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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 53


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 53. All the messages of Book 53 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 4548 - B.D. NR. 4679


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
received on
Heading of the message
en/en5353454824.1.1949Spark of God. Enlightenment. Truth - Love - Instruction.
en/en5353454925.1.1949Spreading of error in the time of the end. Godís counterwork.
en/en5353455027.1.1949Redemption work of Christ. Descending into hell.
en/en5353455128.1.1949Why question. (Anthroposopher Cologne) Fall of the angels. Sin.
en/en5353455229.1.1949Announcement of the end.
en/en5353455330.1.1949Poor state of man corresponds to his will.
en/en535345541.2.1949Request of favour spiritually and earthly.
en/en535345552.2.1949Command of neighbourly love.
en/en535345562.2.1949Care of the Father for His Servants.
en/en535345574.2.1949Purification fire in the time of the end: Suffering and affliction.
en/en535345584.2.1949Resistance against truth. Who seeks, he finds.
en/en535345596.2.1949Teaching of re-embodiment. (Tantra announcement)
en/en535345607.2.1949Thought material, which comes from the world. Truth - Error.
en/en535345618.2.1949Passing on the divine word.
en/en535345629.2.1949Sudden Change. God's Call.
en/en5353456310.2.1949Activity field of the workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en5353456412.2.1949Flow of favour in the last time before the end.
en/en5353456513.2.1949Training as truth bearer. Fight with sword of the mouth.
en/en5353456614.2.1949Be not afraid of them that kill the body but cannot kill the soul.
en/en5353456715.2.1949Serious questions to the teachers who fight Godís servants.
en/en53534568a17.2.1949Gospel good news. Disciples of the time of the end. Faith.
en/en53534568b18.2.1949Gospel good news. Disciples of the time of the end. Faith.
en/en5353456920.2.1949Effectiveness of divine truth only after overcoming the world.
en/en5353457021.2.1949Spiritual co-operation.
en/en5353457122.2.1949Finding happiness. Godís word directly. Conditions.
en/en5353457224.2.1949Spiritual and earthly co-workers at the work of redemption of Christ.
en/en5353457326.2.1949Fate according to the will of man.
en/en5353457427.2.1949Assessment of compulsory services according to degree of love.
en/en5353457528.2.1949"They ate and drank" as before the flood.
en/en535345761.3.1949Professing before the world - Living faith.
en/en535345772.3.1949Overcoming of matter.
en/en535345782.3.1949Happiness in the spiritual kingdom.
en/en535345793.3.1949Workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Activity.
en/en535345805.3.1949"I will send the comforter to you." (Explanation of apparent contradictions)
en/en535345818.3.1949Food and drink for the soul. Heavenly bread.
en/en535345829.3.1949Spiritual maturation of those who are to carry out a mission.
en/en5353458310.3.1949Christís work of redemption.
en/en5353458411.3.1949Serious admonition to loyal work in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en5353458511.3.1949My kingdom is not of this world.
en/en5353458612.3.1949Godís cooperation with the work for his kingdom Ė Self-will - Godís will
en/en5353458713.3.1949Warning of rejection of the divine word. "Prove all things"
en/en5353458814.3.1949Work of the spirit. Examination. Proof oratorical gift. Truth Ė error. Messengers of God.
en/en5353458915.3.1949Task of the servants of God: Enlightenment about living faith and truth.
en/en5353459017.3.1949Re-embodiment teaching Ė false doctrine. Heavenly bodies.
en/en5353459120.3.1949Love precondition to be able to believe Godís word.
en/en5353459220.3.1949Godís word proof of his presence.
en/en5353459322.3.1949Mission of the last disciples of the time of the end. Announcing of the Gospel.
en/en5353459424.3.1949God speaks through the heart - the opponent of God through the intellect.
en/en5353459524.3.1949Presence of God. Voice of the father. Right children.
en/en5353459625.3.1949Announcement of judgment. As at the time of the flood.
en/en5353459725.3.1949Simple and spiritual meaning of instructions.
en/en5353459827.3.1949Love command proof of truth. Content of divine word: Gospel.
en/en5353459928.3.1949Keep to my word. Come unto me all.
en/en5353460029.3.1949Keep to my word! Remember the end!
en/en5353460130.3.1949Examine the spirits. Work of redemption. Touchstone Jesus Christ.
en/en5353460230.3.1949Eternal damnation.
en/en535346032.4.1949Through his will man determines the success of the powers of light or of darkness.
en/en535346043.4.1949Strive for Godís love.
en/en535346053.4.1949False prophets. Light. Darkness and dark characters.
en/en535346064.4.1949Prediction for the End.
en/en535346075.4.1949"The devil walketh about as a roaring lion." " Watch and pray."
en/en535346086.4.1949"I will not leave you comfortless." (John 14)
en/en535346097.4.1949Conviction of truth can only be found in the inside of man himself.
en/en535346109.4.1949Obligation of those who receive the word of God.
en/en5353461110.4.1949Losing of the gift of favour.
en/en5353461212.4.1949Prophetic spirit. Plan of salvation of God - Time of the end
en/en5353461313.4.1949The Weak will not Experience the End.
en/en53534614Eastern, Maundy Thursday 14.4.1949Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ.
en/en53534615Karfreitag 15.4.1949Kreuzestod. ErlŲsungswerk.
en/en53534616Easter Sunday 17.4.1949Spirit work. Predictions for the end.
en/en53534617Easter Monday 18.4.1949Sin against the spirit "All sins will be forgiven you, only not those against the spirit."
en/en5353461819.4.1949Sins of the fathers avenge themselves with the children.
en/en5353461920.4.1949Love is victorious.
en/en5353462022.4.1949Spirit work in the awake state. Proofs: Reasons.
en/en5353462123.4.1949No partial knowledge. Light beings as master teachers. Truth only.
en/en5353462225.4.1949Visible Phenomenon Just Before the End as Token of God's Love.
en/en5353462327.4.1949Trouble and suffering means of upbringing. Power increase.
en/en5353462428.4.1949Spiritual concentration before start. Strict self-criticism.
en/en5353462529.4.1949Right knowledge awakens faith and love towards God.
en/en535346261.5.1949Saviour of body and soul.
en/en535346271.5.1949Godís blessing for his servants.
en/en535346282.5.1949Effect of the divine word upon man. Previous intimate connection.
en/en535346294.5.1949Love work. Use of Godís power supply. "Who remains in love."
en/en535346305.5.1949The last words of the dying Saviour on the cross. Sounding word. Phenomenon.
en/en535346318.5.1949Agonies of a new banishment in solid matter.
en/en535346329.5.1949Trust in Godís help. Love and protection for his servants.
en/en5353463310.5.1949Men's Fear. Natural Disaster and its Effects.
en/en5353463410.5.1949The Power of Faith. Obvious Help. Last Means of Grace.
en/en5353463511.5.1949Religious war. Confessing before the world. I will shorten the days.
en/en5353463611.5.1949Promise of most loyal father care. Visible appearing.
en/en5353463713.5.1949Beneficial activity for the kingdom of God. Admonition to busy activity.
en/en5353463813.5.1949Prayer bridge to God. Thoughts bridge to the spiritual kingdom.
en/en5353463914.5.1949"There shall not be left one stone upon another." Great trouble.
en/en5353464015.5.1949Godís word most effective means for recovery of soul.
en/en5353464116.+17.5.1949Spiritually rebirth.
en/en5353464217.5.1949Communion. Guests of the Lord.
en/en5353464318.5.1949Religious war. Power of the name of Jesus. Coming of the Lord.
en/en5353464419.5.1949Experience of Downfall as in Dream State. Memory, New Earth.
en/en5353464519.5.1949Do not Think Worldly. Admonition of God to Receive His Word More Often.
en/en5353464620.5.1949Godís will - guiding principle for life.
en/en5353464721.5.1949"Greater works shall you still be able to do" Ė Promise.
en/en5353464822.5.1949Thirst for knowledge. Privilege, to ask questions.
en/en5353464924.5.1949"I will not leave you comfortless." (John 14)
en/en5353465024.5.1949Godís extreme great love. How shall love towards God be?
en/en5353465126.5.1949Destruction of earth is act of God's mercy. Seers and prophets.
en/en5353465227.5.1949Receiving of the announcements in the state of wakefulness. Powers of light.
en/en5353465330.5.1949Suitability for spiritual work. Giving away of the world.
en/en5353465431.5.1949"Become as little children."
en/en535346551.6.1949"What God hath joined together" - Unions blessed by God.
en/en535346562.6.1949Tool of God. Reproaching of the mistakes right of disciples.
en/en535346572.6.1949Cognition of eternal divinity.
en/en535346584.6.1949Pouring out of the spirit. Task of spreading love teaching.
en/en53534659Whit Sunday 5.6.1949Radiation of God. Instruction from inside. Gift of speech.
en/en53534660Whit Monday 6.6.1949Spirit work (Pentecost) Mediator. Truth Ė Error. Mission.
en/en535346617.6.1949Announcement of Judgement. Doubt. Star on the Advance.
en/en535346629.6.1949"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation."
en/en535346639.6.1949Task of those who became knowing at the spring of wisdom.
en/en5353466410.6.1949Proving of Godís love through practical neighbourly love.
en/en5353466511.6.1949The world wants to see miracles and does not see the greatest miracle.
en/en5353466612.6.1949God as master teacher. Bearer of truth.
en/en5353466712.6.1949Worth of spiritual thoughts.
en/en5353466813.6.1949Eternal cycle.
en/en5353466914.6.1949Spreading of pure truth. GodĎs love, omnipotence and wisdom.
en/en5353467015.6.1949Cause for God s extraordinary work. (12th anniversary of word reception)
en/en5353467117.6.1949Incomprehensible worth of the word of God. Transmission greatest gift of favour.
en/en5353467218.6.1949Maturing of the soul through suffering. God's care. World and God.
en/en5353467319.6.1949Constancy of the pure word of God. Changes work of men.
en/en5353467421.6.1949Love epitome of divinity. Wrong love.
en/en5353467524.6.1949Nobody Knows Day and Hour. False Prophets of the End-time.
en/en5353467625.6.1949Field of action for workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en5353467726.6.1949Purpose and aim of earth course. Instruction and help of God.
en/en5353467827.6.1949Endless long course of the soul before the embodiment as man.
en/en5353467928.6.1949Deep faith in truth of the divine word. "Ask and it will be given to you."


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