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Theme 3. Why Bertha Dudde is treated with hostility

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On this webpage sentences from messages of Bertha Dudde are collected, which have indications why her work is attacked.

I here take an example; an example which is also listed below, further down, 5987: "But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan."

When we consider which people are part of "many" - who these "many" are, who seek in such an office to gain a source of income and who combine an earthly purpose with it - then quite a great number come under it.

For instance all theologians are already part of this because theologians use almost exclusively their profession as source of income as they have been given a salary for the practice of their profession: they get paid for their services.

And practically all pastors of the great denominations are theologians, and their superiors, like bishops – and the entire hierarchy above them – are also theologians. So all clerics of the great denominations are part of it – are servants of Satan. And all theologians will therefore, because they are described as servants of Satan in the work of Bertha Dudde, have some, or a lot, of objections to Bertha Dudde and her work. They will use their theology to fabricate reasons why Bertha Dudde is a false prophet and why her work is to be rejected.

And they fabricate for instance reasons why Bertha Dudde is a false prophet and why her work is to be rejected, by them giving apparent scientific knowledge and the theological reason for this is then their theology that God is dead.

And practically all pastors of other denominations who would not consider themselves being theologians, perhaps because they went another way and made no formal course of theology, also gain a source of income in such an office and combine with it therefore also an earthly purpose.

And this therefore means that almost all pastors, all clerics, all priests, are servants of Satan and will more or less fight Bertha Dudde and her work.

And there will be no difference with all the people who belong to denominations, the big ones and the not so big ones, also they, the "laymen," will consciously, or unconsciously, reject Bertha Dudde because they are the ones who run to church on Sunday morning and get indoctrinated by someone who is called a servant of Satan by a message coming from Bertha Dudde, und who then would have to consider themselves to be disciples of such servants of Satan.

And when you face this picture then the entire so-called Christian world exists of people who have a good reason to have something against Bertha Dudde and her work. And that is of course also the reason why you will hardly find the messages of Bertha Dudde in a so-called Christian bookshop.

And these considerations, which we just made here, are also the reason why most of the people of the so-called Christian world will then also follow Antichrist because they already now belong to the regiment of Antichrist, because they are now already spiritually aligned to these servants of Satan.

"The false Prophets are not unselfish, and by that they are recognized, and for their services they get paid, and they talk out of their intellect." 6587

This is one of the most important details one has to know at the times of the end: a false prophet is one that gets paid for his services.

Here therefore now excerpts, like the ones already quoted, and others:


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From book 30, excerpt from message 2050:
Right relationship and living connection. Formalities.
30.8.1941. B.D. NR. 2050.

This communication from the child to him is free of formalities; it is the living connection, which man enters with God, and an exceedingly beneficial act of the will, which is far more valuable than customs and rites introduced by men, which are to counterfeit true worship of God and still prevent men to intimately and sincerely connect with him. For the intimate connection with God demands seclusion from the world; it requires a complete detachment from all earthly things. Man must go into his innermost, free and unhindered by outer influences, and now pray quite intimately: "Father, here I am – you seize me with your love and favour and have me become happy in you." Every influence from outside, for which the mind of man is still receptive, makes such an intimate connection impossible because the thinking of man remains turned to the world. He sees and hears things which belong to the world, but which do not touch the innermost being of God, although they are to illustrate him. And this directing of the senses towards formalities makes an empty form out the union with God. Man believes to be connected to God when he is present at acts, which have nothing to do with the deep spiritual worship of God, and he loses the desire for real spiritual union with God, and this is the great danger for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 2050.


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From Book 31, Message 2271:
Rejecting the word of God is turning towards the opponent of God.
21. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2271.

The opposite pole is striven for when man shuts himself off from the divine word, because then he defends himself against the flow of power out of God, and that already is a turning towards the opponent of God. Who rejects the word of God, he also rejects God himself, because God is the word. And when he talks about God then this is just a phrase which he uses without recognizing God. But when God himself approaches him, he sets his will against it, and cannot be led to God compulsorily. And even so he believes to use his will right and to be loyal to God when he has grown up in a wrong idea, and he remains loyal to only this wrong idea. With toughness he clings to his old ideas and cannot be convinced that he represents an erroneous teaching because this conviction cannot be taught to him compulsorily, but must be won by him out of his own drive. The heart must be active; he must feel the drive in himself to ascertain truth, and to get into intimate touch with God himself, then he will recognize whether and when he walks in truth. The word of God will enlighten him about everything, but he can never get clarity when he rejects the word of God. But the opponent of God reinforces his will to rejection; mentally he will go for him, and he will also be successful because the will of men is much more likely inclined to accept his teaching infiltrated with error than divine truth. And so man stands in association with the opposite pole of God, and his thinking and acting corresponds with it. He will not be active himself, but remains in what was offered to him before, and that is his mistake that he has acquired something without examining seriously, and now shrinks from a serious examination because he wants nothing else than what he owns – he is afraid of recognizing the flimsiness of what he owns and supports it the more eagerly. But God again and again tries to also guide these men to the way of truth, and he again and again comes close to them when they raise their thoughts towards him. Because only through serious thought can they come to truth, and he will again and again cause men to thought to snatch them from the power of the opponent and to be able to present his word to them and with this word also the power. Amen. B.D. NR. 2271.


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From Book 32, Message 2396:
Different results. Born again of the spirit. Appointed by God.

5. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2396.

The spirit, which distributes wisdom, can only be of divine origin, and that is why this spirit can never be mistaken. Consequently everything is to be believed that has come into being through the work of the spirit, even so it is difficult to accept. It only remains to be checked whether that what was created is the work of the spirit or human product. And this can be established very easily. First it must be considered, which purpose man pursues with it that he informs fellow men about it – whether earthly advantages are to be achieved by this or the will to give merely drives him. Further it must be checked whether that what has come into being touches spiritual or earthly subjects; the way of coming into being must be observed and the attitude of the man, whose work of the spirit is to be checked, towards God. A work can never come into being purely intellectually, which is of pure spiritual content, without the help of God, therefore the work of his spirit. Because the will to solve spiritual problems already results in the work of the spirit, and when this will is turned towards God, then the man must inevitably stand in right thinking, i.e. accept the thought material from the spiritual world, which flows towards him from the spirit world likewise united with God. And so only the question remains open why different results could be spread, which all were made out to be the work of the spirit. A difference has to be made whether a man has been appointed to accept divine gifts of the spirit and to spread them, or if he thinks that he himself has been appointed to this – whether he himself acquires an office before he has established the intimate union with God, before he has been born again in the spirit. Being born again in the spirit must have preceded it, before the spirit can have an effect in man. But being born again in the spirit has not always gone first, and nevertheless spiritual questions were raised and answered, and therefore teachings came into being, which deviate from each other and all of which claim to be acknowledged as truth. So spiritual problems were just solved intellectually, but which truthfully can only be solved from the spirit out of God. But the spirit of God can only be effective when man is born again in the spirit, when he stands in intimate, simple inion with God and longs for nothing else than receiving divine truth in the deepest awareness of his belonging to God and in the hot desire for final unification with him. Purest truth flows towards him, and the results of such people must inevitably agree. The degree of devotion towards God men cannot judge, but God sees it, and he elects who are to serve him, because he recognizes their will and their preparedness for this. An intimate relationship must exist between man and God because this intimate relationship is prerequisite for the effectiveness of the spirit in him and through him. But the intimate relationship can also be established just apparently before men, by those, who believe to be appointed and still are not. Because neither intellect nor rank, neither denomination nor office are decisive for the working of the spirit, but only the composition of the heart, but which does not remain hidden before God. Consequently wisdom and truth cannot be sought and expected there where human will has made an occupation out of it, because this appointment must come from God alone, and that man will be appointed, who makes himself worthy of his favour through the work of love, who through works of love undoes the fetters of the spirit, therefore opens his soul to the spiritual influx from outside. These God elects to his co-workers by imparting truth to them so that they can pass this on by teaching. And who therefore is taught by God, his knowledge will agree and will contain no deviation from each other. But these people will be found mostly outside of those who take up the right for themselves to teach. They will not belong to those who believe having acquired knowledge through study; they will be found in the ranks of those who walk their Earth way unnoticed; they will have no offices or aspire to such; they will not desire the world and its goods, but acquire the greatest favour for themselves through voluntary renunciation – to be allowed to receive the word of God and to be taught by God himself. So to be born again is first indispensable; the state must have occurred that man consciously seeks the connection with God, that he wants to serve him because he feels to be his creature and desires unification with him in the knowledge that this was his original state and his original initial purpose. This knowledge makes the work of the spirit possible in him and man also receptive for truth because without knowledge truth would be incomprehensible for him, and it would never ever be recognized as truth. School like truth can certainly be imparted, therefore passed on, but to be able to grasp it, the spirit of God must be able to work in man, which necessitates first love activity. Men who feel called to teach are however not always active in love and able to love, therefore also incapable of teaching because they can only pass on what they own. They however lack wisdom, as they lack love. And what they hand out can never be considered to be divine truth because God reserves this for himself to offer it to those who he chooses because they are worthy of his favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 2396.

Achieving earthly advantages


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From Book 34/35/36, Message 2742:
Religious organizations. Transitoriness.

16. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2742.

The complete disintegration of religious organizations will not be long in coming. Men stand already too far away from spiritual striving to enable the religious institutions to have much meaning for them, and when through earthly measures the latter are to be dissolved, they do not resist it but still support those measures through silent toleration. Only those people will rebel who, even so to be called believing, are still not inwardly enough to recognize that spiritual ascent development does not depend on human institutions. For these are still too attached to formalities, to traditional activities, which are for them the quintessence of religious feeling. They did not yet get deep enough into spiritual knowledge otherwise they would remain untouched by those measures, which certainly can destroy the outer shell but never the inner core. Because it can far more likely come to maturity without the shell, which is already just the work of men and does not favour spiritual ascent development very much. The many organizations have not shown great spiritual successes because mankind became more and more de-spiritualized, despite these human institutions, thus the elimination of these will not mean a drop in the spiritual development. On the other hand it will become clear how far the individual will now make it his business to strive spiritually, because only this has real value before God. Faith in a loving, wise and almighty creator is to be made accessible to men and his expression of will, the divine commandments, is to be announced to them. And for this certainly no organizations are necessary, as they have come into being on the human side. These teachings can be announced to men always and everywhere when a man is knowledgeable and wants to pass on his knowledge in love to fellow man. But when men are completely unapproachable to such teachings then they fade away at the ears, as the other way round the willing man is approachable and will always make an effort to follow the teachings. But mankind of the present time turns away from all spiritual, not last of all because they these worldly-churchy organisations do not appeal to them, because they only see the work of man in them and the core remains closed to them, which would justify these institutions. Too much great store is set by formalities, and consequently one seeks to destroy that what man does not like. Everything will be the victim of earthly measures, also the efforts to spread truth will be stopped, which is a sign for de-spirited mankind, which no longer wants to accept anything what lies outside of earthly matters. And still God allows all these human encroachments, because on the other side they are suitable to cause men to think. And this will be necessary with those who were still too lukewarm and outwardly and are now forced to an opinion. The hangers-on are still without opinion, but then they have to stand up for themselves; standing outside of their organization they must clarify their relationship to God; they have to seek the connection with God for themselves, and their way of life must correspond to the will of God, which is known to every man sufficiently and which they only need to fulfil to also feel connected to God and to belong to his church, which is not to be understood worldly, but spiritually. Big changes men will have to expect because the time of decision approaches more and more, and everything still has to be fulfilled before that, what God has announced in word and script – no stone will remain on the other; nothing will remain to exist what is because men let it come into being and the work of man is transient. Amen. B.D. NR. 2742.

Organism - not organization
The urge to organize


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From Book 61, Message 5571a:
Formalities, rituals. Right worship.
6.1.1953. B.D. NR. 5571a.

Seek the core and do not enjoy the shell. How urgently I would like to urge you men to do this, that all formalities do not get you one step further, that only your inner life has to be awakened, that you can only then show a spiritual success when you strive spiritually. And as long as the external is still worth something to you, as long as you are still captivated by rituals, so long you cannot yet be introspective, because as soon as you direct your spiritual eye inwards, all externals have an effect on you like shades, you close the eyes and turn away from external splendour and ceremonial acts, because you then see the right light inside, which goes out from myself, which I arouse in every man who truly strives inside, who makes an effort to establish the right union with me, who now works on himself - who earnestly and truly seeks me. From him I let myself be found, and he will then also understand why I want to be called upon in spirit and in truth. But bear in mind that my kingdom is not of this world. So what still belongs to this world is a barrier to the spiritual world, to my kingdom, where material things no longer exist; bear in mind that all matter is still controlled by him who rules in the world, and that it is his effort to offer you glitter and splendour, matter which blinds the eyes, to darken me to you through it, to keep you away from true spiritual striving; bear in mind that he makes use of everything which is still his part, to endanger you. Who earnestly seeks union with me, he may go into his closet and there call upon me, i.e., he may withdraw into silence and direct his thoughts inwards, and he will certainly find me; whereas a man will hardly be able to collect his thoughts where the world so obviously presents itself to him, where the eye can only always see and no true devotion is. I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry, because the idol is paid tribute to which still animates all matter. My kingdom is not of this world. My words were so clear, and everyone could understand them and will also understand them, who earnestly strives for me and my kingdom. But you do not find my kingdom in the world, which still belongs to my opponent. Give up all externals when you want to serve me right; make a point of my love teaching only; follow it eagerly, and you then serve me so that I find pleasure in it. B.D. NR. 5571a.


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From Book 65, Excerpt from message 5987:
Warning About False Prophets.
28. June 1954. B.D. NR 5987.

Where you meet such prophets there think of my words - prick your ears when they address you and do not reject them because their love drives them to do it and that is why I sent them among men that they announce to them the nearby end so that they do not become a victim of it. You are therefore not to reject everyone who announces the nearby end to you because he only wants to rescue you but not only to frighten you. But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan.

Servants of Satan
Watch Out!


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From book 68, excerpts from message 6391:
Spiritual knowledge without material success.
4.11.1955. B.D. NR. 6391.

For pure spiritual is not allowed to be mixed with earthly goals because this means a lowering for the spiritual.

Every material connection with spiritual knowledge has a detrimental effect because something coming from above does not tolerate material striving because this dis-spirits the former.

I can only make use of men who are selfless, who abstain from the earthly, where it is necessary to receive and to spread my word from above. Every material thought in connection with it endangers the work; but fullest trust in my help supports it and secures you also a life on earth free from cares because I can offer you this myself through your complete trust.

This certainty is to make you happy and urge you on to always work more eagerly; you are to get rid of all earthly care and never hope for an earthly success through your spirit work.


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From book 70, excerpt from message 6587:
Prophetic gift. Gift of the spirit which carries an obligation.
3.7.1956. B.D. NR. 6587.

But the prophets of the times of the end will find little faith with men and still again and again let their voice sound. Often they will be laughed at as false prophets or treated with hostility, because also the opponent of God appears at the same time, but he announces to men the opposite. He holds out a prospect of advancement to them; he promises men a time of prosperity and a change to the good. And he seeks to derive his own benefit from it. The false prophets are not unselfish, and by that they are recognized, and for their services they get paid, and they talk out of their intellect.

See Balaam’s way


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From Book 92, Message 8796:
Every man must act according to his knowledge.
2. April 1964. B.D. NR. 8796.

Let this be said to you that no externals are valid before me, that I only value that what comes out of the deepest heart. When you think to honour me through formal acts, you carry out a kind of idolatry from which you are however to separate to all the more be closely merged with me – to make my presence in your hearts possible, which is completely independent from outer forms and customs and therefore can also take place there where the heart alone speaks. Again and again I tell you that you have disfigured the pure teaching of Jesus, that you entwined human work into it and you now assign greater importance to this human work than to my Gospel, which comprises only the two commandments of love. For who lives in love, he guarantees my teaching. But no matter how conscientiously you obey all human requirements, which you have added to my Gospel – when love is not in you, which I taught you, then those acts are completely worthless; they do not earn your soul the smallest advantage, only confuse you men in that way, that you think to have done your duty. But every dutiful act is already completely worthless because it excludes human will. And when also voluntarily human requirements are fulfilled they still cannot bear the blessing in them, which a single work of love carries in itself. But he who feels close love towards me, he brings all his thoughts to me; he communes closely with me, where he is alone – he will not need any surroundings for this, which rather keeps him back from his close thoughts towards me. Who is ignorant, he also acts accordingly, and he is then also to be excused through his ignorance – but he who is in possession of truth, who knows how worthless outer acts and customs are before me – especially when they serve to mislead men in their thinking – he will also make an effort to free himself of it. He will evaluate all inner experience and recognition as an effort of love, and the union with me becomes closer and closer, which however can only be established in the heart. I certainly have founded my church on earth myself, which is erected on the rock of faith, but I founded no organization, which alone already follows from that they are outwardly recognizable and assert themselves more outside, but can leave the inner man untouched when he not earnestly strives for me and truth. Only my word alone is to be the content of a community, and men are to fulfil the love commandments out of my word – to reach a living faith through love – and through this therefore closest union with me. Then they are members of my church, which I myself have founded on earth. I now try to supply all men with truth, but few accept it. But who accepts it, he also soon attains a deep knowledge, and out of this knowledge he is now to act accordingly, for – no-one can serve two masters. But when now a work has been built up, which is in opposition to this knowledge, then this work is also obviously arisen from the effect of my opponent, which every outer event proves, which is suited to give a completely wrong impression of my actual will. And then the man who has now become knowing now also must separate from the works of my opponent. Who cannot accept the truth supplied to him due to his own lack of love or his small degree of maturity, he will understandably also not be willing to give away his error. But for the knowing the error is recognizable and it remains error, therefore effort of the opponent; he then only still obeys the (The knowing now obeys these) worldly requirements, but this is then no worship; this is a pure worldly matter, having consideration for men, who however also should be led to truth but not be strengthened in their unbelief. It is certainly difficult to proceed against a tradition, and it will also no longer succeed, and only few will free themselves, because their desire for truth is unusually strong. But I myself can make no compromises; I can only give you clear information about error and truth, and you have then to decide yourselves and then prove your decision. Always consider that it is an unusual gift of favour to introduce you to pure truth, that certainly every man can make use of this gift of favour, but that it is again a great act of love for my part when my spirit speaks to a man so loud that he reaches recognition, that I can also supply him with truth according his will for truth. And this gift of favour is also to be used by man now accepting truth and also representing it towards those who are still bound to traditional or organisational regulations. Only who is free of it, he is also free of my opponent, otherwise the danger still exists that the opponent seeks to win him back, that he weakens his will, although I no longer give up any man who once has surrendered to me for I no longer let my opponent have any man who once has earnestly decided in favour of me. Amen. B.D. NR. 8796.

See Idolatry


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Jakob Lorber
Here follows jl.hag1.002,11, that is the eleventh verse of the 2. Chapter of the 1. Volume of the book Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) by Jakob Lorber and this verse agrees with what Bertha Dudde announces and therefore she is confirmed and at the same time we also hear why Jakob Lorber is treated with hostility, exactly like Bertha Dudde:

Tell my servants and slaves: My offices are no exchange banks and no money boutiques! Because who serves because of money, he does not serve me out of love; but who does not serve me out of love, his service is foreign to me, as I must be completely foreign to him; because he does not serve me out of love, I have already concluded the reckoning with him. But how is he a loyal slave who sells the treasures of the Lord without authority like a thief for the most disgraceful price?! – Iscariot sold me still at least for thirty pieces of silver without him knowing beforehand what will happen to me; because he was blinded and got lost. But now I, as tortured, killed and again risen, can already be had for the most disgraceful ridiculous low price at every minute. O you disgraceful thieves, you murderers, with what shall I compare you? You children of the dragon, you generation of vipers, you serpents! So you serve me, so must I find you?! Through my beloved Paul I have told you, that (1 Corinthians 9:13) he who serves at the altar shall also live from the altar, but only out of the works of love, - that is why you are robbers and thieves and treacherous assassins of the Gospel and of all truth. You know: As the work, so the pay! One cannot have love for money, but only again for love. I am love myself and can continuously be had for no price than only again for love. I purchased you all though love; that is why I demand from all of you again love. Who wants to serve me, he is to serve me in love, in which I died for him on the cross; and who wants to come to me he is to come in love to me, which bled for him on the cross.


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Now follows a statement by Emanuel Swedenborg. He is a further witness, like Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde, and like Jesus Christ, who fights false prophets and therefore makes himself an enemy of the clerics. The statement comes from Swedenborg and the two witnesses:
The Third reason is that they who, in youth, had imbibed the internals of that faith which are called the mysteries of justification, on being afterwards promoted to an honored ministry, do not think in themselves concerning God and heaven, but concerning themselves and the world, retaining only the mysteries of their faith for the sake of reputation, that they may be honored as wise, and by reason of their wisdom, be thought worthy of being rewarded with wealth.


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From Book 50, Extract from message 4158:

Mediator between God and men. Jesus Christ.
2. to 4. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4158.

And again they need mediators – servants, through whose mouth God can express himself to send to men in their spiritual need admonitions and warnings, to give to them the command of love and guidelines for their walk of life, so that they are not pulled into the abyss by his opponent, but reach eternal happiness. And these servants must be connected to God so intimately that they are able to hear his word; they must have acquired this ability through love work and a will turned towards God; love towards fellowmen must determine them to the help of spiritual and earthly kind. In addition they must be completely independent of religious organizations, i.e., they are not allowed to be pressed into wrong thinking which can prevent them to receive the pure word of God and to reject contrary teachings – because they are to seek to spread the word received from God with all eagerness as sole, eternal truth.

This means that mediators must be completely independent of religious organizations, and that means that all so-called Christians, therefore Christians being part of denominations, are no real Christians and will therefore adopt a negative attitude against such a statement and therefore against Bertha Dudde.

And this means furthermore that the belonging to a religious organization is synonymous with being in wrong thinking, and also that they are prevented to receive the pure word of God, and it means furthermore that that they are prevented to reject teachings contrary to the word of God, therefore to reject false teachings like those of their denomination.


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