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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 91

B.D. NR. 8625 - B.D. NR. 8718
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Book 91 8625

Urgency of vineyard work.

24. September 1963. B.D. NR. 8625.

When you feel inwardly urged to be active for me and my kingdom then you can already record this as my effect in you; then I address you myself through the heart and press you to follow my call. Then you also know that my will in you is expressed and you can now be active without hesitation and sure of my blessing. And your activity will always correspond to my will. That is why you are to be untiringly active; do what you are able to do; and leave everything else to me. Again and again I tell you that it is exceedingly necessary to supply fellow men with the truth, and that is why I will also bless all effort and work, which are undertaken for the spreading of the truth. For I know it who is still receptive and willing to receive it, and these are also to be supplied with the truth out of me. Only your will is to be prepared for it, because I force no man to be active for me, for such a compulsion cannot be effectively beneficially, for love must always be the motivation for the activity for me, but love does not tolerate compulsion. But you will not lack proofs of my silent cooperation, and you will be happy to be allowed to serve me. I see the great spiritual want; I see the darkness in which men walk; I see the spiritual low which has its cause in the lack of love of men, and it is urgently necessary that the Gospel of love is brought again to men, although it is often preached to deaf ears, but it has to be supplied to men in all purity; it again has to go out from me directly and take the way to men when there still should be a possibility that their hearts are touched. Men have to be informed about their earth life assignment; they have to be instructed in all truth when success is actually still to be reached. And when they are also only few who take the words to heart, which their ears hear (open), but these few are rescued from a repeated course through the creations of earth, and what that means that only I know. That is precisely why my fatherly care is meant for men, and I exhaust every possibility which still can bring souls back to me before the end. But I always need willing souls for this on earth, which are active as mediators, who accept from me the assignment to carry the Gospel out into the world, which is supplied to them directly from me. So you, you are in my service - do you know what that means? That your God and creator, your father from eternity, has chosen you to have an effect with him according to his will. That is why you are also not allowed to let yourselves be held back from this work; you are to always consider it as urgent and be sure that I make a point of all your concerns and also earthly no disadvantage shall arise for you because I am a good house father whose servants certainly need to suffer no want when they just supply the work conscientiously, which he assigns to them. Only you men can help your fellow men because an unusual address, which I certainly also could direct towards men, would only force them to believe, and that would be pointless. But I still address men unusually when my word is supplied to them, when they listen to it. And when they listen to it willingly then it will also touch them unusually and cause them to think about it. Yet still the freedom of will must be left to them, but whatever can be done to snatch men from darkness of spirit and to stimulate them to loving effects, that I will still do before the end, and I will bless those who offer themselves to me for service; who are willing to carry out vineyard work and therefore to help with the redemption of those who have not yet completely become slaves to my opponent. For there is no longer much time. Amen. B.D. NR. 8625.


Book 91 8626

Men lack love and faith.

25. September 1963. B.D. NR. 8626.

Again and again men go away from me; they want to believe less and less; because they do not lead a life of love they also do not reach a living faith, and a dead faith is completely worthless because they easily give it away completely when they will have to stand up for or against me. For men will be faced with this decision, no matter whether this decision is demanded by earthly rulers or also through hard misfortunes where only the right decision can bring help to them in earthly trouble. Without faith they are lost because they then belong to my opponent who wants to destroy all faith in a God and creator. Only a life of love will make faith alive, and then every danger to become a slave to my opponent is over. For a living faith establishes the connection with me, and every trouble can be repaired because man believes that I have the power to do it, and he is also convinced that my love determines me to help. But poor and unfortunate are those people to be called who lack all faith in a being, which is full of love, wisdom and power. And whenever they are helped in earthly need by my opponent, then their soul still gets irrevocably lost because it has given up every connection with me and has therefore hopelessly become a slave to him. And many people will have to expect this fate that my opponent completely controls them and they also have to share his lot at the end of the earth, that they - when he is put into chains - will again be banished anew in the creations of the earth and have to again go through the course through these new creations. But it happens according to the will of every soul, and nothing else can be done to its rescue than that the Gospel of love is again and again presented to man, that it is said to them what is in store for them when they live without love and therefore also without faith. Again and again man are to be called; again and again they are to be urged to turn their back on the world and to go to spiritual areas. Again and again they are to be presented with their earth life purpose so that they cannot say to have been completely without knowledge. They will certainly not believe your words but they are also not to remain without warning because I will again and again step into their way and try to change their thinking through great misfortunes - because until death there still exists the possibility of change of their will and no opportunity is to remain unused. And so there will be an incessant wrestling about those souls, which my opponent still wants to detain. And when you, my servants on earth, only succeed to get your fellow men to believe in a God and creator, from whose power they have come - when you only succeed to stimulate them to have a loving effect, then the possibility also exists that they learn to believe, that they earnestly think - especially when they have to recognize the transitoriness of the earthly and they start to long for immortal goods. Every change of heart can mean salvation for these men, and man can still change his thinking until his death. That is why also you, my co-workers, are to omit nothing to awaken in men faith in a loving power, which wants to win back all men for itself. You are also to inform them that you are in touch with this power yourselves and that it supplies you with comprehensive spiritual material which gives enlightenment about the actual purpose of existence of man. Again and again the possibility exists that a man feels addressed and listens to you, and then he is also definitely rescued because as soon as I can address him he will also feel touched and take a stand on it. That is why also again and again the call reaches you to be busy untiringly; that is why I do not decrease to court the love of all souls, which are still far from me. That is why often great earthly trouble comes over men to stimulate them to have an effect of love on their fellow men. And then it is also not hopeless because every work of love unites man with me and brings separation from my opponent at the same time. When men would only believe that only love can bring them redemption from the enemy of their souls - that love would also give them recognition and they could win a living faith, also in the redeemer Jesus Christ. And a living faith in him means certain rescue from sin and death. But love has cooled off and that is why also faith has been lost, and without love and faith no man can become happy; without love and faith my opponent still has control over his soul, and it cannot come to life, which is everlasting. Amen. B.D. NR. 8626.


Book 91 8635

Vineyard work according to God's will.

4. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8635.

I bless every one of my vineyard workers, and I give him the quiet assurance of my help when he is busy for me. For I need his work although I certainly have the power to form everything according to my will, therefore to also perfect you men through my will. But my plan to bring you to perfection requires the free will of man, and that is why also the redeeming work has to be done by men so that everything happens in the framework of the natural and no unusual effect forces a man to believe. Again and again I give you the assurance that I direct all your thoughts and that you then also tackle the vineyard work as it is my will. But again and again I admonish you to busy activity, and I enjoy your willingness to serve. But in the end a blessed vineyard work will always consist in eager detail work - the spreading of my Gospel will always be an activity on a small scale because whether also the masses assemble and hear the announcement of my word, so my word will still take root in few hearts only, and the seed will come up. And especially in the last times the success will become less and less, because the majority of men turns away; they close their ears because they no longer believe. But I know the individual hearts of men, and to these I also supply the gifts of favour; I bring them together with my vineyard workers to be able to directly address them through these. And you can believe it that I do not leave out one soul where the hope still exists that it willingly listens to me. And you, my servants on earth, will certainly achieve more through eager detail work than through major campaigns, which do not bring in the success which you expect. But when I see a result myself, then I will also direct your thoughts rightly and place the means at your disposal so that you are again active according to my will. But you are not to act prematurely and also do not worry; just give your will always to me and let yourselves be guided, and leave the rest to me. How only few men are open to spiritual material because only few are of awakened spirit. And that you have to think of that most men do not understand it, even so it is supplied to them because they walk along without love and are therefore of completely darkened spirit. And that is why also the spiritual material, which starts with me directly, cannot gain such currency like all other literature, which is and can be offered to the masses, because the world only values worldly goods. But I know it what is successful, and from my side everything will be done to increase the number of those who are rescued, and you are to only do everything within your power, and always, in a loving will to help, make the want of fellow men your concern. And I want to bless every effort which is meant for this rescue work. And I myself will support it in every way, but I also see the success and therefore also know which work is hopeless, therefore I will prevent it so that you do not spend your strength and effort without result. But the spiritual results of all vineyard work, which you do unnoticed you cannot assess yourselves because they also concern the kingdom on the other side where the souls receive and pursue every spiritual thought which moves you, and your redemptive work will therefore never be for nothing because I want to address all souls what you, my servants on earth, always then make possible for me when you are selflessly active for me. Amen. B.D. NR. 8635.


Book 91 8636

Man has free will. Abuse.

5. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8636.

The will of man is the most important thing. It is free and remains free until the end of his life, and also in the otherworldly kingdom it is the free will of the soul which prompts an ascent or a fall, and that is why also this will alone determines the fate of the soul in eternity. When you men now doubt a free will because you often cannot carry out your free will in earthly matters, you first have to realize that by free will your innermost wanting has to be understood, which no-one can determine, neither I nor my opponent, nor earthly power or fellow man. This inner wanting you will always determine yourselves, also when it is impossible for you to carry out that which you want. Because you are not to mix up the will with the possibility of implementation. That is why you so often argue that man possesses a free will. And because you have a free will you also have to answer for the direction of this will. Whatever you now undertake earthly is perhaps important for your earthly situation, but not for the fate of the soul, and it is therefore about the direction of your will in spiritual terms, i.e., your inner life is to correspond with my will, then your will is directed right, and you fulfil the purpose of your life on earth. But only few men walk on a spiritual level, but the others therefore dispute a free will because they cannot always carry out their earthly plan, and they even go so far as to claim that man is a at the mercy of fate and cannot do anything out of his own to change his situation in life. But that fate is mostly to always only serve as means to give the free will of man the right direction so that he turns to God and therefore brings man up to the spiritual level, that they do not acknowledge, and already this inner refusal proves a free will. Free will of man is far more often abused than used, otherwise the spiritual low would not have arisen, but which visibly marks the end times. Men do not realize that they are free willing creatures, that they can turn their innermost thoughts in every direction and that they determine through their will themselves which thoughts find access. Because every man leads his own inner life, which can be determined from no side, but is every individual's free matter of will. But as long as men dispute a free will, they also shake off every responsibility and always make him responsible for their action and thinking who created them when they believe in a God and creator. But as long as they do not know about the object of their life on earth, they also do not think about how they lead their life because they consider life on earth to be an end in itself, but not a means for the purpose, and their wanting and thinking is only earthly directed. Free will alone is decisive whether they reach their aim on earth because free will has to profess God as God and creator (to its God and creator), and in free will men has to fulfil the love commandments of God. Then free will will take the right direction and also always receive strengthening because the man who lives in love will also find Jesus and will receive from him the favours of a strengthened will and then his fate is secured in eternity. Free will is abused because all bad action results from man directing his will wrongly, that he still obeys the wishes of him who has brought all disaster into the world. Also the falling away of the beings from God was the result of free will, and the return to God therefore has to take place again in free will, which can only happen when it takes the right direction, when the will turns again towards God, and now also man will be seized by him and he then guaranteed also returns again to him from whom he once went out as free being full of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 8636.


Book 91 8643

Explanation about water baptism.

13. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8643.

You still do not understand the spiritual meaning of my word - you interpret the letters for yourselves according to your intellect, and that is why you also cannot come to the right results; you cannot understand what I wanted to tell you when I spoke to my disciples: Baptize them in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. By baptism you always only understand the submerging in water - an outer form which men apply to announce their obedience to the commandment of baptism - but which was and just is only an outer accompanying form, but never touches the actual core of my commandment. Water baptism as such brings about no change at all to a man, what you men have to admit after all. Only the allocation of that what goes out from the father, from the son, from the spirit - what proves the love of the father, the wisdom of the son and the power of the spirit - that can bring about in man a change and is only the true baptism, which every man has to receive to reach his aim on earth: to perfect himself, to be able to unite with me forever. The father - love - is an everlasting fire from which the light of wisdom - the son - goes out, and now also the power of the spirit has to express itself; man - as a weak creature - has to be so filled with love and wisdom that he himself now attains again power and freedom. He has to be filled with my spirit; so love, wisdom and spirit power have to mark him as divine creature which has returned to perfection. Man has to submerge in the sea of my love; he has to be introduced into all truth, what will always happen through my will, my power and my over great love. Baptize them in the name of the father - bring to them my word of love, which contains wisdom in it, and through it makes the spirit having an effect in man possible, which requires love activity because the expression of my spirit is the giving of my love, which is expressed in the supply of wisdom - a truthful knowledge. Love, wisdom and power - about these you men have to be truthfully enlightened, and this enlightenment is a true spirit baptism, but which cannot be replaced through an submerging in water. Just understand, you men, that you are not to bind yourselves to outer forms - understand it that I certainly do not demand formalities from you, but always only assess what is undertaken in spirit and in truth. And when you now as proof of your right thinking put forward John's baptism of me in the Jordan, then consider that men of that time still knew very little about me, that they at that time thought highly of outer acts and that only a certain degree of maturity of the individual was needed to be able to make the spiritual meaning of the baptism understandable to him. Moreover men proved through the will to let John baptize them their desire to come closer to their God and creator, and in those times this was already a considerable spiritual gain. And so I myself also underwent this act to legitimize the work of my forerunner John because it would have been pointless to explain to men this outer act as unimportant because they would still not have been able to summon up understanding for the pure spiritual truth. A water baptism did not do any harm to them, but benefit only then when they also accepted the word of God, which John brought to them. And so also now man will receive the baptism when he accepts my word, which my endless fatherly love brings him, lives accordingly and through this comes to wisdom - which goes out from love - and now also my spirit is awakened in him, which is light and power and has an effect in man. But all this cannot be replaced through water baptism, only the latter will always remain a symbol, an outer form, in which men want to persist, because they try to demonstrate everything outwardly and are not content with the value of pure spiritual experience. I can only tell you again and again that all outer acts and practices have no value, that I never assess a man by what he does outwardly, but alone the inner attitude towards me and my word is decisive because as soon as a man accepts my word, acknowledges it and leads a life according to this word, he will perfect himself still on earth because my word is the water of life, which flows out of the original source. And in this water you are to submerge; this water will flow out of your body, and you will experience the spiritual baptism when the spirit in you awakens to life, when love, wisdom and power interpenetrate you and you again become your original being, which you were from the very start, when through the water of life you come to eternal life, which you will no longer lose for evermore. Amen. B.D. NR. 8643.


Book 91 8646

The Gospel of love has to be announced.

16. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8646.

When the Gospel of love is preached to you then you know that it is myself on whose behalf my messengers offer that, which is exceedingly important, when you want to still attain the maturity of the soul on earth. I then myself address you through the mouth of man because I want to submit to you the importance of the fulfilling of my love commandments; I want to get you that you change your self-love to unselfish brotherly love. I want to encourage you to unite yourselves with me, because I am love, and every work of love unites you with me; with every work of love you tie yourselves up to me, and that is why you can take on your original nature only through works of love because you were radiated as pure love from me and were perfect. Only love brings this change back about. And this is your only earth life purpose, to again form your nature to love. And that is why I again and again have to preach to you my divine love teaching; I have to make use of the mouth of my servants on earth to preach to you the Gospel, which demands fulfilment of my love commandments from you. Your nature is still too much filled with self-love; every man is thinking too much of himself and does not respect his fellow man who needs his help in spiritual or earthly want - and he is not aware of, that every day is lived in vain where a work of love could not help his soul to mature. And that is why again and again this has to be pointed out to him; I have to again and again send out my messengers who urge him to take unselfish care of the neighbour, to put his own I last and to only practise love, which alone helps him to perfection. But he is also to receive right, truthful enlightenment about the importance of my love commandments; he is to know about the effects of a right life of love and about the serious consequences of a live without love. The reason for him being man is to always be presented in all truth, which was the rejection of my love and the reshaping of the original being into lack of love; he is to know what love as such is - that it is my basic nature, that it is also the original substance of every created being and that without love every being is to be called highly incomplete; that perfection cannot be thought of without love - that all happiness, all light and all power depends on love and that is why man only walks over the earth to shape his nature again to love when he wants to be happy forever. So where the Gospel of love is preached to you men, there you hear myself because I stand behind everyone who teaches love, and he then only expresses what I would say myself when I would stay in your midst and would teach you. But I have to always use a man to force no man to believe because also love has to remain completely free despite the commandment because a forced love is no love and therefore also has no blessing as a consequence. The divine spark has to be lighted deeply within the heart, which I have put in you so that you are actually able to love because in free will you gave away this ability when you rejected all love radiation from me. You were totally lacking in all love, and also on earth you would never be able to reach perfection when my compassioned love would not have assigned a little spark to you, which you only have to light, which can brightly flare up in you and break out to a powerful fire. And this is the aim which you are to achieve: that you are again filled with love power and after that become again divine beings, which you were from the very start. But at the beginning of your embodiment you lack all knowledge about your original state, your falling away from me and your earth assignment. And that is why the Gospel of love is preached to you again and again, that is why you by fate are again and again encouraged to have loving effects. Your life will happen in such a way that you can always practise unselfish love, and your will is always only to be prepared to use every opportunity where you can be active in love. For your life in eternity depends of it. Only the soul, which shapes itself to love, can dwell in God nearness. Only love brings about unification with me, the eternal love, and only love gives also back to you all qualities and abilities, which belong to perfection and which you once voluntarily gave away when you refused your love towards me and that is why you hardened in your substance. You have to become love again; you have to take on your original being again, otherwise you cannot get happy in eternity. And because you do not know this at the beginning of your embodiment due to your lack of love, which is also lack of light, my love commandments are again and again made accessible to you, on which fulfilment your happiness depends. For only through love you again unite with me, and you are again perfect, as you were from the very start. Amen. B.D. NR. 8646.


Book 91 8648

Answer to question about reincarnation.

18. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8648.

Excerpt only:

When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the later: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces.


Book 91 8658

There shall be light among men.

29. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8658.

A great spiritual area will be revealed to you men who let yourselves be taught by myself for I can supply all through my messengers and mediators with the knowledge who just long for it, and who through a life of love are able to understand it. It is an area which is closed to your intellectual research, which also cannot be proved to you men and remains so as long as a bright light is given to you from inside, through the spirit, which also has the power of proof for you that you move in true knowledge. And this spiritual area is inexhaustible; your God and creator will permanently teach you and give you deeper and deeper understanding when you just fulfil the prerequisite which is demanded of you: that you closely unite with me in prayer or through deeds of love because the unity with me has to exist, otherwise you remain in eternal blindness. For I am the light myself; I am truth; I am the source from which love, light and power deepest wisdom emanates. And this stream can only pour when contact is made, which you have to make yourselves, because you once voluntarily had broken it off. But then an area will be opened up to you which you cannot set foot on as nothing but man, when this contact with me does not exist. Everything is then lying clearly before you; you understand the spiritual connections; you comprehend my rule and work; my plan of salvation from eternity is unveiled to you, and it is intelligible to you. You hear of spiritual proceedings which underlie your existence as man; you also understand processes of nature and can explain to yourselves the events around you; my nature is unveiled to you, and many veils lift which still hang in front of your eyes. You can also gain insights into spiritual worlds when you are also only intellectually informed about it for the time being until your spiritual eye is opened when you have reached a certain degree of maturity, which allows a spiritual seeing. You will be given a knowledge, which you completely lack as men, of my fatherly love, which wants to know you again in that state as once before your falling away from me, when you stood in the brightest light of understanding and were happy. You are to again attain that state and also can reach this during your life on earth as man. But you must strive for this; it cannot be given to you as a present. Consciously you have to unite with me, acknowledge me as your God and creator, as your father and long for my presence, which then also guarantees you gifts of favour of highest value because my endless love wants to give it up and I therefore want to also again give back to you the bright light of understanding, which you yourselves clouded and then lost completely. Now consider, in what spiritual darkness mankind goes along; consider that only very few create a sphere full of light around themselves, that therefore as it were only sparks of light flash on earth, which certainly every man could catch and which would be enough to again light a light in the heart of a man who wants to flee from darkness. Consider how much happier men would be when they would just stand in a small degree of understanding, which they then could increase themselves any time. Then you, who already lighted a light in you, will understand that I will favour everything which helps that there is light among men. You will understand that I train for myself light bearers who I equip with rich knowledge, who I always introduce deeper into truth, which can only emit from me and that I again ask these light bearers to let their light radiate so that darkness is broken, which burdens mankind. I do not want that you men leave life on earth in the same darkness in which you entered it. I want that you again long for light in this life as man, and indeed, your longing will be fulfilled, and it will make you happy already on earth when it lights up in you, when you learn to understand why you stay on earth and what your actual assignment is on earth. I alone know what darkness means for a free, happy spirit created in brightest light. I alone know that this spirit can only then again be happy when it is in the circuit of my love radiation. And I want to draw him into this love circuit already on earth as man and that is why I send to him again and again rays which are to light a light in him, which then pushes by itself towards the original light from eternity. That means therefore I give to every man for the time being a small knowledge, which reaches into spiritual areas, and man can increase it out of his own will. Ceaselessly he can make use of my love power current; he can put himself into possession of spiritual material when he makes use of this power current to work in love and love then ignites in him an always brighter light. And light means knowledge, recognition, deepest wisdom but always concerning spiritual areas, which are not accessible to the intellect because I make a point to teach those men who devote themselves to me and ask me for enlightenment of their spirit. These will be allowed to accept an extensive knowledge and so therefore slowly enter into that state of understanding, in which they initially were. Darkness will flee from them, which my opponent has imposed on them; they will again reach light because they consciously establish contact with me, the original light from eternity, and let me again illuminate them as once when they went out from me in all perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 8658.


Book 91 8659

Conscious voluntary union with God is perfect happiness.

30. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8659.

I seek to increase the perfect happiness of my creatures all the time, no matter in which degree of maturity they are. But the state of maturity is important whether they accept what gifts of favour I give them, or reject them. My love light radiates incessantly into the whole infinity; it touches both the already perfect spiritual and increases permanently its perfect happiness but it also illuminates everything still being unhappy, only meeting with opposition, and therefore remains without effect. But where however resistance only slackens a little, the beingness feels a relief of its agony or fetters, which it has to bear until the resistance has completely decreased. And then it just needs to willingly open up to my love illumination to be made happy by it and to climb higher and higher, which also results in always increasing the inflow of my love power. As soon as now my creature is now again aware of itself when it goes over earth as man or has also already entered the spiritual kingdom then it also has established the union with me and opened itself to my love light ray voluntarily, and then it will also feel perfect happiness, which my divine radiation has to give it, because I always only want to make happy. And now I will never withdraw my love from my creatures and decrease their state of perfect happiness once they have entered this state. And therefore there can only always be an ascent; the state of perfect happiness can always only increase as soon as the being has consciously entered into the union with me. That is why this conscious union is that what I seek to achieve through means of different kind because until then the being can again and again lapse, even if my love does everything to prevent it, but it cannot be forced, and the establishment of the union with me is a complete free act of volition. It leads the being to perfect happiness, which increases permanently, but if it is not carried out then the being remains in an unfortunate state and can remain in it for eternal times. But it is again and again and again illuminated by me so that it gives in, only that the illumination remains without effect with permanent rejection. That is why you men do not know in which great responsibility you stand because in earthly life as man you have reached this degree that you consciously have to make this decision of the will, which can redeem you out of all unhappiness, which can shape you to a divine being, which now is in permanent contact with me and therefore can also permanently be illuminated by my love power. But exactly this test of will when it is passed is the great turning point in your being, on your way of return to me. Your earthly fate is so determined for every individual man that he can pass this test of will. But my opponent will do everything to hinder man to seek the union with me, and that is why man has to pass a fight on earth because he alone decides whether I or my opponent wins over him; neither I nor my opponent force his will, but each just seeks to influence him; but man has to decide for himself. And when you now know that you therefore also decide on your state whether it remains unhappy or forms itself into a happy one, you will also recognize the great responsibility in earthly life, and you then have to do everything to free yourselves from your opponent, which you now again can only do when you request power from me, and this request is already a union with me, which you just have to strengthen to win the victory over the opponent. For I certainly do not leave you without power when you just ask it from me. For then you open yourselves to my love power illumination, and you have passed the hardest test of will; you now go upward and will also never relapse as soon as your union with me has taken place in spirit and in truth. For I only respect and assess that which is felt deep in the heart, while words alone have no value before me. Nevertheless I will not rest to again and again touch you because until the death of your body I wrestle with my opponent over your soul, so that an endless long unhappy earthly course through creation has not been in vain for you; again and again I will let love light sparks flash for you on earth and also still then in the kingdom on the other side, to get you, my creatures, that you give up your resistance and voluntarily turn your heart towards me. And every individual being, every individual soul, is a great gain for me, as soon as I can again illuminate it with my love. And what I do not achieve with one earthly course that I will certainly achieve once after all, because I give up no soul, which once came from me; I pursue it with my love, and if eternities pass once it certainly returns voluntarily to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 8659.


Book 91 8688

Erroneous interpretation of the words of Jesus.

29. November 1963. B.D. NR. 8688.

The thinking of men is earthly directed, and so they also interpret everything earthly, which had a deep spiritual meaning, which was supplied to them as spiritual teaching from me, who has always spoken directly or through messengers to men. But my instructions were brought about for the salvation of souls, and when I addressed men, both in old and also in new times, then I have always put a spiritual meaning into my words, which was also understood rightly in the beginning, but never a long time passed until this spiritual meaning was worldly interspersed and was interpreted in the end in an earthly sense. And so therefore my word never remained pure; acts and practices came out of it, which no longer corresponded with the spiritual meaning, and my word has lost its healing power, because it no longer remained my word. What was spiritual demanded of you - because I expected a blessing for your souls from the fulfilment - that you men have changed to earthly acts. For every demand I made towards your souls you have thought up and carried out a worldly event for yourselves, and you then have called these events sacraments and then conferred an over high importance on them, so that now innumerable men comply with the demands which were made on them with greatest conscientiousness and believe to gather a treasure of favours for their souls through the fulfilling of humanly issued commandments. And everything is just form and appearance and completely meaningless for the maturing of the soul. But you men persist with utmost tenacity in such forms, which you have made for yourselves, but which were never demanded by me of you men. All my words which I spoke when I myself walked over the earth as man had a deep spiritual meaning and can never be replaced through outer acts. But you have not grasped the deeper idea, and for you it is enough to have outer practices, which can never bring in an advantage for your souls. Consider which effects you alone concede just to baptism! Consider that you carry out a simple outer act and are now convinced of spiritual success: may it be the release from original sin, may it be the inclusion in my church - the inclusion in a religious community. But all this man has to acquire for himself during his life on earth; he has to let himself be redeemed from sin through Jesus Christ in free will. Therefore more than just the act of baptism belongs to it, which is carried out with a child. And he also can only join my church again in free will through conscious living in my following, that he reaches a living faith through love - the mark of the church founded by me. Think of the sacraments of confession and of the altar. What you have made of these and through what formalities you hope for the forgiving of sins for you. Think of what I want to have known under these, that you are to admit me so that I can celebrate communion with you and you with me - and how you let these my words This do in remembrance of me - become an event, which again can have no effect on your souls when you do not lead such a deep life of love that you are closely united with me through love and I then can also be present in you myself. Everything which is demanded of you spiritually, with which your soul is to cope with alone, that you men have fused with earthly terms and therefore built up something for yourselves, so that you eagerly observe what is demanded of you, what is explained as being my will. And again and again enlightenment has to be given to you about it, but you do not accept such enlightenment, but you comply with humanly issued commandments always more eagerly, while you ignore my commandments to love God and the neighbour and therefore always become of a darker spirit and in the end no longer a possibility exists to recognize the wrongness of your thinking and acting. And you have also put on fetters for yourselves by you accepting everything as truth unquestioningly what has been made accessible to you as my word. All my words you interpret pure earthly but you pay no attention to the spiritual meaning, and through this errors have developed which can only be corrected when you are filled with love because then the inside of you will light up, and you recognize it when you move in error. All humanly issued commandments and sacramental acts will be recognized by you as deception, which only a dark spirit could make out to be divine will and you will seek to break away from error in the knowledge of pure truth, which alone can give the soul salvation and which alone only that man will recognize as truth who lives in love, who therefore fulfils my love commandments first and then will also move in the right thinking. Amen. B.D. NR. 8688.


Book 91 8702

Slow upward development of the beings in creation.

17. December 1963. B.D. NR. 8702.

So hear the following: When I once transformed the power emitted by me as beings to works of creation of most different kind, the slow upward development of these beings in the dissolved state started. At the beginning this was an unimaginable swaying of spiritual substances, which slowly took on form when the spiritual power was compressed through my will to matter and this matter was again so differently that this cannot be explained to you men. According to my wisdom and my love I had drawn up a plan of salvation for the spiritual, which once had fallen away from me, which exactly was to be carried out in creation. And the purpose of my creation was to cause the spiritual bound in it to serve, therefore one work of creation had to be necessary for the other so that a slow upwards development was possible. One cannot make conceivable to you men the serving functions in the beginning of creation only after the works of creation assumed an already harder existence, also an activity, even if very slow, began in these creations. And every activity attests to life; every activity brings about change so that also the forms change all the time, that they develop to greater and greater works of creation of which everyone had to fulfil an assignment which my will determined and which was also carried out according to my will because the spiritual could not oppose my will. And so creation therefore did not come into being in a moment out of my will, but the spiritual bound in it or the reshaped power covered a slow course of development so that also the resistance slowly decreased and this was expressed in service, which certainly was still subject to my mandatory law, yet still proved a decrease of resistance. And so the process of ascent development through the world of rocks, plants and animals, as far as up to man, has also been explained to you, that the outer forms released the spiritual in it all the time and this gathered to again take up residence in a greater form and to carry on serving until all particles belonging to a fallen original spirit have gathered and can now be embodied as soul in man. But as it happens in the animal world, that small and smallest beings move into a greater outer form through union with the spiritual standing in the same degree of development after their cessation, so also the process of development took place further, and new forms were created again and again through my love and wisdom, which could accommodate the destined spiritual. Now in nature you see this as development of a small living being to a greater and greater. But once I needed to create every form new, which did not yet exist. And whether these forms also increased all the time and were similar to the previous ones, it was always an act of creation for my part, which certainly could not be observed on the part of men because no man having the gift for intellect and free will populated earth. But my plan was fixed since eternity, and I knew therefore also about that creature, which was to go over earth as man for the purpose of passing the last test of will. And the spiritual still bound in the different works of creation was therefore transferred into always new creations the more the individual creature approached maturity in its spiritual substance. The works of creation became greater and greater with which not the bodily size is to be understood but the makeup of the individual living beings, their functions and their abilities are meant. But every new living creature was a work of my endless love and wisdom and omnipotence which then again multiplied, but always remained the same work as what I had put it out. Understand it, no living being will change in its nature, and were you believe to establish a change or further development it is a matter of an act of creation for my part at its emergence. And so it has also always been a matter of new creations with every manlike being, which inhabited earth before the first man was created, but which remained in their kind as they had been created as a product of my omnipotence, and as the spiritual bound in it permanently developed upwards, an outer form was created through my will, which was more and more like man, but my will was always underlying this creation, which again had an effect as the law of nature what you men now call the natural ascent development of beings. But man can never be considered to be such a product of natural development, because he is a creation on his own, coming from my omnipotence, love and wisdom and so shaped that he is to and can fulfil a high assignment on earth. And no matter how clever animals you seek to train to independent thinking and wanting to be free, you will never succeed in this because the abilities man possesses lie hidden in no animal, because man is the only being in creation, which possesses intelligence, the powers of reason and free will but which can never be achieved by slow training, which are also no characteristic features of a slow ascent development of a being but only prove that man is a work of creation on his own, called into life through my will and my power to fulfil an assignment. And the creation work of man could only then be put into the world after the once fallen original spirits had already covered the slow upward development through creation because now man was to hold such fallen original spirit as soul in him. The word development always only applies for the spiritual that is held or bound in that (every) work of creation, which has to cover this upward development, while the material creation works are always to be considered as acts of creation because my will called these outer forms into being so that they serve the spiritual as outer form, which itself was supposed to reach up through serving. That my will also simultaneously means the law of nature, which no work of creation can oppose as long as it does not hold a spiritual mature being like man in it, will also let the word development become understandable but will never warrant the claim that man himself has developed because he was a work of creation on his own, which my will and my love power called into life. Amen. B.D. NR. 8702.


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