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Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 52


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 52. All the messages of Book 52 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 4420 - B.D. NR. 4547


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
received on
Heading of the message
en/en5252442027.8.1948Christianity - Nominal Christians Ė Act Ė God becoming man.
en/en5252442128.8.1948Spiritual arrogance of the leaders.
en/en5252442229.8.1948Debates. Objections. Opposing attitude. Godís work.
en/en5252442330.8.1948Effect of the divine word. Flow of power. Admonition.
en/en525244241.9.1948Fight of God and of Satan about the souls of men. Enticement.
en/en525244252.9.1948Reference to natural disaster, destruction and situation in life afterwards.
en/en525244263.9.1948The earthly kingdom and its rulers. Earthly fulfilment of duty - Spiritual work.
en/en525244275.9.1948Right and wrong representatives. Who hears my servants, he hears me.
en/en525244286.9.1948Crossroads. Trials of the faithful. Inner conflicts.
en/en525244297.9.1948Antichrist. Brutal Decrees.
en/en525244309.9.1948Value of spiritual instruction.
en/en5252443110.9.1948Indication of spiritual shock (Rome?). Right church of Christ.
en/en5252443213.9.1948Last Day. Closed Gate to the Hereafter.
en/en5252443315.9.1948Last Struggle. Openly Confessing Christ Before the World.
en/en5252443416.9.1948Ability of the servants of God to see through men. Sharp judgement.
en/en5252443517.9.1948Reason of the exceptional work of God. Spiritual wealth.
en/en5252443619.9.1948Giving up the world. Earthly performance of oneís duty and God s blessing.
en/en5252443720.9.1948Disciples of the time of the end. Earthly relationships. God s care about family.
en/en5252443821.9.1948Demonic influence on light bearers. Fight against truth.
en/en5252443922.9.1948Thought. Radiation of spiritual beings. Will oí the wisp.
en/en5252444022.9.1948Purpose of divine revelation.
en/en5252444124.9.1948Extent of the Work of Destruction.
en/en5252444225.9.1948Godís blessing and protection to co-workers.
en/en5252444326.9.1948Presentation of the divine word great help.
en/en5252444427.9.1948(Can God suffer?) Godís love.
en/en5252444529.9.1948Godís will - Human will. Free will.
en/en5252444630.9.1948Right teacher. God as master. School of the spirit.
en/en525244472.10.1948Calling of God like a spoken word.
en/en525244482.10.1948Sounding word and conditions.
en/en525244493.10.1948Hour of calling. Announcement of end.
en/en525244504.10.1948Struggling for strong faith.
en/en525244514.10.1948Who receives one of my brothers. Godís reward. Help for servants.
en/en525244525.10.1948Judged matter. Bound will.
en/en525244536.10.1948Supernatural powers. Transmission from the spiritual kingdom.
en/en525244547.10.1948Living water.
en/en525244559.10.1948Gathering of spiritual treasures on earth. Remorse in the hereafter.
en/en5252445610.10.1948Spiritual dialogue. Presence of God. Doubt Ė worries.
en/en5252445711.10.1948Announcement of the end. You only have still little time.
en/en5252445811.10.1948Danger to become superficial (Cath.). Duty. Free will.
en/en5252445913.10.1948Difficult fight and suffering before the end. Most secure help Godís word.
en/en5252446013.10.1948Godís word is not allowed to force acceptance. Free will.
en/en5252446115.10.1948Bridge to God - Prayer. Decrease of cleft.
en/en5252446216.10.1948Ability to hear Godís voice. Conditions.
en/en5252446317.10.1948Gift of prophecy.
en/en5252446418.10.1948Proof of truth of the word. Answer from God through mediators.
en/en5252446621.10.1948Influence of matter on man.
en/en5252446722.10.1948Spiritual transmissions a blessing for the beings in the hereafter.
en/en5252446824.10.1948Power of the divine word. Antidote to suffering.
en/en5252446925.10.1948Mission. Service in return: Passing on of the word.
en/en5252447026.10.1948Different spiritual work: Wisdom, seeing, prophecy. (Konnersreuth)
en/en5252447128.10.1948Absolute truth.
en/en5252447229.10.1948Repealing of the Laws of Nature. Power of Satan at the End.
en/en525244732.11.1948Disciples of the time of the end. Spreading of truth.
en/en525244742.11.1948Working neighbourly love. Joining together with God.
en/en525244753.11.1948New banishment in matter.
en/en525244764.11.1948Admonition to work for God and his kingdom.
en/en525244775.11.1948Worldly minded servants of God.
en/en525244785.11.1948Fate. Maturation possibilities. Trials.
en/en525244796.11.1948Doubt about truth of announcements. Natural disaster.
en/en525244807.11.1948You must be taught by God.
en/en525244818.11.1948Sounding word.
en/en525244829.11.1948God of love. Not God of anger.
en/en5252448310.11.1948Prayer in spirit and in truth precondition for work of the spirit.
en/en5252448411.11.1948The teaching of the trinity of God.
en/en5252448513.11.1948At the end defection from the faith. Living faith. Thinking about teachings.
en/en5252448614.11.1948Pure Gospel. Additional work of man. Task of disciples.
en/en5252448715.11.1948Spiritual seeing.
en/en5252448817.11.1948Heaven and hell.
en/en5252448918.11.1948Origin of matter. What is matter?
en/en5252449019.11.1948Workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en5252449120.11.1948You are to be forerunners for me on earth.
en/en5252449323.11.1948Passing Away of an Earthly Ruler. Change.
en/en5252449424.11.1948Faith and love - Constant presence of God.
en/en5252449525.11.1948Spiritual power supply through prayer and love work.
en/en5252449625.11.1948Closing of the Gates into the Spiritual Kingdom at the End.
en/en5252449727.11.1948Research wise spiritual field cannot be fathomed.
en/en5252449828.11.1948Ability to receive divine wisdoms through the heart.
en/en5252449930.11.1948Justification for rejecting of truth. God as judge.
en/en525245001.12.1948Overcoming of matter. Voluntary renunciation.
en/en525245012.12.1948Announcement to objection: There is no God who allows the events.
en/en525245023.12.1948Presenting the divine word in love. Success safeguarded.
en/en525245035.12.1948Broad way into ruin, narrow way up.
en/en525245045.12.1948Spiritual closeness. Souls without earthly relationships.
en/en52524505a8.12.1948Understanding the word guaranteed for seekers.
en/en52524505b9.12.1948Understanding the word guaranteed for seekers.
en/en5252450610.12.1948Special favour - Obligation. Knowledge about plan of salvation - Enlightenment.
en/en5252450711.12.1948Where two or three are gathered in my name.
en/en5252450812.12.1948GodĎs word. Parables. Picture language. Reluctance of men.
en/en5252450913.12.1948Admonition for workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en5252451013.12.1948Justice. Expiation for Sins. Judgement.
en/en5252451114.12.1948Life fate according to the will of men.
en/en5252451215.12.1948Resistance of men. Powerlessness.
en/en5252451315.12.1948Assurance of protection at the time of the great trouble. Act of destruction.
en/en5252451416.12.1948The spirit gives life to the word.
en/en5252451517.12.1948Condition for right representatives of God: Spirit work and truthful knowledge.
en/en5252451618.12.1948Desire for Godís word. Urgent admonition.
en/en5252451719.12.1948End of redemption period. Total change of earth.
en/en5252451819.12.1948Bearing fate with submission.
en/en5252452022.12.1948Unmistakable sign of spiritual low: Rejection of divine word.
en/en5252452123.12.1948Cosmic changes.
en/en5252452223.12.1948Words to bearers of truth.
en/en5252452324.12.1948Sign of the end.
en/en5252452425.+26.12.1948The world lay in bonds. (Christmas announcement)
en/en5252452527.12.1948You are Peter the rock. Living faith Ė Church of Christ.
en/en5252452628.12.1948Decision between spiritual and earthly world.
en/en5252452729.12.1948Use of favour. Free will. Strengthening of will.
en/en5252452830.12.1948Reference to natural disaster. Surprise.
en/en525245291.1.1949New Yearís message: Resistance of men against God.
en/en525245302.1.1949Godís love and mercy.
en/en525245314.1.1949Coming in the Clouds. Rapture. End.
en/en525245324.1.1949Use of the power of God.
en/en525245336.1.1949Spiritual change. Total transformation of earth.
en/en525245347.1.1949Right teacher. Truth - Error.
en/en5252453510.1.1949Feeding of the soul. GodĎs care about the earthly.
en/en5252453611.1.1949Power of evil. Strong faith. Come unto me, all ye.
en/en5252453711.1.1949Earthly knowledge insignificant against spiritual knowledge.
en/en5252453812.1.1949Spreading of the divine word. Seeping water.
en/en5252453914.1.1949Will of resistance of men towards the divine word.
en/en5252454014.1.1949Fate. Purification possibilities.
en/en5252454115.1.1949Existence of God. Wise men of the world. Heart and Intellect.
en/en5252454216.1.1949Development of soul independent of bodily advantages.
en/en5252454317.1.1949Last hour. Nightfall. Light bearers.
en/en5252454418.1.1949Follow me.
en/en5252454519.1.1949Necessity and blessing of spiritual work.
en/en5252454620.1.1949Achieving the adoption of God.
en/en5252454724.1.1949Poetical justice. Sin and expiation.


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