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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 94

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Book 94 8949

Confirmation of predictions.

6. March 1965. B.D. NR. 8949.

Excerpt only:

For they are certain that the time of the end has come, and that is why they also think my intervention to be possible … particularly then when this is also confirmed in scripture that an earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced.


Book 94 8954

Miracles of creation should make one think.

14. March 1965. B.D. NR. 8954.

Again and again the miracles of creation are pointed out to you, and you are not to go past them blindly because everything around you proves me and my power, as you men are also incapable to let only the smallest plant come into being, the smallest living thing – quite apart from yourselves as the crown of creation. And you are moving in the midst of the whole creation as something quite independent and natural and do not ask what meaning creation might serve. And everything should remind you of a creator who is extremely wise and powerful and whose love determines him to create for you such surroundings, which you are to enjoy. You yourselves – as the greatest miracle work of my creation – you can think, and you only apply this privilege to create all that for yourselves what would be given to you freely in addition when you would think about the meaning of creation and yourselves and would now live according to this purpose. For so as I preserve the whole of creation, so do I also preserve your bodily life and all worry about it would be useless. But the thoughts of men go other ways – what is closest to them they disregard and also do not think about the creator and preserver of all things. But to each of such thought they would receive an answer out of the kingdom of light, and that certainly in such a way that they would see in me as their creator now also the motive, why and for what purpose I have put man on earth. And such an attitude would be right and would soon let man become mature that he would fulfil the meaning of life on earth. But how differently is it with the creatures which my will has put into this world? Carelessly they pass by what I have additionally given to them for enjoyment, and with no single thought they stay with me and ask themselves for the reason of their life on earth. But with increased eagerness they chase after the world with its goods, and all their wanting and thinking is for the bodily feeling of wellbeing. But exactly the earthly world is the kingdom of my opponent whom I certainly invalidated by letting creation come into being, therefore snatched his following from him, but had to leave his rule over you to him in the stage as man, where he now with all might seeks to have an effect on you again through his world, through hard matter, in which all of the immature spiritual is bound. And you exactly strive for this matter and in your desire go far back because it is eternities ago that you had overcome this matter and had ascended in your development. And that is why you are so endangered in your desire for earthly goods because as soon as it fills all your thinking you hardly will still look at the creations around you and also not ask yourselves for what purpose I let them come into being. And exactly this question could become a blessing for you because then you would recognize your creator as a God of love, wisdom and might towards whom you could turn and establish a close union with him. And your purpose of life on earth would be fulfilled because I certainly do not demand much of you, only the one thing I want that you are to recognize and learn to love me. And the work of creation around you can do this best of all, that you look at all these miracle works in thoughts of me and your love towards me increases and you want to get into contact with me to now no longer sever this union. So creation is a proof of my existence and of my love towards all what is created; you can recognize myself, and you will also know that only love let it come into being. And you will ask yourselves why therefore my love became effective. And the answer will always reach you when you earnestly desire it because light will come to all who demand light. Amen. B.D. NR. 8954.


Book 94 8955

Only prayer protects against the effects of the opponent.

15. March 1965. B.D. NR. 8955.

The more the end approaches the more violent is the work of my opponent, and you all will feel it because no day passes where you are not disturbed or feel his insidiousness differently. And nothing helps than that you pray – that you unite with him who is also a Lord over him, who has conquered him through his death on the cross. A close prayer gives you back the inner peace of which he wants to rob you. For if you turn towards me then his power is broken, and no matter how hard he tries to throw you into unrest. The fights with him will become more and more violent because he does not let up to harass you, and again and again I have to tell you that only prayer protects you from his effects. For then you prove that you seek me and want to be liberated from him, and then I can also apply my power against him; I can hinder him to continue his harassing because you then give me through your will yourselves the right over him. But in the times of the end his raging becomes more and more violent, and still he will not be successful with the ones who are mine, with those who desire me with all intimacy and call upon me for my protection. And whom would I like to protect rather than mine who always want to be united with me and who have offered their services to me? You are only to believe that I also have power over him, that you are not at his mercy and that you will have the strength to fend off every intervention of his. And you are to fetch this strength out of my word; you are to always become engrossed in this word, and light will be around you, but which he flees and you are freed from him. And let the world no longer catch you because then he finds shelter and tempts you with its goods. Then he also has a certain power over you, and you do not recognise it because he can deceive you. But I cannot then come to your rescue because you give yourselves into his hand and forget me, and then you will have to wrestle for your inner union with me, only then you will experience what it means to have detached yourselves from me because he holds on to what he once possesses. But I let no-one fall who earnestly desires me; only he will have to wrestle again very much to again reach that stage where he once stood. Watch out that the opponent does not achieve power over you, and call on me in your trouble because I am always prepared to help you when this call comes from the heart. Only do not let the world gain the upper hand over you because then he will serve you who is lord of this world, and then I can only wait until you find the way back to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 8955.


Book 94 8959

Intellectual strength is hindrance to right recognition

4. and 5. April 1965. B.D. NR. 8959.

Excerpt only:

But the others pass away completely lacking in knowledge; they stand completely empty and poor at the gate to the kingdom on the other side, and a great darkness surrounds them, which will not retreat until they slowly reach a change of their thinking through light beings. But the danger also exists that they sink further in the darkness and again approach a new banishment, which can easily be the case at the end of an earth period because not much time remains for them for a change of mind. So their progressive development is not of use for them at all; spiritually they still stand far below a man who is despised because of his race and still can ignited love in the heart, who still believes in a God, it does not matter how he imagines him to be, but he feels and believes that he came out of that might. And when such a man is still given knowledge of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ then also he will belong to the redeemed because especially those men take it far more seriously and live their earth life responsibly.


Book 94 8968

Explanation why the thinking of men is so different.

25. April 1965. B.D. NR. 8968.

That you men often still move in erroneous thoughts, will again and again cause me, to direct your thoughts right, presupposed that you carry the desire for pure truth. My opponent has known how to plant his thought material into you, and he was not prevented to do so, because you yourselves were indifferent to it, whether truth or error was presented to you. But the results of the error are exceedingly serious and bring in darkening of the spirit for you, while truth lights your way brightly, which you are to go, to perfect yourselves. They are often questions, which concern the living on of the soul, which the opponent answers wrong for you, because he only has the one will, to prevent you that you purposefully give full expression to life. For that reason he will always make a living on after death out to be as untrustworthy and prompt men to strive for the world with its goods. Because man then always considers the worldly well-being and for that reason contributes to greatest spiritual darkness, because he always just seeks to put himself in the possessions of earthly goods, but does nothing for his soul. And his lot will be bad in eternity, because he walks over with the desire for such goods and will find there little help, because it will not be accepted, so it offers itself to him. But man should tell himself with just a little thinking that he has an earthly assignment not just for earth life, but that it is about more – that man must fulfil a spiritual purpose, and should try to fathom this spiritual purpose. But he lets it be enough, what my opponent whispers to him, who wants to prevent the unification between me and my creatures. For man never strive for something, where the aim is for them uncertain and unbelievable. On the other hand they are always prepared to accept his thought material and to therefore put the world with all its goods first, and then he has already won them for him. This fight about the will of man can therefore only be waged through thought-transference out of the dark world, since all power has otherwise been taken from the opponent; but man – when he just lets his intellect rule, does not fight against it – what he certainly could, would he be aware of it, how he can direct his intellect, but does not have to. Because he can subordinate it at any time to my will, then he will be protected from thinking wrongly, and his thinking will be right. For that reason subjugate yourselves at any time to my will, that I myself can now protect you and are also prepared for it, because I like to do nothing more than to lighten a bright light for a man, which brightly lights his way. But I cannot do it against his will, because only this will must devote itself to me without hesitation, otherwise no light can shine for him. And the more intimately the will devotes itself to me, the clearer will be thoughts he has, which are then always in accordance with truth, and he can make no mistake. And consequently the whole explanation is given to you, why the thinking of men is so different, why many men feel happy in error and why so few men have true thoughts, because the will alone determines this, which can turn to me or to my opponent, but what will always result in positive or negative thoughts. And if you therefore want to know about this, whether your thoughts are now directed rightly or wrongly, then you must seriously criticise yourselves, to whom you turn your thoughts. But in order to be able to turn the thoughts to me, you must definitely believe in a God, who called you into life, and therefore entrust yourselves to this God. Where this faith is lacking, there the opponent has already predominance, and for that reason the work of the opponent will appear very strong to the end, for which you are heading, and no faith will any longer be found in a higher being, out of which all existence, all creations and also you yourselves have emerged. And error will assume the sharpest form, until the power is now again taken from the opponent and he is banished for a long time – with all those, who have gone into his power, because they dwelled in darkness and did not free themselves from it. Amen. B.D. NR. 8968.


Book 94 8970

Light beings obtaining the sonship of God.

28. April 1965. B.D. NR. 8970.

When you are moved by such questions with which you busy yourself then come to Me and I will provide the answer for you. Because you as light bearers should be informed about which beings can start the return to earth for the purpose of a mission. They are always light beings, i.e. such as have covered the road on earth but did not reach God's sonship, which however more and more increased the measure of light and who now in order to reach God's sonship offer themselves for a mission - and unfallen primeval spirits who also strive for God's sonship as their last aim and that is why they walk the way over earth. The latter definitely reach their goal because love is so strong in them and they will also be protected from falling away even though the antagonist will try everything to also cause these, who once did not follow him, to fall away from Me. But their resistance is too great and the bond with Me is kept up by (keeps up) each of these primeval spirits. But not always do those reach their aim - the sonship of God - who thus already once have been through life on earth. But there are only few of them who do not so fulfil their mission since they again are in possession of free will which also allows a decline. Then it is therefore possible that such a being is temporarily perplexed in thought and that it now leaves the earth again in this condition and then also from the other side supplies its confused thoughts to those who it reckons to be understanding. But this condition does last only until he again can get enlightened by the light and now also realizes that he has failed, and again desires to descend afresh to earth. The being can no longer lapse back into the deep, it can only use its free will wrongly, which will be the case when it as a member of a different religion should bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ as the divine Saviour to the people, when an unusual power was (is) at its disposal and it also thinks that due to the fullness of this power it stands on the same level as Jesus Christ and this therefore also means that its mission has failed. However credit will be given to it for its striving for highest perfection, but the advice given from the other side will be erroneous until it again reaches the light which will also bring back to it the full knowledge. The struggle of such people (beings) to achieve perfection still on earth can also only be successful because they are no longer burdened with the primeval sin and exactly that is why they yet would have the possibility to represent the divine Saviour and to also introduce him as only salvation to people of other religions so that they then also would have fulfilled their mission fully. But exactly for this reason I shall also send such light spirits there to earth, which as primeval spirits that have not fallen, despite of free will, proclaim myself as redeemer of the world, and the few which accept the faith in this will also be set free from their primeval sin, and even if they stay far under those wise, but which despite their high wisdom and their striving for perfection do not recognize this one, that they must not see in Jesus one of their own, but that he is all in all, that he only was the shell for the highest being, in which this highest being wanted to be visible to you, and that all of them - despite their wisdom, do not recognize this and therefore also do not support it. A being, that descends to earth as a spirit that has not fallen, shall certainly also reach the sonship of God, but a light being that has already once walked over the earth can no longer fall but still also not reach the final objective when it does not fulfil the mission that was assigned to it. Nevertheless just this job is difficult, to take the teaching of the redemption through Jesus Christ there where people are bound to a way of faith that has completely different aims, who want to reach perfection systematically and who do not seek the prerequisite for it in the divine sun of grace but whose striving is to bring themselves to perfection through extreme self conquest and self-chastisement, which however can be achieved very simply through inner union with God and acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world. Because he then is rid of his primeval sin and he cannot sink back into the deep. But those light beings put the self-gained wisdom before the work of the spirit, and only this can explain that they therefore fail and that they cannot stand in the full truth, until they listen to their spirit, which is always the result of an inner union with Me - but which those masters think they can replace by their own striving. Amen. B.D. NR. 8970.


Book 94 8982

Extent of natural event before the end.

25. May 1965. B.D. NR. 8982.

You are to prepare yourselves for the end to at least be able to enter the kingdom on the other side with a faint idea of knowledge. Because only a short time still passes, but which is amply enough when you are of good will to achieve your remodelling to love. You will be offered enough opportunities for it as soon as my intervention has taken place – as soon as you are overtaken by a natural disaster, which puts all previous things in the shade. You have no idea what is going to happen, and you are still to believe in it that my voice sounds very powerfully with which I once again address you men before the last end has come. It will mean a dreadful experience for all of you – which will only affect the ones who are mine not so severely because their faith is such a strong one that they are completely devoted to me and are also to experience my help which they expect at any time. And then every person will have the opportunity to exercise unselfish love to then still come to maturity because there will be much misery, and everyone will be able to help, and whether it is just through comforting encouragement which exists in pointing men to a God of love who only requests a trusting prayer to him to be able to prove to him his help visibly. For what you can still give man spiritually that helps his soul and keeps him from the terrible fate of a new banishment. But you will also be able to help them earthly for the will to help them will also put you into a position to be able to help because where no human will is able to help there numerous helpers still always stand by my side, and these will take care of you in an unusual way. I only request firm faith from you, and it will be in existence in you when you will see how everything comes true what I have foretold you and when you therefore give yourselves up with body and soul and only want to be active for me and my kingdom. (you will then yield with body and soul and only be active for me and my kingdom.) And all of you are to make good use of this time; you are to exercise love constantly which itself again and again imparts power to you; you are to think only of your soul because you do not know how much time you are still allowed to stay on earth because time allocated can only still be short which still is left to you, especially when you cannot reach the strength of faith which enables you to endure until the end. For then my mercy is greater when I already call you away beforehand from this world – when you still find entrance into the other kingdom where there it is also possible for you to make headway but the danger does not exist that you sink at the end again into the deep - for I fight for every soul, and I know it how its will is, and so I also know where there still exists a chance of rescue, and this I also use – only the one thing I cannot, to free you from the hands of my opponent by force. For he is the same way entitled to you because you once voluntarily followed him. And therefore I can always only give you support, who want to free yourselves from his control. And that I certainly do in every way because already that you are informed about the coming great trouble – that you can strengthen your power through prayer when you believe in it – that is a very important help. Because you all are capable of it to unite with me in prayer, to ask your father that he may make it merciful, that this natural event may not have such a bad effect on him what is at any time in my power. And every prayer about it, which is directed towards me in spirit and in truth, I will hear, and that is why not all men will be affected the same way, and my will will visibly be expressed and also strengthen the faith of those who still doubted. But also those will begin to wonder who are unbelieving, and their hate for the believers will increase, which will then degenerate into hostility, under which also the ones who are mine will have to suffer. But nevertheless they are sure of my protection for as long as they are active for me and my kingdom I will also know to direct their steps in such a way that they do not remain unsuccessfully and those souls will thank them to whom they brought rescue in their spiritual and earthly trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 8982.


Book 94 8987

Difference of heavenly bodies.

31. May 1965. B.D. NR. 8987.

But the area, which is unfathomable for your intellect, you can nevertheless enter as soon as my spirit has an effect in you. Then there exist no limits for you because my spirit is my share, and I myself know everything, nothing is unknown to me, and therefore I can also impart the same to you through my spirit; I can reveal all areas for you. But it depends on your degree of maturity how far you can get insight into the secrets of creation, and according to your degree of maturity I can teach you, although also the smallest knowledge corresponds fully with truth. But it is up to you to increase the degree of maturity to be able to penetrate more and more, what always only love can bring about. For love closely unites with me, and then you will also be filled with my spirit; you will be able to see brightly and clearly the entire creation and grasp all connections. You will also know about the kind of creations, about their purpose and their respective intention. You will also know about the difference of the heavenly bodies, which are so many-sided because they all also hold differently matured souls and – as I had innumerable ideas and could execute them – I therefore also formed every celestial body according to other thoughts (laws), but which all are to serve the return of the once fallen (spiritual). I am not a being, which is subject to a limitation, which once overexerts itself or uses up its power. I create constantly and again and again new thoughts emerge from me and take shape. I have so many kinds of homes in which the further development of beings takes place, which are on the way back to me; my creations are countless and always more creations come into being out of my love because I also have again and again new delights in store for all my beings, because more and more all these beings ascend as soon as they once are on this way. And so also men on this earth – once they have reached a small glimmer of knowledge in the hereafter – will now also ascend and a relapse to the deep is out of the question. Innumerable heavenly bodies are again prepared for the reception of these souls, always appropriate to their degree of maturity, which constantly increases and also causes again and again a change of their place of residence. Innumerable heavenly bodies you men can see from earth, which – even when visible – become countless for you. And in the whole of creation are still countless heavenly bodies which are invisible for you, so that they also far surpass your ability as man to estimate. Therefore only in the brightest light can you overlook the whole of creation because you then likewise know no more limitations. But then also your happiness knows no longer boundaries because you know about the purpose of every heavenly body and also about the state of maturity of their inhabitants, and you will seek to increase this all the time to move all of them into the same state in which you are now yourselves: in close union with me and permanent illumination with love. But the condition for your ascent is that you have a glimmer of knowledge. And this means that truth has already entered into you because beforehand you move in darkness or walk in light twilight – that you are not able to separate yourselves from false doctrines. And the number of those is great. Light beings certainly try to change this situation but as long as these are rejected there is no hope, and a relapse to the deep is still to be feared. But as soon as there is only some love in them, they will also not close their mind to the presentation of the light beings, who again and again point them to Jesus Christ; then they will also give away their error and accept truth, and they are sure of the way up. But knowledge could have been revealed to these men already on earth when they would have paid attention to the voice of the spirit in them, because having reached knowledge already on earth opens to men the door to the kingdom of light, and they definitely find their way back into the house of the father to unite with me forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8987.


Book 94 8993

Requesting God’s blessing.

11. June 1965. B.D. NR. 8993.

Excerpt only:

That is why you are to pray for my blessing, whatever you want to undertake. Therefore pray that I bless every conversation for you, every act and every thought – pray for my blessing of every project, which you want to carry out, and so never leave me out of your thoughts, because you will experience it yourselves how important it is that you submit in everything to me, that through this request you always long for my presence and that it is also certain for you. I always only want that you permanently think of me because only then I can obviously stand by you, and I will also do that, that I give you clear signs of my presence and through it your faith will become stronger and stronger.


Book 94 9000

God knows about the will. Natural disaster. Protection of the servants.

22. June 1965. B.D. NR. 9000.

Just an excerpt:

This change of will I intend through my intervention, of which numerous men will certainly be victim, but to whom the gates into the other kingdom will still be open, to be able to still mature there. But to those men who remain alive a still over great favour is granted to be able to make this change of will still on this earth, to then be rescued for eternity. Again and again I point you men to this event, but I find no faith. There are only very few who earnestly deal with what is coming, but also these cannot get an idea of the extent of the disaster because it surpasses everything whatever already happened on this earth. And also the individual person cannot imagine it, because men are cut off from all traffic, because no connection exists anymore between the places and also between countries, which are affected by it. There will be stretches, which seem to be completely deserted, where only a few will find themselves to now continue life. Everyone will be seized with terror who does not keep to me and completely trusts me. And then the will can decide. Every man can also find to me, and he will very safely be guided through the chaos. But he can also curse that being who let such happen, and the curse will hit himself.


Book 94 9001

Endless love accomplished the work of redemption.

24. June 1965. B.D. NR. 9001.

You are always to remember that earth life is the last stage for your perfection, but which you can conclude successfully if you just hand yourselves over to him who died for you on the cross. Because his work of redemption has made you free of all guilt, but it must be accepted by you voluntarily. And it is therefore for you of greatest importance that you find him during earth life, who will again open for you the gates back to your father house. That is why you cannot be pointed enough to Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, and if you have just the smallest feeling of responsibility then you will also not carelessly pass him by; you will know it that he alone can free you out of the power of the opponent, and you will also do everything, to request his forgiveness; and you will follow him and secure his love for you, which has taken upon itself the guilt of sin and also now constantly makes the effort to draw you to itself. Which does not want to give you up and does everything that you submit to it. That a highest light being offered itself to this, to suffer for you as man and to die, to wipe out your great original guilt, was the greatest work of compassion, because the man Jesus had to bear these sufferings and death, who was not created differently than you yourselves. But love filled him – the original substance of God – and gave him also the power to hold out until the end. Love therefore accomplished the work, and this love was God himself. Therefore God himself has wiped out for you the sin guilt, because his love was so great that it did not want to leave you to the opponent, that it took pity on you itself and paid the purchase price to his opponent for your souls. And you are to make use of this enormous favour, because only your free will belongs to this to accept it. And for this reason earth life is also given to you that you take note of Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, into whom God embodied himself – and that you now submit yourselves voluntarily to him, that you raise the treasure of favour, which he purchased for you on the cross. For God could only exercise favour with you, otherwise you would have never become free of your guilt, but he demands of you that you accept and utilize it voluntarily. Because the infinite love of the man Jesus has again redressed the sin, which you had committed, it has atoned for and satisfied the righteousness of God, and it now also turns towards you and it offers itself to you – that you now return it and gives God again the possibility that he can illuminate you as once. You men, who you do not believe in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world, you do not know what gift of favour you fail to notice; you do not know in which power you are and that you can rid yourselves of that power. But you are not forced to acknowledge Jesus Christ, but as you also cannot be forced by your opponent if you want to make yourselves free of him. It is alone up to your will, that it turns towards him, but to then also being able to change your state to immense happiness. But then you also fulfil your earth life purpose, which alone only exists therein that you reach perfection, which only he can give to you. And so that you can take all note of Jesus Christ and his important mission, I also still supply the knowledge about it to them, who are still completely blind in spirit, who only must get information about it, to also cause them to accept Jesus Christ, and then I will also let miracles be done, because these men need such salvation miracles in their childlike faith, which are to give them testimony of the power of the name of Jesus – but which would force to a faith in such countries, which have already knowledge and still reject Jesus, but which cannot be regarded as a right faith. And so the miracle healings are to be explained where the messengers will also be awakened, who are to bring the Gospel in his name there, where men are still without all (spiritual) knowledge, but which are also not to get lost and therefore are to be spoken to through those, who connect themselves in deep faith to him and therefore are also enabled to supply to those men the knowledge about Jesus Christ, and who he therefore equips with great power to work in his name. Because knowledge is to be carried everywhere, so that each one can still become happy, who makes use of this great favour and finds to Jesus Christ, who alone can rescue him out of deep spiritual misery. Amen. B.D. NR. 9001.


Book 94 9002

Why again and again new revelations.

25. Juni 1965. B.D. NR. 9002.

When the word of God cannot be protected from changes, because the will of men is free and not always spiritual awakened men carried out the translations, who therefore also could be mistaken, so you see in this the cause of new revelations, which again and again had to correct malformations, if the word of God should also be able to lay claim to pure truth. But without such new revelations an emphasizing of the false doctrines would have been impossible, particularly then, when men have relied on, that I protect my word myself of any change. But is must be comprehensible to you that free will of man makes this impossible for me, which I will never make unfree, even if it is about pure truth – because I also gave man the assurance that he will guaranteed stand in truth when he desires it himself. And so you can therefore never rely on that you receive unchanged spiritual material when the word of God is preached to you, but you have the assurance that you receive truth when you just desire it. Then also the preacher – even when if he is of un-awakened spirit – will be directed in his sermon that he often does not say that what he intended, but that the words are given to him from me – exactly because one man seriously wants it, to be instructed in truth. Would this wish emerge in many people to only hear truth, then also soon on the part of the preachers the error would be recognized and they would make the effort to more listen to the inner voice, which instructs them differently. But all men have the possibility to recognize the wrong in my alleged word, because love enlightens their spirit and always only receives the right, unaltered knowledge. Then man can no longer think wrong when he has been enlightened by the inner light of love. And only then he sees where everywhere error has crept in, where the opponent was able to work, because men lack the light of love. Then he also knows it that man cannot solve problems with his intellect alone when the spirit in him does not support him. Then he will also know why the necessity of a correction arises again and again, which I again and again send in form of new revelations to men. And I will again and again reveal myself to men, who love me and keep my commands, as I have promised it to you. Because one erroneous thought has many as a consequence, and finally only a distorted picture remains of me, which reflects everything else than a good, extremely loving God, who wants to be the father of you all. And because you have already accepted much erroneous spiritual material, a God of love is foreign to you; you still stand so far from him; you do not recognize him as father, and therefore you also do not strive towards him. And what you hear from him is rather suitable to still become more estranged from him. But I want to win your love, and therefore I use every opportunity to speak to you, even if not directly, but through such men, who let my spirit haven an effect in them, who either supply you with my direct word or who stand in ordered thinking and can instruct also you truthfully. Because it is of great importance that you are directed in right thinking, that you know what you can accept and what you must reject. But do not believe that you possess the guarantee of right thinking in that way when you draw the knowledge from the book of books, because since I do not force the will of men, I can also not prevent it when he interprets the thought material for himself according to his own discretion, according to defective knowledge, which he draws out of this book. Because in everything what I have spoken is a spiritual meaning hidden, and to recognize this, only the spirit in man is able to recognize, which is awakened to life through love, but then also guides man in all truth as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 9002.


Book 94 9003

Spiritual knowledge must agree with word supplied from above.

28. June 1965. B.D. NR. 9003.

It is not easy for a knowing person that he is able to transmit his knowledge to such men, who are so convinced of the truth of the spiritual material, which they support themselves, that they reject everything else. And nevertheless also this attempt must be made, because what starts directly from me, has such a power, that it convinces every man demanding truth. And it is again and again because beings of different degrees of light express themselves and that it is difficult for man, to recognize truth, because they believe every expression out of the spiritual kingdom, but which still should be examined. And only then when the content agrees with my word given from above, you can assume it as work of indisputable light spirits. And that is why you must take note of my word directly sent to you, but you are not allowed to believe all communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which are given to you medially, because these media can certainly have gifts, to receive mediations out of the spiritual kingdom, but whether they also possess the necessary maturity, which I have made a condition for the receiving of messages out of this kingdom, that alone is decisive for the degree of truth of the announcements sent to you. You men know too little your way around in the spiritual kingdom, and you do not know it how often the opponent has an effect to deceive you – and I cannot prevent him, because the demand for truth of you is lacking, which only gives guarantee for the receiving of truth, but which then also agrees with my word from above. I indeed take care in every way for it that a light shines for men, that knowledge comes into existence of a life after death of the body – I take care for it that also proofs are given to them, which certainly only he will accept, who also again, in the desire for truth, would like to hear that knowledge. But also then the danger still exists that other beings announce themselves than those called, which now express themselves exactly according to their degree of maturity. That is why every spirit of light will warn you of medium announcements which speak to you (reach you) in the state of trance, but always prompt you to consciously receive spiritual messages, in which certainly only few men will succeed, but always offer the certainty to be taught directly by my spirit, and you then also do not need to be afraid of wrong things. Certainly not every announcement which is given in that state, of having no will of one’s own, can be described as being wrong or misleading, but who of you will check that? Who of you is himself aware that also many wrong spirits make use of this opportunity where a person gives up his will? And that full truth is of course not guaranteed to you when you rely only on such messages which perhaps reach you from the other kingdom, but which are nevertheless uncontrollable? Only what the spirit out of God imparts to you is pure truth, but it gives you information on all fields, which you can never gain from those beings. That is why every light spirit will stimulate you to it that you work on yourselves to become a vessel into which my spirit can pour itself. And only then you will be sure to possess pure truth. Only then will it be possible to send a deeper knowledge to you – the knowledge about all connexions, about the cause of your existence as man, about your former defection from me and about the great importance of the work of redemption of Jesus Christ. Because all this I myself can only teach you, even so I conduct this knowledge to earth through high light beings, which are illuminated by me directly and therefore my word sounds through these, which can now be assessed exactly as if I have addressed you directly. This knowledge comprises everything; it comprises the work of guiding back the once fallen to me, but as it is also illuminating the counter-work of him who has caused your fall to the deep. And this counter-work does not only take place on earth, it also stretches to the opposite kingdom, where all I-conscious beings are still in possession of free will, and to now direct it to himself will always be and remain his intention. Therefore you must also reckon with his influence, which tries as the most important thing to reach that the redemption work of Jesus Christ is doubted. And that is why you must recognize all those announcements as his work, which deny a redemption through Jesus’ death on the cross. Then you know that he is at work, that he seeks to make men give up the most important thing: that Jesus died for you and your sins on the cross. Because when you are wrongly informed about this, then he has won you, then he succeeded in making the redemption through Jesus Christ out to be false and through it making the entrance into the kingdom of light impossible for you. Because my direct revelations from above give you other information thereby, and on it alone depends your future happiness, whether you have found redemption of your former sin guilt – the original guilt, which is not repayable for you yourselves. As long as this serious question is still open, you are not instructed in fullest truth, and there remains nothing else for you than for you to turn to the highest authority, that it instructs you itself, and then you can also be instructed in all truth, as I have promised it to you myself, that I will initiate you into truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 9003.


Book 94 9004

(Continuation to No. 9003) Spiritual knowledge must agree with the word supplied from above.

29. June 1965. B.D. NR. 9004.

Only one thing can mean pure truth: what I myself have sent to you from above. And therefore everything must agree with it for which the claim of truth is raised. For there is only one truth, and it starts from me myself and will make all those happy, who want to stand in true thinking. But what now contradicts the knowledge received from me directly, that cannot be supported as truth, because the guidelines for it are always the same, so that the standard can be applied to it whether a man moves in truth. And when now knowledge is carried to you men, which gives you cause to doubt, then you first have to ask the question: Which attitude have those men, who support this knowledge, towards Jesus Christ and his work of redemption? Clear information has been given to you from above what the work of redemption means for mankind and now you must evaluate all other knowledge on it, because as long as mankind has not been informed about it, it can also not claim to be regarded as pure truth. And in order to again understand the reason and importance of the work of redemption, the knowledge must also be sent to you about the original fall of spirits, because you yourselves are these fallen spirits. It is certainly well and nice wanting to convince men about a continuation of one’s life after death, but if you do not also give them knowledge about the cause of their being man, the knowledge about the carrying on of one’s life after death is also not sufficient to once let them gain happiness. Because without the redemption through Jesus Christ, the kingdom of light cannot be opened for you, and you will wander around in the opposite kingdom for eternities, if the light souls there do not take pity on you and supply you with knowledge, which you did not want to receive on earth, because you moved in wrong thinking. And therefore it emerges from it that every man must get ready as a vessel for the divine current of the spirit, what he can only do through love, which then enlightens him brightly and the light from the inside can then impart the right recognition to him. But since this is hardly still possible in the loveless time, men are to gather around a vessel, out of which the water of life wells up brightly and clearly; they are to bow down and refresh themselves on it, to be at least able to receive the most important thing – the knowledge about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. For this knowledge is necessary and can be replaced by nothing else, because there is only one, who can bring to men the forgiveness of original guilt, but who then also deletes all guilt, which man has committed (incurred upon himself) in earth life. Because the mission of the man Jesus was unique that he sacrificed himself and has settled the guilt through his death on the cross. Again and again you men must be informed about it; you cannot just describe the earth life of Jesus as a life in highest perfection, which it certainly was, but you nevertheless do not know about the deep spiritual reasons of his death on the cross, which was unique and was accomplished for all men of past, present and future. Because the acknowledgement of his work of redemption as a work of greatest mercy for the spiritual having become sinful and the request for forgiveness are only the keys to the gate into the light kingdom, which you can never ever open without him. For out of love towards God and his fallen brothers he has expiated sin, which has existed in the rejection of the divine love power. And this sin cannot be forgiven any differently than through the acknowledgement of Jesus as redeemer of the world, why also a life in love preached by himself creates the precondition to acknowledge him, but the favours of his work of redemption must be accepted in full awareness to find redemption from the original guilt. Again and again the knowledge about it must be imparted to you men; again and again you must be informed that it is not enough that you adopt his teaching, but consciously desire the redemption from your original guilt, to which a life lived in love will certainly also help you, because this is the success of a love life that the light of knowledge shines for you. But then you will also no longer deny the redemption through Jesus Christ; you will know it that you have found the rescuer in him, who has taken from you the great burden of original sin and who again opens for you the gate to the kingdom of light and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 9004.


Book 94 9005

What would be if Adam would not have failed?

30. June and 1. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9005.

Every spiritual question I answer, which you ask me. But for the time being you must know one thing, that it was not my will to have you go through such an extreme difficult earth life, that I would have certainly been satisfied with the time, which you have spent in bound will – in the mandatory law – because this time was so terribly long that it truly would have been enough that you could again unite with me – but that I had to demand the last testing of your will, which you should now pass as I-conscious beings – as man. You should only voluntarily give yourselves again to me, and by this means you would have abolished the great sin of the former desertion from me. You were supposed to prove your love towards me, you who once resisted against the love illumination. That is why first men were created good; in love they were devoted to me, because I had equipped them with everything; I gave them the earth as their own; I made everything subject to them; they recognized me as their God and creator – they were surrounded by magnificent works of my power of creation – they could enjoy them – everything was just suitable that they could sing praise and thanks to me – that they could show me hot love, and they themselves also had no evil thought in themselves. But free will I had to give to first men exactly the same way because they started from me as original spirits, which were not conceivable without free will. And because they once had turned away from me and voluntarily followed my opponent to the deep, he had the same right to influence first men, because the will was again supposed to decide whether it wanted to follow me or him. And this test of will, which should have been easy for them, they did not pass, and as a result all evil desires were now also again awakened, which they had already overcome in the time before the embodiment as man. The family parents now transferred their nature upon the following families, and it became more and more difficult for them, to escape from the fetters of the opponent. But had first men passed the test of will, which was not all too difficult, then I would have been satisfied with the endless long way before. Following men would have given me in exactly the same way voluntarily their love again, they would then have just gone over earth to enjoy its creations – they would have exercised only a good influence upon all creations so that also they could embody themselves as man. And earth life would then have just been a preliminary stage towards eternal life; the power of the opponent would have been broken, because first men would have devoted themselves completely consciously to me and had completely eliminated the opponent, who now could no longer apply his power and soon would have also submitted himself to my love. Therefore only from first men it was demanded that they voluntarily let themselves again being illuminated by me, and the original sin would have been abolished, because only love could atone for this sin. But now the sin was repeated – and what before only extended over the spiritual world bound in creation, that now befell whole mankind. What first men could have achieved with ease, if they would have directed their will right, that now became endlessly difficult, because all Satanic qualities took root in men, which required great strength to fight against, which the will of man no longer summoned. Therefore the work of redemption of Jesus Christ, of the light spirit, became necessary who voluntarily offered himself, as he recognized that first men failed, who offered himself to me, voluntarily – out of love – to suffer and to die on the cross, to now atone for this doubled sin. I certainly knew from the earliest beginning that this second Fall of Man took place, but I did not want it that men had to go such an agonizing course, but could not make the will of men unfree. And because I know that I once will win all beings back – since before me thousand years are like one day - since it is about an eternal life in happiness – what you also will once recognize – (1.7.1965) you need to have no doubts that you once will be free of that turmoil; but you will then also be able to enjoy those splendours as most highly perfected beings, which make up for all suffering of the past time and cannot be measured with earthly ideas. You must always know that not I caused the indescribable suffering, which men therefore created for themselves since the Fall of first Man, that I truly gave to the first human couple (to first men) every possibility to make the free will decision easy for it/them – that I only gave to it/them an easy command, which it/they could fulfil – if love was so strong in it/them that it alone determined them to devote themselves to me – but that then this intimate love would also have seized all following men, that these therefore could also resist my opponent in all temptations. But so the second fall had taken place and burdened all following men anew, until the divine redeemer Jesus Christ descended to earth to deliver an open fight to my opponent. Because he abused his power, by him driving men to an always greater loveless way and always weakened their will more so that they could no longer become free without the work of salvation, but sank more and more into darkness. And I myself imposed limits on this work – I sent my son to earth to rescue men who wanted to be rescued. Because again free will must be prepared for it to accept the favours of the work of salvation, because also the rescue work cannot be accomplished against the will of men. Originally the course of development through the creations of earth should certainly be enough to be able to now pass the test of will as man, because each one soul was already so far matured through the agonies of the mandatory state that it could easily resist the temptations, but the fall of first men gave the opponent again power over all souls, of which he has taken advantage in an alarming way. That is precisely why an original spirit was chosen as first man, who had all abilities to be able to withstand the opponent, but he could not be forced to his decision; he had to remain completely free in thinking and acting, and my opponent now caused to turn this free will towards himself, what therefore resulted in the renewed fall, as a result of which the sin of the defection of the spirits from me was repeated. But my opponent could this right not be refused because the former fall happened in free will and they have followed him into the deep. You can therefore not say that I wanted the repeated fall to now move you again into the state of greatest agonies, but I could not prevent it, because it also took again place in free will and this free will will also once again turn towards me, you therefore once certainly come out of this pitiable state, because my love itself has redeemed you, by embodying itself in the man Jesus, to crusade against the adversary and to wrest from him all those souls who want to return again to me into their father house, into their true home, which they once left voluntarily. For my love belongs to you as before, and all suffering will have found its end, as soon as you want to be free of him, who still keeps you tied up, as soon as you long for me again and therefore give me the right that I take again possession of you, so that I no longer leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 9005.


Book 94 9006

Why must we atone for Adam’s sin?

2. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9006.

All your questions become invalid as soon as pure truth is offered to you, because it is so simple to be comprehended when it is just presented to you the right way. You know it that the defection from me took place in the state of brightest knowledge. Therefore all beings were also equally responsible for their defection; they could not – as standing under the will of the opponent – be forced to rebel against me, (they were not forced through the will of the opponent to rebel against me,) but this rejecting of my love power was the most particular matter of each being. It was free will which let them become sinful, which therefore at the time of the defection had not yet become a slave to my opponent, which – because they had the right of self-determination – still could decide freely and therefore consciously decided for the opponent. But now he had power over his following, and I wrested this power from him by me letting creation come into being to cause the power, which had become incapable of acting through the defection, to work elsewhere. Therefore the opponent had now won nothing from his following, and he was allowed to assert his power only then again when the being, in the stage as man, had regained the I-consciousness. And this right I had to leave to him, why he could now also try his hand at these beings. And he also did this by all cunning and trickery; he understood it to again rob from the first man/men the faith in my word, which promised them an eternal life if they obeyed my easy command. In this man (Adam) an extreme strong spirit had now been embodied, whose fall the (opponent) achieved again easily. What is now more obvious than that no spirit would have resisted him, which would have gotten into the same temptation skills of my opponent? It is not about that the descendants had to atone for the sins of first men, but it is about that I – if the first man would have resisted these temptations out of love towards me – would have done the same out of compassion, what the man Jesus did later: that he accomplished the work of atonement out of love – that I would have been satisfied by the power of resistance of one man, who devoted himself to me and was supposed to make the illumination on my part again possible. And for the sake of his love-will I would have written the guilt in the sand, and to all the way over the earth as man would have only served to develop the love towards me to highest heat. But so my opponent had proven his power over first men and has therefore also not let the right taken out of the hand, to now apply his temptation skills with every man which I also cannot snatch from him as a result of that the beings once voluntarily followed him into the deep. You can therefore not say that these men must now atone for the sins of their forefathers, but every man was always free to prove himself in the temptations, and he will also receive the power from me for it, because I bless this will and will never abandon such a man to my opponent. But first men could help their descendants to an easier earth course, but since they failed, it was now also not possible to protect those from the temptations of the opponent – unless they have asked me for it that I could grant them protection myself and then their earth way has also been an easier one, what was also the case with those original spirits who were open to the instructions through the light world and over which the opponent no longer had full power. That therefore those men always had to show an easier earth course, that they did not fall victim to the temptations through my opponent, that he did not keep them completely in his power, is a sign of that I have helped every soul and still help, which starts earth life less burdened and whose will is already devoted to me – that I therefore do not give favour and power equally to the souls to complete their return way. But I always have to say it that first men have made the whole return way more difficult through their failure, which would have been much easier to go if the strongest once fallen spirit would have resisted and fulfilled my easy command, if he would have believed my words more, which promised him an eternal life – and had he broken the power through his resistance, which the opponent then also no longer could have applied to his following, because this victory would have had an effect upon all fallen spirits. Amen. B.D. NR. 9006.


Book 94 9007

The forerunner of Jesus.

3. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9007.

That so many people believe to be an incarnation of the voice of one crying in the wilderness is also a sign of spiritual confusion because one thing is certain that he will be a great speaker, but until his appearance will know nothing, which assignment has been allocated to him, that he will let his word sound with a powerful voice, which announces me and my speedy coming at the end of days. He will again move along in front of me, and he will be treated with hostility by all those who want to hear nothing of an end, who will mock and deride him, because he announces things to them, which seem to be unbelievable, and he will therefore be regarded as a dreamer. And he will come at the same time when Antichrist will let flare up the religious war. Then he will violently attack him, and the ones who are mine will fetch strength and consolation from him, because it is only a short time that he works on earth. But he makes good use of this time to lead my word to all who accept it, and my opponents will persecute him and want to call him to account, but he will extricate from them again and again, until his hour has come where he will again lay down his life for me. And that has already been said often to you that he himself has no idea of his mission and that it will come over him so suddenly that he can be recognized by everybody. And then he will also know it himself why he is equipped with such a powerful voice, why he is to announce me, because then he knows that the end has come where I will come in the clouds to fetch mine. Then Antichrist himself will try everything to bring him under his control because he specially attacks him, and he uncovers all scandalous deeds; he is not afraid to attack him in public, and will therefore be persecuted by his followers. But he will comfort those who have to suffer under his rule. He will point them to my coming, and everyone will believe him, because they feel addressed though my word, as if I spoke to them myself. His word will have an effect like balm on you who wait in fear and sorrow for the things to come – you will get new power from his words and again and again be strengthened by them because he proves to you that your father himself has addressed you and that you therefore can believe my words, which point you to my speedy coming in the clouds. And so you will also pay attention to all warnings and admonitions which reach you from his side because he will also be in spirit with those who I indicate to him as belonging to me. He will possess the ability that he moves near to you even if his body is elsewhere because the close call to me for help I forward, and he will then also be willing to help. That is why I say: You know him when he begins his mission, but do not expect him already now because my intervention has to precede first before he appears. But then time will pass in a flash because for the sake of mine I will shorten the days so that my opponent cannot still bring them to fall away, because the misery will then be very great and that is why I also send strong spirits of light to you, which will protect you in all earthly and spiritual trouble. But when this my voice of one crying in the wilderness will have to lay down his life then you can expect my coming every day, then I will fetch you into a kingdom of peace, and all trouble will be over. Amen. B.D. NR. 9007.


Book 94 9008

The end comes quite certainly.

4. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9008.

My announcements will also precede every great disaster; I will warn and admonish men so that I therefore need seers and prophets who are to spread these announcements among men. For that reason it is wrong to reject all prophecies or to make them out to be untrue, even so these do not come true immediately, because everything needs its time, and often I have already pointed out long before what is coming, but they did not believe these words. And so also now I announce to you the end of an earth period and have done this already always, so that even my disciples expected this end still during their earth life. But my prophecies were always so worded that no exact time was given to men; that they also could constantly reckon with it because this has also been my intention to always make men aware of the near end. But time does not stand still, and since my word will inevitably become true, also this announced end must once come. Who is now initiated into my plan of salvation from eternity, he also recognizes the necessity of an end for everything spiritual still bound in creation. Because he knows about the constant ascent development of the spiritual, it is also clear to him that from time to time – which is endlessly long for you – a total reshaping of the surface of the earth must take place, so that also to the spiritual, bound in hard matter, the possibility of an ascent development is given. If therefore such a powerful destruction of the surface of the earth seems to be doubtful to men, then these have been deliberately left in ignorance by the spirit world instructing them. And then I have to correct such misconceptions, because exactly the coming end of the earth in its present shape is extremely important for entire mankind, as it is really in danger to completely fail in its last test of will and then having to take up again a horrible lot upon itself. That is why my servants get the assignment to announce this end, but to not just report about the fact of the end, but I give reasons for everything to them, so that they (men) are not to just believe blindly, but can give (receive) for everything a correct, truthful explanation. For my love belongs to all fallen spiritual, not only to man. And exactly for the spiritual still bound in hard matter the hour of becoming free out of hardest fetters must once come, which has already languished endless long time to also be able to be once moved into easier form, where serving is made easier for it. And when you men know about everything, when the father himself instructs you from above, then you truly do not need to doubt; you can accept everything as purest truth, even if I still delay with this act of destruction of the old earth. But the day comes irrevocably. There are unfortunately too many men who do not believe in a total transformation of the surface of the earth, who believe all those reports, which start from such men or also spiritual beings that lack all knowledge of my plan of salvation. But I can do no more than to speak from above to you men myself and to explain everything to you what causes my rule and work, and I must leave it to you how you adjust yourselves to my word. But it is not easy for my servants on earth that this word is bought from them as my word, particularly then when it is essential to take action against error, when everyone believes to stand in truth, and my word means nothing more to him than human words or words out of the spirit world – which are just so long impossible to check until I am called myself for help and you are then truly only instructed by light beings, through which my spirit current can flow. But then all results will also agree; you will feel truth – provided that you demand truth seriously. Amen. B.D. NR. 9008.


Book 94 9009

Man‘s true home.

6. Juliy 1965. B.D. NR. 9009.

Do not let yourselves be irritated when my word is also rejected as wrong, because pure truth can only start from me myself. And that you are instructed by me can easily be established, as soon as men commence the examination of the spiritual material in good will, which is supplied to them through you. No proof will certainly be able to be produced, because the spiritual material is completely foreign to men and can also not get substantiated due to the freedom of faith (because the spiritual material is completely foreign to men and can also not be strengthened owing to the freedom of faith); but everyone, who is of good will, will have the conviction in himself to be on the right path. Therefore he can also belief without proofs, and he still knows it that it is the right thing what he believes – but this world and the spiritual kingdom are two completely different kingdoms, which precisely stand in connection through faith only. But when you receive knowledge from the spiritual kingdom, which cannot be won through intellectual thinking, then you men can accept it unobjectionably as a sign of the reality of this kingdom, because fields are opened to you, about which only I myself can give truthful information to you. That is why it is no sign of intellectual sharpness, when a man wants to deny this kingdom, just because he himself does not know about it. But every man could obtain these proofs of a spiritual world for himself, if he would ask me about it, but exactly his intellect mostly prevents him from it, which wants to understand only that what is to be proven. And for that reason he cannot come beyond the limits of his intellect; he sets boundaries for himself, and that is through his unbelief, which prevents him that his thoughts once move outside of the earthly kingdom, that he thinks about such problems, which are insoluble for him, and that he then asks the creator himself for enlightenment. But since he must believe in that creator for that purpose, only the believing man can also establish this connection with him, and the unbeliever is satisfied with the world, which he sees and which means the real world for him. But which results could man achieve who also deeply believes besides his intellectual sharpness; who turns in all questions to me, which I then would also answer for him. But there are only few of these, because mostly men shrink from having such a relationship with the spiritual kingdom, because they then are considered by their fellowmen as supernatural, who do not fit into the fabric of the earthly world. But would you know how beneficent such men can work, how important that knowledge is, which they receive from above, then you would devote everything to it to enrich yourselves with their knowledge, because for you men it is the way to arrive out of the earthly kingdom at the spiritual kingdom – which is the true home of every man and which will receive all of you once, no matter whether you have matured or not. I myself offer you an enormous favour that I speak with you to unite these two kingdoms, to give all men the opportunity to do the step out of the earthly kingdom into the spiritual kingdom, and you reject this favour, because your intellect resists against this, because you do not let the heart speak. But the heart cannot speak to you because you lack love. That is why you are constantly admonished to love because love towards me and towards the neighbour alone can make your heart soft and you will then be more likely prepared to listen to me. I always only demand love from you, to then being able to supply you with knowledge, which exceeds your intellect, which will truly make you happy, to really gain insight into fields, which are otherwise closed to a mortal, will make every man happy and give to him the quiet joy of a knowing person, who no longer walks along in darkness, but for whom everything is light and clear. And exactly the circumstance of being able to raise his thoughts into a sphere unknown up to now, should convince you of the truth of such knowledge, and for that reason you should acquire such knowledge for yourselves, always with the thought that you will once inhabit this kingdom, that you walk over this earth just temporarily and will once enter your true home. You then get again into contact with me, who followed you into the deep, who waited so long, until you could again consciously unite with me as man to then being again able to make you happy through the supply of knowledge, which you earlier once possessed in great measure. But then you will no longer stand far from your last homecoming; you will return to your father house, which you once left voluntarily. Amen. B.D. NR. 9009.


Book 94 9010

Recognizing and confessing of guilt.

7. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9010.

Also that is of decisive importance for you men that you recognize and confess your guilt to be able to become free of it through Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, who has died for that reason for you on the cross – because the admission that you have become guilty must precede the will of having been redeemed from it, because then you consciously strive for the return to your father house. Once you must realize that wrong, that once you have sinned against God himself, and then also seriously desire that you become free of that great guilt, on which your being on earth is based. And when you now consciously carry this guilt under the cross, then it will also be forgiven for you and also all guilt, which you committed on earth, when you were still without knowledge, what the divine redeemer means for mankind. But the mere confessing with the mouth is not enough; just a form faith in him is not enough; you must be completely aware what the man Jesus has done for you, that he has suffered and died for you, for your sin guilt, to bring to God the atonement offering without which you would have never been able to enter the kingdom of light. Only that is a living faith, and this alone is assessed by God, your father from eternity. Because only then you also recognize your gigantic guilt, and you now also confess yourselves guilty and ask for forgiveness. That alone is the task, which you are to fulfil on earth, but which you will only then fulfil, when love has taken possession of you, because a man completely without love does not deal with such thoughts. He cannot believe, and for that reason his life will also be idle; he does not fulfil the actual purpose to again change to that what he was at the earliest beginning, because his original guilt burdens him when he goes over to the opposite kingdom, and he cannot be freed of it, before he does not find to Jesus, who certainly also approaches him over there, but lets his will the freedom, whether he accepts him or not. For that reason a light is given to you constantly about it, but only rarely open hearts and ears are found, which are grateful for that light, but the majority of men is aware of no guilt, they do not follow the reason of their existence and live along in a carefreeness only desiring what creates a sense of well-being for their earthy body. They neither have deeper thoughts nor do they live out of their own drive in love, otherwise they would certainly also slowly come to right recognition. And time hurries. It becomes shorter and shorter, because the end is near. It is only still a tiny small part, whose attention can be drawn to the importance of the work of redemption by God himself, because it is exactly the work of redemption, which is denied in almost the whole world, and even where this is emphasized there mostly a form faith has remained only, but which leaves a great deal of liveliness to be desired that certainly of a redemption through him is spoken of, but little use is made through conscious recognition and confession of guilt, but what only results in redemption. All men do not know that they themselves need to use their will; they believe that only the confessing with the mouth is necessary to receive forgiveness of their guilt, but that it cannot be assessed by God, but man must devote himself fully aware in free will to the divine redeemer. Only then the work of redemption can have an effect in him. But as long as men receive knowledge with ears only, but the heart remains uninvolved, they cannot reckon with redemption of their original guilt. That is why the work of those will always be blessed who seek to have a living effect upon fellowmen, who above all admonish men to love to be able to understand the great work of redemption. And all those will be redeemed from their guilt who are now also able to believe lively, to whom love gives a light, which will now light up more and more, because they have found redemption from their great guilt. But all men are to recognize that without Jesus Christ there is no way to God, since only one could wipe out this great guilt, but who now wants to be consciously called upon for forgiveness, to now also being able to hand out unlimited happiness, because God and Jesus Christ is one. And exactly in this lies the great secret that you again acknowledge God in Jesus Christ, to whom you once had refused your acknowledgment and as a result fell into the deep. That was your great sin, which let you become guilty and which Jesus Christ has de-atoned for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 9010.


Book 94 9011

Resistance decreases the power of love illumination.

8. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9011.

Not the smallest resistance is allowed to oppose my love illumination; otherwise it cannot have an effect upon you. And so you will also understand it that you must devote yourselves to me completely free, because all compulsion switches off, and therefore it is first your will which must give way to me, but then I can take possession of you, and I truly no longer let you from me. It is about your will, but my opponent also fights about it with all cunning and trickery. But you will always recognize him, because he only entices you with earthly goods, because he will bring no spiritual material to you at all, which you can only receive from me. When you now keep turning such thoughts over in your mind, which always only bind you to the earthly world, then you are under his control. But if you devote yourself to thoughts, which obviously have me myself as source, and you follow them, then you are led away from the earthly world, because I want that you connect with me exactly through good thoughts or an intimate prayer to now being able to draw you towards me, to give to you what is food for your soul, that it receives what it needs to mature. Then you will truly receive food and drink, because this is my love illumination, which is certain for you, when you devote yourselves in free will to me, when you open your heart to me and want to receive my love illumination. But this always necessitates the conscious voluntary devotion to me. But then you can no longer get lost; then you again return to me, where once your start was. Only one thing you are not allowed to forget, that my love cannot become effective, when you yourselves resist, when you put up the smallest resistance, and resistance it is already when earthly things still entice you, when you neglect me for their sake and I do not stand in the first place, when you give priority to earthly things and I then no longer find entrance into your heart alone. The world has many dangers in itself, which you do not recognize as such, but which always draw man away from spiritual striving. And he is to avoid these dangers, if he wants to belong completely to me, because I certainly give him nicer and better things, which makes up for all things of the world, but which only I myself can hand out to mine, to those, who belong to me completely and are prepared to give everything to me. And these will also carry away the victory at the end over all others, because then they will have to pass the greatest faith test for me, and still do not need to be defeated, because I myself will help them in the last fight on this earth. Therefore much is certainly demanded of them and nevertheless they need to fear nothing, because just as much power will be given to them, because they have overcome the world completely, and where then is the opponent still to apply his skills of temptations? He can no longer pull them down to the deep, because then he would have to fight against myself, but he flees from me and therefore also from you, you who are mine. And that is why I always only want that you give me your will out of the heart, that there is no longer any other thing for you, than that you always only stay in thoughts with me, that my love illumination can become effective and that you unite with me intimately. Then I have won you; then you have again entered the original relationship in which you stood in the earliest beginning. I only want one thing that you again press towards me like once, that your hearts open into which I now again can let my love flow. And in order to reach that, you must give up everything what connects you with the world, but you are allowed to enjoy that what I myself send to you, but just do not get lost to earthly goods, which are always just means of the opponent, who wants to ruin you. Amen. B.D. NR. 9011.


Book 94 9012

The miracle work of divine creation.

10. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9012.

Everything what announces itself to you through creation proves my power, my wisdom and my love. But only when you think about it, you become aware which miracles take place daily around you, otherwise you go past it completely indifferently. But to every thinking man innumerable proofs give knowledge about it that an extremely perfect being exists, which manages and rules everything in love and wisdom, which cares for the preservation of that what has emerged out of its hand. And therefore man can recognize me, and he also must acknowledge me as existing, because he cannot deny it that creation must have emerged out of a power, which rules in highest wisdom and deepest love, which gave to everything what it has created a purpose designation. But he must also recognize that this creation arose alone for the sake of man, and therefore also conclude that man is more than just a being, which only exists a time, to then pass again into a nothing. My whole creation should give him this recognition, and he will also get it as soon as he once deals with it in detail. Then I truly direct his thoughts so that they become close to truth. Because that is the actual purpose of creation that man – who is equipped with intellect and free will - deals with it in detail in thoughts, that everything what he sees makes him think – for I have given him the ability to think not for nothing – because exactly the direction of thoughts can also determine him to the right direction of his will, which alone is decisive for both his earth life as well as his further lot. Because that man is basically immortal, that he will then also recognize, because he learns to see himself as centre of the whole of creation, which serves him for perfection. Because he is the only thinking being, which has free will, while all creations – also the animal world – can neither think nor want, only has a weak approximation to it as natural drive, of which the being is not aware. And this being enabled to think is now also to use the intellect, to think about it and everything will reveal itself as the greatest proof of divine love and wisdom. Because I created the whole world with all visible and invisible creations only for you men that you can again reach perfection. But that you first have to know about it, that can alone your will achieve, because without the will you do not think, and the whole work of creation leaves you untouched. And you are still surrounded by so many works of creation, of works, which you are not able to create yourselves, which you should recognize as the work of a thinking power, which itself has a will, which testifies of love and wisdom. And you walk along your life course in indifference, where you should always just praise and glorify the creator, who has put you into this world, alone only for that reason that you can again perfect yourselves. Because the one thing you will have to realize that you do not go through this world in vain, that you – the same as all creations around you must fulfil a purpose – also stay in this creation because of a purpose and that you only then hear about this purpose of earth life, when your will is prepared for wanting to hear it. Then enlightenment will also be sent to you, and then your will will always still alone be decisive whether you reach the aim, which is meaning and purpose of your earth life. But to him walking along blindly no light can be given, because also this my wisdom has well considered that no man is allowed to be forced to a change of will, that he must decide completely free, but for that reason the miracle work of my creation will again and again be placed before his eyes, and as soon as he thinks about it, his will can automatically become active, and then he will also reach his aim. Amen. B.D. NR. 9012.


Book 94 9013

Which messages guarantee truth.

12. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9013.

Despite my exceedingly great love I cannot receive you into my kingdom as long as you still set yourselves against the work of redemption of Jesus Christ, because with it you close for yourselves the gate into the kingdom of light, to which Jesus Christ alone is the entrance. Because with him you then also reject myself, because he and I is one. Only when you will understand that I – the infinite spirit from eternity – became visible in him for you, will my love be able to make you happy again, because only then you acknowledge me in him; the former sin of the defection from me can now be forgiven for you, and you will again let yourselves be illuminated by my love power as before this time. That now exactly for this great work of compassion of Jesus Christ you men lack understanding is also a sign of the forthcoming end, because the adversary has made a complete job of it. He has succeeded spreading a dark veil over exactly my becoming man, because he wants to prevent it that you men get redeemed, and that is why the time has also come where an end is put to his work. Everywhere in the world spiritual trends become apparent, which stand away from truth, because the opponent also still influences men from over there to mislead them. And there are many men who believe all those messages, because they come from the spiritual kingdom. But that also there my opponent can still have an effect upon beings, which spread untruth and seek to transmit such to earth men and also often have opportunity to do it, to irritate men, that is again the result that they do not turn to myself for truthful enlightenment. And that is why I can always only say: Do not believe such messages, where the redemption work of Jesus Christ is not placed in front, because they are mistaken, even so they contain part-truths. But exactly the redemption of Jesus Christ is of such importance that you can measure the credibility of the receptions on it and you are not allowed to be satisfied with a knowledge of which you are not completely convinced, exactly because you are left without knowledge about the most important thing - about that what guarantees you the entry into the kingdom of light. How do you now want to decide what truth and what error is, if not the one instructs you who knows about everything and can also enlighten you truthfully? Also the work at men of this earth from the kingdom on the other side I cannot prevent due to free will of men, but again and again I give the right way myself, how they can reach pure truth. But also this work of my spirit in man is only the result of the preceding redemption through Jesus Christ. And for that reason my opponent has also great power from that kingdom, because he again and again foils this redemption and leaves men in ignorance about the true nature of Jesus, because he wants to prevent by all means that they still find the redemption of him on earth, and for that reason he influences those beings, which have always resisted this thought of redemption and who also now conduct erroneous teaching to earth. That I am now making an effort any time through light beings to uncover this fallacy – that I again and again also send to men pure truth exactly through those, that you take as occasion that you mix up such truthful revelations with wrong spiritual material. And as you lack the gift of differentiation, it is so often possible that good messages out of the kingdom of light are in the midst of erroneous teachings and which again let the receiver doubt the credibility of all messages. But one thing is the sure characteristic of erroneous communications: that my becoming man in Jesus and my work of redemption is not mentioned or even denied. And thereby you can always measure truth, because a truthfully spirit-awakened man knows it what he has to think of it, because men are consciously misled and then also the value of the announcements of the light beings has sunk, which because of that could not assert themselves, because the desire for pure truth was not in existence in men. Because then also the redemption work of Jesus Christ would have been explained to them comprehensibly, and the work of the opponent would now have been switched off. Because the mistake lies with man himself, who believes all announcements out of the spiritual kingdom, only because they started from there, but does not know that the opponent can also there develop his power and only the will to be protected from fallacy protects him. Then he can give no erroneous messages, because the desire for pure truth also guarantees the receipt of the same. And this you must know, then you can confidently devote yourselves to the words, which the spirit out of me imparts, because I am eternal truth, and only pure truth can start from me. But it is characterised through the feature of the redemption work of Jesus Christ, and only who believes in this, he will for ever no longer be able to be mistaken, because eternal truth has opened itself to him, it has revealed itself to him and initiated him into truth, as it has promised it to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 9013.


Book 94 9014

Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased.

13. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9014.

Whenever you cannot help thinking of a deceased then know that this is always a request for help, which you can give to them because no man looks after them. And when they now see a light with you, then also they want to be there and to be strengthened by this light because often they do not know what that light means, especially then when they have been entangled in error up to then. Then just one thought of this soul is enough and the request to also be there to accept an instruction. For the need is great especially with those souls, which are not followed by loving intercession and which are also to be helped that they come into the possession of truth. Only once a conscious request to take part in your explanations is already enough to now bind the souls permanently to you, and the success will always be that they no longer leave you, that they incorporate themselves into the great crowd of those who I now can also address myself. And you will permanently be surrounded by souls who want to extend their knowledge to again serve to those who still possess less knowledge and whom they also want to help. And what now matters is that you announce to them my work of redemption because only then they also accept deeper knowledge when they once have found to him and found redemption from their guilt. As a prerequisite of this they first have to be effective in love because only then understanding can be given to them when they again apply their will to love to help the souls who have the same need. Only then they will penetrate deeper and deeper themselves, and it will be easy for them to devote to the divine redeemer and to ask him for forgiveness of their guilt. But then the divine word flows towards them constantly, then they also accept it, no matter where and how it is offered to them. But exactly the first step is very difficult for a soul until it once has experienced the power of intercession, which expresses itself then in the change of its will, which is now also easier to influence, and the call to such a soul is now also obeyed. That is why you are to pay attention to every such request, and come to the aid of the souls, who long for help, who certainly make many people on earth think of them, but only find intercession from those who can help them spiritually because they consciously are united with me and I can reveal myself to them. And that my word has a tremendous power effect that every soul will be allowed to experience which once has come to you because its upward development is guaranteed. Once the opportunity is offered to me to announce myself to a person through the effect of my spirit then this person stands in the middle of a gleam of light which attracts many souls which are willing to accept the same which is offered to you, and through you also all those souls which you include in your intercession, but which then also cannot get lost. Because then only love towards those souls drives you, and for the sake of this love I also supply power to those for whom you pray. I also have to accept the laws in the hereafter, to which first belongs the free will of the being, which is not allowed to be touched, neither by myself nor by my opponent. That is what it is all about that you – who also have to respect free will, only think lovingly of those who are still weak in their will, but who cannot resist the power of your intercession and whom you therefore can guide in their will, which does not resist you because the power of love touches it charitably and then it also draws it towards you irrevocably and you can now also impart the Gospel of love to them. Would you know how longingly your following (the souls) accepts (accept) my word, how they always feel that they advance, and how they are grateful towards you who have helped them through your intercession to take part in your explanations, you would not stop to pray for all such souls, and enjoy their ascent because also they protect you where they can so that the receipt of the word does not get interrupted – you also purify your atmosphere around you so that they are not exposed to temptations through the opponent as soon as they are around you. That is exactly why your activity is so important because you can contribute to the redemption of many souls by giving them bread and wine, therefore supplying them with the most exquisite drink of life and the most effective food and you will once feel it with inner happiness that you could contribute to their ascent, which without your intercession would still languish a very long time in darkness. Pay therefore attention to every thought which reminds you of a deceased; see it as a call for help which you are not allowed to reject, and then consciously call him near to you, and the first step upward has been done because as soon as a person assists such a soul through intercession I can therefore also supply the soul with power – what is otherwise not possible for me because it goes against the law from eternity, as only free will can request such, but which I now see in loving intercession and then also bestow my mercy on that soul and can now also give to it through you the favour of my address. Through intercession in love men could redeem all spiritual, but how few are aware of it and what great power has therefore my opponent who tries everything to disturb such connection from the spiritual world to earth, but who has no effect when a person devotes himself in love to me and I now will protect this one – especially then when I want to address also the souls in the hereafter through him, by what my opponent can never hinder me. For where there is the will for redemption there men will also be freed from him who kept them bound long enough and whose weapon is love alone, which conquers him and which he flees – because it is and remains my part for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 9014.


Book 94 9015


14. and 15. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9015.

Long before first men dwelled on earth, which were equipped by God with free will and intellect, man-like beings existed already, whose assignment it was to make earth suitable for following mankind. They carried out works instinctively, i.e. driven by nature’s law, – by them being active to preserve themselves, they picked fruit, harvested products of the land, and built up homes for themselves – they did everything what instinctively served their advantage. But they could not be called to account for everything they did because inside of them a being had not yet been embodied, which held all particles of a fallen original spirit in itself. These beings were already very similar to men; bodily they were of the same shape, but they were neither I-conscious nor could they communicate between each other, only the desire was strong in them to preserve themselves, and they often reached a high age; they as it were served creation by contributing to the reshaping of the surface of the earth, which was always more prepared to offer men a stay which corresponded to their needs. But no assignments had yet been given to those beings; they merely served the not yet matured original spirits as last maturation possibility, which they were then to continue as man with free will and intellect. So these pre-men – the Pre-Adamites – could therefore not be considered as proper men, because their nature, their appearance and everything they do corresponded more to an animal, which is still far behind in its development, only the form was like that of a man, and so it happened that later these creatures were called pre-men, but which could not stand a comparison with man, who was in possession of free will and understanding, which he was now to also use properly intellectually. One can also not say that man has developed out of these Pre-Adamites, because he was a new creation, which God only then put out, when many of the first original spirits awaited their embodiment. Pre-man was one of the many creations, which all had to fulfil their purpose, to prepare a home for later following man, which guaranteed a carefree earth life for him. (15.7.1965) The Pre-Adamites were those human-like beings, which could not be called to account because they led an animal life, where all instincts revealed themselves – who lived long before man on earth – who had no I-consciousness and could only live in groups – who were therefore only there found where later men were once to stay, for whom they prepared the actual area through a regular activity. They were innate to those beings and expressed themselves in the cultivating of wide stretches of fields, in methodical spreading of essential substances and the harvesting again of such stretches of land. All this they did unconsciously, out of a natural drive to preserve themselves. They fought each other, and the stronger won. And so they also contributed that again and again new spirit beings incarnated, when also only for shorter times, where they proved their strength, where more or less strong drives came into play, which became weaker and weaker the longer they lived, and then also slowly reached maturity to now be able to enter the last embodiment as man. Therefore human-like beings existed already long before first men, which however cannot be linked to proper men. They were certainly comparable with them in their outer form; but they dwelled like animals – both in their drives as well as in their way of reproduction, which developed according to the substance of their souls, and also belonged to the many works of creation, which again disappeared, when they had fulfilled their earth assignment, therefore the beings no longer needed such creations, and which now completely died out like so many creations, which earth held for a time to then make again space for new creations. But it cannot be said man in his present form has developed out of these pre-human creations, but he was and is a new creation, endowed with free will and intellect, which now had to prove itself, therefore also received back the I-consciousness. To what degree those Pre-Adamites could also have a certain intellect at their disposal depended merely on the degree of maturity of the soul particles held in them, but which were not able to think and that intellect was expressed in the creating activity only, therefore was achieved unconsciously. But this activity has also created the greatest miracle works, as these can often be seen in nature, that ways were formed where these beings could get to one another, that they created gorges and underground passages and so therefore have first created the prerequisites for men, that these then could lead the proper life when the time had come where the first original spirits could embody themselves as men. The more men now spread, (original spirits now waited to get embodied), the more also pre-men retreated, which certainly always only happened step by step until then the human race inhabited earth and for these the time of probation started, where now every once fallen original spirit was to stand the test, but that is why man also has to be equipped with I-consciousness, intellect and free will to now to go the way over this earth, which again returns him to the father from whom he once went out. Amen. B.D. NR. 9015.


Book 94 9016

Time estimation not possible for men.

16. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9016.

I will always know how to avoid that you do not feel to be deserted by me because in all needs and worries you are to turn to me, and you will always receive answers because I know it what makes you worry, but I am always ready to relieve you of these when only you hand them over to me trustingly. You do not need to have any thoughts because I think for you; I also know it what is on your mind and which questions you consider. Endless long times have passed in which men already live on earth because the time estimate, which you take from the book of the fathers, has only insofar its legitimacy as that the prevailing spiritual state of those men is seen from it, but that the human race inhabits earth already over-long times – that only always those events in their orientation were recorded, which were of importance for the development of men – but that it is no longer possible to determine these times in their duration; you would never come to a proper result. But so much is certain that already many earth periods are lying behind you, but that man has always remained the same work of creation, which he is still today – that he also could make use of his intellect from the beginning and that always the same problems moved him, which also still worry men today, as far as they concerned the cause of existence and its purpose. Because this gift, to think about it, I had given men from the beginning. Already at that time men discovered traces of prehistoric creatures, which they certainly did not want to acknowledge as people like them, as they differed considerably from their own kind and because first men knew that before them no men like them existed, because they recognized themselves as a new creation; they themselves knew it that with their existence an act of creation started, which had not yet been there before. They knew it that they could exchange ideas and that it was possible for every created man to exchange ideas with fellow men. Moreover such pre-beings were unknown to them, as they also did not know all pre-creations, which they themselves had to pass through, until they were allowed to embody themselves as man. But never have those Pre-Adamites lived with men on earth at the same time, because those had died out when men arrived on earth. Therefore a living together could never have taken place because such did not fulfil my plan from eternity, which would not have let any faultiness develop at a time where perfect man was to prove himself as the crown of creation. Because this man was not aware of all pre-creations; he did not know his long walk through the works of creation of this earth, and therefore he had to be a perfect new creation, which could receive a soul because a completely new walk on earth started for man with the aim of the final union with me. That man did not reach this last union out of his own failure has however nothing to do with the walk through the pre-stages because every soul, which is once allowed to embody itself as man, has also reached the degree of maturity, which allows such an embodiment. But it is impossible for man to establish an exact time for his stay on earth, and he will also receive no enlightenment about this because it is irrelevant, how long he already inhabits earth, and therefore also the times cannot be determined where those pre-men have lived, but that is certain, that they preceded men, that they stayed everywhere before primeval times as likewise a creation, which served the maturation of endless many soul particles, and they also contributed to the upward development of these particles, which were then allowed to again embody themselves in man. You men can no longer ascertain this time wise, and this will also not be possible for you, you can only assume an estimated time, but will never know whether this is correct because the life of every single man is limited. But my creation already exists eternities, which will also remain eternities for you, until you once reach light. Then you will also know that the idea of eternity is for me fleeting moment. Amen. B.D. NR. 9016.


Book 94 9017

With all intimacy pursue the redemption thought of Jesus.

17. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9017.

Of far greater importance for you men is that you know which great meaning earth life has for yourselves, which assignment each of you has, that you make good use of the short time you dwell on earth, because for this you once have to answer. You then take knowledge about former things less seriously because about them you will achieve knowledge the moment when your degree of love has only reached that height, which guarantees you a proper knowledge about everything. And so you are to always only seek to increase the degree of love so that brightest recognition surrounds you at your entry into the other kingdom. Then you will also be able to follow the process of creation because then no space and time law does exist for you anymore, you will be able to follow up everything whatever has taken place for the sake of the return of my creatures – but then you will also know about the purpose of all my creations, and nothing will be hidden anymore for you. Then you will also know that the most important thing for you men has been that I myself descended to earth to achieve for you the work of mercy in the form of the man Jesus, without which all your knowledge would be worthless, because you then would be lost forever and if you would just know about everything. For only the knowledge about my descent to earth, about my going to the cross and the sin offering for you is necessary to become free of the great original sin, for the sake of which I let the whole creation come into being. And when you now on earth pursue this redemption thought with all intimacy, you take your way to me in Jesus, then you are also released from that great original sin, and my work of creation will also stand before your eyes brightly and illuminatingly, and what are still mysteries for you as man that solves itself in a completely miraculous way. I only demand the close union with me to be now also again able to make you happy with my love illumination, but which then also guarantees full light about all questions so far still belonging to the past. Because nothing is without purpose in my creation, but you cannot always know about the purpose and above all when it is about creations, which are incomprehensible for you because you do not know about their actual purpose. But that every work of creation has a purpose, otherwise it would not have been created by me, should also be clear to you, you only do not know about the purpose of every individual work of creation, but once it will be clearly visible to you. That is why you are to try urgently to acquire true knowledge about the great work of mercy, which I achieved myself in the man Jesus, and seek to make yourself taking part in the treasure of favour, which I acquired for you as man Jesus. Then you will certainly be allowed to take a far deeper insight into all secrets, which my creation still holds for you, than you can achieve through sheer knowledge about all my creations. Because you only have to be free of your original sin to then also be able to recognize everything lucidly and clearly, to be able to again take yourselves back to all creations, which is well possible for you in the state of perfection, but only, to extend your knowledge about the purpose of each individual outer form. And you will look at all these creations over-happily, which served you to further your upward development, and once it will also be clear to you that every work of creation always only attests my infinite love towards the fallen, because I alone know in which outer form the soul can mature. Once also you will be able to understand it, and that is why you are to make an effort on earth, that you acquire a high degree of love for yourselves, that you desire to know less, because intellectual knowledge does not replace love in the heart. But conversely this will unlock full knowledge to you when you will have entered the kingdom of light and when there are no longer unsolved problems for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 9017.


Book 94 9018

Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness.

18. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9018.

My love is also meant for the souls in darkness, and constantly I seek to have an effect on them, to soften their thoughts and to again and again turn them towards me, because also in the deep now and again the cross lights up, but is only noticed by those whose mind is already softened, which are in lethargy of the spirit, which therefore also feel touched by the cross of Christ, actually also only so far that they are not forced to express their view. The cross will just be a sign for them which they recall, and their state can change according to the impression of it. As soon as a soul gets into this lethargic state, also for them the hope exists that it finally sees the light and would like to leave the place, which was its stay for a long time – that it longs for change, for a gleam of light, which might break through darkness. And then it will also again and again by illuminated by light sparks; it feels these light sparks as invitation to follow them, and so comes slowly up; it gets into a circle of seeking souls, which all follow the light, where such is also now carried towards them. They are invited to give assistances and also not reject such, because finally a work is assigned to them, which they like to comply with. But now they feel through this assistance also for themselves a help; they feel the power of love, which they give to those seeking help, and at the same time they also receive instructions why they can feel that feeling themselves, and therefore they are stimulated to constant assistances to therefore also find own help in their trouble. And they are certainly the fewest who return again to their old surroundings, which then just did not yet have the serious will to get out of the deep up. But if the cross has once become visible to these souls, then it will not be difficult, to also point them to the importance of that what both the light beings, which stay unrecognized among them, as well as man can do to these souls through preaching of the Gospel and they are also listened to by those because their resistance is broken, they can only just sink back into the old lethargy, but to arise from it again and again when it is essential to give help to those who are still in a worse way and so therefore all these souls help themselves, when the will to help is ready. Only the start is always very difficult to move the souls that they not only turn the thoughts towards themselves, that they are caused to lend a hand – but when this is achieved, then each one soul constantly climbs up, because with the help given by me also its power rises, and it then can do nothing else than wanting to help. And so the coming off out of the deep alone is the most difficult work, but which every intercession for such souls strongly supports so that more and more souls calm down that their state is no longer an eternal fight, that the soul isolates itself from its surroundings and slowly thinks of itself. Because no man on earth intercedes for these souls in vain. And the souls also notice that they are helped from a side, and they do not fight it, and therefore it also comes off more and more from its surroundings, until it then follows the light sparks, which lead them out. Only rarely a soul wants again back, and that only, when it is prepared for no assistance, that it therefore also does not feel the power, which it receives itself through it. Then it certainly takes a considerable time until it still changes its will and again makes the attempt to reach up out of the deep. In no way are these souls abandoned, only that they themselves lengthen their stay in the deep through their resistance, but which still can be broken exactly through intercession in love. And if every man would just think in love of one of such unhappy spirit, then all would already be redeemed, because love is the strongest power, which no being can resist constantly. But how many men on earth think of giving also their intercession to those who are unhappy in the true sense of the word, which therefore can only be redeemed through love? But again and again also light beings descend and introduce their situation to them, requesting them to follow them, because there are places everywhere, where they can be helped, if only the being has once given up resistance. Because my constant care is meant for those souls, so that they are not again banished into matter. And that is why exactly before the end of a redemption period a great redemption work starts, both on earth as well as in the opposite kingdom, to help as much souls up out of the deep as possible, so that they do not need to go once more the course over earth, and every soul, which has just the smallest little love spark in itself, will be rescued. Amen. B.D. NR. 9018.


Book 94 9019

First Corinthians, 2-10.

19. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9019.

The spirit out of God it is which introduces you to the deepest depths of the divinity, to his eternally unfathomable nature, but which also simultaneously reveals to you that no being can fathom him completely, even if he allows him insight into his rule and work in infinity, when he wants to initiate his children into the greatest secrets of his nature. But these will remain a secret until all eternity. But he reveals himself to his children, i.e., as far as they are receptive, he can illuminate them with his love. This means that a light lights up in his child, which is so bright that nothing remains hidden what could give you information about your relationship to him from earliest beginning. Unfathomable is the knowledge which you can receive, and still you will not be able to comprehend his nature in eternity, but that what you hear will be enough to make you happy endlessly. The measure of knowledge you can increase any time yourselves, because also to you no limits are set, provided that you have become perfect. Then you leave everything limited behind you; your aim will always only be that you become worthy of his love, which wants to illuminate you again and again and which you now no longer reject, as you have done it once. You have now gotten in so intimate touch with the divine spirit that you now can also have an effect in his power - that it is not yourselves who have an effect there, but God himself is in you with his spirit; you have joined together with him, and no matter what you do now – it is God himself, who works every act in you. Then you are truly his children who want to do nothing else than it is the holy will of the father, because the same will is also in the child. Who has reached this maturity, he can say by right, he knows about the depths of the divinity, because God revealed himself to him. And for him there is now nothing more what would still be veiled to him, because God’s spirit is in him and therefore creates this feeling of divinity in him. But then the child has reached the highest divine-making; then it is eternally no longer separable from God; but still remains an individual being, which is immeasurably happy and now also wants to transfer its happiness upon other beings less happy. It is your task to reach this high aim still during earth life, which all of you are to fulfil and also can fulfil – which brings in endless happiness for you, a lot, which no being can ever rob from you. Because once you have entered the kingdom of light, then you will constantly strive towards the highest and most perfect being, and the being will also repay you for this will; it will let you find it and continually put you into the state of longing for it and also constantly fulfil the longing for you. Because the greatest is his love, and he does everything to make his children happy. And to this also belongs that he reveals himself more and more, that all of them can have insight into his nature and that he still does not reveal himself completely, because exactly in this his happiness lies, being able to offer his children more and more, because the measure which he hands out is inexhaustible, because for him and for everything perfect there is no limit. That God has now pointed man through his apostle to the penetration of the depths of the divinity, was necessary with the spiritual state of men at the time of his walk on earth, because no man believed in such a union of God towards men, that he could reveal himself in his depth to them. And still it was just the sign of that the love of God was exceedingly great and he wanted it that man sought to penetrate into his nature, that he offered himself to them, so that they were to feel themselves authorized to get in touch with the spirit out of God to find out this great secret. He wanted to stimulate them not to let up researching his nature, although they did not succeed completely, but he promised them that the deepest depths of the divinity would reveal themselves, and through it stimulated men to establish spiritual connections with the highest and most perfect being. Because what was not possible earthly, that the spirit out of God wanted to teach men, and consequently God gave a sign to men, when this union was established: when knowledge would be given to men about the nature of God, which certainly could never be made exhaustively comprehensible to them, but still was regarded as proof that God revealed himself as the highest and most perfect being, which can never be surpassed. And if a man now doubts this, the Bible gives him the best proof for it that the spirit out of God reveals to him the deepest things about his nature. Because exactly out of the book of books you seek the pieces of evidence, but you do not want to accept the most important proof that the spirit out of God researches all things, otherwise you could oppose no doubts to the revelations from above. Then you could also deal with it intellectually, and with good will it would be easy for you, to acquire truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 9019.


Book 94 9020

What fate the world is heading for.

20. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9020.

Would you know what fate you are heading for, no minute longer would you desire the world with all its goods. Because you will lose all these and will have to be satisfied with little, which remains for you after hours of extreme trouble and distress. And still you cannot be spared this, because the time of the end is very near to you and because you are to rid yourselves of all this before, what belongs to the world and also of him who is the lord of this world. And as soon as you adapt yourselves right to me, your God and creator from eternity, life will also now be bearable for you. But who has this right attitude towards me? The firm belief that I help him in every trouble; who entrusts himself to me completely, and who is prepared to give his life for the sake of the neighbour? Because that will be your lot that you decide voluntarily to also take death upon yourselves, to rescue the life of the neighbour! But that will not be your loss, because you certainly lose life on earth, but will definitely acquire eternal life for yourselves, which no-one can take from you anymore. Therefore do not be afraid whatever might come. And firmly believe that you carry on living – and therefore take care that you can leave earth life in a state, which earns you life in eternity. Because also life on this earth ends shortly afterwards, and then the great reckoning will take place. The gates into the opposite kingdom will be closed, and only those will stay on earth who are slaves to Satan and loyal to me – the first will again be banished in matter, and the last I will rapture with living body, to enliven the newly shaped earth. And because I let warnings and admonitions precede such dissolving of earth, also the preceding natural disaster must be seen as such an omen, which will very certainly be followed by the end. For that reason I end an earth period, because men no longer use earth life for maturation of souls, and I still want to rescue what lets itself be rescued. Because I love all of you, my creatures, and I do not want your ruin, but your redemption out of the fetter of him who is to blame for your defection. But I cannot cause you against your will to live according to my will and therefore lead a life, which guarantees eternal life to you. I always must give priority to your will, and as this will is, also your lot will be. But as this time is now already planned for eternity, where judgement takes place, you all have enough opportunity to change, that you do not need to be counted to the victims of this judgement. But faith in this you lack, and so the end will also surprise you and find you completely unprepared. And I cannot do more than send a serious warning to you before, a natural event, which is so powerful in its extent that it triggers the greatest fright and you should recognize thereby the serious voice of your God and creator, but until the end the free will of man decides his lot, because neither I nor my opponent will apply compulsion. But the opponent will have to record greater successes, but not being able to enjoy them, because also what belongs to him I snatch again from his power, to engender it into hard matter, so that he still loses power the further the ascent development goes, which always also produces beings having reached light, which have completely escaped from him and returned into their father house, where they once have taken their start. Amen. B.D. NR. 9020.


Book 94 9021

Divine promise to care for the earthly welfare of man.

21. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9021.

Whatever you undertake, it must be a blessing to you, as soon as you make an effort to bring my word to fellowmen. Because this is the most important task which you can carry out, because it is alone about that you fulfil my will during earth life and that I announce this my will to you through my word from above. Every other activity – and no matter how important it seems - is minor matter; the reaching of the aim of the soul alone is still to be taken seriously, because only for this reason it goes over earth, and this aim is to be considered as most urgent, because everything else what it achieves earthly, is again taken from it through earthly death. When you now look after your brothers, you who are richly blessed with spiritual gifts by me, then you also fulfil your earth task, which consists of the handing out of these spiritual gifts. But exactly this your activity is little acknowledged and made out to be useless, because one can acquire no earthly goods with it. But I have told you: Seek ye first the kingdom of God - everything else will be added unto you. And according to this saying your life on earth is to be conditioned; you are to try by all means to reach just me myself and my kingdom, and you will have no trouble. Earthly and spiritually I truly want to give you everything what you need, and I always just demand of you that you also announce my work at and in you to your fellowmen. Because when you consider that I alone have given you earth life as man for the sake of maturation of the soul and that I gave you that promise, to take over the care for your earthly and spiritual welfare myself, then you can lead an easy earth life, because my promises become true implicitly. But as there are many unbelievers right among you, you are to show them the visible help, which I give to those who serve me – you are to say to them that my word is truth and must come true when only the conditions are fulfilled, which I have made that I again bring to all of you my teachings, which I have expressed at the time of my earth walk, and that it is for me mainly about the fulfilment of the love commands, that you are also allowed to take up my care. Because that alone is your earth task, that your soul can enter the opposite kingdom matured as far as possibly, then it has fulfilled its earth life purpose; it has not lived in vain the endless long state in the pre-stages and has now come closer to me as man, as my plan from eternity had planned. As long as you do not consider this maturation of the soul as the thing of most importance, as long as you just keep busy with earthly things, I myself cannot take over the care for you, as I would very much like to do it, if you just would seriously strive towards me and my kingdom. But how difficult are you making the existence on earth for yourselves? You worry about earthly goods, of which you know that they are passing. But you do not believe my promise, that I also give to you these goods, when only you would take the care for the soul more seriously than that for the body. And again and again I show you that it is only about your soul, which you are to bring to me – again and again I explain to you the meaning and purpose of earth life, and I announce my will to you, which only exist in the self-shaping or transformation back to love. To fulfil this truly not difficult command is to be your whole earth task, and earthly you will have an easy life and then also be able to enter the kingdom of light, as I have promised you. And that I demand of you, my loyal servants, that you explain to men the meaning and purpose of their earth life, that you admonish them to a love life, which will then earn them a visible blessing. Because I truly set no man back, who shows me a service, who is constantly active for me and my kingdom by him contributing to the spreading of my word and does everything what I demand through it from him. He will also be able to cover his bodily life without worry, because it will obviously be possible for me to keep earthly worries far from a man, but always only then, when man also fulfils the preconditions. And exactly these conditions are the content of your whole earth life, to seek me, so that I can let myself being found, because I fulfil each such request, since it is spiritually directed and you are going the course over the earth for the sake of spiritual maturation. As soon as you are clear about the actual meaning and purpose of life, you will also just pursue the one aim, to help your soul to maturity. But then I will bless you, no matter whether you have yourselves reached this knowledge or whether you have been instructed by my messengers. Because then you fulfil all commandments and submit to my will; then the earthly world will no longer attract you, but you only strive to be received into the kingdom where you will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 9021.


Book 94 9022

Early men?

22. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9022.

You just need to turn to me with the request to give you information, and I will not hesitate to give it to you. You do not know it that the act of creation had required endless times, because you measure with your present ideas of time, while the act of creation required eternities, which you cannot imagine intellectually. And that is why you are also not informed right, when you assume the life of the Pre-Adamites as long before man – who was acknowledged as right man through I–consciousness, the intellect and free will. But that does not exclude that these men did (not) know about early men, that they therefore knew about their existence, just described it as long preceding. But that was only after the Fall of Man, when I sent light beings from above among men, which enlightened them also about the course before through all creations. But before all knowledge about it was foreign to them, and therefore they also had no pre-knowledge of those human-like beings, since – wherever men have been created – also these beings have become extinct. But as the population with men only took place slowly – according to the matured original spirits - the process of creation carried on for endless times, and so earth was also not populated with men everywhere at the same time, on the other hand Pre-Adamites only then became extinct when the creation-work "man" appeared. Early men therefore have not lived at the same time with men together, but man was created only at different times, because earth was also formed completely differently and also needed this diversity, because the original spirits also had developed themselves differently, what is not quite comprehensible to you men. It is not so that men were created quite suddenly on earth, but everything happened in a way that one can speak of periodical creation, and each period had produced such beings, before then as last work of creation man stepped into life with I-consciousness, intellect and free will. When I now use the expression: at the same time, then I want to say with that, at the same creation period, but which is so long, that it cannot be proven with numbers – but that those early men preceded actual man, because there is no idea of time with me and before me thousand years are like one day. And the entire act of creation has required such long time that men can raise no time determination anymore, that only the one thing cannot be denied that everything has developed beginning with matter, through the stone and plant world – through the animal kingdom to man, but that I again and again have also created a new outer form for the further developed little soul particles. But that again and again the expression "they have developed to the next being" only concerns the development of the soul, but every outer form was a new creation and always then passes when it has completely fulfilled its purpose, (The expression "they have developed to the next being" concerns therefore only the development of the soul, but every outer form was a new creation, which always then passed when it had completely fulfilled its purpose), why therefore also many beings again passed when then men stepped into life, which could themselves create and form according to their will. Therefore men did not live at the same time with early men together, but what does not exclude that they populated the earth at the same time, just locally they were so far apart that they knew nothing of them, because the time had not come there that man found the right living conditions, which he needed. Only one thing must be clarified, that earth was not populated at the same time with fully responsible men, but these only came long time afterwards, while early men still existed there, where the development of the earth had not progressed so far. It is difficult to develop a picture for you men how the entire process of creation has taken place, because on the one hand you can neither imagine the period in which this work happened, and on the other hand not the enormous space, which had to be populated with the little soul particles of the fallen original spirits. And for this such a diversity was necessary, which only alone my thinking achieved that I saw everything as smallest work of creation in front of me and it also emerged at the same time as complete work – that the creations always adopted greater forms, in which the little soul particles were to mature, and it was teeming with creations of most different kind - and that I moved every work of creation there, where maturation possibilities were offered to it. And so early man was a creation, which I always used there, where the coming family of man was to be expected, which was to once take possession of the earth, to end their process of maturation. But that now earth could time wise show everywhere the same conditions was switched off by my varied will to shape, and there are also today still wide areas, where no man can exist, because living conditions are lacking for him, for which I also have my reason. But one thing is certain, that the outer form of man has been a work of my love, that I created man in my image, and that he also, according to his soul, is to again become my image, but what was not been the case with those early men, they therefore could also not develop to man, which he now is, no matter whether he reaches the maturity of the soul or not. Amen. B.D. NR. 9022.


Book 94 9023

Early men?

23. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9023.

And if now the thought gets hold of you that I let you go along in error, then you must always consider that you make yourselves a wrong idea intellectually, and that for that reason, since the intellect can easily intervene if the union with me is not firmly established – but that I also always make an effort to explain apparent inconsistencies, because you are to be instructed so as it is in accordance with truth. The slow ascent development often let men come to the opinion that this development was to be understood pure bodily – therefore regarding the outer form, however always only the development of the soul was meant; the ascent climb of the substances of the soul in every individual work of creation. And so my work of creation has contained innumerable outer forms, which certainly were to be mentioned as the same creations as a group, but also then still existed of so infinitely many groups, where each one of them deviated from the other, but always repeated itself in the same kind – therefore one could not speak of further development. But with increasing maturity of the substances of the soul also again and again new outer forms emerged, which were only brought to an end with creation-work "man", but he had now to fulfil the last task on earth: to spiritualize himself, to change to that creature, which he was from early beginning – to then being able to bring the walk on earth to an end and to again return to me, from where he had started. That all those pre-creations had to contribute to this change was for me an exceedingly happy process, which once had to lead to success. But to inform a man of this, who is only able to think in a limited way, is only possible in a limited measure, although he can comprehend it suddenly in the state of light, how everything is connected and which purpose each of the outer forms had. But it is enough for earth life when he gets light so far to grasp the process of return just approximately, so that he can also develop for his fellowmen a weak picture of meaning and purpose of creation. And the will of every individual is now decisive how far he penetrates himself into my eternal plan of salvation, which always has only as its aim that my creatures become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 9023.


Book 94 9024

Promise of pure truth.

24. and 26. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9024.

When I again and again give you the promise that you can only receive pure truth from me, then this is to be enough for you to also being able to pass this on in all safety. Because you must consider one thing that the end is very near for you and that I exhaust all possibilities to bring light and clarity to you men so that you find again out of darkness, which the opponent has spread over you. And the means are also truly at my command to also being able to supply truth to men who long for it and – when I recognize the supply of truth as urgently necessary - to also choose for me the right vessels for it, which give the guarantee to me for an accurate reception of my word from above. Moreover I myself say to you: Check everything, and keep the best. And the spirit in you will also cause you to stop short there where doubts about truth overcome you. And then ask me again that I give you enlightenment so that you understand everything right. But that you are not misled in the time of the end, I myself want to teach you through my spirit, and my opponent can no longer bewitch you, because you recognize his intrigues, and your eyes are always directed towards me. The fight between light and darkness lasts already eternally and will still last eternal times, because light can only there assert itself where redemption has already taken place, because then the opponent is no longer in force. And everywhere where my word radiates down to earth, there the opponent has lost his power, and exactly there he will rage and seek to extinguish the light. But I have put up light bearers, which are superior to him in power, against which he cannot fight, because they blind him with their light. He endures everything, just no light, because it shows him up, because it uncovers all his vices and for this reason he flees into darkness. And because the end is so near, it is essential to step out with truth and to carry light everywhere, which is accepted with pleasure, where men feel oppressed by darkness. But you can receive truth only from me, I who am eternal truth and hands it out to all those who suffer from the darkness of spirit, who open their hearts to receive it, and who I therefore can address, because I know their hearts, because I know that they are willing to love and seek me myself, since they seek truth. And these will always be given by me, and I will ensure that they can serve me through the spreading of truth. Because it is to be carried everywhere where just one demanding man sends out his thoughts with questions, which I alone can answer for him. He will then also receive information, and he will always be full of conviction that he possesses pure truth. Therefore do not let yourselves be misled when you have the feeling yourselves to possess pure truth, because this is also my voice, which speaks to you, and then you will be instructed from within, from the spirit spark, which is my share, which presses towards me and seeks to unite with me. (26.7.1965) You must, to be able to work for me, have the conviction in yourselves, to receive nothing else than pure truth to now also being able to support it with conviction. Because this is the last opportunity, which is given to you, to carry light to men. And that the light is recognizable brightly and clearly, for that I will take care of myself, and I will illuminate everything what resists this truth, what you therefore can denounce as error. But I will not let error to be sent to yourselves, because my love prevents such, which I promise all earth children wanting to serve me seriously. That you are still not completely able to penetrate all my messages from above lets you doubt the truth of them from time to time, but once you have given yourselves to me as my own, once I know about your will, which resists against untrue knowledge, I can also protect you from it, because with it you also testify your attitude to him, who is father of the lie, in this your will gives me the right to completely take possession of you and to put you out as light bearers, which are now to spread light on my behalf, so that spiritually blind mankind is led out of the darkness of night. And believe firmer and firmer in my endless love, which will truly not allow that you are in error, you who fight against it. What an earthly father will do, that he does not report untrue things to you, that I will really definitely do, and for that reason you can drop all doubts. Because I again and again tell you: I need you for this work, and the more you stand yourselves in the desire for pure truth the better servants you are for me, and you truly fulfil your activity excellently. For that reason never doubt the veracity of that what is offered to you from above. And that it is offered to you from above, that you will be able to recognize by the content of my messages, which preach nothing but love to you and emphasize the work of redemption of Jesus Christ. And who once received enlightenment with such thoroughness especially about the work of redemption, he has also penetrated into divine revelations so far that he is protected from the influence of bad powers, because his attitude towards Jesus is his most secure protection. Again and again you must imagine that the divine redeemer himself has already taken possession of you, you who support him, and that it is then completely impossible that you are open for error, which therefore starts with my opponent. And in the time of the end it is especially needed to know this, because you will still be attacked often by such who doubt the truth of your announcements, and they are to be resisted by those arguments. Believe in it that I know exactly about the will of the receiver of my word and that I therefore chose such a one for me, who recognized every error immediately and resists the acceptance of it, exactly because it is about the time of the end, where the light of truth alone can bring rescue to men, who want to let themselves be rescued. And a great light will shine in the end, to confirm all that what has been spread as truth. But then the end is also no longer far, because then I will come myself in the clouds, as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 9024.


Book 94 9025

World fire – natural disaster. Decision.

1. August 1965. B.D. Nr. 9025.

Nothing will remain hidden to you who have offered yourselves to serve me because the last events are so violent that you cannot be let remaining in ignorance about it, and that especially then when I want to speak to all men through you. And that is why you are also to find out that only a small impulse is needed to trigger a catastrophe, which can first be regarded as pure worldly, which is the signal for the now following natural disaster, which certainly no man’s will triggers, but which still is the result of human will insofar as this will trigger a world fire, which can be stopped by nothing but my will. And because mankind always only pays attention to world affairs, something has to happen, what is inexplicable to them – the eyes of worldly men have visibly to be drawn to my intervention, and all human plans have to step back in view of the discovery that something prepares itself in the cosmos through which every man can be affected at last. Therefore, men have to learn to fear God, but not human adversaries. And whether it is also up to every individual to believe in a God or not, that cosmic event is still greater and more life threatening than the world fire, which now steps into the background. Because now the spiritual attitude towards the creator and keeper of all things decides whether and how the natural disaster has an effect. Whether you believe it or not, this event comes towards you with gigantic steps, and only a short time still separates you from it, and you, who know about it, you are to draw the attention of every one of your fellow beings to what lies ahead for him, also when you find no faith, but the events will attest to it. For also the end comes closer and closer. This natural disaster is only a last sign for it, but who will let himself still be influenced by it? Men will always only see a natural disaster in this and will not be able to recognize a connection with the spiritual state of men – except the few whose spirit is awakened, but who will not get through and speak in vain to still warn men of the last end, which they now approach inevitably. Do not let the signs pass unnoticed for you for they admonish all of you that you live in the times of the end, and think of that only a short time remains for you where you have to decide to go the way towards me, who can and will rescue you in all misery – or again strive for the opponent who wants to ruin you again for endless times. Because of free will you cannot know about the day and the hour, but I can always only tell you for certain that no longer much time remains for you. But world affairs will touch you all, and that is why you pay little attention to what I am telling you. And with all violence it will descend upon you so that you will not know how you are to protect yourselves. But let the one thing be told to you that only I myself can offer you protection, that you have to resort to me to be led through all dangers and sufferings of the body and the soul. And when you men would just see the one thing from that, that a higher power is at work and that you have to call upon this higher power, otherwise you are irretrievably lost because my opponent will once again apply all power to get you into his hands. And who in the short time until the end no longer decides himself in favour of me, he will then also be bound in matter, and he will have to go again an endless long way through the creations of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 9025.


Book 94 9026

Complete dedication and total subjection of the will.

3. and 5. August 1965. B.D. NR. 9026.

A great responsibility rests on you during your walk on earth, but which you can load onto me myself when you can decide to devote yourselves to me with your complete strength and with your whole soul. Then you can be free of all own responsibility; you know that I then take charge of you, that I direct all your steps so that they inevitably have to end with me, that you therefore subordinate your will completely free to me and you now also have passed the test of will, which is really the purpose of your earthly life. To completely enter into my will relieves you of all responsibility because you then cannot help it to also live in my will; you will act well and just; voluntarily you will fulfil the commandments to love me and your neighbours; the adversary will no longer be able to harm you, and your earth walk will be dealt with completely in my will so that there is no danger that you could cover it without success. Just give yourselves totally into my hands, and you have completely become mine through your devotion; and you then will also have no longer the need to be afraid of the world; earthly matter will let you be unaffected; you will only make use of it according to my will; you will cause it to serve and at the same time give it the opportunity to develop upwards. And all of you are to go this simple way, the way of dedication to me, who am then always prepared to undo the fetters for you, because when you devote yourselves to me in full faith and out of love towards me also the work of redemption of Jesus Christ will be understandably to you, and you take the way to him; you recognize through this myself as your God and creator, as the redeemer out of being bound. (5.8.1965) But then you do not need to be afraid to ever again come under the control of your opponent because his power over you is broken the moment of complete devotion to me, then also your decision turned out in my favour because you now turn away from him and quite consciously strive for me. I now have a right to you, which the opponent can no longer snatch you from me, and in fact your complete love is meant for me and this (and mine) now does not let go from you (me) for ever. When you take this way to me on earth, when you know that in Jesus you call upon your God and father, who sacrificed himself on the cross for you, to wipe out the former severe sin – and when you are now free of the opponent, then you have also made the right decision; you have again accepted the love illumination without which there is no happiness. And your fate will be far more marvellous than before where you certainly went out from me most perfect but were nevertheless my works, while you now have matured to my children, who I could not create myself for me, but have given to you only all abilities for this, to do it yourselves on your own initiative. And I would like to make it easy for you and only need your complete devotion to me that you always only need to think and act as I let you feel it in the heart, and that you are blissful because I myself guide you and direct your thoughts. Then you certainly act in complete free will but this will quite obviously puts itself under me and therefore you can nothing but wanting and acting right. And you have come out of my hand a second time but so as you wanted it yourselves, and now your free will has also helped to become what could not come out of me at the beginning. And your and my happiness will increase all the time because my kingdom will offer you splendours of which you would never have thought possible because what no man’s eye hath ever seen, nor man’s ear ever heard that I have prepared for them that love me. Amen. B.D. NR. 9026.


Book 94 9027

Disparagement of the divine word (time-wise).

6. and 7. August 1965. B.D. NR. 9027.

All of you will be addressed by me, you who want it that your father in heaven speaks to you. And truly no word is spoken to you in vain, because you will be able to again and again draw power out of it, and your knowledge will always be extended by it. And what once is conducted by me to earth, that also retains its value, because they are always divine words, words of love and favour, and no man should try to disparage these, because it is all illumination of my love power, which therefore never loses its value. It is not so that my words can be run down when you receive them time-wise differently, because my word keeps its validity always and for ever and can only be offered in accordance with the state of maturity of the receiver, and I alone can appreciate it. If you therefore believe to now be given otherwise then this can only concern one thing, that the end is approaching more and more and my admonitions and warnings become more and more urgent – but the development of the soul remains always and for ever the same, and everything what I have once expressed does not lose its validity. Because my word does not cancel itself for ever, and where men assume that, there they are not in the state to understand it so as I want it to be understood. Because it is always my word, which is offered to you through the mouth of men, and you are not entitled to judge this, because I truly know it what is best for all of you and for which state of maturity it is given to you. And I will always conduct it there where men just now need this word to develop upwards. And if all of you would be able to hear my voice directly, then I could also address each one of you and answer his questions, but since this is not possible, I keep my addresses so that they serve each one and help him to further development. Because I know all hearts and know what they need, even if you men do not know it. (7.8.1965) I truly know it what serves you to perfection. That is why you are not to believe that I sent my word to earth indiscriminately, but I always address every individual man as his spiritual state demands it and as he is receptive for it. Also the souls in the hereafter are often addressed; answer is given to them to questions, which move them and which I alone can only answer in a way as they understand it, therefore always in accordance with their state of maturity. But you are never allowed to believe that one word from me reaches earth without purpose and destination, because everything is known to me, every state of the one addressed, and also no word loses its value, because there are always men found who must be addressed so and in no other way, and because you are to be only spreaders of that – but never allowed to claim to asses my word. And when I in recognition of the spiritual crisis conduct my word apparently indiscriminately to earth, then also accept it then as suitable for this spiritual trouble, because nothing is given in vain, nothing is without meaning and purpose; everything serves only to ascent development and is suited to the state of maturity of him who receives it and therefore I also direct the thoughts of him right who receives my word directly from me and cares for the spreading. Amen. B.D. NR. 9027.


Book 94 9028

Recall of vineyard workers. Further busy activity.

10. August 1965. B.D. NR. 9028.

And when now my plans are directed differently, then you are to also submit to these and know that it can be no different than good. Because you cannot assess what is helpful for the whole of mankind. And for me it is of no importance whether you have an effect upon men from over there or are still active here on earth, because in my plan of salvation everything is planned for a long time, and only free will is always important how it decides. You can therefore leave yourselves up to me and my guidance with your mind completely set at ease, as long as you just want it yourselves that you serve me, and you devote yourselves to me boundlessly, because then I work myself through you. And that I, in my wisdom, assess everything and utilize every possibility for the rescue of erroneous souls, that is certain, because my love towards you is endless. The more now the end is approaching the more obvious I will work on you that you remain loyal to me and do not get lost to him who is my opponent and also wants to win you back again. But I never ever allow this, because I completely own your will and this now gives me the right to fight against him. But the angel of death will also bring in the harvest among those who are mine – but also then you know that it is my will, but that I will also protect everyone who still has the task to serve me until the end. Therefore keep remaining carefree and devote yourselves more than ever to the work for my kingdom, and be busy in your activity, because all of you do not know whom I recall still before the time, and you are also not to ponder over it, but enter every day with a joyful heart, because everything what comes over you is good and determined by my love. And whom I understand under those who are mine, also that I will explain to you, so that you do not worry, because many are already on so close terms with me that they can leave the earthly body by right to enter the kingdom of light and happiness. But only I know that, and I want to spare these the time of the last fight on earth – I fetch them over, from where they also can have an effect upon the inhabitants of earth. But you are not to fear this last time, because I equip you with supernatural power, so that you finish the work successfully, for which you consciously show commitment, and therefore have become a great help for me. So accept everything as it comes, and do not think that the father might have left you, because I know for everything an escape, and I am truly prepared to let you find this escape, even so you feel temporary hindered in your work. Because I know to tie all threads; I know those who are mine and will gather them together and assign their work to them. But always believe in that I have my pleasure in your activity, which I will also pay in days to come – either in paradise of the new earth or also in the opposite kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 9028.


Book 94 9029

Only truth leads to the destination.

11. August 1965. B.D. NR. 9029.

You can go a long earth way and still not reach the destination if this way leads you astray. And that is why I constantly let light messengers appear to you on this earth way, which you certainly also can reject, whose comments towards the right way you do not want to hear. And this will always happen, because my love does not want you going astray. If you at least would just like to pay attention to, that you never go un-warned your ways, that always suggestions are made to you from one side to good, loving acting, because then you will always receive a light; you will recognize it if you walk along in error, and the danger would then be passed that you extend the way unnecessarily for you, which leads up. Then I could supply power to you constantly for always new love work, and soon it would be so lucid und light in you that you could cover the earth way without fear to reach the right destination. Because only error is the obstacle for your secure ascent, because error is the work of my opponent, who does everything to fight pure truth. And as long as you stand under his rule, you will also fight against truth. But I gave you the intellect, which you are now also to use the right way, by you being supposed to think, what could be the reason of your inadequacy – which you should recognize. And as soon as this thought in you is serious, a satisfying answer will also be sent to you, which you certainly also just assess as thought-result, but which you will not be able to refute through compelling counter-proofs so that you are now fully convinced by these. Because in you is a quiet admonisher, which is added to you and which – if you are honest against yourselves – can be recognized as my voice. Everything will be easy for you if you just recognize a God and creator above you and subjugate yourselves to him willingly. Then I myself guide you, and truly a way, which will not appear to you as laborious, because I myself am the support for you, whom you are to follow, which you no longer will lose, because I lead you until you have reached your destination. Only this faith I demand from you, otherwise you walk along through earth life lonely and deserted and become a plaything for him, who wants to lead you towards the abyss. And (pure) truth must just be offered to you, which brightly radiates as a light and will make you happy. Because truth starts from me, and to every man it will be offered once, but it must be accepted in free will, because it cannot be imparted compulsorily. Also my opponent cannot force you to reject truth – it remains completely up to you alone how you adjust to truth and consequently also to me. But once you will triumph over him, who wanted to lead you into error, when you can oppose him with truth. And then you will stand again in the light like in the early beginning, when you stood in brightest recognition and were happy. For that reason pay attention to my messengers who stand by the way and still want to light a small light for everyone, and listen to them without objection, even so you do not immediately declare your support for the content of their speech, but think about it, and let me be with it as your God and creator – and I will truly direct your thoughts right and also always draw your attention to error, so that you do not accept it unchecked. Then you already testify to the desire to stand in truth, and this will be taken into account. Because that is the greatest evil that the earthly world is only built up on error, because it holds the spirits which once deserted me, which my opponent has plunged into erroneous thinking – and that they are not freed from it earlier until pure truth has asserted itself, but what man must do himself through his free will. For that reason only little light is among men, but each one can come to the light who has this serious will and hands himself over to me in full trust that I initiate him into truth – that he is then also given according to his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 9029.


Book 94 9030

Warning of change of the word of God.

17. and 23. August 1965. B.D. NR. 9030.

That you still again and again object to the form how my word is sent to you from above. This is to be explained so easily that I make use of the powers of comprehension of a man, but this is not allowed to be confused with general education, because I only rarely find a man to whom it is possible to receive my word in dictation, because to it belongs the ability to grasp thoughts, which touch him, like lightning and to write them down dictation like – but which is not to be confused with own thoughts born in the mind. This could lead to the erroneous assumption that it is own thought material what man now seeks to make out to be received spiritually. The intellect of man then does not work, but he hears it inwardly what the spirit out of God speaks to him. That what you receive as my word will never be incomprehensible to you if you read it with the necessary open-mindedness, which causes understanding. And a change is not appropriate in this respect, because also you men change in your form of expression all the time, therefore is my word so to be left as it has been received. Because the content testifies to the divine starting point, and according to his receptivity the receiver now hears my word, even so it is radiated to earth through a light spirit, because he cannot otherwise than to radiate my word. The dictation comes into being the clearer the more intimately man makes contact with me, but it will never be faulty, because where a mistake sneaks in through disturbances, there the receiver will also soon be pointed to it so that he can correct it himself. (23.8.1965) For especially in this the danger lies that my word is very easily exposed to such changes, because man want to give it a form according to their degree of education, which is however totally inappropriate, because I know it how I can address every man to be understood by him. And the meaning of my address can always be understood if just a certain degree of maturity is reached through love, but which is not to be replaced by a formulation no matter how comprehensible. And the one thing you are to consider always that in consideration of the near end my word is offered to you men truly in a way that you can accept it as truth without doubt, because I know it that truth alone means salvation for you men and that I do everything to supply truth to you, but also warn you constantly of carrying out changes yourselves, even so this happens in best will. Amen. B.D. NR. 9030.


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