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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 93

B.D. NR. 8812 - B.D. NR. 8928
8813 8815 8830 8844 8908 8909


Book 93 8813

Paying attention to the two commandments of God.

16. June 1964. B.D. NR. 8813.

Excerpt only:

But think about it in what relationship you are standing with me – whether you can associate with me as with a father – because I only then hear your call to me when you pray in spirit and in truth. But I pay no attention to a lip prayer, and if you speak for hours and think to honour me thereby.


Book 93 8815


19. June 1964. B.D. NR. 8815.

Also on this question I will answer you because it is of great importance that you who receive my word do not get into wrong thinking because many are of the belief to be the long expected forerunner who will announce my coming. But I say again and again that he will come at the time of the Antichrist, that his appearance will coincide with him and that you will then also recognize him. His appearance will only be of short duration, and he will then appear when men need him urgently, when they want to get consolation and power. Therefore you can only expect him then when the last phase has begun – when the natural disaster is over, when a ruler has usurped the throne, whom you can clearly recognize as Antichrist, and he lets the religious war break out. Then this voice will come out and clearly testify for me and my kingdom. But do not suspect him already now because he is not yet aware of his mission. But when he will appear then every man recognizes him by the power of his voice and his speech. He then also does not have the desire to be acknowledged as the voice of one crying in the wilderness – but it is him. And he will speak, driven by the spirit in him, because his desire to testify for me, to announce my coming and to move men to turn back, is so great in him that he leaves everything out of consideration, that he speaks in the middle of enemies who try to kill him. But think about it that the time of the end has not yet come, that there is still a time of freedom of speech, which will however soon change, when my intervention has taken place, when the misery among men is great, that one will offer himself, to steer this great misery. But then also the time of him has come because he is the last of the prophets, and who listens to him he will receive great power. But again and again you have been told that he will be an inconspicuous man whose power of speech you will not suspect in him as long as he walks along himself in all humility. But suddenly it breaks through in him – very suddenly he recognizes his mission, and he becomes a speaker who powerfully speaks for God – who announces my name to the whole world and will not be afraid to fight for my name. He will make me out to be the redeemer of mankind; he will fight for me and my kingdom. And you will recognize him by him acknowledging me as the word having become flesh – that he clearly emphasizes me having become man in Jesus Christ, that he accepts no difference between me and Jesus, that he acknowledges Jesus as God. And his speeches will agree with my teaching supplied to you from above. And that is its sign that he is John the Baptist, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, my forerunner, who has come again, to announce me, who not long after it will come myself to fetch mine when they are in greatest trouble of their souls. Again and again men will be found who are of the illusion to be the embodiment of John. Again and again I will enlighten them and tell them that he lets them recognize him in an unusual way and that he cannot be looked for in such circles who themselves feel having such a mission. Where you do not suspect him from there he will come. And this shall be enough for you, who expect him prematurely because the time has not yet come but it will not be long in coming, and then everything happens quickly one after another because no long lifespan exists for him; he will pay with death for his work on earth as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8815.


Book 93 8830

God wants his word understood differently.

16. July 1964. B.D. NR. 8830.

When you counter the teachings that were valid as my word up to now, with the pure truth, which reaches you from above, then you must notice the great misunderstanding in which you walk. And it is your duty to take a stand on it. You cannot agree that one can look at a thing so and so, but my word will always have the same importance and also correspond to the word from above, just be interpreted differently by the intellect of man. And this human intellect my opponent has made his own and brought in confusion because rationally all interpretations were possible. But I have given you a spiritual interpretation, and I could this only towards a spiritual awakened but who is now also completely informed how my word is to be understood and he is also to support it to take action against false interpretations. He is to call men’s attention and teach them in that sense as I did it and still do it all the time so that they walk in truth, which alone leads to everlasting life. It is to be pointed out to them that I want everything to be understood differently, that men are to understand my words spiritually and therefore also to fulfil them spiritually. With my direct address I already give them the explanation of communion – they are to let themselves be fed and given drink by myself, and for this love towards me and towards the neighbour is absolutely necessary, because otherwise they cannot experience the favour of my address, because otherwise they cannot hear my word as sign of my presence. Therefore no external signs and customs are of use for you to be sure of my presence in you. It is only love which has to be in you because only through love my presence is secured. But then also you will receive my word and therefore get fed with my heavenly bread, with the water of life, with my flesh and my blood. And when you go into this interpretation you will also find no contradiction to my word, which I have spoken when I walked on earth. I handed out to my disciples the bread and the wine, but these also knew that I wanted my word to be understood by this, which they were to hand out to their fellow men. But my opponent sought to confuse men by him foisting a different interpretation on them, but which they eagerly followed and slowly they gave up the actual sense of my word. And so you must seek to explain to yourselves all my words spiritually. There is not one word that you understand so as I want it to be understood – because my opponent had gone all out for it that he confuses the spirit of men, but that mine were taught any time by me and these always walked in truth. (by him confusing the spirit of men. But mine were taught by me any time and always walked in truth.) And who followed these belonged to the church founded by me. The interpretation of my words led to the most different means of sanctification – to the Sacraments, which all are supposed to bring sanctification to men. But how can such happen when men lack love? Only for the purpose of reshaping to love man is on earth. How can man become free from original sin through the act of baptism alone, for which an earth life lived in love belongs? How can a man become free from sins of all kinds through an external lip service when not the deepest love towards God wrests this confession from him? And how can a man enter the otherworldly kingdom freed of his sin through such means of sanctification, which is only evaluated according to the degree of love? Through my word, through the teachings from above, all erroneous teachings are uncovered for you, and you can take a stand yourselves on this. Because you have to have this one certainty that you get supplied with purest truth from one side and that I myself am this source of truth, that I also can give you enlightenment how I want my word be understood, but that I also take every opportunity, where this is possible, because my opponent has understood it well to draw you all under his spell. And you do not defend yourselves through the own will to truth; without hesitation you accept what is placed before you, and do not even turn to him who is the origin of all knowledge; you do not even turn to the highest authority to ask it for truth, which it will certainly not refuse because I just wait for this call, so that I can hand out truth in its purest form and guide men out of the net of error into truth. Because men have free will which I do not touch, but with whose help they also can push aside the opponent when they just desire pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 8830.


Book 93 8844

Race questions. Reincarnation teaching.

22. August 1964. B.D. NR. 8844.

These questions are not answered that easily because you consider everything under the point of view that you men develop upwards only in earth life. Again and again you are told that this earth life is the only way to reach the adoption as children of God – that you therefore also can achieve this with good will. But this is only possible to the fewest people, especially in the time of the end where love has cooled down completely. But you do not consider that the development in the kingdom on the other side continues, that I have many school houses where that can be continued – again with good will – what has been neglected on earth, but that aim, the adoption as God’s children, can no longer be achieved – but where the being can also sink into the deep and then my merciful love, which your intercession requests, helps those beings. You have to always reckon on eternal times when a solution through Jesus Christ could not take place. But before me a thousand years are like one day. And when you now raise the question whether a possibility of compensation presents itself for those who my will has incarnated as Negros then I ask you the counter question: Do you know whether a white man does not abuse his incarnation for a conduct averse to God? What does it help him when he stands in knowledge far above the former, when he spends his life completely without faith and without love, whereas the former can be of a good disposition and therefore stands far above the other. Lack of faith is the greatest evil which can stick to a man because he is still standing in a bad fetter of him who pulls him down. And these men can also not be rescued in one earth period; but they do not return again to earth as men but their banishment in matter happens as also those who are in the hereafter, who have sunk to the deep and where the work of rescue has been unsuccessful. One redemption period is then therefore not enough – but as also the so-called half-wild human races experience their first embodiment on this earth, which likewise – when they do not strive for their further development on the other side – sink and again get banished anew. So this banishment always takes place at the dissolving of the earth for the purpose of restoration of divine order. This is however no reincarnation as you men imagine it, that you wish for such as you like and it is also granted to you. You imagine everything limited, in view of time as well as place, where you are transferred. You do not reckon on eternity ideas which are just serious for you men. And you stand before such an eternity idea when the work of reshaping of the earth takes place. Then all men have to again start the course of development anew from the beginning but not so as you wish that you again return to earth for the purpose of perfection. It is possible to become perfect on this earth but requires your whole will and your whole commitment. But that this is no longer striven for, men themselves give the explanation to you, because they lack love and are completely void of every faith. But where Jesus Christ is seriously called upon in spirit and in truth – where he is still recognized and acknowledged as redeemer, there is also love, and this also guarantees that man becomes perfect as his father in heaven is perfect. In the hereafter numerous helpers associate with a still immature departed soul and lead it securely up. Is it however unwilling then it sinks to the deep, but can also there still find redemption – and when all efforts of the illuminating world are in vain then it will be banished again anew in the end. When you now know that the degree of love is decisive for the degree of insight, which the soul has at the passing from this world, then you will also understand that all schools of thought, which endeavour to develop love, will also have as a result the recognizing of Jesus Christ before or after their demise. And these will again also find redemption as soon as they recognize him. Also then it would not be necessary to get again embodied on earth, to therefore now find faith in him. But one thing is to be considered that also these schools of thought have before already knowledge of the divine redeemer and that it is up to them whether they request help from me to send them the right enlightenment. For this demand of mine is legitimate that I am myself approached for enlightenment about such problems, which only I am able to solve – and that I also teach those who have the earnest will to stand in truth about it. And as soon as they do not refrain from it, they will also be heirs to the adoption as children of God, because they will also – where they can – spread their knowledge. So in no case is the necessity of a reincarnation on this earth given, on the other hand on the part of the light world a renewed incarnation is requested for the purpose of a mission, which only a light spirit can fulfil, but which can also earn the being the adoption as a child of God, but it itself is without knowledge, only suspects through the mission, which he was instructed to do. Amen. B.D. NR. 8844.


Book 93 8908


9. January 1965. B.D. NR. 8908.

You still have to achieve a great commission before my intervention takes place through which you then get into completely different conditions which make your activity for my kingdom more difficult. But beforehand those souls are still to be included, which (do not) oppose my word – they are to experience what is in store for those men and no matter whether they doubt – the great event will very soon convince them that you have spoken truth. Therefore announce it to all, point men to this intervention, which comes closer and closer and which will touch all of them, although that country remains hidden to you, which will be affected. I would ask you particularly to speak to all men to whom you bring my word through pointing out the powerful natural event. This will be necessary that all of them once deal with it, that they themselves feel spoken to and can find consolation and strength in the coming time of trouble according to their attitude. Everywhere where my word is supplied this is to be announced, everywhere men are to hear what is in store for them, and no matter whether it is difficult for them to believe. But they will then also believe in the soon to follow end when that event takes place, which comes from above – out of the cosmos, which is therefore not caused by men’s will. For through this event I want to once again speak to men; I want to wake them up out of deadly sleep and direct their sight towards me, to him, whom they can reach through close prayer. I want to speak with a loud voice because they do not pay attention to my quiet address. But I also want to look after those who then still find to me. And no matter whether they are a victim of that disaster, but their souls are rescued when they still call on me beforehand and acknowledge me as that power under which they are and to which they have to submit. I appeal to you all to mention these my words and not to be afraid that you could worry men because it is of no use when they go into the disaster with closed eyes which will then surprise them and to which they cannot give an explanation to themselves. But when you tell them this beforehand, what I intend by this – when you announce it to them as being certain, then some of them will feel touched by it after all and – even if they do not believe it – not lose it out of their thoughts. And then already they know that it is an event which my will sends over men, and they will know that my word is truth, and also believe in the end. All attempts have to be made to lead men to faith. And also this powerful natural event can still awaken men to faith, which are no longer approachable otherwise and whom I still want to win even if a great disaster is associated with it. But the danger of a new banishment lies ahead of you and when I can still snatch souls from it then they will thank me for it forever because the fate of a new banishment is far more terrible – it last eternities, while the natural event is past in one night, then certainly an immense misery will occur, but which each of you can change to a bearable state for himself when you only find faith in me. For I am a Lord over life and death; I can also give you what you need – but as I also can take what you voluntarily are not prepared to give. And that is why you are not to neglect to inform fellow men of what lies ahead because no-one is to say to have not known about it. Men only do not believe that they already stand so close before the end otherwise they could also gather from scripture that a fatal event is descending upon men. But they do not believe the time has yet come when that comes true what is written. But once future becomes present; once the announcements become true, and this time is approaching. Amen. B.D. NR. 8908.


Book 93 8909


10. January 1965. B.D. NR. 8909.

Only an excerpt:

Moreover also my servant J. Lorber was only a man who could be wrong and then was wrong when his intellect alone tried to solve a problem because then my opponent could influence his intellect …. He certainly stood under my protection and he truly left a knowledge to the world that he certainly can be called the greatest seer and prophet … But I had to leave to him his free will


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