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Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 58


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 58. All the messages of Book 58 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 5136 - B.D. NR. 5294


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
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Heading of the message
en/en5858513624.+25.5.1951The power of Satan.
en/en5858513727.5.1951Joy and suffering serve perfection.
en/en5858513828.5.1951The servants, whom the Lord still hired late. Godís word. Truth.
en/en5858513929.5.1951Coming out of eternal order causes dissolving of creation.
en/en5858514030.5.1951Teaching ability. Spirit work. Love. Truth.
en/en5858514131.5.1951Unjustified objection having to be bad fate wise.
en/en585851421.6.1951Miracle Working in the End-Time. False Christs and Prophets.
en/en585851433.6.1951Hostility. Secret Work. Increased Activity.
en/en585851444.6.1951Development free will, not despotism of God.
en/en585851456.6.1951Transforming from creature of God to child of God.
en/en585851468.6.1951State of the souls after death. Light - twilight Ė darkness.
en/en585851479.6.1951Godís word from above enough for mission.
en/en5858514810.+11.6.1951Jesus. Becoming of the creatures to children.
en/en5858514911.6.1951Short Time increased work for the kingdom of God.
en/en5858515013.6.1951The taught by God need no further knowledge from outside.
en/en5858515114.6.1951Explanation of Destructions Dependent on Nature.
en/en5858515216.6.1951Fulfilling the love commands. Light - Intercession - Hereafter.
en/en5858515317.6.1951Redemption of the souls out of the deep through Jesus Christ. Hereafter.
en/en5858515419.6.1951Men of the world. Transitoriness of the earthly. Change.
en/en5858515521.6.1951Right child relationship. Free will.
en/en5858515622.6.1951Nature of darkness. New banishment.
en/en5858515723.6.1951Way of salvation. Way of love. Jesus Christ.
en/en5858515824.6.1951Power of intercession. Ascent through love. Free will also in the hereafter.
en/en5858515926.6.1951Reference to the near end. Last day.
en/en5858516026.6.1951Fight with the Sword of the Mouth.
en/en5858516130.6.1951Power of intercession.
en/en585851621.7.1951Time determination of the end - False prophets.
en/en585851632.+3.7.1951Bible - Spirit work. (after talk of Jehovahís Witnesses)
en/en585851643.+4.7.1951Bible research. Intellectual knowledge. (after talk of Jehovahís Witnesses)
en/en585851655.+6.7.1951Power of God. Life.
en/en585851667.7.1951God-wanted contact with the spirit world.
en/en585851678.7.1951Recognizing truth and utilizing in love.
en/en5858516810.7.1951Prayer for favour and power, for illumination of the spirit.
en/en5858516912.7.1951Public confessing. Living faith.
en/en5858517014.7.1951Development Periods - Length of Time. Matter and Influence.
en/en5858517115.7.1951Godís blessing, i. e. help in every spiritual work.
en/en5858517217.7.1951Earth life - Pretence life.
en/en5858517318.7.1951Faithless mankind. Closeness of the end.
en/en5858517419.7.1951Symbol of the church of Christ: Spirit work.
en/en5858517520.+21.7.1951Work of Satan. Intimate prayer for protection.
en/en5858517622.7.1951The light of truth.
en/en5858517723.7.1951God speaks. Process and condition.
en/en5858517825.7.1951Redeeming help for opposite souls on the part of men.
en/en5858517927.7.1951"Many are called, but few are chosen." Disciples of the time of the end.
en/en5858518029.7.1951Serious admonition to remember life after death.
en/en5858518131.7.1951Violation against the divine order. Sin. Confession - Forgiveness.
en/en585851821.-5.8.1951Divine word. Media receptions. Camouflage. Signs.
en/en585851836.8.1951Requesting God s blessing. Power and effect.
en/en585851846.8.1951Awakening of the spirit spark in man - love.
en/en585851858.8.1951Love - solvent. Opposite help.
en/en585851869.8.1951"The gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
en/en5858518711.8.1951Urgently announce the Gospel in the time of the end.
en/en5858518813.8.1951Reincarnation. False doctrine. Adoption as children of God.
en/en5858518916.8.1951Effect of love on fellowmen.
en/en5858519017.8.1951Godís love and care for his creatures.
en/en5858519118.8.1951Immortality of the soul.
en/en5858519219.8.1951Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and men.
en/en5858519321.8.1951Common work in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en5858519423.8.1951Blessing of illness and suffering. Maturing.
en/en5858519524.+25.8.1951Admonition for the preparing for the end.
en/en5858519625.8.1951Godís love.
en/en5858519726.8.1951Truth. Comprehensible form.
en/en5858519826.+27.8.1951Soul particles. Course of development on earth and in the hereafter.
en/en5858519929.8.1951Intellectual thinking. Truth out of God.
en/en5858520031.8.1951Admonition to break away from transitoriness. Spiritual good.
en/en585852012.9.1951Gift of speaking.
en/en585852023.9.1951Increase of power through love work and prayer.
en/en585852034.9.1951Help for the poor souls. Love redeems.
en/en585852045.9.1951God of love. Not God of wrath.
en/en585852055.9.1951Truth fighters. False doctrines.
en/en585852066.9.1951Communion. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock."
en/en585852079.9.1951Explanation of family feelings. Soul particles.
en/en5858520810.9.1951Help in spiritual trouble - Spreading of knowledge from above.
en/en5858520911.9.1951"Who keeps my commandments." Revelations.
en/en5858521012.9.1951Bridge to the hereafter. Thoughts upwards.
en/en5858521113.9.1951Veiling unusual supply of favour. Explanation.
en/en5858521215.9.1951God is good and just.
en/en5858521316.9.1951Jesus Christ. Redeemer Ė God-man.
en/en585852148.9.1951Spiritual arrogance. Greatest danger.
en/en5858521521.9.1951Love has accomplished the work of redemption.
en/en5858521622.9.1951Directing of the will. Influence of good and bad beings.
en/en5858521723.9.1951Unfathomable entity of God.
en/en5858521825.9.1951Visible presence of the Lord.
en/en5858521926.9.1951Serious pointer to the End.
en/en5858522027.9.1951Wrong way. Vineyard work. Steep way.
en/en5858522128.9.1951Gift of favour in the time of the end. Godís word. Free will.
en/en5858522229.9.1951Knowledge about aim and purpose. Adoption of God.
en/en5858522330.9.1951Spirit of Antichrist.
en/en585852241.10.1951Struggle against oneself on earth.
en/en585852253.10.1951Power of the divine word in times of trouble.
en/en585852264.10.1951Spreading of the Gospel. Apostles of the time of the end.
en/en585852275.10.1951Living water. Source Ė Pure and clear.
en/en585852286.10.1951Answer to "Bad messages" from Bietigheim.
en/en585852297.10.1951Rays of light, which are seen and pursued in the hereafter.
en/en585852308.10.1951Was the endless long course of development in vain?
en/en585852319.10.1951Vineyard work with the favour of God.
en/en5858523211.10.1951Truth will pave the way and win.
en/en5858523312.10.1951Becoming divine of the creatures to children.
en/en5858523413.10.1951Faith without love is dead.
en/en5858523514.10.1951Behold, I make all things new.
en/en5858523617.10.1951Godís blessing to the workers in his vineyard.
en/en5858523719.10.1951Cultivation of the barren desert. Blessing.
en/en5858523821.10.1951Subordinating of the will. God taking residence in the heart.
en/en5858523924.10.1951Awakening of the spark of God. Who remains in love.
en/en5858524025.10.1951Expression of the divine spirit. Satan as angel of light.
en/en5858524126.10.1951Positive and negative powers. Fall of the angels.
en/en5858524227.10.1951Desire for truth Ė Love activity condition.
en/en5858524327.10.1951Forgiveness. Atonement. Justice. (Causal rule)
en/en5858524428.10.1951Never ending love effort of God.
en/en5858524528.10.1951Unlimited supply of favour.
en/en5858524629.10.1951Urgent admonition to vineyard work.
en/en5858524730.+31.10.1951You must be taught by God.
en/en585852481.11.1951Favour of inner inspiration.
en/en585852494.11.1951Right worship.
en/en585852505.11.1951Blessed vineyard work. Succession.
en/en585852516.11.1951Receiver of the word first suitable to teach.
en/en585852529.11.1951Godís infinite love.
en/en5858525311.+12.11.1951Office of word receiver. Favours and duties.
en/en5858525413.11.1951Subordinating of the will under Godíswill.
en/en5858525514.+16.11.1951Promise of Jesus: Eternal life.
en/en5858525617.+18.11.1951Apparent loveless means of help of God.
en/en5858525719.11.1951Not disposition, but love determines will.
en/en5858525822.11.1951Harmony on the New Earth.
en/en5858525925.11.1951God needs many workers in the time before the end.
en/en5858526025.11.1951Handing out and passing on of gift of favour Ė Hereafter.
en/en5858526127.11.1951Forgiveness of sin.
en/en5858526229.11.1951Forgiveness of sin.
en/en585852631.12.1951Continuation of the work of redemption.
en/en585852642.12.1951Reshaping of nature. Becoming divine.
en/en585852654.12.1951Spring of living water.
en/en585852666.12.1951World clock. Last hours.
en/en585852678.12.1951Living faith. Power for resistance.
en/en585852689.12.1951Spirit work. Occupation or being called.
en/en5858526910.12.1951Life power - Spirit power.
en/en5858527011.12.1951Forming of spirit work. Healing. Talking in tongues.
en/en5858527113.12.1951Great Dying. Recall of the Weak. Decision.
en/en5858527214.12.1951Cooperation of the light beings with men. Light bearers.
en/en5858527315.12.1951Effect of the divine word. Sermon. Power.
en/en5858527416.12.1951The living word.
en/en5858527518.12.1951Truth. Love and faith condition.
en/en5858527619.12.1951Communion. "Who remains in love."
en/en5858527720.12.1951Helping hand of Jesus Christ. Redemption out of the deep.
en/en5858527821.12.1951End of redemption period. Plan of salvation of God.
en/en58585279Christmas 24.12.1951Saviour and physician.
en/en58585280Christmas 25.12.1951Our father.
en/en5858528126.12.1951Power of the spirit shortly before the end.
en/en5858528227.12.1951Jesus came to the weak, sick and needy.
en/en5858528328.12.1951The father leads his by the hand.
en/en5858528429.12.1951Obvious spirit work before the end.
en/en5858528531.12.1951Fight of faith. Crisis. Power of faith.
en/en58585286New Year's Day 1.1.1952Coming of the Lord to be taken literally.
en/en585852871.1.1952Godís leadership.
en/en585852882.1.1952Will for truth also guarantees truth.
en/en585852894.1.1952Unusual means of help in the time of the end.
en/en585852906.1.1952Love towards visible God. Cause of revelations.
en/en585852918.1.1952Last judgement. Reveille before.
en/en5858529210.1.1952Hate and cunning of Satan to extinguish the light.
en/en5858529311.1.1952Godís protection against besieging of the enemy. Thoughts.
en/en5858529412.1.1952Task: Cooperation on the work of redemption.


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