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Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 56


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 56. All the messages of Book 56 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 4914 - B.D. NR. 5021


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
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Heading of the message
en/en5656491415.6.1950God speaks. God himself is the word.
en/en5656491516.6.1950Uniting of spirit - soul and body. Fight against matter.
en/en5656491617.6.1950Resistance of the divine word sign of the end.
en/en5656491719.6.1950Redemption through Christ is an act of free will.
en/en5656491821.6.1950Recognizing of Godís sign of the change of will. Exceeding of authority.
en/en5656491922.6.1950Humility - Arrogance. Danger.
en/en5656492024.6.1950I will Put the Words into Your Mouth.
en/en5656492125.6.1950Unjustified doubts. Truthfulness - servants of God.
en/en5656492226.+28.6.1950Worlds shall pass away, but my word remains.
en/en5656492328.6.1950Happy end after the great trouble.
en/en5656492430.6.+1.+2.7.1950Inability to recognize the announcements. Work for God.
en/en565649254.+5.+6.7.1950Spiritual or letter meaning. Communion.
en/en565649267.7.1950Key to wisdom is love.
en/en565649277.+8.7.1950Mentally deficient people. Possession.
en/en565649289.7.1950Extraordinary occurrences signs of the near end.
en/en565649299.7.1950Godís love. Revelations. Mediators.
en/en5656493010.7.1950Love for God - love for the neighbour. Workers in the vineyard.
en/en5656493111.7.1950Godís word undeserved favour.
en/en5656493212.7.1950Godís will: Fulfilment of love commands.
en/en5656493313.7.1950The purpose of life on earth is the reshaping of the being to love.
en/en5656493413.7.1950Passing of the test of will in earth life.
en/en5656493515.+15.7.1950Divine power - Living faith - Miracle work.
en/en5656493616.7.1950Power of faith of a living but wrong faith.
en/en5656493716.7.1950Limits of knowledge. Exceeding of those.
en/en5656493819.7.1950Power transmission through the word of God.
en/en5656493920.7.1950"In the name of Jesus Christ." Teachings.
en/en5656494021.7.1950Prediction of Natural Disaster. Dead Stretches.
en/en5656494122.7.1950Increasing darkness before the end.
en/en5656494224.+27.7.1950"You are Peter the rock on you I will."
en/en5656494329.7.1950Divine revelations bind. Near end.
en/en5656494431.7.1950The power of the word. Ineffectiveness.
en/en565649453.+4.8.1950Spring of life. Communion. Flesh and blood.
en/en565649466.8.1950Will like decision in earth life.
en/en565649476.8.1950Antichrist. Faith is endangered.
en/en5656494810.8.1950God speaks to men. Power of the divine word.
en/en5656494912.8.1950Effectiveness of favour depending on the will of man.
en/en5656495013.8.1950Earth life purpose: Serving in love in free will.
en/en5656495115.8.1950Granting of prayer in spirit and in truth.
en/en5656495218.8.1950Unlimited gift of favour. Effectiveness.
en/en5656495421.8.1950Recognizing of God only through truth.
en/en5656495524.8.1950Small flock at the end. Cleft widens. Godís help.
en/en5656495625.8.1950Rejecting Godís gift of favour. Darkness.
en/en5656495727.8.1950Love for the world. Illness. No man can serve two masters.
en/en5656495829.8.1950Own activity of the will. Leaders and their supporters.
en/en5656495930.+31.8.1950Suffering Godís proof of love. Fire of purification.
en/en565649601.9.1950Love and faith.
en/en565649612.9.1950Godís love and neighbourly love.
en/en565649623.9.1950Make Use of the Time of Favour Before the End.
en/en565649635.+6.9.1950Words of love. Words of wisdom. Teaching activity. Criticism at publications.
en/en565649649.9.1950Knowledge of the eternal plan of salvation - Difference of the receivers of the word.
en/en5656496510.9.1950Will of destruction of the opponent of God - Bound spiritual Ė men.
en/en5656496612.9.1950Power of faith is favour, but which only becomes effective through the will.
en/en5656496714.9.1950God speaks as father to his children. Proof of love.
en/en5656496816.+17.9.1950Test the Spirits. Great Power of Satan Before the End. Doubt.
en/en5656496919.9.1950Light - shade of death. Blinding light Ė Godís help illness and suffering.
en/en5656497020.9.1950Embodied light beings. Without remembering back. Forerunner.
en/en5656497121.+22.9.1950Examination of spiritual material, which deviates from each other. (Spiritualism?)
en/en5656497224.9.1950Different schools of thought. Love guarantees truth.
en/en5656497326.+27.9.1950Blessing of divine revelations. I am the way, the truth, and the life.
en/en5656497427.9.1950Godís will Ė wisdom. Wrong will of man.
en/en5656497528.+29.9.1950Work in the vineyard of the Lord: Spreading of the word - Light bearers.
en/en5656497629.9.1950Power of love. Power of faith.
en/en565649771.10.1950False Christs and false prophets.
en/en565649783.10.1950Ten commandments. First and second commandment.
en/en565649793.+4.10.1950Third, fourth, fifth and sixth commandment.
en/en565649805.10.1950Dogma: Maryís ascension.
en/en5656498113.10.1950Strengthening of faith in my task.
en/en5656498215.10.1950Seventh and eighth commandment.
en/en5656498315.10.1950Ninth and tenth commandment.
en/en5656498417.10.1950Calling to Account on the Day of Judgement. Redeemer Jesus Christ.
en/en5656498519.10.1950Deliver us from all evil.
en/en5656498621.10.1950Love. Joy in giving. Counter love. Faith in work of redemption of Christ.
en/en5656498723.10.1950Spiritual work. Godís blessing. Care of the father of the family for his servants.
en/en5656498824.+25.10.1950Patience with fellowmen, who do not strive spiritually.
en/en5656498927.+28.10.1950Common work in the opposite kingdom. Help to the ignorant.
en/en5656499029.10.1950Love - power reception. Love has cooled. Serious admonition.
en/en5656499131.10.1950Violation of Eternal Order. Fulfilment of Prediction - Last Judgement.
en/en565649921.11.1950Truth must go out from the original source of truth directly - I am the way, the truth, and the life.
en/en565649932.11.1950Spiritual compulsion. Dogma.
en/en565649945.11.1950Care of the father about his children.
en/en565649956.11.1950Care of the father about his children. Godís adoption.
en/en565649969.11.1950Wrestling of evil powers for the souls more intense before the end.
en/en565649979.11.1950Death is overcome. Power of Satan broken through death on the cross.
en/en5656499811.11.1950Powers in the interior of the earth. Eruption. Explanation.
en/en5656499912.11.1950Right preacher must be driven by the spirit of God.
en/en5656500013.+14.11.1950It is about eternal life.
en/en5656500117.+18.11.1950God speaks again and again.
en/en5656500219.11.1950Light beings embodied as man. Disciples of the end.
en/en5656500320.11.1950Fight between light and darkness.
en/en5656500421.11.1950A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).
en/en5656500522.11.1950Work in the vineyard. Seed Ė reapers. Harvest.
en/en5656500623.+24.11.1950Falling Away of the Spiritual from God Humanly Described.
en/en5656500725.11.1950"What no manís eye has ever seen."
en/en5656500826.11.1950Call to spiritual work in the coming time of trouble.
en/en5656500928.11.1950The way to God through Jesus Christ.
en/en5656501029.11.1950Power of the divine word.
en/en565650111.12.1950Power of the divine word.
en/en565650122.12.1950Seers and Prophets.
en/en565650133.12.1950Recognize yourselves and your origin.
en/en565650144.12.1950Spiritual poverty.
en/en565650156.+7.12.1950Spiritual action.
en/en565650168.12.1950Way to perfection. Godís adoption.
en/en5656501710.12.1950Eternal life. Activity. Power out of. God - Love.
en/en5656501812.12.1950Fate according to will and resistance.
en/en5656502013.12.1950Devils of the time of the end. Godís protection.
en/en5656502115.12.1950Whosoever shall exalt himself. Arrogance. Honour.


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