Theme 4. Intercession


Every thought is spiritual power (B.D. NR. 0807).



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On this webpage messages of Bertha Dudde are collected that deal with intercession.

There are beautiful messages from Bertha Dudde to the subject intercessory prayer. And they are also quite informative and add understanding to many aspect of intercession.

When we intercede then we are active in love. This interceding is therefore a simple means of practising love. It is something we can do always and anywhere. We can intercede for men here on earth and we can intercede for souls in the hereafter.

Now follows a list of such messages:



^ B.D. NR. 0187 Holy halls. Blessing of the work for spirit beings.

Innumerable souls implore you to help them out of their misery, out of the power of the evil forces.


^ B.D. NR. 0190 Effect upon ignorant spirit beings.

A loving thought, which you turn to all these, gives them again and again hope and power, to start the work on themselves and to turn towards the divinity in starting recognition.


^ B.D. NR. 0432 Recognition in the hereafter. Disguising of light beings. Self-accusation.

At all times you are to think of those who have left the valley earth already a long time ago and had to enter the hereafter in an immature state.


^ B.D. NR. 0669 Intercession for poor souls.

And there you men have to give help; you have to try to imagine that you can stand by helpless beings, but carelessly go past their misery - that you need to apply only very little effort and with it you can already make the state of suffering more bearable for them.


^ B.D. NR. 0807 Remote effect of thoughts.

Every thought is spiritual power, it therefore can be requested, received and passed on - and this could be used on earth from man to man still far more when love would indwell men and an abuse of this power would be eliminated through a certain spiritual state of maturity.


^ B.D. NR. 0914 Fetters of the soul. State of suffering. Saul - Paul.

Such a change is always the result of a preceding shaking of the soul. Earthly suffering can a have preceded it, but the sudden enlightenment can also be the result of an intimate prayer, which has been sent up in love for this soul to the father of the universe by a fellow man to assist this soul in the earth struggle - in the struggle about life in eternity because such a prayer was sent up to the heavenly father completely unselfishly and therefore has already the power in it because love was the motive.


^ B.D. NR. 0916 Announcement of a being from the hereafter.

And that is why it is understandable that you (singular) are surrounded by innumerable beings to which your (singular) work has brought inexpressible blessing through the perpetual instruction, which likewise comes in to them.


^ B.D. NR. 0981 Announcement of a friend in the hereafter.

And so there are all the time beings near you (singular) who want to express themselves, and they wait for the privilege of an announcement because they partly expect a blessing for themselves by it. They leave no opportunity unused and also remain around you (singular) because it is infinitely comforting for them to have found the visible proof of the connection from the hereafter to earth through your (singular) spiritual work.


^ B.D. NR. 1418 Divine intervention. Prediction.

But he who does not think to need God's help, he has lost his life earthly and spiritually.


^ B.D. NR. 1741 Agonies of the soul in the hereafter. Desire for earthly goods.

The prayer for the deceased is always to be meant for the still weak will of them and thereby the power to be bestowed on them to strengthen this will that it desires to ascend.


^ B.D. NR. 1863 Do not consult the dead.

All beings are connected with each other, hidden to man only for so long, as he is not searching spiritually - and that is to cause him to search.


^ B.D. NR. 2123 Powerless state in the hereafter.

And this love, which therefore becomes power, must first be given to it by beings willing to give - either by men through prayer - but what is an act of free will of man and which can certainly be well desired by the beings on the other side, but not forced - or by light beings able to give, which also only then can distribute when the being on its part has the desire to help and to be active in love.


^ B.D. NR. 2165 Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth.

Because as soon as a loving thought touches such lonely souls, they pay attention and turn to the starting place of that thought; they come near the person who thought of them mercifully, and observe him and his nature, his acting and his train of thought.


^ B.D. NR. 2172 Intercession for men far from God.

But because only through intimate prayer a change of thinking can be achieved, man is to miss no possibility to pray intimately for his fellow man who is still weak in faith. The power of prayer is enormous, and through believing prayer man achieves everything, and especially on the spiritual state it has an effect, i.e., man will give up his resistance against all spiritual; he will become contemplative and now think over that what he before refused all the time, and come to another result than before. Man who prays for his fellow man for spiritual enlightenment has extraordinary influence on latter, and this is expressed so that he now willingly hears what is imparted to him, even if he was at first opposed to it, that he thinks it over, and when he later becomes again aware of it, accepts it gladly and with pleasure. And through this the remoteness of God is decreased. Intimate prayer earns greatest power and therefore must have an effect on fellow man when this prayer was for him.


^ B.D. NR. 2174 Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter.

What it means having contributed to the redemption of a soul that will only be understandable for souls in the hereafter, when both the state of happiness and also the state of suffering comes home.


^ B.D. NR. 2381 Requests of poor souls for prayer.

Because every thought towards a deceased is something, with which they bring themselves into remembrance and call for help in their misery. Mankind is so loveless against each other and without faith in an after-life after death. That is why they also do not remember the deceased, under which these suffer exceedingly. They again and again push themselves into the thoughts of man and through this want to cause him to remember them in prayer. The misery in the hereafter is great, and that is why also the souls of unknown deceased push themselves close to him who remembers the poor souls full of compassion. For they feel every supply of prayer as favour, as increase of their power and will to turn upwards. And men who are full of compassion on Earth are continuously surrounded by souls needing help because they hope for help from them. The will to help such souls is already a supply of power for them, and every loving thought, which surrounds them, strengthens their will. And then beings in the hereafter who enjoy giving, come to help and impart power to those who need it to decrease the indescribable suffering in the hereafter.


^ B.D. NR. 2401 Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.

Because only the spiritual eye could see them, but the bodily eye is blind, consequently the souls can in no way attract attention, because men do not react to that, because they depend on the divine laws of nature, into which God himself has put them. They see and hear only with bodily organs, but the souls of the deceased want to be seen with spiritual eyes. And therefore there is no connection between the souls of the deceased and men on Earth, understood in pure worldly meaning; there is just a pure spiritual connection, which can only then be established when man on Earth has the will to harmonize with souls, i.e., when man on Earth believes in a survival of the soul and seeks to communicate with these souls as a result of this belief. This conscious initial contact with the spiritual world is precondition that a contact can be established between men and the souls in the hereafter, through which a mutual communication is possible. And now it depends who is more knowledgeable, man or the soul in the hereafter. Because the knowing part is supposed to instruct the ignorant part. When the soul in the hereafter is in a very immature state then man can impart his knowledge to it by speaking with the soul, what the souls can hear very well.


^ B.D. NR. 2402 Consciously requesting favour through prayer. Not wanting to believe.

And that is why man, who cannot pray, is a miserable, unfortunate creature, whom only can still be helped through loving intercession, that his mind may change and he may come to cognition. Favour can be supplied to fellowman through intercession of man, but to make use of this is again up to him, because a being to which divine favour would like to flow against his will, would be pushed against its will into a higher degree of maturity, which would not appeal to him because the being feels the lack of freedom, it therefore feels that his state was changed over against his will and that this means no happiness for the being.


^ B.D. NR. 2867 Intercession and favourable hearing.

And this spiritual need must be cause for intercession. In cognition of this spiritual need and its consequences men must pray for these misguided men; they must ask God for power and favour for those, so that they come to cognition of their serious difficulties and strive for the light out of free will. Because earthly need is for these men a favour, which exactly this cognition is to cause. Man is easily inclined to believe that earth suffering is a punishment for men, who do not live in accordance with the will of God. And that is why they ask God for mercy; they ask for the ending of earthly needs, for shortening of the state of suffering and therefore as it were for averting of the means of favour, which are really to help men to the maturation of the soul. Such intercession is certainly determined by love for fellowman, but this is supposed to be only meant for the spiritual well-being of man, then they prove their deep love for them, and then God can also hear the prayer by supplying them with favours to an increased extent so that they can come easier to cognition.


^ B.D. NR. 2868 Power of intercession.

But far more beneficial is that prayer, which is only meant for the spiritual perfection, the cognition and striving for light and truth. Also then again the prayer has an effect in form of power, which fellowman just has to accept willingly to being able to count as greatest spiritual success, and through this understandably also earthly trouble is reduced, which is indeed supposed to fulfil the same purpose - to achieve a spiritual maturing. But as soon as man leaves the power, which was given to him through intercession, unnoticed, God can also not reduce the suffering for the sake of man, whose soul he wants to rescue and who without such gets completely lost. Man wants to help fellowman who is in trouble. But God is love - and it will also come to the aid of man. And his love and wisdom recognizes suffering as the only means to win man for eternity, and this love and wisdom must understandably leave the prayer for suffering fellowman unheard when it questions the maturity of the soul, which is purpose and aim of earth life.


^ B.D. NR. 3256 Poor souls. Remorse. Loving help.

Because the spiritual full of light can only then assist these souls when they declare themselves willing to help other souls. But to let this will arise in them, their will must be strengthened, and this is only brought about by the power, which is supplied to them through the love of men on earth. Unredeemed souls, therefore such, which have not taken right advantage of earth life or have lived on earth completely without spiritual striving, are in greatest danger because they are completely powerless and have a completely weakened will. To assist these souls is one of the greatest works of love, which man can carry out. Persistently he is to pray for such souls; in thoughts he is to hold up in front of them that they must occupy themselves lovingly also in the hereafter; again and again he is to preach love to them; he is to talk to them in thoughts and supply to them power through his love, which is felt beneficently by the soul because it relieves their state of suffering.


^ B.D. NR. 3316 Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom.

As long as therefore the soul still desires such, also no light beings will approach it, because material-minded souls do not listen to the words of the light beings when these come in the cover and want to bring them the Gospel. Only through the prayer of a man can help be brought to them in this situation, only then they turn away from matter, and then they seek a substitute in the spiritual kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 3442 Light beings. Direct call to God.

Man is always surrounded by these light beings, they, however, remain completely ineffective when he establishes no connection, when he does not believe in their existence and their power, therefore hands himself consciously over with the request for welfare and care. Because according to divine law they are prevented to come to the help of man without being called, as this help would bring no spiritual success but the opportunity would be taken from him to ask God for help out of most inner drive, therefore to establish the connection with him, which is precondition to receive power for spiritual maturing.


^ B.D. NR. 3454 Intercession for poor souls.

The night of death embraces all souls, which are far from God at their decease through a loveless walk of life, through their belonging to the opponent of God and are therefore of complete wrong will. These lose their life power with bodily death and are now completely powerless and lightless left to be the victim of the powers of darkness, which try to draw them deeper and deeper in the spiritual kingdom, i.e., their will will always be more and more subservient to evil, and it can also develop power downwards because this is sent to it from below. But to let the will become active in the right direction they lack power. And therefore these souls would be hopelessly lost when loving beings do not show mercy to them - men on earth who think of them in quiet intercession and impart power to them through a prayer sent in love, which directs their will to good, or also light beings who again and again come near these powerless souls and seek to move them to a change of their will.


^ B.D. NR. 3505 Influence of immature souls who died early.

And men are to protect themselves against the influence of immature, untimely deceased men through prayer for them and asking for protection through light beings, for right thinking and God's favour and power.


^ B.D. NR. 3582 Intercession through fellow man.

Loving intercession is only useful in this respect that power is supplied to him, which lifts his weakened will - that he therefore receives power through the intercession to turn to God himself.


^ B.D. NR. 3627 Process of purification of souls in the hereafter.

It must be cleansed completely before it is light permeable, and that is why its state until the reception of light will also be a state of agony, and therefore the lot of immature souls is unfortunate so that not enough help can be brought to it by human side through loving intercession or mental instruction and admonition to love activity.


^ B.D. NR. 3974 Prayer for poor souls.

And these agonies you can decrease for them by you looking after the poor souls in prayer, by you, full of compassion, seeking to imagine their great hardship and thinking of them in intimate prayer - by you further presenting the Gospel to them in the spirit, i.e., by seeking to make plain to them the blessing of love and representing love to them as only means of redemption.


^ B.D. NR. 4088 Spiritual death. Idea "life".

In the spiritual kingdom on the other hand the soul must do without all anaesthetic; it must feel the state of its inactivity as depressing; it must become an agony for it so that it seeks to flee from it. Its lack of power prevents it from an unauthorized change of its state; it is poor in every respect and must live in want, until help is brought to it in its trouble through the prayer of men on earth being close to it. Because where love forwards such a prayer into eternity, there the soul gets a glimmer of knowledge like lightning. If it makes use of it, then the light around it will soon become stronger and the terrible agonies of the lack of light let up.


^ B.D. NR. 4305 Prayer for poor souls.

Every good thought given to them in sympathy has a relieving effect on the souls; they feel this and then always remain near you; they ask you by them pushing themselves into your thoughts to be given by you a loving intercession. Do not forget them; and do not turn your thoughts away from them; give them a loving prayer and by this help them upwards; make their agonies easier, and prove to them above all the power of love, so that also in them love towards the needy souls awakens and they now can free themselves out of their misery through love work towards them.


^ B.D. NR. 4322 (Fatima) After reading about it.

He also can give power to fellowmen through intercession out of a loving heart, however the will of him must always be prepared to accept every power currents, because the responsibility for his soul is every man's duty, and it can in no way be taken off him, otherwise my justice would be questioned and all men would also be redeemed immediately, because loving beings of light always give their love to the unfortunate, unredeemed and their power would truly be enough to make all men happy.


^ B.D. NR. 4328 Community of the saints. Intercession senseless.

And so the call to light beings for help will never be in vain, however the call for intercession is pointless, because the child is to come itself to the father in all familiarity, so that the love of the father can give itself to it, and because this close relationship can be established if man believes to reach the goal likewise through intercession.


^ B.D. NR. 4349 Besieging through earthbound spiritual.

That is why such earthbound souls can also be helped through quiet intercession and mental instructions, which do not go unheard in the opposite kingdom as soon as a man remembers the souls, which languish in darkness, and he wants to help them.


^ B.D. NR. 4743 Intercession for spiritual well-being.

And for that reason you men can certainly pray for each other, but the individual man must himself be prepared to go the way to perfection. Only through intercession power can be sent to him, which however can also be rejected by him, so he resist the supply of power, i.e., so he does not pay attention to the inner stirring to the good or to the voice of the conscience, because he does not want, he therefore so to speak resists the influence of the spiritual world full of light, which looks after him upon the intercession of a man.


^ B.D. NR. 4791 Sin of omission. Remorse. Change in the hereafter.

Love must first be awakened, what certainly can happen through the prayer of a man on earth, who thinks in love of this soul.


^ B.D. NR. 5146 State of the souls after death. Light - twilight - darkness.

You men take pity on those souls, which are still in twilight, because a loving prayer from you can already create a change for them, because it means a flash of light; it means a small supply of power and right directing of their will, and only the love of men or light beings brings rescue to them out of their unhappy situation, which they feel unusually hard and would like to improve.

But you men do not know in which kingdom you are to seek your loved ones, and for that reason you do good at it, to think in love of all, also of those, who the kingdom of darkness still keeps imprisoned.

But you can give them light, as soon as you think of those with a loving heart, who are in trouble, and you want to help them.


^ B.D. NR. 5152 Fulfilling the love commands. Light - Intercession - Hereafter.

But it is not left without power, so it has the will, to work in love. But the will must first arise in a soul, since it otherwise always remains without power. For that reason your intercession for powerless souls is of extreme great value, because the love of a man on earth can find an echo in those unhappy souls and help them to power supply. Love of a man on earth can be the means, to also soften stubborn souls in the hereafter and to awaken love in them.

You men do not know in which miserableness you arrive in the hereafter, when you have led an earth life without love; you men do not know how unspeakably the soul must suffer, as long as it is helped from no side, what only love can, because only the loving remembrance is help for such a soul and frees it from its great trouble.


^ B.D. NR. 5153 Redemption of the souls out of the deep through Jesus Christ. Hereafter.

But this work is by far more difficult than on earth, because the souls of darkness possess little knowledge and power of cognition and for that reason are not so easily teachable. Nevertheless their state is not hopeless, when they are in trouble and call for help for rescue out of their present state. Then they are not completely stubborn, and a knowledge can by supplied to them through intercession and loving mental instruction, which enables them, to direct their thoughts themselves to Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, and to call on him.

But the will of the being always belongs to this, and to change it right requires much intercession on behalf of those men, who stand in faith and in love and for that reason can also help those, who are still unredeemed.


^ B.D. NR. 5158 Power of intercession. Ascent through love. Free will also in the hereafter.

And so that love flares up in the unhappy souls, much intercession is necessary, which lets them feel the power of love themselves and awakens counter love in them. Only love can rescue the poor souls, because also only a prayer, which is sent after them in love, has the effect, to let love flare up in them, while prayers without love are completely useless and just get the hackles of the souls up, because they increase their detestation of hypocritical belief and can also easily suffocate the belief in God, so they have not yet lost it completely. Everything is without effect, what happens without love, on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom; love on the other hand dissolves the hardest fetter. And for that reason redemption is certain for every soul in the hereafter, so a man on earth takes pity on this soul in true love and in the will to help also transfers on it the will to help, because a soul cannot resist a loving intercession, it feels it as favour, and in this feeling it also wants to help and show favours.


^ B.D. NR. 5161 Power of intercession.

Power of intercession.

30. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5161.

The power of intercession for the deceased you are to impart to all those, who have gone from you, no matter, in which degree of maturity you think they are, because they all still need power and are grateful for every help. It is an awareness making happy, having helped souls up from the deep, and you will only recognize that correctly, so you yourselves have arrived at the opposite kingdom and see the need in which many souls languish, because they are without intercession, because they have no man on earth, who thinks of them in love and sends them that power, which they need to ascend. It is an enormous eagerness, in which souls create, as soon as they have just once experienced the power of love and now use this power, but the initiation must be given to them exactly through loving intercession on behalf of men, because it touches them first and changes the direction of their thinking. But this intercession must be done consciously, i.e. with the intention to help the souls in their ascent development.

You men are to know that your intercession is valuable and are to familiarize yourselves now with the need of the departed souls and out of a loving heart send up a prayer for the supply of power for these souls. And this supply of power they will then certainly experience and also feel the love gratefully, which was meant for them and causes them to the same love, which now radiates out to their surroundings and works like a weak light, which does good to all souls. You men can busy yourselves so unspeakably redeeming, so you just have the will to relieve trouble and suffering. Because this will drives you to prayer, which comes from the heart and which alone only has redeeming power. Everything what you do you must do consciously, not as outer form or lip prayer, because it has no effect, because the conscious will to help is not active. Only love redeems - that is to be said to you again and again. With love you achieve inconceivably much; through loving intercession you can carry so much radiating light into darkness that many souls get together there, and are touched by the ray of light, always with the success that the feeling of love also awakens in them and wants to get busy. Loving intercession is an enormous power current, which will never miss its effect. Include all your loved ones in this intercession; call them to you in thoughts and tell them that you want to help them and that they are to accept your help quietly and without resistance; instruct them in thoughts that there is also an ascent for them, so they want to make use of the power, which you give to them through intercession. And always point them to Jesus Christ. Only one can redeem them, and this one is to be won through love only. For that reason present to them that they are to help again those souls with the power imparted to them, which likewise are in great trouble that this love work at those souls leads them again closer to Jesus Christ, who then draws all to him in greatest mercy and leads them into the kingdom of light. Have you helped a soul to the right application of the power sent to it, then its ascent is secured, then the weakness of will and powerlessness has given way, and it eagerly strives up and draws countless souls with it up, because they now impart their knowledge also to them and therefore one right intercession results in unsuspected blessing. You men on earth, do not underestimate the power of intercession, but always think of it that it must come out of a loving heart to really be power giving. And include all your loved ones, because the all still need power and thank you for it for ever, so you still increase their weak power and think of them in love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5161.


^ B.D. NR. 5166 God-wanted contact with the spirit world.

But they would like to announce themselves to men and seek in every way to direct the thoughts of men to them, in the belief to be able to speak to them and to be understood.

Wherever men on earth come together in the remembrance of the deceased, to help them, a contact wanted by God from earth to the spirit world can be established. But love wanting to help must always be the cause, which will then also bring about blessing on earth as well as also in the spiritual kingdom. And now the degree of maturity of these men is again decisive, which souls in the spiritual kingdom are allowed to be able to express themselves. Men are surrounded by countless souls, and each one would like to announce itself, but not every soul is permitted, but all are allowed to listen, and they will understand it, what is brought up.

Therefore men on earth can also have an effect on these souls beyond death, when the connection with the spirit world is established on a God-pleasing basis - to give and to receive, whatever is helpful for the soul. For spiritual striving ones the contact with the opposite world is therefore always allowed, only men are to always give an account to themselves about the motive, which lets them establish such a connection. For opposite souls it is a relief, an easing of their worry about men, when they can draw the attention of them to that, what threatens them, for which they have a fine feeling, however do not have the right explanation. And they will always stay near the ones at risk and want to help them. And this will to help is valued by God and rewarded with counter help.


^ B.D. NR. 5171 God�s blessing, i. e. help in every spiritual work.

The spiritual work, the work for me and my kingdom, is so extremely significant in this time, because there remains no longer much time for the work for me. And for that reason I bless every activity, which is meant for this work, may it be the supply of my word to fellowmen or also the conscious pointing out of the end to them, may it be admonitions or warnings or also good thoughts, which are meant for souls on earth or also in the hereafter.

For I also help along and are glad over every soul, which I win back, on earth as well as also in the hereafter. For you, my initiated, know that also after death the soul can make up for what it has neglected on earth, but that it must be helped in the hereafter, when it departs from earth imperfect. And for that reason I bless every effort, which is also meant for these souls, and to bless means help that every work is successful.

Always you are to think of this trouble and be eagerly active.


^ B.D. NR. 5178 Redeeming help for opposite souls on the part of men.

Redeeming help for opposite souls on the part of men.

25. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5178.

Innumerable souls in the hereafter wrestle to reach upward, and these souls are in extreme trouble, because their powerlessness makes the ascent impossible for them, and the cognition of their powerlessness torments them infinitely, because they do not know, how they are to remove it. Precisely the lacking knowledge is their distress, because according to law from eternity only that can be supplied to them, what their will allows, and according to their will they are provided for. If they want light, then they also receive such, but without having felt the benefit of light, they also feel no desire for light. Their agonizing state exists in that, that they continually suffer and can no longer summon up the will to change their state of suffering, when they do not use their will to rebel against God and their lot, and rage extremely terribly in their surroundings. These souls are already in a state of hell, because they are continually incited by powers of hell and their change and striving upward still requires inconceivable long time. Also the souls wrapped up in complete lethargy can likewise have to tolerate their agonizing lot endless long time, when not help comes from one side, since they alone cannot help themselves, because of their weakness of will. And only beings can bring this help to them, whose love would like to redeem them out of darkness - men on earth or also opposite beings, who already stand in the light or also only possess a little higher degree of knowledge, which enables them to supply help. Innumerable souls are now in this trouble, of those men are to take pity on - but particularly on the part of men those souls are helped little, because men no longer believe in a living on of the soul after death. A great field of activity would be given to men in the spiritual sphere, so they would look after the needy souls in the hereafter and would like to help them out of the deep up, and the help of these opposite souls would again affect men, so they are in trouble of body and soul. But men take part in this work of redemption only very little and also leave their loved ones in the hereafter in great trouble, of which they should look after particularly. For that reason it is extremely welcomed with pleasure, when men come together on earth, who carry this will to redemption in them and want to light a light for many souls in darkness; for that reason also beings of light take part insofar, as that they also dwell there, where the unhappy souls in the hereafter are lovingly remembered, and their help is obvious, by them putting themselves protecting before earth men, when the crush of dark spirit beings threatens to endanger the work of redemption. Both the souls in the hereafter as well as men on earth have their guardian spirits, which intervene according to the will of them, so danger threatens. And where men want to busy themselves redeeming, the enemy will always lurk and try to confuse, where clarity is to be necessary for those, who walk in darkness. But he will not be able to prevent it that rays of light, which come from love wanting to redeem, touch the souls of darkness, which feel their benefit and arrive, where ever men come together, who want to help them, and this will will be blessed. Because that soul, which has once come into the area of a ray of light, never ever falls back into the deep; it seeks the light and will also find it, because to every soul is given, what it desires. Amen. B.D. NR. 5178.


^ B.D. NR. 5185 Love - solvent. Opposite help.

Love - solvent. Opposite help.

8. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5185.

Love is the most effective solvent out of the imprisonment of Satan. All spiritual, which still languishes in darkness, may it be on earth or in the hereafter, is still in his power. You men can free it, so you sent love to it. On earth as in the hereafter this is the sole solvent. My power cannot force the fetters of Satan, but certainly your love. And so you know this, so you also know, how extremely miserable the spiritual beings are, to which no love is given, because they constantly languish in his power, because they lack the sole solvent, which makes them free from him. On earth now men are not aware of their darkness and their imprisonment through Satan, because he seeks to deceive their state through the pleasures of the world, but which becomes evident quite openly, when the soul enters the spiritual kingdom. Then it feels its chains as agony and its poverty as darkness and cannot rescue itself out of this state. It also does not know about the power of love, about the solvent out of its agony. And for that reason so many a soul is in a hopeless state, as long as not loving men on earth take mercy on it or help is brought to it from the spiritual side. Love alone can help them. I see the trouble of the beings; I see the spiritual darkness on earth and also the many languishing souls in the hereafter. My love is extremely great and still bound through my eternal law - which has made free will a condition of the beings becoming divine, which once deserted me in free will and as a result became imperfect. This law can by no means be abolished by my love, for also this law is based on my extremely great love, which wants to make true children out of the beings, which once went out from me. But where now free will has failed, there still a further possibility exists, to get free out of the fetter of Satan - not my love, but your love can bring rescue to them, for you men can request power for your fellowmen, which, so love drives you to intercession, is sent to those souls in need of help, for the sake of your love.

And so you can also lead up the still bound souls in the hereafter; so you can also redeem them and pull them up out of darkness, because the power of love never remains without effect, however again only has a beneficent effect on the will of souls, but never forces the will. Love is a very reliable solvent. For that reason the suffering souls always ask you for your loving remembrance and your intercession, and in exactly the same way fellowmen on earth will thank you, when you help them through love to become free from Satan, when your love shows them the way, which leads to me, and when you also remember your fellowmen in prayer, who Satan still holds captive. For the power of love often achieves, in what the most powerful speaker does not succeed. The power of love is able to lose fetters and to help the soul to freedom, both on earth as well as also in the hereafter, because no being can withstand love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5185.


^ B.D. NR. 5198 Soul particles. Course of development on earth and in the hereafter.

The ascent development in the opposite kingdom is different with the individual souls. There are as it were with every soul different dispositions existing, other abilities, both upwards as also downward, which must be developed or also fought and this is always the result of cognition, because the soul can formerly summon no will to change, as long as it does not recognize its state. For that reason a small ray of light must have already touched it that it could come to this recognizing - why intercession for the opposite souls is so tremendously important, so that a ray of cognition is sent to them, according to which they now only become active and strive up. A soul, which has reached already on earth a degree of cognition, which therefore on earth already sets about its soul work, is surrounded in the spiritual kingdom by so many light beings that it always finds support and quickly reaches higher maturity. It particularly depends on, that a soul reaches cognition still on earth, therefore knows about its earth task and about its own still inadequate state. For cognition is a great step to perfection and lets the regions in the opposite kingdom quicker hurry through, while a soul without cognition often dwells immemorial long time below, because it must without fail possess the first knowledge and for the time being rejects it a long time, until it is prepared to let itself be instructed. And this ignorant state is extremely agonizing and can only be removed through loving intercession.


^ B.D. NR. 5203 Help for the poor souls. Love redeems.

Help for the poor souls. Love redeems.

4. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5203.

In the opposite kingdom everything is valued, what helps the souls up. Love, which is turned to the spiritual still immature, is the sole means of redemption, as long as it cannot rise itself out of its own power, i.e., as long as it still cannot work in love itself, since it is without power. Everything, what now helps these beings to power, has my blessing, because it is in accordance with the principle of love. Love, which is shown the immature spiritual on the part of men, must somehow have a redeeming effect, may it be on earth or also in the hereafter, for no love spark is without power, and therefore love work always means power supply. You men on earth can therefore do unspeakably much help, so love drives you to it to remember the poor souls in the hereafter, which are completely powerless and therefore have to rely on help. And everything you do to help them to power, everything what you do to have a redeeming effect, will find my pleasure and never be useless. There is already so little love to be found among men on earth, and still less they remember the souls in the hereafter, because they lack faith in a continued life after death, and this unbelief has an extremely bitter effect on the souls in the hereafter, which dwell unredeemed and powerlessly in dark surroundings and cannot help themselves alone. Every good thought of them, every loving wish for their well-being is a relief in their agony and is felt by them gratefully. But particularly of those souls, which languish in darkness, few follow such good and loving thoughts and these souls are for that reason in extreme trouble. Because of that you will also understand, that those men, who would like to help them, are surrounded by innumerable souls, which all would like to attract attention to themselves and ask, so that they are helped. All you men are surrounded by such souls, but only few listen to them; only few have the will to help in them and faith, to be able to help them through prayer and kind thoughts. But innumerable find no intercessor on earth and therefore seek to also reach such circles, where power currents are noticeable. Also these souls ask you for help. Grant it to them; do everything, what your love gives you, and know that my blessing is always certain for you, as soon as the love will drives you to help them. Seek nothing else than to bring only help, then you can remove so many chains, then you can give freedom to the tormented souls; you help them for the time being through the supply of power, which they then use themselves according to your example; that they also want to help, as you have helped them. Never forget that they have to rely on your help, even so my favour and mercy condemns no being for ever; but their hardened hearts must first be touched by a ray of light, before they seize my supply of favour. And I myself lead to you men those souls, which still just need a stimulus to begin their way of development in the hereafter. But without loving help they still languish endless time in the same state and no longer find the way up. Pray for them and do not forget them, for the suffering is immeasurable, which their unbelief and their lack of love has earned them, but so you want to help them, I am always prepared with my favour and mercy to pull them up out of the night of death to the light of life, because I can then not resist your love, which you send to the unhappy souls in the hereafter, and I forgive them the guilt for the sake of your love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5203.


^ B.D. NR. 5219 Serious pointer to the end.

You all no longer have much time but no-one of you knows it whether he will not still be torn away from life before; no-one of you knows when his hour has come. Do not mourn for those who pass away because my love calls them away; but often think of them in prayer so that they make use of the favours that are also still granted them in the hereafter. Prepare yourself all for your last hour; I seriously admonish you because you no longer have much time.


^ B.D. NR. 5229 Rays of light, which are seen and pursued in the hereafter.

But where God's love sends a light out of heavens to earth, there crowds of opposite souls dwell, which are also not refused to take part in the ray of love, which is to bring illumination to men on earth. What is left unnoticed on earth means pitiable help for those souls and the possibility of an ascent out of the deep. And God does not refuse them the access to light, since they are of course free to make use of it, because he loves all beings and wants to help them to happiness. All are to think of these souls in the hereafter, which stand in favour to be fed directly by God with his word. They are to feel called to a mission, which has a blessed effect in the opposite kingdom, even so the success is less great on earth. They are to always open their heart to receive; they are to be always prepared to catch the ray of love of God, which wants to pour into their opened hearts. They are to remember those, who, in spiritual trouble, want to take part in it, to improve the state of their soul - they are to be ceaselessly active in their work for God, so that darkness fades, both on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 5236 God's blessing to the workers in his vineyard.

And you are also surrounded by beings of light, which are well disposed to you and do everything to promote your work for me and my kingdom, for also they know about the blessing of eager collaboration for the redemption of erring souls. Also they are involved in this work, and so you will therefore work hand in hand with them, which constantly accompany you and bring you together with suffering men, whom you can help. Much light goes out from you, and great joy is about it in the spiritual kingdom, because one individual ray of light has already inexpressible much affect in dark regions, and everywhere, on earth as in the spiritual kingdom, light hungry souls follow this ray of light to no more separate from it. Who could see, with spiritual eyes, the darkness, which is spread over the earth, he could also catch sight of the many little light sparks, which flash at all places and gather everywhere the spiritual around them, which desires light. Your mission is not comprehensible for men of the world, but is instead observed in the opposite world unusually, and therefore you are not to get tired, even so you can record on earth little or no success. The effect of your activity in the opposite kingdom will again have repercussions on men in the coming time, because always more and more opposite beings come to the help of men and influence them spiritually, as soon as they themselves once stand in the light, to which you contribute unimaginably much, so your thoughts are directed to the spiritual kingdom, so you as it were are in contact with its inhabitants, asking help and power out of the world of light and wanting to give compassionate help to beings, which still languish in darkness. The blessing of this your thought activity is not comprehensible to you, but your own spiritual maturing is extremely promoted, and in the same measure also those souls can mature, to whom you give your love.


^ B.D. NR. 5260 Handing out and passing on of gift of favour - Hereafter.

The trouble is truly great, both on earth as also in the opposite kingdom among the souls, which have left earth immature. To help all those, who suffer trouble in spiritual respect, is the greatest love work, which you men can accomplish at your neighbour.

Persistently I would like to give to all men on earth and to the souls in the spiritual kingdom, but only opened hearts can receive.

And consider, that I myself have shaped your earth fate according to this will to help; that therefore, so you want to serve me and help your fellowmen or the souls in the hereafter, now also everything approaches you so, that you can help.

I know the hearts of men; I also know about the state of the souls in the opposite kingdom; I know, when the moment has come, that their resistance lessens.

You are only my tools, of which I must make use, to not make men unfree; but you can also be the mediators between the souls in the hereafter and me - when you intervene with your love and create the connection between me and those.

Help, where you just can help, and know that the spiritual trouble is considerably greater than the earthly trouble, which once ends, while the spiritual trouble is taken over into the spiritual kingdom. For that reason remember also those, who are already over there, who have just you and your intercession, if they are to achieve the first change of their nature. Remember them, and also hand out to them, what you receive so amply, and know that you can always be certain of my blessing, so you just make an effort in love to alleviate spiritual trouble.


^ B.D. NR. 5298 Redemption work at souls in the hereafter. Expression of them.

Redemption work at souls in the hereafter. Expression of them.

17. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5298.

I like every service which you believe doing for me; which you want to do for me, for I assess your will. You men cannot imagine that the connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth and vice versa can be established at any time and is also established already through your thoughts, which are for you radiations constantly touching you, no matter whether they are good or bad, for also the kingdom of darkness has an effect on you in form of thoughts. Earthly indeed a separation has happened through death between men of this earth and the otherworldly kingdom, but spiritually no boundaries exist, so you do not erect them yourselves through wrong thinking or complete turning away from the spiritual world. Only the material outer form does no longer exist, but the soul, the actual entity, is within reach for you at any time. Through your thinking and wanting you yourselves draw it to you, and so you are now of awakened spirit, so you are not completely unenlightened, you can also at any time get into contact with those, with whom you were on close terms on earth. You can talk to them in thoughts, and they will always hear your speech; they will also answer you, so you make the effort to understand their answer. For it is no longer the bodily organs, which impart the answer to you, but you must seek to understand their language and therefore so to speak associate with them spiritually. Perfect beings out of the spiritual kingdom can express themselves through the spirit in you, less perfect as well as immature beings of the hereafter express themselves in a way, which is still more like earthly communication, but which you men can also understand.

All beings want to express themselves, no matter whether they stand above or below you according to their maturity, only that, what they want to say to you, is different. The high beings, the inhabitants of the kingdom of light, want to give to you - constantly handing power to you, because they know that you lack it, and they want to help you to happiness. But those beings, who are still imperfect, want your help. Also they want to communicate with you in the hope to receive something from you, because they feel poor and miserable, as long as they are still completely ignorant. And these souls often do not understand it that you do not listen to them, they do not know it that you can no longer hear them with bodily ears, and therefore you are constantly surrounded by souls - by such, who are needy, and also of such, which want to help you in earthly as in spiritual trouble. So these souls now succeed to attract your attention, so they succeed to make themselves understood, they are extremely happy, and they now remain constantly near you. I do not fight them, when they want to express themselves, but as I also bless everything, what is done out of love from your side to give these souls the requested help. You men do not know the trouble in which so innumerable souls languish. Wherever a being seeks to escape from this trouble, wherever it finds a way through the trouble, which in the end leads to me, I help these souls and will never condemn, what love wanting to help undertakes and what also brings certain help to these unhappy souls - what can therefore be seen as redemption work, when it only aims to achieve help for the souls in deep seriousness and best will. But the best help remains intercession, which you men are to give to those souls, for it gives me myself the possibility to lean towards the beings taking pity on them, and all souls will certainly be pulled up out of the deep, which you include in loving intercession, because the power of love helps every soul up. Amen. B.D. NR. 5298.


^ B.D. NR. 5303 Earth life purpose: Change of will and nature.

The development can however continue in the spiritual kingdom; still in the spiritual kingdom the soul can come to recognize its miserable state and seek to change, but to which very much help of light beings or human intercession is necessary.


^ B.D. NR. 5313 Change of will through intercession.

Change of will through intercession.

9. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5313.

The kingdom of darkness keeps its souls imprisoned, because no great power is necessary to keep these souls bound, for they do not resist, because their will is too weak. But this will can experience a strengthening through intercession. That you men must imagine that you are able to do the infinite through a loving prayer for these bound souls, which in this way feel the desire awaken in them, to get free from the fetter of Satan. It is often just moments, where this desire emerges in them, but which become longer and longer, the more often these souls are remembered in loving intercession. Then it is as if they awaken out of deep sleep; they become busy and seek for opportunity to flee from their fetters, for they feel the darkness as fetter and long for the light. When this change has occurred as the result of loving prayers, then these souls are also willing to seek, and the smallest ray of light lets them hurry to its starting point. They begin to come to life. But the prince of the underworld does not so easily release them. For that reason light and darkness will change at first; from time to time they will come to knowledge about themselves and then again wander around in darkness completely ignorant. Because of that these souls must be dealt with loving patience; they must have always and always again supply of power through prayer; they must be called near through loving thoughts and therefore again and again be snatched from their dark area; they must receive mental enlightenment and references to Jesus, their redeemer, so that they themselves turn to him and call him for help and mercy. These souls from darkness are indeed difficult to instruct and often stubborn, but they feel the good deed of a loving prayer, and it also slowly softens the most hardened heart, i.e., a man can wrestle such souls from darkness through loving intercession; he will always have success, when he does not let up with his will to help, which also strengthened the will of the soul. In the otherworldly kingdom souls often fight each other, but a dark soul will never harm that man, who prays for it. The love of a man also calms the most annoyed soul, as on the other hand it enlivens and stimulates the weakest soul to improve its state for itself. Loving intercession from the side of men on earth is a great redemption factor, which is much too little recognized by men. Wherever these unhappy souls are remembered, there also the longing for light becomes alive, and that always means a change of the will of the souls, which is then also taken into account. The soul itself must want its redemption, and often loving intercession of a man on earth brings about this will. Therefore beyond death love can still be practised; also out of darkness souls can still be rescued, for love is a power, which is able to do everything. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5313.


^ B.D. NR. 5318 Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Intercession - Change of will.

For that reason the instruction of these beings is not easy, because their weak ability to think must be taking into account and according to their debt, their state of maturity they lack all cognition.


^ B.D. NR. 5319 Mental influencing of spiritual beings. Connection from earth to the hereafter.

For also the kingdom of darkness seeks to seize the thoughts of men and instructs them in the opposite meaning - it only presents the tangible to him and seeks to destroy all faith in a continued life.

Therefore the connections from earth to the spiritual kingdom are also allowed, to again give faith back to complete unbelievers in a continued life after death.


^ B.D. NR. 5322 Consequences of lack of love in the hereafter.

Lack of love is the death of the soul - it poisons the thinking of men, so that the results of the thinking are untruth and malice, and acts of hate emerge from that, which will again give birth to evil.

And because lack of love has an alarming effect in the hereafter, for that reason it can only be opposed with love. The souls in the hereafter must be shown much love, which has an effect like medicine on the sick soul, through which it can get well, when it is not let up to give love to those souls. Also the most stubborn souls of darkness let themselves be changed through rays of love, even so first unwillingly, but what they once feel as favour, they no longer give up.

Love is the most effective weapon against the adversary, which he cannot withstand, which he flees and for that reason rather drops his victims, before he lets himself be touched by the love rays. For that reason fight against lack of love; know that it leads into ruin, while love work opens the kingdom of light for you and you can also help those to light through love, who still languish in darkness as result of their way of life on earth poor in love and lacking love. Love alone can bring help to them and dissolve their fetters; love alone can make you all happy.


^ B.D. NR. 5323 Justice. Compensation in the hereafter.

For your trouble will be extremely great, so you enter the spiritual kingdom, where only that is assessed, what it brings with it of immortal goods. It will suffer great lack, and no-one will help it, when it does not turn to Jesus Christ, but of whom it knows nothing in its darkness. Only he can help it, but eternities can pass, until the cognition comes to the soul and it turns to him; eternities it can lug round its debt with it, because my justice cannot relieve it, as long as it itself does not ask me for it.


^ B.D. NR. 5326 God's blessing rests on every redemption work.

God's blessing rests on every redemption work.

1. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5326.

All redemption work finds my blessing. Who is of serious will to help and to decrease the spiritual trouble both on earth as also in the hereafter, he can also be certain that he always finds my support and that I bless his work. The will is always decisive, not alone the word, i.e. the thoughtless speaking along of a good intention, which lacks the will. Again and again I emphasize that I need workers, who are active for my kingdom, who are to perform an extreme urgent work in my vineyard. And the redemption of the bound beings is always to be understood under this work, which as man on earth still walk on erroneous ways or, having entered the hereafter as immature, must endure an unhappy lot there in the darkness of the spirit. To free all bound, to lead it out of darkness to the light, to change the unhappy state into a blessed one - this is redemption work, which will always be blessed by me, because it is done in free will, because love for these unhappy ones is cause for this redemption work. And therefore also only that can be seen and assessed by me as redemption work, what is done out of love. And consequently you also have enlightenment, whether and when my blessing is certain for you. I will approve of everything, what also just helps one soul up. Whether you now speak words of love to your fellowmen on earth, whether you give them testimony of me and my work, whether you admonish them to soul work - whether you pray for the poor dark souls on earth or in the hereafter and instruct them mentally, to help them - as soon as your intention is to just help, you act good and just and will always experience my blessing. There are only few men, who seriously work for me and my kingdom, who have the well-being of fellowmen or the deceased at heart; there are only few, who know about the great spiritual trouble and want to steer it, and my love is also meant for these few, which again makes all work easier for them and lets it become successful. A spiritual seeing into the places of darkness, both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom, would certainly shake up men and perhaps also let become helpful, but this would then be a conscious work, which would be done out of fear, because men still lack cognition and it must be acquired through love work. Every man will become knowing, who lives according to my will, and the spiritual trouble will also very soon be recognizable to him. But my will is observed too little, i.e., my love command is not fulfilled, and the effect of this disregard is such a terrible one, that the fetters around the soul become more and more pressing and they must be helped to get free of them. But this help can again only a loving soul do, and therefore every worker is welcome by me, who is driven by love for redemption work. For where only one soul is rescued out of darkness, there my love will repay thousand fold and impose my blessing on, who therefore want to serve me. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5326.


^ B.D. NR. 5332 State of the souls in the hereafter. Erroneous belief - Unbelief - Love.

And this convinced faith in me is lacking with many men, and this is the reason, that they also live in spiritual darkness and enter the spiritual kingdom in this darkness. What they neglected on earth, must now be made up for in the hereafter whatever happens - they must think - and often they will be too weak for it for which they are to blame themselves. If works of love follow them into eternity, so they are not completely powerless, despite of unbelief, and their power exists in that respect, that the memory is not completely taken from them of that knowledge, which they did take seriously on earth, that they therefore can now think, while the faithless souls, to whom no works of love have followed, are in unspeakable trouble, because they are not able to grasp clear thoughts and to concern themselves with them. Nevertheless also these souls can be instructed in the spiritual kingdom by souls, which can offer to them comprehensibly that, what they must know - when they want to accept their instructions. To do intercession for these souls is a work of greatest love and mercy, so that they get power for wanting and seek access to those circles, where enlightenment can be given to them. Works of love can even out every shortcoming and let the soul become believing, but the spiritual darkness will only move from them, when they acknowledge Jesus Christ, because he alone can pay off their debt, which unbelief has produced on earth.

But much suffering and agonies in darkness go before, before an unbelieving soul, departed from earth, is touched by a ray of light and follows it; but then it is also prepared to change nature, so it has once felt the favour of light, which it now constantly desires, until it has been granted it.


^ B.D. NR. 5338 Work of conversion at souls out of the deep through love.

You men do not know it, what power you have yourselves, when you fight with the weapon of love - it would truly be possible for you men, to redeem hell, so all of you would look after the fallen souls in deepest love, to help them up.


^ B.D. NR. 5342 Redemption from darkness. Loving will to help.

You men on earth can redeem many souls from darkness through good thoughts and loving will to help, which these beings feel as attractive force and now ask you for your help. They then take advantage of every opportunity to flee from darkness, for the power of your love erects a dividing wall between the being and its gaoler, Satan - you yourselves drive a wedge between both through your love, and now the being is able to have another will than up to now - and this will turns first unconsciously and after cognition consciously towards me, the Lord, who can free it out of imprisonment and who is now also welcome by it as Lord, to whom the soul now voluntarily subordinates itself. Having redeemed a soul out of darkness is indescribably blessed, so you once know about the trouble of such a soul, which finds no comparison on earth. And again I tell you that you can unspeakably contribute to redeem hell, to help beings up out of darkness and lead them to me, when you just want to help and turn your love to these unhappy ones, who no longer can help themselves and, as bound by Satan, cannot free themselves from his power. Your love Is power , which breaks their fetters; your love is able to work miracles, so it is meant for the souls in darkness, and your love enables you to redeeming activity on earth as in the opposite kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 5354 Gleam of light recognizable for souls in the hereafter.

Gleam of light recognizable for souls in the hereafter.

6. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5354.

Indescribable happy are the beings in the spiritual kingdom, when they see a gleam of light flash, especially then, when the beings are in darkness, which is an agony for them. Then they follow this gleam of light, and it will always lead them there, where the light has its start - where light beings hand out to those, who want to receive light. Such radiations can be send out constantly from the spiritual kingdom, for souls hungry for light are always prepared to receive that, what light beings offer to them. But also on earth men willing to receive can establish a connection with those light beings, who are likewise recognizable as ray of light for the souls in the hereafter and who for that reason are also welcome by the opposite souls, because they themselves hope for light through them. A light will always flash, where men on earth seek the spiritual kingdom mentally, where they mentally communicate with light beings, asking them or impart their thoughts to them. Then a bright light flashes, which shines so brightly that it lures over many souls out of darkness or twilight, which for a short time feel beneficently touched and always feel relief, when they reach near such rays of light. These souls are not refused access to the light, but it is up to them themselves to make use of it. Not all souls can summon the understanding for the act of a light transmission from the spiritual kingdom to earth. The significance is explained to them through spiritual guides, but they are never compulsorily caused to receive light. But mostly they do not pass over without impression from such light transmissions; they will again and again return to the place and to the men, where connections to the world of light get established, and they so to speak take part in it, by them being attentive listeners and receive and think over everything, what they can grasp of spiritual teachings. They still their hunger and thirst by receiving the bread of heaven, which light beings offer to men on earth and which also every being in the hereafter is allowed to take advantage of. Men on earth do not know how they help these souls, which dwell in darkness, through conscious directing of the thoughts to God, to the world of light and also directly to those beings, which need their help to be able to be instructed spiritually. Every thought upwards has an effect as ray of light, and every ray of light attracts innumerable souls, which want to flee from darkness. And darkness on earth as well as in the hereafter is chased away by men, who themselves walk in the light, i.e. seek truth and live in love. Light goes out from them constantly, which makes the souls in darkness happy and attracts them, until they themselves are allowed to receive light, until they are allowed to take part in the instructions from the kingdom of light to earth and have finally overcome darkness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5354.


^ B.D. NR. 5399 Will to help for the souls in darkness.

Will to help for the souls in darkness.

24. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5399.

Remember that, what my spirit announces to you, and know that you are instructed right through my spirit. Trustingly devote yourselves to my leading, and always do, to which you feel yourselves urged, for I express myself through your feeling, as soon as you make an effort, to fulfil my will and to serve me. It is an unspeakable difficult struggle in the opposite kingdom; the darkness is so dense; innumerable souls languish in it, and only small is the number of those, who would like to free themselves from it, who feel the state in the darkness unbearable and strive for a change of their situation. And you are to help these few, because without help they are not able to free themselves. It is a work of mercy, which you do to those souls; but your will to help is never without success. For whether the souls in darkness also find it difficult to accept your instructions and explanations - they still think about it, for the light, which they see near you is a proof, which they cannot deny away, and because they also long for the light. You are constantly surrounded by crowds of such souls, which feel well near you, although they are now also besieged by beings of the deep, which seek to pull them down again. Remember the souls surrounding you with love, out of this they now draw the power to resist. Your love keeps them bound to you like with chains, so that the beings of the deep do not succeed to push them away, back into darkness. These souls are constantly busy in thoughts with that, what they hear from you and only just one loving thought from you is enough, to keep them near you, and my love truly creates possibilities for them, which are helpful for their progress. So light beings will always be among them, indeed unrecognized by them, however guiding them imperceptibly into right thinking, and the work of redemption progresses, because I myself bless it, because I never dislike it, when you men want to help. Do not fear the evil powers, for my power is truly greater, where the will is good, where the love principle dominates. Light is where my word sounds, and my word will always be for you the most secure protection against evil powers - and because you fight with a weapon and work with means, which I myself gave into your hands, the power of darkness cannot approach you, unless you yourselves grant them entry through sinful thoughts and evil will, so you abandon yourselves without resistance to the bad influence. But your guardian angels prevent that, which are constantly with you and refuse entry to the bad beings, because you want to serve me and help the poor souls. Believe and trust me and my words that I protect you from every danger, as long as you are active in my vineyard. Believe that my spirit leads you right and that it will also warn you, so you are in danger to go a wrong way. Your will to help even wins you the protection through those beings, which you want to redeem, for they feel your love and form a protecting wall around you against those wishing you ill. Love awakens counter love and also increases the power in the beings, and on it they recognize the truth of that, what you explain to them - they also feel the power of my word, and a soul, which has once heard my word offered in love, only rarely rejects my word. So you therefore supply my word to these souls, I am with you and bless you and your activity; I bless the beings, which surround you, and your effort will not be in vain. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5399.


^ B.D. NR. 5417 Presenting the Gospel to poor souls.

Presenting the Gospel to poor souls.

21. June 1952. B.D. NR. 5417.

Present in thoughts the Gospel to the poor souls. You do not know how blessed you can work at those, who have entered the hereafter imperfectly, for what they did not accept on earth, that must be made accessible to them in the hereafter, so that they decide to accept and can now improve their development. They must learn to believe, for without faith there is no making progress over there. But whether they still know about it, what to believe they rejected, depends on their degree of love, on the works of love, which still secure them some knowledge and cognition. Then it will also be easier to present the Gospel to these that they accept it and in this way gain faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. But it is far more difficult to impart knowledge about truth to the completely ignorant souls, for they must as it were get introduced right from the beginning, because they lack all basic truths, because the can remember nothing, what has been told them on earth about God. Their way of life without love has robbed them of every memory in the divine love teaching, in the work of redemption of Christ and the task of man, and for that reason one has to proceed with greatest love; again and again it must be held up to the souls that they can only be happy, when they believe in God, who has embodied himself in Jesus Christ, who has died for men to redeem them out of slavery, which was the result of sin. It must be held up to them that only love helps them to faith; that also over there they must help the souls suffering with them; that they must practise mercy and can call upon Jesus Christ for power to do it, who alone can free them from their unhappy situation. This is a work of love at the poor souls, which is highly taken into account for you, for the trouble is great, and only love can remove it. For that reason remember your loved ones often, who have preceded you; help them by you sending loving thoughts after them; by you talking to them in thoughts and telling them, what you know, you who truly believe in Jesus Christ and you who as a result stand in the right cognition. Let them have some of the knowledge, which you receive from above, and do not leave them in their trouble; they will thank you for it for ever and also help you, so you are in trouble earthly. For only love redeems; only love gives power to the souls, which in complete powerlessness are unable to help themselves, and which therefore have to rely on your love, which you can give to them in form of mental instructions and intimate intercession and which will never remain without success. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5417.


^ B.D. NR. 5431 Power of the living word.

When now this my word is made accessible to the souls in the hereafter and they willingly let it have an effect on them, so they can often find sudden enlightenment of their spirit; they can feel extremely strong impressed, as soon as they just receive this word in the will, to let themselves be instructed or to receive explanation about questions, which occupy them. My word exercises an enormous impression on all souls, which long for it in free will. And for that reason you men can show the souls in the hereafter no greater love service, than that you supply my word to them, which you have received yourselves from me. All souls will experience the power of my word at themselves, which arrive at you to hear it. I myself speak to them through you, and so they are of good will, they recognize me myself, and their ascent in the spiritual kingdom is secured, for the power of my word helps them up.


^ B.D. NR. 5436 Bread of life, right food, right drink.

You can cause much blessing through the spreading of truth, for whether you also find little approval from your fellowmen, whether you also experience open rejection - you have not only spoken to these men on earth, but innumerable beings in the spiritual kingdom heard your words, and they often accept easier than men on earth, because they suffer much from hunger and thirst, but which is satisfied through that, what you hand out, because it is right food and right drink for every soul living in want. But what is done to the beings in the spiritual kingdom, has again an effect with men of this earth, for they are constantly surrounded by those and can mentally often exert greater influence, than so you speak as man to your fellowmen. Believe it that no work is done in vain, which you carry out for me and my kingdom. You yourselves cannot see the effect and for that reason also not measure, but my word, which you pass on in love, works automatically, and innumerable souls feel the power of my word. For that reason you are just not allowed to tire; you are not allowed to become lukewarm and lethargic in the vineyard work, then you also perform your office successfully, and you help many wrestling souls on earth and in the hereafter.


^ B.D. NR. 5452 Handing out of light presupposes longing for it.

But redeeming activity can also be carried out on earth, by men, who, through a way of life according to my will, are also able to receive and to pass on light. As soon as these look after the souls in true neighbourly love, which still go along in the darkness of the spirit, they join the crowd of those, who are active to redeem, and also these are recognized by the souls in the opposite kingdom as source of light and power and for that reason also always besieged, for where just one loving thought is meant for the opposite souls, this is recognizable to them as ray of light.

But where love is, is also wisdom, light, which chases away the dark spiritual state. Where love is, those souls are drawn to, which want to have light, and where love is, they will also always be allowed to receive. As soon as the will and the longing for light has once become busy in them, they always let up; hungrily they receive, what means food for them; they strengthen themselves on it, so that they can always receive more and more and are now also inspired by the will, to give away or to direct souls of darkness there, where light is emitted. But nothing can be given without desire. The beings are to want freely, on earth as well as also in the spiritual kingdom - in free will they must return to me, but loving help will always be done to them, for light wants to spread and illuminate everything, what was dark before. I want to make happy with my love light all entities, which willingly open themselves to receive my light in them.


^ B.D. NR. 5459 "Watch and pray." Constant temptations.

Words of love also have the divine spirit in them. For that reason you are allowed to accept everything as good, what lets love recognize. But you must nevertheless examine the start of these words and are not allowed to accept blindly a divine origin, since such faith can easily lead to error. For that reason examine everything and keep the best, and ask your heart, what it says to this, for the heart does not deceive you, so you seriously wish to stand in truth: Certainly also admonitions are sent to you from the opposite kingdom, because the light beings consider you as their co-workers and also those souls, which you want to help, take an interest in your earth life, for already more mature souls can foresee, and they are pushed to make you aware, to turn disaster away from you at the same time, but they do not know about the day and the hour, since the idea of time is unclear to them. But they will not consciously instruct you wrong, for they love you and also just want to do good to you. For that reason they are also not prevented, when they want to warn you, because their will is good.


^ B.D. NR. 5464 Redemption of souls from the deep. Ray of light. Jesus Christ.

For Jesus Christ just waits for the call, which expresses the will of the soul, to help it.


^ B.D. NR. 5472 Explanation of cases of possession.

Omissions of good works without self-interest, unfeelingness against the trouble of fellowmen and over great craving for pleasure always just let the world man recognize, who has no relationship with me, but also no open violations against the law can be proved against him. He stands right and just before fellowmen, but his soul is without love and without faith in me. And his end is no blessed one; earth keeps him tied up; its goods he still desires in the hereafter, because he possesses nothing else and his world greed was great. This man was therefore tied up by dark powers, and they still did not succeed to make him submit to their will so that he committed downright bad acts. They indeed prevented him to reach me, but they did not yet have him completely in their possession. And for that reason they now try to continue their efforts there, where equal tendencies, equal thinking and weak will are recognizable, what is to be found most likely with the earthly descendants, and this can be successful throughout many generations; but thinking turned towards me can also weaken their effect or make it completely impossible.

And for that reason I quite particularly entrust you with those souls that you help them, because they alone are too weak.


^ B.D. NR. 5474 Participating in the work of redemption.

Participating in the work of redemption.

29. August 1952. B.D. NR. 5474.

It is to be no law for you, but you are to serve me with inner joy and take part in the work of redemption. The promise of a reward is not to move you to do it, but love is to push you, to do that, what helps the souls on earth or also in the hereafter to become free from the fetter of Satan. Unselfish will to help will always bring in success, because then love is the power, which achieves everything. And so you therefore always receive my blessing, so you want to help completely unselfishly. And my blessing means that I myself help, where your power is too weak. There are many unredeemed souls, which have no man on earth, who thinks of them in love. And for that reason the way to the light is infinitely difficult for these souls, and they always get more stubborn, where they are to give up their resistance to reach the light. But I show to all of them the way, which they must go, but I can again only do this in a way that they do not recognize the way inevitably as the right one. I certainly send light messengers to them, but they are not recognizable to them as such, and for that reason they are rarely listened to and their teachings not accepted as bringing in success. But these souls can only be guided onto the right way through instruction, and since they do not believe those and must do without the power of intercession, they remain in darkness endless long time. I give you, you who are co-workers in the work of redemption, tidings of their trouble, to stimulate your hearts to intercession, but which I on the other hand do not demand of you, because only a prayer in love gives those souls power, but love cannot be demanded. But I describe the trouble of these souls to you gigantically great, and nevertheless you cannot measure their agonies, from which I would like to free them and will also do it, when you partake in it; when you give them loving thoughts and would like to help them out of innermost drive. An unshakeable will can become soft in this way; a hard defiant spirit can become yielding and fetch power from you, because you want to help it. Consider that you all are children of my love and that you all are close to my heart - but that you, you who dwell near me, are about much more blessed than your brothers, who languish far from me in weakness and darkness. Bring light to them; impart power to them, for you, you who receive from me amply, can share with them, and love is to stimulate you to do it; then you prove that you are my children; that I can as it were work in you myself. And then the work at the sunken brothers will not be in vain; then you show them a way, which they walk along willingly, and I will stretch out my hands to them, so that they safely reach the destination - so that also they return into the father house, which they have once voluntarily left. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5474.


^ B.D. NR. 5487 Desire for light in the hereafter. Spiritual conversations.

Great blessing can for that reason also instructions on the part of men on earth bring about, when it is always considered that numerous souls are present with every spiritual conversation, take part in it and for that reason the instructions are also to be held in the love spirit, which now also radiates out to those souls and takes all will of rejection from them. Who himself possesses spiritual material, which is in accordance with truth, he is to also supply it to all those, who have lack of it - and often remember the souls in the hereafter, who are sometimes more willing to accept it than men on earth, who still in their pretence life would like to reject everything, what refers to an opposite life. Good and evil speeches meet with a response in the opposite kingdom. Always remember this and make an effort to always think and speak so that the opposite souls can learn; that they like to listen to you and always win an advantage for them, and you will always be besieged by souls, which also want to serve you, as their power allows it. You can spread light in every way, and you will always find grateful learners in the hereafter in the souls hungry for light, and your work for the kingdom of God will be blessed.


^ B.D. NR. 5513 Wrestling in the spiritual kingdom. Intercession and presenting of the Gospel.

When now the beings of light have support on behalf of men on earth through intercession or mental supply of the Gospel, so the souls are more easily prepared to listen to them, because they receive a power, which weakens their will of resistance, and then the efforts of the light beings are also successful. The thoughts of men on earth can work true wonders in the spiritual kingdom. The souls are in this way put into a certain activity urge; they feel a power, which they would now like to use, and they suddenly have the desire, to improve their miserable state; they look round as it were for an opportunity to flee from their present situation, and they will also always find helpful beings - light beings, but which are not recognizable as such for them, which help them with advice and stand by them with moral and practical support.

The prayer of a man on earth can then have an unspeakable beneficent effect, for the power imparted to the soul in this way will always be used in a positive sense.

And therefore the loving intercession is the most secure power supply, because for the being still turned away from God it is also noticeable as a blissful relief and it now uses the power, i.e. changes its will - therefore gives up the resistance through the stream of power and is now easier to direct and to be influenced by that beings, which want to help it up.


^ B.D. NR. 5521 Common work of spiritual and earthly kingdom before the end.

For I also saw from eternity in which serious difficulty these souls are shortly before the end of the earth, because innumerable souls leave earth immature and in the spiritual kingdom a dense dark sphere receives them now, where they would be helpless and lost, when help would not be offered to them. To carry light into these dark spheres, to again and again let sparks flash, that is intended in my plan of salvation from eternity, and I also recognized from eternity that and how the willingness of the earth men shows commitment to help these souls to the light.


^ B.D. NR. 5529 Love and faith men lack. Announcing in love of success.

But love is only to be awakened through love, and you can now measure the trouble of the souls in the hereafter, which are followed by no love.

What you offer in love does not so much arouse the will of resistance, than what is only offered mechanically without all personal love radiation of the giver to the receiver.


^ B.D. NR. 5534 Participation in Christ�s work of redemption. Following of Jesus.

You men can unspeakably much contribute to the redemption of souls, for also to the souls of the departed you can present the Gospel in love; you can also show them the way, which they must go, to come out of their unhappy state. You can also point them to the divine redeemer Jesus Christ and awaken in them the will and the desire to become accepted by him; to confess their sins to him and ask him for forgiveness.


^ B.D. NR. 5591 Trouble of the souls in the depth. Intercessions.

Such souls can hardly be improved, and nevertheless also they are to be remembered in prayer, so that through intercession stirrings awaken in them, which can lead to a change. Where a loving prayer follows the souls of the deceased, is always hope that they can soon exchange the dark stay with a weakly dim place, and they then seek the light, until they find it. The souls of darkness must often dwell very long in the depth, because they make no attempt to get out and only the desire for light earns them light. For that reason you men cannot pray enough for these souls that they strive for the light; that the desire may awaken in them to come into some lighter surroundings. For the will of the being is decisive, and for the strengthening and change of a wrong will you men are to pray again and again, if you want to help the souls, which suddenly depart from earth, which are recalled in the midst of life and possess little or no spiritual knowledge at all. They can be helped, so you just want to help them, so you give them love and would like to redeem them from darkness. The trouble is gigantic and cannot be removed compulsorily. A recall from earth prematurely is often an act of mercy for these souls that they do not still sink further and then the redemption form the depth would still be far more difficult, because the will is then still more stubborn and completely directed against God. For that reason remember those, who depart suddenly from earth, and send them loving thoughts, so that they feel attracted by you, to return to earth and can learn from you, for they will always stay near those, who give them love; they will far more likely be prepared to receive mental instructions from you, than they would have done it on earth, and the premature death can for such souls still be the only way to a change of will, so you give them power through your love, through your prayer, which is meant for the redemption of these poor souls from darkness.


^ B.D. NR. 5596 Effect of the divine word on the opposite beings.

But the beings in the spiritual kingdom feel strangely impressed by my word, so you offer it to them, so you let me myself speak through you. They feel pleasantly touched by it, because it imparts a power current to them, which they willingly let have an effect on them and which awakens the longing in them, to always receive more and more. These beings feel me, but do not even recognize me sooner than until they reach faith that I myself address them through you. But then they no longer go from you and want to hear your words continually. And then rich knowledge can be imparted to them, which spreads light and again attracts innumerable souls to the light and the work for my kingdom can in this way be exceptionally extensive and successful. Who wants to serve me, he is also accepted, and according to his willingness is his assignment. For that reason be eagerly active for me; know that only a short time is at your disposal and that you can work in this short time very successfully, so just use every opportunity to spread my word, for everywhere where it is accepted, where it is read or listened to, souls arrive from the spiritual kingdom, which, attracted through the unusual light radiation, also feel the unusual effect and gratefully receive it, as a result of which power is supplied to them. But still far greater is the success, when my word, my Gospel, is consciously supplied to these souls, when they are called over in thoughts and every word is also voiced to them. No man on earth suspects, which effect such words exert on the opposite souls, but consider that it is my word that you are just the tool, which I make use of, to also make me accessible to these souls, without making their will unfree. So I myself also speak to men on earth, who I also cannot address directly - only these are far less willing to receive, because they still do not recognize the great spiritual trouble in its extent, but which causes the souls in the hereafter to seek help, which they experience in my word, supplied by you.


^ B.D. NR. 5599 Trouble of the departed souls. Love the help of men.

But the love of men on earth is accepted by God. And for the sake of this love God's compassionate love can now take action. He supplies power to the souls from his inexhaustible love born; he accepts the intercessory love and helps, where the being lacks power. You men, remember these poor souls and always give them, for which they ask you, so they intervene into your thoughts. Pay attention to these requests and listen to them - send kind and good thoughts to them, refer them to Jesus Christ, in whom they did not want to believe on earth; call him himself simultaneously and recommend these souls to him. But do not let your prayer be a lip prayer, for only love has redeeming, power giving effect, and for this love all souls ask you, which must languish in the hereafter. And you yourselves do not know, in which state your loved ones have gone from you, and for that reason you are to leave out no-one, who wants to announce his nearness, his requests, to you through emerging thoughts towards him.


^ B.D. NR. 5600 Power of the divine word.

An enormous power current touches the soul, which willingly accepts my word, for the will to listen to me, also opens it to receive my power. For that reason I want that my word is again and again offered to men on earth or also to the souls in the hereafter, to stimulate their will.

Now also in the hereafter it must get my word supplied, to draw light and power out of it, if it does not want to remain in the dark state, in which it has entered the spiritual world. But as soon as my word touches a willing soul, it feels miraculously hit; it gets deeply stirred in its innermost being; sparks of light make it happy and increase its desire for constant light, and it also feels supply of power, which drives it to activity, which also reinforces its will, to provide food for the soul, which it lacks. They are not just mere words, which the soul hears, which willingly receives my offered gift of favour, but it feels addressed by a loving being, and its love touches the soul enormously, and it therefore completely devotes itself to the effect of my address. And as soon as the soul has summoned up this will, it has escaped from the state of darkness; brightness irradiates it, and its cognition, its knowledge increases, for the power of my word brings about this change, because it is my direct radiation on the beings, which open themselves to my word. For that reason an important task remains for you, my servants on earth - to supply my word to fellowmen or to the souls in the hereafter.


^ B.D. NR. 5602 Remember the soul after death. Pitiful figures in the hereafter.

If you men would know about the trouble of these souls, they would move you to pity and let your love flare up, but you lack faith in it and cannot be given to you against your will.


^ B.D. NR. 5605 Awakening of the dead through God's word.

But as you receive it from eternal love, so you must pass on my word in love; the will to help must drive you to hand out, what awakened you yourselves to life.

But the many souls, who rest in their graves - who indeed according to their thoughts still walk on earth and are still spiritually dead and in oppressing darkness. These souls surround you, and you are to bring help to them; you are to help them up out of the night of death towards the light of life.

Carry light into darkness, wherever it may be - take care of all those, who are dead in spirit; remember your dead fellowmen as also the dead in the hereafter - want that they awaken to life, and bring my word to them in love.


^ B.D. NR. 5609 Effective medicine for the soul: God�s word.

There is no other remedy than this my word, and no matter if intercession is done for these souls, which are in trouble - this only helps to stimulate its will, to open, when the rescue remedy it served to it. For the soul itself must want; no man on earth and no being in the hereafter can take this decision of the will from it; it must inevitably turn itself to those, who want to bring the word to it, which can heal and strengthen it. And you man are to ask for this will that it may become soft and yielding, and the soul will feel this prayer already as power and accept the help offered to it.


^ B.D. NR. 5624 Blessed lot and activity in the spiritual kingdom.

Already the will of such a soul, to help the fellow suffering souls, will earn them power, and to stimulate this will will be your continual effort, because you cannot help them otherwise, when their will resists.


^ B.D. NR. 5732 Opposite listeners. Questions. About Jesus Christ. Blessing.

Innumerable souls in the hereafter come into the possession of spiritual material, who follow you and your activity for me and my kingdom and are willing to let themselves be instructed.

And they always call new souls over; always new souls desire to receive light, and to always new souls the Gospel is therefore made accessible, who now again utilize it on their part to help other souls out of the same trouble.

As soon as the connection is just established from earth to the spiritual kingdom, the light also already radiates out and attracts innumerable souls out of darkness.


^ B.D. NR. 5737 Help for the lost on earth and in the hereafter. Intercession.

Help for the lost on earth and in the hereafter. Intercession.

3. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5737.

Use all your power to bring help to men walking on earth in darkness and to the souls in the hereafter, which are still unredeemed and also need your help to reach the light. Let no hour pass without remembering these souls, i.e., arrange your daily work so that you always also give so much time to them to give them a silent prayer, a reference to Jesus Christ or also enlightenment to men on earth, who listen to you. At every hour be workers in the vineyard of the Lord; do not disregard your most important activity; do not forget them about your earthly activity. Much is certainly demanded from you to completely put the world in the background, to constantly turn your thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom, while you still live on earth and are also forced to take up the fight with life, but believe it that you will also not feel so the fight to exist; that you can confidently entrust your earthly worries to him, who has taken you into his services; believe it that he cares for his servants and co-workers, so they just eagerly do the work, for which they themselves have offered themselves � to help the lost on earth and in the hereafter that they find the right way. And for this you are to always take the time; you are to move your field of work more into the spiritual kingdom than into the earthly world � you are to be mindful of that, that men on earth must carry out this work, because the free will of man is not allowed to be endangered; you are not to forget that the prayer of men on earth is also of greatest value for the souls in the hereafter and that also to them the first help must be brought through you, because the work of the light beings in the spiritual kingdom can only then begin, when you have given so much power to the souls through your intercession, through your mental instructions that they are now also willing to listen to the light beings. For that reason let no day pass, where you have not worked for the kingdom of God, and be also always certain of my blessing, for the rescue of many souls from darkness is at stake; it is that help, which is still to be brought to the souls in the time of the end, who alone cannot break away from the dark power, who need light, to find the way out of the night of death to the light of life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5737.


^ B.D. NR. 5740 Redemption from the depth. Rescue work.

And you men are to lighten this love spark in them through your intercession, through loving remembering, which you give away to these souls through conscious help, by you instructing them in thoughts, by you informing them of their redeemer Jesus Christ, who is their rescue and whom they can call at any time for power and favour and forgiveness of their sins. You men can contribute a great deal for that to accomplish a rescue work, and when it is just one soul, to which you have brought help, which you have liberated out of the fetters of Satan, so unspeakably much has been won as a result, for every soul has its following, which is likewise rescued as well, because the soul does this itself in its gratitude and happiness, which is transferred to the unhappy souls, and therefore eager co-workers are won with every rescued soul, which participate in the opposite kingdom in the work of redemption.


^ B.D. NR. 5745 God's word is felt as power flow by souls in the hereafter.

And if it is not men on earth, who draw a use from the power current, so it is still the souls in the hereafter, to whom no thought remains hidden, as soon as they just want to gather experiences with you, you who go the way according to my will. Every flow of power, which is visible as ray of light to these souls through prayer or love work, through sending of my word on earth or reading aloud of this word, is felt by them beneficially, as soon as they are prepared to accept it. And for that reason you are always surrounded by such souls, who would like to get power for themselves from you. Your fellowmen could certainly likewise get power from you in fulness, so they would listen to you and they themselves would partake of the power of favour of my word, but their will is not yet exclusively turned to the gaining of spiritual material, because they still pay too much attention to the world, while the souls in the hereafter feel only that as power, as benefit, what is offered to them through you, for the flow of power in the hereafter, which is supplied to them through light beings, they only recognize then as equal, when they have won the first cognition � when they have found, with your help, out of the kingdom of darkness or twilight the gate to light, because they still stay too much in earth nearness and for that reason can also be worked on easier than by beings of light. But these stand already as helpers behind them and make the understanding for it easy for them, what is offered to them through you.


^ B.D. NR. 5767 Great trouble of the souls in the hereafter.

But all souls lack power for real wanting - and no help can be brought to them according to the law from eternity, when they themselves do not desire such. The work of mercy of God has certainly not ended, when the soul leaves the earthly body, but what it left unused on earth, although it possessed it in richest measure, that it must first acquire in the hereafter, and it is too weak for that. Just always imagine extreme weakened, helpless beings, which suffer unspeakably and which have to rely on help, to get freed from their sufferings - compassion would seize you for these beings, so you could see them in their trouble. And you all have souls over there, of which you do not know, in which state they have entered the spiritual kingdom - you all have men lost through death, who were close to you. Remember at least these souls having been close to you and help them, for even the smallest work of redemption results in further redemptions, and you have much contributed to that. And you can help them only through loving thoughts and prayer, through intercession for these souls, which indeed still does not free them from their agony, but sends power to them, by means of which the soul can then change its will and strive for light. It cannot get redeemed against its will from its agonizing situation, but so that it can want right, your intercession is necessary, a prayer, which is given to it in love, as soon as it presses itself into your thoughts. For you are to know that the soul asks you for help, so it intervenes into your thoughts, that the souls constantly surround you, which hope for help from you, and that you are not allowed to unwillingly press back the thoughts of the deceased, when you do not want to still increase their agonies. To not harm you and your free will, the lot of these souls remains hidden to you; they are two worlds, in which you and the deceased souls are; a border has been drawn; the look into their world is hindered for you, but nevertheless it exists, and you can send much love after them from your world, which has an effect in a way and to an extent, that innumerable souls can flee their state. Remember often these poor souls and do not let them unnoticed in their trouble, for what you do to them in compassioned love, that will be richly rewarded to you, by allotting spiritual help to you already on earth through all souls, which reached light out of darkness.


^ B.D. NR. 5855 Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Jesus Christ.

Men, to whom no loving thoughts follow into that kingdom, can often remain endless long in this situation, and these souls are extremely unfortunate, and still they are only to be helped through intercession, that they get power imparted, to direct their will right. But if helpful thoughts follow a soul, then it also feels these beneficently and constantly stays near those, from whom the power current starts.


^ B.D. NR. 5877 Short phase of earth life decides lot in the hereafter.

These souls must also desire the supply of light and power in free will, only then they will receive, and then only begins their ascent development with the work, which they again practise at the souls in darkness. It is as it were a laborious course, an ascent, where level by level must get climbed with the summoning up of all strength and all will. No effort remains unpaid; the soul progresses in any case, but because it itself is still very weak and has little power at its disposal, it must exert its whole will and find much support from the light world or human intercession, until it itself has become so far light and power recipient, that it now can hand out on its part and now receives more and more power.


^ B.D. NR. 5901 Bringing the Gospel to the opposite souls. Love.

The souls, which are powerless in the hereafter, are lacking in love - and that you must explain to them, that they can only then expect help, when they are prepared to hand out love, to who are poor and unhappy like them.

You can teach the souls however much - they will not believe you or not understand you, when they are not willing to love, and if you now want to help them, so your greatest and first care must be, to stimulate them to lovingly help the other souls, which are in trouble and turn to them.


^ B.D. NR. 5903 Blessing of the spiritual work.

Your spiritual striving, your work for me and my kingdom, is eagerly followed by those souls, and what you do, they also want to carry out with your help.


^ B.D. NR. 5929 Redemption of hell. Ray of light in form of a cross.

They are illuminated by a light in the form of a cross, which like lightning gives them the memory of him, who has died on the cross.


^ B.D. NR. 5964 Redemption work at opposite souls in the will of God.

But to also create possibilities for these souls, to reach me by a roundabout way, I make the constant effort, and you men can help me with it, by you looking after these souls, by you informing them about me, because they more likely listen to you, when they are prepared at all to change their serious difficulties.


^ B.D. NR. 5980 God's blessing for redemption work. Souls in the hereafter.

And truly no effort is in vain, for a success is always recorded in the opposite kingdom, because there already the smallest gleam of light is utilized - because souls always exist, which have already reached the degree, that they benefit from every spiritual activity on your part. As soon as you want to serve me, you are surrounded by a gleam of light, which entices souls near, and for that reason you are not to grow tired or indifferent in the work for my kingdom, even so you can observe little success earthly - you do not work in vain, and every thought, every word, every stroke of the pen has its effect and brings redemption to the souls on earth or in the spiritual kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 5992 Effect of a striving man on opposite souls.

And of particular effect is then the prayer for the deceased, the mental stay with the unredeemed souls, which calls these over and lets them take part of the good influence on the soul in his surroundings. The thoughts of man do not remain hidden to those souls, so they are directed spiritually, and so always those souls are called over, who are able to change and willing.


^ B.D. NR. 6022 In the house of the father are many mansions.

The will of the souls must get stimulated, to improve their lot for themselves; and if the will now moves, then the soul is suddenly among needy souls, which ask it for help, and now it is decided, whether it listens to these requests, whether it is willing and tries to help them.


^ B.D. NR. 6057 Blessing of the receiving and spreading.

And these connections from earth to me are also felt by innumerable souls in the opposite kingdom or noticed as gleam of light, and now also they step into the light circle, and also they are affected by the blessing, for they feel a power current, which triggers in them an always greater desire for my word. For they understand the meaning of my word exactly the same way as you men, and they receive it far more eagerly to increase their power. Therefore the spreading of my word is my will not just for the sake of men on earth, but also the souls in the hereafter are to take note of it, because also they need light and power, as long as the gates to the kingdom of light are still closed for them and they can also withdraw light and power from my word. For these souls such an imparting of my word means the only possibility to the ascent, for without it they have too little power to be able to perform works of love, what they however could easily have done in earth life with the help of life power. For that reason, men on earth go indifferently past the most delicious, because they overrate their life power, however utilize it wrongly. But the souls in the hereafter are infinitely grateful for the help, which my word means for them. And for that reason both the receiving as well as also the spreading of my word is of incomprehensible blessing for all, for the power of my word will always be noticeable, and there always souls will turn up, which are grateful for this gift, and they will on their part again pass on, what they have received, and therefore also in the opposite kingdom a redeeming activity will start, where the power of my word was once felt, because my word awakens love and love is always ready to help, on earth as also in the opposite kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 6064 Love work at the unredeemed.

For that reason also intercession, which comes from a loving heart, has a great power effect; for that reason many a soul, on earth as in the hereafter, can get redeemed through intercession. Men themselves can as it were make it easier for those unredeemed souls to accept the instructions, because this is already the effect of loving intercession, that the soul willingly deals with every effort, which is meant for its ascent.


^ B.D. NR. 6129 Gospel announcing to those, who need spiritual comfort, and to the souls in the hereafter.

Remember those souls, as soon as you yourselves are active on earth for me and my kingdom - consider, that also these souls can take part in your vineyard work, that they are more likely inclined to listen to you; with whom they still feel connected through your remembrance, than when a light being approaches them in the hereafter, which they do not recognize as such and therefore also do not accept so easily, what these want to offer to them.


^ B.D. NR. 6136 Presenting the heavenly bread to the souls in the hereafter.

But the trouble in the spiritual kingdom is also infinitely great, for daily souls arrive there in a miserable state, because they are still very much connected to the material world, because spiritually they have created no supply for themselves on earth and for that reason arrive miserably in the opposite kingdom and have to rely on help, when they do not want to sink to the depth.


^ B.D. NR. 6157 Intercession for souls in darkness.

It will never reject the love of a man, whereas it often resists the same efforts on the part of the light world, because it has no faith in that, what they tell it, for the light beings stand in the same state before them and are for that reason not listened to. But men on earth, particularly who were on close terms with them, achieve much more, for those unhappy souls look up to them, because they see the love power going out from them as ray, which is a favour for them. You men have great power over those souls in darkness, when you remember them in love - when you want to help them. For they feel that, and they have trust in you and also listen to you, so you reproach them or announce the Gospel to them. And no matter how stubborn a soul is, no matter how blind and ignorant it is - your love changes this state; it immediately understands you, when your thoughts are full of love, and then it also accepts.


^ B.D. NR. 6167 Powerlessness is remedied through love.

But the souls, which are also not able to do it, to take hold of a good thought, which are only full of hate and also want and think so, are badly off, when they find no helper, who imparts power to them through his love, which has so an effect on the soul, that it becomes more peaceful and changes its wanting and thinking. And it is again love, which brings help - which is the only means, to bring rescue to the powerless souls in the hereafter, why an intercession in love is extremely blessed for the souls in the depth and also achieves it, that these souls change - so that therefore a prayer in love never remains without success and every soul can be redeemed, when it has just left men behind on earth, who remember it in love in prayer. Such a prayer does not remain without effect, for in their agonizing state the souls feel every relief, every supply of power, and they also know, who imparts this power to them, and now show on their part love to the benefactor, and a however tiny love spark kindles and spreads.


^ B.D. NR. 6205 Help of men with the redemption from the depth.

Help of men with the redemption from the depth.

5. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6205.

An inexhaustible measure of favour I hand out, because my love persistently makes an effort to prepare for you an eternal life in happiness. Therefore I also do not leave the souls in darkness without help, because they alone cannot help themselves, but as I also still look after the weak souls and give them power to reach light. My love is meant for all souls, which does not stop, which wants to help and make happy and which for that reason also seizes the spiritual, which is still very far from me - why I give away favours there - undeserved helps, which are to prove my love. My compassionate love follows the souls into the depth and seeks to redeem them. And for that reason you must understand, that also every man on earth is allowed to take part in this work of redemption and that I accept and bless his collaboration, when it is meant for those souls from the depth as I bless everything, what proves love for the unredeemed spiritual. You men can help, by you intervening as mediators, because the direct contact between me and those souls being in the depth is impossible, because these souls could not bear the excess of light, which would radiate to them with my direct presence - but as this presence is also out of the question for that reason, because it would mean a compulsion of the will. But through your love you build a bridge, which the souls of the depth can now enter, to come to me in free will. My love and favour indeed now also sends messengers to these souls - light beings, which approach them in a cover, to cause them, to break away from the depth and to strive towards the height. But you men on earth have greater influence on those souls, particularly when love drives you to them, to grant them help. You have greater influence, because you appear more real to them, because you are still in those spheres, where also these souls have come from. And you have a particular influence, so you can impart my word to them, which is of incomprehensible influence as direct love radiation, which creates noticeable alleviation for them, which touches them beneficently and for that reason is to be seen for these souls as quite particular means of favour. Also the opposite light and love messengers make my word accessible to them, but before recognition has not become theirs, what they must strive for to be happy, they still react negatively towards these light beings, until they have won the cognition through you, whom they believe more likely and follow your instructions. Men on earth can much easier and sooner establish the contact with the inhabitants of darkness, when they want to help them in my name, when they make it their task to be active redeeming. Then such an effort is also blessed by me; then I myself can help imperceptibly. I can open the gates for the souls of the depth, that they reach you, what they are not allowed without my will, to not besiege you on behalf of him, who is my opponent. And so they come softened to you and ask you for help, which you can now also give away to them through presenting my word, which is real help to them and which does not miss its effect. Men, who consciously look after these souls, who consciously want to do redemption work, will always be blessed by me, for they carry out a work, which will never remain without success, because they make use of a means, which brings with certainty redemption to the souls. They impart my word to the souls, and they establish the contact between those souls and Jesus Christ - and so they now resort to me in him, they are rescued for all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6205.


^ B.D. NR. 6218 Redemption work for the souls. Intercession.

Redemption work for the souls. Intercession.

23. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6218.

Whatever is done in good will, to contribute to the redemption of the souls, to help them in their spiritual trouble, that is also assessed as redemption work and is of benefit to those unhappy souls, which you would like to protect from the lot of darkness. They feel your intercession, and you now call them to you with your loving thoughts, to now never ever leave you, as soon as they feel the power, which goes out from you through your love. And I know it very well, which souls need this your intercession, so you pray for these souls languishing in the depth. I also know, how these souls behave to your will to help, and will also lead those souls to you, that they let themselves be redeemed with your help - for the Gospel must first of all be supplied to them, so that they themselves can now become active, so power is imparted to them. They themselves must know about Jesus Christ as redeemer from the depth, before they can also lead other souls to him - in which then also their activity exists, so a small light of cognition gleams for them. These souls are able to do nothing without Jesus Christ, but in the depth they are completely without knowledge about him, who alone can rescue them from darkness. And this knowledge is to be supplied to them through you, only then they can call him out of their own will, and only then rescue will be theirs. But so long the souls are without knowledge about their redeemer, they are also hopelessly left to be the victim of the power of my opponent, and your prayer for these souls means for them a gently loosening of their fetters, which gives them the impetus to come to you in the hope for change of their situation. And then they are to receive information from you, in which way their situation can be improved, in which way they can become free from the control if their jailer. And as soon as this knowledge has been given to them, they can again decide for themselves, whether they want to follow your advice or not. But so they have once been near you, the return to the depth is for them so awful, that they seriously think things over and will mostly follow your suggestions, that they, to not being again hit into fetters, call for him, whom you have announced to them as rescuer and redeemer. The redemption from the depth depends on the free will of the being - a soul cannot get arbitrarily redeemed against the law of my eternal order and led to the light, which does not want it itself. And you are to stimulate this will and in all love inform the beings of my word, which has a strong power effect on those and for that reason you yourselves have a great attractive force, because you give them love and power. Only rarely a soul is so stubborn, that it returns into the depth, when it has once felt the favour of light and power with you. But otherwise it still falls deeper than before, and it lasts eternal times, until it again experiences the favour of the supply of light, for a so stubborn soul is still completely in the fetter of the opponent, and it only followed the light sparks with the intention, to extinguish them - although it is then also first illuminated and could easily break away from that control. But the will of the soul is taken into account. But such souls redeemed from the depth are extremely grateful towards those, who have helped them to the light through loving intercession or mental instructions, and they prove their gratitude to men through help in earthly trouble and through redemption work in the spiritual kingdom - they become eager collaborators in my kingdom; they descend again into darkness and help those up to the light, who are willing.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6218.


^ B.D. NR. 6258 Redemption of the souls from the depth before the end.

They have been hit in the depth by love sparks, which achieved this change of will. And these love sparks come from God, but also from you men on earth, for every thought willing to help, moving to pity, which is directed at the souls in darkness, which are far from all happiness and in an extreme unfortunate state, is visible to these souls as light spark, and it does not remain without effect.


^ B.D. NR. 6266 No intercession in vain for opposite souls.

No intercession in vain for opposite souls.

26. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6266.

You all will experience it that my love for you is unlimited and that I for that reason abandon no-one to his self-chosen fate, but come to the help of all, may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom. I look after each one soul, which you recommend to me, for which you pray, which you want to help in spiritual trouble. I help, wherever my help is requested, because I love you all. But that will only be comprehensible to you, so you enter into the spiritual kingdom and all those souls come to meet you, which your prayer has liberated from their trouble. Only then you will know that I have heard every call of you and that no request was directed at me in vain. But you are to also hear it on earth already out of my mouth. I myself want to say it to you that you can help each one soul, to which you give love. And I want to say it to you for that reason, because extremely much depends from it, because all these souls must just catch sight of a small ray of love from you, to turn towards you, what than already means starting redemption - because with you they receive that, what they need for the further ascent. If you would know, which effective means is at your disposal - you would have no other thought any more, than to rescue souls out of darkness. And they all thank you for it and always surround you, so that you never perform a spiritual work without their presence - and you cannot imagine the effect of it, for one only ray of light lights again and makes innumerable further souls receptive for my word. For that reason already I supply it down to earth, because nothing else extends its effect to the opposite kingdom and because it also has a changing influence (effect) on the souls from the depth. I give, but I receive far more back; my creatures find again to me, which kept far away from me, which feel your love as power and now also turn to me voluntarily, because their hearts become soft and submissive through your love. And for the sake of your love also my love can now express itself at these souls; I can supply them with power, which they use again for work in love at the souls still being in darkness. The work of redemption is so extensive, which can now be done at those unhappy souls of the depth, for a single soul has again its following, which is now as it were also redeemed through your help, what is now before the end of the earth before the beginning of a new redemption period, of greatest important, since innumerable souls are really still kept from the lot of the new banishment, but which would irrevocably overtake them, so they still languish in deepest darkness and no way upwards would have been shown to them. I love all my creatures, and I do not want that they must suffer endless long time, but I keep my law of the eternal order and for that reason cannot redeem those souls against the law, which still oppose me. But your love can break this resistance, and then my love can also become active. For that reason I help all, who you recommend to me, for whom you pray, and I free them from their trouble - for my love never stops; my love includes all my creatures; my love wants that they all are happy.
Amen B.D. NR. 6266.


^ B.D. NR. 6312 Seeing each other again in the hereafter.

The more mature souls will therefore have the ability to recognize the souls, but not the other way round - because the weak souls are to be stimulated to strive, but are not forced to it through proofs.


^ B.D. NR. 6341 Mediator. Intercession.

As soon as you, interceding, remember those, who still stand far away, who still have not recognized me properly, you also turn power to them, and their resistance becomes less through your loving intercession.

No intercession is in vain.


^ B.D. NR. 6351 Power of intercession for the unredeemed.

You do not know the power of intercession, which is done in love. You would contribute an infinite great deal, that the kingdom of light can be opened to the souls in the hereafter, but as you can also help men on earth to the change of will through intercession, because it is equal to a supply of power, which must always have a good effect.

This knowledge cannot be imparted to them by force, and they also reject it, when you want to bring it to them - but they will feel the supply of power, which they receive as effect of your loving intercession. A prayer, which you direct to me for others, I assess as if it has risen up to me by these themselves. For now I can work in the course of my eternal order. I can now give to the soul something, although it has not requested it itself, although free will still remains left to the soul, to now use the power flowing to it right. But a loving intercession also brings about the change of will of him, for whom it is meant, for it is a spiritual request, which reaches my ear, which will always find fulfilment.

Wring these out of him through loving intercession, for your love now gives me the right to a power supply, to which I am otherwise not entitled to for that reason, because I do not dispute my opponent his right, to whom those souls have given themselves for himself through their will. But my power supply will always contribute to that end to change the will, and your loving intercession gives those souls this power. Loving intercession could truly bring about a great change on earth, but you men remember too little those, who are in spiritual trouble, for whom there is only the loving help from you men, that they may be helped, so long they themselves do not call the helper and rescuer - what however my opponent prevents and also can prevent, because men are enslaved to him. But through a prayer in love for these souls you call me myself to help, and for the sake of your love I am also prepared to help. For that reason use all the power of intercession, and be certain, that you show both the souls as also me myself an extreme great love, which I will reward.


^ B.D. NR. 6352 God's mercy.

But the knowledge about the unhappiness of the fallen can also awaken deep mercy in him, and so he now supports these souls far from God in merciful love - so he now calls on God for help for those unhappy souls, then his merciful call for help can break the resistance in those souls, because they feel the love of the one asking and become yielding.


^ B.D. NR. 6371 Power of the word upon the souls in the hereafter.

But the further a soul sinks, the more it is now filled with hate against light, which is denied it - until in the end even rays of light torment them, when they are touched by them, and they now flee from the light, what, however, shows such a deep fall, that not enough intercession can be done for those souls, to redeem them.

And so you men now hold up in front of yourselves, that that word, which flows towards you as love radiation of God, means light, which you can give to these souls being in trouble - when you consider, that you have the possibility through the divine word, to take the tormenting darkness from the souls, to kindle a light for them, and you can therefore free them from the agonies - when you consider, that you possess light in fulness and can let this light radiate out into dark areas - where every light spark is seen, as the souls longingly hurry towards every ray of light - no matter how weak it may be, then you should not neglect to help those souls in darkness, and you are to also remember those in loving intercession, who are hardened and stay in out and out spheres, and call them in through your prayer and your loving will to help, so you hand out the divine word, so you give God himself the possibility through your love, to address the souls through your mouth.

Then the soul can no longer help itself; then it has to rely on the help of others, on your intercession and help through opposite beings, but which it also only then accepts, when it has once experienced the power of intercession.


^ B.D. NR. 6390 Redeeming activity at the souls.

Know, that there are only few men, who can send out such a ray of light, because only few occupy themselves spiritually and stand in truth, for that reason you are constantly besieged by light hungry souls, which you are not allowed to disappoint, that they wait in vain with you.


^ B.D. NR. 6391 Spiritual knowledge without material success.

That I supply spiritual knowledge to you unlimitedly, is to also, however, be proof for you, that you need it - because you are to work with it again for the benefit of those, who have departed unredeemed into the opposite kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 6409 God's help to the change of will.

But many have made not one step progress until the hour of death, and for that reason I recall them, when only the smallest possibility still exists, that the will still changes in the hereafter, so loving intercession follows them into that kingdom.


^ B.D. NR. 6422 Readiness for redemption work.

Readiness for redemption work.

11. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6422.

You already announce your readiness to redemption work as a result, that you are sorry for the souls, which walk along unhappy, may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom, for your will to help will set in at the same time, when you remember them in pitiful love or recommend them to me. Then I also know, that you are prepared to help with the redemption of these souls. Infinitely much redemption work would be done, when men would know about the extreme great trouble of all these souls, which are still in the hands of their tormentor. But this state of agony cannot be shown to them obviously, because then a horror would seize them and also make them incapable of their own soul work. But already the thought, that these souls are in trouble, should cause or stimulate men, to help them, and already this willingness to help would have a blessed effect. For these souls feel it, when they are remembered in love. The effect of your thoughts you cannot imagine, both in a good as also in a bad direction. And for that reason already your thinking is to be always full of love, because it then also always exerts good influence on all men, with whom you occupy yourselves with in thoughts. And if your thoughts are now mainly of spiritual kind, so they also have a spiritual effect, and you can do nothing better, than to always remember the trouble of the souls and wanting to remove it. Every soul, which is drawn into your circle of thoughts, feels good thoughts as strengthening and as cause to the change of will. The effect on these souls in the hereafter you still cannot establish on earth, although you certainly can believe it. But the effect on earth men you will be able to follow, when you include them in your prayer because of their spiritual trouble, when you would like to help them in love, when your will does not let up, to struggle for their souls - when you do not eliminate them from your thoughts, but help them so long, until they have risen and are now themselves strong enough, to cover the way up. Your thoughts are powers - and are they are determined by love, than they are also a weapon, with which you can defeat the enemy of the souls and rescue those souls, for which your love is meant. That former is only to be defeated through love, for he cannot resist it. He flees and leaves his victim alone. And now you will also understand, in which way you can perform redemption work, which can affect both men on earth as also the souls in the opposite kingdom. Include them in your loving intercession; remember them with pitiful will to help; address them in thoughts and let them feel the power of your love. Look after all souls, who you know in trouble, and go up to me with this love for these souls. And I am readily prepared to turn that power to those souls, which your love would like to impart to them. Then you can always be co-workers for me in redeeming meaning, then always more power will flow to yourselves, and then I can also unusually influence those souls, for which you ask me for help. No prayer from you is unsuccessful, and often just a small stimulus is lacking, that the souls find to me, and it can be triggered through your loving intercession. Know, that you all can help me and that you all are welcomed co-workers for me, when you are just prepared to help with a loving heart, for there is great trouble, both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6422.


^ B.D. NR. 6423 Happiness and thanks of the redeemed souls.

The souls praise and magnify me in effusive feelings of thanks, which found redemption from their agony through loving intercession, which recognized it, that they themselves would not have been able to free themselves, because they were of too weak will, and which could strengthen their will through the merciful love of men on earth - which now called to me in Jesus Christ and could be raised up out of the depth by me.


^ B.D. NR. 6429 Rejecting of the word of God. Remorse.

But the souls of the departed from earth can also, through loving thoughts of men, be lured into their kingdom of light, who wanted to give them my love light on earth already.


^ B.D. NR. 6439 Remember the end.

For my opponent has them firmly in his power, and they will hardly come free of him, when they are not helped through loving intercession, through the call to Jesus Christ, that he himself may help them.


^ B.D. NR. 6459 Intercession for Lucifer.

And you will now understand it, that and why loving intercession is of greatest success for this struggling spiritual.

But to take the way to the cross, to that end many souls also still need help, which can therefore be done for them through loving intercession on the part of already free men. Intercession in love is a great factor with the redemption of the souls being in the power of my opponent - who is the only being in the whole infinity, who wants to rule and exerts force on the spiritual created in fullest freedom in the original beginning, but who does not stand under my power insofar, as that I determine him to his thinking, wanting and acting. As far as I am concerned also this being is completely free. To whom do you now want to intercede for this being? And what do you perhaps want to achieve through your prayer? That I change his will? That I satisfy his hate? That I move him to conversion, which he must begin voluntarily? All ways stand open for him; I do not prevent him, but I exert no force at all on him, even no love force, because his fall was and is something else, than the fall of those beings, which he called into life with my power - and because he is their enemy and acts as enemy on them, because he prevents it, that these beings reach again fortune and happiness as once. He faces me as opponent, and he loads sin upon sin onto his head, so long he abuses his power and so besieges the entities in the stage of free will, that the return to me is exactly only possible for him through the help of Jesus Christ. Only love redeems from his power - and if you want to redeem him, then you must love him, and that means, to connect yourselves with him. Your help, which you can do, exist in that respect, to redeem his following, so that he may get weakened, for he will never change, so long spiritual still belongs to him; only when he stands alone, when everything what was once overthrown by him, has again reached the height, he will give up his hate, his arrogance and his will opposed to me, and then my love can seize him, and I can again be a loving father for him. For then he again desires my love, as it was in the very beginning.


^ B.D. NR. 6472 Effect of the word in the hereafter.

Effect of the word in the hereafter.

10. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6472.

All those souls in the opposite kingdom, which once had the opportunity, to hear my word through you, follow all spiritual conversations, all spiritual work, all spiritual thoughts. It is a redemption work of greatest extent, which is done with your help, because only one soul having become free sees its whole task in it, to help with the redemption of souls, which still languish in the depth. And every soul has a great following, partly through earth relationships, partly through the same convictions of the souls in their surroundings, and for that reason every redeemed soul will also find again a great sphere of action, but for that reason again and again return to you, to fetch food for itself, which it wants to hand out again. And you men can believe it, that you do a service for me with it, that I will truly pay you, for the most secure and most effective means to snatch the souls from darkness is my word, but which cannot sound to them, so long they do not turn to me voluntarily. But you men can form a bridge between that world of darkness and me. And I can, without working against the law, exert an influence on those souls - when you let me talk through you to them. This my address does not miss its effect, particularly with those souls, which already languish long in darkness, which long for liberation and who see in my word a ray of light, which makes them happy. The darkness of these souls is impenetrable, but helpful souls climb down into this darkness, and they call upon the souls to follow them, because also the will of these souls is necessary first, to now be able to offer them something, what helps them up. Many only follow reluctantly, but they make an attempt to flee from their lot, and only the smallest will experiences strengthening, for I know about every stirring and every thought and also give to every soul accordingly. But also in the kingdom of twilight stay beings already since time immemorial, which for that reason cannot come into areas more full of light, because they do not call the eternal light, because they do not know or acknowledge Jesus Christ and their darkened spirit does not let them come to thoughts full of light. Also there the call-notes sound, which request to gather, when my word sounds with you. In great crowds they surround you, at first following your work indifferently, until they notice the light radiation, which goes out from you, as soon as you have established the relationship with me and I can speak to you. These light radiations attract them, and soon they also feel their favour at themselves. And once this has occurred, then they will no longer go from you; they will always just wait, until the light flashes again, and also in them themselves it will always become brighter; questions will emerge, which are answered for them by unrecognized guides staying among them, and so one soul after another breaks away from its darkness or its area of twilight. And crowds of redeemed souls now gather again their following around them and lead all into your circle. And I can now address all myself, without having to have exerted a compulsion of the will, because you men have offered your help in love for it, because you believe and for that reason do, what helps you all to redemption - because you yourselves listen to my address and innumerable souls can now take part in it. You have in truth become servants for me, and your work is a blessed one, as it also affects the spiritual kingdom and its inhabitants after all, whose number you cannot gauge. For everywhere the souls will arrive, where my word is listened to or read, and for that reason also every activity will be blessed, which is meant for the spreading of my word, which I myself send to you from above. For only one thing is important, that my creatures connect themselves with me, may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom - that they find to me in Jesus Christ and now call me, so that I draw them to my heart as children and can make them happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6472.


^ B.D. NR. 6481 Recognizing and acknowledging God. Denier of God.

And every denier of God has contact with men, who believe in a God and creator from eternity, who determines their existence. And through these he again and again is prompted to think it over - but when he refuses inside, then he has not yet given up his former resistance, and he also will hardly accept enlightenment in the kingdom on the other side, when no-one intercedes on his behalf.


^ B.D. NR. 6483 Redemption work has an effect in the hereafter.

Redemption work has an effect in the hereafter.

24. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6483.

Many souls stand in expectation of the spiritual current of favour, which they receive gratefully and refresh and strengthen themselves on it. The spiritual world certainly offers them the same, but these souls are still earth bound, and for that reason they stay more in earth regions, until they have received so much power, that they can soar up - i.e., that they now also accept, what is offered to them in the spiritual kingdom by the beings of light, because they recognize the power effect in it. But the presenting of spiritual food through earth men is an extremely great help for the souls, which do not yet stay long in the opposite kingdom, which lived on earth completely indifferently and could bring over no spiritual goods at all, because they never strove for such, but without having been badly minded. A possibility is now offered to those souls, to get hold of light, without that they are inevitably being caused to the acceptance. This is a special favour, that spiritual knowledge is supplied to them again after their decease and they can decide again to accept or reject, before an endless deserted area receives them, which they must walk through, until they reach the same, what is now offered to them. Only quite occasionally lights flash in the earth spheres, which attract them, and blessed, which follow these rays of light and come to men, who strive spiritually, who have contact with the light kingdom and who also remember those unhappy souls, which languish in spiritual poverty. The unusual of a ray of light in dark surroundings lets many a soul stop and think things over, and as soon as questionable thoughts emerge, an opportunity will always be found, where it is answered. And if it has just once taken part in instructions of such kind, then it is again and again drawn back there, where is has discovered light. Then it has escaped the deepest darkness; it has still used the last gift of favour to its salvation. This kingdom of the earthbound souls is extremely densely populated, and successful work can be done at those souls, why you men are always besieged, as soon as you just direct your thoughts spiritually and connect yourselves with the kingdom of light. In consideration of the near end and of the spiritual low of men an unusual relief programme is urgently advisable, for many men will still be recalled, who all cannot show that degree of maturity, which allows the entrance into the light kingdom, but who are also still to be protected from still sinking into the depth in the opposite kingdom. But where redemption work is done on earth, where consciously or unconsciously help is brought to those souls through good thoughts, loving intercession or spiritual instructions, there many souls can still experience a spiritual awakening in a short time, when they are not completely stubborn and then run the risk of sinking or need a very long time to change their mind, which will always be a time of agony and darkness, of unhappiness. But since also every soul, which is prepared to accept spiritual instructions, reaches light and now on its part continuous the redeeming activity at those souls, which still stay in dark regions, the smallest earthly redemption work can already grow much in size and influence and will for that reason also always be blessed. In the opposite kingdom often far more is achieved than on earth, where the world prevents men from spiritual striving. For on earth it can be preached to deaf ears, but in the spiritual kingdom innumerable souls wait for the address of God, and such an address will never remain without impression, unless a soul is completely God-opposing minded and still in the power of Satan. But then it will also not remain at those places, where light radiates, but turn away into dark areas. But those souls also follow them, which found salvation - to again perform redemption work in the depth. Unmeasurable much you men can contribute to the redemption of the spiritual, as soon as you yourselves just let your thoughts wander into the kingdom of light, for then also a light will radiate with you, towards which the souls now hurry. Embrace all these souls with your love; seek to impart the Gospel of love to them and teach them faith in Jesus Christ. Then he himself will lead them to light and to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6483.


^ B.D. NR. 7065 Redemption of the bound in the surroundings.

All of you can contribute to the redemption of the spiritual when only your love encloses everything what still remains in bondage and therefore in unhappiness.

When you think of the unhappy, bound spiritual, that it is completely powerlessly exposed to the adversary (that it still belongs to the adversary) - when you want to help it and you employ your power to free it, then you certainly do a work of redemption of greatest importance because the upward development of this spiritual is made easier, it is able to fit in to the laws of divine order faster and can also burst open the outer form easier and faster be generated into new formings so that it reaches maturity quicker.

You can believe it that you achieve already powerful redeeming work when you enclose everything around you with loving thoughts - however not with a love wanting to possess but looking at everything which serves you in daily life with a love, which is compassionate, wants to make happy and help.

But you yourselves then live a conscious life, conscious of your own purpose and also conscious of the state of all creature and all created things. And when you yourselves thus have entered into the state of such a love, which encloses everything, also the so-called dead matter, it will be easy for you to establish the just order in you yourselves because love is then the power which also accomplishes that, to appease substances still opposed to God and to help them to spiritualization.

And everything needs support, both your fellow men as well as all works of creation, which surround you, may it be matter, plants or animals.


^ B.D. NR. 8441 The power of loving intercession for unbelievers.

And when you want to try to convince such men of the truth, then you will hardly have notched up a success, and the only thing you will be able to do for them is intercession because - when this is done in love - it radiates back on such people as power and can then also have an effect that the person thinks and his will of resistance becomes weaker. And that is why you should also think of all unbelievers in prayer that their hearts are allowed to be touched by the power of intercession.

No man needed to get lost on earth when close intercession would be made for every soul out of deep love.

But if only every man would set himself the goal to rescue one soul, that he would turn his love towards this soul and asks me for rescue, so that it does not again get lost for endless times - certainly, men would change and get to a right kind of faith, and they would do everything to fulfil their purpose of life on earth.


^ B.D. NR. 8525 Vineyard work is not without effect.

But think of the fact, that only few men deal with spiritual thoughts, that their thoughts are mostly worldly orientated - but that only spiritual thoughts can have an effect on souls in the kingdom on the other side and that these badly need help as long as they still stay near earth due to their low degree of maturity. They only can understand you by following your thoughts, and when these are now directed spiritually they can draw the greatest blessing out of them.

So the otherworldly souls have only few possibilities to arrive at sources of light where they are also allowed to receive light themselves - what they however do where only through light sparks such a source is visible on earth.


^ B.D. NR. 9014 Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased.

Whenever you cannot help thinking of a deceased then know that this is always a request for help, which you can give to them because no man looks after them.

But exactly the first step is very difficult for a soul until it once has experienced the power of intercession, which expresses itself then in the change of its will, which is now also easier to influence, and the call to such a soul is now also obeyed.


^ B.D. NR. 9018 Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness.

And so the coming off out of the deep alone is the most difficult work, but which every intercession for such souls strongly supports so that more and more souls calm down that their state is no longer an eternal fight, that the soul isolates itself from its surroundings and slowly thinks of itself. Because no man on earth intercedes for these souls in vain.


See Prayer of intercession


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