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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 87

B.D. NR. 8220 - B.D. NR. 8324
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Book 87 8231

Forerunner of Christ.

2. August 1962. B.D. NR. 8231.

The ones who are mine will recognize him, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, who will announce my appearing, as I have predicted it. For his light will brightly shine, and his speech will be powerful. And he will not be afraid to attack the mighty in his speeches, because he is sent by me to earth to fulfil his last mission to preach about the end of this earth and to announce my coming on the day of judgement. Who belong to me will mightily be touched by the power of his speech, and they recognize that it will not be long before I come myself and rescue them from their misery. But before you men will again and again indulge in wrong guesses. But I tell you: You will have no need to ask, but know that it is he whom I send ahead myself. Because when he appears then my adversary is also already active in a way that he will embody himself in a ruler who now takes action against all spiritual striving, against faith and who now also will press severely those who are mine through his accomplices so that they are to fall away from me and confess him. You will then also already be able to follow the beginning faith struggle and that is why you will receive exceedingly strong consolation through my forerunner because you then will also know that the end is no longer far. Because his mission on earth is of no long duration, as also Antichrist will be easily recognizable, whom also no long lifespan is given. The forerunner will come and strengthen your faith, he will testify for me and announce my coming with such powerful language that the ones who are mine will draw strength and will also hold out until the end because I will help them myself in their troubles, which this last faith struggle involves. The voice of one crying in the wilderness will not let himself be held back and very openly take action against men who are hostile towards mine. He will brand their action as being despicable and he will always enjoy my protection against their attacks, until also his hour has come, because he will again pay for his mission for me with death, and also that is not to frighten you, who are mine, but only strengthen you that you walk in the truth, that you can expect everything so as I have announced it to you through my spirit. A period of time completes itself, which was set for you men for the redemption out of form, but until the last day I help you to find to the right faith in me, and also the forerunner is sent to you to strengthen your faith. Who wants to recognize him, he will recognize him. Who rejects his word, he is an open follower of my adversary, and he also rejects me myself. But the light from above, which will shine exceedingly bright, cannot be overlooked; his powerful word cannot be ignored, and his walk and work on earth in the last times is so obviously recognizable as divine activity that everyone can recognize him and needs no longer to ask if it is him. And my adversary again wants to work the same way by him seeking to cause confusion and insinuating to his followers to see the forerunner here and there, and that is why a close union with me is necessary to recognize right and to think right. That is why I again and again let you know that he only appears when also my adversary has prepared the right outer form for himself, in which he then has an effect to the horror of the believers, because he has great power, and he makes use of this to a severe faith struggle. And then also he appears whom I send myself, and he will openly attack him and not be afraid of him, and thereby you will recognize him because he has great power, which he applies in my name and he will also heal the sick and work miracles and that is why he will be attacked all the more violently by the rulers, who are out to kill him and will also achieve it, that he dies a violent death. But the light, which he spreads among the ones who are mine, will strengthen them unusually, and they will await my coming in confidence and hold out until the end - because they know that my word comes true and everything will come as I let it be announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8231.


Book 87 8253

Opponent in the Garment of Light. Paradise of the New Earth.

27. August 1962. B.D. NR. 8253.

That in the times of the end my opponent uses all means to increase his power, to hinder his following that it escapes from him and turns towards me, that should not surprise you because it is written that also he will work great miracles and seek to lead astray the ones who are mine that they fall away from me and he again wins them back. And he will also not be afraid to disguise himself as angel of light and also use the words of the Scriptures. But who earnestly desires truth, him he will not be able to deceive, and whether he appears straight under my name. But as soon as he is supposed to earnestly stand up for me in Jesus and for my work of redemption, he will be evasive, and he will drop his mask. Because he will not acknowledge this work of redemption, and his efforts will be and remain to dissuade men from this belief in the work of redemption. He has great power on earth, and he will also use it. Where now darkness of spirit is, there he will not be recognized, but where my light was already able to spread its bright shine, he will also be seen through, and that is why he is also not feared by the ones who are mine. Because these see through his intrigues and resist him. Hell has ejected all its inhabitants and sent to earth, and on the part of these demons men will still be strongly affected, but I will and cannot hinder my opponent, as it is his last time, after which he will again be bound for a long time and no longer has influence on all spiritual, which now again walks over the earth in a bound or also in a free state - in the creations of the new earth or in man. And that is why there will be a time of peace where all spiritual can develop quicker upwards because the bound will be given much opportunity to serve, and men will also at first not need a counter spirit, which is admitted to test their will because they have passed their test of will on the old earth and now ceaselessly climb upwards, because they are in permanent association with me and with the spiritual which is full of light, which can stay among men and instructs and guides them. But that is why he before rages so much the more because he himself is of darkened spirit and does not know that his effects can no longer earn him anything because men whom he wins for himself will be banished anew, therefore again taken away from his power for a long time. And the others have given to me proof of their will, their love towards me and their strong faith, and these I now can also reward with a life in paradise on the new earth because they are to again inhabit this earth as stock of the new human race. Once the lawful order has to again be restored on earth, and the time has come where no longer an improvement of the human race is to be expected. But the spirits will still be separated in these times of the end, and I will certainly do everything that that will be rescued, which has not yet completely become a slave to the opponent, and only a good will is necessary to also reach knowledge whether I work myself or my opponent when things happen, which seem to be unusual, which reveal a power which goes beyond the natural power of a man. If you only want truth, if you want to acknowledge me, then you will also be protected from deception of every single nature. But if you still concentrate your thought and wish on the earthly world then you will also be impressed by him who is lord of this world and also expresses his power earthly. And then he has won you, but only to again lose you because all beingness will again be wrested from him as soon as the end has come. For indeed, I am the Lord of heaven and of earth; under me is the kingdom of light and also that of darkness, and I know when my opponent violates his authority. And that is why I set an end for him as it is announced in word and Scripture because the time then has come where everything has to be straightened again according to my eternal order. Amen. B.D. NR. 8253.


Book 87 8288

Permanent attacks of the adversary. Light bearers. Reincarnation.

1. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8288.

You must not be frightened when you are attacked on the part of those who my adversary uses to weaken pure truth, which I impart to you from above. My power will always flow through you and you will be able to offer resistance against all his attacks for you work for me and on my behalf. My power is truly so strong that I can push aside everything from you, that I do not let the work of my love for you men be endangered. It is certainly correct that much is offered to men as alleged truth in the times of the end and that it will be difficult to find through it and to recognize what is right. But it is never impossible because I always assure you of my support when you desire to stand in the truth. You will ask why I allow all this, why I do not hinder my adversary that he exerts his influence on men who apparently also only want the best. The free will of men is here at stake, which my adversary seeks to win for himself, and I have to grant him the right because his following once followed him in free will and he has the same right to fight for souls, but the decision depends alone on the will of man. Therefore the adversary seeks to keep men in darkness, into which he once had thrown them. He seeks to hinder everything what could give them a light, in which they could recognize myself and now again turn to me in free will. But light is truth, therefore he leaves no stone unturned to undermine truth out of me, and he will always try his hand at the light bearers, at my messengers, and want to put out the light. And he makes use of the most shameful means. But he is completely powerless as soon as his efforts are countered with the work of redemption of Jesus Christ, as soon as the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is himself approached for protection from him. Then all his efforts are in vain. Therefore one thing is necessary: that you know about the great importance of the redemption work of the man Jesus, whose cover contained eternal love itself. This knowledge is necessary about my becoming man in Jesus – about the becoming one of Jesus in me, his God and father from eternity – then he also knows about God’s plan of salvation. He knows about the connection with me, his creator, of all what was created, and he knows about the course of every fallen original spirit through the whole creation and about the course of the return to me. And who knows about all this, he also knows the further course of development after his earth life in the kingdom on the other side and the endless many possibilities to help a still unredeemed being, which has entered the spiritual kingdom, to redemption and to also go the course of ascent development. He also knows that the being also now can still sink to the deep and what means I use to also open once again the possibility for this repeatedly fallen being to take the last test of will on earth – by it being once more dissolved and banished in the creations of the new earth. It is understandable to him why all this has to be like this when my law of eternal order is to be kept. And who therefore stands in this knowledge, he will also reject all teachings which contradict this plan from eternity – which reveal far too human thinking, which, influenced by my adversary, corresponds to their own wishes. For on his behalf innumerable demons from the spirit world have an effect, which seek to transfer themselves and their thoughts to man who allow such effects on them. For you must never forget that it is always only about to weaken my love efforts, and my plan of salvation from eternity is founded on love and designed by my wisdom, and it will be carried out according to my decision from eternity because I recognized on which way the spiritual, which fell away from me, finds its way back to me. I descended myself to earth to accomplish the work of redemption for this fallen spiritual, and redemption is certain for every being, which recognizes and acknowledges me in Jesus and asks for forgiveness of its sins. And therefore it is certainly not necessary that men have to atone for these sins through repeated course on earth as man because to get away from the original sin thousand earth lives would not be enough, because this sin can only be paid off through Jesus Christ himself. But the sins which man commits additionally in earth life are paid off at the same time through his death on the cross. But burdened with the smallest sin, therefore without Jesus Christ’s forgiveness, can no being, no human soul, enter the kingdom of light. And for these souls, which therefore go burdened over into the otherworldly kingdom, is darkness, in which they stay, enough a state of agony to prompt them to change their will and thinking, to do some soul-searching and to also accept the help of spiritual friends. And now the soul can also still reach up. But to again transfer a soul back to earth in such a state would mean no service at all for this soul, because it would be in the same darkness and would also go no other way on earth than it had gone up to now because my adversary has kept the same power over this soul, from which it will never be able to extricate itself. The soul can only reach knowledge through love. If it now feels just a spark of love for the souls suffering with it in the kingdom on the other side, then it will also ascend without fail. But if it remains devoid of all love, then it belongs to my adversary, and that one will never release the soul. And if it now goes through an exceedingly hard school of life, it will still never improve because of that or reach other than evil thinking, because it first has to become free from the control of the adversary, which again can only happen through Jesus Christ. Not before he steps into the life of a man himself is redemption secured – for which certainly one earth life can be enough. And when it therefore is not enough, then man or his soul alone also has to answer for it and now also to take upon himself the lot of darkness, which is so painful and also exceeds in agony the most difficult earth walk. In my plan of redemption from eternity all possibilities are included, which help a fallen soul to ascend. But my law of order is always kept, and I certainly do not need to fall back on means, which remained unused, because also a transferring back into a state which has already been overcome would be no guarantee for the ascent of a soul and that is why it also can never be my will because free will remains untouched, and recollection cannot be given to a soul, exactly because of its free will. For its weakness the man Jesus died on the cross, and he acquired for you the favours of a strengthened will, which you all can use during your earth life and then your redemption is also secured. An atoning for your sins on earth has to take place during one course on earth by you, then you will go over relieved into the spiritual kingdom – and also there no longer fight against the help of spiritual friends – which is why you therefore also often have to bear a difficult earth life, but because of that can reach high maturity and increased light receptivity. And I tell you it again: Isolated cases of re-embodiment of a soul on earth have their special justification, but will never take place, when it was not preceded by the redemption through Jesus Christ. And through this redemption all sin is paid off and therefore does not need to be paid off once again in earth life. And the earth life of everyone is determined by me in wisdom and love – even if you are not able to recognize this – but I know what serves every single soul to its perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 8288.


Book 87 8290

False Christs and prophets.

3. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8290.

When I walked on earth, I had warned you of false Christs and false prophets because I knew it how my opponent would work against me and against the truth out of me. And my warning will also now always be for you that you do not be the victim of these false Christs and prophets. But when the talk is about false Christs and prophets, then there also must be genuine ones, and that is why you men cannot reject everything, what is offered to you by me, I who announce myself through the mouth of right prophets, because I consider it necessary that you are supplied with the pure truth. And you cannot reject together with such false spiritual goods also the genuine ones, because until the end I will announce myself through men, who meet all requirements to be able to be addressed by myself, and who now carry out their duties as my right servants when they carry out the spiritual wealth, which they receive from myself. How otherwise should the truth be guided to earth any other way as I cannot address men myself loud audibly from above due to their freedom of will? All of you have the right and also the duty to check what is submitted to you as truth, and you will also be capable of doing it when you call on me as the eternal truth for support. And when you are only of good will, you will surely also be able to tell the difference between truth and error. Besides have I given you a characteristic feature myself: that witness will be borne to you of Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. And you can therefore believe every spirit through which this knowledge comes to you. So men are not to go past Jesus Christ; they are to learn to understand the work of redemption and know about everything what is based on this work of redemption and that I have embodied myself in the man Jesus. And since this knowledge is exceedingly important when men are to reach their goal, I myself will also give them true explanation, which therefore happens through my revelations, which I pass on to earth myself through qualified tools, which allow a direct revelation. But these revelations are never to be put in the same category as the messages out of the spiritual kingdom, which are imparted to men by mediumistic ways. You must learn to differentiate: God’s effect in men through his spirit – and a spirit effect – messages, which reach you men and whose origin you cannot ascertain. And who earnestly examines, him the heart will tell who speaks to him. But you have to undertake an earnest examination before you judge. For you cannot make me out to be a liar myself, who during my earth walk has myself promised to you the effect of my spirit – who I myself have assured you that I will send the comforter to you, the spirit of truth, who guides you in all truth. Who keeps my commandments, he it is, whom I love; to him I want to reveal myself. All of you will be taught by God. Who believes in me, as Scripture says, out of his body streams of living waters will flow. And when I consider it necessary that truth will be supplied to men because they go along in the darkness of spirit, then you will certainly not be able to hinder me at it. And I will give you insight into all connections, into my plan of salvation from eternity and beginning and end goal of all what is. But I will also give you knowledge about the many false doctrines, which my adversary has brought into the world to keep mankind in darkness of spirit, and which I will again and again correct – for I have said: heaven and earth will pass away but my word continues to exist until all eternity. But only the pure truth can always be understood under my word. But as all pure spiritual wealth going out from me is again and again deformed by imperfect men, which I do not prevent due to their free will, I will again and again ensure that truth is supplied to men. I spoke the words myself: my spirit will guide you into truth. But I had brought truth to you after all. Would then perhaps the introduction into truth have been necessary when I had not foreseen that truth does not keep itself pure?! And so therefore you can believe direct revelations from above when they come from me, what you again can recognize by the fact, that my becoming man in Jesus Christ is again and again mentioned. And then you will also know about my word: Though your sins be red as blood, so I will wash you as white as snow. Because for this I have given my life on the cross; for this I have taken upon myself the most bitter sufferings and tortures because I wanted to expiate the sin for you so that you were released as soon as you acknowledge me and my work of redemption and ask me for the forgiveness of your sins. But my plan of salvation from eternity is based on no human intellectual thinking, on no human logic, because I have infinite many means to achieve the last goal, the return of all once fallen spirits to me. I never deviate from the law of my eternal order on which also my plan of salvation is built. And when the work of redemption would not have been accomplished by me in Jesus then also thousand earth courses would not be enough to pay off or expiate the sin. And that is why I myself descended to earth to bring freedom from the control of my adversary to men. And who does not make use of the favours of the work of redemption, to whom his earth life does not bring rescue out of deepest spiritual want – who also in the otherworldly kingdom does not accept the help offered to him and lets himself be guided to Jesus Christ, he will have to go the course through all creations once again, and then you men can legitimately speak of a re-embodiment on earth – which will once again take place when eternal times have passed and the soul again has to take its test of will as man on earth. For this one thing is certain that my justice also demands expiation for every offence against me, but that I also know in which form this expiation can be done when the sin is not consciously carried under the cross. Amen. B.D. NR. 8290.


Book 87 8291

Re-embodiment or possession?

4. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8291.

You must not regard a case of possession as a re-embodiment of a soul, as a transferring back out of the otherworldly kingdom on to earth for the purpose of a renewed course on earth as man. Lower spirits, i.e. souls already gone through the flesh, which departed in deep darkness, still stay near earth. The kingdom of light is closed to them, and therefore they have their fling in the kingdom of the lowest spirits, which is everywhere there where these spirits stay. They cannot come off the places of their activities on earth, and they press men in every way, but predominantly in the form that they seek to transfer their thoughts, their evil urges and passions to those people who have tendencies which are like their own nature. And these are easily influenced and willingly comply with their wishes by them carrying out to which they are pressed by those spirit beings. This influence is very often observed when men do not consciously become independent and fight their urges and ask me for help. But when they are unbelieving then those spirit forces have an easy job of it. And they will always romp more about and urge men to acts adverse to God – what will particularly appear in the last times before the end. But this influencing is always through thoughts; it is not a case of possession. But also those appear quite obviously in the end times – that men are completely controlled and that it is incomprehensible for fellow men what malice and crime of most various kinds a man performs. These people cannot muster the necessary power of resistance from within; they are of completely weakened will, and then such evil spirits succeed in completely taking hold of the body and to now have a fling in this body, to transfer all bad qualities to it and to carry out acts, which they have done in their life as man. They succeed in edging out the soul of the man and to let their own will become apparent. The evil spirit illegally takes hold of a human body, but out of which he can again be chased out any time when the soul itself or a person of its surroundings succeeds in very closely devoting himself to me and to approach me for help. Then I can and will order that evil spirit to leave the bodily cover. But unbelief and lack of love of men often prevents my intervention, and such a taking possession is also allowed by me for the purpose of purification of the affected soul and also its surroundings, as it is also possible that the evil spirit, when it has done its flings, thinks better of it, when it recognizes the devastating effects of its evil will. For at times man is called to account for his atrocities and now has to go a long way of suffering, and then every further possibility is taken from the evil spirit to instigate the man to acts, which he would commit himself when he as man would still live on earth. Then he leaves the body of his own accord, and the actual soul now also takes the state of suffering willingly upon itself although it is free of every sin but for purification it bears the punishment and can therefore more mature than in an earth life, which is led in lukewarmness, without a special sin. And you are always to make this difference that cases of possession are not re-embodiments of dark souls. You are to know that during the times of the end hell has pushed out everything and the prince of darkness prompts his following to extreme effort. You are to know that also these original spirits can still rescue themselves from the lot of a new banishment when they want it because the day of reckoning is coming soon, and every being is called to account how it has used the time, which has been granted to it for its release from the control of my adversary. Amen. B.D. NR. 8291.


Book 87 8301

Bringing together of the small herd.

17. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8301.

There are only few, who serve me from the whole heart and these are to join together to intimate coexistence, because they belong to the small herd, which I will fetch at the end to lead them towards the new earth, when the time has come. Where my spirit obviously works, there are the followers of my church, the church, which I myself have founded on earth, who are attached to me in firm faith and in love and who therefore form the foundation of my church. But the characteristic of this church is the work of my spirit, the spirit, which introduces you to all truth. The earth is big, and everywhere I need supports; everywhere I need strong rocks, on which I can build up my church. A deep faith, which emerges out of love, must be found there; then I can be myself with men in the spirit and administer to them the bread of heaven, the water of life. And since men urgently need it, I will also develop a source everywhere, at which the earth pilgrims can fetch power for themselves, out of which they can draw, what they need for their journey through life. And if you like always only pure truth will be sent to them, as soon as this is seriously desired. Therefore also the spiritual material, which has originated with me, must agree, and on it you will be able to recognize, whether you are also at the right source, which my love has developed for men. And you are not allowed to contaminate this life water flowing out to you from me, otherwise it loses power and effect and no longer possesses healing power for the souls, with which I myself have blessed my word. But extremely beneficially my word will have an effect, where it is eagerly accepted, where it is recognized as loving address of the father, where it is spread by my servants, whom I have chosen for this work in my vineyard. My ways you do not know, but they are often so strange, and men are brought together through my will, who are of one heart and of one mind and completely belong to me, so that I can also have a direct effect through them. Because it is still to be done until the end, what is possible, to rescue souls out of darkness, and only the light from above can achieve this, which illuminated the way to men, which they must go, to reach the destination. Only the complete devotion of those who want to serve me, I need, to now also be able to have an effect in them and through them. Then lights will be lighted, which are shining out far into the night, and then my presence will be so obvious that all doubt in a divine work wanes and will also be recognized and known before the world. My power will become mighty in the weak, and my work will be obvious. Because I know to direct the hearts so that they find each other; I hold the reins, and when the time has come, also the knowledge about your assignment will be sent to you, which to carry out is my will. Everyone is to do what is possible for him, to serve me, and I will bless his work in a way that you again and again recognize my extreme great love towards you and for that reason also give your love to me, which I long for. You are still scattered, and everyone works for himself, but once my little herd will meet up, and you will work together, as it is my will. Then it will also recognize itself as belonging to me and together take up the fight against my adversary, who will do everything, to scatter the heard, to rob them of their shepherd and to fetch for himself, what threatens to flee from him. But he will not succeed, because my herd remains loyal to me; it receives the power constantly, to stay together and to resist, and he will have to give up his fight, because he will be overcome by my power. And I will appear in greatest trouble. And this my coming is shortly about to happen, and this assurance is to comfort all, who feel weak, because I myself will strengthen them that they hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 8301.


Book 87 8317

Fear and Misery. God's Intervention - Faith Struggle.

1. November 1962. B.D. NR. 8317.

You can also accept that with certainty that you will soon enter into the last phase before the end. For the signs will be obvious which were forecast in word and Scripture. But you will also in no way be forced to believe, for it is up to every man to give himself an explanation whether it concerns the truth or not. But whose thinking is spiritually aligned, he knows that a period of time now comes to an end, and he also knows that again a new one begins because still endless much spiritual has to be redeemed, which is partly bound, partly goes free over the earth for the purpose of the return to God. Everything will take place in legal order, both the dissolving of creation as well as new forming of the earth because God's plan of salvation is laid down since eternity. And you men of the end times will be allowed to take note of what lies ahead of you through the great favour of your God and creator. You will be initiated into his plan of salvation when you are willing to hear the truth about it, and you are therefore allowed to take his word, which informs you in all truth about everything, which concerns the act of creation and of becoming divine. For he does not want that you experience the end completely without knowledge, because you - as you just possess a little glimmer of knowledge - will also take care to fulfil your life's purpose, which exists in that, that you bring to an end the act of becoming divine in life on earth and you then therefore reach your aim. But your free will to stand in the truth belongs to that, and then you will also be able to believe everything, which is supplied to you men through the word of God from above. Then also a near end is believable to you and a complete change of earth, because your spirit then informs you about much, and all connections become clear to you. And so you will now also be able to follow the events of the world, which will begin to threaten the whole of mankind. You will follow the action of men against each other and the measures, which will be taken by all persons concerned to bring to bear their power. You will be put into greatest fear yourselves because a war of extermination of greatest extent threatens you men, and the fear of it will be great and only leave out the few who completely devote themselves to their God and creator, their father from eternity and that is why they will be lead out of all misery. And his guidance will certainly be unusual because he himself will intervene. But the trouble is not going to become smaller but will still become much greater because now men will be up against a natural event, a raving of the elements, to which they are helplessly exposed and to which men cannot call a halt because now that power expresses itself, which is inherent in all power and to which the elements have to submit, as it is its will. And now a time dawns, which certainly can be considered to be the greatest tribulation, which ever affected this earth - but which again will not be felt by those as too difficult who are his because they are always allowed to experience God's unusual help. But who have no real contact with their God and creator, who have no faith in his love and wisdom, in his exceedingly great power, these will have to go through great misery because they do not call for the one who can help them in their trouble. They do not acknowledge him and are still of the same insubordinate spirit as they were at their falling away from God, and so they will again return to the deep from which they had already risen with the help of God and now only still had to pass the last test of will to become completely free of all sin. For in the last times a severe fight will break out against Jesus Christ whom you men will have to acknowledge as God's son and redeemer of the world, in which God himself became man - to now be able to go into the spiritual kingdom as redeemed. But the adversary of God will relentlessly challenge all who believe in him, and that is why every one of them will have to openly confess him before the world. And only those will be able to confess him, who accepted his word, which was passed on before to earth from above, because these recognize the truth, and they know who Jesus Christ has been and why he has to be acknowledged, and these will remain loyal to him until the end and belong to those who will be raptured when the day of the end will have come. The faith fight will still be the last test for you men, but which you can pass, you who walk in the truth. And that is why God again and again passes his word to earth so that all men can be blessed with the truth to then also be able to represent it in the last faith struggle before the world because only the truth informs them about Jesus Christ, and only faith in him will give you the strength to hold out until the end - until he will come himself to fetch you into his kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 8317.


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