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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 92

B.D. NR. 8719 - B.D. NR. 8811
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Book 92 8734

Appearance of Antichrist.

24. January 1964. B.D. NR. 8734.

No long time will pass anymore until my opponent will take up his last rule on this earth. But I myself will still speak before with the voice of thunder, so that some few find to me in extreme trouble and these then also remain loyal to me because the obvious help let them recognize me and they now also do no longer give up their faith in me. But these will only be few, and that is why my opponent will have great power because men got into trouble through the great natural event, that they join everyone who assures them of help out of this trouble. And that will be done by one, and he will win everyone for himself who do not have devoted themselves to me because the ones who are mine will keep themselves away from him because they think of my admonitions and warnings that they are in for the great faith struggle, which will break out through my opponent. But worldly people will cheer him because he will know how to blind them, and he will accomplish things, that they are prepared to believe in a supernatural power. And exactly that all unbelieving men acknowledge him as ruler und saviour out of earthly trouble proves that my opponent himself is involved, that he as my opponent makes use of an earthly cover to now be able to freely do as he likes. And you who belong to the ones who are mine, you will ask yourselves why I endure his rule and do not cause him to fall. It is his last great action on this earth, which also brings about the last end; he lets break out the last fight, which you men have to pass because it is the last decision before I come myself to rescue the ones who are mine. The natural disaster before has caused in men an increased will to live, and who now has survived it, he goes to great lengths to try to get again earthly goods, earthly prosperity, and my opponent will support this effort, and that is why he finds an over great following. And he also knows how to deceive men about his true face; they consider him to be a man vested with unusual power, whom they trust without reservation and give him the right to make decrees and blindly obey him. And his following will be so great that the small flock of believers, who recognize him and his true face, can no longer defend themselves against his attacks, but exactly through this they recognize him that he wants to take from men the belief in Jesus Christ, that he want to sit himself on the highest throne and men are to worship him. And they will also do it because he accomplishes true wonders out of his power left to him. And you will recognize him when he appears, but first the world will be frightened through the extent of a natural disaster – through which I reveal myself to men. And right after it he will appear and promise help and salvation from that great chaos. And that is why he will find much following because men are already ripe for the downfall; otherwise they would recognize him and would ask me to protect them from him and his intrigues. No longer much time will pass until he appears who will first appear under the cover of piety and will still very soon let his true face come to the surface. But men are blinded, and he has an easy job of it with them – they easily give away the belief in a God because they were severely affected through the natural event und are prepared to sit him on the highest throne who is my greatest enemy and opponent and who embodies himself in his nature in a man to start the last act on this earth: to wage open war against me and the ones who are mine, against every belief and against all justice. As far as he is concerned only his following will have a possibility to live, while death is on the agenda for the ones who are mine – but he finds his lord in me as soon as his time is over, and for the sake of the ones who are mine I will shorten the time – I will come myself to rescue them from greatest trouble, and his rule will have an end; and he will again be bound, together with his following for a long time. And a new time will begin where peace is again and harmony – where love rules, where my opponent is prevented from his workings – as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8734.


Book 92 8743

Enlightenment about the coming of the Lord.

3. February 1964. B.D. NR. 8743.

I want to give you a great spiritual enlightenment, which is to give your soul welfare: I want to disclose an area, which you can never enter without my spirit’s effect because I want to initiate you into a world into which only the spiritually awakened man can have an insight because already a certain knowledge is the prerequisite about things, which are otherwise completely unknown to man. I have promised you to return to earth when the day of the end has come. But this promise has awakened various ideas in you men; but you did not find the true idea because just this event of my return to earth is so differently described and – as well as the event of the rapture of the ones who are mine – time wise differently assumed so that erroneous claims have arisen, which I therefore want to correct: My return to earth will not take place bodily – that my foot will touch this earth, whereas I will appear with my entourage of highest light beings and will be sighted by all those who are mine because such man will never be able to see me in all glory who has become a devotee of my opponent because darkness cannot see light because men would completely cease to exist since they could not bear the light that radiates out of me. So I will come to earth and also be still covered by the clouds for the ones who are mine, but they will be able to bear a fullness of light and so will cheer me highly thrilled, when they will see me with the great host of angels. Because for this I will open their eyes. It is therefore wrong to say all will see me when I will come to judge the living and the dead because judgement will take place in another way than that the individual has to answer before me. For I know every single soul; I know it to whom it belongs, and as the Last Judgement on this earth consist in this respect that the whole earth will be reshaped and dissolved in its individual creations, so that all spiritual gets released to new forming, this dissolving also means the death of those men who failed in their last earth life test and handed themselves over to my opponent. These therefore see death in front of their eyes and cannot flee from it; and this will trigger off a great horror among men. But before this last work of destruction takes place the ones who are mine will be raptured. I will come myself to fetch them; they will be allowed to see me how I float down from above to them; they will longingly stretch out their hands towards me in highest rejoicing and in hot love for me, and I will draw them towards me; I will fetch them away; I will lift them up and so they experience an event which completely contradicts the laws of nature. And this cheering of the ones who are mine will be heard by the other men, which they for the time being are not able to explain because they themselves see nothing and that is why they will only be seized by a certain worry, which increases to a highest fear and horror when they see the sudden disappearing of the ones who are mine, when they cannot give themselves an explanation for all those being inaccessible, which they persecute with their hate – that these are suddenly no longer among them and are untraceable. There will certainly be a radiant brightness, but it will be felt by these men as unbearable. But they will have no long time to think about it because the last end will soon follow. And the radiant brightness will give way to an almost impenetrable darkness, which exasperates men. Then eruptions take place, fire outbreaks, earth splittings, so that no man can escape and all will be devoured by earth. There is no more a long time between the rapture of the ones who are mine and this last destruction because the rapture would be a compulsion to believe for the people who remain behind, and this would be completely worthless because a free decision would then be eliminated. And men first received enough time for this and were incessantly admonished and warned, and everyone who still comes round first, will also still be received and called away before the downfall of earth, so that he can still be helped further in the hereafter. This act of the rapture is a process completely adverse to nature, but I can then repeal the laws of nature because this is for no man anymore a disadvantage for his soul. But also my coming in the clouds insofar does not force belief because those men who see me have already reached the soul maturity that they only experience that, which they firmly believe, and therefore expect me daily. One seldom can just give men the right explanation about these last events because they all have already made a picture for themselves and do not want to deviate from their ideas. It is impossible for the rapture to already take place a long time before because such unlawful processes would force men to think differently. And the end of this earth exactly means for all men still living the end of them because also the ones who are mine will experience it, only in a state, where they are spared every suffering although they can observe the process because it is my will. For as they are now fully believing, they are also to experience my power and glory, and so they will also be able to see the great host of my angels around me, and that is why they now will also have qualified to inhabit the new earth as progenitors, which certainly will also be the work of a moment for me, when I want to give to all spiritual having come free again an outer form for further maturation. But every concept of time is taken from men themselves, until they are again brought to the new earth. But they still possess their old body of flesh, which will certainly already be much spiritualized – but also this has to be mentioned to refute the erroneous opinion that the new earth is inhabited by completely spiritualized beings. For the new earth is again intended as station of upward development, and the old laws will also be effective for the hew earth. And the course of the fallen through creation up to man will take place and man as such will have to again pass the last test of will – the reason it will initially also be successful is because the temptations on the part of the opponent do not take place, who is bound for a long time - and because men are full of love, therefore establish direct contact with me and that is why they also come very fast to complete maturation. Do not allow yourselves to be tempted through erroneous presentations to neglect or postpone work on your soul because the day I will come in the clouds will be kept and with this day also the Last Judgement on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 8743.


Book 92 8780

Changes in Cosmos

15. March 1964. B.D. NR. 8780.

Deeper and deeper I want to introduce you to truth so that you resist all temptations on the part of my opponent who will try everything to stop your activity for me and my kingdom. And the greater your knowledge is, the more you have gone into truth which only I can impart to you, the more you will also stand firm because you will recognize all (their) objections and counter expressions as being meaningless and unfounded; it will always be only empty words without deep sense and value. But I want that light increases in you, that in always brighter spirit you learn to recognize all connections and that is why no objection will anymore be able to shake you. And I also want that you correct error where you are approached by it. I want that you are earnest fighters for me, that you fight with the sword of the mouth where you are opposed with error because you are chosen as light bearers by me to supply truth there where there is the will to stand in the truth. And exactly the end of this earth will often be a contentious issue because very few people want to believe in this – and because exactly the event of the end destruction is such a violent event which does not appear to be plausible to men – because they find no parallel in that event as much as they might think back. And it will still take place, and all will be surprised by it except the small circle of those who have been given an inner light by their life of love and who therefore also consciously expect an end of the earth. But where still the slightest worldly sense rules, where men have still not detached themselves completely from the desire for the goods of the world, there the belief in an end of the earth will also exist only weakly or not at all, and those will cast to the winds all such announcements as false prophecies and will always try to contradict them. And there great explanations will also not be enough simply because the will to believe such prophecies is missing, because love for the world is stronger than love for the neighbour, otherwise their spirit would be awakened and they could not have the slightest doubt about what I announce myself to men through spirit effort so that they prepare themselves for the near end. But you, my light bearers, you are to be always strengthened more in your belief in everything what I myself tell you; you are to experience my love and my permanent presence; you are to lovingly and thankfully accept the great gift of favour which I give to you because you are loyal towards me and fight for me and my name out of love towards me and towards the neighbour. And that is why I want to send you an announcement which will again only the one accept who believes deeply, but about which also the doubters can convince themselves very soon because there will be no long time anymore where the first signs of a great cosmic change will become noticeable – which no scientist and no matter how sharp an intellect will be able to explain and which cause earnest anxieties. And you will have no possibility to protect yourselves against the threatening disaster; you can only wait and will be set into great excitement through this, and this cosmic phenomenon will initiate just that powerful natural event because the universe revolts against all unspiritual which stays in the area of earth and has an unusual effect on the spiritual striving upwards at the moment. A very violent fight has broken out between the light and the dark spiritual because this spiritual knows it that a change is coming, and the last time is used by every side to an unusual extent. And these spiritual fights over the soul of men on earth have an effect on the different celestial bodies in the universe, which are connected to earth in a certain spiritual way. And with my consent also those heavenly bodies with its inhabitants participate in the last fight on this earth, and they express themselves through powerful tremors, which can be followed from (on) earth and trigger off greatest unrest in men who observe the course of the celestial bodies and can follow changes in their course, which in all probability will leave their mark on earth. Only on the part of science mankind can be brought to awaken because they do not listen to spiritual presentations, but they cannot deny scientific observations; they will give attention to it in their thoughts and with a good will can also still come on to the right way after that. Because the greatest prophets can arise on earth, men do not believe them. I also cannot address men in compelling ways to let them become aware of the danger in which they are because the end is near. But I can let the unusual happen in my creation by me apparently upsetting the order and still also this again belongs to my law insofar as it is planned since eternities because of a certain purpose. And there will again be men who will also not allow themselves to be impressed by this, who will carry on leading their sinful life and steer towards the abyss without letting themselves being stopped. But some will also begin to wonder and will now have an open ear for the explanations which my messengers of light give to them. And again the faith of those will be strengthened who want to remain loyal to me for they recognize the truth of my word and therefore keep firmly to my promise that I think of all those and fetch them home on the day of judgement, who believe my words and remain loyal to the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 8780.


Book 92 8781

Changes in Cosmos

16. March 1964. B.D. NR. 8781.

It is an unusual happening which I announce to you – you will believe to be mistaken, and again and again you will experience the same – tremors of the earth which are not due to eruptions but appear always then when earth is in a certain constellation towards other celestial bodies – so that the tremors can be expected on a regular basis and do not fail to appear. They will hardly be perceptible and therefore will also worry only few men, but not until the research of scientists will give reason to fear the worst, moreover the phenomena will increase and therefore then also throw the indifferent man, as they after all recognize an endangering of the celestial body of earth through other celestial bodies because the celestial bodies which have stepped out of their course move towards earth and again and again come into a constellation, which exactly triggers those effects. In consideration of the near end men are still to be shaken awake from their peace; they are to think of their creator and deal with the thought of their own transitoriness and also with that they have no guarantee vanishing completely with the death of the body; they are to be reminded of their life’s end and also of that fate which expects them when they believe in the continued existence of the soul. The times of the end will show much unnatural as the doing of men is already unnatural after all and also has the worst consequences. Men assume to undertake research in space above their authority. They ignore the laws of nature and are yet not hindered in their acting and wanting, but the effects are again reflecting on themselves. But the end approaches more and more, and if men are still to be helped that they achieve self-contemplation and become aware of their great responsibility then also on the part of God an unusual effect has to be shown them as it is still up to their will to pay attention to it and adjust themselves to it accordingly. And mankind will experience such unusual effect in the coming time, which is not caused by men but which happens in the cosmos, in an area which is subject to only the creator himself, which now apparently gets into unlawfulness and still also this happening is planned (included) in the plan of the return of the spiritual, for it can cause a change with many people, because it is too unusual – but without forcing the faith of men because the unbelieving man does not even take the trouble to find an explanation because he exists completely irresponsibly. And the spiritual state of men in the times of the end has sunken so deep that they let themselves also not being moved to faith through unusual events of nature and that is why such means can also still be applied, which still can be of use for undecided men who need the strong impetus to think seriously and to now direct their will right. Because what still can be done to keep souls from the fate of being banished anew that will also be done on the part of God who loves men and does not want them to get lost. But every time when he expresses himself in the announced way, there will be victims, otherwise men would not let themselves be impressed and would accuse each other of self-deception. For the effects will also be different at different places, and a certain time will be needed until science has succeeded to find the right explanation, but then also these signs will constantly repeat themselves more often and supply to men the proof that something is happening in the cosmos against which they can take no measures. And so they are therefore also exposed to the results which always occur periodically until in the end that great natural event will occur, which will prove to men the might and greatness of God, who believe in him and are also protected in every trouble. But whether a near end is also again and again announced to men, whether they are again and again pointed to the preceding natural disasters – they do not believe and do not change their way of life in the least; they do nothing to prepare themselves; they live in the world and love it and see their god in the world. And that is why they will also remain attached to matter when the end has come. But everything has been fixed in the divine plan of salvation, and nothing comes which has not already been planned for eternity. And so also this event averse to nature will happen according to divine will, and also the day for this is determined and will also be kept. But you are to be informed before so that your faith gets strengthened because everything comes so as it is predicted, and because you more and more recognize the truth of that which is directly supplied to you from above. For you are to establish the connection from God with the world, with your fellow men, who walk along unbelievingly and thoughtlessly. You will in fact only then be able to speak about it when the first events have taken place because beforehand no man wants to listen to your talk – you will only then find open ears and hearts when one tremor has preceded it, which lets men ask, and only then you are to speak, and it will depend on the willingness of men which benefit he/she is reaping from those happenings. Amen. B.D. NR. 8781.


Book 92 8796

Every man must act according to his knowledge.

2. April 1964. B.D. NR. 8796.

Let this be said to you that no externals are valid before me, that I only value that what comes out of the deepest heart. When you think to honour me through formal acts, you carry out a kind of idolatry from which you are however to separate to all the more be closely merged with me – to make my presence in your hearts possible, which is completely independent from outer forms and customs and therefore can also take place there where the heart alone speaks. Again and again I tell you that you have disfigured the pure teaching of Jesus, that you entwined human work into it and you now assign greater importance to this human work than to my Gospel, which comprises only the two commandments of love. For who lives in love, he guarantees my teaching. But no matter how conscientiously you obey all human requirements, which you have added to my Gospel – when love is not in you, which I taught you, then those acts are completely worthless; they do not earn your soul the smallest advantage, only confuse you men in that way, that you think to have done your duty. But every dutiful act is already completely worthless because it excludes human will. And when also voluntarily human requirements are fulfilled they still cannot bear the blessing in them, which a single work of love carries in itself. But he who feels close love towards me, he brings all his thoughts to me; he communes closely with me, where he is alone – he will not need any surroundings for this, which rather keeps him back from his close thoughts towards me. Who is ignorant, he also acts accordingly, and he is then also to be excused through his ignorance – but he who is in possession of truth, who knows how worthless outer acts and customs are before me – especially when they serve to mislead men in their thinking – he will also make an effort to free himself of it. He will evaluate all inner experience and recognition as an effort of love, and the union with me becomes closer and closer, which however can only be established in the heart. I certainly have founded my church on earth myself, which is erected on the rock of faith, but I founded no organization, which alone already follows from that they are outwardly recognizable and assert themselves more outside, but can leave the inner man untouched when he not earnestly strives for me and truth. Only my word alone is to be the content of a community, and men are to fulfil the love commandments out of my word – to reach a living faith through love – and through this therefore closest union with me. Then they are members of my church, which I myself have founded on earth. I now try to supply all men with truth, but few accept it. But who accepts it, he also soon attains a deep knowledge, and out of this knowledge he is now to act accordingly, for – no-one can serve two masters. But when now a work has been built up, which is in opposition to this knowledge, then this work is also obviously arisen from the effect of my opponent, which every outer event proves, which is suited to give a completely wrong impression of my actual will. And then the man who has now become knowing now also must separate from the works of my opponent. Who cannot accept the truth supplied to him due to his own lack of love or his small degree of maturity, he will understandably also not be willing to give away his error. But for the knowing the error is recognizable and it remains error, therefore effort of the opponent; he then only still obeys the (The knowing now obeys these) worldly requirements, but this is then no worship; this is a pure worldly matter, having consideration for men, who however also should be led to truth but not be strengthened in their unbelief. It is certainly difficult to proceed against a tradition, and it will also no longer succeed, and only few will free themselves, because their desire for truth is unusually strong. But I myself can make no compromises; I can only give you clear information about error and truth, and you have then to decide yourselves and then prove your decision. Always consider that it is an unusual gift of favour to introduce you to pure truth, that certainly every man can make use of this gift of favour, but that it is again a great act of love for my part when my spirit speaks to a man so loud that he reaches recognition, that I can also supply him with truth according his will for truth. And this gift of favour is also to be used by man now accepting truth and also representing it towards those who are still bound to traditional or organisational regulations. Only who is free of it, he is also free of my opponent, otherwise the danger still exists that the opponent seeks to win him back, that he weakens his will, although I no longer give up any man who once has surrendered to me for I no longer let my opponent have any man who once has earnestly decided in favour of me. Amen. B.D. NR. 8796.


Book 92 8797

God only created beings in the same perfection.

3. April 1964. B.D. NR. 8797.

Just one being was emitted out of me – Lucifer, the light bearer – whom I created for myself to be able to give to him me and my love, and that is why it was shaped as my image, which came out of me in highest perfection, which stood before me as thought and also already existed in its fullness of light and power – as it could not be otherwise because nothing faulty could come out of me. This being I created for my own joy because my original essence is love and love always wants to make happy but no beingness existed before, which could receive my love in it. And it was a mirror image of myself; I saw myself in this being put outside of myself; it was as it were my second I, which integrated within itself love, wisdom and power alike that it could not be otherwise than myself, and which therefore was also unspeakably happy because my love power flowed through it all the time. That is why I wanted to have an identical being next to me because I was exceedingly happy in my creative power and wanted to cause this same happiness in a being whose happiness I now could enjoy. My original substance is love, and this love is again power. My love power could not remain inactive and let spiritual creations come incessantly into being. But no-one except me could enjoy these creations, and that persuaded me to create an image of me – a being which had a nature exactly like me, which only had a beginning while I was from eternity. I enjoyed happiness without measure through the emission of my love power into that being created by me, which now, being flowed through by the same love power, now also wanted to be active creatively, and also could do so because it was completely free. It was totally wrapped up in my love; it was a permanent exchange of love because love, which I gave to the being, it gave again back to me the same way. The being was fond of me and was totally wrapped in me. And that meant being radiated through with love unhindered, being unhindered radiated through with power, which wanted to be active. And because the creation of the first light spirit had caused me highest bliss, so also its bliss existed in the creation of similar beings – therefore an innumerable army of similar beings was initiated out of our two love powers, which all stood in highest perfection and were exceedingly happy. This process has been explained to you men through my revelations already quite often. But still again and again you ask questions who actually was the creator of the high and of the highest light beings because you as man have already a different idea of the originally created light spirit because you no longer possess the full knowledge as a result of sin. But you forget that all original spirits have their origin in me and in the light bearer – that the latter used my power for the creation of all spirit beings – that you therefore are out of me and out of him, but also, that his will used my power, which flowed towards him unlimitedly. And so you will also understand that the light bearer had an exceptional position because he was the only one who was called into life by myself. He now has certainly lost his power and might through his falling away from me; he lost his knowledge and fell into the deepest depth, but as a being he is still the same original created spirit who is now active as counterpart, as he was before devoted towards me in hottest love and enjoyed highest bliss. All other fallen beings were dissolved in their original substance; the power once emitted as beings was reshaped to creations of most different nature. But the light bearer who had lost all light remained in his nature he was from the very start, only totally changed into the opposite, so that he became the counter-pole to me and he now serves me as counterpart with the return of the fallen spiritual. Because once this spiritual had been tested to confess me or him, and it followed him and became unhappy. And now it is tested again and again because my present opponent sticks to his right to the fallen beings, as also I do not give them up which have come from my love power but the being itself makes the decision. My opponent asserts his rights and has an effect on the beings in a negative way, while I through positive effects seek to win the beings for myself. And innumerable beings, also created by him, stand by my side, but which recognized me as source of power from which also he had come from. And these have remained in their bliss because they uninterruptedly still receive my love power and are active creating and shaping. But I-conscious beings came only from me and the light bearer together, and these I-conscious beings also remain in existence until all eternity. Only the once fallen beings lost their I-consciousness for a certain time to again cover the ascent out of the deep in the dissolved state. But they receive back again the I-consciousness as soon as they have to pass the last test of will as man. But always one has to reckon on a beingly opponent of me because he remained what he was – and he will also remain who he is eternal times but still once reverse his nature and shape himself back to love, and also he will again be unlimitedly happy. Then my love will again radiate through him as it was in the very beginning. Amen. B.D. NR. 8797.


Book 92 8798

(Continuation to No. 8797)
God only created beings in the same perfection.

4. April 1964. B.D. NR. 8798.

But after the creation of my first light being through me myself nothing secondary has come from me and this light being. You men are still limited in your thinking because you are still not perfect, and therefore the thought has also arisen in you that the beings, which have come from both of our love, cannot be put in the same category as the first created being. But this thought is erroneous because it was the same power and the same love will which let them rise up, and there were always only utmost perfect beings – right images of myself. You men certainly devalue your fellow men against each other; you can notice more mature and more immature natures, and that is why you also believe you can carry out such assessments towards those beings which were created primeval. But it must also be understandable to you that such assessments are inappropriate in view of the products which came from me and my love. There was only utmost perfection whatever spiritual things were created, and particularly the created beings stood in utmost perfection. That they yet still fell partly, does not warrant the assumption that these fallen beings were less perfect, that they fell because their producer Lucifer would have created more inferior beings through his always recurring resistance of my love power. Because even from the first beings generated through our love will, a part followed after him when he turned away from me and headed for the deep. Also the will of the individual beings was not differently strong, but free – and that explains all. Because freedom also knows no limit and free will must be able to develop in all directions. The wrong thinking of the individual beings is the second explanation for the fall. Because the ability to think also allowed a wrong thinking, another interpretation of what sounded as my word through the permanent love radiation in the beings. They were not forced to just interpret the word in one direction – by virtue of their ability to think they also could put in another meaning and have also done so when they rejected my love because thereby they also lost power of recognition, and their thinking got confused. There is also the fact that the unlimited love power flowing towards them let them become arrogant, that in their fullness of power they believed to have the same power, that therefore the love towards their creator decreased and the being made demands as it were – which were expressed in the desire that I should present myself to the beings visibly. They believed to have the right for that, and this wrong line of thought was transferred on them by my first created being. Because it had this desire despite better knowledge that it had to remain unfulfilled if the beings created by me were to remain in existence. Therefore of none of the fallen beings it can certainly be said that it had only been a victim of the will of its producer because every single being had its right of self-determination, and it also possessed brightest knowledge. But every fallen being became of an arrogant spirit and forgot or did not want to acknowledge that it had come out of me – that I therefore had been its creator and father against whom to rebel was the most severe sin which the being could never pay off itself anymore. All beings had been created equally perfect, and that already alone is proof of an exceedingly great sin, that a part of the beings remained loyal to me, which were created the same way – except they did not give away their love towards me – while the fallen ones rejected my love and that was their great original sin, which now one was supposed to pay off who belonged to the beings who remained loyal to me. The fallen beings cannot be excused with any faultiness, with lack of power of knowledge, weaker light or weak will. They were exactly in the same state like those who remained loyal to me but conscious of their immeasurable power they in arrogance no longer accepted my love power and that is how they were now also robbed of every power. They laboriously now have to again gain for themselves the power when they want to become again what they had been in the very beginning. All faultiness would have been an excuse for the fall of a being, but this was not there, and when Lucifer saw the endless host of created beings, standing in brightest light and greatest power, which had come from out of his will under use of my power, he rose above me because he could not see me, but he himself was visible in his glory for the endless host of spirits. But innumerable many original spirits remained loyal to me, which were created exactly the same way like those fallen, and they were in no better position out of me, except that they again returned the love to me, which filled them, which they received from me all the time, and thereby became more and more happy, while the love of the fallen beings became a love, which no longer wanted to make happy, but only wanted to take. This process will be and remain unexplainable to you men because it is a spiritual process, which also only the spirit can understand; nevertheless the connections can be explained to you roughly, which caused me to let the material world and its creations arise, and I will try again and again, as far as your intellect grasps it, to enlighten you, and to correct every wrong opinion for you because already one single wrong thought is enough that you build up a false thought building for yourselves, which you then no longer want to tear down, and still stands far away from truth. You also do well not to ponder about things which are inconsequential for the salvation of your soul – where only a kind of thirst for knowledge is recognizable, of which the satisfaction of it does not at all contribute to the maturing of the soul. Because what you necessarily need to know that I will also supply to you, but always with the reservation that your own maturity of the soul determines the measure of what I distribute. But you are always to know that I am highly perfect, that everything is founded on my love, wisdom and power and that there can be no faults where this union with me exists. And this has existed at the creation of the beings because that being put out of me – the light bearer – was devoted to me in deepest love and therefore could also receive unlimited happiness through the flooding of my love power towards him. And it used this love power again according to my will because its will was directed in the same direction as mine as long as closest love united us. But each act of creation required the influx of my love power, and therefore also every created being was to be called perfect when it was called into being. That it then changed and became an imperfect being was alone the result of its free will, which went along with mine the same way as long as the love of the being was mine. When it rejected my love it had to step out of the eternal order; but it possessed the brightest light as long until it finally made the decision to break with me. Only then it lost knowledge, only then its spirit darkened, and only then it stood in opposition to me. It no longer was a divine being, but it accepted all qualities of him who first terminated his love towards me and became my opponent. Now it had given away its perfection; it was faultily formed; and it was hostile towards me; my love power could no longer touch it; and therefore all spiritual substance hardened which I now reshaped to creations, which became matter – to the complete opposite of that what it had been at the original start. However this fallen beingness has any time the possibility to win back its original state when it is willing to it, when it gives up its resistance against me and once again lets my love power illuminate it in free will. The falling away from me took place in free will, and the return to me must also happen in free will. Then the being will again be unlimitedly happy and also remain so for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8798.


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