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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 86

B.D. NR. 8109 - B.D. NR. 8219
8146 8160 8180


Book 86 8146

Adversary Under the Mask of an Angel of Light.

9. April 1962. B.D. NR. 8146.

Excerpt only:

But the adversary will again and again turn the thoughts of man towards the world. Often he will also appear as angel of light, but you will be able to recognize him because he does not encourage to the turning away from the world, but will again and again give the world special emphasis, so that men become slaves to him who are not totally united with me. The confusion will be great among men because as long as still the smallest desire for the world clings to man, my address will not be understandable, he will not be able to hear it himself, and when my word is brought to him then he does not recognize it as my word and rather turns to him who creates this spiritual confusion. And my word has no effect, although great power is inherent in it, which however is not allowed to meet resistance, when man is to attain a blessing for his soul. 8146.


Book 86 8160

Direct and indirect address of God.

26. April 1962. B.D. NR. 8160.

Excerpts only:

But to lightless beings the access is denied to a man, who offered himself to me for service, who wants to be active for me and my kingdom and desires pure truth from me. Because such beings are not allowed for the instruction as long as they themselves still do not stand in the light, i.e. can be radiated through by myself as long as they still have not got themselves ready as power stations, as long as they still stand in low degree of maturity and own little knowledge themselves. But these beings can intervene with such connections from earth to the kingdom on the other side, where also on the part of men a still low state of maturity is recorded and where a man gives up his will, therefore allows those beings entry, who can now express themselves and cause very much disaster. But such a danger is excluded when it is about the supply of pure truth, where the spirit out of me can have an effect where an intimate union of man with me is established and therefore the overflowing of my spirit current can take place.

The desire for truth excludes all erroneous spirit material, because I myself am then acknowledged and desired, who am the truth from eternity.


Book 86 8180

About the teaching of re-embodiment.

17. May 1962. B.D. NR. 8180.

Through the voice of the spirit I can open my heart to you when you earnestly desire to be taught by me. I only want that you walk in truth, that your thinking does not go wrong ways that you are so influenced through erroneous teachings by him who wants to undermine truth, because it gives you a light in which he himself and his goings-on are examined. And that is why you are to accept what I tell you through my spirit: It will be understandable to you that my adversary will do everything to keep you in the darkness of spirit, in which he also has unrestricted power over you for as soon as you stand in wisdom you are lost for him. He will therefore always direct you thinking wrongly and every wrong thought results in thousand other wrong thoughts, and so he sees to it that also the knowledge about purpose and meaning of your earth life remains kept from you, that you form a complete wrong impression of your assignment on earth and also tries to keep you lukewarm in all spirituals striving. He seeks to keep the love for the world in you, and he will therefore also always present a repetition of your earth life as desirable to you and also provide proofs for it, for your striving for perfection is then weakened as soon as you believe to again and again be allowed to set foot on this earth when you do not yet achieve perfection. This presentation on the part of my adversary is one of his most popular means, and that is why the teaching of re-embodiment has also met with much approval, and it is difficult to stamp it out because my adversary works very skilfully to reinforce the plausibility of this teaching. But no man needs to succumb to his cunning because as soon as he stands in earnest desire for truth and turns to me myself, he will also recognize the absurdity of that what he has presented to him, and he will also clearly feel the truth in the heart; he will feel a resistance against that, which went out from my adversary because his earnest desire for truth also guarantees him such. Very many men succumb to his influence in this area because men themselves want it that they again return to earth because their love for the world is still too great in them and the thought is comforting for them to be able to lead the life on earth repeatedly. But again and again let it be said to you that you have been misled, who believe in any re-embodiment even if there are isolated cases, which have their special justification, but must not to be generalized. For in my plan of salvation from eternity are certainly all possibilities planned, which guarantee your maturing during one earth life because every weakness you can redress yourselves, because I died for this on the cross for you that I acquired the strength of will for you and you can any time call on me in Jesus, the redeemer from sin and death, and you then also reach that degree on earth, which secures you entrance into the kingdom of light - where you can ascend into endless height because then there no longer exists any limitation for you. But if you do not make use of your life on earth so that you go into the otherworldly kingdom unredeemed, so also a repeated embodiment on earth would not be of use to you because free will remains left to you, but recollection is taken from you, and you then run the far greater risk of sinking into the deep, which is however never favoured as far as I am concerned, but is prevented. And when already on earth a light can be aroused for you that knowledge is disclosed to you about your former falling away from me and about my plan of return, then you also clearly see the way before you, which you have to cover to perfect you, and then you also recognize such teachings as false doctrine, which promise you a repeated way on earth, because they then contradict my plan of salvation from eternity, which was built up by me in all wisdom and love to make the release from form possible for you, for which indeed your free will is necessary. And so that your will decides right, truth is again and again supplied to you by myself, when you request this, when you desire to stand in the truth yourselves. But it will also be understandable to you that my adversary uses all power, which you grant him yourselves that he will present erroneous teachings to you as long as you do not reject his effects through earnest desire for truth. But he will never be able to assert himself with his error where I, as eternal truth myself, am approached for protection from error because he is completely powerless there, because the light, which radiates from myself, unmasks him and he therefore will always flee from this light. Amen. B.D. NR. 8180.


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