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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 61


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 61. All the messages of Book 61 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 5510 - B.D. NR. 5608


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
received on
Heading of the message
en/en6161551018.10.1952God's presence. Faith without love.
en/en6161551119.10.1952God's nature is love.
en/en6161551220.+21.10.1952God's word proof of his love and mercy.
en/en6161551322.10.1952Wrestling in the spiritual kingdom. Intercession and presenting of the Gospel.
en/en6161551423.10.1952Call to God for power. Power from below.
en/en6161551524.10.1952Purification of the heart as temple of God.
en/en6161551625.10.1952Favour and will.
en/en6161551726.10.1952World love. Serious admonition.
en/en6161551827.10.1952Awakening of spiritual hunger.
en/en6161551928.10.1952Supply of pure Gospel necessary.
en/en6161552029.10.1952Convictions determine the spiritual sphere and its effect.
en/en6161552131.10.1952Common work of spiritual and earthly kingdom before the end.
en/en616155221.11.1952Adoption as children of God on earth only. Further development in the hereafter.
en/en616155232.11.1952Who believes in me, he will live in eternity.
en/en616155244.11.1952World Turning Point.
en/en616155255.11.1952Announcing the Gospel in times of trouble.
en/en616155266.11.1952Spiritual misery greater than earthly. Activity of the opponent.
en/en616155277.11.1952Convincing confessing in faith struggle.
en/en616155288.11.1952Persecution of disciples of the end-times.
en/en616155299.11.1952Love and faith men lack. Announcing in love of success.
en/en6161553010.11.1952God himself as master teacher. Truth light.
en/en6161553111.11.1952Spiritual reception intellectual work. Workers in the vineyard
en/en6161553214.11.1952Doubt. Increased truth. Light. Shadow.
en/en6161553314.11.1952Every man could receive fullness of divine love power.
en/en6161553415.11.1952Participation in Christ's work of redemption. Following of Jesus.
en/en6161553516.11.1952Work of Satan.
en/en6161553617.11.1952Will to help and work of light beings.
en/en6161553720.11.1952God's blessing hand over those, who want to help.
en/en6161553821.11.1952Awakening call before the long night.
en/en61615539a22.11.1952Presence of God. Love.
en/en61615539b23.11.1952Power of love.
en/en6161554024.+25.11.1952Why Jesus Christ and his work of redemption must be acknowledged.
en/en6161554126.11.1952Bridge from the child to the father.
en/en6161554227.11.1952Facilitation of faith through the word from above.
en/en6161554328.11.1952Redemption work. Success through love. Asking for blessing.
en/en6161554429.11.1952Good measure of favour.
en/en6161554530.11.1952Complete devotion to God secures fatherly care.
en/en616155462.12.1952Spiritual compulsion. Dogmas. Truth.
en/en616155474.+5.12.1952Real Christianity.
en/en616155485.12.1952Real Christianity. Following Jesus.
en/en616155496.12.1952Spurning of the power of God. (His word).
en/en616155507.12.1952Serious admonition to soul work.
en/en616155519.12.1952Miracle work of the child Jesus.
en/en6161555211.12.1952Interpretation of the words of Christ. Supply of the pure Gospel.
en/en6161555312.12.1952Light radiation of God is happiness. Restriction in life.
en/en6161555412.12.1952Blessing of the spiritual knowledge in the hereafter.
en/en6161555513.12.1952Freedom of will. Jesus Christ.
en/en6161555614.12.1952Spiritual trouble. Untruthfulness. Wrong image of God.
en/en6161555715.12.1952Earth task: Decision of the will. Wrong striving.
en/en6161555816.12.1952Care of men through light beings.
en/en6161555917.12.1952Truth light effect. Error no happiness in the hereafter.
en/en6161556018.+19.12.1952Mandatory state. Free decision of the will.
en/en6161556120.12.1952Serving in the mandatory state. And in love in free will.
en/en6161556221.u.22.12.1952"Take, eat; this is my body."
en/en61615563Christmas Eve 24.12.1952Let there be light.
en/en61615564Christmas 25.12.1952Voice of the father.
en/en6161556526.12.1952Confused thinking spiritual trouble. Free will.
en/en6161556629.12.1952Commission of God to his disciples.
en/en6161556731.12.1952Forthcoming turning point.
en/en61615568New Year's Day 1.1.1953Right directed desire.
en/en616155692.+3.1.1953When is guarantee for pure truth through spirit work?
en/en616155704.1.1953Counter effect of Satan Where There is Spiritual Striving.
en/en61615571a6.1.1953Formalities, rituals. Right worship.
en/en61615571b7.1.1953Formalities, rituals. Right worship.
en/en616155729.1.1953He knows that he no longer has much time.
en/en6161557310.1.1953God's blessing over vineyard work.
en/en6161557411.1.1953Lighting the spark of God in man.
en/en6161557512.1.1953Possibilities for the reaching of the adoption of God.
en/en6161557613.1.1953Proofs for connection to the spiritual kingdom.
en/en6161557714.1.1953God's spirit in the man Jesus. Following.
en/en61615578a15.+16.1.1953Free will. (After conversation about fasting and prayer)
en/en61615578b16.1.1953Free will. (After conversation about fasting and prayer)
en/en6161557917.1.1953Purpose of suffering and misery.
en/en6161558018.1.1953Spiritual guidance on all ways.
en/en6161558119.1.1953Vanity of earthly worries.
en/en6161558220.1.1953Divine mercy.
en/en6161558321.1.1953Living connection receiving of the divine word.
en/en6161558423.1.1953Redemption of erroneous souls is the work of the servants in the vineyard.
en/en6161558524.1.1953The will of man determines the lot in the hereafter.
en/en6161558625.1.1953God himself will appear.
en/en6161558828.1.1953False gods. Divine admiration. (Antichrist?)
en/en6161558929.1.1953Sudden end in the midst of frenzy of worldly pleasures.
en/en6161559030.1.1953Sudden recall.
en/en6161559130.1.1953Trouble of the souls in the deep. Intercessions.
en/en616155921.2.1953"I am the light of the world." Light is truth.
en/en616155932.2.1953God does not damn, but wants to redeem.
en/en616155943.2.1953Serious admonition and warning of the transient.
en/en616155956.2.1953The will determines the supply of favour. Favour.
en/en616155968.2.1953Effect of the divine word on the opposite beings.
en/en616155979.2.1953Love is the Christ life in man. "My yoke is easy."
en/en6161559810.2.1953"I Am From Eternity." Lucifer's Creation.
en/en6161559911.2.1953Trouble of the departed souls. Love the help of men.
en/en6161560012.2.1953Power of the divine word.
en/en6161560113.2.1953Good physician of the souls. Means of healing.
en/en6161560214.2.1953Remember the soul after death. Pitiful figures in the hereafter.
en/en6161560315.2.1953Two different worlds.
en/en6161560416.+17.2.1953"For many are called, but few are chosen."
en/en6161560518.2.1953Awakening of the dead through God's word.
en/en6161560619.2.1953Effect of Antichrist before the end.
en/en6161560821.2.1953Offering of guidance on the journey through life. Word of God.


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