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Theme 1. Core Sentences

Sentences out of the messages by Bertha Dudde are collected here, which catch the attention as being especially noteworthy.


Excerpt from Book 41-42, Message 3220:
Refutation of re-embodiment teaching. Justice.
12.-14. August 1944 B.D. NR. 3220

But the prerequisite is always that forces turned towards God impart the spiritual thought material to a man who as intake vessel of the divine spirit declares himself ready to serve God through the spreading of truth. And this prerequisite is given as soon as close prayer for supply of pure truth precedes every spiritual instruction.


Excerpt from Book 59, Message 5356:
Becoming man and work of redemption of Jesus.
8.4.1952 B.D. NR. 5356

And that is why a light soul, an angel spirit called into being by me, offered itself as man to expiate the great sin and to make amends to me.


Excerpt from Book 59, Message 5357:
Union with God through love.
8.4.1952 B.D. NR. 5357

You have to arouse love yourselves in you; it cannot be imparted to you as gift of favour; it is solely your own feeling which you have to let become a divine one when it first is still non-divine, so you are still sunk completely in self-love. Then you have to change this feeling into a complete selfless love.


Excerpt from Book 59, Message 5377:
Faith trials for the steeling of faith.
29.4.1952 B.D. NR. 5377

Then you will need great power of faith in the coming time where only such man will remain calm and certain who is strengthened through strong faith in such a way that he always knows to be in the care of the father in heaven and that is why he stands above everything what comes. Nothing takes place in your existence what he does not know and nothing can happen to you without his will - but what comes over you that is his will and is always to your best for your soul. Remember these words deeply in your memory, then you will always feel looked after by the love of the heavenly father, and at no moment you will doubt his help when you are in need. Everything is good what directs your thoughts to him who only waits for your call to be able to helpingly stand by you. He wants that you turn to him; he wants to be your permanent companion; in all trouble he wants to be consulted, may it be spiritually or earthly; he always wants to help you but can do it only when you also have confessed him through your faith in him. But then you are in secure care; then you can face the worst fate; it will change for you to the best; you will be helped earthly, and spiritually you will draw greatest blessings out of all what the father sends over you to win you for ever.


Excerpt from Book 59, Message 5378:
The will is assessed, also when the act is not carried out.
29.4.1952 B.D. NR. 5378

The will in you is subject to no force, although you can be hindered to implement your will.


Excerpt from Book 59, Message 5381:
Great trouble through lack of faith.
4.5.1952 B.D. NR. 5381

Without faith in God your thinking and wanting is only directed towards where earthly goods are to be won because you then do not know anything better than what the body desires; you have become a slave to matter; you are servants of him who as it were sees in matter what is in bondage to him and also wants to keep what tries to break away from matter. You obey his wishes whom you also in fact do not want to acknowledge but still serve him, who then also pays you off the wages - eternal serfdom - out of which you hardly find your way out; from which only the love of God can liberate you but again for this your will is needed but which first requires faith in a God and father.


Excerpt from Book 59, Message 5386:
Teaching profession in end time. Difficulties.
8.5.1952 B.D. NR. 5386

They completely lack faith and it will be difficult to let it come to live again because the thoughts of men are seldom directed spiritually, because they do not concern themselves with what still lies ahead of them, because they muster interest for the earthly life only and consider everyone as silent enemy who draws their attention to the life of their soul. You will be in a difficult position - and you still have to carry out your duties to carry out my Gospel into the world.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5410:
Placing the will underneath the will of God.
12.6.1952 B.D. NR. 5410

He has to now that nothing happens what could not serve his ascent development; he is not allowed to regard anything as being arbitrarily; he is to recognize me in everything what he meets with and to now always behave in such a way that it corresponds to my will, therefore is not directed against my eternal order, against love, which underlies my eternal order. And now you also know what my will is - to lead the life on earth in love towards me and towards the neighbour. So when you practise love you already place your will underneath mine, and when you form yourselves more and more to love, your will completely enters mine. Your thinking and wishing will no longer be able to be differently than good because your will is now also mine as soon as love is in you as divine principle, as soon as through love the union with me has been established, which now no longer allows an opposing will. The wishing without love is more directed by the intellect, but where love is there the heart directs the will, and it imparts my will, as well as the power to let the will become the deed.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5416:
God's love and patience. Mediator.
20.6.1952 B.D. NR. 5416

You do not know the trouble in which you are, and as it were go along as living corpse, because you evaluate your life on earth as life and are still dead in spirit.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5417:
Presenting the Gospel to poor souls.
21.6.1952 B.D. NR. 5417

Their life lacking love has robbed them of every recollection of divine love teaching, of Christ's work of redemption and the assignment of man, and that is why acting has to be done with greatest love; again and again it has to be held in front of the souls that they can only become blessed when they believe in God who has embodied himself in Jesus Christ, who has died for men to redeem them out of serfdom, which was the result of sin.

That is why you are to remember your loved ones who have gone before you; help them by sending loving thoughts on to them, by talking to them in thoughts and inform them of what you know, you who really believe in Jesus Christ and because of that stand in right knowledge.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5424:
Mark of truth: Radiation of light.
29.6.1952 B.D. NR. 5424

For also my opponent apparently gives you a light; he disguises himself because he wants to outdo my light bearers who receive purest truth through me. I have given you men free will, and I will also respect it, but I also gave you the intellect, and will and intellect are now to act to examine.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5445:
God as master teacher. Truth - light.
22.7.1952 B.D. NR. 5445

Truth, the eternal light, starts from me and is directed at him who is an enemy of truth, who wants to spread error and lies in the world to dethrone me. He will not succeed eternally because the light has such a strong brilliance that it exposes every project of my opponent. Pure truth will expose all connections quite clearly and therefore also the fight between light and darkness and its causes, and that all the sooner there where truth is brought to mankind, which will seem to be acceptable to all those who want to know what was explained to them too little - about the whole purpose of life on earth and their assignment on earth.

For also my opponent fights with toughness and all means available to him. He is also not afraid to seemingly accept truth, to make himself out to be likewise a servant of mine, to be against me at the first best opportunity and to clearly go over to the opposite - to reject everything what he previously represented.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5459:
Watch ye and pray. Permanent temptations.
11.8.1952 B.D. NR. 5459

Therefore examine everything and keep the best, and ask your heart what it says to it, for the heart does not deceive you when you earnestly wish to stand in the truth: Certainly also admonitions from the kingdom on the other side reach you because the light beings consider you to be their co-workers and also those souls whom you want to help to take an interest in your fate on earth, because already more mature souls can foresee, and they have the urge to make you attentive to avert harm from you at the same time, but they do not know about day and hour, as the idea of time is unclear to them. But they will not deliberately inform you wrongly because they love you and want to only do good for you. That is why they are also not hindered when they want to warn you because their will is good.


Excerpt from Book 60, Message 5463:
The will determines the thoughts. Responsibility.
17.8.1952 B.D. NR. 5463

That is why every man is to observe himself to what extent he is still earthly-minded; in decisive questions he is to break off if possible every earthly commitment; he is to devote himself to the spiritual world of light without reserve, and he will then always be sure to be looked after by it; he will speak and think as it is right before God, and will also feel the inner steadfastness as soon as he advocates that thought material, which was imparted to him at this union. Amen. B.D. NR. 5463


From Book 61, Message 5526:
Spiritual want greater than earthly. Effect of the opponent.
6.11.1952 B.D. NR. 5526

Spiritual want is still much greater than the earthly one because men no longer live in truth, and every error is an obstacle to the top; every error is spiritual standstill or even decline because error is the work of my opponent to bar the way to me, to prevent men from finding it. Every error strengthens his power and always gives him new opportunities to spread darkness of night over men. Error is everything that contributes to make the recognition of myself more difficult; error is everything that hinders men to seek and find union with me. It is my aim and striving that men unite with me, that they long for me and try to satisfy this longing of the heart. It is my aim to win the love of my creatures. Everything that contributes to this is good and never the effect of my opponent. But what men hinders to find this union with me, everything what directs their eyes otherwise than towards me, is the effect of my opponent. And therefore you can very easily recognize him in everything that is offered to you, may it be spiritual teachings, may it be messages out of the spiritual kingdom, may it be events, it does not matter of what kind. You always have to realize what it has as its object. And if it leads you away from me and towards the world, or if it makes the close union with me more difficult, then you also know that my opponent is at work who seeks to push you men aside from me. He also applies means that are to feign my activity; he is not afraid to seemingly work for me to win the gullible who do not recognize him and therefore accept what he offers. The gullibility of men favours his action because they accept without earnest checking the moment only an impulse is given that requires their belief. That is his cunning to seemingly strengthen the faith but still steer it into the wrong direction. Truth is constantly passed on to earth; continually it is carried to men and still thickest error and lies will be accepted much more likely by them than just one spark of truth that would enlighten their mental state. But my opponent has a firm base; he stands on a ground that has been made firm and lasting by men themselves. My opponent works there where men believe to have entered my territory. Also this is a cunning that again can only be exposed through pure truth that I bring to men through my word. However only with difficulty this my word finds entry there where the opponent has barricaded all gates with great care. And men place themselves behind my opponent and strengthen him in his might. That is why the spiritual trouble is so indescribable great and still not repairable by force because the free will of man itself has to strive to step into the light, then it also will soon brighten up in him, and then the ground underneath the feet of my opponent will begin to sway. But without truth the spiritual plight cannot be decreased because truth teaches love, but who has love also recognizes the activity of the opponent and he will free himself of him because through love he also feels the power in himself to escape from him because through love he establishes the union with me and I now give him my support by filling him with light and strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5526.


Excerpt from Book 61, Message 5551:
Miracle work of the child Jesus.
9.12.1952 B.D. NR. 5551

The love spark was already recognizable in the little child Jesus, because a light soul had embodied itself in the child, which certainly left behind all wonderful things of God in the spiritual kingdom, but still did not forfeit its love and this love power also expressed itself at times when therefore the spirit spark joined together with the father spirit from eternity, which happens with every child full of love, but was to be obvious to men in Jesus so that they believed in the divinity of the child Jesus.

The explanation for the miracles of the child Jesus, for the unusual occurrences, is only to be found in the high degree of love, because the soul of Jesus was from above, a light and love soul, which was now wrapped in a human form and also hindered in its until then unrestricted works and effects, to do justice to the human outer form.

The man Jesus was chosen from eternity for this mission. A highest light being got to earth; one of my children living in magnificence took up its course on earth, and therefore this soul had to already radiate through the earthly form of the child Jesus, and all the unusual of his youth was completely natural and understandable, but just as incomprehensible to those men living in darkness and that is why in the later years a cover was spread over the bright light, and the actual mission started - the creation of a God out of an earth man through love.


Excerpt from Book 61, Message 5569:
When is guarantee for pure truth through spirit effect?
2.+3.1.1953 B.D. NR. 5569

And this may be for you the surest sign that before you did not have the slightest knowledge, but that the knowledge that you now call your own was not brought to you from outside, but excels all intellectual knowledge in depth and wisdom.

So when the divine spirit in you teaches you, then you receive a knowledge, which comes out of yourselves, a knowledge, that you can never acquire rationally for yourselves, out of yourselves you accept a knowledge, which gives you light about spiritual connections, a knowledge that clearly and logically informs you about the divine spiritual, then a source of this knowledge must be in you, which cannot be explained earthly scientifically, but is the divine spirit spark in yourselves, a part of the eternal deity.


Excerpt from Book 61, Message 5571a:
Formalities, rituals. Right worship.
6.1.1953 B.D. NR. 5571a

Seek the core and do not enjoy the shell. How urgently I would like to urge you men to do this, that all formalities do not get you one step further, that only your inner life has to be awakened, that you can only then show a spiritual success when you strive spiritually. And as long as the external is still worth something to you, as long as you are still captivated by rituals, so long you cannot yet be introspective, because as soon as you direct your spiritual eye inwards, all externals have an effect on you like shades, you close the eyes and turn away from external splendour and ceremonial acts, because you then see the right light inside, which goes out from myself, which I arouse in every man who truly strives inside, who makes an effort to establish the right union with me, who now works on himself - who earnestly and truly seeks me. From him I let myself be found, and he will then also understand why I want to be called upon in spirit and in truth. But bear in mind that my kingdom is not of this world. So what still belongs to this world is a barrier to the spiritual world, to my kingdom, where material things no longer exist; Bear in mind that all matter is still controlled by him who rules in the world, and that it is his effort to offer you glitter and splendour, matter which blinds the eyes, to darken me to you through it, to keep you away from true spiritual striving; bear in mind that he makes use of everything which is still his part, to endanger you. Who earnestly seeks union with me, he may go into his closet and there call upon me, i.e., he may withdraw into silence and direct his thoughts inwards, and he will certainly find me; whereas a man will hardly be able to collect his thoughts where the world so obviously presents itself to him, where the eye can only always see and no true devotion is. I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry, because the idol is paid tribute to which still animates all matter. My kingdom is not of this world. My words were so clear, and everyone could understand them and will also understand them, who earnestly strives for me and my kingdom. But you do not find my kingdom in the world, which still belongs to my opponent. Give up all externals when you want to serve me right; make a point of my love teaching only; follow it eagerly, and you then serve me so that I find pleasure in it. B.D. NR. 5571a.


Excerpt from Book 61, Message 5571b:
Formalities, rituals. Right worship.
7.1.1953 B.D. NR. 5571b

Where and how this teaching of Christ is now imparted to you is unimportant, but that it is imparted to you is urgently required, which is why I bless all announcers of my word, who seek to make myself accessible to men, who testify to me, who walked on earth as man Jesus and brought salvation to men. So what is therefore suitable to inform men of my suffering and death on the cross, of my becoming man and of my work of redemption, what is suitable to encourage them to the succession of Jesus, to get them to a life in unselfish neighbourly love, that also meets my will and is blessed by me, it does not matter which school of thought aims at this. But what goes beyond this, what is not compatible with my love teaching, what is felt as burden by men because it touches the free will of man - all what is inconsistent with my simple life on earth, what was further added to my divine love commandments, provokes my displeasure and is not suitable to train true members of the church, which I founded myself on earth.


From Book 61, Message 5577:
God's spirit in the man Jesus. Succession.
14.1.1953 B.D. NR. 5577

You men can be full of the divine spirit when you live in the succession of Jesus. As man he was not unlike you, his life was only fighting and wrestling against the desires which he felt like you, but wanted to suppress out of love for me. His life was a life in love for the neighbour, whom he knew in want and whom he wanted to help. What he accomplished that you men can also accomplish when you would be serious to receive myself in all fullness in yourselves. His soul certainly was from the kingdom of light but it did not recognize itself as such before the man Jesus was flown through by my love spirit. At times my spirit certainly spoke out of him, then the man Jesus spoke supernaturally wise and amazed fellow men. But as soon as my spirit hid itself again, Jesus felt exactly as man like you and his at times brighter mental state bewildered and alarmed him; he was reserved, but was turned to me in ever closer love, which then also gave him the light about his assignment on earth. The man Jesus had to wrestle with all powers, which were against him; he had to experience and go through everything what only a man can go through because he led the way for you men, which you also are to go and can go with his help. I helped him with my love power, which he requested all the time and acquired for himself through his life of love. And this unusual supply of love power enabled him to accomplish the redemption work. You men can also accomplish the unusual when you want to acquire my love power through love effects for yourselves; but you lack the will, which nevertheless was over strongly developed in the man Jesus, however again only as a result of love, which he developed in himself. His soul felt as soul of the light the great spiritual want of the environment, and that is why its will to help was so strong and encouraged the man Jesus to be effective in love. You men also see need around you, spiritual and earthly, and when you want to help, the power would also be supplied to you - for the will is taken into account. And also you can be full of the divine spirit, because every work of love could earn you my love power and my spirit could therefore become effective in you. The succession of Jesus would indeed not be demanded of you men when it could not be fulfilled. For again and again it is to be stressed that Jesus walked his way on earth as man and that all divine qualities he acquired as man were due to him, that not the deity determined him to his path through life, but that the man subjected the deity to himself - mind you: that the love of the man Jesus got me to divest myself of boundless love because I am powerless against love, because I am love myself from eternity. The man Jesus has overcome myself with me; he has done what I had to do myself - what my original being demands - to let love have an effect. And every man who is effective in love forces me to divest myself of myself. But this compulsion makes me extremely happy, me who always wants to give away myself, but can only give away myself according to my law from eternity, where love comes towards me. Love must unite the being with me, then it is filled of my spirit, of my love power, and then it can have an effect in and with me, then man has gone the way of the succession of Jesus, which leads to the union with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5577.


Excerpt from Book 61, Message 5587:
26.+27.1.1953 B.D. NR. 5587

True humility of the heart does not need to be recognizable outwardly, it rather hides itself often behind an impenetrable nature, because true humility is not meant for men, but for God and creator from eternity; true humility does not venture out; it goes quiet, lonely ways in modesty and never comes out; it is without any love of self, but always takes care to also present to fellow men the greatness and holiness of God because it feels itself how small and poor man is in the face of his holiness. And it will find favour in excess - because its whole nature is horror of the former sin of the falling away from God, whom it never in a lifetime wants to insult and that is why he seizes its will, which is completely turned towards him, and draws the soul towards him in hottest love full of mercy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5587.


Excerpt from Book 62, Message 5657:
Why the Gospel teaches love only. Deeper knowledge. (Fire of love radiates light of wisdom)
21.4.1953 B.D. NR. 5657

But men who live from day to day without love never desire the right knowledge, they fear truth and do not want to hear it - and that is why they also can never receive it until they change to love, which also results in a change of their knowledge.


Excerpt from Book 62, Message 5658:
Rejecting of truth. Fight light and darkness.
22.4.1953 B.D. NR. 5658

Pure truth will always be attacked because the fight of darkness against light does not decrease, because my opponent knows that it is about his rule and power when untruthfulness is exposed and the light of truth examines his goings-on. That is why exactly this will be a sign for pure truth when it is attacked because every error becomes established much easier among men than truth.

And you will also not be able to give them light because they do not want to accept it because they fear pure truth.


Excerpt from Book 62, Message 5665:
Will to God. Power in the last fight. Power from God.
2.5.1953 B.D. NR. 5665

You do not need to fear the end when you only have the will to remain loyal to me, when your thought and wish is meant for the attainment of spiritual maturity, so when you only want to obey my wishes. Then you have to face up everything in such a way that you will always think, speak and act as it is right. Then also no fear will attack your heart but a willpower will be in you that you meet everything with a raised head what comes over you. I know the will of the individual, and according to this will I give him power and favour. As soon as you strive for me and my kingdom you do not need to fear the world and also not their rulers who are also below my will. The coming time will certainly make demands on you but you yourselves will grow with these demands, you will master things, which before seemed to be insurmountable, and everything will sort itself out by itself as soon as only your thoughts remain turned towards me, as soon as they do not come under the spell of the world, to which you will have to face up with its temptations the nearer it is drawing to a close. But that is the greatest danger for you that you turn your eyes and senses towards the world. But who has overcome the world he does not need to be afraid of the coming time, the faith struggle and the end, because he has already won - me and my kingdom - and he no longer can lose anything.


Excerpt from Book 62, Message 5690:
Maturation only through love.
1.6.1953 B.D. NR. 5690

You are to approach your fellow men in friendliness; you are to make a point of their need; you are to feel with them, help them, comfort them and support them; you are not to go past the want of the fellow man indifferently - you are to look after them spiritually and earthly wherever it is possible for you. A friendly word, a good look, a small help already earn you the love of the fellow man; they prevent the complete cooling off of love because love is to be cultivated like a little plant that it does not wither.


Excerpt from Book 62, Message 5736:
Power of the divine word. Soul maturity.
2.8.1953 B.D. NR. 5736

I also give the body what it needs but I recognize it better than you what it needs. It is about your soul, and the body often has to help the soul and that is why it has to take upon itself sickness and suffering to take these away from the soul, but when you come to me full of trust and present your requests, my power will also reach you bodily, and you will also be able to draw this power out of my word, which the body only feels when you have reached a strength of faith, which allows such. Believe me, I give you what you demand, but you have to take from me the unlimited influx of my power. You are to increase the power in you, so that also the body comes into its possession, which only can then be given when it no longer happens at the expense of the soul. But you are allowed to take in fullness.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5877:
Short phase of life on earth decides fate in the hereafter.
15.2.1954 B.D. NR. 5877

Also these souls have to desire the supply of light and power in free will, only then they will receive, and only then their ascent development starts with the work, which they again carry out on the souls of darkness.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5880:
God's love follows the unbelievers.
18.2.1954 B.D. NR. 5880

And that is why many men leave earthly life prematurely because I have recognized it from eternity until which time a change of his attitude to the good is still possible - and because I do not want to endanger the degree of maturity reached, which a just and clean life has brought man in, although he walked the way on earth absolutely faithless.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5881:
I know the ones who are mine.
19.2.1954 B.D. NR. 5881

But who does not pay attention to my voice, who does not recognize my word as being spoken by myself to my children on earth, he does not belong to the ones who are mine, and he will also not recognize the call of my adversary as being hostile - he will follow him and separate from my flock, which he also could join to be accepted by me as one of the ones who are mine.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5884:
Jesus Christ. His holy name.
22.2.1954 B.D. NR. 5884

The final aim of each being is the becoming God of itself in free will.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5913:
Fighting or serving.
24.3.1954 B.D. NR. 5913

Through fighting or serving the change of nature in man is carried out, but far easier is serving than fighting, and who is always a serving brother to his fellow men, he meets far less opposition than the man who makes the planned conquering of self his aim, because he will not be shown patience and love on the part of fellow men, which the former acquires through his conduct against fellow men.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5925:
In my name you are to ask the father.
9.4.1954 B.D. NR. 5925

For not the man Jesus spoke, but the father, who was in him. No being could see myself because I am a spirit, who is incomprehensible for all beingness, which came from me, the father spirit. For who wants to see me, he would have to include inside of him the whole universe, the spiritual and the material world - he would therefore have to be greater than me to be able to grasp me in my infinity, in my unsurpassable light and power fullness. That is not possible for any of the creatures created by me as it is a radiation of myself, a light spark, which would never be able to imagine the eternal light, the original source of all power as something limited, visible for him.


Excerpt from Book 64, Message 5937:
God's spirit spark. Connection with God condition.
21.4.1954 B.D. NR. 5937

You carry in you the spark of my God spirit, and it is the connection from me to you, provided that you through your will allow that it can be effective in you. For you yourselves also have the possibility to not pay attention to it, then it certainly lies dormant in you, but it is still completely isolated because you do not allow it access to your soul - or also, because the soul - the thinking, feeling and wanting in you - bars it to have its effect and it therefore also cannot determine the soul in any way to listen to it or to let it direct it.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 5963:
Love. Who remains in love, remains in me.
21.5.1954 B.D. NR. 5963

In union with me you find your peace. Your longing is satisfied as soon as you know to be united with me, when you have joined me through love or close prayer, which in spirit and in truth is sent up to me. Prayer is the will for union with me, but the work of love is the fulfilment because who remains in love, remains in me and I in him. Love is the greatest - and everything depends on the work of love what is described as the maturing of the soul, as the return into the house of the father and eternal happiness. And so you only always keep the words in mind: Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him -, so you only always think that I myself am love, then also the fulfilment of my love commandments will appear to you as being of highest importance, then you also will make an effort to live in love to be forever united with me, because of that.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6009:
Acknowledgement of God. Faith in union with him.
27.7.1954 B.D. NR. 6009

As long as you assume to be standing completely isolated in the universe you are also isolated from me. For the union with me you establish exactly through your acknowledgement of myself, whom you now also seek to join.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6013b:
Speaking in tongues. Warning of false spirit.
1.8.1954 B.D. NR. 6013b

But also the spirit of God can have an effect on a man to take from himself the state of darkness, to light a light in the heart of man - to bare the cover of the soul, so that the soul cheers and shouts for joy and praises its God and father, who gives it enlightenment. This development is more meant for the soul than the intellect of man, which is why this spirit gift does not need to be recognizable to men, but also at times touches the outer man so strongly that he tries to announce himself in incomprehensible words - an event which men call speaking in tongues, but which always only concerns the man himself - a gift of the spirit, which almost every awakened one can call his own, but which is only in the rarest cases so strong that fellow man can perceive a change. For every man whose spirit is awakened feels the touch of his soul in the way that his soul rises to God in thanksgiving and praise, that it devotes itself to him and that it finds inner peace and bliss. Then his I talks with God in thought; then he speaks without words uninterruptedly with God. And all are to aim at this gift of the spirit for themselves to then also being able to stand up towards fellow men for God and his kingdom, to then carry out the redemption work as his co-workers, which is blessed.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6016:
State of sleep. Light and life.
5.8.1954 B.D. NR. 6016

Every man loves life and still does not strive for it, and it is his own fault, his own will, when his soul sinks into the night of death.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6032:
Redemption work. God's blessing.
24.8.1954 B.D. NR. 6032

But for this I need men on earth, who carry out what I would do, when I would walk in the flesh on this earth.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6040:
Wrong desire for knowledge.
1.9.1954 B.D. NR. 6040

You are not to pray for something for which a certain maturity of the soul is a prerequisite, when you have not yet made the effort to attain this soul maturity.

But for the time being you must form yourselves so that such unusual allocations of favour can flow towards you.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6046:
Upward development in mandatory state and free will.
10.9.1954 B.D. NR. 6046

And you men are really not faced with a too difficult test of will. Only little is demanded of you: to serve in free will of one's own accord. Previously you already had to serve but were only determined to do so through laws of nature, which you could not oppose. And the same you are to do as man, without being compelled.

.... but now you are influenced by a side, which previously could not influence you. The opponent of God now can again have an effect on you, and he makes use of this privilege to win you back, whom he already almost has lost.

Then the endless long process of development comes to an end - the spiritual is released of all outside form - it returns back into the spiritual kingdom from which it once started.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6063:
Living in divine order in free will as man.
23.9.1954 B.D. NR. 6063

He no has to legitimately acquire this gift of favour, by doing in free will the same what he had to do in bound will - by serving in love.


Excerpt from Book 65, Message 6065:
Earthly and spiritual things. Inhabitants of other stars. (UFOs)
26.9.1954 B.D. NR. 6065

Where human intellect is stuck there man makes concessions, and he begins to count on possibilities. But he gets lost in his thinking; he mixes earthly things with spiritual ones. And between both remains a division. No man will ever be able to get into contact with beings outside of earth on ways other than spiritual. So man can certainly contact inhabitants of other worlds when this happens with spiritually encouraging intentions; but this contact will never take place in such a visible way that inhabitants of such worlds meet inhabitants of earth - because this is completely impossible through the sphere, which is differently determined for each living being, which is likewise fixed by original law. Also here a satanic effect is recognizable to still more confuse the thinking of men because these wrong conclusions do not promote spiritual striving of men who now also try to treat the supernatural with intellectual arguments and therefore will also only scientifically interpret the alleged proof of living beings on other heavenly bodies, but not agree to a belief in a spiritual development or further development on those. According to law from eternity heavenly bodies are separate from each other, and remain separate - because the development of souls is their purpose and these take place under complete different conditions on every individual heavenly body. The explanations of unusual events according to this direction war wrong. But that an unusual power effect is utilized in a still unsolved way should make you men think. For also this belongs to the signs of the end that unusual powers become active and that the purpose, for which these powers are used, also reveals the origin of the power. My opponent has also much power in the end, and he uses it for his advantage. When men succeed in making use of so far unknown powers for the good of fellow men, then also my blessing will be on their effort. But if the purpose is tied with lower motives, then he is at work, who wants to ruin you. And he will also not lift the veil about his conduct; he will throw men into confusion, but he will prevent everything what would throw light on the matter. But the divine, good, true comes out and does not keep secret. Amen. B.D. NR. 6065


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6098:
God in Jesus Christ.
4.11.1954 B.D. NR. 6098

But I am not content with blind faith. And that is why I teach you myself and offer you my services as leader, so that you are guided rightly in your thinking and through truth also win full understanding for the secret of God becoming man in Jesus Christ.


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6127:
Fight against oneself, desires und overcoming of them.
6.12.1954 B.D. NR. 6127

For your perfection depends on the state of your soul, but not on the state of your body. And the body and its desires have been added for the testing of your will.

Fight the fight against your desires, deaden your body, give it only what it needs for the sustenance of its life - but everything else devote to your soul, which can only mature when in life on earth it is thought of more than the body.


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6132:
Problem of God becoming man. Love, truth, God - are one.
11.12.1954 B.D. NR. 6132

God, light, truth, love - they are one, and every man is in possession of all when he owns one. And again God is Jesus Christ. Therefore the divine redeemer cannot be dismissed when man assumes to be in possession of truth. For enlightenment about the problem of becoming man in Jesus is likewise the result of a life in love, because every truth is light, which is radiated by the fire of love, and because light is illuminating everything and chases away everything untrue out of the heart of man. Therefore I can only admonish you to love when you want to reach truth. And I lure you through my love teaching again only towards me - as I am eternal love myself. As soon as I therefore can be in you, I can also have an effect in you, and my work is illumination of the spirit - a state in which you recognize all connections brightly and clearly, in which you see everything in such a way as it corresponds to truth. I can give you fullest truth - however not until you unite with me, and this union means: Work in love. For who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him, and where I am there is light, where I am is truth. But without me you will not reach truth for ever.


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6144:
Peace to men who are of good will.
Christmas Eve 24.12.1954 B.D. NR. 6144

All men were under the control of him who was his enemy and that is why the redeemer descended from above to snatch them from his control. But he had to bring his opponent an offering in return because he did not release his bound ones because he was entitled to them because they had voluntarily followed him into the deep and had become sinful like him. They would only have had to pay their ransom themselves and were too weak for that. But they also would have had to do themselves penance to God for the immeasurable sin of their former revolt against God.


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6155:
There is no eternal damnation.
5.1.1955 B.D. NR. 6155

But it is impossible to give a light and powerful life back to a being, which shuts itself to the original source of light and power. Free will is the mark of all divine, and to dismiss free will means to take the divine out the being - to leave it imperfect for ever and therefore also unfortunate for ever - but an unhappiness which would be God's will.


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6163:
Requesting of favour.
13.1.1955 B.D. NR. 6163

Always simply request my favour, and it will flow towards you unlimited. For favour is undeserved help, but which I grant to everyone who desires it.


Excerpt from Book 66, Message 6186:
Influx of power through God's address.
9.2.1955 B.D. NR. 6186

When I speak to you men then power flows towards you, which has an indescribable effect, also when you do not feel this bodily.

The power which now reaches it is likewise of spiritual nature, therefore little to be felt by the sense organs of man, but the soul matures, and all the shorter in time the more often it lets me speak to it. And that it is not so obvious to you men, has its reason in that a noticeable relief, a perceptible progress, could prompt the soul to imitation out of selfish motives, out of calculation, and would therefore remain without success. My word has to be listened to in free will; men has to be urged on inwardly to do it; he has to long for my presence and has to want it only out of love towards me that I talk to him. He is not allowed to be encouraged to it through promises or success, which he can control himself and his striving would be worthless for the soul.


Excerpt from Book 67, Message 6222:
Word reception. Protection of truth.
29.3.1955 B.D. NR. 6222

For who earnestly desires this, to work for me and my kingdom, him all worldliness leaves untouched; he will always just be concerned for the salvation of the soul; he will always just desire food for the soul, and he definitely receives it as true food of heaven, as bread of life, through which the soul matures and reaches perfection. But I am also a loving father who always looks after his children, who also enlightens them in worldly questions when I see the integrity of such questions. But you are to ask such questions as little as possible because the deviating of your thoughts into worldly areas also opens the entrance to my opponent, especially then when you are captivated by such thoughts - because then my voice in you no longer gets through and you hear other sounds instead - corresponding to your innermost desire. For only the close union with me guarantees you purest truth and quenches your spiritual desire. Amen. B.D. NR. 6222


Excerpt from Book 67, Message 6252:
The assignment to spread truth requires reception of truth through God.
7.5.1955 B.D. NR. 6252

And I give you plenty; I provide you extensively with that knowledge, which you are to spread, and you can really do very well without accepting additional knowledge elsewhere.


Excerpt from Book 67, Message 6253:
God's plan of salvation proves his love.
9.5.1955 B.D. NR. 6253

Who knows about this my plan of Salvation, to him nothing more appears inexplicable whatever he experiences in his existence on earth because he sees behind everything my will, and he knows that it always just has a progress as its object, but never a decline.

Nothing is arbitrary; my love and wisdom underlie all events; everything serves the completion of the spiritual; it serves its return and perfection because my aim is that all beings, which once were created by me, become divine.

No worldly knowledge can satisfy a man so as spiritual knowledge does because only now man knows the purpose of existence, and he sees everything in a different light than the man to whom that healing process is unknown, who always only looks at life on earth as an end in itself and grows poorer all the time the more he strives for the goods of the world and possesses them.


Excerpt from Book 67, Message 6284:
Spiritual leaders on earth. Jesus Christ.
14.6.1955 B.D. NR. 6284

These leaders know exactly the right way because they come from above and want to lead everything that way, where it is bright, where they themselves come from. They are themselves full of light, but do not know in life on earth that they descend from the kingdom of light because everything what is man on earth is also under the same law. They lack all recollection so that they remain completely free in their decision of their will - so also these leaders whom I joined to men, who are only insofar different from their fellow men that their whole striving is meant for the reaching of a degree of maturity on earth, while fellow men have turned their striving towards the world and now first have to be steered towards another goal.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6286:
Fight against desires and passions.
16.6.1955 B.D. NR. 6286

Man now has to fight against all desire, which is meant for matter, because the greed to own something what belongs to the kingdom of my opponent is always combined with it, what therefore just serves the satisfaction of the senses - it does not matter what it may be. As soon as man's bodily senses enjoy it, they are desires which find their earthly fulfilment. Everything belongs to that what gets man bodily pleasure, when man himself strives for it with all strength and that is why the reason is lacking for spiritual striving: the knowledge of the transitoriness of all earthly things.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6288:
As you measure out, so it will be portioned out to you.
19.6.1955 B.D. NR. 6288

And from it you, my servants on earth, will be able to take it, that your concern is to be meant for the spiritual welfare of fellow men first, because spiritual need does not show so obviously that men seek to earnestly remedy it, whereas earthly want is tangibly felt by the body and that is why the concern of men is always only meant for earthly supply. You are also to help there, as far as it is in your power, but as you possess spiritual material in abundance, you are to hand out this to all who are needy, and try to make it clear to men, that earthly need is just a result of spiritual need - that they spiritually miss something and that is why they have to suffer or fight earthly.

And when men are to be helped then this has to be done first in a spiritual way, that they hear what is the reason of their trouble - that men first have to make an effort to meet each other in love, that they are always to pay more attention to fellow men than to their own want because help reaches them to the same extent, as they want to help.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6289:
Helmsmen of fate. God of love.
20.6.1955 B.D. NR. 6289

And you easily can believe it that I am a God of love, when you only look at the creation around you - when you think about it, that everything is only created for you men after all, so that you can live and enjoy the nature creations - that you men often get caught in awkward circumstances, should not let you doubt the love and wisdom of a creator, but always only question why you get into such situations.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6290:
Strokes of fate. Means of salvation.
21.6.1955 B.D. NR. 6290

You also do not know, what you voluntarily have offered to take upon yourselves before your embodiment as man.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6296:
Sluggishness in thinking.
27.6.1955 B.D. NR. 6296

The more the world captivates man the more indifferent truth is for him, the less he desires it, and thoughtlessly he accepts everything what is submitted to him as truth - or thoughtlessly he rejects everything.

But men only want to broaden their knowledge about earthly things because spiritual knowledge does not bring them earthly success, but through earthly knowledge they can improve their bodily good living and that is why they close their mind to everything else, even if it is offered to them as special gift of favour.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6306:
Uniting soul with spirit.
8.7.1955 B.D. NR. 6306

Love work is also first the sign of a spirit awakened to live because the spirit determines the soul - the thinking, feeling, and wanting in man - to it, and of a man being active in love one can well say that his soul has united with the spirit.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6314:
Spiritual rebirth.
17.7.1955 B.D. NR. 6314

The purpose of your life on earth is the reshaping to love, the change of the in you dwelling self-love to unselfish neighbourly love.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6323:
Isolation of world bodies.
31.7.1955 B.D. NR. 6323

... when you ever would get into the area of such a heavenly body. But it would be a vain venture; you will never succeed to even pick up a connection with other heavenly bodies when this does not happen by spiritual means that intellectual transmissions take place from such worlds, but which always only serve you to spiritual ascent, but never concern worldly inquiries planned by you men.

But your sphere of activity is and remains always only the earth, ...

And to this also belongs the worldwide distance of the heavenly bodies from your earth, to this belongs the isolation of each individual heavenly body from the others, which is as it were marked through the airless space, through the stratosphere, which make the stay of a man in this space impossible and that is why it should clearly show you that I myself have isolated you.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6335:
Work of Satan II.
18.8.1955 B.D. NR. 6335

However angels are ready for your protection when your whole will is meant for me, when love for me fills your whole heart - and these will erect a barrier, which my opponent cannot cross for it consists of light beings who already alone through their light push the opponent aside, who flees the light. For these are my children who once were like you exposed to his influence and know his work and who help you that you find to the father; who therefore also can protect you because they know about his cunning and go and stand between you and him.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6342:
Want is to prompt love work.
31.8.1955 B.D. NR. 6342

Everything which prompts you to love work helps to perfection. Therefore of necessity there have to be awkward life situations, which get fellow man to step in helpfully - there have to be want and misery, worry and suffering, so that serving neighbourly love can be practised. One has to need the other, so that man can develop himself up through serving neighbourly love. Serving in love is the basic law, which has to be fulfilled when man wants to perfect himself. Man first has to be brought up to love on earth because his actual nature is without love as a result of the former falling away from God - but divine fatherly love has sunk into every man a love spark, which is now to be lighted in free will and to be kindled to a great love fire.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6345:
My kingdom is not of this world.
2.9.1955 B.D. NR. 6345

I only demand of you to give away what is as such already worthless to exchange real values for you; I take nothing from you but I give you incomparably much.

Do not daze yourselves with such thoughts that it is over with your death.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6346:
Observance of world affairs.
3.9.1955 B.D. NR. 6346

Everything would be solved to the satisfaction for the individual man when his own shaping would become the focus of attention and would positively believe that also world affairs are directed by me myself - but always corresponding to the will of men and their spiritual makeup.

Whatever happens in the world, my will and my power can banish it, and my will and my power can also avert the effects of all bad things from you, you who have placed yourselves under me, you who resort to me, you who recommend yourselves unto me and see in me your father. You certainly do not need to fear the world when you direct your sight up towards me, when you place little value on the earthly kingdom, but eagerly strive for the spiritual kingdom. Nothing needs to frighten you, and whether also hell is raging around you, I guide you through all dangers, as soon as you stay in contact with me through your will, your love and your striving - as soon as your eyes are directed spiritually. Danger will not threaten you at all, for nothing can happen to you than what serves you to perfection. Strive for your spiritual perfection, then you also no longer fear worldly affairs or unsettling events, for you feel safe and secure in my protection. Amen. B.D. NR. 6346


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6348:
Spiritual care.
6.9.1955 B.D. NR. 6348

Just in moments of temptation you are imperceptibly freed from dark powers, you will believe to have overcome them yourselves, what also corresponds with truth as your will achieved it - but just with the help of those who look after you, guide you and lead you on my behalf . For their love will is mighty and always intending to help you, to rescue from the power of my opponent, of whose work they have the most exact knowledge and seek to thwart it when you yourselves allow them to do this through the direction of your will. And this assurance is to take away from you all fear of my opponent. He only can harm you then, when he succeeds to push me out of your hearts - and this therefore is to be your greatest concern, to never give up the union with me or to loosen it.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6351:
Power of intercession for the unredeemed.
10.9.1955 B.D. NR. 6351

You do not know the power of intercession, which is achieved in love. You would contribute exceedingly much that the kingdom of light can be made accessible to the souls in the hereafter, but as you also can help men on earth through intercession to a change of will because it is like a supply of power, which always must have a good effect. All of you are qualified to support men with a low degree of maturity when you just include them sincerely in your prayer, when your love wants to help them and you turn to me in prayer, which applies to their rescue.

You have to try to imagine their souls as exceedingly pitiable, helpless creatures, who are grateful for every support, for every supply of power, but do not know in their darkness, that they could get this power themselves through imploring the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. This knowledge cannot be imparted to them inevitably, and they also reject it when you want to bring it to them - but they will feel the supply of power, which they receive as effect of your loving intercession. A prayer, which you direct towards me for others I assess as if it would have been risen from these themselves to me. For now I can have an effect in the course of my eternal order. I can now give the soul something although it has not requested it itself, even though free will still remains left to the soul to make right use of the power now flowing towards it. But a loving intercession also has the effect of the change of will of him for whom it is, because it is a spiritual request, which reaches my ear, which will always find fulfilment.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6364:
Beings from other worlds?
25.9.1955 B.D. NR. 6364

The world of light always addresses only your spirit, the dark world however your senses.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6389:
Fulfilment of the promise
31.10.1955 B.D. NR. 6389

All my promises are evaluated too little by men - because their faith in them is weak, when it does not lack completely. But I stand by my word, and you can therefore wait trustingly for the fulfilment of my promises, provided that you first do yourselves what I demand from you as condition for the fulfilment of my promise. And I have promised you much: a carefree life on earth and eternal life in happiness. I have promised you redemption from sin and death and a life in freedom, light and power. I have promised you wonderful things in the house of the father and on earth fulfilment of all requests and enlightenment through the spirit. And when you in full faith in this do what I demand of you then you are in fact to be called blessed creatures, also when you still live on earth.

But still I can give you no proof of it, my word must be enough for you, for you are to strive for perfection in free will. But you are to take my word as guiding principle and trust it without reservation. And you would create for yourselves an easy life on earth; you would have no need to fear death because after it you can enter into eternal life.

Who gave you this promise, he can also give you everything what you need for body and soul, for earth life and for eternity.

You would then trustingly turn towards me; you would do what I demand of you and really, would be relieved of every trouble. For I alone can give you promises and also fulfil them. I alone am able to keep a temporal life free of worry for you and to give an eternal life one day in happiness; and my love guarantees you the truth of my word.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6391:
Spiritual knowledge without material success.
4.11.1955 B.D. NR. 6391

For pure spiritual is not allowed to be mixed with earthly goals because this means a lowering for the spiritual.

Every material connection with spiritual knowledge has a detrimental effect because something coming from above does not tolerate material striving because this dis-spirits the former.

I can only make use of men who are selfless, who abstain from the earthly, where it is necessary to receive and to spread my word from above. Every material thought in connection with it endangers the work; but fullest trust in my help supports it and secures you also a life on earth free from cares because I can offer you this myself through your complete trust.

This certainty is to make you happy and urge you on to always work more eagerly; you are to get rid of all earthly care and never hope for an earthly success through your spirit work.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6403:
The will determines the duration of being unliberated.
15.11.1955 B.D. NR. 6403

My love is meant for all of you, and it will also stay with you, but it will again be ineffective an endless long time; you will only again be able to feel it in the state as man. But then you have to let yourselves be illuminated by me without resistance; then you have to open yourselves, and all trouble will have an end for you. That is why he is to be called blessed already on earth who consciously devotes himself to me and seeks union with me, because he has given up his resistance, and no longer resists my love. He will soon be free of all material cover and brightly shine in light and power.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6411:
Your desire determines your lord.
25.11.1955 B.D. NR. 6411

He is separated from me and wants to know you to be separated from me the same way; that is why he will try to hinder everything what could be the result of a union with me. And that is why he will try to direct your thinking towards his kingdom, towards the earthly world, and lure you with its goods. He can and will richly give you earthly wise, when in return he can take completely hold of you, but you determine this yourselves, for he cannot force you, only present his world so tempting to you that you voluntarily cling to this world, that you always only desire its goods and because of that also voluntarily submit to the lord of the world. Your desire determines your lord who gives to you - that may be said to you as warning and admonition. When you want that a live in eternal bliss awaits you after your departure from earth, then also desire those goods which are immortal. Turn your eyes towards the spiritual kingdom, and know that no barriers have been set for you, that you are allowed to desire those treasures in overabundance and will also be given according to your desire. For I am always prepared to give, and never will it be handed out to you sparingly because my love for you determines me to bestow, wants to make you happy. I only try to snatch you from the fetters of my opponent to be able to make you happy while he in his lack of love wants to bar the way to me for you, because his nature is only hate, which also includes you. For he is devoid of all love. And already that is why are not to go into his nets - you are to know that that, what he offers you, can never make you happy because he does not want to get you happiness, but only strives for your subjection.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6412:
God, a just, but loving father.
27.11.1955 B.D. NR. 6412

The last times will certainly be a time of horror for all men, but touch them very differently - for through their faith in me the ones who are mine will have power, which lets them bear everything easily. Much of what heavily oppresses the fellow man they will not feel, because I know it in what state man is and what he can bear. And I am yet a father to the ones who are mine, who will not strain his children excessively when they only look towards him and want to be guided by him himself.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6413:
Love illumination and distance.
28.11.1955 B.D. NR. 6413

My love power is your original substance, which was only determined to complete inactivity through your free will and that is why it also does not rest until your free will lets is again have an effect. That is why I also do not give you up, but illuminate you constantly, that you awaken to new life, you who in your present state can be called dead after all. But my illumination is to have as its object that the smouldering love spark in you catches fire - or also: Once you are to feel and recognize that a divine father looks after you, sustains you and provides for you; you are to become once aware of all his allocations of favour, for the time being only of the loving earthly guidance and fatherly care for your bodily existence and then also of spiritual guidance. And then you are to be encouraged inwardly to bring love to your creator and father from eternity. Then you light the divine spark in you, and then my love illumination has not remained fruitless. Then you awaken to life. And now it is also possible that you again reach the original state, that you constantly let my love power flow through you more, that this urges you on to works of love and that you gradually again enter into my order from eternity, which you once wanted to upset and that way went away from me.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6414:
Gospel of love.
29.11.1955 B.D. NR. 6414

But men do not like to hear it when they again and again are admonished to love, for they feel it that they lack exactly that, which I demand first. They still cling strongly to love of self and would have to completely change their life, their thinking and acting, when this love of self is to be reversed into unselfish neighbourly love. It means an inner struggle for men, which is the harder the stronger love of self controls a man.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6419:
8.12.1955 B.D. NR. 6419

But such predispositions which strain man can also give spiritual beings of the same nature the opportunity to slip in; therefore such a spiritual power can now control the soul of man, what you men call possession. But when this is successful then the soul is relieved of its responsibility, as it is so to speak made impossible for it to use free will, for that will is stronger and determines man to acts, which do not need to be the will of the soul. Then therefore a free will is seemingly eliminated, although it is not taken from the being, it only cannot be used in that stage, which is to serve the soul as test. One then has to reckon on the will of a being, which cannot be called to account earthly, because it is inaccessible. But the man himself can just as little be held responsible as he is controlled. Why and for which purpose this is now allowed to happen, that cannot be made clear to you men with few words, for also in the kingdom of the lower spirits laws exist, which are always kept and also again have free will as an explanation. But against my will or my permission those beings would not be able to make use of the body of a man, and their redemption also sometimes depends on it, because also such powers can change when they are willing to do so - as also very special occasions can explain such permission for my part. And understandably the actual soul of the man cannot be called to account; but the opportunity is offered to it to catch up on the robbed time for the testing of free will - often also still in the life on earth when the driving away of that spirit was successful, what is certainly possible with the proper attitude towards me and the right faith in me.


Excerpt from Book 68, Message 6422:
Willingness to do redemption work.
11.12.1955 B.D. NR. 6422

Your thoughts are powers - and when they are determined by love then they are also a weapon, with which you can conquer the enemy of souls and rescue those souls which your love is meant for. That one can only be overcome by love, for he cannot put up with it. He flees and leaves his victim alone. And now you will also understand in which way you can carry out redemption work, which can concern both men on earth as well as souls in the kingdom on the other side. Include them in your loving intercession; think of them with a merciful will to help; address them in thought and let them feel the power of your love.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6426:
Work of the spirit. Vineyard work.
15.12.1955 B.D. NR. 6426

They cannot and do not want to believe it that some day they will have great lack when the time of appearance is over the world of real existence uncovers their poverty of spiritual goods.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6429:
Rejecting God's word. Remorse.
19.12.1955 B.D. NR. 6429

And then via their behaviour remorse can have the effect that light again illuminates them and keeps them from the sinking into the deep. And they still recognize that they have missed something what no longer can again be made up for. For although their state of darkness slowly changes and they always see brighter light shine, they will never be able to reach that degree of light, which they could acquire on earth under the effect of my word, which I myself wanted to supply them with and which they refused to accept in free will.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6430:
The work of love of the man Jesus.
20.12.1955 B.D. NR. 6430

He had plenty of what the fallen souls lacked, however out of their own fault. For they had rejected the God's love illumination, but the soul of the man Jesus permanently desired the love of the father, and that is why this love radiated at him continually.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6438:
Occasion and purpose of the coming down of Jesus.
29.12.1955 B.D. NR. 6438

That is why Jesus took upon himself this mission, for men - for his fallen brothers - to pay off the debt, to expiate it and to redeem men out of the control of the opponent. For Jesus was likewise a being which came out of God's love like his brother Lucifer - and he recognized as an angel spirit, which remained with God the great want of the fallen and the impossibility to get rid of this want out of its own power when no help was brought to it.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6462:
Effect of erroneous teaching in the hereafter.
27.1.1956 B.D. NR. 6462

When a soul now goes into the spiritual kingdom full of error then it lives on there in erroneous thinking and can never achieve spiritual progress. But it also hardly accepts, and it is far more difficult to lead one thinking to be knowing to the truth than one completely ignorant who is far more willing to be taught, therefore is willing to accept. The former will only then come to think when they feel dissatisfied and permanently walk in lack of light or in quite faint dawn - when they are of no bad mind - but which does not give them comfort.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6475:
Light - truth. Darkness - error.
13.+14.2.1956 B.D. NR. 6475

He never gives up his resistance voluntarily, and he also does not let himself be conquered by love, because he flees this. For you have to consider that he is not an enslaved being, but a free lord, who can always decide about himself. He is certainly also placed under my will but I only then apply my will when it is time to help the beings, which are enslaved by him, because he abuses his power. Then I bind him for a time and first again restore order, which he has upset through his overpowering rage.

That is why I seek to again and again present the nature of him to you who is my enemy and opponent and who also feels only hostility towards you. For only when you know his true nature all events in and around you as well as in the whole universe will be understandable to you - and only when you know his hate, which he sets against me and my love, will you understand that it still lasts eternities until he and his will has changed. Amen. B.D. NR. 6475


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6486:
Sign of truth: Jesus Christ. Love.
27.2.1956 B.D. NR. 6486

For then also I am not properly recognized, I who accomplished the work of redemption in Jesus Christ and am no longer to be separated from Jesus forever, with whom I could become one through his over great love for me and for fellow men. Who wants to recognize me, he must also recognize Jesus Christ, for he and me is one.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6497:
Return plan. Free will.
10.3.1956 B.D. NR. 6497

Exactly free will prevents me to suddenly redeem you, what my infinitive love would well like to do, but then the sign of divinity, free will would be taken from you and you could forever no longer become perfect beings, but would always only be directed beings, determined by my will, which do not correspond with my aim, my divine plan of love. Men who dispute free will are of still very darkened spirit for they still stand under the influence of my opponent who has transferred his will to them. But I gave the right of self-determination to the spiritual, which is fathered through his will so that it recognized itself and could freely decide for him or for me. And it still fell and therefore became itself guilty in free will. When it therefore as man still imagines to be dependent on foreign control, which determines its will, then it is also still very much under that control - but can break away from it, exactly because it has free will, which would noticeably fast be strengthened through calling upon Jesus Christ, who died for this, that man can any time gain strengthening of his weakened will. And that is why with the help of the divine redeemer the return to me can take place in shortest time, but as also still eternities can pass because free will is decisive.


Excerpt from Book 69, Message 6501:
Signs and Evidences to the End.
14. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6501.

But still the full convinced belief is only found with very few, because the events are too enormous, which are announced to men; they are events which no-one is able to imagine and which also have not yet ever been experienced as long as men inhabit this earth, because all previous endings of a redemption period took place differently; the same events will never repeat themselves, and never will records be available for it, how such a process of dissolving of creations has happened.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6508:
Devotion to Jesus. Saviour and physician. Redeemer.
22.3.1956 B.D. NR. 6508

And this Jesus is and remains the visible divinity, for I chose him to be able to be for you a visible God who is yet spirit from eternity to eternity.

And so take up the course to me; think of my words, let them deeply penetrate into your heart and believe undoubtedly for my promises are truth, but you yourselves determine their fulfilment. I bore for you all your sins; I took all sufferings and wants upon me, which you would have to bear as atonement for your original sin. And every man's life can go along free from worries and free from suffering, when he hands them over to myself that I may also have born his sin for him.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6514:
Resurrection to life.
31.3.1956 B.D. NR. 6514

My soul emerged from the crypt, and it took all spiritualized substances of the body with it - a process, which takes place with every soul, only that this process, because pure spiritually, is not visible to still earthly men - while I therefore let myself the resurrection take place visibly to give you men the proof of a resurrection to eternal life after death. That is why no man needs to fear the death of the body because only the cover dies, but the core remains in existence.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6521:
Use of the favours of the work of redemption.
12.4.1956 B.D. NR. 6521

But that is why also the way out of the deep, out of endless distance back to me, is exceedingly hard because sin against me was immeasurable great - but the final return to me is involved with immeasurable blessings when you reach God's adoption - the highest degree of perfection - through your walk on earth.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6524:
Earthly work and troubles before the end.
17.4.1956 B.D. NR. 6524

For the day of the end is secret to you; you still can do many services for fellow men; when you request my blessing for it, every earthly activity can have a spiritual effect.

For only then also matter can still mature, and the short time until the end can offer a possibility to the spiritual contained in it, to be able to stay in easier outer forms on the new earth and to progress faster in its development.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6530:
Right will recognizes origin of the word.
24.4.1956 B.D. NR. 6530

My love sun radiates uninterruptedly down to you men, and you do not need to do anything further than to go into the ray circle; you just need to seek myself and the light, you only need to be illuminated by me, and it will become bright around and in you.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6532:
God's work through his tools.
26.4.1956 B.D. NR. 6532

Understand me, I work through you myself, and you can therefore spend your days on earth completely free from worries, and every day will take such a course as it is a blessing for you and your fellow men and for the souls in the spiritual kingdom, as long as it is your will to serve me and to live to my pleasure. For which you feel being urged, that do; as soon as you are undecided ask me for advice and clarity, and devote yourselves fully trustingly always only to my guidance. The end is near, and much work is still to be done, and my servants are not to get tired, but I will provide them with power, I will give them bodily and spiritually what they need, and I will guide all their thoughts that they move in the right channels. I will bless them and their work. Amen. B.D. NR. 6532


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6544:
Explanation of the knowledge about the last course of development.
11.5.1956 B.D. NR. 6544

And that is why in the time of the end mankind will be enlightened; a knowledge will be submitted to my servants, which is to let men realize the great responsibility of their life; and this knowledge can only be received through a spiritual channel - but which is why it also will be doubted with the comment that such is not contained in scripture.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6560:
Omnipotence of the divine love light will be stemmed.
1.+2.6.1956 B.D. NR. 6560

For the light is from eternity and will remain until all eternity, while darkness only came into being through the falling away of the original creation from God. Amen. B.D. NR. 6560


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6563:
God wants to give life to the dead.
5.6.1956 B.D. NR. 6563

But resistance is enemy influence; resistance is the work of my counterpart who wants death just as perseveringly as I would like to give life. And between us two stands the being, which was created out of my love power and his will, which decides on life and death itself insofar as that it must open in free will to me and my love illumination to be awakened to life.

And then knowledge will also be given to them through spiritual awakened men so that it is still possible for a few to go into my plan of salvation by way of reason and to now consciously adapt themselves to that process because there are here and there men who cannot close their mind to the logic of this knowledge, who find the explanation in it, which they rationally already sought since a long time but still could not find.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6571:
Death or life. Overcoming of the world.
13.6.1956 B.D. NR. 6571

But this your actual assignment on earth requires first an overcoming of the world, i.e., it is not allowed to control you but you must be and remain lord over everything what belongs to the world - you only must pay attention to it as standing far beneath you so far, as it is to serve you. But you are to focus your attention on the spiritual kingdom, which you can acquire for yourselves when you live right on earth.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6579:
No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
21.-25.6.1956 B.D. NR. 6579

No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. How exceedingly important these words are that also explains the necessity to lead men to faith in Jesus Christ who do not yet have him or to admonish to a living faith where the knowledge about Jesus Christ already exists. For no-one can reach me who does not recognize myself in Jesus Christ. For there are men who well allege to believe in a God because he proves himself through everything what surrounds man, but who do not want to let Jesus Christ pass as God's son and redeemer of the world, however do not consider themselves to be unbelieving. But these men still stand so far away from their God and creator; they have not yet got in closer touch with me and therefore could not get enlightened in their thinking. But the sin of the former turning away from me still rests on them, and this sin chains them to my opponent; without Jesus Christ they will not get away from him. But very few people know about this sin of the former turning away from me, and that is why they are also not aware of the importance of Jesus and his work of redemption.

But if he is unteachable, is his will still in opposition in the hour of death, then he can expect no happiness in the spiritual kingdom, then despite a correct life he only can be received in the area, where all Christ deniers dwell, for he has not let redeem himself on earth, and he enters the spiritual kingdom bound. But he can also still find his divine saviour and redeemer over there.

For I spoke myself through the man Jesus to them; I myself wanted to be acknowledged in him, who only served as cover for me for the time of the walk on earth - but which I also kept in the spiritual kingdom to be able to be a visible God for all my creatures, I who yet was spirit from eternity to eternity -and as such was not visible to the created beings. To now be able to be a visible God to you men, I chose a form for myself, and in this form I accomplished the work of redemption. Therefore you also have to acknowledge the form in which I held myself, and then you have already adopted the right way to me, your father from eternity. But without Jesus Christ you can eternally not reach me, for without Jesus Christ my opponent does not release you because you still belong to him through your will. Amen. B.D. NR. 6579


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6582:
Intersession for fellow men.
28.6.1956 B.D. NR. 6582

The soul, the spiritual in man, now leads a pitiable life in its body, for whatever this also does, it covers the soul all the time closer and makes it impossible for it to step into the light when no help is granted to it.

The soul is the thinking, feeling and wanting in man.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6586:
Explanation of enlightenment about plan of salvation and purpose of life on earth.
2.7.1956 B.D. NR. 6586

My gifts of favour flow towards you without restrictions, and you certainly can gather riches on earth and enter the otherworldly kingdom after the death of the body richly blessed. And until the end I will also still increase the measure of favour; I will make it as easy as possible for you to come into the possession of spiritual goods, but I always have to leave it to you to accept what is given to you in richest measure. But when you reject, there is no longer rescue for you, for against your will I can neither determine your life nor your spiritual maturing. And so the hour of the end draws closer and closer. That is why I give you enlightenment in the times of the end, which is to cause you men to think, because it concerns a knowledge, which only few man possessed before: I inform you of my plan of salvation, of your purpose of life on earth and the whole object of creation.


Excerpt from Book 70, Message 6587:
Prophetic gift. Gift of the spirit which carries an obligation.
3.7.1956 B.D. NR. 6587

But the prophets of the times of the end will find little faith with men and still again and again let their voice sound. Often they will be laughed at as false prophets or treated with hostility, because also the opponent of God appears at the same time, but he announces to men the opposite. He holds out a prospect of advancement to them; he promises men a time of prosperity and a change to the good. And he seeks to derive his own benefit from it. The false Prophets are not unselfish, and by that they are recognized, and for their services they get paid, and they talk out of their intellect.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6593:
New birth equals resurrection.
12.7.1956 B.D. NR. 6593

The day of the new birth is at the same time also the day of resurrection for you. As soon as your soul reflects on its life purpose on earth, as soon as it gets into touch with me in free will, with the spiritual kingdom, as soon as it begins to strive for me and my kingdom, it steps out of its grave of darkness, it awakens to new life. For the new birth of the soul is exactly that change out of the sphere of my opponent into my sphere.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6600:
With the death on the cross a redemption section began.
20.7.1956 B.D. NR. 6600

With my death on the cross an end was put to a redemption section in a spiritual sense.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6608:
The concept of time and the knowledge about that.
28.7.1956 B.D. NR. 6608

But you men again and again have to be shown which eternities you are already moving on earth and that you can already now in your life on earth make an end to this endless long time of your development, when you make an effort to become perfect, so that you then no longer come under the law of time and space, so that you then as most blessed spirit being also lose the agony of the time concept, which belongs to complete happiness.

But in the state of imperfection there is no end for you, only the way of your existence is distinct - so the conscious state can also again diminish, and you still exist further unconscious, and then you have to cover again eternities, until you have once more the possibility to end your course on earth in a degree of perfection, which removes every concept of time.

When you also believe in this without proof you will make an effort to reach a degree of light still on this earth; you will strive for perfection, and then also the end of time approaches you.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6619:
Responsibility before court. Open confessing.
11.+12.8.1956 B.D. NR. 6619

Also when it now still seems to you as if the number of confessors is all the time increasing - it is about the living confession of Jesus Christ, and my opponent seeks to prevent that more and more. He intends in effect that men melt together everything - also the religious life - with the world; that they make it to something worldly in the end, but only seldom establish the close union with me or no longer at all, it all depends how he can exert his influence on the individual person. True, living Christianity is only seldom recognizable, which consists in this respect, that men are in the habit of loving each other; that they live in the spirit of my divine love teaching; that all their thinking and acting is determined by love and therefore also by my will. And that is why the confessing before the world is getting more and more necessary, because every man tries anxiously to hide his inner attitude when it is good, i.e. turned towards me; on the other hand comes out openly where against me and my teaching is campaigned. The refusal of my word and of myself will always be openly confessed, but the cooperation with me they will anxiously seek to hide.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6638:
Concept hell. New banishment. God's endless love.
7.9.1956 B.D. NR. 6638

That is why my love also belongs to those creatures, and no matter how deep they have sunk - which will now also explain to you men why a new creation of earth has to take place. For I think of that unfortunate creatures in the deepest depth just as I do of men on earth. I also want to again prepare a way for them who are already endlessly long languishing under the control of my opponent; I want to wrestle them from him and again bind anew in hard matter, so that also their way again goes up, so that their resistance slowly decreases, which they still offer in strongest measure.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6642:
The soul of Jesus.
11.9.1956 B.D. NR. 6642

The soul of the man Jesus was from above. A spirit of light descended to earth; a being, which had come from me and in all freedom of will remained with me, when a great army of created spirits fell away from me and fell into the deep. But this light spirit had to fulfil a mission as man; he had to descend into a dark sphere, so leave for the time being behind his fullness of light, which would just have had a devastating effect on earth, because men were not able to accept such a light from above, therefore would have ceased to exist in his ray.

And he was in such a state although the soul had descended out of the kingdom of light.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6670:
Acknowledging Jesus Christ and use of favours.
15.10.1956 B.D. NR. 6670

When you step on his earth as man, my opponent still has control over you. And in life on earth it is only alone about whether you turn your will away from him and again towards me, what you however only then prove when you acknowledge Jesus Christ, because I embodied myself in the man Jesus to use my love for you that you can again return to me.


Excerpt from Book 71, Message 6671:
Free will has to be acknowledged.
16.10.1956 B.D. NR. 6671

But this contradicts the law of divine order; it contradicts the principle of freedom and therefore also the plan of making divine that, which God has created. The happiness of all what is created consists of the perfection achieved in the freedom of the will, and no matter how much free will is denied.

Who denies free will, he is also still in complete subjection because he is under the control of him who keeps him bound. But he also has not yet made the attempt to become free from him, otherwise he would be aware of his free will. Who denies free will, he feels bound himself, even if it is not clear to him who or what keeps him bound. But the admission to have no free will, is the surest sign of him being bound, whereas that man already feels himself to be free, who recognizes and acknowledges free will.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6673:
Answering of questions about immaculate conception and privilege of light beings.
18.+20.10.1956 B.D. NR. 6673

You who live on earth - as well as all spiritual, which once already has gone through life on earth as man - you are once fallen spiritual, with few exceptions; because also light beings embody themselves on this earth. So out of the kingdom of light beings descend to you men, to help you in deep spiritual want. So you have to differentiate: original spirits fallen away from God and those who remained with God - the former as following of my opponent located in the deep and the latter remained with me in all perfection. You further have to differentiate: beings still carrying the will of the opponent in themselves and those who already entered my will, but are not yet perfect beings, which are therefore still exposed to his influence. And then you will also be able to understand that the latter have to be helped, because they are too weak against his influence. And so also the mission of those light beings will be understandable to you, who voluntarily embody themselves also on earth to help those. And then you also grasp the mission of the man Jesus - who as such a light being wanted to accomplish a work of rescue, which broke the control of my opponent. All were children of my love - both the fallen as well as the beings which remained with me, but these beings did not remain alike; they now had become different - they were radiating and dark beings, which also could not dwell in the same spheres. And so the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness had become the stay of these differently natured beings. And there was no bridge between these two kingdoms until the descent of Jesus, an angel spirit that had remained with me, who wanted to build this bridge and has built it through a work of mercy of unique kind. The beings that once lost their perfection through their opposition against me, needed a helper, because alone they were too weak, also when a bridge was built, because also my opponent had great power, which he could apply against his former followers. But also the beings which remained with me were powerful, because they let my love radiation uninterruptedly illuminate them. Therefore the power of a non-fallen angel spirit would have been fully enough to gain victory over my opponent and snatch his following from him. But such contradicted my law of eternal order because then free will would not have remained respected of all those beings who once followed my opponent voluntarily, and such a gained victory would have eliminated a becoming perfect of the beings. That is why therefore a different way had to be looked for. Love had to bring a sacrifice, and it had to be up to every fallen being to make use of that sacrifice, therefore to want that it also was brought for it. But only a man can bring a sacrifice; a light being can certainly have the will to sacrifice itself, but it then has to achieve the sacrifice as man, because as light being it cannot suffer and also has so much power that everything is possible for it. But a man is a weak, faulty being which feels suffering and agony, which only has to find an over great willpower when it voluntarily takes upon itself suffering and agony, to not achieve something for itself but for its fellow men, which its love wants to give to unfortunate men. It had to bring a sacrifice for its fellow men only as man. It had to be able to suffer and to die. And so you will now grasp that the man Jesus was allowed to have no advantages at all, which marked him as a man of unusual nature, even if his soul was a light spirit. It certainly had not gone through creation as the souls of men, the fallen brothers; still this soul was, as it moved into the body of flesh - which was like the body of other men an accumulation of immature spiritual, therefore also filled with the same feelings, desires and passions, which the man Jesus was supposed to overcome in his life on earth. For his mission was apart from redemption - the expiation of heaviest sin - to be a living example of that life, which alone secured for them a return to me. When therefore something was demanded of inadequate, weak men, bound through passions, then it also had to be possible to carry out this, which was demanded. And when the man Jesus wanted to serve as example, then he had to be exactly in such a state as his fellow men. His unusual origin as well as that of the light beings, which are embodied on earth, which want to help men, does not at all allow to conclude to have unusual abilities or advantages, which would have required a less hard struggle with self; to therefore find union with me on earth, which is aim and assignment of every man on earth and for which the man Jesus provided the example, that is can be achieved. Whatever advantage Jesus as light spirit also had, he gave away before his embodiment as man, otherwise his work could not have been what it is: a sacrifice brought by love, of which the blessing was to fall to all men. But it also can never be denied that God himself brought that sacrifice because love was determining, which so filled the man Jesus that I therefore could be in him myself, after he as man had formed himself in free will in such a way that I could contain myself in him, that he became for me the receiving container and he now possessed power and light in fullness - again a process, which could not just take place in the man Jesus, but which all men are to carry out for themselves and which they also can, because these now have a help in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ - because he as man acquired a measure of favours through his work of redemption, which is now accessible to every man. And who makes use of it, he also reaches his goal. He will likewise find the union with me on earth; he will be able to receive unlimited light and power. But enlightenment is still furthermore to be given to you, because as long as question still come up, the necessity also arises to let you have the right answer. And the closer you desire this answer the quicker you will get it: Souls, which develop out of the deep, have, as last stage of their development on earth, to be prepared for the embodiment as man, then the course of development on earth ends, and the soul enters the spiritual kingdom, it does not matter how it is formed at the taking off of its bodily cover. These souls therefore go the course according to divine order; they redeem themselves out of hard matter through service and still go up slowly. But on earth embodied light souls only go down to earth for the purpose of a mission; they therefore move straightaway into the human body, to then certainly also cover the course on earth as every other man and therefore also being subject to all laws of nature and to have to wrestle on earth the same way. Therefore their outer cover will make the same demands on them because it is joined together of still completely undeveloped spiritual, of little soul particles of a once fallen original spirit, which still remains completely in resistance against God and which the soul also first has to soften and change, which always costs a struggle. The soul is not aware of its previous state of light; the earthly body earns it the same darkening, except love in such a man will stir up faster and stronger and therefore also quicker chase away darkness. A soul from above will also turn its eyes always up towards God, whom it learns to recognize exceedingly fast. Such a soul usually does not need much time that it unites with the divine spark in it, which can now easily influence it and now spirit and soul also seek to influence their outer cover, and this successfully. The fact now that the soul covers the walk over earth is always linked with the implicitness that the soul has to fight because in this earthly-material world it has to overcome obstacles all the time to reach the spiritual goal. Therefore no soul can reach up without agony, also not a soul of light because at the beginning of its embodiment it went to the deep, into a state of ignorance, of restriction and weakness. This is therefore always to be taken into consideration when the course on earth of an embodied light being is correspondingly considered to be easier. The earthly body is and remains a fetter for the soul, until it leaves it. And yet also the body can still vary. The flesh can still be deep in sin, therefore still having much of Lucifer in it when it is born out of sin, when only Satanic qualities control men, which father a new life. And on the other hand a newly to life awakened being can owe its life to the love wish of two people; therefore also good inclinations can have predominantly poured into that being, and therefore also the outer cover will be accordingly. It will carry much of the genetic make-up in it and will therefore have to fight more or less hard in life on earth and that is why it will also reach the goal harder or easier. But no man's existence on earth remains without a fight. And even often earthly life of a light being is unusually hard because the soul, unaware of the reason, finds the stay in the earthly world to be an agony and often also for the sake of its mission takes upon itself a very hard fate on earth. Through Adam's failure the process of fathering is now not a blessed one, because it did not fulfil God's will, who wanted to give his blessing to the first human couple at the right time. Lucifer was involved in the fathering of men, and he will also never give up this right of his (which was granted to him through Adam's will). He will always have a share in the emergence of new life, even if the degree of love of men can also check him to a certain limit and God's protection is requested against him. And now it will also be understandable to you that God himself still checks his opponent when he creates a bodily cover for himself, which he once wants to take possession of and which already at birth was to serve him as residency. For God himself will never ever unite himself with his opponent in his work. And in the same way he will also not let his opponent monopolize the natural carrier of this cover of his. For he, the God and creator from eternity, who let everything come into being, who assigned to everything its purpose and its destiny, he certainly has the power to put outside of himself everything what he wants - therefore it will also still be possible for him to let a man come into being without the lawful act of fathering; and it will certainly also be possible for him to keep his opponent away, until his will has happened. For God only resides in a pure cover; he does not unite with something impure - which however does not rule out that in this kingdom of imperfection, in that kingdom, which belongs to his opponent, man is still now also exposed to all harassments and that his walk on earth is therefore not less sorrowful and warlike as that of his fellow men. For without struggle there could also be no victory. But the opponent of God had to be defeated; and Jesus certainly has won the hardest fight, which has ever been fought out on earth - and he has won it as man, not as God. Amen. B.D. NR. 6673


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6704:
Promise of God's help. Faith strength.
2.12.1956 B.D. NR. 6704

Your soul can certainly have devoted itself already completely to me, and nevertheless the world has still an effect on you and again and again turns your thoughts away from me. And whether I also do not lose you, but you are from time to time lost in a different, worldly thinking, the close desire for me decreases, the spiritual striving diminishes, and you then need again small blows, troubles or suffering, that you again reflect on yourselves and re-establish the old familiarity with me. The world is your enemy. And at times I have to counter this world with means, that I do not lose you completely to the world, you, who are not yet firmly enough anchored with me. But I also have to seek to chain you always firmer to myself, who are already mine, but are still to increase in faith strength. And that is why troubles and sufferings touch also you, which are just to strengthen your union with me and that therefore also your faith experiences that strengthening, which you will need in coming times.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6708:
Importance of work of redemption.
7.12.1956 B.D. NR. 6708

Again and again it may be said to you, that you live in world of sin, because everything you see, what surrounds you, is the kingdom of my opponent - therefore spiritual which is fallen away from me, which once opposed me. And this kingdom is dark; its inhabitants are weak, helpless beings.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6729:
Desire for truth. Giving away of existing knowledge.
5.1.1957 B.D. NR. 6729

What I offer to you through the inner word, what therefore obviously flows towards you through my direct address, is therefore also to be reproduced as literally as possible; it is not to be made the content of rational expositions and already again be interspersed with own thoughts, because human thinking is not free of error, because it can very easily be influenced by my opponent. Only when a man speaks for me and in my name about that, what my spirit has revealed to him, then he can be sure that my spirit also now works through him and I put the words into his mouth, which he is to express. And that is why I urge every receiver of my word with all urgency to keep the purity of the spiritual material, because where I speak, where I convey my word to earth, there human addition is certainly no longer necessary, but rather a danger before which I warn.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6734:
Abuse of will. Effect.
12.1.1957 B.D. NR. 6734

It is the freedom of will which I observe with all my creatures, to not take the distinctive mark of divine origin from them, and which is yet so often abused to action against God. You therefore cannot say that I lack power or love because I let things happen, which touch you pain painfully, which bring you suffering, but which is inflicted on you by men or also by dark powers, which act on behalf of their lord. I could certainly prevent it, but then all evil activity would be impossible - therefore the will of those beings bound. But you can be assured of this, that I also let this activity become a possibility for you to increase your soul maturity, that you therefore also can mature with such events, which evil will has caused, and that I protect you, that those evil powers gain control over you. Whatever they therefore do, they cannot because of that force your souls to fall away from me, they rather push you unintentionally towards me, me, who watches over you, who belong to me through your will. The will of all my creatures is free, as soon as they are again in a position to do what they want with their will - in contrast to that time, where the beingness has to go as dissolved through creation according to my will, but which once again earns them the use of free will. It is now of great importance to know that I want nothing evil myself, that always only the freedom of will of those beings is the reason for every event that touches you sorrowfully, every evil deed done to you by men or spirit powers, and are allowed by me because of this freedom of will - but that I now let every single event become for you a faith trial or a maturing possibility. But often you are also unconsciously yourselves the cause that evil powers can tempt you, that you offer them targets, which they use all the keener the more they recognize your striving towards me. And your counter effect can then only consist in this respect that you devote yourselves always closer to me, that you ask me for protection against such powers, but also for strengthening of the own will and rightly directed will. Where the free will of other people or of spiritual powers is abused, you are to always push towards me of free accord; you are to completely put your free will under me, but be now careful not to give tit for tat - therefore to also do evil to fellow man, who wanted to harm you. Everyone has to take responsibility for his free will because it is free; but he is also not allowed to be hindered by me when he abuses it, because this is his earth life test, which he has to pass: to give the will the right direction in all freedom. It would certainly be easy for me to prevent every evil deed, but nothing would be gained through this. But I know about everything, and what I therefore allow also has a purpose for the spiritual development of men, even if you are not able to understand it and bring it in line with my perfect nature, with my love, wisdom and power. But you can believe my words that I still keep watch over you, over every single one, that I protect you where it is possible without having to trim free will. But everything can serve the soul to perfection when it just relies on me, when it completely subordinates itself to me and my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 6734


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6750:
God's boundless love. Arousing of love in man.
30.+31.1.1957 B.D. NR. 6750

Only love is true life, and as long as man is without love, he is dead.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6779:
Admonition not to decrease vineyard work.
9.3.1957 B.D. NR. 6779

And that is why you are not to stop to tell them what I assign to you: that in a not too long time I let my voice sound loudly and clearly. For this day moves closer and closer, and it will be the beginning of the end. For it precedes like a shadow the last end. But the end means an endless long night, out of which there is no longer such an awakening as it is now still possible through my voice, which will certainly sound loudly and terribly and that is why it still can bring men to an awakening. And then some can still pursue their activity with increased keenness and earnestly prepare themselves for the shortly after that following end. But then night irrevocably befalls all men, who ignore that alarm call. Then they really sink into a death sleep out of which there is no longer an awakening for an endless long time.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6783:
False over keenness.
13.3.1957 B.D. NR. 6783

The field you are to cultivate will always correspond in its extent to your will of activity and your suitability. It can be very great when you put everything you have got into it, and it can have just a small extent according to your will and your zeal because I exert no pressure or compulsion; I give as you demand. But often my vineyard workers also take on too much insofar as they assign to themselves duties which exceed their abilities, for which I have not called them - that they want to work on areas without any authorization, out of a certain ambition, with the intention of wanting to distinguish themselves. And then they will do more damage than blessing because they place themselves out of my area through their ambition, and this means a welcome opportunity for my opponent to give his orders, to which then often also one listens. And that is a danger which threatens every vineyard worker who does not strictly keep to my orders, who is driven by over keenness, because the inner humility has left him - because he wants to achieve much, but does not want to help many. It is only a fine distinction, but all my vineyard workers should seriously check themselves what drives them to the vineyard work. They are not to neglect to ask me in silent prayer for my orders, and to then always do that for which they feel to be inwardly pressured.


Excerpt from Book 72, Message 6788:
God's perpetual love courting.
20.3.1957 B.D. NR. 6788

And when you can grasp these eternities, you would certainly be startled by the strength of your resistance against my love; you would not be able to understand it yourselves that you needed such an endless long time to have given up at least the hardest resistance, and you would also not think it over for long and return to me. But only fear would drive you about the repetition of this long development course, but not love. And that is why recollection is taken from you, that is why you live in complete ignorance of your prehistoric era, only the knowledge about it reaches you, you are however not compelled to believe it. For I do not want your fear or subservience, but I want your love. And this has to well up freely out of your heart; it must flare up and flow towards the fire of eternal love.


Excerpt from Book 73, Message 6796:
Who remains in love. Foreign gods.
1.4.1957 B.D. NR. 6796

I want to be in possession of your whole life. Thou shalt have no other gods before me - you are to strive for nothing else with the same love because what you strive for deep down inside or love that is your god - no matter whether they are honour and fame, earthly goods or also people loved by you. You are allowed to value nothing higher than me; I want to be for you the highest and most desirable being in heaven and on earth. I want your whole heart, and as long as you still share it, the union with me is not yet established, because that what your heart fills stands between me and you. Every manís will is free; he can follow wherever he wants, but the aim on earth is only then reached when he follows me.


Excerpt from Book 73, Message 6798:
Unusual gift of favour considering the end.
5.4.1957 B.D. NR. 6798

It is about areas, which are and remain closed for you as men as long, until the One allows you access, who is Lord of this kingdom Ė until I supply you with this knowledge about it myself. And you men now stand in this unusual favour, because the end is near. I impart a knowledge to you, to which you are actually only then entitled when have acquired it through being effective in love. However the nearness of the end, the great spiritual want, causes me to offer a gift to you men, and also those men are allowed to get rich on it who have not yet reached the spiritual maturity, which is prerequisite to receive such knowledge directly from me.


Excerpt from Book 73, Message 6801:
Work of Satan and demons in the end time.
8.4.1957 B.D. NR. 6801

Every look, which you do into the kingdom of the opponent, his vassals note, and they lure you always more into their kingdom.


Excerpt from Book 73, Message 6803:
What is love? Love power?
10.4.1957 B.D. NR. 6803

Because love is for you still just a mere quality, which is inherent in one, is absent from another. But love is in itself some beingness; it is the power, which lets everything come into being and therefore the original substance of God. For I myself am love.


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