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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 90

B.D. NR. 8522 - B.D. NR. 8624
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Book 90 8525

Vineyard work is not without effect.

11. June 1963. B.D. NR. 8525.

Again and again I have to admonish you to eagerly work for me and my kingdom. You are not to get tired and consider your work to be useless, even when you apparently have little success to show. But think of the fact, that only few men deal with spiritual thoughts, that their thoughts are mostly worldly orientated but that only spiritual thoughts can have an effect on souls in the kingdom on the other side and that these badly need help as long as they still stay near earth due to their low degree of maturity. They only can understand you by following your thoughts, and when these are now directed spiritually they can draw the greatest blessing out of them. Only few people move in spiritual areas because these areas alone have become the purpose in their life. Only few people work consciously for me and my kingdom, even when contact with me is entertained in church organizations but then always only at certain times and in a certain framework. But only the living connection with me has a beneficial effect, and this is established by only few men. So the otherworldly souls have only few possibilities to arrive at sources of light where they are also allowed to receive light themselves what they however do where only through light sparks such a source is visible on earth. And for the sake of these souls, which have urgent need of you for their further development especially in the beginning after their departure from earth you should be eagerly active yourselves and serve me in my vineyard. You should neither be put off nor be influenced through apparent failures. I know about every effect of that what you undertake in the service for me, and I also know about all thoughts, and I also determine the circle of the otherworldly souls, which fetch food from you i.e., I point them to you who are able to help them in their want. And as you receive the truth directly from me, you are also beleaguered by souls hungry for the truth, by such souls who on earth were difficult to determine to assimilate spiritual knowledge because nothing seemed to be plausible for them, but which still led a life, which did not transfer them into darkness after their departure but who still cannot leave the proximity of earth because they are still too much bound to earth through their inclination to the earthly world. But since they have recognized that they no longer live in the earthly world, they seek to find support in men on earth, who help them in their spiritual poverty. They demand true spiritual goods and feel it that they find this with you. For these souls you are so necessary because they earnestly strive upwards and are now also taught by myself through you, so that they are bound to reach the goal. And you are never allowed to let this source of life to dry up for those souls as also in the otherworldly Kingdom time is only just limited, and work has to be done for all who enter the spiritual kingdom to announce to them the Gospel of love, which they neglected on earth, and to be right signposts on the way up for them. Innumerable souls are called away and arrive in a little developed state in the otherworldly kingdom. And what they therefore neglected in life on earth, they must make up for and need for this right instruction, which you can impart to them through eager spiritual work, which is therefore never done in vain. You are not allowed to forget that such places are seldom where I can hand out the water of life myself, the bread from heaven but that especially at such places also the right food for such immature souls can be given, which these certainly demand because they feel the effect of this divine food and are exceedingly grateful for the help done for them, which they again also want to give to other souls, and that is why the work of redemption draws immense circles for you. What I give to you men through my address, that also innumerable souls receive in the otherworldly kingdom, and as long as therefore this close contact with you is possible, this also means a redeeming mission for the otherworldly souls; it is true that they also have spiritual teachers enough in the spiritual kingdom, however after their death on earth they are still in such a way connected to the earth that you have greater possibility to impart spiritual goods to them than those light beings who are also only allowed to approach them covered up and are heard by the souls only then when they have already grasped a little of all connections, when they have already a degree of light, which lets them now also gratefully accept the help of the otherworldly light beings and they now also unstoppably ascend up. Believe it, that no work of yours is done in vain, which you carry out for me and my kingdom. Every spiritual thought has a beneficial effect, and no spiritual thought gets lost, but has an effect as power on those souls, which are to be helped to descend up. Amen. B.D. NR. 8525.


Book 90 8533

God needs his servants.

18. June 1963. B.D. NR. 8533.

I can give back to you everything, which you lose, because my power is great. But I also know that at times I have to take from you on which your heart is still set, when I want to be of service for you. And then you are to loyally submit to my will and know that it is necessary for the salvation of your soul. And as soon as the danger is moved out of the way I will also again amply give to you, and you will need to suffer no want. In future times you will never need to worry about earthly things for I know what you need - and that you will also receive; but I require that you do loyal work as my servants, that you permanently think of your mission, which you are to fulfil - that you pass on my word to your fellow men, which you directly receive from me. And you can believe it that I care for my servants as a good house father because I need you as I still want to help many people that they reach their goal on earth. And I will always make a point of taking away earthly worries from all my servants so that they can be unhindered active for me and my kingdom. And when therefore difficult times befall you, when you are torn from well-ordered circumstances and get into a chaos, which seems to be insurmountable for you, then you also need not to worry then, because I take over the care for you, who can do everything, also what appears to be impossible for you. For I need your help always more urgently, which consists in passing on the truth to men who are ensnared in a mess of false doctrine, who again and again are deceived by my adversary anew and need good guidance to get out of their spiritual darkness. I have to emphasize again and again that there is only one way to me - the way of truth. And this one I show myself to you by I revealing myself to you, by me feeding you with an unusual knowledge, which all men are to hear about to walk on the right way. And as long as I therefore need a servant who has taken over this assignment voluntarily for me supplying truth to his fellow men, I will also keep him and have sent again and again directives to him so that he can feel being guided by me and he also fully trusts me that I helpfully stand by him in his mission. And he also can always be sure of my help as it is still a matter of doing rescue work of greatest extent before the end, which can determine the lot of many souls. And as this rescue work can only be carried out by few men who are devoted to me in love and completely submit their will to mine, I also obviously have to have an effect on these few men. I have to look after them bodily and spiritually; I have to make them happy with my presence and to address them directly for power is to be supplied to earth out of me, which now is to fill men in the form of my word and which returns to the beginning, to the source of power - therefore brings souls to me, which were lost to me for a long time, but inevitably once return to me. The source of power from eternity seeks a vessel for himself into which he can flow. And this vessel becomes a spring of life for fellow men because there power can be accepted any time, because I myself can now also supply power current to those who are still far away from the original source, but desire my power for their weakened souls. I always only think of the state of the soul of men and this I want to improve, and this I can only achieve through supply of power out of me, which often cannot be done directly and that is why loyal servants have to serve me through which I now can let in the power current to them. Who knows about the great spiritual want in which mankind walks, he will also understand how tremendously important the duty of him is who serves me, that I can directly let power flow out of me to earth who accepts my word, pure truth, which alone helps souls to mature. And the receiver of the word himself will recognize the importance of his mission and completely hand over himself to me and always only expect my instructions and carry them out willingly. And he is to never doubt that I need him because his willingness to serve me enables him for this assignment, and as it is only about the rescue of souls out of spiritual want; all earthly things take a back seat, both the earthly living conditions and also the earthly body of him who wants to serve me. It is spiritual work which is to be carried out; it is spiritual power, which expresses itself through my servants, and it is spiritual power, which also keeps him earthly. And no doubting thought is to emerge in him because body and soul serve me, and both are supplied through my spirit with the power, as long as I need a person that he serves me and helps his fellow men to the rescue of their souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 8533.


Book 90 8535

Revelation of John.

20. June 1963. B.D. NR. 8535.

Everything what agrees with my word you can accept as truth and also represent as truth. And so you also know which opinion you can express when thought material is supplied to you. For this you should be able to do, you who are taught directly by me. For you are to reject everything wrong and warn fellow men to accept it. When you are to spread pure truth coming from me then to this also belongs that you brand error as coming from my opponent and that you try to protect you and your fellow men as well from his influence. He also uses human vessels to get his way, to undermine pure truth, for he causes confusion among men who no longer know what they are to accept. But as soon as you recognize yourselves that my opponent is at work it is also your duty to take action against it. And that is why I want to have an explanation sent to you, which again only he can give to you who knows about everything, to whom nothing is unknown and who can impart this knowledge to you through the spirit: Much is hidden to you men in its meaning, which exactly only I can decipher for you. And I have at any time through seers and prophets pointed to events, which still lay in the far away future. However my predictions or sights have mostly be given veiled according to the state of maturity of men, and an awakened spirit always belonged to it to find the right understanding for it. And as many prophecies were related to the last time before the end, they also remained unintelligible to men because I kept it for myself to lift the veil as soon as the time is come. And also for my seers and prophets the pictures were concealed which they saw, and they spoke out partly driven by my spirit, partly enlightened by my spirit, which also let them see what was lying in the far future and they reported about it. And so there also exist documents and have remained in existence until now, which tell of the sights of my disciple John - documents, which will find their explanation in the last time before the end and which were also meaningless before for men, that is why they were also not understood by them. But they have a deep meaning; they only describe in pictures what my disciple had seen to whom the spiritual sight was opened, but who himself could not interpret his sights for himself, because it would neither have been to his nor his fellow men's advantage, as the whole development time was still in front of them, which was to be used through the redemption of Jesus Christ - but a knowing about the meaning of the seen would have suppressed every spiritual impetus - therefore free will would have been limited. For I knew it that the goings-on of my adversary would take on great magnitudes at the end of a redemption period and that such a great spiritual low of mankind is to be recorded at the end that a clear knowing about it would have been harmful for men. But I let my disciple see all these end phenomena spiritually, but in the awake state - when he wrote down what he saw - he only saw pictures, which were unintelligible for himself - which I therefore wanted. The work of Satan in the end times is unmistakable, but you men have no idea what great spiritual harm befalls all men through his work. And all these conditions, which obviously come to light in the end times, my disciple has seen, so also the goings-on of my opponent, which gave rise to that dreadful seeing, which described his work visually and the only reason why it remained veiled to mankind was because otherwise they would have completely given up their spiritual striving in view of the failure and the supremacy of my opponent. But John also foresaw the fall to the deep and the fettering of my opponent, and that is why this sight of the disciple is also supposed to survive for men, because once everything will be understandable to them, even if only in the spiritual kingdom their spiritual state is ready that knowledge comes to them. And so you know how you are to assess such communications, which are alleged to come from above and yet have their origin in the deep. You know, that everything, which contradicts this my word, is erroneous spiritual material and specially takes a look at exactly the goings-on of my opponent in the end times, who wants to create confusion wherever he can, and who uses my name as camouflage for himself to be believed. Be watchful and do not be driven into darkness - when a bright light shines for you, which very clearly shows you the way to me, who still wants to rescue all men before the end, who just have the will to be rescued. In all earnestness seek me, and truly, I do not let you fall into the hands of my opponent; I will shed light upon your thinking as soon as you only ask me earnestly for pure truth. But then it reaches you through the heart, without the intellect needing to become active then, because my opponent uses the intellect, as long as the heart does not fight him. You must fully consciously break off the relationship with him who wants to ruin the world. You must closely join me and ask me that I protect you from his influence. And indeed, your prayer will be come true as soon as it is send up to me in the spirit and in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 8535.


Book 90 8542

Earthly flourishing. Speedy decline.

28. June 1963. B.D. NR. 8542.

Worldly seen you will be able to observe a constant flourishing because men over keenly strive for earthly improvements and earthly prosperity; their whole thought and wish concentrates on earthly things, and it seems they subdue everything to improve their living conditions. And still it is a constant decline spiritually seen because more and more they strive to get away from God, they lose faith in him and therefore also all union with him, and that means that the opponent of God takes complete possession of them, that he has the greatest success with such worldly men who only pay attention to his kingdom and as a result are in bondage to him. Earthly prosperity, honour and fame are the aims of men, spiritual aims they do not know, and they also do not feel the sense of dreariness and emptiness in their hearts because these are completely filled with earthly thoughts and earthly plans. And only rarely the former thinking can be shaken or changed by experiences - only rarely men tire of their earthly hustle and bustle and seek another goal which they support. Then fate has to hit them hard, and men's thinking has to be directed differently by force - when they are unable themselves to ward off such fate, and they now have to fight themselves. Then the possibility exists that they think about the futility of their earthly life - that they now also recognize a power above them, which is stronger than their will of life and also lets men recognize their own weakness. But every hard stroke of fate is only a means to shake up men out of the calm of their earthly existence. It is a means which I make use of to create a change of mentality which is certainly then possible when they have to recognize the futility of earthly striving through suffering or sickness or other difficult experiences and then begin to think about the own faultiness and weakness, to get such blows under control - when they have to recognize that they depend on a higher power. Only then their thinking can change and then also their striving be meant for a different goal than before. And it will always be only some who turn back on their path through life, who are able to break away from the world and its goods and then also no longer be put off by the worldly flourishing and successes. But the worldly successes will be more and more astonishing because that is a sign of the end that always greater plans will be pursued and carried out, which however also always deviate more from that, which God demands of men and which has value for eternity. Where earthly matter takes priority there the opponent of God is also involved because those men already belong to him who only chase matter and always only carry out plans for the improvement of their prosperity. And these men will also willingly serve him; they will interlock with matter more and more and so also determine their future fate themselves. For even if you men see around you a continual flourishing and continual progress - only a short time you will be able to still enjoy it because soon it all falls prey to destruction, and you lose all goods, which you had earthly acquired - because God himself wants to prove to you the transitoriness of all that, what your thoughts occupy and is actually completely worthless. That is why you should not be deceived, you who are already on the right way. Do not be misled in your thoughts that you believe the earth can still count on a long existence in view of the many fulfilments of human plans, which mean worldly progress and high standard of living. Everything goes the way of all flesh; it will find its end faster than you think, and men will get into living conditions, which you cannot imagine. For a divine intervention will create a complete change through the elements, with which men now have to face up to and can do so only when they are so closely united with God and request power for themselves, which will then also certainly be given to them and all those will certainly be helped, who find and go the way to him. Only then will men recognize how transient earthly matter is, and happy is he who draws the right conclusions from this recognition, who is able to break away from all earthly things himself and now tries to only find spiritual goods. He will always be able to expect the blessing and the support of God himself; he will be devoted to him and be guided through all misery. Amen. B.D. NR. 8542.


Book 90 8547

God's special care for his servants.

3. July 1963. B.D. NR. 8547.

My special love and care is meant for all of you who are active for me, who work for me and my kingdom. And this assurance is to take all worries from you, which at times befall you when you think of what lies ahead of you. It will be a difficult time which you approach, and still a measure of power will reach you that you will not feel it so difficult than your fellow men who are not in such a close relationship with me and are therefore powerless and all events threaten to overpower them. I know of each man's fate, as I myself impose it on the individual, and I certainly also know about its effect, and my help is also correspondingly. And whatever befalls you, just always rely on me; seize my hand and let yourselves be guided, and indeed, you will be able to overcome everything with ease and be full of inner calm. For also still then you are to serve me as announcers of my word. And exactly in the time of need your effort is necessary that you tell your fellow men of my work with you, of what is coming and of the love of the father for his children. They are to be convinced of it that I am a God of love, then also they will take the way to me in their trouble, and I can visibly grant them my help. Then you can convince them of me being a God of love, then also their prayer will come out of the heart when they call on me for help. And then I can also help them without forcing them to believe. But to yourselves I again and again give the assurance that I do not let you out of my hand, that nothing threatens you what seems to be more than you can handle. You only are to always believe in my love, wisdom and power, and indeed, this faith is your strength and also gives you the ability to speak and stand up for me towards your fellow men. Then you serve me, and I reward your services and protect you whatever it may be. And I will also strengthen you bodily when your effort for me becomes necessary; that is why you are to face what is coming unconcerned, and know that a loving father always watches over you to whom nothing is impossible when he wants to help his children in their need. The stronger this faith and the trusting devotion to me is the less that will touch you what puts your fellow men into fear and horror. And know that everything is good whatever may come, even if it seems to be otherwise to you. And everyone will experience my protection who listens to you when you bring my word to them, when you announce the Gospel of love to them. For all will be exposed to want in the coming times, and only the strength of their faith leads them through all trouble. My love will also seize them and help them, because they livingly believe and therefore also pray to me in spirit and in truth. Only the close union with me will help everyone to endure their fate because they then also trustingly devote themselves to me, and now there are no more limits to my power. I now can also have an unusual effect according to their depth of faith. That is why you should not let such thoughts depress you that you could give in to your weakness. What seems to you to be impossible today that you will then experience for yourselves, exceptional help in great trouble. The activities of my opponent will assume unusual proportions; he will bring about things, which are incredible, and he will cause alike counter activity for my part. But I will also unmask him and open your, my servants', eyes and ears, so that you clearly recognize the delusion of him who wants to ruin you. Also you will be equipped accordingly to be able to come up against him. You will destroy his web of lies with the sword of your mouth; you will be able to openly brand him and be protected from my side against his interventions. For he will persecute you wherever it is possible for him. And the signs of the nearby end will be more and more clearly, but as my love and power also is expressed always more clearly for who belongs to me he certainly needs to fear nothing. But who has no living faith he will become a slave to my opponent and his deceit, he will let himself be blinded and not recognize the danger in which he is. He will make no move to get out of it, and only great trouble can still teach him otherwise. But who already belongs to my opponent completely he will be given strength on his part. Also he will get the misery under control with his support, but in return loses his soul completely to him who will also no longer release it and will therefore be bound together with him as his following as soon as the day of the end is come. Amen. B.D. NR. 8547.


Book 90 8548

Leaving the opponent. Supply of truth.

4. July 1963. B.D. NR. 8548.

It is enough for you to know that I take care of you in every earthly and spiritual difficult situation, that you are never lonely and abandoned or have to look after yourselves when you do anything but resist my loving care. And so I will also protect you always from the attacks of my opponent when you indicate your will to be close to me. There is only one thing I demand of you: that you separate between me and my opponent - that you decide inwardly for me or for him. For he still is and remains my opponent throughout eternities, and never can his aim also be mine. Therefore you have to make this decision: to reject him and to acknowledge me, and then you have passed your earth life test, and your return to me cannot be hindered. But as long as you now live on earth he will do everything to win you for himself and therefore the perpetual temptations, which are to cause you to fall. And his best weapon is to confuse your thinking, to place error in front of you and to so bar the way to me, which alone can be found through truth. But in the same way I will counteract and supply you with pure truth, and now it is up to you whether you accept mine or his gifts. When you are now already in touch with Jesus Christ that redemption has taken place with you, then you will also possess power to resist the opponent, then you will also recognize error as such and reject it. But it will be difficult for all of you when your will is still weakened because you are still not redeemed through Jesus Christ - and you then again and again are the victim of my opponent. Only the redemption through him gives you the strength of will and then also the right success. But you can rest assured that your desire for me, your will turned towards me, will also soon earn you the redemption through Jesus, because I can then myself supply you with power and this power now has an effect insofar as that you now are of an open heart towards every enlightenment, which concerns Jesus and his work of redemption. When you want to me then you will also find him who will now show you the right way to me, home to your father's house. And so that life on earth now also brings the last perfection, I supply you with a light. I give you true knowledge so that you again reach the realization, which you once possessed, but had voluntarily given away. Only this knowledge will contribute that you live your earth life consciously - that you aim for a goal, which you now recognize because you stand in the light. Truth will be given to you when you sincerely desire it. That is for all men whatever way they get supplied with truth. But I always emphasize that my spirit guides you into all truth, that my spirit also has an effect when pure truth is passed on to man through my messengers, because only then they accept pure truth when my spirit can have an effect in them. And my spirit speaks to the heart, but the heart decides what it accepts or rejects. But when now the intellect steps in then it can also reach a misjudgement when man lets the intellectual thinking speak first and is then not able to recognize pure truth as truth. Grasp this: a man can be supplied with my knowledge acquired through spiritual activity, but he himself hinders his spirit to accept this knowledge because he first consults his intellect and also my opponent can work on this - so that man starts to doubt and puts forward his intellectual thinking. Then therefore the activity of my spirit is hindered and man hardly reaches right knowledge because he does not devote himself fully believingly to me and my activity through the spirit. I always have to represent the prerequisite for the attainment of pure truth to you because truth is divine spirit material, which is so valuable and therefore also has to be acquired in compliance with that prerequisite - because you once gave it carelessly away. Who now earnestly longs for the union with me, he will also long for truth just as earnestly, because I am eternal truth. And this longing for truth is the most important prerequisite, and this also requires that man frees himself of a spiritual material, which my opponent offered to him as long as man still belonged to his following. And whether he has also taken his knowledge out of the book of books - it does not protect him from having no understanding for the meaning of the word as long as his spirit is not yet awakened. That is why his heart must completely empty itself and let be filled by myself, then he will guaranteed be able to accept truth and have no longer need to fear to walk in darkness but the brightest light will now illuminate his way. Because the stronger the desire for uniting with me is the less a resistance man puts up to the supply of spirit material, which flows towards you men as activity of my spirit in form of my word. He will accept it fully convinced that it is truth, and now also his soul will benefit from it; he will stand in the light; all spiritual darkness has fallen off him - he stands in brightest recognition and is happy like in the beginning. Amen. B.D. NR. 8548.


Book 90 8549

Gathering of strength before the chaos.

5. July 1963. B.D. NR. 8549.

Strengthen yourselves again and again with my word for you will need this strengthening in the coming times, and that is why you are to gather strength already now because then you will not be able to collect your thoughts to prayer when my intervention will take place, which I have announced already for a long time. What is decided in my wisdom and love that will also be carried out, and every prediction will come true, which I had sent to you so that the event does not surprise you without a warning. You are to always think of it and seek to release your heart from every earthly desire. You are to seek to get free from matter for you have to give it away once, and the less your heart is set on it the easier the loss will be for you, the less you will be burdened by my intervention. I tell you again and again that you are to prepare yourselves for this time where there will be an unparalleled chaos and only the close union with me will give you the stability to cope with all demands. For who is not directly affected by the disaster that he has to lay down his life, he will now have to lead a difficult existence because there are no well-ordered living conditions and because now earthly wants will burden you, which you will not, without my help, be able to cope with. Again and again you are to receive my word into your hearts and draw strength from it; you are to win such a strong faith through my direct address that then in the coming time nothing will be left to be able to shake you, that you then completely rely on me and will always only wait for my help. And believe it that I will help you - that only the close union with me has to be established, which then only that man will be able to establish who is completely devoted to me and who only recognizes in the great event the fulfilment of my predictions and now all the more believingly also waits for my help, which will also be given to him. What seems to be impossible I will then perform for those who trust me completely. And every man is to get used himself to the thought that the order around him will not so remain; he is to believe it that the earth will be affected by such a great shock as you are not able to imagine it, and that innumerable men fall victim to the natural event - but that the survivors will run into such difficult living conditions, which demand much strength and confidence in my help to be able to be coped with. Then it will be shown where love towards the neighbour will be practised because only there my help will also be visible. And everyone who is just anxiously concerned about him and his welfare he will also have to slave away himself and still not get his situation under control. For you man have to experience it that love is power and that you can achieve much when love towards the neighbour is motive for your activities. Again and again I point that time out to you where a great chaos befalls you, which is caused by a powerful natural disaster - because I want to still give you men a last sign of a power, under which you are. But you who receive my word, directly or also imparted to you through my messengers, you are to also hear my admonition all the time, to become engrossed (immersed) in this my word whenever it is possible, and power will grow to you; also in the greatest trouble you will not lose the union with me, and then you are also always sure of my help because I obviously want to help the ones who are mine so that their faith will be strengthened and also the faith of fellow men and they establish the living connection with me and will no longer give up. And do not reckon on it that you will be spared, that other areas will be affected, which are far away from you. This event is great and contains great areas although the whole earth will not be affected. And that is why the great want will also leave its mark everywhere, which you will only then understand when the event has happened, when my voice sounds in the world and you experience the terrible effects - which again takes a long time before it can be assessed in full extent. You still live in calm, and you are not able to imagine such a chaos. But I point out to you that everything will come as it is announced before, and I only want to have an effect on you insofar as that you are to do everything to then also possess the power to hold your ground. For I will not leave you, you who devote yourselves to me and want to belong to me. And I constantly supply you with power. Let yourselves again and again be addressed and draw strength out of my word, and indeed, it will be possible for you to find to me also in greatest suffering, and I will always be prepared to help; I will always give you my support and also bring help through you to those who you seek to lovingly look after. B.D. NR. 8549.


Book 90 8567

Flesh and blood. Spiritual food.

23. Juli 1963. B.D. NR. 8567.

Just an excerpt:

I promised you my flesh and my blood, and this is so to be understood that I am the word myself, which became flesh that I offer myself to you as food because I am the word myself, and my word is life and consequently also gives life to those who receive my word, who move it in their heart and lead their earth walk according to my word. I promised you my flesh and my blood when I walked on earth my word with my power, which will create a basic change in every man who therefore lets himself be fed and given drink by me.


Book 90 8604

Responsibility before worldly powers.

2. September 1963. B.D. NR. 8604.

And in the world you will be hated for the sake of my name. As soon as you support me and my kingdom you will also have many opponents for men more and more turn away from the faith; they are always more in bondage to the world and therefore to my adversary, and they will always be hostile towards my followers and try to ruin them. But you stand under my protection. The work for me in the last time before the end is so urgently needed that I certainly will also protect my servants, who make this work their concern for I have this power also over my opponent, and he will not be able to harm you as long as I hold my hand protectively above you, but you should also know that you will not remain unhindered, that you will be exposed to hostilities, which you however overcome with my help. My opponent will try to put out the light, which unmasks him, and he will always find enough followers, who obey his wishes and take action against you; who press you where and how they only can. Unbelief of men also urges them on to be hostile towards all who stand in the faith. You actually do not harm them, even if you offer them my word, but they are driven by my opponent and will therefore bring hate and mockery to you, because you support me, because you preach love, which no longer exists among men. And you will also be called to account on the part of worldly powers, who want to prohibit you from your activities. But also then you need not be afraid because I will put the words into your mouth, and your opponents will not know what to say to that - although they remain in spitefulness and try to intimidate you through threats. But you, who are active on my behalf, will not be harmed through these opponents because I know to guide you so that you escape their hostilities and still be able to have an effect quietly for me and my kingdom. For there are still many souls who need your help, who I still want to address through you and who become aware exactly through those enemies and demand enlightenment. And out of these ranks also individuals can break away from the opponents and feel spoken to. For you will always have a blessing effect when you are active for me and my kingdom. And you see no success with men but still this is certainly so in the otherworldly kingdom, and now also the souls from the hereafter will have an effect on men who were close to them as soon as they first once could come close to the light themselves. I know it that your activity is not in vain, and therefore I will also erect a protective wall around you, behind which you can hide. And when you are called to account then also that does not need to worry you because I am all the time around you, my servants on earth, and where the father of the house is himself at work there no stranger will be allowed to venture in his area. I only want to prepare you for it so that you then do not become disheartened when open hostilities are undertaken against you, because the activities of my opponent do not decrease until the end has come. And not only worldly powers take action against you but also on the part of church organizations hostility is declared on you, for as long as these do not have spiritual awakened leaders, they also more or less go along in error and do not want to accept pure truth. And that is why they will attack those to whom I can express myself directly. For what is not known to them they also do not believe, and they are also not prepared to give up their error and to accept pure truth instead. And so they will also attack the bearers of truth and declare hostility on them. For every error is the work of my opponent, and who now represents error, he also belongs to him and will never accept pure truth. And the fight of darkness against light will always become more violent the closer the end is. But you, my servants, will always have the strength to endure until the end for I will fight with you myself, and victory will be ours. Amen. B.D. NR. 8604.


Book 90 8608

Acquiring of virtues.

6. September 1963. B.D. NR. 8608.

You are to practise patience and apply yourselves to a life of peace and gentleness, compassion and justice and humility, and you will then also always lead a life of love because love alone will shape you so that you possess all these virtues, that you make an effort to practise love towards your neighbour, and you then therefore live according to my will. As long as my opponent still controls you, exactly this will be lacking what I demand of you. And you therefore can recognize yourselves to whom you belong when you earnestly examine yourselves what you still lack for perfection. For you possessed these virtues in the perfect state when you still belonged to me and were happy. Through your turning away from me you had turned into the opposite; all bad qualities were awakened; you had taken on the nature of my opponent who was totally lacking any love. You are to reach again perfection in life on earth and therefore must also again give up all bad qualities and take up your original nature; you must lead a life of love, which will awaken all virtues in you so that you are now again divine beings. But this will always require an inner fight until you give up your initial nature because again and again you will be tempted by my opponent to impatience, to quarrelsomeness and quick-tempered nature; again and again he will try to harden your heart, to cloud your sense of justice and want to prompt you to arrogance because he does not want your perfection but he wants to keep you as beings who are like him and whom he can control. But you must wage this war because any ascent demands force against him who keeps you captive. And you can win victory when hand yourselves over to me in Jesus, when you ask me that I help you to again become as you were from the very start. You just have to work on yourselves consciously all the time; you must recognize when you have failed and have fallen back into your old faults, and you must again and again request power from me for the reshaping of your nature. Then I recognize that your will is earnest, and I will certainly help you that you reach your goal. Above all you must give up all arrogance because this belongs to my opponent, which led to his downfall. When you recommend yourselves to me in deep humility you will certainly get away from him because you will then also acquire all other virtues, overcome all faults, because you then also recognize them as faults as soon as arrogance has given way. And as soon as you walk in love, this love determines you to change the nature; you then can no other than to think just, let compassion rule, bear also the weaknesses of fellow men peaceably and patiently, and you will try to have an effect on your neighbour in all gentleness when you want to help him to carry out the change of his nature like you. As soon as all divine qualities in you become again apparent through love, you also safely reach your goal, the union with me, which can only take place with a being that is like me because this is founded on the law of my eternal order. Again and again you are to practise self-criticism to what extent the opponent still has control and influences you. And you are to always resist him when he wants to tempt you that you become again a slave to the faults, which you try to get give up. A thought of me, and he has to leave you alone and can no longer press you. You only have to summon up the earnest will to carry out this transformation of your soul because you have to face up to the temptations daily, often caused through your neighbour whom the opponent drives to put you into agitation so that you then fall back into your old faults. And again and again you have to prove yourselves, but as soon as you hold out, as soon as you consciously work on yourselves, a beautiful reward will also be yours because life on earth does not last long, but the spiritual kingdom will give you a happy life, and you will again be able to have an effect with me in light and strength and freedom because your nature has again adapted itself to mine, which also means a union of eternity because you now have become perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 8608.


Book 90 8624

Destruction of earth is the result of experiments.

23. September 1963. B.D. NR 8624.

You men yourselves set off the last work of destruction of this earth. And I do not hinder you because I also think of the spiritual, which is released through this work of destruction out of matter and can again continue its course of development in new shapings on the new earth. Already repeatedly this has been said to you, and still your faith in it is very little because the whole events are just unthinkable to you. But it forms the conclusion of a development period, which then starts a new period so that the work of return can then again take place in lawful order and again a success is recorded, which no longer was visible before the destruction of the old earth. My opponent carries out his last satanic work by him determining men to do that, for which he has not got the power himself: to destroy works of creation - in the belief to release the bound spiritual through it and to gain control over it. He determines men and causes them to experiments of all kind, but which fail due to ignorance of men and trigger off a disastrous effect. For men venture to do experiments without having studied their outcome - they set off powers, which they do not control and that is how they are doomed. And with them also the creation work of earth will be exposed to the most powerful destructions. The complete earth surface will change totally; all works of creation on the earth will fall prey to destruction; the effects will get as far as the interior of the earth, and therefore one can speak of a destruction of greatest extent, which men themselves however will no longer be able to observe, except for a small flock, which I before lead away from earth into an area of peace. I would never allow such a destruction myself when I would not also win new possibilities of salvation that way for the still bound spiritual, which already languishes endless long times in hardest matter. But also for that spiritual a further development would be possible when men would not overrule the legal order and always only fulfilled their serving assignment. But men no longer live in divine order, and that is how my opponent has great influence over these, and he urges them on to a beginning of which he hopes for a profit, of which he hopes for the return of the bound spiritual. And I do not check him for it is always still because of free will of man whether he carries out what my opponent wants to make him do. But whatever men do I will always know to make the right use of the effect of their action. For the world of darkness is indeed also subject to me and my power, and it must serve me and so to speak take part in my work of return, even if unconsciously. But I know since eternity about the direction of the will of men and therefore could also build up my plan of salvation on this will. I know it when the time has come that spiritual progress on earth is no longer to be expected. I also know when the time has come for the still bound spiritual to be released, and I therefore do not check the activities of men when they initiate an enormous work of destruction through their wrongly directed will, which turns towards my opponent and men is a willing tool for him. For he can destroy no work of creation himself; he can dissolve no matter at all, and all spiritual is wrested from his power. That is why he seeks to win it back again, and men are in bondage to him that they contribute to the dissolving of matter themselves - first through innumerable experiments, but which then assume proportions, to which matter no longer withstands. But I allow it that the spiritual bound in it is released even if at the expense of the whole human generation, which has arrived at a spiritual low itself, which requires a new banishment in matter. And whatever my opponent and men who are in bondage to him undertake - it will in the end serve again the upward development of the spiritual, which is to once reach completion. And that is why my plan of salvation will also be carried out as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8624.


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