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Author: Bertha Dudde

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List of messages of Book 49


In the following list all messages by Bertha Dudde are listed that are contained in Book 49. All the messages of Book 49 are available on this website:

B.D. NR. 3901 - B.D. NR. 4052


WebpageBook No.Number
B.D. NR.
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Heading of the message
en/en4949390111.10.1946Good and evil. Law from eternity.
en/en4949390212.10.1946Signs of spirit work in man.
en/en4949390313.+14.10.1946Responsibility and remorse of those who do not heed Godís gift of favour.
en/en4949390415.10.1946Victory of justice at the end of the days Ė Last Judgement
en/en4949390516.10.1946God himself as master teacher. Knowledge about plan of salvation.
en/en4949390617.10.1946Justice against the neighbour. Godís order.
en/en4949390718.10.1946Knowledge about cause of embodiment. Not arbitrariness but purpose.
en/en4949390819.10.1946Course of development of blessed spirit beings on earth necessary for Godís adoption.
en/en4949390920.10.1946Burden of sin in the hereafter. Expiation or forgiveness.
en/en4949391021.10.1946Love building up power. Unkindness destroying power.
en/en4949391122.10.1946Reality of matter. (Christian Science objection).
en/en4949391223.10.1946Destruction of matter against Godís order.
en/en4949391324.10.1946Nothing is meaningless and purposeless. Activity. Miniature creations.
en/en4949391425.10.1946Highest perfection possible in the short earth time.
en/en4949391526.10.1946Misery of fellowman drive for love activity.
en/en4949391627.10.1946Sleep of death. Raising out of the graves on the last day.
en/en4949391728.10.1946Short time until the end for the sake of weak souls.
en/en4949391829.10.1946Selfless serving in every life situation. Poverty. Willingness to give.
en/en4949391931.10.1946Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed. Boundary.
en/en494939201.11.1946Imitation of Jesus. Life in love and self-abnegation.
en/en494939212.11.1946Placing spiritual work in front. New sphere of activity.
en/en494939223.11.1946Strictest self-criticism whether spiritual or earthly thought material is desired. Clairvoyant.
en/en494939234.11.1946Comforting father words.
en/en494939245.11.1946Love building-up principle Ė unkindness destructive principle.
en/en4949392526.11.1946Godís word Ė quiet admonisher. Loud voice Ė natural disaster
en/en494939261.12.1946Course of development period. Tough struggle for life.
en/en494939272.12.1946Favourable hearing of prayer in strong faith. "Father, your will be done."
en/en494939284.12.1946Workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Hour of harvest.
en/en494939295.12.1946Fear not, believe only.
en/en494939307.12.1946Receiving of power for the work out of the divine word.
en/en494939318.12.1946Admonition to busy work for the kingdom of God.
en/en494939329.12.1946Body - soul - spirit. Divine spark. Awakening of the spirit.
en/en4949393311.12.1946Power influx. Receiving vessel. Opening of the heart.
en/en4949393412.12.1946Task of those who hear Godís voice.
en/en4949393513.12.1946No separation from God, only reduced power and light decrease.
en/en4949393615.12.1946Godís will to help is greater than the trouble.
en/en4949393716.12.1946Work for the kingdom of God urgent. Large field of work.
en/en4949393816.12.1946Fate. Free will.
en/en4949393917.12.1946God reveals himself to everyone who wants to recognize him.
en/en4949394022.12.1946Power of divine word. Living water.
en/en4949394123.12.1946Who receives the least of my brothers, he receives me.
en/en4949394224.12.1946Task of the messengers of God before the end.
en/en4949394325.12.1946Godís will of creation. Spiritual and earthly creations.
en/en4949394426.12.1946State of divine order - Happiness. Love. Original state.
en/en4949394527.12.1946Right relationship with God. Power and supply of favour.
en/en4949394628.12.1946Opportunity to counter-expression at the announcing of the Gospel necessary
en/en4949394729.12.1946Union of different schools of thought in faith struggle.
en/en4949394830.+31.12.1946Will towards good - Power supply through divine redeemer.
en/en494939491.1.1947Indication to natural disaster. Urgent admonition to preparation.
en/en494939502.1.1947Cause and Forces of the Dissolving of the Earth (Atomic Energy).
en/en494939513.1.1947Spiritual Low Ė Ignorance of the Laws of Nature and their Effect.
en/en494939524.1.1947State of darkness of the souls in the hereafter and help through light beings.
en/en494939537.1.1947Light bearers on earth organs of spiritual light beings. Their activity.
en/en494939549.1.1947Godís word most personal expression of himself. No death - Eternal life.
en/en4949395510.+11.1.1947Instruction through God himself. Sounding word. Disciples of Jesus.
en/en4949395612.-14.1.1947Matter ineffectual power. Redemption through increased effective power. Hands of men.
en/en4949395716.+17.1.1947Visible creation kingdom of the opponent of God but who has no power over this.
en/en4949395819.+20.1.1947Raging of Satan in the time of the end. Falling off from faith.
en/en4949395921.1.1947Love towards God. Delicious counter-gift Ė his word.
en/en4949396024.1.1947Redeeming activity greatest work of brotherly love.
en/en4949396124.1.1947Impartation of spiritual knowledge corresponding to his worthiness.
en/en4949396225.1.1947Spiritual death Ė agony and darkness. Help and mercy of God.
en/en4949396326.1.1947Direction of the thinking and wanting of the soul. Spirit and body.
en/en4949396429.1.1947Prediction for the speedy end. Weak faith in it.
en/en4949396531.1.1947Erroneous faith teachings Ė Truth out of God.
en/en494939661.2.1947Complete dissolving. Love work of God for the fallen.
en/en494939672.2.1947Faith struggle last phase.
en/en494939683.-5.2.1947Contemplation inwards. Removing from the world and matter. Success Truth.
en/en494939696.2.1947Lot in eternity according to the will. Matter false love.
en/en494939707.2.1947Development of Beingness. Beginning and Ending.
en/en494939718.2.1947Heart Ė Godís temple.
en/en4949397210.2.1947Struggle of Light with Darkness.
en/en4949397311.2.1947Representatives of genuine Christianity in the end-time.
en/en4949397412.2.1947Prayer for poor souls.
en/en4949397513.2.1947Changed Situation in Life. Worldly Men.
en/en4949397614.2.1947Spiritual seeing. Activity of the spiritual in matter.
en/en4949397715.2.1947Love work. Strong faith. Physical upkeep.
en/en4949397816.2.1947State of perfection - Light and power fullness.
en/en4949397918.2.1947Reason for Suffering and Misery in the Latter Days.
en/en4949398019.2.1947Presenting the divine word of greatest importance.
en/en4949398120.2.1947Light beings look spiritually after men.
en/en4949398221.2.1947Cause of different schools of thought. Doubt. Truth.
en/en4949398322.2.1947Presence of God during spiritual conversations.
en/en4949398423.2.1947Fighting error. Darkness. Truth.
en/en4949398524.+25.2.1947Value and effect of the divine word.
en/en4949398627.2.1947Increased knowledge obligates. Explanation for kind of knowledge.
en/en4949398728.2.1947God as instructor. He lets himself be found.
en/en494939881.3.1947Godís word greatest gift of favour.
en/en494939892.3.1947Strong faith and trust in Godís help.
en/en494939904.3.1947Emergence of the New Earth in a Moment.
en/en494939915.3.1947Fulfilment of divine will - Fulfilment of love-commandment.
en/en494939925.3.1947Living connection. Right prayer.
en/en494939937.3.1947Reshaping matter. Activity - Blessing. Redemption.
en/en494939949.3.1947Light from above. Complete darkness.
en/en4949399610.3.1947Besieging of the bearers of truth by the opponents of God. Godís help.
en/en4949399711.3.1947Defection from God and way of return. Light - darkness.
en/en4949399813.3.1947Admonition for the spreading of the announcements. Near end.
en/en4949399915.3.1947Word of God - Flesh and blood.
en/en4949400016.3.1947Content of Bible is love teaching. Explanation of Jesus. Records.
en/en4949400117.3.1947Prediction, Tomahawk, Last Phase.
en/en4949400219.3.1947Admonition to spiritual work.
en/en4949400319.3.1947Error and truth. Way of life. Power of cognition. Influencing.
en/en4949400420.+21.3.1947Eternal cycle. Permanent unification. Power.
en/en4949400521.3.1947Godís adoption. Exceeding great suffering. Blissful dying.
en/en4949400622.+23.3.1947Limits of knowledge. Stepping over them.
en/en4949400724.-26.3.1947Extraordinary supply of favour depending on free will.
en/en4949400826.3.1947Godís adoption. Jesus Christís becoming one with God.
en/en4949400927.3.1947God lenient but just judge. Expiating on earth.
en/en4949401028.3.1947Godís word substitute for earthly loss.
en/en4949401131.3.1947Human determining of time of end. Disciples of Jesus also ignorant. Shortening of the days.
en/en4949401231.3.1947Confessing Christ. Living Christian faith.
en/en494940131.4.1947Will of entity in mandatory state.
en/en494940142.+3.4.1947Omen of complete dissolving. Will of men.
en/en494940154.4.1947Divine revelation greatest source of favour
en/en49494016Good Friday 4.4.1947I knock and you do not receive me.
en/en494940176.4.1947What is faith?
en/en494940186.4.1947Right thinking of servants of God. Bringing together for the purpose of instruction.
en/en494940197.4.1947Opposing the adversary of God with of a strong will.
en/en494940209.4.1947Doubting Godís Revelation. Elements of Nature.
en/en4949402110.4.1947Undoubted faith of the servants of God. Protective wall - truth.
en/en4949402213.4.1947Intellectual emotions - trials. Godís love.
en/en4949402315.4.1947Favour. Godís word greatest favour.
en/en4949402416.4.1947Powerful natural event Ė Godís language.
en/en4949402517.+18.4.1947Favour. Will. Measure of favour.
en/en4949402619.+20.4.1947Beings of the heavenly bodies of light. Angel spirits. Godís adoption.
en/en4949402721.4.1947Sure sign of end small troop of fighters for God.
en/en4949402822.4.1947Church of Christ. Peter, the rock. Worldly organizations.
en/en4949402923.+24.4.1947Antichrist Ė bringer of salvation? Measures against everything spiritual.
en/en4949403026.4.1947Surprisingly quick coming of world judgment.
en/en4949403127.4.1947Unification of the soul and the body with the spirit.
en/en4949403228.+29.4.1947All matter spiritually enlivened.
en/en4949403330.4.1947Hour of death. Explanation for suffering.
en/en494940342.5.1947Announcements through seers and prophets.
en/en494940353.5.1947Mission of the servants of God.
en/en494940364.-5.5.1947Spiritual turning point.
en/en494940377.-9.5.1947Camouflage of Satan. Personality of light.
en/en4949403810.-13.5.1947Bread of heaven. Spiritual sun. Voice of the good shepherd.
en/en4949403913.+14.5.1947Weakness of men. Sinn. Love.
en/en4949404015.5.1947Redemption epoch with Jesus Christ.
en/en4949404116.5.1947Renewal of the World.
en/en4949404217.5.1947A loving man does not get lost.
en/en4949404318.5.1947Self-sacrifice to God.
en/en4949404419.5.1947Thorny way. Favour of God.
en/en4949404520.5.1947Faith. Strong wrestling.
en/en4949404621.5.1947Will guarantees power.
en/en4949404722.+23.5.1947Fulfilment of love command demanded by all.
en/en49494048Pentecost Saturday 24.5.1947Forerunner of the Lord.
en/en4949404925.+26.5.1947Pouring out of the spirit. Disciples.
en/en4949405026.-28.5.1947Workers in the vineyard.
en/en4949405129.5.1947Cross bearer Jesus. "Come all to me."
en/en4949405230.5.1947Love. Sin.


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