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Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 50


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 50. All the messages of Book 50 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 4053 - B.D. NR. 4176


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
received on
Heading of the message
en/en5050405331.5.1947Sin against the spirit.
en/en505040541.+2.6.1947Transmission of the Divine Word on the New Earth.
en/en505040553.6.1947Father words to his servants on earth.
en/en505040565.6.1947Cooperation for the kingdom of God. (Personally)
en/en505040577.6.1947Effect of the power out of God.
en/en505040587.6.1947Difficult Living Conditions. Godís Guidance and Help.
en/en505040598.6.1947Call for activity for the kingdom of God at night.
en/en505040609.6.1947Conditions to the work of the spirit. God closeness through love.
en/en5050406111.6.1947Work of the servants of God with the form-believers. Christís church.
en/en5050406213.+14.6.1947Hell. Judged matter.
en/en5050406315.6.1947Power and magnificence of God. His love.
en/en5050406417.6.1947Activity of the light beings. Connection to earth.
en/en5050406518.6.1947Journey through life set Ė destiny according to will.
en/en5050406619.6.1947End of an Era no Further Development in the Hereafter, but Banishment.
en/en5050406824.6.1947Godís care for his servants.
en/en5050406925.6.1947Doubting the existence of God in the time of the end.
en/en5050407127.6.1947Admonition to become immersed in Godís word. Power giver.
en/en5050407228.6.1947Spiritual rebirth.
en/en5050407330.6.1947Light Phenomenon in the Sky. Christís Cross.
en/en5050407430.6.+1.7.1947Past Ė present Ė future.
en/en505040751.7.1947Godís call to activity - Mission.
en/en505040762.7.1947Rejection of men. Knowledge of Godís plan of salvation.
en/en505040775.7.1947Increase of knowledge. Co-workers of Jesus.
en/en505040786.7.1947Spiritual sun.
en/en505040797.+8.7.1947Word of God flesh and blood. Bread of heaven. Becoming one.
en/en505040808.7.1947Godís love and compassion in the last time before the end.
en/en5050408110.7.1947Remorse of the soul in the hereafter.
en/en5050408211.7.1947With God nothing is impossible.
en/en5050408312.+13.7.1947Consequences of the observance as well as the lack of respect of divine order.
en/en5050408414.7.1947World Ė sham goods. Spiritual treasures in the hereafter.
en/en5050408516.7.1947Fullness of divine favour.
en/en5050408617.+18.7.1947Complete Dissolving and Reshaping of Earth.
en/en5050408720.7.1947Short time in free will. Long time in mandatory state.
en/en5050408822.7.1947Spiritual death. Idea "life".
en/en5050408922.7.1947Pure divine love principle to give. No sin.
en/en5050409024.7.1947Reasons for loss of earthly goods.
en/en5050409125.7.1947(Private matter).
en/en5050409227.7.1947Exemplary love life of the servants of God on earth.
en/en5050409327.-29.7.1947Spiritual conversations influence of light beings.
en/en5050409431.7.1947Referring to the End. Event of Nature.
en/en505040952.8.1947Magnificence of the spiritual kingdom.
en/en505040963.8.1947Serious admonition to Christian neighbourly love.
en/en505040974.+5.8.1947Creation of the world. Moses. Metaphorical language.
en/en505040985.8.1947Spiritual knowledge imparts cognizance of divine will.
en/en505040997.8.1947Mission of the last disciples before the end. Striving of God for workers.
en/en505041007.-9.8.1947Godís compassion is greater than his wrath.
en/en5050410211.8.1947Word from above of divine origin - Sounding word. Power of faith.
en/en5050410312.8.1947Voice of the spirit Godís voice. Protection against erroneous thinking.
en/en5050410413.8.1947Godís will - Voice of the heart. Intimate urging.
en/en5050410514.8.1947Self-love. Love your neighbour as yourself.
en/en5050410615.u.16.8.1947Allocation of earthly goods. Provisions not Godís will.
en/en5050410719.8.1947Who keeps my commandments - to him I will come and reveal myself.
en/en5050410821.8.1947Comment to event. Chaos. Speedy coming.
en/en5050410922.8.1947God as father, friend and brother courts love.
en/en5050411024.8.1947Recognition of the worthlessness of the earthly. Afterlife.
en/en5050411225.8.1947God as master teacher.
en/en5050411328.8.1947God as master teacher also through mediator.
en/en5050411428.-30.8.1947God as master teacher also through mediator.
en/en5050411531.8.+1.9.1947Take, eat; this is my flesh and my blood.
en/en505041162.+5.9.1947End of old earth, experience in the flesh. Admonition.
en/en505041177.9.1947Great suffering - Great favour.
en/en505041188.9.1947Influencing of light beings on destiny. Truth of divine word.
en/en505041199.+10.9.1947Recognizing the voice of God.
en/en5050412011.9.1947John 14: 15-26.
en/en5050412112.9.1947(Personal matter.)
en/en5050412213.9.1947Teaching office - Teacher - Truthful knowledge.
en/en5050412315.9.1947Increased wrestling of a receiver of light on earth Ė compensation
en/en5050412415.9.1947Truth of the announcements.
en/en5050412516.9.9.1947Last Judgement. Spiritualization of Earth.
en/en5050412616.-18.+19.9.1947Silence Before the Storm. Visible Appearance of the Lord.
en/en5050412720.+21.9.1947Cross. My Yoke is Easy, and My Burden is Light.
en/en5050412822.9.1947Only who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him.
en/en5050412923.+24.9.1947(Words of the Father) Chaos. Assignment of the Workers for the Kingdom of God.
en/en5050413025.-27.9.1947Capacity for spiritual announcements. Change of mind.
en/en5050413128.+29.9.1947Justice. Equal rights. Mutual love.
en/en5050413230.9.1947Fulfilling of divine will. Obeying of divine word. Love.
en/en505041331.10.1947Spiritual communication substitute for renunciations and disappointments.
en/en505041341.10.1947Wooing of God for workers for the vineyard. Spreading of divine word.
en/en505041365.+6.10.1947Forerunner of the Lord Before His Coming. Help Urgently Required.
en/en505041378.10.1947Urgent admonition of God.
en/en505041389.u.10.10.1947Spiritual servitude.
en/en5050413911.10.1947Resisting the will of God. (Persosnal)
en/en5050414012.10.1947Inner word Ė Gift of favour. Doubts. (Personal)
en/en5050414112.10.1947Task of the servants of God. Mediators between God and men.
en/en5050414213.10.1947Spiritual communion. Proceeding. (Birth)
en/en5050414314.10.1947Process of the imparting of the divine word. Spirit Ė soul - body.
en/en5050414415.10.1947Activity and ability of the being in the mandatory state.
en/en5050414516.10.1947Admonition of God to his servants.
en/en5050414617.10.1947Fate. School. Tightened means.
en/en5050414718.10.1947Gift of receiving remains, gift of teaching can be taken away.
en/en5050414819.10.1947Loving father words.
en/en5050414921.10.1947You will harvest as you sow. As you measure out, it will.
en/en5050415022.10.1947Lack of trust. Ask, and it shall be given you.
en/en5050415123.+24.10.1947Power of love.
en/en5050415225.10.1947Harvest. Harvester. God as master teacher.
en/en5050415326.10.1947Relationship of a child to the father.
en/en5050415427.+28.10.1947Mental radiations. Spiritual powers.
en/en5050415529.10.1947Disappointment of Men - Improvement. Divine Intervention.
en/en5050415630.+31.10.1947Time of harvest. Harvesters. Workers in the vineyard. Prophets.
en/en505041571.11.1947Sounding word.
en/en505041582.-4.11.1947Mediator between God and men. Jesus Christ.
en/en505041595.11.1947Gift of prophecy.
en/en505041606.11.1947Fight between light and darkness.
en/en505041617.11.1947Love awakens requited love. Love wins.
en/en505041629.11.1947Relationship towards God - love or reverence, respect, admiration.
en/en5050416310.11.1947Spiritual need. Come to me and I will give you rest.
en/en5050416411.+12.11.1947My kingdom is not of this world.
en/en5050416512.11.1947Truth only origin in God.
en/en5050416613.+14.11.1947Act of forgiveness of sins. Jesus Christ as redeemer.
en/en5050416714.11.1947Fight Against Spirituality. Decline of the Works of Men. Church of Christ.
en/en5050416815.11.1947Godís word purest truth. Doubts. Godís love.
en/en5050416917.11.1947Divine revelations can be accepted without examination. Love.
en/en5050417018.+19.11.1947Godís call in the heart.
en/en5050417120.11.1947Work for God and his Kingdom.
en/en5050417222.11.1947Apparent contradictions in the word of God.
en/en5050417322.n11.1947Godís care for his.
en/en5050417423.+24.11.1947Call to activity. Mission of the servants of God.
en/en5050417525.11.1947Jesus boy God and man.
en/en5050417626.+27.11.1947God becoming man.


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