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List of messages by Bertha Dudde


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B.D. NR.
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en/en055-918216.11.1937Admonition to persevere. Spiritual knowledge.
en/en055-918316.11.1937Struggles bodily and spiritually. Blindet.
en/en055-918517.11.1937Old Testament.
en/en055-918618.11.1937Pure truth. Signs. Miracles.
en/en055-918718.11.1937Holy halls. Blessing of the work for spirit beings.
en/en055-918919.11.1937Protection from error. Admonition to prayer.
en/en055-919020.11.1937Effect upon ignorant spirit beings.
en/en055-919120.11.1937Scientists. Poor and Rich. Pound.
en/en055-919221.11.1937(Continuation to No. 191) Advice.
en/en055-919321.11.1937Enemies of mankind. Struggle. The victory is yours.
en/en055-919422.11.1937Teachings under compulsion.
en/en055-919522.11.1937Love of the Saviour. Seeing with spiritual eyes.
en/en055-919623.11.1937With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
en/en055-919723.11.1937Globe. Thundering voice.
en/en055-919824.11.1937Fight of light with darkness.
en/en055-919924.11.1937(Continuation to No. 198) Fight of light with darkness.
en/en055-920025.11.1937(Continuation to No. 198 and 199) Fight of light with darkness.
en/en055-920829.11.1937Awakening out of night. Example. Reference to activity.
en/en055-92144.12.1937Subordinate to the will of the Highest.
en/en055-925410.1.1938Celestial bodies. Laws of nature. Research in vain.
en/en055-925814.1.1938Stars. Place of residence of souls. Sun light.
en/en055-933215.3.1938God's blessings - earthly and spiritually.
en/en055-935631.3.1938Exhortation to Work. Will of God. 7 Years Suffering. Father Words.
en/en055-93602.4.1938Organized care. Lack of neighbourly love.
en/en055-938926.4.1938My guide and protector. Control spirit. Pupil - teacher.
en/en055-93963.5.1938Feeling for beauty of nature and purpose of this for men.
en/en055-943225.5.1938Recognition in the hereafter. Disguising of light beings. Self-accusation.
en/en1010-134569.6.1938Purification of the teaching of Christ.
en/en1010-1348325.6.1938Tests. Strength of resistance. Living or dying for the Lord.
en/en1010-1348728.6.1938Appearance of the Lord pictorial.
en/en1010-1359525.9.1938God's word. Spiritual power. Intellect. Inventions.
en/en1010-1361210.10.1938Fight against Christianity. Submitting the question to God himself. Responsibility for the soul.
en/en1010-1362919.10.1938Capture of the servants of God. Earthly power.
en/en1010-1363623.10.1938Path through life. Changed outer form.
en/en1414-1663724.10.1938Pleasures of the world. Receiving vessel of divine spirit.
en/en1414-1663824.10.1938Spiritual state. Thoughts about God for self-improvement.
en/en1414-1664127.10.1938Prediction. Destruction of God�s word and writings. Prayer.
en/en1414-1664529.+30.10.1938Earthly and Spiritual Activity. Faith. Love.
en/en1414-1666110.11.1938Work of powers of nature in God�s will. Disaster.
en/en1414-1666714.11.1938Night of terror.
en/en1414-1666814.11.1938Judgement of God
en/en1414-1666915.11.1938Intercession for poor souls
en/en1414-1667822.11.1938Judgement is blessing for weak in faith. Unusual phenomena. Strong faith is protection. Secure building. Hand of judge.
en/en1414-1668526.11.1938Wolf in sheep's closing. Forerunner of the Lord before return.
en/en1414-1672629.12.1938Fate not obstacle of recognition. Free will.
en/en1414-1675424.1.19393 Years faith test. Christendom. Lip prayer.
en/en1414-1678624.2.1939The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.
en/en1414-1678725.2.1939(Continuation of No. 786) The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.
en/en1414-1678825.2.1939(Continuation of No. 786 und 787) The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.
en/en1717-188019.3.1939Spiritual chaos. World fire. Messiah. Forerunner of the Lord.
en/en1717-1880712.3.1939Remote effect of thoughts.
en/en1717-1881417.3.1939Mental influencing of the spiritual in matter.
en/en1717-1881518.3.1939Explanation to Book 17 No. 0814. Effects of the struggle for the soul.
en/en1717-1881619.3.1939Change of outer form. Change of the spiritual.
en/en1717-1881719.3.1939Active will. Freedom of will.
en/en1717-1881920.3.1939Perfection of the spiritual. State of maturity. Protection.
en/en1717-1882021.3.1939Danger of becoming lukewarm. Regression. Extreme wrestling of the soul.
en/en1717-1885812.4.1939Audible inner voice.
en/en1717-1886314.4.1939Spiritual influencing. Direct connection. Thought-transference.
en/en1717-1886415.4.1939Work of creation. Solid matter. Atmosphere. Plants.
en/en1717-1887621.4.1939Efficiency of the soul. Renunciation. Stage before. Spheres of light.
en/en1717-1887721.4.1939Adoption as child of God. Final goal of life. State of light.
en/en1717-1891012.5.1939Spiritual seeing
en/en1717-1891213.5.1939Control of creation. Strong will.
en/en1717-1891414.5.1939Fetters of the soul. State of suffering. Saul - Paul.
en/en1717-1891615.5.1939Announcement of a being from the hereafter.
en/en1717-1891716.5.1939Spiritual exchange. Explanation of the friends on the other side.
en/en1717-1892118.5.1939Rendering of prophetic word. Assignment. Audible voice.
en/en1717-1892521.5.1939State of weakness of spirit. Diminishing of the ability to receive.
en/en1717-1892622.5.1939Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings. Enlightenment through high-ranking beings.
en/en1717-1892825.5.1939Religious war. Method. Critic. God's protection.
en/en1717-1893026.5.1939Mystery of Trinity. God-father. God son.
en/en1717-1896213.6.1939Mental activity. Heart. Brain.
en/en1717-1898125.6.1939Announcement of a friend in the hereafter
en/en1919-20100614.7.1939The soul chooses its stay itself.
en/en1919-20102425.7.1939Wunder der Glaubensstärke und Kraft des Gebetes.
en/en1919-20105513.8.1939Prediction of a great event
en/en1919-20105815.+16.8.1939Nature of matter.
en/en1919-20107226.8.1939Question - Answer. Mental activity spiritual work.
en/en1919-2010868.9.1939Mission of the work. Numerical prediction. Transmission of incomprehensible importance.
en/en1919-20110823.9.1939Effect of the spiritual current on the beings around us.
en/en1919-20111827.9.1939The divine word.
en/en1919-20111927.9.1939Diversity of creations.
en/en1919-20112028.9.1939Research work. Celestial bodies. Venus.
en/en1919-2011242.10.1939Prayer. Power of the spirit.
en/en1919-2011264.10.1939Prediction. Natural event. Devastating sickness.
en/en1919-20114017.+18.10.1939Nearness of the divine Lord. Coming in the clouds of heaven.
en/en1919-20114119.10.1939Way to truth. Spiritual influence. Thought - emanation.
en/en1919-20115330.10.1939Natural phenomena. Temperature. Star. Prediction.
en/en2323-24138010.4.1940Unbearable misery.
en/en2323-24138212.4.1940The will of man is judged, not the act. Soul work.
en/en2323-24139628.4.1940Insight into the kingdom of the hereafter. Spiritual seeing and reporting.
en/en2323-24139828.4.1940Catastrophe. Prediction.
en/en2323-2414052.5.1940Receiving of the divine word unusual favour.
en/en2323-2414073.5.1940Work of destruction through the hand of man.
en/en2323-24141210.5.1940World affairs are cause as well as means for the repair of the spiritual misery.
en/en2323-24141814.5.1940Divine intervention. Prediction.
en/en2323-24148823.6.1940Power out of God
en/en2323-24149326.+27.6.1940Divine intervention. Explosion.
en/en2323-2415086.7.1940Crisis. Violent premature ending. Natural disaster.
en/en2525153825.7.1940Course of the disaster
en/en2525154328.7.1940Emerging of thoughts. Ability to take in.
en/en252515598.8.1940The gate to eternity can already be walked through before death.
en/en2525156815.8.1940Coarse material. Form. Substance.
en/en252515953.9.1940Fulfilling the commandment of neighbourly love without love.
en/en252516049.9.1940Earthly worry. Lack of faith and trust.
en/en2525160812.9.1940Divine order. Chaos. Steering it to a blessing.
en/en2525160912.+13.9.1940Research with and without God�s help. Truth.
en/en2525161516.9.1940Process of imparting. Gift to write gift of favour.
en/en2727173511.12.1940Love. Wisdom. Power of insight.
en/en2727173915.12.1940Transfiguration of Jesus. I and my father are one.
en/en2727174117.12.1940Agonies of the soul in the hereafter. Desire for earthly goods.
en/en2727174217.12.1940My job. Refreshment of the needy.
en/en2727175730.12.1940Thoughts are spiritual power.
en/en2727179630.1.1941The living word must be requested.
en/en2727179730.1.1941Duty to spread divine revelation
en/en2727179831.1.1941Hour of death.
en/en272718003.2.1941The secret about the divine rule and working.
en/en272718014.2.1941Unbreakable ties from the hereafter to earth.
en/en272718036.2.1941Connections from Earth to the hereafter in the state of maturity.
en/en272718048.2.1941Measures of earthly power against the faith in Jesus Christ.
en/en272718058.2.1941Teaching of Christ. Fulfilling of Ten Commandments. Commandment of love.
en/en2727182120.2.1941Illuminating power of the sun.
en/en2727182220.2.1941Process of light radiation.
en/en2727182321.2.1941Eruptions. Difference of celestial bodies.
en/en2727182422.2.1941Unknown forces of nature origin of light.
en/en2727182523.2.1941State of compulsion. Light - influence on unredeemed.
en/en2727182624.2.1941Spiritual explanation of eruptions. Serving in light.
en/en2727182724.2.1941Coming in the clouds. Rapture?
en/en2727182824.2.1941Divine order. Sin.
en/en2727183126.2.1941Joining together with God.
en/en2727183226.2.1941The sounding word proof.
en/en282818362.3.1941Workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
en/en2828184613.3.1941Eternity idea. State of light. Unredeemed state.
en/en2828185521.3.1941Free will. Mandatory state. Giving away of it.
en/en2828185621.3.1941Spiritual kingdom. Forms of pictures according to maturity.
en/en2828186224.3.1941Father words. The believing prayer und intercession.
en/en2828186325.3.1941Do not consult the dead
en/en2828186425.3.1941Free decision
en/en282818712.4.1941Bad thoughts. Unkindness. Frame of mind.
en/en2828188713.4.1941Spiritual and earthly explanations of world disaster.
en/en2828191915.+16.5.1941Celestial bodies. Different luminary power. Their purpose.
en/en2828192016.5.1941Love and wisdom of God determining.
en/en2828192117.5.1941Thought. Parallel.
en/en2828192519.5.1941Allowance of wrongdoing. Deliver us from all evil.
en/en2828192720.5.1941State of light and darkness after demise.
en/en282819448.6.1941Faith and trust in God's help. End of sufferings.
en/en2828195617.6.1941Overcoming of matter in the hereafter
en/en3030205030.8.1941Right relationship and living connection. Formalities.
en/en303020921.+2.10.1941World events. Action and will. Effect.
en/en303021038.10.1941Love solvent.
en/en3030211112.+13.10.1941Origin of thought in the heart of man.
en/en3030211213.10.1941Fight against the spiritual. Intervention of God.
en/en3030212321.10.1941Powerless state in the hereafter.
en/en3030212423.10.1941Spiritual knowledge result of right walk before God.
en/en3030212524.10.1941The way to the eternal home with God. Prayer.
en/en3030212624.+25.10.1941Earthly light and spiritual light.
en/en31312142a6.11.1941Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.
en/en31312142b7.11.1941Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.
en/en313121437.11.1941Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.
en/en313121448.11.1941Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death.
en/en313121459.11.1941Fear of death. Moment of decease pain or happiness.
en/en3131214610.11.1941Fight against Christ. God's help. Doubt. Tools.
en/en3131216524.11.1941Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth.
en/en3131216929.11.1941Loosening of solid form through God's will.
en/en313121722.12.1941Intercession for men far from God.
en/en313121733.12.1941Intervention of God necessary for the more mature and undeveloped spiritual.
en/en313121744.12.1941Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter.
en/en313121755.12.1941Eruptions are acts of liberation for the spiritual in solid form.
en/en313122057.1.1942Answers of question through knowing beings on the other side.
en/en313122068.1.1942Growing and passing away.
en/en3131221114.1.1942World judgement. Rapture.
en/en3131221215.1.1942Spiritual decline.
en/en3131221316.1.1942Father words. Fearless Fighters.
en/en3131221619.1.1942Earthly surroundings, abilities and knowledge inconsequential for the maturing of the soul.
en/en3131221720.1.1942Necessity of suffering.
en/en313122295.2.1942Intellectual opinion to faith teachings.
en/en3131223413.2.1942Struggle for existence. Struggle in the pre-stages. Struggle as man.
en/en3131223514.2.1942The word of God is blessed with his power.
en/en3131224223.2.1942Last Judgement.
en/en3131224324.2.1942Last Judgement. End of epoch of redemption.
en/en3131226115.3.1942Renewed course through creation. Solid form.
en/en3131226215.3.1942Spiritual ties.
en/en3131226316.3.1942Faith difficulties and God's help.
en/en3131227020.3.1942Ruling power according to the people.
en/en3131227121.3.1942Rejecting the word of God is turning towards the opponent of God.
en/en3131227222.3.1942Refuting opposing opinions. Teaching activity on earth.
en/en3131227323.3.1942Different schools of thought. Truth depends on degree of love.
en/en3131227424.3.1942Fight for Jesus Christ. Army of God's fighters.
en/en323222949.4.1942Announcement of Last Judgement. Paradisiac State.
en/en3232229610.4.1942Divine intervention. Destruction of possessions.
en/en3232230113.4.1942Fight for spiritual sovereignty.
en/en3232230214.4.1942Heart and intellectual thinking. Truth.
en/en3232230416.4.1942World-view with Jesus Christ.
en/en3232230922.4.1942God's protection. Right thinking. Truth or fallacy.
en/en3232231022.4.1942Weakness of will - Shortcoming. Responsibility. Word.
en/en3232231123.4.1942God's word. Deed of God's mercy.
en/en3232233010.5.1942Life-circumstances correspond to the degree of maturity of the soul. Knowledge of the being about that.
en/en3232234019.5.1942Divine justice. Intervention. Disaster.
en/en3232234120.5.1942Suffering and hardship afterwards. Power of faith.
en/en3232234221.5.1942Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. Expiation sacrifice.
en/en3232234323.5.1942Activity of light beings. Imparting of knowledge.
en/en3232234927.5.1942Thought-transference. Work of light beings.
en/en3232235028.5.1942Wrong thinking. Work of the opposite pole of God.
en/en3232235230.5.1942The power of evil does not refer to creations.
en/en3232235331.5.1942False Christs. Signs and miracles.
en/en3232235431.5.1942Right successors of Christ. Life of love.
en/en323223551.6.1942God feeds what is his in times of trouble. Favours.
en/en323223585.6.1942Divine word. Source. Love. Knowledge. Light.
en/en323223597.6.1942Responsibility. Mental transmission of the word of God.
en/en323223607.6.1942Born again of the spirit.
en/en323223616.6.1942Bringing to an end the struggle between nations.
en/en323223628.6.1942Bread of heaven food of the soul. Seek ye first the kingdom of God.
en/en323223639.6.1942Thought apparatus. Flow of good or bad power.
en/en3232236713.6.1942Power of faith in time to come.
en/en3232237419.6.1942Spiritual exchange of thoughts is beneficial.
en/en3232237621.6.1942God's love sends suffering, but also help.
en/en3232238124.6.1942Requests of poor souls for prayer.
en/en32322388b29.6.1942Coming event. Intervention of God. Time of trouble.
en/en323223965.7.1942Diffferent results. Born again of the spirit. Appointed by God.
en/en323224018.7.1942Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.
en/en323224029.7.1942Consciously requesting favour through prayer. Not wanting to believe.
en/en3232240310.7.1942Divine spirit work. Fight against lie and error.
en/en32322408a13.7.1942Strong or weakened will for receiving. Love towards God.
en/en32322408b14.7.1942Strong or weakened will for receiving. Love towards God.
en/en3333242225.7.1942Redeeming activity depends on God-equal will.
en/en333324407.8.1942Idea for time and space as free or unfree being.
en/en333324418.8.1942From God stipulated way of life. Free will. Act and effect.
en/en3333245928.8.1942Short guiding principle for life.
en/en3333247415.9.1942Lie. Truth. Fighting of error.
en/en33332479b20.9.1942Spiritual instructions. Purest truth.
en/en333324944.10.1942Matter and spirit.
en/en333324954.10.1942Matter and spirit. Visible and invisible creations.
en/en3333251316.10.1942Men of prehistory. Responsibility.
en/en3333255215.11.1942Activity of the beings in the hereafter. Transference of knowledge.
en/en333325755.12.1942Time and space law in eternity.
en/en3434/35/36273311.5.1943Conformity to law. Order wanted by God. Perfection.
en/en3434/35/36273412.5.1943Visible appearing of the Lord. Where two or three are gathered in my name.
en/en3434/35/36273613.5.1943Thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth.
en/en3434/35/36274216.5.1943Religious organizations. Transitoriness.
en/en3434/35/36274417.5.1943Un-researched forces of nature. Elementary effect of them.
en/en3434/35/36274518.5.1943God's help. Favour. Benefit from free will.
en/en3434/35/36274619.5.1943God's adoption. Their activity in the hereafter.
en/en3434/35/36275425.+26.5.1943Remodelling of Earth. New Earth. Time law.
en/en3434/35/36275527.5.1943New redemption epoch. Paradisiacal state. Renewed fight.
en/en3434/35/36275628.5.1943The spirit's power.
en/en3434/35/36275728.5.1943Will of God and allowance of God.
en/en3434/35/36277515.6.1943Incarnation. Instinctiveness. Pre-stages.
en/en3737278120.6.1943God as master teacher. Power of cognition.
en/en3737278422.6.1943Lack of spiritual knowledge
en/en373728672.9.1943Intercession and favourable hearing.
en/en373728683.9.1943Power of intercession.
en/en373728737.9.1943Teaching of re-embodiment is wrong. Law.
en/en373728748.9.1943Delusion. Spiritual working group.
en/en373728759.9.1943Phase of development is unique in one redemption period. Embodiment of light beings. Mission - adoption as children of God.
en/en3737288113.9.1943Embodiment of light beings. Mission.
en/en373729159.10.1943Destruction of solid form. Start of development course.
en/en4141-42313325.+26.5.1944Earthly or spiritual expression of power.
en/en4141-4231421.6.1944Law giver. Divine order.
en/en4141-4231516.+7.6.1944Intervention of God
en/en4141-42316924.6.1944Premature decease last favour.
en/en4141-42319520.-22.7.1944Light spheres. Different light intensity. God's adoption.
en/en4141-4232091.+2.8.1944Signs of the last days. Fight against spirituality. Chaos.
en/en4141-4232103.8.1944War Between Light and Darkness. Last Decision.
en/en4141-4232179.8.1944Blessing of Divine Gift, the Word of God.
en/en4141-42321912.8.1944Increased Divine Work during the End of Days.
en/en4141-42322012.-14.8.1944Refutation of the re-embodiment teaching. Justice.
en/en4141-42322115.8.1944Acknowledging Christ. Weak Will. Demon.
en/en4141-42323225.8.1944Fulfilment of the Predictions.
en/en4141-42323427.8.1944Power source. Work of creation bearer of power.
en/en4141-42323527.8.1944Unification of the soul with the spirit.
en/en4141-42323729.8.1944Divine revelations. False doctrine an obstacle.
en/en4141-42323931.8.1944And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
en/en4141-4232433.9.1944Blessing of prayer. Power out of God.
en/en4141-4232499.9.1944Freedom of will. (Predestination teaching)
en/en4141-42325010.9.1944Freedom of will. (Predestination teaching)
en/en4141-42325111.9.1944Chaos. War Against Faith.
en/en4141-42325211.+13.9.1944Recognizing Jesus Christ. Binding of Satan.
en/en4141-42325515.9.1944New Course of Development. Banishment of the Spiritual.
en/en4141-42325615.9.1944Poor souls. Remorse. Loving help.
en/en4141-42326422.9.1944New Miracles of Creation of the New Earth. Brittle Matter.
en/en4343327630.9.+1.10.1944Time of Grace. Speaker - Forerunner of the Lord.
en/en4343328911.10.1944Measures of the World Against Spiritual Striving.
en/en4343329112.+13.10.1944God's Voice. The Work of Satan. The Fight About Faith.
en/en4343330524.10.1944Prayer of the resurrected. Fulfilment.
en/en4343330625.+26.10.1944Despite evil will men are God�s helpmates.
en/en4343330726.10.1944Extent of Sin Prevents Entrance in the Hereafter. Banishment.
en/en4343330827.10.1944Inner pushing God's direction. Subordinating the will.
en/en434333141.+2.11.1944Spiritual Hunger. Short Time of Freedom of Faith.
en/en434333163.11.1944Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom.
en/en434333184.+5.11.1944Powerful Voice of God. End of the Struggle.
en/en434333217.+8.11.1944Last Judgement. Sin Punishment and Act of Mercy.
en/en4343332410.11.1944Spheres of light. Reunion. Blessedness.
en/en4343333014.11.1944World Renewal. Not One Stone will be Left Upon Another.
en/en4343333317.11.1944Spiritualizing the substances of the body.
en/en4343333921.11.1944Spiritual power. Bread of heaven. Hunger.
en/en4343334022.11.1944Shortening of the End-Time.
en/en4343334324.11.1944Shared love work in the times of the end.
en/en4343334424.11.1944Fullness of divine favour in the times of the end.
en/en4343334827.11.1944Natural Phenomenon. Good and Evil Human Victims.
en/en4343335230.11.+1.12.1944God's adoption. Excess of suffering on earth..
en/en444433586.12.1944Fortschritt - Stillstand - Rückgang in der geistigen Welt.
en/en444433597.12.1944Free Will. Knowledge of Good and Evil. New Earth.
en/en4444337017.12.1944Life power. Lack of strength. Power supply.
en/en4444337117.12.1944Ending of the fight. Spatial separation.
en/en4444337420.12.1944The spiritual in solid matter and in the living being.
en/en4444338631.12.1944The originally created spiritual and its fall.
en/en444433892.1.1945Measures against work of love.
en/en444433903.1.1945Spiritual knowledge carries the obligation to pass it on.
en/en4444340414.1.1945False prophets. End-time.
en/en4444340615.+16.1.1945Fight between light and darkness.
en/en4444341927.1.1945Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower.
en/en4444342028.1.1945Setback. God stops.
en/en4444342129.1.1945Intervention of God. Plan from eternity.
en/en4444342230.1.1945Suffering - means of favour.
en/en4444342331.1.1945Progress of misery. Places of peace.
en/en444434285.2.1945Right faith.
en/en444434338.2.1945Terrible events. Promise. Help.
en/en4444343410.+11.2.1945Divine power of creation and will to form.
en/en4444343816.2.1945God's brazen voice. Phase of the end.
en/en4444343917.2.1945Paradise of the New Earth. Struggle of Light and Darkness.
en/en4444344219.2.1945Light beings. Direct call to God.
en/en4444344320.-22.2.1945Personification of God.
en/en454534542.3.1945Intercession for poor souls.
en/en454534676.+7.4.1945Contact with the spiritual world.
en/en454534699.+10.4.1945Men in the Last Days. Favours.
en/en4545347910.5.1945End of the World.
en/en4545348624.+25.5.1945The End of the Earth.
en/en45453492a5.7.1945Fight between light and darkness.
en/en45453492b18.7.1945Fight between light and darkness.
en/en4545349319.+20.7.1945Change. God's Intervention.
en/en4545349522.+23.7.1945Spiritual and material creations.
en/en4545349624.7.1945Signs of the End-time.
en/en4545349826.7.1945Spiritual guides.
en/en4545349927.7.1945Gathering spiritual treasures. Sham goods.
en/en4545350028.7.1945Desiring the divine word.
en/en4545350129.7.1945Overcoming the world.
en/en45453504a1.8.1945Development of earth before men.
en/en45453504b2.8.1945Earth test. New earth and its coming into being.
en/en454535053.+4.8.1945Influence of immature souls who died early.
en/en454535065.8.1945Fatherly love. God's guidance.
en/en454535077.8.1945Inner contemplation. Prayer granting.
en/en4545351010.8.1945Spiritual food. Seek ye first the kingdom.
en/en4545351112.8.1945God's will or allowance. Trial period.
en/en4545351213.8.1945God reveals himself through creation.
en/en4545351314.8.1945Last phase before the end.
en/en4545351617.8.1945Faith struggle last phase of end-times.
en/en4545351718.+19.8.1945God's work in man. Power.
en/en4545351820.8.1945Gaining of wisdom. Searching and brooding.
en/en4545351921.+22.8.1945End of the World. Day of Judgement.
en/en4545352022.8.1945Powerlessness of the Strong Against Natural Disaster.
en/en4545352930.8.1945Form Faith. Convinced Faith.
en/en454535352.9.1945Time of the End. Predictions.
en/en454535374.+5.9.1945I am who I am.
en/en454535385.+6.9.1945Dead matter. Activity. Life.
en/en454535408.9.1945Effectiveness of favour.
en/en454535429.9.1945Hardness of the fight against faith.
en/en454535439.9.1945Establishing the connection with the spiritual kingdom.
en/en4545354410.9.1945Examining the origin of spiritual knowledge.
en/en4545354511.9.1945Rejecting the Word. Natural Event. Remorse.
en/en4545354713.9.1945Explanation of the process of writing.
en/en4545354814.9.1945The mystery of divine revelations.
en/en4545354915.9.1945No annihilation - Reshaping only.
en/en4545355016.9.1945Responsibility for thought direction.
en/en4545355117.9.1945Last decision. Confessing before the world.
en/en4545355218.9.1945God's guidance and support.
en/en4545355319.+20.9.1945Last fight. Religious warfare.
en/en4545355421.9.1945World of being. World of appearance.
en/en4545355522.9.1945Only love redeems on earth and in the hereafter.
en/en4545355623.9.1945Faith in Jesus Christ. Fight.
en/en4545355724.9.1945Coming in the Clouds. Rapture.
en/en4545355825.9.1945Right prayer. Hearing.
en/en4545355926.9.1945Perfection. Divine order. Love.
en/en4545356027.9.1945Knowledge About the Time of the End.
en/en454535641.10.1945Weak will. Mortal danger. Natural events.
en/en454535718.10.1945My Voice will Sound from Above.
en/en4646358220.10.1945Intercession through fellow man
en/en4646358321.10.1945God Expresses Himself Obviously in the End-Times.
en/en4646358421.10.1945Without favour no work in love.
en/en4646358522.10.1945Last test of will.
en/en4646358624.+25.10.1945Without activity no ascent development.
en/en4646358726.+27.10.1945Not only hearer but doer of the word.
en/en464635955.11.1945Period of the Creation of the New Earth. Paradise.
en/en4646360620.11.1945Time of storm before last judgement. Paradise.
en/en4646360720.11.1945Right instruction of children. Will.
en/en4646362511.+12.12.1945Men Themselves Determine the End. Low.
en/en4646362715.12.1945Process of purification of souls in the hereafter.
en/en4646363018.+19.12.1945Cosmos. Changes. Disaster.
en/en464636441.1.1945Importance of the work of redemption. Past � present � future.
en/en464636452.1.1945Constant longing for God. Love - making happy.
en/en464636463.1.1945Earthly and spiritual creations.
en/en464636474.1.1945Two worlds. Divine law of love.
en/en464636485.1.1945Language of creation. Entity - power of creation.
en/en464636496.1.1945Love - wisdom. Self-love - error - darkness.
en/en464636507.1.1945Handing out of spiritual goods.
en/en4646366018.1.1945Power of faith. Help in every trouble.
en/en4646366119.1.1945Soul work.
en/en4646366523.1.1946King of All Kings.
en/en4646367230.+31.1.1946Antichrist. End.
en/en464636764.2.1946Preparation of a place in the heart. Communion. Behold, I stand at the door.
en/en4747-48369220.2.1946Earthly precautions are useless for catastrophe.
en/en4747-48370028.2.1946Thoughts are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom.
en/en4747-4837067.3.1946Origin of thoughts.
en/en4747-4837078.3.1946Coming in the Clouds. Last End.
en/en4747-4837089.3.1946Spiritual Change.
en/en4747-48372223.3.1946The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence.
en/en4747-48372424.3.1946Strength of will. Power and might.
en/en4747-48372727.3.1946Miracle work during end-times.
en/en4747-48372828.3.1946Who eats my flesh.
en/en4747-48372929.3.1946The church of Christ. Faith � Rock.
en/en4747-48373030.3.1946Gift to teach. Teaching office.
en/en4747-48373131.3.1946Teaching activity in the time of trouble - Time of the end.
en/en4747-4837321.4.1946Practice for the hearing of the voice of the spirit.
en/en4747-4837409.+10.4.1946This do in remembrance of me. Communion.
en/en4747-483747Easter Saturday 20.4.1946Importance of the work of redemption.
en/en4747-483748Easter 21.4.1946Continuation of work of redemption. Mission.
en/en4747-48375124.4.1946Depth of divine love.
en/en4747-48375225.4.1946Wrestling for faith not unsuccessful.
en/en4747-4837571.5.1946Living water. Spring of eternal life.
en/en4747-4837582.5.1946Busy activity of light beings before the transformation.
en/en4747-4837593.5.1946Love, wisdom, power of God recognizable in the word.
en/en4747-4837915.6.1946Rapture. Four winds. Gospel.
en/en4747-4837926.6.1946Will to faith. Right prayer. Love work.
en/en4747-4837937.6.1946Course of world events according to development.
en/en4747-4837948.6.1946Freedom of will. Breaching-off of development.
en/en4747-4837959.6.1946Let me take residence in the heart.
en/en4747-48380115.6.1946Direction of will determines the influence of spiritual powers.
en/en4747-48380216.6.1946Comforting admonition to faith.
en/en4747-48380317.6.1946Subordination of the will. Supernatural power.
en/en4747-48380418.6.1946Vigilance against the enemy of souls.
en/en4747-48380519.6.1946Spiritual low. End of a redemption period.
en/en4747-48380620.6.1946God himself comes to men in the word.
en/en4747-48380721.6.1946Deepest knowledge reachable through love.
en/en4747-48380822.6.1946Dwellings in the house of the father. Eternal home.
en/en4747-48380923.6.1946Spiritual guides. Earth way. Signpost.
en/en4747-48381024.6.1946Time of tribulation.
en/en4747-48381125.6.1946End of tribulation. Judgement. New earth.
en/en4747-48381226.6.1946Complete devotion to God. Tool.
en/en4747-48381327.6.1946Fate according to will.
en/en4747-48381428.6.1946Love and suffering means of purification.
en/en4747-48381529.6.1946Draw power out of my word.
en/en4747-48381630.6.1946He who remains in love, he remains in me.
en/en4747-4838175.7.1946God s intervention. Last phase before the end.
en/en4747-4838186.7.1946God's guidance. Future worries.
en/en4747-4838197.7.1946Fate. Submission to God's will.
en/en4747-4838208.7.1946Free will.
en/en4747-4838219.7.1946Urgent admonition for the breaking away from matter.
en/en4949en/enc49 - List of messages of Book 49
B.D. NR. 3901 - B.D. NR. 4052      11.10.1946-30.5.1947
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B.D. NR. 6189 - B.D. NR. 6284     14.2.1955-14.6.1955
en/en6868en/enc68 - List of messages of Book 68
B.D. NR. 6285 - B.D. NR. 6422     15.6.1955-11.12.1955
en/en6969642312.12.1955Happiness and thanks of the redeemed souls.
en/en6969642413.12.1955Surprising end. Clear signs.
en/en6969642514.12.1955Warning Against Ill-Considered Acting and Speaking.
en/en6969642615.12.1955Work of the spirit. Vineyard work.
en/en6969642716.12.1955Living faith in Jesus Christ.
en/en6969642817.12.1955Question to God and answer.
en/en6969642919.12.1955Rejecting of the word of God. Remorse.
en/en6969643020.12.1955The love work of the man Jesus.
en/en6969643121.12.1955Humility and arrogance. Suitable servants.
en/en6969643223.12.1955Redemption Period with Jesus Christ.
en/en6969643324.12.1955Birth of Jesus. Sacrificial death.
en/en6969643425.12.1955Light from above. God's word.
en/en6969643526.12.1955Love achieved the work of redemption.
en/en6969643627.12.1955Real understanding necessitates love work.
en/en6969643728.12.1955Trust in divine guidance.
en/en6969643829.12.1955Cause and purpose of the childbirth of Jesus.
en/en6969643930.12.1955Remember the end.
en/en6969644031.12.1955Love - divine principle.
en/en696964411.1.1956Supplying truth.
en/en696964422.1.1956Rejecting the direct word.
en/en696964434.1.1956Work of dark powers.
en/en696964445.1.1956Comforting words of the father.
en/en696964456.1.1956Symbol of the church of Christ.
en/en696964467.1.1956The power of the divine word.
en/en696964478.1.1956Hoarding matter. Prompting of the opponent.
en/en6969644810.1.1956Reception of truth necessitates breaking away from the hitherto existing.
en/en6969644911.1.1956Convinced acknowledging of Jesus Christ.
en/en6969645012.1.1956Change of will. Jesus Christ. Favour - light - power.
en/en6969645113.1.1956Use of the last favour in free will.
en/en6969645214.1.1956Last phase. Religious warfare.
en/en6969645315.+16.1.1956Different course of development of the fallen.
en/en6969645419.1.1956Guests of earth. Right administrator.
en/en6969645520.1.1956Influencing through spiritual powers. Taking possession.
en/en6969645621.1.1956The only way to cognition.
en/en6969645722.1.1956Trouble, which teaches to pray right.
en/en6969645823.1.1956Always let God be present to you.
en/en6969645924.1.1956Intercession for Lucifer.
en/en6969646025.1.1956Purification of soul particles. Bad spirits.
en/en6969646126.1.1956Kindling of the divine spark through love.
en/en6969646227.1.1956Effect of erroneous teachings in the hereafter.
en/en6969646329.1.1956Redemption out of darkness before the end.
en/en6969646431.1.1956Soul substances.
en/en696964651.2.1956Connections between star worlds and earth.
en/en696964662.2.1956Vineyard work in the last time.
en/en696964674.2.1956Truth lets the perfection of God be recognized.
en/en696964685.2.1956Dangers of mediums reception.
en/en696964696.2.19561. Corinthians 1: 19 - 21.
en/en696964707.2.1956Natural creation proof of God's love.
en/en696964719.2.1956Announcement of revolt and unrest.
en/en6969647210.2.1956Effect of the word in the hereafter.
en/en6969647311.2.1956Spiritual change imminent.
en/en6969647412.2.1956Truth is necessary for perfection.
en/en6969647513.+14.2.1956Light - truth. Darkness - error.
en/en6969647615.2.1956Spiritual decline through error and lie.
en/en6969647716.2.1956The way upwards not without Jesus Christ.
en/en6969647817.2.1956Appearances of the Virgin Mary. Signs and miracles. Work of Satan.
en/en6969647918.2.1956Before God thousand years are as one day.
en/en6969648019.2.1956Work of bad spirits. Demoniacal possession.
en/en6969648120.2.1956Recognizing and Acknowledging God. Denier of God.
en/en6969648222.+23.2.1956Concerns End Predictions.
en/en6969648324.2.1956Redemption work has an effect in the hereafter.
en/en6969648425.2.1956Union with God in free will.
en/en6969648526.2.1956Faith in the existence of Jesus.
en/en6969648627.2.1956Mark of truth: Jesus Christ. Love.
en/en6969648728.2.1956Reference to the end.
en/en6969648829.2.1956Intellectual knowledge. Study. Revelations.
en/en696964891.3.1956Unredeemed substances in man.
en/en696964902.+4.3.1956The moment of the new birth.
en/en696964914.3.1956The father's reliable protection.
en/en696964925.3.1956Repatriating of the dead to life.
en/en696964936.3.1956Masses never behind truth. Spreading - opponent.
en/en696964947.3.1956Office of the truth bearer. False legal ideas.
en/en696964958.3.1956The opponent seeks to stop the recognizing of the divinity.
en/en696964969.3.1956Invitation to the table of the Lord.
en/en6969649710.3.1956Plan of repatriation. Free will.
en/en6969649811.3.1956Life Spark - Love - Gift of Favour.
en/en6969649912.3.1956Love light: Cognition of truth.
en/en6969650013.3.1956God's protection for servants and co-workers.
en/en6969650114.3.1956Signs and Evidences to the End
en/en7070650519.3.1956God's Earnest Admonition to His Servants. World Affairs.
en/en707065383.5.1956Faith Struggle. Hostility. Antichrist.
en/en7070655424.+25.5.1956Jesus' Forerunner.
en/en7070655628.5.1956The World Offers Great Dangers.
en/en707065612.6.1956The Earth, a Paradise.
en/en717165908.7.1956World Affairs. Natural Disaster. Faith Struggle.
en/en7171661911.+12.8.1956World Affairs. Natural Disaster. Faith Struggle.
en/en7171662013.8.1956Sunlight. (Rotation increased).
en/en7272668913.+15.11.1956The Nearby End is to Again and Again be Mentioned.
en/en7272671717.+.18.12.1956Setting up words of communion.
en/en7272674625.1.1957Cosmic Proceedings.
en/en727267588.-10.2.1957Faith Struggle - Antichrist.
en/en7272675911.2.1957Reasons for Destructions. Earthly and Spiritual Change.
en/en7272676215.2.1957World Affairs. Chaos. Antichrist.
en/en7272678111.3.1957Increased Troubles in the Time of the End.
en/en7272678212.3.1957Genuine and False Prophets.
en/en7272678618.3.1957Disorder - Decay - Chaos - Destruction. Building Up.
en/en7373681020.4.1957Resurrection on the Third Day.
en/en7373683216.+17.5.1957Help From Above in Last Faith Struggle.
en/en7373683824.5.1957State After Death.
en/en7474687520.+21.7.1957Which powers trigger off natural disasters?
en/en7474687825.7.1957Judgement Means Newly Directing - Sorting Out.
en/en7474688230.7.1957End Prophecies. You Belong to the Ones Who Are Mine.
en/en7474692319.9.1957Free will. Blow of fate.
en/en747469343.10.1957The Fight of Lucifer Against God.
en/en7474695424.+25.10.1957Lucifer and His Falling Away from God.
en/en7474697016.11.1957Calm Before the Storm. Pretence of Peace.
en/en7474697117.+18.11.1957Aim of the Adversary: Destruction.
en/en7474697929.11.1957Last Separation. Coming of the Lord.
en/en7575700427.12.1957Earnest Pointer to the End and the Transitoriness of the Earthly.
en/en7575701613.1.1958God's Power and His Love.
en/en7575702323.1.1958Explanation of the Deeper Knowledge. Faith Struggle.
en/en757570521.3.1958Earnest Reference to God's Intervention and Aftermath.
en/en757570532.3.1958Announcement of the Coming Great Trouble.
en/en7575706210.3.1958Announcement of the Forerunner of Jesus Christ.
en/en7575706311.3.1958Protection in Faith Struggle Through Light Beings and Souls of the Other Side.
en/en7575706513.3.1958Redemption of the Bound in the Surroundings.
en/en7676714515.6.1958Also the Smallest Event has its Roots in the Love and Wisdom of God.
en/en7676715122.6.1958Natural Disaster Before the End.
en/en767671594.7.1958Earthly Plans. God's Plan of Salvation.
en/en7676716615.7.1958God's control of all his vineyard workers.
en/en7777728719.2.1959Vineyard work after the Event. Preparation for it.
en/en7777729528.2.1959Forerunner of Jesus Christ.
en/en777772972.3.1959Transformation of Earth.
en/en7777732231.3.1959Descent to hell.
en/en7878733917.4.1959Dialogue. Forerunner.
en/en78787372a25.5.1959Experiments. Works of Destruction.
en/en78787372b26.5.1959Experiments. Work of Destruction.
en/en787874033.9.1959Last Judgement.
en/en787874055.9.1959Announcement of a Star.
en/en787874213.10.1959Revelation 16:18. Star.
en/en787874235.10.1959God Alone is Lord of Creation. Star.
en/en787874259.10.1959About the Last Judgement and the New Earth.
en/en7878742713.10.1959Spiritual Feeding at the Table of the Lord.
en/en7878744029.10.1959Protection of Angels in Faith Struggle.
en/en797974749.12.1959Time and Space Concept
en/en7979747613.12.1959Living Faith.
en/en7979747916.12.1959The Coming of the Lord.
en/en7979748220.12.1959Love and Justice of God.
en/en7979752011.2.1960New Earth. Romans 8.
en/en7979752315.+16.2.1960Supply of Power.
en/en7979752417.2.1960Fate of Life Conducive to Maturation.
en/en797975384.3.1960Short or Long Lifespan.
en/en8080754915.3.1960Disbelief in the End.
en/en8080758221.4.1960The Paradise of the New Earth.
en/en8080758423.4.1960Earnest Testing of Spiritual Goods with God's Support.
en/en8080758524.4.1960Right Representatives of God on Earth.
en/en8080760421.+22.5.1960Forerunner. Knowledge About Pre-Embodiment.
en/en8080761130.5.1960Separation of Spirits. End of an Earth Epoch.
en/en8080762922.6.1960Earnest Desire for Truth Guarantees Truth.
en/en808076665.8.1960Setting up words.
en/en8181767618.8.1960Separation of Spirits.
en/en8181767820.8.1960Admonition to Humility.
en/en818176936.9.1960Resurrection and Spiritualization of Jesus.
en/en8181770520.9.1960False Prophets.
en/en8181771328.9.1960Visible Presence of Jesus.
en/en8181771429.9.1960False Spirits. False Prophets.
en/en818177228.10.1960About the Forerunner.
en/en8181775929.11.1960Awakening of Divine Abilities is Possible.
en/en8282780624.1.1961Concerted Effort at the Time of the Faith Struggle.
en/en8282788128.4.1961Acknowledgement of God's Plan of Salvation.
en/en8282790126.5.1961The Father of the House Takes Over All Care.
en/en828279093.6.1961Significance of communion.
en/en8383792420.6.1961Time and space concept.
en/en8383792826.6.1961Explanation of Painful Strokes of Fate.
en/en8383792927.6.1961Ending of an Earth Period Lies Ahead.
en/en838379355.7.1961You Men are Going Towards the End.
en/en8383794418.7.1961Coming in the Clouds.
en/en838379541.8.1961God's Protection in the Faith Struggle.
en/en838379607.8.1961Kosmos. Lichtanstrahlung auf Gestirne.
en/en8383796613.8.1961Paradisiacal State on New Earth.
en/en838379822.9.1961Thoughts of an End are Full of Blessings.
en/en8484799316.9.1961Passing On of Prophecies.
en/en8484800023.9.1961Re-embodiment out of special justification.
en/en8484800225.9.1961God Speaks Through the Elements of Nature.
en/en8484800528.9.1961Legal order. Transferring back to earth.
en/en848480148.10.1961Renewed Pointer to the Natural Event.
en/en8484802727.10.1961Fulfilment of the Prophecy as Proof of Truth.
en/en848480335.11.1961Forthcoming Natural Phenomenon.
en/en858580543.12.1961Is the Bible completed.
en/en8585806621.12.19612. Peter 3:10.
en/en858580711.+2.1.1962The Last Hour of Earth.
en/en8585808117.1.1962Forerunner. Visible Appearing. Fulfilled Time.
en/en858580977.+8.2.1962God's love pursues men. Creation is proof of love.
en/en858580989.2.1962God reveals himself in times of spiritual need.
en/en8585809911.2.1962Right Vessels for the Light - for Truth.
en/en868681469.4.1962Adversary Under the Mask of an Angel of Light.
en/en8686816026.4.1962Direct and indirect address of God.
en/en8686818017.5.1962About the teaching of re-embodiment.
en/en878782312.8.1962Forerunner of Christ.
en/en8787825327.8.1962Opponent in the Garment of Light. Paradise of the New Earth.
en/en878782881.10.1962Permanent attacks of the adversary. Light bearers. Reincarnation.
en/en878782903.10.1962False Christs and prophets.
en/en878782914.10.1962Re-embodiment or possession?
en/en8787830117.10.1962Bringing together of the small herd.
en/en878783171.11.1962Fear and Misery. God's Intervention - Faith Struggle.
en/en888883259.+10.11.1962Right servants of God. Words of appointment. Work of the spirit.
en/en8888836529.12.1962Attacks of the Opponent in the Times of the End.
en/en888883691.1.1963Attacks of the Opponent in the Times of the End.
en/en8888839123.1.1963Again and again error is to be corrected.
en/en8888839224.1.1963Can the pure truth be passed on to earth?
en/en898984294.3.1963Harmonious Life on New Earth.
en/en898984338.3.1963Activities of the adversary under a mask.
en/en8989844016.3.1963Creation of New Earth in a Moment.
en/en8989844117.3.1963The Power of Loving Intercession for Unbelievers.
en/en8989844421.3.1963Attitude Towards the World Determines Spiritual Progress.
en/en8989844724.3.1963Special justification for transferring back to earth.
en/en898984562.4.1963Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?
en/en8989847118.4.1963Reaching the adoption as a child of God requires the leaving of the world.
en/en8989847320.4.1963Orders under compulsion are not the will of God.
en/en8989847926.4.1963Touchstone of divine revelations: Jesus� work of redemption
en/en898984863.5.1963The life of Jesus before his years of teaching.
en/en8989849513.5.1963Enlightenment about reincarnation. Jesus and redemption.
en/en9090852511.6.1963Vineyard work is not without effect.
en/en9090853318.6.1963God needs his servants.
en/en9090853520.6.1963Revelation of John.
en/en9090854228.6.1963Earthly flourishing. Speedy decline.
en/en909085473.7.1963God's special care for his servants.
en/en909085484.7.1963Leaving the opponent. Supply of truth.
en/en909085495.7.1963Gathering of strength before the chaos.
en/en9090856723.7.1963Flesh and blood. Spiritual food.
en/en909086042.9.1963Responsibility before worldly powers.
en/en909086086.9.1963Acquiring of virtues.
en/en9090862423.9.1963Destruction of earth is the result of experiments.
en/en9191862524.9.1963Urgency of vineyard work.
en/en9191862625.9.1963Men lack love and faith.
en/en919186354.10.1963Vineyard work according to God's will.
en/en919186365.10.1963Man has free will. Abuse.
en/en9191864313.10.1963Explanation about water baptism.
en/en9191864616.10.1963The Gospel of love has to be announced.
en/en9191864818.10.1963Answer to question about reincarnation.
en/en9191865829.10.1963There shall be light among men.
en/en9191865930.10.1963Conscious voluntary union with God is perfect happiness.
en/en9191868829.11.1963Erroneous interpretation of the words of Jesus.
en/en9191870217.12.1963Slow upward development of the beings in creation.
en/en9292873424.1.1964Appearance of Antichrist.
en/en929287433.2.1964Enlightenment about the coming of the Lord.
en/en9292878015.3.1964Changes in Cosmos
en/en9292878116.3.1964Changes in Cosmos
en/en929287962.4.1964Every man must act according to his knowledge.
en/en929287973.4.1964God only created beings in the same perfection.
en/en929287983.4.1964(Continuation to No. 8797) God only created beings in the same perfection.
en/en9393881316.6.1964Paying attention to the two commandments of God.
en/en9393883016.7.1964God wants his word understood differently.
en/en9393884422.8.1964Race questions. Reincarnation teaching.
en/en949489496.3.1965Confirmation of predictions.
en/en9494895414.3.1965Miracles of creation should make one think.
en/en9494895515.3.1965Only prayer protects against the effects of the opponent.
en/en949489594.+5.4.1965Intellectual strength is hindrance to right recognition
en/en9494896825.4.1965Explanation why the thinking of men is so different.
en/en9494897028.4.1965Light beings obtaining the sonship of God.
en/en9494898225.5.1965Extent of natural event before the end.
en/en9494898731.5.1965Difference of heavenly bodies.
en/en9494899311.6.1965Requesting God's blessing.
en/en9494900022.6.1965God knows about the will. Natural disaster. Protection of the servants.
en/en9494900124.6.1965Endless love accomplished the work of redemption.
en/en9494900225.6.1965Why again and again new revelations.
en/en9494900328.6.1965Spiritual knowledge must agree with word supplied from above.
en/en9494900429.6.1965(Continuation to No. 9003) Spiritual knowledge must agree with word supplied from above.
en/en9494900530.6.+1.7.1965What would be if Adam would not have failed?
en/en949490062.7.1965Why must we atone for Adam's sin?
en/en949490073.7.1965The forerunner of Jesus
en/en949490084.7.1965The end comes quite certainly.
en/en949490096.7.1965Man's true home.
en/en949490107.7.1965Recognizing and confessing of guilt.
en/en949490118.7.1965Resistance decreases the power of love illumination.
en/en9494901210.7.1965The miracle work of divine creation.
en/en9494901312.7.1965Which messages guarantee truth.
en/en9494901413.7.1965Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased.
en/en9494901616.7.1965Time estimation not possible for men.
en/en9494901717.7.1965With all intimacy pursue the redemption thought of Jesus.
en/en9494901818.7.1965Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness.
en/en9494901919.7.1965First Corinthians, 2-10.
en/en9494902020.7.1965What fate the world is heading for.
en/en9494902121.7.1965Divine promise to care for the earthly welfare of man.
en/en9494902222.7.1965Early men?
en/en9494902323.7.1965Early men?
en/en9494902424.+26.7.1965Promise of pure truth.
en/en949490251.8.1965World fire - natural disaster. Decision.
en/en949490263.+5.8.1965Complete dedication and total subjection of the will.
en/en949490276.+7.8.1965Disparagement of the divine word (time-wise).
en/en9494902810.8.1965Recall of vineyard workers. Further busy activity.
en/en9494902911.8.1965Only truth leads to the destination.
en/en9494903017.+23.8.1965Warning of change of the word of God.


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