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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 88

B.D. NR. 8325 - B.D. NR. 8424
8325 8365 8369 8391 8392


Book 88 8325

Right servants of God. Words of appointment. Work of the spirit.

9. and 10. November 1962. B.D. NR. 8325.

Two excerpts only:

And when spirit material is taken over traditionally, also then the spirit out of me must first be able to have an effect in the announcer to be able to understand this spirit material right and to pass it on, that it has a really beneficial effect on those whose are taught. And only an announcer awakened by the spirit is a right follower of my disciples but not those preachers who professionally have decided to this and think to be able to acquire knowledge through study, with which they then want to work in my vineyard. These workers are not qualified because they must wait for the appointment by myself; they cannot do right vineyard work before because I want to work in those myself through my spirit who are active for me and my kingdom. And this appointment can also not take place by fellow men, by a man who has also again taken up office without inner appointment, who has also first been made a servant of God by fellow men. This announcer office is such a responsible one that the ability for it must indeed be there and human will or human acts are never enough to confer such an office.

And because this knowledge is exceedingly important I mentioned it with those words because all men are to remember me who want to become blessed. But as long as just these appointment words are wrongly understood and a completely senseless act is associated with it, deep spirit darkness is still among men. And that is why I also now again give my last disciples the assignment to carry out my word into the world, pure truth, which I could supply to them through my spirit which has an effect in you, you who believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 8325.


Book 88 8365

Attacks of the Opponent in the Times of the End.

29. December 1962. B.D. NR. 8365.

You will still often have to prove yourselves because my adversary will attack you wherever it is possible. And he will sow discord; he will stir up men against one another; he will do everything to put you into restlessness, to cause you to fall, and you must always ask for power to resist his temptations. And that is why you should always flee to me before he can attack you; you should ask me for protection from him daily and hourly so that I then can stand at your side and beat him back. It will remain a fight against him until the end because he does not let you have me, your God and father from eternity, without a fight. But I also have a right to you, and that is why you only have to turn to me, and I will always be prepared for you, because I love you and want to push aside the enemy of your souls from you, so that you do not fall in the temptation. Wherever the opponent recognizes a spiritual striving, there he is especially fierce at work and seeks to put a stop to it. Then you have to prove yourselves and resist in all seriousness; you are not allowed to lay yourselves open to attack from him by you letting yourselves be carried away to impatience, displeasure or lack of love, because then it will always be difficult to get away from him, although I am always ready to help. But then your thoughts no longer find so quickly the way to me. And only the close union with me protects you from his attacks and his temptations. And as long as he is still able to upset you, to become impatient and angry, so long you will also be weak, and he will make use of his power. That is why you should always work on your soul and seek to give up all faults, and you are to always only ask me for the necessary strength for it, and certainly, your will alone already earns you also the strength, and you will be victorious. In the times of the end his activity is so obvious because he tolerates no peace, no harmony, no unity among men; he always seeks to disturb, and it is up to you whether he is successful because a call to Jesus, your rescuer and redeemer, will strengthen you, and you will be able to resist. For Jesus has conquered him through his death on the cross, and when you call on me in Jesus then he must release you. But often you forget it just in such temptations to think of the rescuer and redeemer because that is the activity of the opponent to confuse your thoughts so that you go along with his attacks and seek to assert yourselves as men where I alone can help you because you possess too little strength. So you are to prove yourselves in every temptation, i.e. go the way to me in Jesus because then he must withdraw himself because my power is certainly stronger than him and because I leave no man in trouble who seeks shelter in me. But yourselves, out of your own strength, you can do nothing, but everything with my power, and I again and again give it to you as soon as you just request it because then your thoughts are turned towards me, and then I can also assert my right and protect you in every trouble and danger. Do not forget this because still often he will press you; still often he will push between you, and still often you will get into the danger to succumb to his temptations. But just a call to me in spirit and in truth is enough, and I will push him aside from you; I will not leave you to him but always help you in every single spiritual trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 8365.


Book 88 8369

1. January 1963. B.D. NR 8369.

Happy those who have found the way to me, who are busy in their thoughts with their God and creator, who let their thoughts wander into that kingdom, which is not visible to them but is the real kingdom, which continues to exist until all eternity. Happy those who have already started the way to their home, who not just live an earthly life but also a spiritual one and have made contact with the spiritual world. Happy those who have taken the way to the cross and call for me in Jesus Christ and who I therefore can also redeem from sin and death. For all these men have directed their will right; they have passed the test of will for the purpose of which they are on earth. But there are only few men who earnestly strive for my kingdom and therefore for me. Because for many nothing but form is enough; to them it is enough that they are outwardly considered to be Christians, that they belong to a church and fulfil the commandments - which these churches demand of them. But they lack living faith; the living Christianity is foreign to them; inwardly they are hardly touched, and that is why also their souls do not mature. And because they think they are Christians they will also not strive for a change of their thinking. And time passes without their souls having earned the maturity, which secures them a happy life in eternity. And these men must be awakened out of their spiritual lethargy, which only suffering and wants bring about. For in such a poor spiritual condition they will not be able to come through the faith struggle victoriously, which still lies ahead of you men. They will completely fall away from the faith, because they lack the power to resist, which only arises from a living faith. But it will come and will be waged with such brutality that even the ones who are mine must request much power, when they want to withstand, when my adversary through his vassals - through those men who are in bondage to him, will pull to pieces every single faith teaching as lies and deception and when they themselves have no better knowledge to be able to oppose them. Only such a person will be able to win a living faith, who leads a love life and because of that can be rightly directed in his thinking, who therefore also will lucidly and clearly recognize the truth and also advocate it towards those who deny every single belief in God and also want to destroy it with men. And that is already why I again and again make accessible to you the pure truth through my word, and when you accept it as a result of you fulfilling my will and live in love, then also the faith struggle will not be able to put you off your conviction, because once you have recognized the truth, then you will also no longer give it away; you defend it also at the risk of your life, because you then also know how vain all earthly things are and that you win far more in my kingdom than the earthly kingdom can ever offer you. But the form Christians will not be able to summon up this conviction, and my adversary will have no great trouble that they completely give up their faith, because they lack every single idea and therefore consider everything to be human effort, because this is so presented to them by the adversary. That is why knowledge alone is of no use when love does not first let knowledge become alive and gives man the inner conviction out of which he now will draw strength and offers resistance until the end. Only that I want to achieve, that you take the path to me by yourselves, that you intellectually concern yourselves with me and my kingdom, which is not of this world. And you can believe it that I then no longer leave you out and will again and again step in into your world of ideas so that you again and again establish the union with me, which also secures the influx of power for you, which you will need in the last times. Only when I have found entrance into your heart, then you are not lost, because you are also my share I also do not give you up, and you yourselves give me the right to push aside my adversary from you, because you have found to me out of free will, because you do not close your mind to me and my radiation, but let it have an effect on you and that is why you now have become mine and will remain so until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 8369.


Book 88 8391

Again and again error is to be corrected.

23. January 1963. B.D. NR. 8391.

Every spiritual orientated thought allows me to have an effect at and in you, and I can teach you; I can increase the light in you; I can administer food and drink to you and so draw you closer and closer to my heart because you have to come close to me yourselves to be able to receive out of my hands a delicious gift. And I still have to offer much to you; there is still much error in the world, which I would like to correct when I find open hearts that are prepared to hear me. For there certainly could not be such a great spiritual low when men would move in the truth, but error confuses their thinking, and they are therefore completely ignorant and that is why they also lead a complete wrong life. So much has been offered to men as truth, and without hesitation they accepted a knowledge, which started from my opponent, whose only endeavour it is to keep men in the darkness of the spirit. The free will of men itself gave him again and again the opportunity to bring untrue spiritual goods to them and to suppress pure truth. And when you men only consider one thing, into which absurd forms my legacy has been pushed, what garment was given to my pure Gospel, which I myself founded on earth. When only you think of in what schematic functions men see and acknowledge their church, how everything has become form, what is supposed to earn men eternal happiness - and when you consider how little men do themselves to get an inner light to recognize plainly and clearly what my will is and in which my church, which was founded by me, is made up of. Already through a long time they trot along as hangers-on in organisations and never once think of whether that can earn them an eternal happiness. And this indifference towards the most important, to fulfil the purpose of their life on earth, was brought about by my adversary, but men themselves conceded this power to him, and it is difficult to kindle a light for them so that they can see a proper picture of that, why they walk over earth. From my side again and again such a light has been kindled, and I have never left men to their fate, although free will had taken shape that way. But exactly free will has also again and again rejected me, and men stuck to wrong spiritual goods; they seized no opportunity to kindle a light for themselves, because the union with me got less and less, because they were not able to recognize me properly in the many heresies and the picture, which they received of me, was not suitable, to arouse love towards me in them. But they only had to ask whether a God of love, wisdom and power would have erected such a building, which was presented to them as church, which makes them happy. Every clear intellect, which would have checked in good will what is right to do before God, would also have recognized the absurd. But men drifted; only seldom a man reflected upon himself and thought individually because he desired truth. But the majority accepted everything without thinking as truth, and no matter how clearly the activity of the counter power was recognizable. And the more time passed, the less men dared to doubt the truth of that, what actually was a web of lies of greatest extent, otherwise the effect would not have been there that almost no man anymore possesses a living faith, which comes alive through love. For love was also taught but all other teachings were emphasized as being urgent - so that the web could last. But if love would have been preached as being urgent, then this alone would have been enough that light could have been kindled in the hearts of men, but which also would have meant the decline of a work of men, which is made out to be my work, but which can never be my will and my work, which emerges out of the low of men, as it is evident at the present time - in the time before the end. Again and again I explained what one has to understand under my church founded by myself. And also everywhere people will find themselves who belong to this my church. But exactly these will not be acknowledged because they possess the clear knowledge through their love and faith - the symbol of my church - that all worldly building up works, also when they believe to lead men to spiritual life, are not wanted by me. Because they rather hold people back from spiritual life than to encourage it. For lie and error can have no spiritually encouraging influence, rather only lead away from right belief and then just also make me out to be distorted towards men, as it is the intention of the opponent. But when men could free themselves from teachings forced on them, which never went out from me - they would yet go the direct way to me myself and closely ask me that I myself introduce them into all truth, that I help them to get to walk their way on earth according to my will. I will certainly leave no such request unanswered and help everyone to the light who only earnestly desires it. For every men should also consider that he is responsible for himself, that he cannot pass the buck to those who have taught him wrongly, for I step into everyone's way and bring myself so near to him that he could recognize me. For I only want that men pray to their God and creator, that they call on him as father and now also trustingly expect the father's help. And indeed, I will reveal myself to this child, and it will be able to acknowledge me, for the light, which I now kindle in him, will shine so brightly that no darkness, no doubt oppresses it any longer, and it will go the way, which leads to me, home into the father's house. Amen. B.D. NR. 8391.


Book 88 8392

Can the pure truth be passed on to earth?

24. January 1963. B.D. NR. 8392.

Excerpt only:

But moreover I supply them with knowledge about the forthcoming end and all previous events. For I let nothing come over men without having prepared them for it. But also these predictions will not be accepted by men, and only who are of awakened spirit know about the connections - and will pay attention to them and also live their life accordingly. And when men express doubts about such predictions, which concern the forthcoming end, then their spirit is also unawakened. And you may also conclude from that about their spiritual maturity because they do not recognize the voice of the father who only supplies them with pure truth. 8392.


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