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Comment 4. The great coming together


Today I read the following: "And I tell you again and again: You will experience the end."

Now this could also be translated as "You will live to see the end," or "You will go through the end," or "You will suffer the end," or "You will see the end."

This is the first sentence of an announcement coming from Bertha Dudde and has the heading "The present brings the end," and is dated as the 1st of June 1948 and has Number B.D. NR. 4320.

Now this is not the only occasion where Bertha Dudde, or we, are told that we will see the end.

Now this was 1948 and Bertha Dudde passed away 1965, 17 years later, and she did not see the end, and since then more than half a century has passed and the end might seem to be close, but no real event has taken place that would give a clear sign that the time of the end has started. And then it would probably still be six years or so to the day of judgement.

Now we are dealing here with a prophecy that has not become true – not yet.

But there are other statements contained in the work of Bertha Dudde that might give rise to seriously having doubts about this work of hers.

We want to have a look at a principle related to our subject.

It comes from 6620. It is the first two sentences there:

"Never will something be contradictory what I announce to you through the voice of the spirit. Only you men cannot always grasp the right meaning and that is why you now and then believe to find contradictions where there are none."

And in the same message from Bertha Dudde we find this sentence: "But very few people will be accessible to spiritual explanations."

So here we already have the solution to our problem.

The problem is not having access to spiritual explanations.

And this problem is caused by man-made churches. They keep away from us spiritual knowledge, knowledge about the kingdom of God, about the spiritual side of life.

And one of these many denominations is a denomination that is not so easily recognizable as a religious sect and does everything not to be known as a religious organization.

And their members are all those scientists, so-called scientists, who are atheists and materialists.

They dominate the rest of the scientists and they dominate all worldly thinking and particularly also the thinking of all the other denominations.

Now, before I come back to our first example, I want to bring another example from the work of Bertha Dudde that seems contradictory. It comes from 8648:

"When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the latter: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces."

It says that all celestial bodies hold spiritual. And that means that all celestial bodies are inhabited.

Now that seems to completely contradict our knowledge. We have been to the moon and there was no-one to be found and all space explorations indicate that all these celestial bodies are empty.

So this claim that all heavenly bodies are populated just seems to be ridiculous.

That is how Christians react to a claim like this and even Christians who have freed themselves from all, or most of the false teachings of man-made churches find such a claim ridiculous.

That is how much the world has been hypnotized by this sect of the atheists.

It seems that all access to spiritual explanations has been cut off.

But if one now really investigates this matter, then it is found that really spiritual people have always known and written about this subject, and to some of them it was not just knowledge received from someone, but they themselves had experience of this fact. Space travel is as old as mankind and that is not space travel as so-called scientists do, playing with rockets and space ships, but space travel with speeds that have no speed limits like the speed of light and with states of consciousness that have no limits to meet the inhabitants living on those celestial bodies. And that is space travel that is done with the conscious support and participation of spiritual beings.

Now follow links to a couple of webpages related to this subject:

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These are links to webpages that deal with our second example, but we want to come back to our first example and there it was about we taking part in the end.

Bertha Dudde did not receive the thing promised and so also all the people who read her work and are no longer among us.

The Bible says this about great people of faith:

Heb 11:13 These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

So we now come to our actual subject, the great coming together.

It was already a subject in the Old Testament.

Zec 14:5 . . . and the LORD my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.

And is also one in the New Testament.

1Th 3:13 . . . at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints.

The second coming of the Lord causes the great coming together.

Jesus does not come alone. He brings with him also all his saints.

And one of these saints is Bertha Dudde. And all the readers of her announcements who are saints as well.

But the Bible says all his saints. And that means also those who are still alive, bodily alive. They are there on that great day. First on the surface of the planet earth and then moving up and then also with Jesus in the clouds.

A description of the rapture follows:

Chapter 69 "Raptured" from the book "Erhebet eure Häupter - Göttliche Gesichte" (1979) von J. R. (Joseph Reinhardt) Gschwend (10.05.1894 - 14.08.1988). The original title of the book is "Useful important revelations."

A great crowd of saints in vivid white garments became visible. They had been lifted from earth into heaven where a powerful crown was suspended in the height. This crown seemed to have an effect like a magnet and pulled to itself all those who were redeemed and were overcomers. As they were approaching the wonderful crown many small diadems came off the great crown. It was of course the crown of our Lord Jesus Christ. He had reached his goal, had won the great fight, completed the race and with it won the crown of life for us. In 1 Corinthians (9:24-27) we are told that man receives the prize, the crown, and that Christ himself is this crown. So we are united with him when we participate in this race and fight for mastery in his power, wisdom and strength.

Then I saw other men, which were also drawn up by the magnetic power of the crown, but because their feet were detained in the morass they could not come free. But at the same time their hands were bound and tied up to certain treasures and riches, from which they also could not be liberated.

Then a powerful fire occurred and roared over the earth. It was the fire of judgement. But it also seized those whose feet were still tied up in the muddy morass despite the fact that they were pulled by the Lord. But finally also they were set free although the flames leaped up. Of course these men did not receive a crown, although they were dressed with the clothes of righteousness and did not get lost.

But others really went to ruin in that fire. They found neither remorse nor favour. Therefore let us pray that we will be found worthy to escape the coming of God's judgement of wrath and that we then also have part in the first resurrection.

So those men on earth who do not get raptured, who remain on the surface of the earth, are ending up in the abyss. So they will also take part of the great coming together, but it will be a terrible event for them. They will certainly be woken up that day, out of their spiritual sleep, and will have to face God and have to face him as their judge who sends them to where they came from, to renewed embodiment in matter.

And the same happens to those who have died prior to the day of judgement and did not go the kingdom of light, but to the kingdom of darkness and did not manage to mature there, so that they could escape from hell and go to heaven. They will now also be woken up out of their inactivity, coming out of hell and also be re-embodied in matter.

So hell will be emptied and will remain empty, because the people on the new earth will initially not go to the kingdom of darkness, but to the kingdom of light after they have finished their life on earth.

When Jesus went to hell after his bodily death on the cross he managed to get all the souls out of that place the Bible calls Abraham’s bosom. And Jesus also went to the real hell, but only few souls there followed him out of hell to heaven. Most of them remained there and they and all the souls that went to hell after that time, also remained there, if they did not change their mind and went for the light and therefore to the kingdom of light. And all these souls get their waking call and will appear before the judgement seat and become matter again.

And this awakening out of their state of spiritual death is what the Bible calls the awakening out of the graves on the last day. So they will appear again on earth on that day of judgement to be judged, to be judged to renewed banishment in matter.

Such an awakening out of the graves also took place when Jesus came out of hell with all those souls who followed him, but that was not an awaking to damnation, but an awakening to salvation, and is described in Matthew 27:52-53:

Mat 27:52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,

Mat 27:53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

Now follows a message from Bertha Dudde which deals with this situation on the day of judgement:

Sleep of death. Raising out of the graves on the last day.

27. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3916.

The dead rest only according to the body, i.e., the body is relieved of all earthly activity, and the earthly-material fulfils its destiny assigned to it by the creator, by granting countless living beings stay in its process of dissolving, until it is again evaporated completely as spiritual substance. But the soul of man has no part in the state of rest of the body; it can certainly dwell in the hereafter without activity, but this state is no state of rest, but a state of helpless consciousness of its existence; a state of greatest powerlessness, which is agonizing, because it is consciously felt by the soul. That is why one cannot speak of a rest of the dead and even much less of with those souls, which have reached a degree of perfection that they find entry in light spheres. Because the souls are constantly busy and are happy in their activity. And that is why it is erroneous to talk of the sleep of the dead until their awakening on the last day. A raising of the dead will certainly take place on that day – the spiritual dead on earth will awaken out of their sleep, when they will recognize God in his greatness and might and when they will have to justify themselves before his righteousness. But this awakening will be terrible. And so also many who rest in the graves, bodily and spiritually, which already dwell in spheres of the hereafter, will be called to account, because they like the rest of death better than activity testifying to life. Those souls will also be condemned on the day of judgement to renewed banishment in matter, so that they now get to taste retirement, which seemed desirable to them and which they still could flee. Because when a soul retrogrades in development in the hereafter, it strives for matter itself, and its will will be met – that is how the awakening out of the graves on the last day is to be understood. The body of flesh has certainly found its rest in so far as that it no longer needs to serve the soul, but also its spiritual substances have to carry on fulfilling their purpose according to divine destiny. But the souls are to be pitied when they cannot enter the state of life after the death of the body, and the resurrection on the last day to eternal life or to eternal damnation is only so to be understood, that the recognition will suddenly come to those living on earth, the awakening out of deepest spiritual sleep, but the evil to judgement; because the good men, turned towards God and fulfilling God’s will, know about the state of life after the bodily death and do not fear latter, and they also enter eternal life. But the renewed course of development on the new earth through its creations will also many souls have to go, which departed already long ago from this earth, which had exceedingly time in the spiritual kingdom to change their will and to become active, but which remained in their powerless state and gave preference to the rest of death and therefore became more and more powerless, so that the spiritual itself hardened and is ripe to renewed banishment in earthly creations. These arise as it were out of their graves because a new opportunity is offered to them again to come to the light of day even so after immemorial long space of time. Everything what is dead in spirit will awaken on the last day, but not to life, but to judgement. Blessed are who do not rest in this sleep of death, blessed are who are steadfastly active on earth or in the spiritual kingdom and whose activity does not consist in earthly toil, but serves their spiritual development – blessed are who live in the spirit, who do not devote themselves to the sleep of laziness, who do not seek rest, because they will live in happiness and not need to be afraid of the day of resurrection. Amen. B.D. NR. 3916.

When Bertha Dudde writes, "And I tell you again and again: You will experience the end," then it is about this great coming together of all participants of this redemption period.

All men from Adam and Eve till those being born just before and on the day of judgement will come to this great coming together and witness the events of that day.

And in Matthew 24:34 and in Mark 13:30 and in Luke 21:32 we have the words of Jesus:

Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

So there is no reason to see something contradictory in Bertha Dudde’s work.

Only we men cannot always grasp the right meaning and that is why we now and then believe to find contradictions where there are none.

So there is no reason to behave like the disciple of Jesus, who could not accept that Jesus told them to eat his flesh:

Joh 6:66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

We do not go back, we carry on walking with Jesus, because we want to eat his flesh, which is spiritual food, the word of God.

Joh 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Now follows a message from Bertha Dudde which deals with apparent contradictions, but also with the universe:

Creation of the world. Moses. Metaphorical language.

4. and 5. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4097.

Do not allow yourselves to be carried away to a judgement as long as you are not of a fully awakened spirit. There is so infinitely much which would burden your intellect if it is to process it, but which is still divine wisdom, therefore knowledge that completely corresponds to truth. Man in his insufficiency can comprehend no little part of it; he also cannot receive light about it through no matter how sharp an intellectual activity, but he must desire and receive enlightenment about it on a spiritual way. He must let God speak to him directly or in the form of thoughts, which arise in him after intimate prayer for enlightenment. What is fully comprehensible to one man, can be darker knowledge than deepest night to the other, and therefore the latter will reject, what the former recognizes and accepts as pure truth. But a debate about it can also give enlightenment to him, if he desires such. Just so can God also in form of instructions through fellowmen hand out truth, if he can express himself through an organ or dictates to him in the pen, what is necessary to know: - There are different explanations about the scripture text of the creation of the world, and each can be truth, if it has taken its start from him who himself is eternal truth. And consequently it depends on the degree of maturity of him who is instructed, which explanation he needs. He can look at the days of creation as he wants; he can want to recognize a pure spiritual connexion and will be instructed accordingly – but he can also consider himself as centre of all material creations and interpret the handed down expressions of Moses correspondingly or shelve them as for him incomprehensible for the time being, i.e., until his insight maturity is increased through a way of life according to divine will. On earth he will never reach complete understanding, because divine wisdom is inexhaustible, unfathomable, before man is not perfect, although God enlightens man and can impart to him comprehensive knowledge through his spirit. The creation of the world cannot be explained to man otherwise than through images. Men at the time of Moses were familiar with metaphorical language, so that they not only understood the earthly, i.e. the material development of the earth by that, but could also comprehend the spiritual connexion, if they wished to learn it. The words of Moses are not given superficially, and they can therefore also not be understood according to their wording, but God himself spoke to Moses, and that is for the whole mankind of one whole redemption period, which covers an endless long space of time. (5.8.1947) And his speech was so made that it could be applied to present, past and future. It enlightened both the time from the beginning until the end of a redemption period as well as the prehistory and the time epoch still to come, which was clearly and surely foreseen by a man like Moses who sees spiritually, even so man as such does not know about future things. But to the spiritually seeing man everything is uncovered, and his acting is accordingly. Therefore Moses gave mankind a light; he stood in fullest agreement with the will of God, and therefore he could also express what urged in him to express: God now wanted to announce to men the sequence of earthly creation, whereby however it must be born in mind that endless long time was needed for it and this time must be in relation to both the spiritual as well as the earthly development. The spiritual development always concerns ultimately the entity in the embodiment as man. Consequently the ascent development as man also has to be compared with the slow development of the earthly creation, and as the former is accomplished in divine order, it must be equal to the course of development of the earthly material world, which also took its course in the order wanted by God. Only the spiritual striving man comprehends the connexion and can make this establishment, and he also understands the meaning of the words of Moses according to the spiritual importance. However a more intelligible explanation is not to be given as long as the parallel of spiritual and material ascent development is not sought. To explain the development of the material creation to men was truly not of importance, and the knowledge about it does not enlarge man. Nevertheless its beginning corresponded to the spiritual state of the entity. Everything following resulted from what has already been said. But it is not at all to be denied that God constantly gives instructions to men about their destination, about their life purpose – the ascent development of the soul. Through Moses the same happened in exactly that way that man’s attention was called to the rise of the earthly creation with regard to the spiritual aim. And the man Jesus explained the words of Moses the same way, driven by the spirit in him, and the spiritual development of man was for him of greater importance, so that he explained everything with regard to it, to cause men to attach the lesser importance to the actual creation of the world than to the spiritual correspondence, the parallel, which every earthly happening has to show and which has to be heeded far more, if man wants to record success for his soul. Still many other explanations can be offered, and this is also the case that the receivers of spiritual announcements receive different expositions about it through the work of the spirit. But then a discussion is needed from time to time, and where the same opinions, the same explanations are to be found, there one can also speak of sure work of the spirit, because every explanation must agree with the other and ultimately always concern the ascent development of the spirit man, even so in easy or difficult to grasp portrayal. Where the spirit of God itself can work, understanding is also guaranteed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4097.

And now comes Jude, verse 14:

And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints

They will all be there. All of them belonging to this redemption period take part in this great coming together.


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