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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 89

B.D. NR. 8425 - B.D. NR. 8521
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Book 89 8429

Harmonious Life on New Earth.

4. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8429.

Whatever pictures you form for yourselves of the new earth, they will still be exceeded by far, because a happy time dawns for the ones who are mine, for men who withstand until the end and will be raptured to the new earth. Men will live with each other in fullest harmony and in peace, surrounded by works of creation of unrivalled kind. And also the animal world will peacefully live side by side; no fight between creatures will take place because also their soul substances are just before their embodiment as man, and all spiritual bound in creation feels the harmony around it, and its resistance also obviously changes, which is apparent from the willingly serving of all creation works because also this spiritual wants to come quickly to the last course on this earth. And men will be allowed to enjoy many wonderful things because they are mature for a life in happiness, and otherwise they would enjoy this happiness in the kingdom on the other side, but the reason they are to lead their earthly survival on the new earth is because the new human race is to come from them. And again such souls will be allowed to embody, which have also reached a higher degree of maturity through the great change, through the exceedingly sorrowful end times, through the great destruction, who are now to a heightened degree prepared through the love life of men on the new earth to fulfil the last serving functions in material form, and who therefore are also not completely without love at the beginning of their embodiment as man and therefore develop quicker upwards, particularly as the difficult situations through the adversary fall away, because their love also secures them protection and help on the part of the beings of light - so that they can easily get rid of the impulses and desires, which still cling to them. For their will is turned towards me, and so they pass the test of will also fully aware in their being on earth as man, for my adversary cannot irritate them and the love in man establishes the union with me. The ones who are mine have acquired this privilege of an easy walk on earth of their descendants through the struggle they have passed before the end, which certainly required a strong will and great love towards me and which I therefore will also pay in every way. Moreover I know about the change of will of the spiritual in form, and I can again engender it accordingly in the outer form on the new earth, which guarantees a willing serving of the spiritual. And a state will be on the new earth where men are no longer oppressed by sufferings and worries, where they will feel both no earthly as well as no spiritual misery, where they are allowed to enjoy unspoilt the wonderful creations, where one is so fond of another in love that he wants to clear everything out of the way what could burden the other. And this love causes me to be myself in the midst of the ones who are mine, to teach them and to make them happy with my presence. A true divine peace spreads over all created beings, and it will last a long time, because love determines everything what is done, and so also the following generations allow my stay among them - but the adversary is completely eliminated. For he cannot be there where I am, and all these men are redeemed in truth, for they walk under the sign of the cross; in brightest clearness they are informed about the work of redemption of Jesus Christ and love me in him with all fervour of their heart. It is a truly paradisiacal state, which well lasts a long time, but will still not stay indefinitely. For always more spiritual, which has gone through creation, will reach the last embodiment, whose resistance is still not yet completely broken, and then also again the material desire will predominate and as it were loosen the chains of my adversary. For men will then desire that, which still belongs to him, and prove themselves to still belong to him and therefore also get again under his control. And now the adversary again has the right to have an effect on the will of man, and he makes use of it and again causes men to activities, which are not right before me, which violate the commandments of love and therefore also oust me from the face of him, who surrenders to my adversary. And again the struggle between light and darkness will begin, and the earth will again serve as maturation station, for still endless much of the bound spiritual goes the way of upward development, and for all its time is set, and again and again also completely redeemed souls will depart from earth into the spiritual kingdom, for the work of redemption of Jesus Christ will never have no effect, and for my part it will always be ensured that the knowledge about it is supplied to men, for Jesus will always be the opponent of the prince of darkness, who carries off the victory for longer or shorter time, according to the will of men, which is and will remain free and which will also accomplish the last perfection in life on earth - because once it will surrender to me and completely make himself subordinate to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 8429.


Book 89 8433

Activities of the adversary under a mask.

8. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8433.

In the last times before the end the adversary will fight with every possible means. And he will not be afraid to use my words and to make himself out to be an angel of light who is supposed to bring salvation to men. And in the darkness of spirit men do not recognize how he approaches them and takes possession of their thoughts. They believe blindly when only they hear pious words, but which can be spoken by every spirit because they are only empty words for it, which it does not believe itself, but uses them, to blind and to mislead men. These dark powers shrink back from no lie, and they often introduce themselves to men as high and highest light beings to deceive them and to suppress their doubts about the truth of their statements. And you will be amazed in which way my adversary will still have an effect on men through his accomplices in the time of the end. For he vies with me. As I pass on the pure truth to earth myself, so he will try it also and determine men to listen to him by disguising himself as angel of light. And the craving of men to get into contact with supernatural spheres, to receive unusual reports and to therefore enter a kingdom, which lies outside of this earth, often gives my adversary the opportunity to now push forward and to serve men to confuse their thoughts so that they no longer are able to recognize the pure truth when it is offered to them, because they themselves also want to come out and consider themselves as the receiver of the truth. It is an unscrupulous game which the adversary commits but men themselves support him for it is mostly curiosity, but not genuine desire for truth, which lets the connection establish with that spiritual world, from which thickest error is radiated, which undermines pure truth und gives no light to men. Always only blind lights flash, which blind the eye so that it can no longer see the pure truth. But I myself can do nothing else than to always point out to you his great deal of cunning, for you give him the grounds yourselves which makes his activity possible. For as soon as you aim for me in deepest earnestness and desire purest truth from me, I certainly would not let you fall into the hands of him, and you would brightly and clearly recognize that you are only led astray by bad spirits, and again and again I have shown you the characteristic features by which you can recognize them. Just examine them in me becoming man in Jesus Christ, let yourselves be introduced by them into this mystery, and you will recognize that they fail because they themselves are still of darkened spirit, that they know nothing about him and his work of redemption and that they only use his name to deceive you, but do not mean the name of their God and creator from eternity, whom they cannot express in the awareness of that what it means. It is true they make use of the human name Jesus because they always only talk of a man, not of God himself. And you will certainly not find many men who as true light givers can give you enlightenment about it because they have received this enlightenment from me myself. But then you can also judge and accept the light from them without having to fear to be taught wrong. And you can believe it that a man does not walk in the truth as long as this problem of me becoming man in Jesus is still unresolved for him. Who does not himself recognized him or has not recognized him as God's son and redeemer of the world, in whom I have manifested myself, to be able to be a visible God to the beings created by me, he will also never - may it be on earth or from out of the hereafter - be able to inform you men truthfully because he himself does not yet stand in the truth, in the real recognition, and therefore he is also no real leader and teacher of men on this earth. But you men are easily inclined to accept everything as truth what comes to you from the supernatural kingdom, because the desire to hear something unusual has priority, therefore is stronger than the desire for the pure truth. But to be able to entrust you with an unusual assignment which consists in accepting the truth directly from me and to pass it on to your fellow humans, you still lack too many prerequisites, which make a supply of the pure truth possible - conditions, from which I cannot deviate so that the pure truth is not endangered. For you still move in the middle of a world of spirits yourselves which you attract through your desire for something unusual, and are therefore not guarded against influences from the sphere of my adversary. You do not free yourselves from this influence but you again and again make yourselves available to theses powers, which you however very certainly would beat back through close devotion to me in Jesus Christ, through devotion to your father and redeemer who is your protection and shield against all unspiritual, which wants to press you. Amen. B.D. NR. 8433.


Book 89 8440

Creation of New Earth in a Moment.

16. March 1963. B.D. Nr. 8440.

It is possible for me to create all things in a moment for a thought is enough, which my will and my power puts outside as work. I can therefore create in a moment and do not need time for it. But when I work in front of men - which every single work of creation around you proves - then everything happens within the framework of legal order so that you men can also follow the creation proceedings and also be able to recognize from it my love, wisdom and power. For I have put in you the same ability - albeit in minimum degree - that also you can create and form and also need a certain period of time for it because in the state of imperfection, in which you men still are on earth, also the time and space law exists for you, which is only left out for perfect beings, because then there are no longer limitations, both time wise as well as also spatially. My rule and activity is always adapted to the state of maturity of the beingness, which is allowed to experience this rule and activity for itself - but which does not exclude that unlimited power is at my disposal to put out of me everything in a moment since I do not need time, because I stand outside of the law of time and space. While now the coming into being of the creation took place I also already pursued a purpose with the coming into being: to give the fallen spiritual the possibility to mature slowly, to again slowly walk the way out of the deep, to again and again create new opportunities for it where it could serve in one way or another. So the plan of the origin of every single creation was always led by my will, that constantly greater creations come to light with always new appropriation - so that a slow upward development took place. And that is why this coming into being of the creation needed a certain time, because exactly the time was supposed to bring about the upward development. For the fall was endlessly deep, and the same stretch has to be covered, so that everything moves in lawful order, which everything perfect demands. But when now at the end of a redemption period a work of creation is transformed in my will, to again create new possibilities for upward development, then also works of creation can come into being, which are called into being by me in a moment. For also this is included in my plan of salvation from eternity, without overruling with it the law of eternal order - because the spiritual, which is just on the way of return, is available in all degrees of maturity exactly through the endless long course of development of the spiritual before on the old earth. Everything is available and only gets transformed, may it be hard matter or also the already lighter form in the plant and animal world. Through the powerful destruction everything is released, but cannot remain left in freedom in its still immature state, but it must once again be engendered into material form, which again corresponds with its previous state of maturity. And again and again spiritual substance, which so far was also still hardened, will be able to begin the course of development in the innermost part of the earth, which also gets into complete turmoil and releases spiritual and therefore again makes space for that spiritual - when one can speak in this case of space at all. But all works of creation are available as it were for the integration of the deepest fallen spiritual, which starts its way of development. As this spiritual again requires endless times until it once reaches the surface of the earth to be able to walk upwards after all. So when the work of reshaping on this earth is a work of a moment, then still everything takes its course in legal order. And since such a work of a moment cannot take place in front of men, since they have not reached yet the highest degree of perfection, to be able to grasp such an expression of my might and power, the men loyal to me will be raptured at the end. They well experience the work of destruction, since I open the sight for them for it, but they do not see the emergence of the new earth. Any concept of time is taken from them until they are brought to the new earth, until they look at the completed new creation in all magnificence and are allowed to take possession of it. And it is unimportant in which time the new earth has risen up, but as I introduce you men to my plan of salvation from eternity, I also inform you that I do not need time because my will can put out every thought from me in a moment as work, and my love and wisdom also recognizes what is good and suitable for final return of the spiritual, which once fell away from me in free will. Always only a small part of men will be of awakened spirit and be able to grasp this my explanation, but these I will also give a light about the creation secrets to let their love for me flare up hotter and hotter because exactly my plan of salvation from eternity is what will make all beings most happy because my love, wisdom and might makes itself known in it, and who already wins this knowledge on earth, he is truly to be called blessed, because he stands just before his perfection, he stands just before the final return to me, his God and creator from eternity, who has revealed himself as father and whose love is infinite. Amen. B.D. NR. 8440.


Book 89 8441

The Power of Loving Intercession for Unbelievers.

17. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8441.

How far away are men still from me who have no belief in a God and creator, who just see themselves as products of a natural power and want to acknowledge nothing what points to a powerful entity. The will of resistance is still unbroken in them; they reject me and want no union with me, and that is why they are still completely under the control of my adversary; they are his helpers because they also want to convince their fellow men that there is nothing which would have to be acknowledged as power full of wisdom. They well walk the way as man over the earth; but they are very near the abyss into which the adversary will push them when they still do not come to their senses before their death. For also an ascent in the kingdom on the other side is hardly to be expected for such completely unbelieving people because they are accessible to no enlightenment and will insist on their point of view. In life on earth they also abuse the gift of the intellect since they also could come to other conclusions by way of the intellect when they would have the earnest will to get the right light about the purpose of their existence on this earth. But such thoughts - when they turn up in them - are beaten back, and no other possibility exists to help them to believe, because proofs would be means of enforcement, but which are never applied. Mostly such unbelieving people are also of a hardened heart, and as they therefore lack love, it also remains dark in their heart, and only the counter will is strong, which will also try to have an effect on the fellow humans along the same lines because as an adherent of the adversary he is encouraged by him to work for him. And when you want to try to convince such men of the truth, then you will hardly have notched up a success, and the only thing you will be able to do for them is intercession because - when this is done in love - it radiates back on such people as power and can then also have an effect that the person thinks and his will of resistance becomes weaker. And that is why you should also think of all unbelievers in prayer that their hearts are allowed to be touched by the power of intercession. You are to always think of, that these souls are still completely under the control of my adversary and they must be helped when they are to get free from him. He cannot be changed by force; he rejects my direct radiation of love, and it therefore also loses effectiveness - but your love makes the allocation of power possible, which he finds to be charitable and which can change his thinking without him being forced to it. And when you consider that such a soul is exceedingly weak and therefore cannot offer resistance to the adversary, then this weakness should move you to pity and encourage your love will, to do everything what is possible to its rescue. And in this case only loving intercession remains, which can still yet wrest the soul from the adversary because it does not remain without effect. Free will is the divine in man, and still this free will was also the occasion for the deepest fall, and it also still is it - that is why therefore also the return of a fallen soul often requires eternal times, when love does not come to its assistance during its existence on earth. For love is capable of everything. And the adversary gives in to love. Then he cannot hold the soul; it will free itself from him and head for him who is love. Therefore it now will also acknowledge me as its God and creator, and it is then rescued for time and eternity. No man needed to get lost on earth when close intercession would be made for every soul out of deep love. For only such prayer is successful, but not lip prayers of masses, which do not rise to me in spirit and in truth, but are mostly form prayers without power. But if only every man would set himself the goal to rescue one soul, that he would turn his love towards this soul and asks me for rescue, so that it does not again get lost for endless times - certainly, men would change and get to a right kind of faith, and they would do everything to fulfil their purpose of life on earth. But love has cooled off among men, and everyone only thinks of himself, therefore he also cannot believe, and he also cannot reach the goal, but again steers single-mindedly towards the abyss and must once again begin an endless long way in agony and unhappiness. For my power cannot intervene where the will is directed against me. Amen. B.D. NR. 8441.


Book 89 8444

Attitude Towards the World Determines Spiritual Progress.

21. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8444.

It is exceedingly important that you stand in the right thinking, and that is why you should always ask that I enlighten your thinking, because then you will recognize and judge everything in fullest light, and you will not get into the snares of Satan whose effort it always is and will remain to confuse your thinking. When now little sense of justice is in you then you also do not offer him inner resistance; you accept everything what is wrong without thinking and do not recognize it as being wrong because the desire for just thinking and acting is not predominant in you. That is why all children are welcome by me who always just want that what is right gains acceptance, that what is wrong is branded and rejected as work of my adversary. And for those who carry in them this inner desire for law and justice I will also always open the eyes; I will give them a clear eye and good powers of judgement so that they always recognize the work of him who wants to corrupt you. It is a straight way, which you are to go, and whether it also leads steeply upwards, therefore requires power for the ascent, it will still always be clearly recognizable to you, who want to walk it. And that is why you also do not need to fear that the adversary bars for you the way up, for he does not have the power for it. But he will try to lure you on side roads, which are easier passable. So temptations will come to you to deviate from the right path, which you then will be able to resist when you no longer crave for the comforts, which the world offers you – the easy passable way. So as long as you still seek comforts for yourselves, for you bodily comfort, you do not offer my adversary the resistance, which you must offer when you want to reach the goal. I can also form for you the hard way up so, that you still walk it and enjoy the ascent – but I will offer you no goods of the world, which you still sincerely desire and which still prove how much you are still a captive of the world. Only when your desire has died off, when you are gladly ready to give up everything earthly, can I let you have what you need for body and soul, because I, who know about all your needs, will also cover them, as soon as I see that you have overcome matter. And so you are also to learn to think right and watch that you do not fall prey to the tempter who will still nurture many wishes in you, but which fulfilment pushes you aside from the straight way to me because this way demands renunciation and renouncement of earthly goods and joys of the world. And it still can be nice when you enter it being filled with love towards me and want nothing but to be soon united with me. The love in you will let everything become easy for you; it will let you overcome all difficulties because it is also power and because love also pushes with all might towards me and will also very certainly reach the goal. But where this love is, there is no space in the heart of a man for earthly things. And so you can also recognize every earnestly striving man by his attitude towards the world. As long as he has not completely overcome the later, he also still does not go the straight way, which leads up, and he will still more often succumb to the tempter and will have to wrestle much, until he has killed every single desire in him, provided that he earnestly strives for me and tries to reach the goal – otherwise the world will again captivate him completely and also hardly releases him again. Again and again you will be able to observe that spiritual progress can only be achieved with giving away of the world and its matter. For who earnestly seeks the spiritual kingdom, he turns away from the world, and then he also reaches his goal. But who at the same time is also prepared to serve the lord of the world, he is still not spiritually-minded; otherwise he would have to recognize the difference, the opposing nature of both kingdoms and would openly decide for the one or the other. No man can serve two masters. And therefore you will also judge right and just when you apply a standard to it for the mentality of the individual, and you need not fear to judge wrongly when you want to judge justly – when you ask me for enlightened thinking, for clarity, where you still hesitate yourselves to pass the last judgement. You will always be able to say: By their fruits ye shall know. And you are also to examine whose spirit rules men because my spirit will certainly help all men to leave my adversary when only everyone is prepared to it himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 8444.


Book 89 8447

Special justification for transferring back to earth.

24. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8447.

You only have to always turn to me, and I will give you the enlightenment which you need for I am always prepared to radiate light, and light is all true enlightenment which reaches you through the effect of the spirit in you. You are to know that I always fulfil the will of an I-conscience being, also when I foresee that success will not be achieved – otherwise no being would be able to embody itself on earth because more negative than positive success is to be recorded. I still give all beings the possibility to embody themselves, as soon as they have only reached the stage of I-consciousness. When they now let this stage go past unsuccessfully for them, when they fail as man on earth in their last test of will, then they are still not prevented by me to cover the course on earth, except that they also have to bear the consequences themselves, which the wrongly directed will has produced. Before my death on the cross men were not yet redeemed, they were therefore burdened with the original sin, and therefore they also could not enter the kingdom of light after the death of their body. For I first had to pay off their great sin, and they had to voluntarily accept my sacrifice; they had to acknowledge me as the redeemer of the world who had also died for them to buy the release from the adversary for them. That I therefore also descended to those souls after my death on the cross, which languished unredeemed, was a gift of favour of my love for them, which wanted to end their state of misery, when only they acknowledged me. But I could not appear before their eyes as radiating God, then they would not have borne my light, and they also would have been forced to believe in my work of redemption at the sight of my power and glory. Therefore I appeared as the crucified man Jesus before these souls, and every soul which acknowledged me was allowed to follow me out of their area into my kingdom of light and of happiness. But not all accepted my love. Many were still under the control of my adversary, who rejected my love once more and remained his followers. But I also try to still rescue souls out of hell because all what is redeemed is full of love and in its love always wants to help the unredeemed to ascend out of the deep. But love is a power, which does not remain ineffective for ever. That is why the beings of light will again and again be successful to lure up the unhappy spiritual out of deepest depth. And again and again sparks of light will radiate into darkness, which those beings follow, and they then let themselves be guided because the love of the beings of light has an effect as power. With increasing light they then can also win knowledge from the greatness of their sin not having recognized the redeemer when he descended to hell. And in this knowledge they also can ask for the renewed return to earth – always in the will to make up for what was neglected, although they know that they will not be given recollection at all in life on earth. But this will is then really meant for the achieving of the maturity of the soul; it is not only the desire for the earthly material world. And such cases are, even if only very isolated, those special cases of an embodiment on earth, which have a certain justification – and the reason why they are allowed is because such souls remember their resistance against the divine redeemer and are prepared to pay off on earth this great sin – which earns them an unusual difficult lot on earth – but this renewed life on earth can also bring again a relapse through the free will of man, however it does not have to bring it, for also unusual favours are given to him, which can result in his complete de-expiation. For the freedom of will also has to be left to those souls to be able to reach their perfection on earth. You men cannot assess my endless mercy and love, which wants to help all fallen to get redemption, but I can only just say to you all the time that nothing happens what would be considered to be outside of my divine order, but in free will the souls put themselves outside of my order, but from my side everything will always take place in legal order, that is why a retransfer onto earth will also always have a justification, but never takes place arbitrarily for the purpose of making up for neglected upward development. When exceedingly great sin is the cause for a request for being fathered onto earth, then this request will also be fulfilled, but then the being also has to be so far in knowledge in the kingdom on the other side, that it also recognizes its sin and only for the sake of this asks for the walk over the earth. Do not believe that I give to a soul uncaringly, which asks me for mercy. But free will cannot be taken from it as long as it is an I-conscious being. And this free will can achieve both, its ascent up and also again the deepest fall into darkness. But also these souls once reach their goal even if after endless long time. Once also they go the way back to me to unite with me forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8447


Book 89 8456

Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?

2. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8456.

Still often the opponent will try to run against the wall of faith, and he will try to also shake the faith of those who have found me and which he hopes to bring round again. And again it is only about that the faith of a man has become alive because he then can convincingly speak of knowledge and he does not only need to believe something for which he has no proofs. Living faith gives a man the inner assurance, and he no longer doubts, but he is already so united with me that he has the clearest proof of my presence, that his thinking is enlightened und such a faith can no longer be shaken. But there my opponent will still be able to succeed where a man seeks to determine the connections rationally, where he - i.e. the intellect - builds up on wrong spiritual goods, which he now considers to be the fundamentals and represents them also as truth. Wrong thinking is then also the result of it, and this can only then be directed rightly when a man begins to doubt the spiritual goods which he possesses. He must ask to get an answer, and he must ask this question in a sense of complete ignorance, which then lets him humbly come to me. When you men would know how far away you still are from the truth and how only few men accept the favour of my direct instruction from above - then you would also recognize with fright the great might of the prince of darkness, but which you men grant him yourselves. Because you are filled with no great desire for truth, which would push you towards me, so that I give you the truth myself. You know it that the lie and the error are the strongest weapons of the opponent, but you do not protect yourselves from it, by approaching me for support. You cannot become a slave to this error when the pure truth would earnestly matter to you. And even when the truth is brought to you, you are still not prepared to give up your wrong spiritual goods, and the truth cannot take root in you; you hinder the effect of light yourselves, because you are not prepared to leave darkness and go after the light. You cannot be enlightened against your will. When I walked on earth to bring light to men, I foresaw which web of lies was erected on the part of those who called themselves my successors. I foresaw it that men were led completely wrong and were themselves too weak to free themselves of the confusion of erroneous teachings; I knew it that exactly there my opponent had to record many successes where allegedly the foundation has been laid by myself. For he succeeded in distorting all my teachings. And so a building up work came into being, which never had and could have me as a master builder, that I could never take part in a work where obviously my opponent had pushed his way in, because everything I taught on earth was distorted. And now spiritual goods are represented which have not taken their beginning from me, but are the work of men - the results of a confused rational thinking, over which my opponent has control. But I could not prevent it because I do not act against the free will of men. But the few, who earnestly strove for truth and who recognized me as eternal truth, were always supplied with the pure truth, and every willing man could accept it and also reach spiritual maturity. But that building up work continued to remain, and it was supported by all those who acknowledge it and never earnestly deal with the spiritual goods which are presented to them, but which they would recognize as wrong with earnest will, because they would never be able to acknowledge an utmost perfect being as author, as founder of such church, when only their thinking is good and just. Endless love, unsurpassable wisdom and power must always be recognizable, and where this is not the case, it is impossible that I could have been at work myself, but there my opponent always has his hand in it, and he will certainly always increase darkness and won't have it that his followers try to free themselves from him. That is why you, my servants on earth, are not to be surprised, when my opponent again and again succeeds that error is defended by men who are still not yet able to believe livingly enough and therefore still apply too much the intellect instead of listening to the heart, which indeed would teach them something else. The structure, which has been erected by the opponent, is not that easily pulled down, because it finds strong support in all those who still do not recognize him, and that is why they also accept everything as truth without earnestly examining it. But the will of men is free. Amen. B.D. NR. 8456.


Book 89 8471

Reaching the adoption as a child of God requires the leaving of the world.

18. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8471.

You can achieve everything when you only muster the earnest will, for then you will also be able to receive immeasurable power to carry out what you want. But exactly your will is weak and the world still keeps you too much prisoner to be prepared to give away everything. But if you want to reach the adoption as a child of God still on earth then a complete overcoming of the world belongs to it. You must have completely freed yourselves of matter, but that does not mean that you are to withdraw as a hermit into the dessert. You can also stand in the middle of the world and still have completely overcome matter, for to deal with it does not mean to desire it. For the earthly discharge of duties does not need to be an obstacle for the upward development of the soul when it is a service to fellow men and when this service is not done because of earthly profit only, so that to gain material goods is motive of the activity, which man carries out. The possessions of a man are also no obstacle for complete spiritualization when they are again used for a serving neighbourly love which is not love of self. But if love of self is first being satisfied then the way to spiritualization is still very far, then the striving for the highest goal is not yet earnest and therefore the will too weak, which also results in lack of power. It is therefore up to you men yourselves whether you still reach the aim in a short time. A whole life can be available to you, and you advance no step further. But you can also perfect yourselves in a very short time when this is your earnest endeavour, because you will then certainly also lack no power. And as soon as knowledge is supplied to you, which secures you an overabundance of favours, you now can very consciously strive for your perfection, but which always requires you to leave the world. To what extent you are willing to it, also determines your ability, for the earnest will secures you the supply of power. But you men still expect too much from your life; you still cherish many wishes and are not prepared to give them up. You also do not yet trust me unlimitedly, otherwise you would not doubt that I also lead you through life on earth, that you do not need to suffer want - when I recognize that the salvation of your soul is top priority and you refrain from earthly wishes. For I alone am he who can give to you, but also take - who also provides amply for you when you are prepared to make sacrifices. For you will certainly not be hurt because what the body voluntarily does without, that the soul wins thousand fold. And when you consider that you have to give away all earthly goods when your soul leaves the body - that you cannot take anything to the other side than only your spiritual yield, then you will also realize the worthlessness of earthly goods and seek to free yourselves from them for the sake of spiritual advantages. But I cannot force you to give up; I can only help you by me taking from you what is still obstructive to you, or set so many obstacles against you that you voluntarily give away what is not expedient for the salvation of your soul. And you have to earnestly seek to establish this difference between the discharge of duties and the own desire for goods of the world, and when you feel completely free of the latter then you certainly can also reach the last aim on earth, to reach the adoption as a child of God because the course of events of your life will take shape according to the earnestness of your will and striving, always offering you the highest possibility to reach highest aims. But you will not lack power because you then enter my will and your return to me is secured. Amen. B.D. NR. 8471.


Book 89 8473

Orders under compulsion are not the will of God.

20. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8473.

Also that is not my will that men will be hindered in their free decision, that orders are given to them according to which they are only allowed to move in the boundaries of such what again only men have determined. The free will is the decisive factor in the life of men because it alone brings about the maturation of the soul but it also can fail because it is completely free. When now the freedom of this will is curtailed then those men are guilty who do it. But man himself has the gift to be able to use his intellect, and he could free himself of these fetters of a forced will. But he mostly does not muster the courage for it at the sight of the human rules. But I ask the question: Why exactly are you complying with this rule so eagerly, whereas you otherwise easily violate the rules. Much is demanded of you humanly, and you pay no attention to it – why are you obedient when it is demanded of you to believe unconditionally what is presented to you? Why don’t you get hold of a clear light yourselves, before you accept teachings as truth? For with what indifference do you violate those rules, which I have given to you myself; how lukewarm do you behave towards the rule of neighbourly love? But you eagerly comply with rules issued by men. And how much light would you receive when you fulfil the rules of love. All veils would fall from your eyes, which up to now covered up the truth for you. And you would ask yourselves one thing: Who gives you the guarantee that they have submitted pure truth to you? And already the smallest doubt means that you open yourselves to the light, that you desire truth, and then this desire can also be fulfilled. To put man into a kind of forced state is a great offence against me who have given free will to all my creatures, for which they some day also have to answer. And this is very particularly significant because the upward development of souls is at stake, for which free will is a prerequisite. Spiritual maturation can only foster that, which is done in free will. And you hinder this development of the soul, who put your fellow men into a forced state through your rules, so that a free decision is made impossible for them. It is true, every man could free himself of this patronizing when only the truth is at stake for him in fullest earnestness. But he likes to shift the responsibility and does what men demand of him, but not that what I demand: that they live in love. But a life in love always contributes to the illumination of the spirit, and then man will also know that I can never be the originator of such rules, which curtail man in his spiritual freedom. You are to accept nothing before you have not thought through it, and you are only to always ask my help, so that your thinking might be right. And believe it, you will enjoy the thoughts which will arise in you after close prayer to me, because it is my will that you walk in the truth, and that is why I will also put the right feeling for the truth in the heart for you, and you will easily be able to break away from all error, as soon as you recognize me as the right master teacher yourselves, as soon as you come to me before to receive enlightenment from me. This need not be an obvious process of literal transfer, because I have many ways to supply you with truth, and so that you also recognize this as truth, I direct your thoughts; and you then believe it is your own thought material, but you are also fully convinced that it is right. And know that the fellow man has not the right to eliminate your own thinking by commanding you to accept without doubt what he teaches you. I have given no man this right to curtail the freedom of will, but man himself is to decide what he wants to accept and what he wants to reject. For he once will have to answer for this because his spiritual maturation is at stake. But if he puts the fulfilling of the commandments of love before everything else, then also his maturing is ensured, then he will constantly come more to the truth by himself and will also have no need to have to give away so much of error at his entrance into the spiritual kingdom. For his light is strong and breaks through darkness, which every error means for his soul. Love alone is needed to mature and to also stand in truth. But who has not got love, he will hardly find out of darkness, because also the alleged means of favour, on which man relies too easily, who does not stand in the truth, do not help him. Amen. B.D. NR. 8473.


Book 89 8479

Touchstone of divine revelations: Jesus’ work of redemption

26. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8479.

How far have men gone away from truth, and how difficult is it to introduce them to it, because they are still full of wrong thoughts and are not able to separate from these. For they accepted everything and so let it become their spiritual property from which they have difficulty to tear themselves away. And exactly this wrong thinking, the holding on to error, is the great spiritual misery, in which men are. And whether I again and again correct false doctrines, whether I also again and again pass on truth to earth from above, it does not prevail because the wrong thinking of men again and again puts up a resistance, because the will for pure truth is not there and everything is assessed as truth what only has the appearance to be transmission out of the spiritual kingdom. In addition mankind just does not yet easily grasp Jesus’ work of redemption; they do not know the deep spiritual importance and reason for it, and so in time ideas have come into being, which no longer correspond to truth, but which are also not given away. And again and again I say it that completely empty vessels are necessary for the taking up of pure truth out of me, where no false thought material first has to be removed, but pure truth finds unhindered entrance into such a vessel. Only then it is possible to give right enlightenment, and only then one can speak of the transmission of truth through the spirit. But as long as Jesus’ work of redemption is still contested, as long as there is no full clarity that Jesus’ soul came to earth to accomplish a work of rescue, a work of mercy of unique kind for mankind having become sinful – as long as men do not know of which original sin they are burdened with, and that they go over earth exactly because of this – they will also have no full understanding that one paid off the great sin through his death on the cross – that they therefore can be released from their great sin when they recognize him as the divine redeemer in whom I became man myself, and man has to go to him in free will and ask him for forgiveness. And this free will must be there, otherwise he cannot be redeemed. Therefore every man can find forgiveness when only he wants it himself. And what then means forgiveness of sin? That it is completely deleted, that it is paid for by him who has taken over the sin – that therefore man now is completely free and that now also all effects of an offence are cancelled because the man Jesus let them have an effect on himself through his immeasurable suffering and the most bitter death on the cross. What suffering a man could bear that the man Jesus has taken upon himself in free will and indeed paid for a sin; he has done an expiation which was enough for me to delete the great original sin, which let my creatures once fall, and to also forgive the sins, which man committed in life on earth as result of his state, which was burdened with the original sin. I am certainly a God of justice, and I demand compensation for every sin, for before it is not paid off, I can receive no being into my kingdom of light and happiness. And that is why the unhappy state of a being can last endless long time, according to its will to accept the favours of Jesus’ work of redemption. And it will certainly have to suffer accordingly, either in the otherworldly kingdom or also through renewed banishment in matter for again endless long time. But as the man Jesus has accomplished the redemption work also every soul finds its redemption, which turns to him, acknowledges him and lays claim to the favours of the work of redemption. And that means that its sin is deleted, that it is again completely free of its sin and can enter the kingdom of light. And when the soul has not found to him on earth, then it still can always find Jesus in the otherworldly kingdom. And on the part of the world of light certainly untiringly redemption work is done; to every soul the way to him is shown; everything is done to help the unhappy beings, and only the completely hardened souls sink deeper and deeper and have to again expect the banishment into matter at the end of a redemption period. As long as you men do not have recognized what Jesus and his redemption work means for all spiritual having become sinful, so long you will also not get rid of your sin. But do not believe that you can go over this earth as long and as often until you once come to this knowledge. Why do you hold onto this hope to be able to make up for what you neglected, or to expiate yourselves what you have sinned? You can never expiate the original sin yourselves, and when you live thousand earth lives as man. Pure truth must already be passed on to you about this for every erroneous thought blinds you, and all the time you let it be followed by more erroneous thoughts. And you can believe it that an unfree soul has to put up with enough torture also in the otherworldly kingdom to pay for the sin committed on earth. But you will never cope with your original sin yourselves, and as soon as you let yourselves be redeemed from this through Jesus Christ – for which free will must always drive you – also the earthly sin will be forgiven you because for this I died on the cross. And believe it that I do not have teachings sent to men on earth, which vary from each other. There is only one truth, and this truth I seek to pass on to men, and everyone who earnestly desires truth will also recognize it as such because I will let nothing be unfounded; I will give enlightenment to you, which is understandable to you; I will teach you perfectly so that you will also be able to recognize error when such is offered to you. Again and again I emphasize the redemption work of Jesus Christ to just show you the way which you have to go to reach your goal. And it is wrong to say that you cannot reach this goal in one earth life because for exactly this the man Jesus died on the cross that the return to me is possible in one redemption period. But when you leave yourselves the favours of the redemption work unnoticed then it certainly can be possible that you have to cover the endless long course through creation again. But that you can return to earth as often as you like is an erroneous teaching, which I will again and again brand because it leads you into a completely wrong thinking and because only truth can guide you to the goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 8479.


Book 89 8486

The life of Jesus before his years of teaching.

3. May 1963. B.D. NR. 8486.

I will always teach you in all truth as soon as you just desire it. And I will also give you answers to questions which occupy you because you desire the answer also only for the sake of truth – i.e. you want to have clarity where different opinions want to assert themselves. When I give you the assignment to spread the truth, then you are to always receive enlightenment whatever it might be: The walk on earth of the man Jesus can no longer be proved; only by way of the spirit you men can be given a report how and where Jesus spent the years, which preceded his actual activity of teaching. But one thing is certain, that he led the simplest life in the middle of his family and that he always remained in extreme reserve also in the circle of the people who were regular visitors to his parent’s house. He kept away from all merrymaking, as well as greater gatherings; he always kept to himself and matured internally through his unusual helpful attitude with fellow men who were in want. For his heart was full of love, and this love had the effect that he increased in wisdom, that knowledge was revealed to him, that he clearly recognized everything – although at first this inner brightness lighted up like a flash in him, to then again step back occasionally, and he again spoke and thought like every other man, but he was far ahead in knowledge of all his contemporaries. But he refused to accept instructions from men. The one thing you men can believe that love is the best master teacher and that – who brings love in himself to the right development – reaches knowledge from out of the inside, which never can be offered to him so completely on the part of a fellow man. You have to know now that the soul of Jesus came from the kingdom of light, that it well gave away the light for the time of its walk on earth, but never love, which filled it, because as purest being of light it was radiated through by my eternal fatherly love. As man the light of love could not have an effect in all its fullness because fellow men would not have been able to bear it, but in the man Jesus it radiated forth, and it disclosed all knowledge to him, which is why he also very soon recognized the great want of mankind and his mission and consciously prepared himself for this. But now you also know that he as a boy already taught in the temple – that he gave answers to the scribes, which let these stop short. So this proves to you that already as a boy he had knowledge at his disposal, which was not taught to him by men, but had the bright flame in him as an explanation. His love became stronger and stronger, and so he also increased in wisdom – and made already in his youth a lot of enemies among the teachers and scribes because he did not let them teach him but kept away from every school. No records remained for posterity about the time between his teaching in the temple and the beginning of his actual teaching activity, and that is why the most different guesses and statements are represented, as the human intellect figured it out. And that is why no records exist because the life of Jesus took place quietly in his parent’s home, because he seemed to have lost every divine ability in this time, he stepped out of the focus of public attention and led a completely secluded life and as a son of a carpenter also carried out his occupation as such. Nothing unusual approached him because these were the years where Jesus had to mature as man because he wanted to be a living example of the walk on earth for men, which leads to maturity, to perfection. During this time everything was quiet around him; he had no unusual ability; he rather made the impression of a spiritual backward man because he withdrew from all men and was always only short in his replies and the usual worldly knowledge also seemed to be foreign to him. And above all he avoided contact with those who belonged to the temple and whose assignment it should be to lead men spiritually. And so there was also soon no man in his surroundings – also not his close relatives – who still were convinced of a divine mission of the once so unusual child. This time of the walk on earth of Jesus had been especially sorrowful because what was outwardly no longer perceptible that however lay hidden deep in the inside, only Jesus had to cope with it himself; as man he had to go into everything; as man he had to fight all inner desires and passions, which pressed the body just as all other men. He had to suffer and fight and through serving mature in love. For by virtue of his love, which radiates wisdom, he soon recognized all connections, and he knew that he first had to achieve a degree of maturity, which then enabled him to carry out of his mission. And he covered this course of development in all quietness and seclusion as a simple carpenter’s son – who did not leave his home, who just often visited seclusion for the purpose of inner maturation by withdrawing into out-of-the-way places, by him climbing mountains and often spent days in seclusion, only connected with his God and father and holding out in prayer for power and strengthening for that, which lay before him and which often stood before his eyes in all details and put him into terrible states of fear, in which he then sought my help. And I was with my son; I strengthened him, and I gave him brighter and brighter knowledge so that he always offered himself anew to finish the work, which was to bring redemption to mankind from sins and death. But the opinion is completely wrong that the man Jesus has acquired a deeper knowledge through contact with wise men and teachers in foreign countries. Who would ever be able to teach Jesus better than I myself. I was in the man Jesus myself as the effect of his over great love. It is a complete absurd thought that Jesus would have need of instructions on the part of a fellow man – to then being able to carry out his activity of teaching on earth in his home area. When you men now have the proof that I pass on the truth to earth myself, when only certain conditions are met - how much more therefore was Jesus able to be instructed by myself, who surely exceeded all you men in love and complete devotion to me. Only he who still has no idea about the effect of a life of love, he can make such assertions, that Jesus has acquired knowledge in other countries to appear to teach, that he had to look up other men to study their teachings. What I obviously let happen to a simple child of the earth: that I supply it with pure truth from above through the spirit, that you men certainly also have to grant to the man Jesus, who descended to earth to let me speak through him to you myself, who therefore certainly had no need of teachers, but accepted directly from me the deepest wisdom and became capable through these instructions as man to teach and to impart pure truth to fellow men. And you can now also receive these my words as purest truth, since I want that you do not err and that insight is given to you, where you are still ignorant yourselves. It is above all a question that you men win a clear picture who Jesus originally was and why he came to the world in smallest and poorest circumstances and grew up therein. For though he was man as every other man, so he still proved to men that every one of them can develop the highest spiritual abilities in him and that he out of himself possessed a knowledge, which he now imparted to man – but that it was never necessary for him to let others teach him or to take note of teachings, as everything was surely known to him, otherwise he would not have reached highest perfection on earth, which led to complete unification with me, that he became one with me – in whom I have become man myself to redeem you. Amen. B.D. NR. 8486.


Book 89 8495

Enlightenment about reincarnation. Jesus and redemption.

13. May 1963. B.D. NR. 8495.

To assume a return to earth for the purpose of expiating sin is completely wrong although the law of divine justice demands a compensation of all sin. But to me certainly many possibilities are open so that once also surely all sin will be paid off and the being can again be received into the kingdom of light and happiness, which is closed to it in the state of being guilty. The otherworldly kingdom, into which the soul enters after the death of its body, is according to its state of maturity so that it can be both in deepest darkness and in brightest light and its lot can now correspondingly also be agonizing or also wonderful. And both the agonies and the wonderful things are indescribable and cannot be described to you men, and so also the agonies – therefore the lot of the unredeemed, sinful souls, can be dreadful, and the soul suffers therefore for its sin or for the sake of its sin often unimaginably, therefore it also expiates through this suffering much of its sin. And its state of suffering can also extend over eternal times when it is incorrigible, when it does not accept the advice of spiritual guides, who want to help it out of this misery. For it cannot enter into the kingdom of light before it has not paid off its sin – as far as the sins are concerned, which it has committed on earth. But as the original sin of its falling away from God is far greater and this sin can never be paid off by the being itself, men on earth or his soul in the hereafter must irrevocably find to Jesus Christ because he alone can release it from this sin for which he died on the cross. Without Jesus Christ the soul never gets away from its sin, and no matter how long a time it languishes in darkness in the kingdom on the other side. So it therefore has to call on Jesus for mercy, for forgiveness of its sin, and its spiritual helpers will again and again try to get it that it seeks redemption at him who has laid down his life for this sin. And when now the soul hands itself over to him then both the original sin as well as that sin, which it had burdened itself with on earth, will be paid off. Then it will be released of all sin and for the sake of Jesus’ blood received into the kingdom of light and of happiness. If however the soul is stubborn that it does not turn to him despite all presentations of the light beings, who want to help it, then it sinks all the time deeper, its agonies are immeasurable, and if it does not succeed to still ascend out of hell – what also then is still possible with the help of light beings – then it must again begin the way through the works of creation to once still reach the last destination. But this return to earth is not the re-embodiment of the soul, which you men assume, and it is also anything but desirable because it is again an endless long state of agony for the soul dissolved into smallest particles, until it again reaches the state as man. One thing has to be said to you men again and again that you never come free of your sin without Jesus Christ. The reason why Jesus’ work of redemption is so important is because he alone is the door to the kingdom of light. For if you also through great agonies in the hereafter expiate the sins, which you have burdened yourselves with in life on earth, - you still cannot enter the kingdom of light when you have not got rid of your original sin through Jesus Christ. And in the same way also a renewed life on earth would be of no use for you, in which you again add new sins and have to first find Jesus but whom you also can find in the hereafter – therefore do not need to return to earth for this. Again and again I call the attention of you men to this false doctrine because through this you also devalue the redemption work, because through this false doctrine you want to make your fellow men believe that you yourselves are able to pay off this sin, and you therefore go past Jesus, without whom you however can never be released from your original sin, which cannot be paid off no matter how great the agonies are through which you go on earth or in the hereafter. Let yourselves be convinced of the importance of you having to take the way to the cross, and do not deceive yourselves with false hopes through which you just prolong your unredeemed state and languish endless long times in darkness, for he alone is the light which descended to earth, which has brought you salvation from sin and death when you simply voluntarily approach him for forgiveness of your sin, when you do not rely on being able to handle your sin yourselves in further lives on earth and you always just prolong through such belief the state of darkness and of sufferings because without Jesus Christ and his work of redemption you will eternally not get to the light, to freedom and happiness – without Jesus Christ you cannot be released from your sin. Amen. B.D. NR. 8495.


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